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January 23 2017, 5AM

According to translator Bérengère Viennot, the highly non-linear speeches of Trump, particularly his ad-libbed and extemporaneous remarks present particular challenges to translation. “Trump is not easy to translate, first of all, because, most o... [French] [politics] [translation] [translation practice] [Bérengère Viennot] [Donald Trump]

March 23, 5PM

The Pew Research Center yesterday released a new report on gender and religious participation.   It found that in many countries in the world, and especially among Christians, there is a wide gender gap.  Section 6 of the report is entitled:  “... [Catholicism] [Christianity] [Gender] [Islam] [Judaism] [religion] [Uncategorized] [Gender] [men] [Pew Research Center] [Prayer] [Religious Services] [women]

March 21, 11PM

If you don’t mind (quite) salty language, you may enjoy William Brennan’s book review in the New Yorker:  “The Irish Novel That’s So Good People Were Scared to Translate It” about not one but two translations of Máirtín ... [Book Reviews] [translation] [translation practice] [Uncategorized] [Alan Titley] [Cré na Cille] [Graveyard Clay] [Irish Gaelic] [Mac Con Iomaire] [Máirtín Ó Cadhain] [The Dirty Dust] [Tim Robinson] [William Brennan]

March 3, 2PM

Liturgical Press, a prestigious Catholic publisher, has announced a new scholarly commentary series on the Catholic Bible:  The Wisdom Commentary.  According to the publisher, the series is … A Significant Milestone in the History of Feminism and ... [Catholicism] [Uncategorized] [Liturgical Press] [Wisdom Commentary]

January 25, 1PM

I was going to make a joke about how, in view of Mein Kampf being republished in Germany, Donald Trump will now be able to get his lines from the original, rather than just a translation.  But it turns out it is maybe not actually a joke at all.   From... [politics] [Uncategorized] [Adolf Hitler] [Donald Trump] [Ivana Trump] [Marty Davis] [Mein Kampf] [Michael Kennedy] [Some of my best friends are Jewish]

June 16 2015, 8AM

From: Suzanne Ethelwyn McCarthy December 14, 1955 – June 12, 2015 With deep sadness and love, we announce that Suzanne Ethelwyn McCarthy, née Hayhoe, passed away at... [Uncategorized]

October 19 2014, 1AM

The Bible translation I am most looking forward to this Fall is Everett Fox’s The Early Prophets:  Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings.  Fox tries to realize in English what Martin Buber and Franz Rosenzweig accomplished with their German Die Sch... [Bible Versions] [Die Schrift] [Everett Fox] [Five Books of Moses] [Franz Rosenzweig] [Joshua] [Judges] [kings] [Martin Buber] [Pentateuch] [Samuel] [The Early Prophets]

August 4, 6PM

  ANTHEM FOR DOOMED YOUTH by WILFRED OWEN What passing-bells for these who die as cattle? —Only the monstrous anger of the guns. Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattle Can patter out their hasty orisons. No mockeries now ... [history] [poetry] [1914] [9th of Av] [Anthem for Doomed Youth] [cannon fodder] [futility] [Great War] [Siegfried Sassoon] [Tisha b'Av] [Wilfred Owen]

June 29, 8PM

Click over to the Los Angeles Review of Books for this interesting way to review graphic books.  Jenna Brager reviews the recent graphic book Mendoza the Jew:  Boxing, Manliness, and Nationalism – A Graphic History. Here is how it starts: Fil... [biography] [publishing] [Daniel Mendoza] [Jenna Brager] [Liz Clarke] [Mendoza the Jew] [Ronald Schechter]
I saw the amazing film Snowpiercer this weekend, and was absolutely stunned by this striking interpretation of the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige.  It is a rare bird: a cerebral action thriller.  It has an impressive cast:  Chris E... [Cinema] [Alison Pill] [Amazon] [Blade Runner] [Brazil] [CGI] [Chris Evans] [dystopia] [Ed Harris] [France] [Harvey Weinstein] [iTunes] [John Hurt] [Korea] [La Transperceneige] [NetFlix] [Octavia Spencer] [Radius/TWC] [Snowpiercer] [Song Kang-ho] [Terry Gilliam] [Tilda Swinton] [United States] [video-on-demand] [VOD]

