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June 16 2017, 7PM

When I was a kid, my mother taught us a number of songs that had been popular when she was younger. I still sing them sometimes. We gotta get goin, where we goin, What are we gonna do? We’re on our way to nowhere, The three of us and you. We sang th... [translation] [music] [fun] [Spanish] [Eddie Cantor] [nonsense] [learning a language] [The Andrews Sisters] [Carmen Miranda]

February 11, 8AM

Over the holidays, I had a conversation with a good friend who, when asked to call his senators to support something, adamantly refused. I’m not political, he declared. I vote in every election, but that’s the extent of it. I expect my represe... [politics] [Rhetoric] [active citizenship] [civics]

September 27 2016, 7PM

After reading a few posts here and elsewhere, and especially after reading About That Desire over at Women In Theology, I decided to check the Vulgate to see how the preposition in question was translated there. Whatever its flaws, the Vulgate was extreme... [Hebrew Bible] [Latin] [sexism] [Vulgate] [ESV] [jerome] [Masoretic Text]

August 23, 7PM

The last verse of the second reading in the Roman Catholic lectionary this weekend caught my attention, because the wording (from the NABre, Heb 12:5-7, 11-13) seemed so odd: So strengthen your drooping hands and your weak knees. Make straight paths for y... [Christianity] [Greek] [New Testament]

December 10 2015, 10PM

(A close read of a traditional Catholic prayer, cross posted from Gaudete Theology) In honor of this past tuesday’s feast of the Immaculate Conception, which opens the Jubilee Year of Mercy, I thought I would do a close read of this traditional Cath... [Catholicism] [Eve] [hail mary] [mary] [our lady of perpetual help] [psalm 121] [salve regina]

August 29, 4PM

Two weeks ago, I watched as one of my best friends died. Longtime readers of my blog, Gaudete Theology, knew him as commenter Mark S. He commented here once, too. Mark was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in early 2013. But our conversation had b... [philosophy] [religion] [atheism] [Conversation] [death] [friendship]

January 9, 10PM

I remember how hard it was to learn to call myself a woman. Growing up, through high school, my female classmates and I were called “girls,” of course. (Or very rarely, “young ladies,” though mostly when we were in trouble.) So th... [English] [feminism] [racism] [black] [men] [Sonia Sotomayor] [white] [women]

January 2, 2PM

Lost in Translation When I first watched this lovely a capella arrangement of The Little Drummer Boy by the Pentatonix, I was especially struck by the diversity of the group. I teared up when I saw that — at least to my eye, which is particularly p... [Christianity] [music] [racism] [a capella] [beatbox] [Christmas] [Kevin Olusola] [Little Drummer Boy] [music video] [Pentatonix] [vocal percussion]

December 17 2014, 6PM

**The following is a flight of theological imagination** Psalm 84 The original author of this psalm was a young woman, perhaps a Midianite, who was ravished away from her home by a pillaging army and forced to serve as one of the whores that traveled wit... [feminism] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [imaginative reading] [Psalm 84] [theological imagination]

November 15, 11PM

I was struck by these excerpts quoted in Kurk’s post on Chinese translation: As I [Lydia H. Liu] have argued elsewhere, one does not translate between equivalents; rather, one creates tropes of equivalence in the middle zone of translation between ... [Christianity] [translation] [ecumenism] [Evangelization] [full communion] [missionary] [relational]

November 9, 2PM

The exegetical method I was taught began with a clarification of purpose: exegesis was intended to excavate the intended meaning(s) of the original author of the text, as it would have been heard by the original audience of the text. Following the procedu... [Christianity] [Interpretation] [Rhetoric] [antioch school] [exegesis] [Frances Young] [Irenaeus] [John Behr] [John J. O'Keefe] [Patristics]

October 16, 8PM

I was saddened to learn of the recent death of Ann Olivier from a lovely eulogy at Commonweal. Although we had fallen out of touch, Ann was a very significant influence during my years of self-directed theological study leading up to graduate school. I fi... [Catholicism] [humanities] [philosophy] [Uncategorized] [academic friendship] [Ann Olivier] [Books] [Eulogy] [spiritual friendship]

October 4, 8PM

The bible begins with two creation stories, and each has its own purpose. Gen 1 tells the story of how all creation came to be, with the creation of humanity, male and female, as the culmination of creation. In this story, which is dominated by themes of ... [Catholicism] [Hebrew Bible] [contraception] [Genesis 1] [Genesis 2] [Humanae Vitae] [Marriage] [natural law]

