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March 12 2015, 8PM

Just received this in an email and thought I should pass on this thoughtful and positive reflection on how to respond to anti-semiticism. FROM ARENDT, ABOUT DENMARK: “The story of the Danish Jews is sui generis, and the behavior of the Danish people an... [racism] [Denmark] [Hannah Arendt]

January 18, 8PM

Here are a few links relating Susannah Heschel’s reaction to the absence of her father, Abraham Heschel, from the movie “Selma.” She wrote, The 50th anniversary of the 1965 march at Selma is being commemorated this year with the releas... [Uncategorized]

November 15 2014, 12 AM

This is a reflection on Psalm 84 in Hebrew. It is copied from an email I sent to one of my sisters. I would love to know if anyone else has offered this interpretation of Psalm 84. It keeps me focused on women’s responsibility to their fellows, the... [Gender] [Hebrew] [translation practice] [Uncategorized] [Psalm 84]

August 31, 8AM

So many, many times, men have told me that anthropos means a human being, or a male human being, but never a woman on her own. One man asked me what the feminine term was for Adam. When I claim humanity for women, when I say, “but women are human be... [Gender] [Greek] [translation practice] [Adam] [aner] [anthropos] [Bury] [ish] [Palladius] [Pangle] [St. Melania the Elder] [St. Olympias]

August 2, 9AM

I have argued for many years that the Pagnini Latin translation is the basis for Prostestant translations into the vernacular languages of Europe. The Brest Bible is an interesting example. But first let me provide a little timeline as background. Erasmus... [English] [French] [German] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Italian] [Polish] [Translation History] [Uncategorized] [Vulgate] [Brest Bible] [Brucioli] [Coverdale] [Le Lévre] [Luther] [Olivétan] [Sante Pagnini] [Tyndale Bible] [Zurich Bible] [Zwingli]

July 30, 9AM

Probably lots of women were divorced in the 4th century. But Fabiola’s story is particularly interesting. I couldn’t find her written up in any history of previously ignored Christian women. She lived at the time that Jerome was teaching Roman... [feminism] [Fabiola] [hospitals] [jerome] [Paula]

July 28, 5PM

I have tried drafting a few posts lately but none of them seemed interesting enough. So I gave up and retreated to reading French books in Google books on Santes Pagnini to see where he has been hiding out. This time I found out that he is not best known ... [English] [French] [Gender] [German] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Interpretation] [Italian] [literature] [translation practice] [Conferenza Episcopale Italiana] [doe of dawn] [geneva bible] [King James Version] [Luther] [Sante Pagnini] [Vulgate]

June 23, 9AM

About 12 days ago N. T Wright gave a most surprising and somewhat incoherent interview on homosexuality. I still don’t get most of the interview but it certainly raises many discussion points. I, for one, am wondering if there is some secret sort of... [Christianity] [French] [German] [Hebrew] [Hinduism] [Interpretation] [sexism] [sexuality] [Uncategorized] [I Ching] [merism] [N. T. Wright] [Peter Kreeft]

May 8, 7PM

I have written so often of Adam and Ish, claiming a portion of these domains for women. So when I write of Eve, I will not exclude men. Men are Life too, investing in the next generation, caring and nurturing. I know it! Rashi knew it, and when the Hebrew... [Gender] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Septuagint] [sexuality] [translation practice] [Adam] [Cain] [Eve]

May 6, 5PM

I will publicly eat my words, with a little horse radish to disguise the taste. I misjudged Kevin DeYoung rather seriously. I had at first suggested that since he was using this title – The Beauty of Differences – on Heaven and on Earth for ... [Gender] [sexism] [Uncategorized] [CBMW] [CBMW Conference] [Kevin DeYoung]

April 23, 2PM

What does it really mean when Eve said, ‘I have gotten a man with the help of the LORD.’ Of course, what she really said was,  קָנִיתִי אִישׁ אֶת-יְהוָה I have gotten an ish from God. Did she mean that she had born a m... [Bible Versions] [Gender] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Latin] [Septuagint] [sexuality] [translation practice]