June 24, 1PM

Argument by metaphor is always logically perilous, but a particularly sever error can be made when a metaphor is treated as an equation, equating the referent with the metaphorical expression.  When Longfellow compare’s the skipper’s daughter’s... [philosophy] [A Red Red Rose] [Creation] [eyes] [henry wadsworth longfellow] [Linum Catharticum] [love] [Marriage] [N. T. Wright] [red roses] [Robert Burns] [Wreck of the Hesperus]

June 6, 2PM

D-Day is such a tragic and heroic event of our present history that it is difficult for me to come fully to terms with it.  This photographic exhibition from The Guardian helped; it shows images from 1944 that morph into the same view of the present ... [history] [Photography] [Britain] [Canada] [D-Day] [France] [Germany] [Liberation of France] [Normandy] [United States] [World War 2]

April 11, 3PM

Filed under: Literature, Publishing Tagged: Loeb Classical Library [literature] [publishing] [Loeb Classical Library]

March 24, 1PM

I had a chance to pick up a new sealed copy of the CD version of the Jelly Roll Morton interviews and performances recorded in Alan Lomax in 1938 for the Library of Congress at a terrific price ($20).  As a web page on the Library of Congress brags, ... [music] [Alan Lomax] [Alistaire Cooke] [explicit content] [Harold Spivacke] [jazz] [Jelly Roll Morton] [John Szwed] [Miley Cyrus] [MPAA] [parental advisory] [Parents Music Resource Center] [PMRC] [RIAA] [RobinThicke] [Tipper Gore] [Tipper Sticker] [Walmart] [Washington Wives]

March 7, 4PM

Joseph Novak has put up a “Minimum Bible” site with minimalist graphic posters illustrating the books of the Protestant Bible.  Here are three examples: Filed under: Art, Hebrew Bible, New Testament Tagged: Joseph Novak, Minimum Bible [art] [Hebrew Bible] [New Testament] [Joseph Novak] [Minimum Bible]

February 28, 10AM

I have now read repeated reports that The Gideons are now distributing (along with their traditional distribution of the KJV) a variant of the ESV that has been modified to include “missing verses” from the Textus Receptus.  According to some acc... [Bible Versions] [apocrpypha] [crossway] [ESV] [Gideons] [Lectionary] [Majority Text] [Textus Receptus] [The Gideons] [The Gideons International]

February 21, 4PM

BLT co-blogger Victoria has published a brilliant interview about music and theology here; and I encourage you to read it.  I want to talk about an aesthetically simpler issue:  musical fraud. I rarely watch television, and I don’t subscribe t... [ethics] [music] [Daisuke Takahashi] [deafness] [Hiroshima Symphony] [History of the Conquest of Mexico] [History of the Conquest of Peru] [Leonhard Euler] [Ludwig van Beethoven] [Mamoru Samuragochi] [Mikkun] [Miku Okubo] [Milli Vanilli] [Sonatina for Violin] [Takashi Niigaki] [William H. Prescott]

February 13, 6PM

In an interesting pair of comments to a post on Tim McCormick’s bog Catholic Bible, active commenter CJA Mayo observed:  The canon is closed, and can not be re-opened. The Jews lost their stewardship of the old revelation around the time the NT ca... [Hebrew Bible] [Judeo-Christian relations] [LDS Scriptures] [Septuagint] [Book of Mormon] [Deuterocanon] [Dialogue with Trypho] [Divino Afflanta Spiritu] [Justin martyr] [Masoretic texts] [NETS] [NRSV] [OTP] [RSV] [Septuagints] [Vulgate]