August 16, 9AM

Crossposted from Gaudete Theology Last Sunday afternoon, I spent a couple hours at the Oakland Mills Interfaith Center, one of the two interfaith centers in which my parish has a presence. The building has a central area resembling a courtyard, with plent... [art] [Catholicism] [Uncategorized] [Baltimore] [guadalupe] [screen painting] [stations of the cross] [Tabernacle] [worship spaces]

August 14, 1PM

Today, it’s finally made the mainstream media. But terrible things have been happening in Ferguson, Missouri — a small municipality in St. Louis County — since Saturday afternoon, when 18yo Mike Brown was shot and killed by police. Accor... [racism] [social justice] [militarized police] [peaceful protest] [police brutality]

July 20, 10AM

Crossposted from Gaudete Theology, as I expect and hope that the commentariat and my cobloggers here may take up rather different points in their responses. :) Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done On ear... [Catholicism] [Christianity] [English] [forgiveness] [lord's prayer] [parallelism] [Prayer] [variations on a theme]

June 24, 8PM

For centuries, Arabic speakers, both Christians and Jews, have used the word “Allah” to refer to God. As I understand it, that is the apparent etymological meaning of the word’s morphemes: the god. Recently in Malaysia, a Muslim-majority... [Arabic] [Christianity] [English] [Islam] [Rhetoric] [Uncategorized] [Language] [Marriage] [marriage equality] [religious freedom]

May 13, 9PM

I’ve read that in the early and medieval church, describing a woman as a virgin wasn’t so much about the state of her hymen as her autonomous personhood. Especially in a patriarchy, for a woman to be other-than-a-wife set her outside the patri... [Catholicism] [feminism] [music] [dance] [Suor Cristina] [The Voice]

May 3, 9AM

In Kurk’s discussion of Sarah Palin’s equation of baptism with water torture, he pointed out that there were medieval precedents in ecclesial discourse for such juxtapositions and even equivalences. I commented, most of the examples you cite... [Catholicism] [Christianity] [history] [Interpretation] [protestantism] [Rhetoric] [science] [Church History] [evolution] [inquisition] [Reformation] [sarah palin]

March 24, 8PM

Over at Vox Nova, David Cruz-Uribe is hosting a three week scriptural reflection on the Creed as a Lenten exercise. He has asked that the discussion there remain focused on scripture, and not digress to talk about issues of translation or other theologica... [Christianity] [English] [Greek] [Latin] [liturgy] [theology] [translation] [Nicene Creed]

February 15, 6PM

January 25, 2PM

In her blog post How to create (and perhaps uncreate) a scared-stiff fundamentalist, Crystal St. Marie Lewis examines the language of religious fundamentalism and its hierarchical familial and ecclesial structures (with helpful diagrams! so do click throu... [Christianity] [Egalitarianism] [Gender] [Uncategorized] [church hierarchy] [family hierarchy] [Fundamentalism] [obedience] [submission] [Virgin Mary]

December 9 2013, 9PM

Ekklesia reports that the publishing agency of the Mennonite Church (USA and Canada) has decided, after a discernment process with denominational leaders, to include the following statement at the beginning of all books by John Howard Yoder: John Howard Y... [Christianity] [publishing] [social justice] [theology]

December 7, 8PM

Over at Gaudete Theology, I’ve done a fairly close read of the questionnaire that is part of the Preparatory Document for the Extraordinary Synod on the Family that Pope Francis has called for October 2014. This is the questionnaire that caused a fl... [Catholicism]

December 4, 9PM

Well, sort of: pictures of cats with Latin captions on them. No LOLSpeak involved, thank goodness. (I get a kick out of LOLspeak in English, but in Latin it would be… just wrong.) This one made me laugh out loud: (Translation: We have all sinned: s... [humor] [Latin] [cats]

November 29, 9AM

I’ve started a new blog project, devoted to the little things that every Catholic should know, but often don’t. Every week or so I’ll put up a brief post about one of those little things, along with a poll where you can vote on whether o... [Catholicism]

November 5, 8PM

Prayers to She Who Is by William Cleary My rating: 3 of 5 stars I took this out of the Interfaith Library the other day and leafed through it. It’s based on the work and words of Sr. Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, whose book She Who Is: The Mystery of God i... [art] [Book Reviews] [Christianity] [feminism] [social justice] [Elizabeth Johnson] [names of God] [Prayer]

