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March 6 2018, 3PM

Here’s the same story reported in different places. First in The Los Angeles Times by Jocelyn Y. Stewart. Raised as a Presbyterian, Graham had no experience in submitting to a husband’s authority the way the evangelist, who was reared in a Sou... [Egalitarianism] [Abraham] [billy graham] [Ruth Bell Graham] [Sarah]

March 2, 2PM

Today Anne Graham Lotz preached to a crowd of mostly men, or at least a crowd of lots of men. While preaching her father’s funeral she also teaches men, while describing teaching the man who was her father. She publicly pledges to do more of that. T... [Egalitarianism] [feminism] [1 Timothy 2:12] [Anne Graham Lotz] [billy graham] [Funeral] [Preaching] [teaching] [women preaching to men] [women teaching men]

February 19, 9AM

Greek New Testament translator Ann Nyland has the following footnote on Matthew 18.2: Bible versions traditionally translate the personal pronoun here as ‘him’, but the personal pronoun in the Greek is “it” following the neuter gr... [feminism] [Greek] [New Testament] [translation] [Ann Nyland] [Gospel of Matthew] [Jesus Seminar] [julia e. smith] [N. T. Wright] [Willis Barnstone]

February 13, 5AM

This year blogger Abram K-J is reading through the canonical Christian gospels in Greek. He’s posted about that here and has started a private forum here. There, after reading how the Greek in the gospel changes the very face of power, I posted the... [womanism] [intersectionalilty] [Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw] [nameless daughter of nameless woman] [nameless woman in Greek gospel of Matthew]

February 8, 11AM

In this 21st century folks of the International Organization for Septuagint & Cognate Studies decree February 8 “International Septuagint Day” because of a decree given 20 centuries ago by the Emperor of Rome in this month on that day: Thi... [Christianity] [Judaism] [Septuagint]

January 25, 5AM

Ann Durham taught him (these lessons: to live among & to learn to love and appreciate people who are very different from you religiously, racially, linguistically, socio-economically, sexually – because they’ve taken us in when our family ... [education] [feminism] [Ann Durham] [another woman from Canaan besides Rahab who helped another Joshua] [Barack Obama] [billy graham] [Hillary Clinton] [jesus] [John Piper] [Lottie Moon] [Mary Magdalene] [Mary the mother of Jesus] [seminary] [the samaritan woman] [the Syrophoenician woman] [the woman at the well] [the woman from Tyre and Sidon] [Wil Gafney]

January 17, 5AM

Susan, a friend and a fellow missionary kid, has written of a time of terror, a moment of fear, when she was four or five years old. She starts her story like this: The early 1960s in Indonesia were years of political upheaval. The Communist party was str... [Uncategorized]

December 21 2017, 4PM

three notes, or four, for a quick review: Three years or so ago, or a bit more perhaps, I learned that Anne Carson’s talk (with Alexander Nehamas in 2005) on “The Question of Translation,” that had been published with some substantial revision... [translation] [Anne Carson] [art] [cahier] [Francis Bacon] [Ibykos] [in any form whatsoever] [Lanfranco Quadrio] [metaphor as translation] [nay rather] [painting] [reproduced] [Silence] [translating as metaphor]

December 9, 9AM

Pope Francis in a tv interview recently suggested a particular translation of what we know as Matthew 6:12. For what’s in The Lord’s Prayer, for this Greek in the New Testament, καὶ μὴ εἰσενέγκῃς ἡμᾶς εἰς πειρ... [translation] [Ann Nyland] [Clarence Jordan] [J. B. Phillips] [Jesus Seminar] [lord's prayer] [N. T. Wright] [Pope Francis] [Richmond Lattimore] [Willis Barnstone]

October 16, 9AM

June 29, 5AM

Carolyn Custis James has written a fun and funny blog post, “The ESV Takes One Small Step for ‘Mankind’!” In it she tells a personal story of a man who had “an annoying habit of pontificating on his [malestrom] views of wom... [Gender] [Hebrew Bible] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [Carolyn Custis James] [ESV]

April 11, 4AM

For the 15th annual Willis Barnstone Translation Prize, there are co-winners. Congratulations go to Michele Herman and Rebekah Curry. — What translation of a poem did you enter? Mine was God Birthing, a rendering of the Theogony.Filed under: Poetry... [poetry] [translation] [Michele Herman] [Rebekah Curry] [Willis Barnstone] [Willis Barnstone Translation Prize]

April 5, 7AM

Which language(s) will we readers read when we read Zora Neale Hurston’s novel, Moses, Man of the Mountain? Is it standard American English as we construct that language socially? For example, isn’t it English in the standard variety in Ameri... [English] [languages] [Uncategorized] [African American English] [Black English] [Standard American English] [translanguaging] [Zora Neale Hurston]