February 11, 5PM

January 4, 7PM

“Alert” is an anagram of “Alter” – and Robert Alter’s meritorious translation and commentary of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes is currently on sale in hardcover for $14 exactly on Amazon – cheaper than Amazon’s price for the corresponding pap... [Hebrew Bible] [publishing] [translation] [Ecclesiastes] [Job] [Proverbs] [Robert Alter] [Wisdom Books]
I’ve scanned a number of lists of “top news of 2013,” but to my surprise, none of the ones I looked at included what was undoubtedly one of the most important stories of 2013:  the discovery of Richard III’s remains under a parking lot in Lei... [history] [Journalism] [Leicester] [mainstream media] [middle ages] [parking lots] [Richard III] [War of the Roses]

December 29 2013, 11PM

Charles Dickens’s horror story, “A Christmas Carol,” has seen countless adaptations in movies, stage, television, and radio.  But inevitably, those adaptations focus on the heartwarming aspects of the Dickens tale, rather than the sheer fright ... [literature] [Charles Dickens] [David Baldeon] [Jeremy Treece] [Jim McCann] [Marvel] [Zombies Christmas Carol]


Today would be Pablo Casal’s 137th birthday. Filed under: Music Tagged: cello, Cello Suites, Johann Sebastian Bach, Pablo Casals [music] [cello] [Cello Suites] [Johann Sebastian Bach] [Pablo Casals]


On October 4th, 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, launching the space race.   On the same day, the Jewish Odessa-born Soviet violinist David Oistrakh and his piano accompanist Vladimir Yampolsky arrived i... [music] [china] [cultural revolution] [David Oistrakh] [Jindong Cai] [Nina Dorliak] [Sheila Melvin] [Soviet Union] [Sviatoslav Richter] [Vladimir Yampolsky]

December 28, 10PM

If you find yourself with a few minutes with nothing to amuse you, you may wish to try Classical FM’s “composer or pasta” quiz.Filed under: Fun Tagged: classical music, composers, Italian, Italy, pasta [fun] [classical music] [composers] [Italian] [Italy] [pasta]

December 12, 12 PM

November 11, 12 PM

November 14th marks the hundredth anniversary of Swann’s Way, the first volume in Marcel Proust’s fabulous but challenging massive novel about time and memories:  In Search of Lost Time. In honor of Proust, French cultural agencies have sponsored... [literature] [France] [In Search of Lost Time] [Lydia Davis] [Marcel Proust] [Proust Ink] [Radio Proust] [Swann's Way] [William Carter]

October 23, 1PM


The Emily Dickinson archive, containing high-resolution images of Emily Dickinson’s original handwritten manuscripts, is now live.  Emily Dickinson Archive makes high-resolution images of Dickinson’s surviving manuscripts available in open acces... [poetry] [Emily Dickinson]

October 16, 7PM

The British Library has published David Crystal’s recording Tyndale’s translation of St. Matthew’s Gospel.  (I found the cheapest price – about $14 – by ordering from from a UK proxy).  This goes perfectly with the... [Book Reviews] [New Testament] [publishing] [Beowulf] [David Crystal] [early modern English] [Geoffrey Chaucer] [Johnny Cash] [original pronunciation] [William Shakespeare] [William Tyndale]

October 15, 2AM

“Curl up with thirteen spooky articles from our history journals.  The collection is free through the end of the month.” Filed under: History, Publishing Tagged: Halloween, Oxford Journals [history] [publishing] [halloween] [Oxford Journals]

October 10, 7PM

Before this morning, if I were asked to name the best contemporary Canadian author in English*, I would have responded, without hesitation, Robertson Davies (yes, I know he died in 1995, but for me, he is still a vital author).  If pressed for anothe... [literature] [Alice Munroe] [Leonard Cohen] [Margaret Atwood] [Michael Ondaatje] [Mordecai Richler] [Nobel Prize] [Nobel Prize for Literature] [Robertson Davies]

October 6, 12 AM

October 3, 5PM

From New York Times: Reading Chekhov for a few minutes makes you better at decoding what other people are feeling. But spending the same amount of time with a potboiler by Danielle Steel does not have the same effect, scientists reported Thursday. A stri... [literature] [Psychology] [Simon Baron-Cohen]