April 18, 8PM

Having thought about the meaning of the Hebrew word adam for some time, I wanted to go back to a passage I had blogged about some time ago, not sure where. In these two passages, which I reproduce here, adam is both earth-born, and earth-bound; but also... [Greek] [Septuagint] [NETS] [Wisdom of Solomon]


This is a duty kind of post. When I read that DeYoung was going to speak on the topic of “The Beauty of Difference- In Heaven and on Earth,” I thought that he was going to talk about the subordination of women in heaven. According to these notes... [Gender] [CBMW] [Kevin DeYoung]

April 10, 1PM

Victoria asked the other day if the Douay-Rheims Bible “relied heavily on the Septuagint.” My understanding is that the Douay-Rheims Bible was a translation of the Latin Clementine Vulgate 1592, which is tidied up from the older Vulgate versio... [Greek] [Hebrew] [Latin] [translation practice] [Antwerp Polyglot] [Charles Thomson] [Complutensian Polyglot] [Coverdale Bible] [Douay Rheims] [jerome] [Paula] [Sante Pagnini]

April 7, 5PM

This is just one more thinking out loud, and where do I save this information, kind of post. I was reading the description of Michael Law’s book on the Septuagint, When God Spoke Greek: The Septuagint and the Making of the Christian Bible, How did ... [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [history] [Kabbalah] [Latin] [Translation Theory] [Erika Rummel] [Michael Law] [Paul Grendler] [Pico della Mirandola] [Sante Pagnini]

April 6, 7PM

Many years ago, many, many – I took a course in Septuagint and wrote a paper listing all the types of second language learner errors and patterns and analyzed a book of the deuterocanon – I don’t remember which – as having been wri... [Greek] [Hebrew] [Septuagint] [Translation Theory] [Helmut Engel] [Jeremy Corley] [Judith] [NETS] [S. D. Ryan]

April 5, 11AM

Kurk has pointed out a fundamental problem with the translation of baal as husband in my last post.  I will just work with Jeremiah and only two verses, but lots of contrasts. אֲשֶׁר-הֵמָּה הֵפֵרוּ אֶת-בְּרִיתִי וְאָנ... [Greek] [Hebrew] [Latin] [translation practice]

April 3, 6PM

I have been working on this Hebrew word ish a little more. I was recently told that in Israel, women no longer call their husbands baali (my master) but ishi (my man.) So ishi it is –  ”my man” and not “my master.” This re... [Gender] [translation practice]

April 2, 2PM

I really wondered how Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly got such great knit tops and scarves for the movie Noah. No knitting needles in sight. Did Russell Crowe himself knit them? Guess not, although he has knit, at least at one point in time. Here is the... [fun] [Emma Watson] [Jennifer Connelly] [Matt Reitsma] [Russell Crowe]


I said I would write more about this because new evidence for the interpretation of Gen. 3:16 iw being called into play, and DeYoung is going to speak on he Beauty of Difference in Heaven and on Earth. First, let me demonstrate that some complementarian w... [Hebrew Bible] [sexism] [translation practice] [Uncategorized] [Gen. 3:16] [Johannes Brenz] [Kevin DeYoung] [Konrad Pellikan] [Martin Luther] [Peter Martyr Vermigli] [Susan Foh] [Tim Challies]

April 1, 5PM

I was studying the difference between the Hebrew words adam and ish, looking at places where they seem to refer to the same class of people, a group that is all female. Here are the two Hebrew passages, Numbers 31:35 and 1 Sam. 30:2. These are my own tran... [Gender] [Translation Theory] [David E. S. Stein]

March 29, 7AM

I went to see Noah – by Darren Arnofsky and Ari Handel – last night – took the kids, got a headache from the improved and marvellous dolby sound system, truly painful. Okay, what’s not to like besides the unremitting racket? The wo... [Cinema] [Movie Reviews] [sexism] [Ari Handel] [Darren Aronofsky] [Ham] [Noah]