April 4, 3PM

At Language Log, linguist blogger Mark Liberman writes a quick post in which he starts in with a clip “[f]rom Susan Rice’s interview today with Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC.” The clip is to show what he describes merely as “an interest... [languages] [translation] [African American English] [Black English] [harper lee] [Language Log] [Linguistics] [Mark Liberman] [Ofelia García] [Standard American English] [Susan Rice] [to kill a mockingbird] [translanguaging]

March 30, 3PM

Let’s talk about how Billy Graham himself recalls agreeing with Hillary Clinton to break his “Billy Graham Rule” and to eat lunch with her alone while having a private conversation in which he finds himself admiring her more than ever, a... [Egalitarianism] [feminism] [Gender] [sexism] [sexuality] [2 Timothy 2:22] [billy graham] [Culture Wars] [Hillary Clinton] [Jesus's model] [Mike Pence] [The Billy Graham Rule]

March 24, 7AM

The day before I posted “Ben Carson v Frederick Douglass: when slaves are immigrants,” there were many already making much of some many more siding with Dr. Carson and his repeated stubborn assessment of slaves chained in the dark and dank hol... [poetry] [June Jordan] [Phillis Wheatley]

March 22, 4AM

Yesterday was “World Poetry Day.” Sunday, October 30, 2016 was a day when Anne Carson in an interview on her most recent publication, Float, accepted the invitation to offer “a personal definition of what poetry is”: If prose is a... [poetry] [Anne Carson]

March 7, 5AM

As the 45th President’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson gave his first public address in which he said slaves were immigrants. At the 18-minute mark he says: There were other immigrants who came in the bottom of slave ships, ... [colonialism] [racism] [Ben Carson] [Frederick Douglass] [immigrant] [slave]

March 2, 8AM

This week American President Trump quoted John 15:13 in his first address in the US Capitol. He was regarding, as a martyr, “a U.S. Navy Special Operator, Senior Chief William ‘Ryan’ Owens, [who] died as he lived, a warrior, and a hero,... [Interfaith] [religion] [Christian de Chergé] [Donald Trump] [GIA] [Isis] [jesus] [John 15:13] [Martin McGee] [monks of Tibhirine] [Ryan Owens]

February 24, 9AM

Since the Federal Government is at work to make America great again for transphobic citizens this week, it seemed good to review how some Bible readers are likely to respond. The majority of Bible readers self-identifying as Southern Baptists have for ne... [Gender] [sexism] [sexuality] [Clarence Jordan] [jesus] [Richmond Lattimore] [Southern Baptist] [transgender]

January 12, 6AM

Those of us Americans who have read and taught To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee sense the deep irony in the calls to ban the book from schools. And never more was that irony accentuated than by the fact that the President of the United States encourage... [literature] [racism] [Uncategorized] [Atticus Finch] [Barack Obama] [book bans] [Calpurnia] [harper lee] [Jean Louise Finch] [to kill a mockingbird]

January 10, 5AM

We might agree that there’s much persuasive power in the ethos of a Gold Star Mother, of the First Lady of the United States of America, and of the recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award. And then there’s their logos, their eloquent effecti... [ableism] [Cinema] [Egalitarianism] [feminism] [film] [Gender] [politics] [racism] [Rhetoric] [sexism] [sexuality] [Cecil B. DeMille Award] [First Lady] [Ghazala Khan] [Gold Star Mother] [Golden Globe Awards] [Hollywood Foreign Press Association] [Meryl Streep] [Michelle Obama]

October 6 2016, 4PM

If you are in Washington DC, I would highly recommend your taking a couple of hours to visit “the only major museum in the world solely dedicated to recognizing women’s creative contributions.” This is the “National Museum of Women in... [art] [feminism] [Gender] [sexism] [sexuality] [Uncategorized] [Cecily Brown] [Michelangelo] [nude] [painting] [Pietà] [Sarah Bernhardt] [Sculpture]

October 2, 9AM

Marg Mowczko, at her Blog New Life, is responding to the question, Which Bible translation is best? She understands this question asked by some as meaning, Which English Bible translation is least “biased towards men when, in fact, the intended m... [Egalitarianism] [English] [Greek] [translation] [Craig R. Smith] [Craig Smith]

September 29, 4PM

Our co-blogger Victoria Gaile Laidler this week considers Genesis 3:16 in Jerome’s Latin here. And some of us some years ago considered Genesis 3:16 in the LXX translators’ Hebraic Hellene here. And that made me wish to compare ἀποστρ... [Greek] [Septuagint] [translation] [ἀποστροφή] [Genesis 3:16] [LXX] [Oedipus at Colonus (1472-1473)]

