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October 29 2015, 2PM

For the last two years I’ve worked hard building our brand new Orthodox base packages. As a subdeacon and catechist in the Orthodox Church, I’ve found this work deeply personal and rewarding. I firmly believe these base packages are the perfect... [Products]

October 22, 4AM

  Study Scripture within Tradition with easy‐to‐use tools and a massive theological library. Orthodox Logos 6 base packages are here. Logos 6 delivers insight—immediately. You can pinpoint answers in seconds, study the Scriptures and Church Fat... [Products]

June 28 2013, 12 PM

The Orthodox Church remembers the apostles Peter and Paul each year on June 29, commemorating not only their divinely inspired writings in the New Testament but also their efforts as apostles of Christ. Here are a few interesting facts about their lives a... [Misc]

June 12, 1PM

In the Orthodox Church, the 40th day after Easter is celebrated as the day marking Christ’s ascension into heaven. The emphasis of this commemoration is our assurance not only that Jesus is truly the Son of God, but that he has not left his disciples wi... [Misc] [christ's ascension] [orthodox church] [Pentecost]