March 27, 8AM

Caleb’s Crossing is the story of the first native American graduate of Harvard, Caleb Cheeshahteaumauk. The story is told from the perspective of the fictional daughter of the preacher who first tutored Caleb in English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew, pre... [Book Reviews] [racism] [sexism] [Caleb Cheeshahteaumauk] [Charles Chauncy] [Geraldine Brooks] [John Harvard]

March 20, 1PM

I am going to blog for a few days on the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. You can read up on some details at the Wartburg Watch. I was given a copy of Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood in 1992, and have been familiar with the movement o... [sexism] [Uncategorized] [CBMW] [Daniel Heimbach] [Grant Castleberry] [John Frame] [Kevin DeYoung] [Mark David Walton] [Susan Foh]

March 18, 5PM

I am a little astounded that there are already 1,771 reviews of The Invention of Wings on Amazon and it was only published two months ago. Apparently the Kindle edition has notes by Oprah Winfrey, which most readers don’t seem to appreciate all that... [Book Reviews] [feminism] [Uncategorized] [12 Years A Slave] [419] [Angelina Grimké] [Elizabeth Cady Stanton] [Haru Kunzru] [Miriam Gurko] [Sarah Grimké] [Seneca Falls] [Spymistress] [Sue Monk Kidd]


In reading and writing about “women of valour” I noticed a group, which I should have known of before, called “Women of Courage.” They are an interdenominational Canadian group helping out women in different parts of the world, cal... [feminism] [Inclusive Bible] [inclusive language]

March 12, 8PM

Sort of imitating Rachel Held Evans here, but for good reason. Of course, I really want to talk about hockey – we are so proud of our women, as well as our men! And my sister just saw K. D. Lang yesterday, reminding me of her rendition of Hallelujah... [feminism] [history] [music] [Television] [Bernice Gerard] [K. D. Lang] [Leonard Cohen] [Nellie McClung] [Rachel Held Evans]

March 9, 8AM

There is an exhibition of Gustave Doré in the Musée d’Orsay this winter, and then it moves on to Ottawa, Canada (yes, the capital city that many Harvard students can’t name) this summer. I am very excited about this exhibition, but also hav... [art] [Uncategorized] [Gustave Doré]

March 1, 3PM

I was a little taken aback recently when I followed  link to a post about five women of the early Christian church that we ought to be familiar with. One of the women was Katherine of Alexandria. I looked her up, wondering why I had never heard of her be... [biography] [feminism] [Movie Reviews] [Judith] [Katherine of Alexandria] [Peter O'Toole]

February 28, 6AM

This post is slightly irregular. Carolyn McCulley has mentioned that she may be closing down her blog, and I wanted to save this post of hers from July 2, 2007, The reason that I am copy... [sexism] [social justice] [Uncategorized]

February 2, 8AM

In the Anglo Saxon Gospels, the phrase for huioi theou in the Greek – therefore by fiat of Wayne Grudem, “sons of God” – has actually been translated as godes bearn, “children of God.” The Lindisfarne Gospels, however, ... [Gender] [translation practice] [children of God] [Resources]

January 28, 9AM

υἱός 1. —son, Il.6.366, etc.; υἱὸν ποιεῖσθαί τινα to adopt as a son,Aeschin.2.28; υἱεῖς ἄνδρες grown-up sons, D. 25.88: metaph., Κόρον Ὕβριοςυἱόν Orac. ap. Hdt.8.77: rarely of animal... [Hebrew Bible] [sexism] [translation practice] [children of God] [Liddell Scott Jones]
This is from the Dictionary of Biblical Imagery edited by Leland Ryken, James C. Wilhoit and Tremper Longman III, 1998. Even though Leland Ryken is the original literary stylist of the ESV, there is not one mention of “sons” in the following ... [sexism] [translation practice] [children of God] [James Wilhoit] [leland ryken] [Tremper Longman III]