September 28, 12 PM

September 28, 2016 We desired for there to be a stable and standard text that would serve the reading, memorizing, preaching, and liturgical needs of Christians worldwide from one generation to another. We have become convinced that this decision was a mi... [Uncategorized]

September 27, 4PM

Well before the ESV Permanent text announcement and the blogging around the peculiarity of the new and now-final rendering of Genesis 3:16, Suzanne McCarthy had a few things to say. Rather, she asked a few things and engaged in research and conversation. ... [aramaic] [English] [Hebrew] [ESV] [Suzanne McCarthy]

September 25, 6AM

White supremacy reigned and the other side of white supremacy is black inferiority. We were taught, as reasonably well bred white Southerners, to behave decently, but the whole racial etiquette that governed the way black and white interacted with each ot... [Catholicism] [Christianity] [classism] [colonialism] [Memoir] [racism] [sexism] [Southern Baptist] [Vietnamese] [Charles Dew] [Corsicana] [Diane Rehm] [Isabel Wilkerson] [vietnam]


“In any case, the triumph of traditionalist gender politics in the new ESV Permanent Text is devastating for egalitarian evangelicals—it is complementarianism’s most dramatic power play yet.” WIT Crossway publishers recently sparked contro... [Uncategorized]

September 20, 10AM

For the 14th annual Willis Barnstone Translation Prize, there are co-winners. Congratulations go to Khrystyna Mykhailiuk and to Spring Ulmer. The announcement came relatively late this year (compared with announcements of previous years arriving in Marc... [translation] [poetry] [Willis Barnstone] [Willis Barnstone Translation Prize] [Spring Ulmer] [Khrystyna Mykhailiuk]

September 15, 9AM

Here‘s the English Standard Version syntax for Genesis 3:16 – Here‘s the MT Hebrew syntax for Genesis 3:16 – Here‘s the Isaac Leeser English syntax for Genesis 3:16 – Here‘s the Julia Smith English syntax for ... [Bible Versions] [Egalitarianism] [English] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [sexism] [Translation Theory] [crossway] [ESV] [Everett Fox] [Isaac Lesser] [julia e. smith] [Masoretic Text] [Robert Alter]

September 14, 3PM

Like the stone tablets Moses brought down from Sinai long ago, this web page recently went up on the English Standard Version Bible site: There is declared this: ESV Permanent Text Edition (2016) Word Changes (52 Tota... [Uncategorized] [ESV]

September 9, 3AM

One of my children is an adult learner of Sepedi in South Africa where for a year she’s been teaching English to school children. Before living in the rhythms of the people of her new language she started reading Antjie Krog in the USA in English. T... [afrikaans] [English] [poetry] [translation] [translation practice] [Antjie Krog] [Rauan Klassnik]

August 1, 3PM

This post starts with the epigraphs from Cheryl Glenn’s essay on the rhetoric of silence in the American political realm. She examines primarily the silences and the silencing of Anita Hill, Lani Guinier, Joycelyn Elders, and Hillary Clinton. The p... [Islam] [New Testament] [orientalism] [politics] [Qur'an] [Rhetoric] [speeches] [Uncategorized] [Adrienne Rich] [Anita Hill] [Audre Lorde] [bell hooks] [Ghazala Khan] [Hillary Clinton] [I Tim. 2:11-12] [Jacqueline Jones Royster] [Jose Ortega y Gassett] [Joycelyn Elders] [Lani Guinier] [Robin Becker] [Tseu]

July 31, 5AM

Not long after [white man] Thomas Jefferson wrote the “Declaration of Independence,” a free black [man] wrote Jefferson asking if the “all men are created equal”phrase applied to blacks [that is, to black men, to black women, and t... [classism] [feminism] [Gender] [history] [racism] [sexism] [social justice] [Uncategorized] [womanism]

July 30, 6AM

Men, Spartans: In your foreign post, I am not alone. Father to father to father it’s been held, given to generations. I wish to make this clear to you all also. The City State holds all of us to this final goal. Yes, when there is war, she has had to ra... [English] [Greek] [history] [politics] [Uncategorized]

April 3, 5AM

“It must be noted again that even at the cultural/collective level, notions of femininity are fluid and socially constructed, just as they are for individual persons. There is nothing inherently masculine or feminine about the public or the private,... [Uncategorized]

March 9, 1PM

Interesting. A woman’s average age for being diagnosed with breast cancer is about 60, and average age of dying of breast cancer is 68. But the average age of a woman dying of heart attack is 70. However, many more women die of heart attack than breast ... [Egalitarianism] [history] [Interpretation] [sexism] [breast cancer] [complementarianism] [feminism] [John Piper] [Junia] [Ruth A. Tucker] [Sapphira] [Suzanne McCarthy]