October 15, 8AM

The Book of Doctrines and Opinions recently posted An Interview with Dr. Shai Secunda about The Iranian Talmud that I thought might be of interest to BLT readers, particularly including the historical review at the beginning of the post: The contextual s... [Judaism] [Talmud] [Babylonian Talmud] [feminism] [Greco-Roman] [Iran] [menstruation] [Middle Persian] [Rabbinic writings] [Sasanian dynasty] [Shai Secunda] [zoroastrianism]

October 13, 9PM

I was half-listening to a lecture by Alasdair MacIntyre this evening in which he talked about inferring the ends (as in telos) of things based on their natures. For example, the proper end of a frog is to be fully a frog, to achieve the fullness of frogne... [disability] [philosophy] [science] [alasdair macintyre] [James Keenan] [natural law] [normal] [statistics]

October 12, 6PM

…and on things other people have said in response. I’ve been horribly busy over the past few months, but I’ve managed to write a few pope-centric posts at Gaudete Theology that might be of interest to BLT readers. Here are the titles and... [Catholicism] [atheism] [doctrines] [Germaine Grisez] [papal interview] [Pope Francis] [proselytism]

September 4, 4AM

I was amused by this list of 11 Untranslatable [sic] Words From Other Cultures, although more so by the illustrated version that someone posted at GraphJam, where I originally encountered it. My favorite was the Inuit word iktsuarpok: The feeling of antic... [fun] [languages] [inuit] [storytelling] [untranslatable] [urdu]

August 11, 6PM

Abram K-J and Kurk got into a bit of a discussion last week about how to describe scholars who are women. Abram wrote: I know it’s becoming more accepted to speak of “women authors,” “women this,” and “women that,” but what we really want t... [English] [feminism] [Gender] [sexism] [adjective] [descriptive] [noun] [prescriptive] [trans inclusive language]

July 6, 7AM

I thought BLT readers might be interested in this excerpt from Pope Francis’ first encyclical letter, Lumen Fidei (English title On Faith), released yesterday. This is paragraph 23, the first paragraph of chapter 2. (I’ve added some paragraph ... [Catholicism] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Septuagint] [augustine] [Encyclical] [faith] [Isaiah] [Lumen fidei] [NAB] [NABRE] [NJB] [Pope Francis] [truth] [understanding] [wordplay]

June 29, 7AM

…Maimonides’s treatise On Asthma. Inspired by Greek texts, it was written in Arabic in the 12th century by a Jewish physician for an Islamic patron, and translated to the Western world in Latin by Christian scholars. Thanks to its remarkable... [Arabic] [Christianity] [Greek] [history] [Islam] [Judaism] [Latin] [translation] [chicken soup] [diet] [Madeleine Pelner Cosman] [Maimonides] [medieval medicine] [nutrition]

June 9, 11AM

As I wrote a few weeks ago, Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok is a song cycle, an album, and a musical play that retells the history of the world according to Norse mythology, focusing especially on the relationship between Odin and Loki, and the death of Bal... [literature] [music] [poetry] [translation] [a capella] [Ada Palmer] [Baldur] [Icelandic] [Icelandic Sagas] [Loki] [norse myth] [Odin] [performance] [Poetic Edda] [Prose Edda] [Ragnarök] [Sassafrass] [Snorri] [song cycle] [Theodicy] [Twilight of the Gods] [Vikings]

June 1, 7AM

Last weekend, I picked up a button/badge that says, Lingua mortua sola lingua bona est which is Latin for “The only good language is a dead language.” Tee-hee! I’m planning to wear it around bookstores, cafes, and the like, in hopes t... [fun] [Latin] [geekdom] [just kidding]

May 18, 7AM

I’m terrifically excited about the Sundown project, and I figured a number of BLT readers would be as well. After all, where else can you possibly find Viking-themed a cappella music telling stories of the Norse Gods, focusing on Odin, Loki, the mur... [literature] [music] [translation] [Uncategorized] [a capella] [Ada Palmer] [Baldur] [Icelandic Sagas] [Loki] [norse myth] [Odin] [performance] [Ragnarök] [Sassafrass] [Snorri] [song cycle] [Twilight of the Gods]

April 28, 2PM

The Women in Theology blog introduces five new authors: Amaryah Shaye, Brandy Daniels, Janice Rees, Maria McDowell, and Elissa Cutter join Bridget, Elizabeth, Julia, Katie Grimes, and Sonja in this collaborative blog which provides an online space for gra... [Christianity] [feminism] [theology] [ecumenism] [graduate students] [women in theology]