January 25, 8PM

I remember being told by my pastor how much easier it was to teach the gospel with the words “adoption as sons” for the Greek word uiothesia, than “adoption as children.” He explained to me about Romans laws regarding inheritance a... [Gender] [translation practice] [Uncategorized] [Bishop's Bible] [Calvin's Bible] [children of God] [Coverdale] [ESV] [geneva bible] [KJV] [Luther's Bible] [NIV2011] [Tyndale Bible]

January 17, 12 PM

Even though the landscape is familiar, these poems are meditations on the attributes and value of words. I sat by the lake, under the hemlock, flat needles carpeting the ground, the familiar smell mingled with close-by cedar. The wind blew down from the d... [poetry]

January 16, 2PM

This passage is from the Redlands Community Church When You Say “I do” pamphlet by Timothy Keller and Jeffery White, 2009, page 48. They cite Allender and Longman’s book, Intimate Allies, 1995. So, first off, I want to admit that this i... [Egalitarianism] [Gender] [sexism] [Dan Allender] [Jeffery White] [Larry Crabb] [Tim Keller] [Tremper Longman III]

January 15, 2PM

I hope this isn’t too redundant, but I have posted links to a few poems from this last year in chronological order, to show how a sense of mortality approaches and recedes, and approaches again, I guess, always. But also, themes of gender reconcilia... [poetry] [dying]


So here is one thing that I have been thinking over. “Everlasting,” and “forever” have the same meaning as “eternal,” but they lack an association with an abstract noun, so they are limited in transferring to a philosop... [Translation Theory] [eternal]
The Voice is one version, at least, in English that uses “Eternal” for God. I think someone has mentioned others. I forget. Filed under: Translation Practice Tagged: Eternal, The Voice [translation practice] [eternal] [The Voice]

January 12, 6PM

Some of the things that I have been blogging about this fall are the trinity, and really trying to understand Augustine’s Book on the topic. I find the current teaching on the trinity to be very upsetting. I always hear it like this. “God sent... [Uncategorized] [augustine] [Franz Rosenzweig] [Holocaust] [immanence] [transcendence]

January 9, 5PM

Voice by Suzanne McCarthy via BLT (#23740)
It makes me happy to write about things that I have seen and felt. So even though I thought of this as one of the last few weeks of my life, I felt happy when I wrote this last July, I am looking out my window at the mountain now That we climbed last fall... [poetry] [dying]

January 8, 1PM

I know how fortunate I am, and how I have so much more to be thankful for than most people. I have a husband and a lovely house, and two loving young adult children. My cup is overflowing. But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, I have spent much of... [Uncategorized] [dying] [nature]

January 7, 9AM

I haven’t mentioned yet what I spent most of my time doing as I lay in the hospital bed, my last two weeks in hospital, thinking “this is it.” First, I phoned my older sister who is a professor and has no children of her own. She really ... [Uncategorized] [dying]

January 6, 9PM

I have taken the title from Don Carson.  He gives more details here. Yes, I agree, being betrayed is sometimes more painful than being close to death. Who betrayed me? Here is the list, familiar to Carson, I think. At the end of the list, we read this q... [Uncategorized] [Don Carson] [dying]


So I want to say up front that in the summer I almost died of renal failure. As it happens, this is recognized as one of the gentlest ways to die. I felt short of breath, and could only walk a few feet or stand a minute or so, without falling over. But ly... [Uncategorized] [dying]

January 5, 10PM

First, I don’t quite mean it exactly as it sounds, but I have published a little profile image to go with comments. Also I have experienced some dramatic lifestyle changes this year. A few years ago I met a psychologist from New York and we kept in ... [Administrivia] [disability]

January 1, 3PM

This is a very familiar liturgical hymn for Jews, dating back to the 15th century liturgies, and supposed to be from the 11th century or perhaps much earlier. The first line has often been translated “Lord of the Universe” since olam can mean ... [English] [French] [German] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Judaism] [Kabbalah] [translation practice] [Adon Olam] [eternal] [Olivétan]