January 10, 7AM

In the post here of January 8, 2016 I was asking whose Wheaton College is it? (And who is Wheaton College?) In this post the question is different. What do people of the book state? Dr. Hawkins had already shared the statement written on whose God this is... [Series: Whose? Mine, Yours, Theirs?] [Larycia Hawkins] [Stephen Prothero]

January 8, 4PM

The language of separation, of subtle othering, is in the paragraphs below pertaining to “Wheaton College” and these three: Could there be more to this picture than just parsing of theological language? And why is Dr. Hawkins marked, separa... [racism] [Rhetoric] [sexism] [Larycia Hawkins] [leland ryken] [Stanton L. Jones] [wheaton college]

December 21 2015, 7AM

After The Memory Room, Mary Rakow has written another profound novel. Its title is This Is Why I Came, and this is not Sunday School recollections of Bible stories. Here are three places where the novelist makes room for Mary, the Mother of Jesus, snippe... [literature] [mary] [Mary Rakow] [This Is Why I Came]

October 21, 4AM

Last month, the most recent biblioblogger carnival went up (by William Brown) and again with his links only to blog posts of males only. (Pardon my redundancy, then, in using the adjectival phrase “white male” with the noun “biblioblogg... [Administrivia] [sexism] [and white men blogging the bible wonder where the women are as if they play no role in their silencing] [rape] [rape culture] [rape threats]

October 20, 3AM

Blogger, Blogger, Bible beater, Had a wife and couldn’t keep her, He put her in a Bible shell, And there he kept her very well. or, 7 Ways to Discipline Your WifeFiled under: Christianity, Egalitarianism Tagged: complementarianism, fundamentalism [Christianity] [Egalitarianism] [complementarianism] [Fundamentalism]

September 17, 5PM under: Poetry Tagged: Anne Carson [poetry] [Anne Carson]

September 11, 7AM

I remember the day, 9/11/2001, like it was yesterday. I was a student in New York City. I’d been living there for a while at that time—I was still adjusting to being in the big city. I was a Native kid,… On this particular morning—September 1... [history] [Interpretation] [Journalism] [orientalism] [9/11] [Chiraayu Gosrani] [Gyasi Ross] [Mahjabeen Syed] [September 11]


Sometimes reading the Bible (whether in its Hebrew or in its Greek of Egyptian Diaspora Jewish translation or in English) helps us to confront the othering we encounter or ourselves commit. Why would a translation of Exodus 22, for example, need to spe... [Bible Versions] [Egalitarianism] [Craig R. Smith] [education] [girls] [Malala] [Malala Yousafzai.] [refugees]

June 30, 9AM

TRIGGER WARNING This article or section, or pages it links to, contains information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors. “And they inserted their Logic, stuck it in him.” What the fuck is this shit? — Ste... [Septuagint] [Adele Berlin] [Alexander the Great] [Anna Schober] [Antjie Krog] [aristotle] [Bernadotte Perrin] [Deane Galbraith] [Edward Schiappa] [Emily Douglas] [Genesis 19] [phallogocentricism] [Plutarch] [rape] [rape culture] [Salon] [Shakespeare] [Stewart James Felker]

June 24, 1PM

When Theophrastus announced that Suzanne McCarthy was joining him, Craig Smith, and me to start blogging here, one of her blogs had been, for some months, earlier in that same year, one of the “Top 50″ most-visited biblioblogs and had been ... [Administrivia] [Suzanne McCarthy]

June 16, 5AM

Paul Tournier is a Swiss physician whose writings influenced my American missionary parents greatly. I asked my mother recently if she’d read his The Violence Within (translated by Edwin Hudson for English language publication in 1978), and she thi... [Christianity] [history] [Islam] [1977] [atheism] [Communism] [mission] [missionaries] [Paul Tournier] [power] [violence] [white supremacy]

June 8, 1PM

This is what its like to be a white person in the public pool in McKinney, Texas USA. You need somebody else to ask you to read about the history of segregated pools… about housing discrimination and restrictive covenants… about the histor... [racism] [sexism]

12 PM

If the Greek play The Eumenides (or Εὐμενίδες, or The Kindly Ones), written by Aeschylus, were translated by a male-only team of complementarian translators of the Bible, then the lines would likely go like they go as they go for Paul w... [Christianity] [classics] [Greek] [humanities] [New Testament] [theater] [translation] [aeschylus] [Alan Shapiro] [Arthur S. Way] [complementarian] [complementarianism] [David Grene] [Edward Wright Haile] [George Theodoridis] [Herbert Weir Smyth] [I Timothy 2:12] [Lewis Campbell] [Peter Burian] [Richmond Lattimore] [Robert Fagles] [The Eumenides] [Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty]

June 7, 10AM

It’s becoming clearer that Paul and Timothy didn’t read the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible. Below is what one writes in Greek to the other followed by the ESV translators’ reading: διδάσκειν δὲ γυναικὶ ο... [Egalitarianism] [English] [Greek] [Interpretation] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [authentein] [I Timothy 2:12]