September 24, 8PM

Let me tell you about a language faux pas I once made.  I was at a conference in Singapore, and speaking in Mandarin with some researchers from mainland China.  Our conversation drifted to the topic of the Mandarin dialect itself.  Because ... [Chinese] [German] [politics] [Russian] [fatherland] [guoyu] [homeland] [Mandarin] [motherland] [putonghua] [vaterland]

September 23, 4PM

At long last, I have a copy of the new NA28-NRSV-REB parallel New Testament in my hands. (My copy cost $47.69 from from a US IP address, the current price from that same website is $51.53.  I’ve written before about value in c... [Bible Versions] [Greek] [New Testament] [Book Depository] [bookdepository] [Carrpian] [Eusebius] [NA27] [NA28] [NRSV] [REB] [RSV]

September 22, 11PM

Well, the verdict seems in from across the Commonwealth and the US – including American novels in the Man Booker competition is a bust.  In the New York Times “Room for Debate” discussion they could only find one (out of six) contributor who th... [humor] [publishing] [Anglophilia] [Anglophobia] [hayseeds] [Hilary Mantel] [London black cabs] [Man Booker Award] [Trojan Horse]

September 15, 12 PM

More here. Filed under: History, Humor Tagged: 95 theses, lego, Martin Luther, Wittenburg [history] [humor] [95 theses] [lego] [Martin Luther] [Wittenburg]

September 13, 11AM

Just a brief note to let our readers know that the standard one-volume dictionary for classical Greek, Liddell-Scott-Jones (ninth edition), is currently on sale at Oxford University Press for $92.50.  Here is the description of the book at OUP’s w... [Greek] [New Testament] [publishing] [Septuagint] [classical Greek] [Greek-English Lexicon] [Liddell Scott Jones] [Oxford University Press]

September 9, 3PM

In this brief series of posts, I want to discuss three important European composers who have their centennial or bicentennial birthdays in 2013 , each of whom has vitally changed musical theater, each of whom is widely celebrated today, and each of whom h... [music] [theater] [2013] [Benjamin Britten] [bicentennial] [birthday] [centennial] [Giuseppe Verdi] [Richard Wagner]

August 22, 10PM

I was struck by the following passage in an article in today’s Seattle Times on the Seattle Opera’s 2013 performance of Wagner’s Ring Cycle: Women comprise 38 percent of the regular-season [Seattle Opera] attendees; 32 percent of the [attendees of t... [music] [sexism] [theater] [female] [Margaret Dumont] [Marx Brothers] [Mrs. Claypool] [National Endowment for the Arts] [NEA] [opera] [percentage] [Richard Wagner] [Ring Cycle] [Seattle Opera]

August 12, 11PM

August 11, 3PM

I previously reported on International Commission for the Preparation of an English-language Lectionary (ICPEL) to prepare a new lectionary (for use outside North America) based on the ESV translation.  I remarked: Third, and this is most surprising,... [Bible Versions] [Catholicism] [liturgy] [ESV] [ICPEL] [Ignatius Press] [Mark Coleridge] [NRSV] [RSV] [RSV-2CE]

July 14, 10PM

The New York Times is reporting that Carmel O’Shannessy has found a language in its formative period of creation in northern Australia.   But I think its lead exaggerates O’Shannessy’s claims: There are many dying languages in the world. B... [Linguistics] [Carmel O'Shannessy] [Light Warlpiri]

July 11, 3PM

Various news media (such as this report) are reporting on a conference in Zhejiang province held on more than 200 objects at the Zhuangqiao archeological site dating back to Liangzhu culture.  The objects are 5,000 years old.  Consider this sto... [Chinese] [Linguistics] [cuneiform] [inscriptions] [Liangshu culture] [oracle bones] [Sumerian] [writing systems] [Zhejiang province] [Zhuangqiao] [Zhuangqiao inscriptions]