Here is a selection of books, old and new, that are about women, by women, and about participation in the world of ideas, institutions, wars, market economy, art, exegesis and life in general. Elizabeth Gaskell – 19th century, any movies or books (K... [feminism] [literature] [Alice Kober] [Christina of Markyate] [Elizabeth Gaskel] [Elizabeth Van Lew] [George Elliot] [Glückel of Hameln] [Helene Wecker] [Jane Fortune] [Jennifer Chiaverini] [Lynn Cullen] [Madeleine L'Engle] [Margalit Fox] [Sofonisba Anguissola]

December 31 2013, 6AM

I read this with great interest and sympathy, China of my Mind . I to0 have many aunts and uncles, in laws and outlaws, who were in China, one being the first Brit to transverse China from ocean to India, another starting a boarding school, some incarce... [literature] [poetry]
HT  Challies. I had so many perplexing moments lining up for black tea with homo milk and a serviette, while wearing a tuque and my skookum boots! There seemed to be some suggestion that I was just making all these words up. But no, here it is on the in... [fun]


Continuing to read De Trinitate by Augustine, as I listened to Wayne Grudem  and here, insist on the single working of the Father rather than on the indivisible working of the Trinity as Augustine does. Bruce Ware is relevant here because he introduced ... [Egalitarianism] [sexism] [augustine] [Bruce Ware] [Trinity] [Wayne Grudem]

December 29, 3PM

I am going to work through Augustine’s De Trinitate in sequence. I hope this will still respond to the comments made on the previous post. In Grudem’s theology, Father and Son have separate functions, God as sender, planner, initiator, directo... [Egalitarianism] [sexism] [augustine] [SBTS] [Trinity] [Wayne Grudem]


I just finished listening to this conference session, displayed below. It’s worth listening to the last 10 minutes at least. Grudem critiques the works of various Egalitarian theologians, most of which I have not read, so I can’t interact wel... [Egalitarianism] [sexism] [Uncategorized] [augustine] [SBTS] [Trinity] [Wayne Grudem]

December 22, 4PM

I was floored to discover that little girls really do prefer dolls and pretty dresses, even if you clothe them in blue jeans and keep giving them toy trucks in their hand. There was something deeper, more ancient, more body-based in gender roles than I ... [Gender] [Uncategorized] [Christmas] [toys]

December 18, 4PM

  Card perfect view From the bridge Of the tumbling creek between loaves of snow   But walk in those woods Under the branches heavy with snow where the low grey stripped limbs of hemlock curl up toward the overhanging branches still needled ... [Uncategorized]

December 16, 7AM

Here is part of Exodus 3 in the first Olivétan Bible 1535, printed by Pierre de Vingle. The complicated script is somewhat degraded in this facsimile. You can pick out the name L’eternel at the end of line 15. Filed under: French, Translation Prac... [French] [translation practice] [fonts] [Gothic Batarde] [Olivétan] [Pierre de Vingle]

December 15, 9PM

I began to think that Olivétan had surely not come up with the name “Eternel” on his own. He had a library of 70 books with him as a resource. Certainly a great number for that time. In fact, when he died, he left his books to Calvin who sold... [French] [Hebrew] [accents] [Daniel Bomberg] [eternal] [john calvin] [Maimonides] [Olivétan]

December 12, 9AM

Just a few brief citations from Franz Rosenzweig regarding Mendelssohn’s choice of Der Ewige (The Eternal), first from here,  page 175  1923, Rosenzweig congratulates Mendelssohn for capturing or attempting to capture, in one phrase God’s p... [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Judaism] [translation practice] [eternal] [Franz Rosenzweig] [Martin Buber] [Moses Mendelssohn]


This will be a bit sketchy, a plane to catch this afternoon. But the problem with LORD is that it is anthropomorphic, and extension of a word for a certain type of human, a male boss, with sometimes unlimited rights. Almost all names for God are anthropom... [Gender] [Hebrew] [translation practice] [elohim] [eternal] [Franz Rosenzweig] [Shaddai] [Yahweh]