June 5, 2PM

My favorite book by Lauren F. Winner so far is her newest one, Wearing God: Clothing, Laughter, Fire, and Other Overlooked Ways of Meeting God. When it’s all over, she writes “A Short Note from the Women’s Prison” to confess this ... [feminism] [Hebrew Bible] [New Testament] [Sacred books] [sexism] [social justice] [theology] [Imagery] [Lauren F. Winner] [metaphor] [rape] [rape culture] [spouse abuse]

June 4, 11AM

Today, one of my French colleagues teaching French in Montpellier, France, sends me this quick reply to an email I sent her yesterday: Merci, Kurk. Ça marche comme ça. Running that through Google Translate to get an output into English, we get this: Tha... [Computer Science] [English] [French] [fun] [Interpretation] [Linguistics] [Mathematics] [translation] [Translation Theory] [David Bellos] [Gideon Lewis-Kraus] [Google translate] [Noam Chomsky] [nursery rhymes] [Phanariot] [profundity of language translated] [Susan Bernofsky] [traditore] [traduttore]

May 24, 6AM

I just read in Business Insider online an article by Drake Baer, “The fascinating cultural reason why Westerners and East Asians have polar opposite understandings of truth.” Now, would you please read it and think about whether Baer (or hi... [humor]

May 21, 4AM

My parents were career missionaries with the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention of the United States of America. While the US military went to Vietnam to save it from Communism, my parents joined forces with other FMB missionaries to... [Christianity] [history] [Interpretation] [orientalism] [protestantism] [david platt] [FMB] [Foreign Mission Board] [IMB] [International Mission Board] [SBC] [Southern Baptist] [southern baptist convention]

May 9, 3AM

I think that Islamic feminism is actually going to be the entry point for this whole renewal of Islamic discourse…. So it will be up to the Muslim women themselves who are not willing to let go of their religion, but at the same time, they are not w... [feminism] [Islam] [Kimberly Adams] [Marwa Sharafeldin]

April 30, 2PM

Today, on this the 40th anniversary of the fall of Sài Gòn, I’m reading Where the Ashes Are: The Odyssey of a Vietnamese Family by Nguyễn Quí Đức. There is a wikipedia entry on him, in English only (not yet in Vietnamese). Fittingly, in E... [history] [Series: Whose? Mine, Yours, Theirs?] [Nguyễn Quí Đức] [Việt Nam] [War]

April 29, 2AM

Two decades ago, in 1995, translator Willis Barnstone lamented: The most notorious and successful means of deracinating the Jews from their own Bible has been to change the very name by which they are addressed there.  They are called Hebrews (with refer... [Bible Versions] [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Judaism] [Judeo-Christian relations] [literature] [New Testament] [racism] [Rhetoric] [Septuagint] [translation] [Adele Berlin] [Amy-Jill Levine] [Bernard A. Taylor] [Marc Zvi Brettler] [Robert Alter]

April 26, 8AM

Now, one has to ask, however, whether one actually comes into contact with “Jewish culture” when one reads “ἀσπάσασθε ἀλλήλους ἐν φιλήματι ἁγίῳ. ἀσπάζονται ὑμᾶς αἱ ἐκκλησίαι π... [Judeo-Christian relations] [translation] [Translation History] [translation practice] [Translation Theory] [Courtney Druz] [Hélène Cixous] [Paul Celan] [Yancy Smith]

April 19, 8AM

Bible translator Yancy Smith (and a dear friend of mine, who I first met in the classroom and then again online) has posted his published academic essay, “The Mystery and Mirage of Equivalence: Bible Translation Theory and the Practice of Christia... [Uncategorized] [Eugene Nida] [interlation] [Phillis Wheatley] [Yancy Smith]


None of the synoptic gospels say Jesus wept. The sophisticated Luke, writing latest of the three-in-agreement, does have him sweating in agony in the garden drops of blood. But the sophisticated Greek gospel writer reserves tears for some strange women (i... [Series: Odd Gospel Greek]

April 18, 5AM

Yesterday morning I read “a” chapter of “a” book of “a” gospel in “a” few versions of “the” Bible. One of my own children had just experienced a profound tragedy the day before, and she was grie... [Interpretation] [blogging] [experience] [interlation] [missionary kid] [MK] [stereotextuality] [Subjectivity] [TCK] [text] [third culture kid] [translation]

April 17, 11AM

I had the great privilege this week of sitting down with David Ker to interview him for BLT. Well, we were virtually sitting down. Actually, I’m not sure whether he was sitting down or not. We did the interview via the internet. And I only at first ... [fun] [David Ker] [Interview]