July 10, 5PM

We discussed the A. D. Harvey affair back in April. Now the Guardian newspaper has an extended (and partly) profile on A. D. Harvey – it is currently on the front page of the US web edition of the Guardian. AD Harvey doesn’t deny he is the creator... [literature] [A. D. Harvey] [Eric Naiman] [Graham Headley] [Janis Blodnieks] [John Schellenberger] [Leo Bellingham] [Ludovico Parra] [Michael Lindsay] [Stephanie Harvey] [Stephen Harvey] [Trevor McGovern]

July 9, 2PM

Robert Alter has been hitting the book tour circuit promoting his translation of the former prophets, Ancient Israel, which we noted here.  Here are some interviews: Forum with Michael Krasny (audio interview) Forward Jewish Ledger And some review... [Book Reviews] [Hebrew Bible] [publishing] [Adam Kirsch] [Ancient Israel] [Former Prophets] [Robert Alter]

July 2, 5PM

Craig Fehrman reviewed in the Boston Globe Hannah Sullivan’s The Work of Revision.  I have not read Sullivan’s book, so I do not know which ideas in Fehrman’s review are his own and which are Sullivan.  However I do not understand the argu... [literature] [Technology] [Ben Jonson] [Craig Fehrman] [Ezra Pound] [First Folio] [Hamlet] [Hannah Sullivan] [King Lear] [Quartos] [Shakespeare] [T. S. Eliot] [The Work of Revision] [typewriters] [Virginia Woolf]

June 28, 8PM

  Oxford University Press is having its 2013 Spring Sale through July 11– and has an absolutely terrible website presentation of it. I’ve received two sets through this sale – both at 65% off and I am delighted with both of them (reviews to... [Book Reviews] [buddhism] [Christianity] [English] [Greek] [Hinduism] [Judaism] [Latin] [Linguistics] [literature] [philosophy] [poetry] [publishing] [religion] [Reviews] [Rhetoric] [Sacred books] [theology] [Aaron Levine] [Adele Berlin] [Albert Welter] [Andrew Hurley] [Andrew L. Ford] [Architects of Piety] [Aristotle as Poet] [Bernard Schweizer] [Bertrand Russell] [Cappadocian Fathers] [Christian Kay] [Christopher Bryan] [Classic Asian Philosophy] [Coptic Christianity in Ottoman Egypt] [Curse Tablets and Binding Spells from the Ancient World] [Desert Christians] [Febe Armanios] [Graham Oppy] [Hating God] [Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary] [History of Western Philosophy] [Irené Wotherspoon] [Jan Westerhoff] [Jane Roberts] [Jarrod L. Whitaker] [Joel J. Kupperman] [Joel Myerson] [John G. Gager] [John Greco] [Laura Dassow Walls] [Maxine Grossman] [Mendelssohn] [Michael Gagarin] [Michael Samuels] [Naxos] [Nick Trakakis] [Oxford University Press] [R. Larry Todd] [Sandra Harbert Petrulionis] [Strong Arms and Drinking Strength] [The History of Western Philosophy of Religion] [The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion] [The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome] [The Oxford Handbook of Judaism and Economics] [The Oxford Handbook of Skepticism] [The Oxford Handbook of Transcendentalism] [The Resurrection of the Messiah] [Twelve Examples of Illusion] [Vasiliki M. Limberis] [William Harmless] [Yongming Yanshou's Conception of Chan in the Zongjing lu]

June 26, 10PM

Criterion, arguably the best label releasing DVDs and Blu-ray disks today, this week released DVD and Blu-ray versions of Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah – a nine hour plus collection   of interviews about the Holocaust.  There is no direct vio... [Cinema] [history] [A Visitor from the Living] [Claude Lanzmann] [Criterion] [Holocaust] [Jan Karski] [Shoah] [Sobibor] [Sobibor concentration camp revolt] [The Karski Report] [Theresienstadt] [Yehuda Lerner]

