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April 25 2017, 5AM

Let’s start at the end. The end of Adam Kotsko’s timely and compelling book and the end of my general exams. In fact, we might start at the beginning of the end of my exams when I finished a review of Kotsko’s book for the Anglican Theol... [Prince of This World Book Event] [The Prince of This World (book)]

January 9, 9AM

I was unsurprised to hear of Kim Burrell’s recent comments about gay men and lesbians and, one can infer from the tenor of the video that she feels the same about queer and trans folks of all shades and stripes. For a while, I ignored the video until th... [Guest Post]

June 4 2016, 11AM

a still from Flying Lotus’ “Never Catch Me” Featuring Kendrick Lamar [I wrote this about two years ago thinking maybe it would be part of my comments on an AAR Panel. I’m quite glad I didn’t end up doing that (perhaps it woul... [afropessimism] [Black theology] [blog posts] [blackness]

February 22, 7AM

For friends who are near the Madison, Wisconsin area and its neighboring cities (Chicago, I’m looking at you), there’s an upcoming symposium—Race, Property, Debt—that I co-organized with Vincent Lloyd at the University of Wisconsin, Madiso... [blog posts]

December 14 2015, 8AM

At times, I’m reminded of the problem people have with Black Theology being unapologetic about attaching Black to Theology. This is not an uncommon experience when one is developing black accounts of things (it is something we see often in the rejoi... [Black theology] [blog posts]

April 8, 5AM

Over the past 8 months, I’ve been on a slow but steady weight loss plan and, in the New Year, wrote those goals down for the sake of reflecting on them externally. While I don’t exactly want to share what weight range I’m shooting for an... [WIT Posts] [body] [economy] [healthcare] [women's health]

March 2, 5AM

“Credit is a means of privatization and debt a means of socialisation. So long as they pair in the monogamous violence of the home, the pension, the government, or the university, debt can only feed credit, debt can only desire credit. And credit can on... [WIT Posts] [Black theology] [credit] [debt] [economy] [harney] [moten] [Political Theology] [property] [the undercommons] [value] [whiteness]

February 11, 5AM

“The credit economy is a network of contracted servitude. … Whenever one spends money, one spends a portion of the substance, wealth and life of those who have undertaken loans. Yet the value of money is also backed by profitability, including the dru... [WIT Posts] [Black theology] [credit] [debt] [goodchild] [harris] [property] [Race] [theology of money] [whiteness]

January 28, 8AM

This series is being crossposted from Women in Theology “Money promises value. It does not specify the form that such value will take. Used for consumption, money promises pleasure. Used for investment, money promises more money. The value of money, or ... [blog posts]


“Money promises value. It does not specify the form that such value will take. Used for consumption, money promises pleasure. Used for investment, money promises more money. The value of money, or the value that is promised, has no exact or fixed measur... [WIT Posts]

January 26, 6AM

Perhaps nothing so tangibly solidified the importance of Dan Barber’s work on conversion than my recent trip to hear an ex-gay speaker tell her conversion story.Part of the reason I went, in fact, was because I have a higher tolerance for evangelica... [blog posts]

January 16, 7AM

In Cloud of the Impossible Catherine Keller offers an impressive and engaging theological contribution to our contemporary moment. From the moment I first came across Keller’s work, the breadth and depth of her research and writing has been something to... [Catherine Keller] [Cloud of the Impossible Book Event]

November 26 2014, 8AM

I’m tired of people sharing pictures of folks in Ferguson who are stopping looting. While I understand the impulse, attempting to show that there are a multiplicity of responses to the verdict and that not everyone feels the same about property dest... [WIT Posts]

November 10, 9AM

*Spoilers Below Justin Simien’s film Dear White People, is a smart, funny, satire (with a handful of surprising twists along the way) that complicates black twenty-somethings’ negotiation of blackness at a predominately white institution of higher edu... [Reviews] [WIT Posts] [blackness] [Culture] [film] [movies] [politics] [Race]