December 11, 7PM

Kurk has noted that Everett Fox wrote, 1995, in his intro, remarks, on page xxix, Historically, Jewish and Christian translations of the Bible into English have tended to use ‘Lord,’ with some exceptions (notably, Moffatt’s ‘The Eternal’). But ... [English] [Hebrew] [Judaism] [translation practice] [Uncategorized] [Abraham Benisch] [David E. Stein] [eternal] [Everett Fox] [Franz Rosenzweig] [Grace Aguilar] [Isaac Leeser] [James Moffat] [Martin Buber]


I have found “The Eternal” used in Jewish English Bible translations but it seems to have disappeared again. In the early 1800′s, the very successful Jewish author of fiction and non-fiction, Grace Aguilar, used the expression, The Etern... [French] [German] [Hebrew] [Judaism] [translation practice] [Abraham Benisch] [eternal] [Grace Aguilar] [JPS 1917]

December 10, 3PM

I am happy to see that not only the Darbyites, but women too, have their own wine. Last night I enjoyed a meal cooked by a woman, wine distilled by women, over five generations, Les Chateau Doms wines, and reading sermons by women – Let Her Speak F... [fun] [Chateau Doms] [Heather Weir] [Marion Ann Taylor] [Wine]

December 8, 7PM

I grew up in the Plymouth Brethren or the Darbyites, as outsiders might call us, to identify us with John Nelson Darby. In French this group was called the Darbystes. I was researching the Darbystes and the first hits were the name of a Belgium beer. I di... [fun]

December 5, 7PM

There seems to be an ongoing dearth of good books about women of faith who are dynamic leaders in stereotypic male domains. The women exist, the books exist, so here are a few of my recent favourites. I already mentioned (I think): The Creation of Eve abo... [biography] [Gender] [literature] [Alan Levenson] [Clara Barton] [Daniel Silva] [Elizabeth Van Lew] [Nehama Leibowitz] [Sofonisba Anguissola] [Tivka Frymer-Kensky] [Tremper Longman III] [Wayne Grudem]

November 29, 7PM

We celebrated Hanukkah and Thanksgiving at the same time yesterday, and it will not happen again for 80,000 years!  We were trying to figure out how to say Thanksgiving in Hebrew without much luck. We do know that ”thank you” is תודה (... [Hebrew] [Uncategorized] [Hanukkah] [Thanksgiving]

November 18, 9PM

When I was little, I was asked a riddle, “What is the beginning of eternity, and the end of time and space?” See the end of the post for the answer. I also noticed that the LORD was L’Éternel in French, my grandfather’s language. ... [French] [German] [Hebrew] [Interpretation] [translation practice] [Calvin] [Der Ewige] [Franz Rosenzweig] [L'Éternel] [Luther] [Martin Buber] [Moses Mendelssohn] [Olivétan]


After thinking about wedding songs as the domain of women, I read here that drumming was also the exclusive domain of women in the Hebrew Bible. All references to hand drums, often called a tambourine or timbrel, mention women, Miriam, Japheth’s dau... [fun] [Gender] [Hebrew] [music]

November 14, 9AM

I just can’t resist posting this pic of my daughter’s older Apple laptop. In my view, laptops are supposed to die with a whimper not a bang. This one was thrown outside and the flames were put out with a fire extinguisher. In other irritating ... [Administrivia] [Apple laptop explosion]

November 13, 4PM

I have not been such a fan of commentaries, having been exposed to too many conservative ones, but this one is a delight! Here is a good review of the book overall. The review does mention that he does not refer to Ariel and Chana Bloch’s book The... [Egalitarianism] [Gender] [Hebrew] [Interpretation] [poetry] [sexuality] [richard bauckham] [Sappho] [Song of Songs] [Tremper Longman III]

November 10, 11AM

I have been thinking a lot about Kurk’s post on Joseph and motherly instincts. Of course, this shows how little of the original culture shows through in English. The two women were both female, but only one had a biological link to the child. Joseph... [Gender] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Interpretation] [adelphos] [Darius] [rechem] [womb]