June 24, 4PM

A long time ago, when I was studying third year Japanese, I was translating a short story that itself was a translation from English.  The story itself was quite good, but I was not sure what the name of the author was in Roman characters.  My t... [literature] [Enemy Within] [Hell House] [Nightmare at 20000 Feet] [Richard Matheson] [Short Stories] [Twilight Zone]

June 21, 4PM

In what has to be the most hyped regional event in the English North-East, the Lindisfarne Gospels are on display in Durham – after four centuries of absence.  BBC Radio 3 had an entertaining program (still downloadable from iPlayer) in which child... [art] [New Testament] [David Almond] [Durham] [Durham Cathedral] [Gillian Reynolds] [Lindisfarne Gospels] [Michelle Brown] [North East] [Skellig] [Tyne] [Tyneside]
Happy solstice. 2013 June 16th was a great Bloomsday – the traditional day for celebrating and reading James Joyce’s Ulysses (the novel is set on 1904 June 16th). The New York Times had a great piece on Bloomsday memories, here are two of my favorite... [literature] [Bloomsday 2013] [Colm Tobin] [Colum McCann] [Isaiah Sheffer] [James Joyce] [Judy Blume] [Pacifica] [Ulysses] [WBAI]

June 18, 8PM

Here and here, I complained about the poor quality of Gregory Nagy’s “MOOC” online course on the Ancient Greek Hero. Today, I received the newly published textbook that Nagy wrote for the (traditional) course he regularly teaches.  Despite the ... [pedagogy] [publishing] [Technology] [CB22x] [EdX] [Gregory Nagy] [HarvardX] [homer] [humanism] [humanities] [Iliad] [Massively Open Online Course] [MOOC] [MOOCs] [The Ancient Greek Hero] [The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours]

June 13, 10AM

Questions:  what can we learn from this video?  What stereotypes does this video assume?  Is it about the nail after all? Filed under: Egalitarianism, Humor Tagged: it is not about the nail, It's not about the nail [Egalitarianism] [humor] [it is not about the nail] [It's not about the nail]

June 12, 5PM

June 10, 6PM

In a recent post in my series on the problem on MOOCs, I mentioned how bizarre the multiple choice questions in Gregory Nagy’s course CB22x:  The Ancient Greek Hero have been.  Now, I find from a perceptive in-depth report in the New Yorker th... [pedagogy] [Technology] [Achilles] [Agamemmon] [CB22x] [Gregory Nagy] [HarvardX] [humanities] [Iliad] [Massively Open Online Courses] [MOOC] [MOOCs] [The Ancient Greek Hero] [The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours]

May 14, 1PM

First, a happy Shavuos (celebrating the giving the of the Torah at Mt. Sinai) to all those celebrating and a happy Pentecost (celebrating the Holy Ghost descending on the early Christian apostles) to all those celebrating. These holidays are sometimes cel... [Administrivia] [Armenian Bible] [Grand Vizier] [Joseph] [Mississippi Fred MacDowell] [Mrs. Potiphar] [Pentecost] [Shavuos] [Shavuot] [Turkish Board of Publication]

May 9, 12 AM

Geoguessr is an Internet game in which you are plopped somewhere in the world – with only Google Street View to guide you.  You need to look around and try to guess where you are.  It is surprisingly fun – and even a bit addictive. Filed un... [fun] [game] [geography] [Geoguessr] [Google Street View]

May 6, 12 PM

Phillip Patterson, struggling with AIDS, has taken four years out of his life to handwrite out a King James Bible.  See the article here, a blog here, and a set of photographs here. For Bible nerds out there, it appears he is using the Hendrickson fa... [Bible Versions] [AIDS] [Handwriting] [King James Version] [Phillip Patterson] [Roman type]