Kurk, this [Englishing of the Greeking of the Hebrew Isaiah] is in many ways brilliant, particularly in its conveying so much information in so little space, and being simultaneously a translation of the Hebrew (crossed out) and the Greek. It does capture... [Christianity] [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [Judaism] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [Series: LXX Psalms] [translation] [Alexandria] [politics]

April 15, 2PM

First of all, this must be noted: The very shortest of all the Hebrew Tellihim is the one that seems to include all peoples, Jewish and not. And then let’s note three other things: The Hebraic Hellene of the Septuagint version called the Psalmo... [Christianity] [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [Judaism] [Judeo-Christian relations] [Latin] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [Series: LXX Psalms] [Ann Nyland] [Craig R. Smith] [ethne] [goyim] [Heresy of explanation] [julia e. smith] [Psalm 117:1] [Robert Alter] [Romans 15:11] [Tellihim]

April 10, 12 PM

For the 13th annual Willis Barnstone Translation Prize, there are four winners. Congratulations go to Roger Sedarat, Alfred Nicol, A. M. Juster, and Michele Herman. If you entered the contest, as I did, then you received the following notice: If anybody... [Uncategorized] [A. M. Juster] [Alfred Nicol] [Michele Herman] [Roger Sedarat] [Willis Barnstone] [Willis Barnstone Translation Prize]

April 5, 4AM

Anthropos definitely means “human” and not “divine.” The problem with the word “person” is that we can say God is a “person” but God is definitely not “anthropos,” that is “human.” The “man” thing is just a product of translati... [English] [Greek] [New Testament] [Adam] [Ann Nyland] [anthropos] [Christ] [Craig R. Smith] [Easter] [ESV] [I Corinthians] [Inclusive Bible] [jesus] [Mashiah] [resurrection] [Richmond Lattimore] [Suzanne McCarthy] [Willis Barnstone]

April 3, 8AM

Here is the rudest translation (of Jesus, on Good Friday): 33 “We are going up to Jerusalem, and the Human Being will be betrayed to the chief priests and Bible scholars. They will condemn him to death, and they will hand him over to the non-Jews. 3... [translation] [Ann Nyland] [ὁ υἱὸς τοῦ ἀνθρώπου] [Craig R. Smith] [D. A. Carson] [Good Friday] [Inclusive Bible] [Inclusive Bible First English Translation] [Jesus Seminar] [Mark 10:33-34] [Robert Funk] [Son of Man] [Willis Barnstone]

March 31, 4PM

Marg Mowczko has a very worthwhile and interesting post up today at her blog New Life: “The Household Codes and Male Slaves with Female Masters.” One reader notes how odd (how marked) “Female Masters” and “Women Masters... [English] [Greek] [Marg Mowczko]

March 30, 1PM

What do you hear when you hear somebody say Ἀντι Γονικη? You’re not exactly likely to hear Ἀντιγόονη. And it probably doesn’t even sound like “Antigone.” You might think more of the scientist Aristotle hearin... [art] [Book Reviews] [English] [Greek] [Interpretation] [literature] [poetry] [Rhetoric] [Series: Whose? Mine, Yours, Theirs?] [theater] [anti-review of ANTIGO NICK by Anne Carson and Bianca Stone and (Sophocles)] [Antigone] [aristotle] [Sophocles] [transposition]

March 16, 3PM

J. K. Gayle:Henri Nouwen was a man not only of words but also of action. Here is he marching in Selma: Originally posted on The Value of Sparrows: From Walk With Jesus A man... [Uncategorized]

March 12, 12 PM

Earlier in the year, I posted “Sexualized Racism: Crucifying Jews and Lynching Blacks.” Today, this post examines Hebrews 6:4-6 as a backdrop to discuss the anti-black racism of white student members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the Universit... [racism]

March 10, 3PM

one two three Anne Carson has one book (Glass, Irony, and God) in which she writes poetry on three subjects. She mentions in one of her poems a single Latin prefix and asks with that mention about the sort of meaning it means in English. Anne Carson ha... [English] [fun] [Greek] [Interpretation] [Latin] [Anne Carson]

March 9, 8AM

one NOTES ON THE TRANSLATION … 8. The gender of God: Even though, like most people, I do not conceive of a deity who is male or female, there is no way around the fact that the Torah does in fact present God in consistently masculine terms. Even the... [Gender] [Hebrew] [Interpretation] [Benjamin Blech] [Katia Romanoff] [Richard Elliott Friedman] [tetragrammaton]

March 8, 7AM

This morning, I’ve translated “the beatitudes” in the Hebraic Hellene gospel of Matthew into English. Yesterday, and this is what got me going with the rendering today, I listened to Anthony Heald narrating Book One of the Iliad. He was... [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Septuagint] [1 Kings] [2 Chronicles] [A. T. Murray] [Anthony Heald] [beatitudes] [blessed] [homer] [Iliad] [jesus] [Matthew 5] [Psalmoi] [Psalms] [Tobit] [W. H. D. Rouse]