September 11, 6AM

I don’t much like the term “white privilege.” Mainly the term strikes me as a interpersonal framework that gets substituted on when talking about structural oppression. It also carries an assumption of being necessarily a positive or ben... [WIT Posts] [Economics] [Race] [white inheritance] [white privilege]

August 6, 6AM

In The Nomos of the Earth, Schmitt attends to the fact that the sea was always located outside of territorial, juridical regulations, defined as a space that enabled and, indeed, linked the very two “practices” that Kant and Schumpeter saw as ... [Blood A Critique of Christianity Book Event] [Race] [Schmitt]

July 31, 6AM

*Spoilers all throughout this piece. The train is a lie. It seems likely that it’s conditions for possibility are based on a lie (in my view it seems likely that Wilford manufactured the climate crisis himself or with others in order to solidify his... [WIT Posts] [capitalism] [distinction] [film] [politics] [Race] [Snowpiercer]

July 26, 10AM

A recent post from Zach Hoag on LGBT persons and the blessings they bring to the church troubled me and reminded me of why I think third way is the worst way. Namely, its appearance as well reasoned and the hidden violences that animate this position. Th... [WIT Posts]

May 29, 7AM

In a recent Facebook discussion I got drawn into regarding Zizek and identity politics, I started by arguing for an understanding of identity politics that is not synonymous with the politics of representation and recognition that desire more POC or queer... [WIT Posts] [Gender] [Identity] [identity politics] [politics] [Race] [sexuality] [Žižek]

April 26, 7AM

The Affective Work of Blackness: On the Value of Black Labor for the White Imagination Cliven Bundy’s ranting on race has been pretty widely shared now and he’s been pretty roundly denounced as a “nut job” by many white people on ... [WIT Posts] [antiblackness] [blackness] [capitalism] [colonialism] [Imperialism] [Labor] [land] [liberty] [Political Theology] [Race] [rights]

March 28, 8AM

This is the third and final part in a series of posts on refusing the logic of reconciliation. Please read the first two before commenting. In the themes it explores and relationality it depends on, the Best Man Holiday is a black movie in the best sense ... [WIT Posts] [best man holiday] [Black theology] [blackness] [film] [Race]

February 16, 12 PM

Refusing Reconciliation, Part 2: Spatiality, Fugitivity, and Blackness as Wild(er)ness The irreducibly spatial positionality of beside also seems to offer some useful resistance to the ease with which beneath and beyond turn from spatial descriptors into ... [WIT Posts] [antiblackness] [Black theology] [racism] [reconciliation] [white supremacy] [wilderness]

January 19, 7AM

Amaryah here. I’m going to be writing what will probably be a three part series on refusing reconciliation due to its anti-blackness and supercessionist white theology,  and black disbelief and black theology as necessary to the struggle against wh... [Black theology] [Political Theology]

October 19, 1PM

Would you be whiter, much whiter than snow? There’s power in the blood, power in the blood; Sin stains are lost in its life giving flow. There’s wonderful power in the blood. -There is Power in the Blood, Lewis E. Jones (1899) Oh! precious is the flow... [Black theology] [Political Theology]

July 14, 10AM

Impossible to fathom was that all this death had been incidental to the acquisition of profit and to the rise of capitalism. Today we might describe it as collateral damage. The unavoidable losses created in pursuit of the greater objective. Death wasn’... [Uncategorized]

June 16, 6AM

The ease with which arguments for gay marriage have found their historical analogy in comparison to interracial marriage has long given me pause. Indeed, the ease with which contemporary gay rights is articulated as “The New Civil Rights” or &... [Black theology] [Political Theology] [Uncategorized] [LGBTQ] [neoliberalism] [Political Theology] [queer] [Race]

May 28, 8PM

In this piece I attempt to reconsider James Cone’s contributions to theology, especially his theologizing on blackness, as a way of theorizing gender. This is not to diminish the critiques of patriarchy Womanists raise regarding Cone’s theolog... [Uncategorized]