April 26, 2AM

Amy Guttman (president of the University of Pennsylvania) on Charlie Rose (April 25th) regarding online education: We have to acknowledge there are skeptics out there and I like to give the example of the skeptic who said, you know, “this new invention ... [pedagogy] [Amy Guttman] [Benjamin Franklin] [Charlie Rose] [David Hume] [Greek Alphabet] [Hieroglyphics] [Linear A] [Linear B] [McGuffy Readers] [metaphor] [MOOCs] [New England Primer] [online education] [Peter Lombard] [Phaedrus] [Phoenecian] [sentences] [Socrates] [Webster Blue Back Spellers]

April 23, 10AM

I frequently buy books from  Book Depository is reasonably fast (most purchases arrive within a week), offers free shipping to pretty nearly anywhere, and features prices that are often better than Amazon.  (Book Depository s... [publishing] [Amazon] [Book Depository] [bookdepository] [] [] [proxy] [UK]

April 19, 6PM

With news of the Boston marathon bombers being of Chechen descent, Petr Gandalovič, the Czech Ambassador to the United States, feels it is necessary to explain that the Czech Republic is not the same as Chechnya in an official statement:   As more ... [politics] [Boston marathon bombers] [Chechnya] [Czech Republic] [dumb as doornails] [Petr Gandalovič]
The Telegraph is reporting a claim by Abraham Skorka, an Argentinian rabbi and long-time friend of the new pope, that Francis will open the long-sealed Vatican files on Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli), who served as pope 1939-1958.  These files may shed l... [history] [Abraham Skorka] [Eugenio Pacelli] [Francis] [Hitler's Pope] [Holocaust] [Pius XII] [Pope Francis] [Pope Pius XII]


I am very impressed by the Denis Minns and Paul Parvis edition of Justin Martyr’s Apologies (part of the Oxford Early Christian Texts series).  Not only is the text interesting on its own terms, but it strikes me as a model of how to present Christ... [Christianity] [philosophy] [religion] [Denis Minns] [Eusebius] [Henry Chadwick] [Justin] [Justin martyr] [Justin Philosopher and Martyr] [Miroslav Marcovich] [Oxford Early christian Texts] [Paul Parvis]

April 16, 3PM

From the Los Angeles Times:  Aspiring astronauts and wannabe reality TV stars, take note: A nonprofit that aims to send the first human colonists to Mars by 2023 will start taking applications in July of this year. Mars One, the Netherlands-based or... [Television] [Mars] [Mars One] [reality television]


For an introduction to this series see here and here. I wanted to gain some perspective on MOOCs, so I signed up to take one.  The course I signed up for Gregory Nagy’s heavily hyped EdX/HarvardX course CB22x:  The Ancient Greek Hero.  Ha... [pedagogy] [Technology] [Achilles] [Agamemnon] [Apollo] [CB22x] [Chryseis] [EdX] [Gregory Nagy] [HarvardX] [homer] [humanism] [humanities] [Iliad] [Massively Open Online Course] [MOOC] [MOOCs] [The Ancient Greek Hero] [The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours]

April 15, 7PM

It is all a giant bizarre tale unwound by UC Berkeley’s Eric Naiman.  I find myself unable to describe or even to paraphrase it, except to say that it begins with an account of when Dickens met Dostoyevsky, and then takes a turn for the weird. It is, p... [literature] [A. D. Harvey] [Charles Dickens] [Claire Tomalin] [Eric Naiman] [F. R. Leavis] [fyodor dostoyevsky] [Graham Headley] [John Schellenberger] [Leo Bellingham] [Ludovico Parra] [Malcolm Andrews] [Michael Hollington] [Michael Lindsay] [Michiko Kakutani] [Oxford: a novel] [Stephanie Harvey] [Times Literary Supplement] [Trevor McGovern] [W. A. Speck]


Granta today has released its influential “once-a-decade” list of twenty promising British writers.  In the past, the list has identified then little-known authors who later came to be major literary figures, including Martin Amis, Pat Barker, Sa... [literature] [Granta] [Granta 2013 list] [Jeannette Witherspoon] [Liar's Gospel] [Martin Amis] [Midnight's children] [Naomi Alderman] [Pat Barker] [Salman Rushdie] [Sunjeev Sahota] [Zadie Smith]