March 5, 8AM

Readers of William Shakespeare and of John Donne have found allusions to the female anatomy and sexuality in imagery and puns. For example, where Shakespeare has this: Pauline Kiernan in Filthy Shakespeare: Shakespeare’s Most Outrageous Sexual P... [fun] [humor] [Interpretation] [literature] [Septuagint] [Carey Ellen Walsh] [John Donne] [John Piper] [Pauline Kiernan] [Poppaea] [Robert H. Ray] [Sappho] [Shakespeare] [Song of Solomon] [Song of Songs] [Stuart Dean]

March 1, 7AM

On this first day of the month, I just read Mysia Anderson‘s “Celebrating black women during Women’s History Month.” And I was just as shocked just now reading Ana Marie Cox’s “Why I’m Coming Out as a Christian” (an... [racism] [sexism] [womanism] [Ana Marie Cox] [Anna Julia Cooper] [Barack Obama] [black] [black feminism] [Christian] [Kimberle Crenshaw] [Mysia Anderson] [rape] [rape culture] [woman] [Women's History Month]

February 28, 5AM

My first iPhone in the USA was a 3GS, and it had an app on it called Siri. At the time, nobody knew either that it was intended to be called Hal or that Apple would buy it as an essential part of the later versions of iPhone. Yes, Hal, not Siri. Not long ... [Computer Science] [Linguistics] [sexism] [Technology] [Apple] [iPhone] [Siri]


Originally posted on Judy's research blog: Last year, I bought a copy of Amy-Jill Levine’s new book, Short Stories by Jesus – the enigmatic parables of a controversial rabbi (HarperOne, New York, 2014) and have been meaning to post a review of i... [Book Reviews]

February 19, 5AM

Oscar is a man. And the Oscars (i.e., the Academy Awards) feature men more (even though a human named Cheryl Boone Isaacs is now the president of the Academy). And for some years now, out of research conducted at San Diego State University, has come the... [feminism] [film] [Gender] [Movie Reviews] [sexism] [sexuality] [Television] [theater] [Academy Awards] [Celluloid Ceiling Report] [Cheryl Boone Isaacs] [Martha M. Lauzen] [Marya E. Gates] [The Oscars] [Tova Rosen]

February 17, 3PM

For some time, Greek readers of the unsigned and unclaimed New Testament epistle of Hebrews have wondered whether its author might be an authoress. Bloggers like me have wondered. Facebookers continue to wonder. Yesterday, for example, one of my facebook ... [Greek] [Interpretation] [Rhetoric] [Adolf Harnack] [Deborah Copaken Kogan] [Ezekiel] [Hebrews] [Jerusalem] [Priscilla] [Ruth Hoppin]

February 16, 4PM

This is a 10-minute post to add to the blog series on the Interpretive Spins and Literary Sparks in the Ψαλμοὶ. Abram K-J (who’s in a group reading the Greek Psalmoi this year) is the inspiration for this particular post. He wrote one yesterd... [Series: LXX Psalms] [Sappho]

January 24, 7AM

This post of mine takes a rather subjective perspective. You could call it my commentary. This morning I’m struck by what I perceive as the Greek Rhetoric influence on the gospel of Luke. And the text, its language, seems quite aware of the Hebraic ... [Interpretation] [literature] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [kyriarchy] [love] [Luke 10] [Subjectivity] [the good samaritan] [The Shema]

January 23, 5AM

Jesus loves me—this I know, For the Bible tells me so; Little ones to him belong,— They are weak, but he is strong. – Anna Bartlett Warner or The Bible to me overrules all that and the Bible asks me to be obedient to Christ and the Bible condemn... [Egalitarianism] [Interpretation] [sexism] [homophobia] [Marriage] [marriage equality] [same-sex marriage]

January 16, 5AM

This Friday in 2015 before the USA Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday, news sources in America are reporting the following: Five More Cities Allowing Students to See Selma for Free Program [in Chicago] offers 10,000 students chance to see ‘Se... [Cinema] [classism] [history] [Journalism] [racism] [social justice] [speeches] [Letter from a Birmingham Jail] [Martin Luther King] [Martin Luther King Jr.] [Selma]

January 15, 4PM

Our BLT post “tout est pardonné” is generating lots of readers, which normally we are just fine with. Some English readers are finding it by searching for “translation of ‘tout est pardonné’” and expecting to learn what the ... [social justice] [theater] [translation] [Catherine A. F. MacGillivray] [Charlie Hebdo] [Crime] [forgiveness] [Hélène Cixous] [Islamophobia]