November 9, 8PM

Now that linguistic data has suggested that the Song of Solomon was written in the 3rd century BC, some are looking closer at its structure as a wedding song, in the same genre as Sappho’s songs, and wondering if there was an influence. Here is a th... [art] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [poetry] [sexuality] [Sappho] [Song of Solomon]

November 6, 7AM

I picked up Invisible Women by Jane Fortune in Florence last week and set out to view some of the works by approximately 100 women painters displayed in Florence. Of course, I really wanted to see this picture by Artemesia Gentileschi so I made sure to vi... [art] [Hebrew Bible] [history] [Interpretation] [Artemesia Gentileschi] [David] [Jane Fortune] [Linda Nochlin]

October 17, 5PM

Update: Grudem recants everything he has said about women  well almost everything … This makes me cry to think of how so many of us lived without these freedoms and now so easily, poof, all that reasoning is gone. We can now have all of this. A li... [Gender] [Barry Asmus] [Wayne Grudem]

October 2, 10AM

The Canadian national anthem was written originally in French and had no reference to sons. The translation is not particularly literal, and so in English the phrase “in all our sons’ command” does not reflect any similar phrase in Frenc... [Gender] [translation] [Canadian National Anthem]

September 25, 6AM

Bonnie St. John with her daughter, has written a book called How Great Women Lead. She also has an amazing story of her own. But this leads to the problem of how “great women” are translated from Hebrew into English. What happens to the ̶... [Gender] [Hebrew] [translation]

September 24, 6AM

                                        I find myself in a bit of a quandary over at God didn’t say that. Somehow we are not communicating. I threw i... [Gender] [Greek]

September 18, 9PM

Here is an good story about how Pisistratus got back into power one more time. He was by all accounts a good tyrant, the kind of tyrant that reduced the taxes of the poor, and did good for the citizens. But he was the last tyrant of Athens, and perhaps li... [Gender] [Greek] [translation]

September 1, 10PM

There are several curious matters in the vocabulary of Amos 6:1  in Hebrew, in Greek and in English. I don’t know what to make of it, but will wade through some of them and see where they lead, back to neqabah and ἀρχή - arché – eventu... [Greek] [Hebrew] [Septuagint] [translation]

August 30, 10PM

This stuff really freaks me out, so I would like to hear what others think of it. First, Crabb defines women from the etymological root of neqebah, as “bored with a hole,” and then he defines man in this way, Zakar means “to leave a mark, to... [Book Reviews] [sexism] [Uncategorized] [Larry Crabb]

August 29, 2PM

This is not a review of the book but an excerpt from the introduction which can be read in google books. Here is a piece of it, In a world where all authority is questioned and in which our appreciation of real leadership – and especially fatherhood... [Book Reviews] [literature] [Eric Metaxas]

August 26, 11AM

Another pesky Hebrew gender question. Here is the King James for the first verse of Psalm 42: As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. A hart, as everybody knows, is a male deer. And the Hebrew word looks like a ... [Hebrew] [translation] [Uncategorized]

August 15, 3PM

I was following up on Peter’s remark that gender can be variable in Hebrew, not as fixed as in some other languages. I had not been aware of that. I had expected a more fixed gender, and automatic gender agreement. There are lots of commentators tha... [French] [translation] [Beauty and the Beast] [Gender]

August 11, 7PM

As it turns out “sin” is firmly feminine and that could make the whole house of cards fall down. The argument goes like this. We don’t know exactly what it means when in Gen. 3:16 it says and your desire shall be for your husband. In fac... [Bible Versions] [Gender] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [translation] [NET Bible] [NLT]

August 9, 8PM

Now that Kurk has brought up Hysminé’s nostrils, I have to admit that this is even odder than the lack of Adam’s nose. If Adam’s nose is downsized to his face, then Hysminé’s nose is upsized to her nostrils. How odd! Would you tr... [French] [fun] [Greek] [translation]

August 8, 5PM

Yes, it’s true. I feel called back. I have been reading and want to say something as a female writer. But do I want to discuss female issues? Yes, always! However, today my question is about Adam’s nose. What is it doing here, and why does nob... [Hebrew] [translation] [Adam] [nose]