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August 22 2016, 9AM

After nearly two years of preparation, Logos 7 has arrived! Our latest release represents the most complete Logos experience yet—with new tools to take you from that initial spark of insight to sharing biblical truth with others. We’ve made it faster... [Apps & Web Tools] [Featured] [Products] [Logos7]

November 20 2015, 3PM

When I started Faithlife Corporation (formerly Logos Bible Software) at 19 years old, I was aligning my mission and values with my future goals. Prior to Faithlife, I worked for Microsoft. After about two years there, I knew it was time to make a change.... [articles] [Products] [bob pritchett] [start next now]

October 2, 12 PM

Join us at Faithlife’s Bellingham, WA headquarters for a behind-the-scenes day of product showcases, tours, and Q&A. Meet the people who build your favorite Bible study tools, and learn about exciting new developments in the works. When: Monday, Oc... [Misc.] [faithlife] [Logos Bible Software] [open house]

October 28, 5AM

We study the Bible for insight. We look to God’s Word to know his mind, to understand his truth, and to be reminded of his love. We seek insight for living our daily lives, and we aspire to share that insight with others. Logos 6 is all about delivering... [Products] [base packages] [delivering insight] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software]

September 12, 8AM

Logos Bible Software (the company) is now Faithlife Corporation. We haven’t been bought; we don’t have a new owner. Logos Bible Software is still our flagship product and we’re not changing its name. You’ll still find it at But ‘s... [Company] [faithlife corporation] [Logos Bible Software]

August 7 2013, 1PM

The best thing about making a big mistake at Logos is that it lets us showcase our values. This weekend someone made a technical mistake that set web prices for dozens of products to zero. The mistake was identified quickly, and our team worked late Frida... [Misc]

June 28, 9AM

When I explain what an incredible tool Logos Bible Software is for everyone who studies the Bible, I am inevitably asked, “Have you considered using your platform for other kinds of books?” The answer is yes, we have. But for many reasons we have not ... [Misc] [classics] [humanities] [Judaica] [literature] [Logos Bible Software] [philosophy] [platform] [software]