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July 12 2016, 4AM

When you see the Bible in its ancient context, it comes to life as a body of literature that shaped God’s people. These are the people who were known first as the sons of Jacob, the people of Israel, and later as the Jewish people, and from them came Je... [Misc.] [Products]

June 28, 12 PM

Nutritionists everywhere tell us that a well-balanced diet fuels our bodies, yet many of us continue to ignore their advice. The same is true for our Bible study habits. We know that nourishment for our souls lies in the pages of the Bible, but we are oft... [Misc.]

February 26, 3PM

“How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart, you begin to understand, there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend. Some hurts that go too deep.” When Frodo Baggins says these words a... [Misc.]

October 7 2014, 8AM

Nov.–Dec. 2014 marks Bible Study Magazine‘s six-year anniversary issue and our 37th issue overall. We announced the print magazine six and a half years ago here on LogosTalk, and our six-year-anniversary issue may be our best yet! Here are some... [Products] [Bible Study Magazine] [bsm]

August 20, 4AM

Through August 28, you can get three free Bible studies when you order the Not Your Average Bible Study Series. You’ll get nine volumes for only $24.95, plus three more volumes that are still in production. The story behind this series “Why has ... [Misc]

July 25, 2PM

If you’ve already pre-ordered the Not Your Average Bible Study Series, you’re getting 1–3 John, 1 Peter, and the Sermon on the Mount for free too! This is in addition to the already free Jude–2 Peter volume that comes with every pre-order. We’re... [Products]

January 9, 8AM

If you research the Bible, prepare small group lessons, or preach, it would take you at least 1,360 hours of preparation to work through 1 Corinthians and supporting literature. That’s the equivalent of 170 workdays. How do I know this? Because we put m... [Misc]

November 22 2013, 10AM

Logos Bible Software just moved all of its original content under the imprint of Lexham Press. Lexham Press provides biblical content to advance scholarship and equip the church. We create digital-first Bible study resources, scholarly works, and Bible St... [Misc] [Products] [Bible study] [Lexham] [lexham press] [Preaching]

October 25, 8AM

We want to offer designed-for-digital curricula at a very low price—so much so that we moved an already-released product to Community Pricing, where you can set the price by bidding. Jacob: Discerning God’s Presence Complete Church Curriculum is now ... [Products] [church curriculum] [Jacob] [studies in faithful living]

October 2, 8AM

What influences your interpretation of Scripture? What is the origin of the particular interpretation you hold? Are you familiar with alternative interpretations? How would you defend your interpretation against others? Although apologists are usually the... [Misc]

July 30, 8AM

My first college class on Paul’s letters overwhelmed me so much that I chose Paul’s shortest letter for my final paper. I knew that if I focused on anything longer than Philemon, I might miss something—there’s just too much published research ... [Products] [biblical research] [lexham bible guides] [pauls letters] [pauls letters collection] [sermon prep]

June 26, 9AM

There are translation differences, and there are source text differences. You know a source text difference when you see the notation “MT says” or “LXX says” in your Bible. These are the real differences in manuscripts. And unless you know what yo... [Products] [Interpretation] [Lexham] [Textual Criticism]

June 14, 8AM

Nearly every theme in the Bible has a parallel in the book of Genesis—sin, guilt, pride, family, law, worship, God’s promises, God’s will. Genesis portrays what it means to be human and how God wants us to live as his image-bearers. It recounts the... [Products] [bible guides] [Bible study] [Genesis] [genesis studies] [Lexham]

June 6, 1PM

What if research could move you? What if it could change your everyday life—could actually make a difference in the way you think, act, speak? These questions drove us to create the Lexham Bible Guides. For too long, biblical research has been a stagnan... [Products] [biblical research] [Lexham] [lexham bible guide] [pauls letters]

May 30, 1PM

It’s 6:10 p.m. I have 20 minutes to finish my weekly sermon for a service that begins at 7 p.m. My sermon includes a bit about ancient culture, a few major points I want people to remember, and some questions I hope the congregation will ponder. But it ... [Products] [pastors] [pastorum] [Preaching] [sermon] [sermon prep]