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April 12 2016, 10AM

In the spirit of Alyssa’s last post on women preaching, here is a reflection given in church on the ordinary power of the common meal and resurrection appearances of Jesus in scripture. In this Easter season we have been celebrating the resurrection... [WIT Posts] [church] [eating] [Homily] [Preaching] [sermon] [Wendell Berry]

February 10, 4AM

This is a reflection I shared at an evening Ash Wednesday gathering several years ago.  We sat in a circle on the floor and placed the ashes on our neighbors’ foreheads and spoke these words to each other: “Remember that you are dust and to d... [WIT Posts] [Ash Wednesday] [Lent] [Preaching] [sermon]

October 22 2015, 6AM

I preached this sermon a little more than a year ago at Kern Road Mennonite Church in South Bend, Indiana based largely on Delores Williams’s exegesis of the Genesis passages in Sisters in the Wilderness: The Challenge of Womanist God-talk.  Hagar is ... [WIT Posts]

October 14, 7AM

Mary Catherine Hilkert, beloved mentor to many who have worked with this blog and original inspiration for our name “WIT,” was interviewed on All Things Considered last week.  Take a listen! [Uncategorized] [heaven] [Mary Catherine Hilkert] [salvation] [women who are awesome]

August 30, 1PM

When I became pregnant in the middle of my 3rd year of graduate school, I panicked.  When I did the math I realized that I would give birth at the very beginning of my 4th year, the golden year in which I have no other responsibilities except to focus on... [Uncategorized] [Academia] [Dissertation] [motherhood] [Student Life]

July 26, 2PM

Love Notes by Julia via WIT (#11888)
The Feminist Wire is seeking submissions for their Love Notes forum by August 9, 2013, including “unpublished poetry, fiction (original), memoir, drama, visual art, film, design, and works that cross generic boundaries, essays, op-eds.”  The ... [Uncategorized]

July 5, 12 PM

Wildness and Prayer by Julia via WIT (#10399)
In my last post, I started to explore something of the legacy of “wildness” in American culture (specifically American environmentalist literature).  I suggested, against Thoreau and with Berry, that the well-cultivated farm is a proper locus of wild... [Uncategorized] [Prayer] [wild]

July 1, 12 PM

At a recent summer solstice celebration, female friend of mine recently confided in me that during college she and her friends celebrated the solstice by painting their chests and running bare breasted through college.  She said, “We thought of ourselv... [Uncategorized]

May 6, 8AM

God in the Storm by Julia via WIT (#403)
  This is a reflection I offered for “Storm Sunday,” from the Season of Creation, on Job 28:20-27, 1 Corinthians 1:21-31, and Luke 8:22-25. For the past 4 weeks of this series on creation we have spoken of many beautiful and awe-inspiring as... [Uncategorized] [liturgical reflection] [storm] [suffering]

April 1, 6AM

Last week I was reading through a book on the widespread use of rape as a weapon of war and the enduring effects this has on women’s psyches and I came across a piece of paper the last person who had checked out the book was using as a bookmark.  It wa... [WIT Posts] [Academia] [suffering] [Trauma]