January 13, 9AM

Rachel Held Evans invited readers of her blog to “Ask a womanist biblical scholar” questions, namely “The Reverend Wil Gafney, Ph.D. [who] is Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible at Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth, Texas and is an Episcopal pri... [feminism] [womanism] [Wil Gafney] [womanism]


“This, of course, isn’t the first time a tech product has prioritized men over women. The vast majority of tech companies are staffed by men, especially on the development side. Phones are too big for many women’s hands. The newest artificial h... [Computer Science] [sexism] [Technology] [Apple] [Apple Health]

January 12, 4PM

Nick Norelli has a post up today entitled “The Gospel” that starts in this way with a contemporary English language problem for Christians: The term “the gospel,” it seems, functions as a buzzword nowadays. It’s a shorthanded way of talk... [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [humor] [Interpretation] [Septuagint] [dogma] [etymology] [Evangelization] [gospel] [Nick Norelli]


According to the AFP news agency, the gunmen shouted: “We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad”. This is absolutely ridiculous and an insult to the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him). Our Prophet does not require avenging. Forgiveness and compassion d... [Islam] [Journalism] [Charlie Hebdo] [Islamophobia]

January 8, 4AM

May I just start this post by expressing my deep sadness at the senseless killing of Stéphane Charbonnier, Cabu, Tignous, Wolinski, Bernard Maris, the two yet to be identified police officers trying to protect them, and the five other individuals murd... [Islam] [Journalism] [Charlie Hebdo]

January 7, 1PM

[René] Girard compellingly argues that human sexuality often incites a violent response. He shows this in terms of marriage and community relationships…. He says, “Sexuality leads to quarrels, jealous rages, mortal combats. It is a permanent ... [art] [Christianity] [history] [Judaism] [racism] [sexism] [Ben Uri] [Derek Flood] [James H. Cone] [Kelly Douglas Brown] [Marc Chagall] [Orlando Patterson] [René Girard] [Wil Gafney]

November 24 2014, 9AM

Not waiting on a grand jury verdict, the Alliance of Black Art Galleries announced an initiative on the killing of Michael Brown, and artists by the score have responded. When this young man was still alive, some artists from sometime back and from so... [art] [Alliance of Black Art Galleries] [Ferguson] [Jean-Michel Basquiat] [Langston Hughes] [Michael Brown]

November 13, 4AM

The White House pushed very hard for President Xi Jinping to take questions during his news conference with President Obama at the end of their two days of meetings Wednesday. It did not want a repeat of the stilted, scripted encounter Mr. Obama had with ... [feminism] [Interpretation] [Journalism] [literature] [orientalism] [Simultaneous Interpretation] [translation] [Translation History] [translation practice] [Translation Theory] [Barack Obama] [Chou Ping] [Lydia He Liu] [Mark Lander] [Tony Barnstone] [Victor Mair] [Xi Jinping]

October 9, 10AM

This sentence is the one that the translator has left in French in the following excerpted “free English (not literal) [translation] of a telephone interview in French with Patrick Modiano following the announcement of the 2014 Nobel ... [French] [literature] [Nobel Prize in Literature] [Patrick Modiano]

September 23, 2PM

First, please read this post. Then this one by Jade Davis. Davis shows this caption to an old photo: And she explains what we know and do not know: The photograph is of a “A warrior woman, near Kambole; insisted on fight with the men” according to th... [English] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [poetry] [translation] [Isaiah 54] [Wil Gafney]


Translation matters in the body of a “foreign thing,” הָגָר. And with this bit of text, Hebrew Bible scholar, the Rev. Dr. Wil Gafney reminds us all that nobody knows the name of this slave, this woman, in Any-Body’s Mother-Tongue m... [Egalitarianism] [feminism] [racism] [sexism] [social justice] [translation] [womanism] [Frederick Haynes] [Toni Morrison] [Wil Gafney]

September 17, 4PM

Several years ago, President Reagan signed the legislation setting aside the third Monday of January to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Many across the land rejoiced. For many of us, it was an honor long past due for a man who changed t... [classism] [racism] [social justice] [Amadou Diallo] [Eric Garner] [jesus] [Jordan Davis] [Martin Luther King Jr.] [Michael Brown] [Oscar Grant] [Rekia Boyd] [Renisha McBride] [Rev. Bernice A. King] [Rodney King] [Sean Bell] [Shelly Fry] [Timothy Thomas] [Trayvon Martin]

September 16, 11AM


With a pregnant girlfriend in the news because she’s been allegedly beaten, and two different 4-year-old boys of different mothers allegedly by the same father beaten, and Janay Palmer, and Nicki Holder, and Candace Williams in the NFL news, and wit... [racism] [sexism] [Abuse] [Brigitte Hamann] [Candace Williams] [Janay Palmer] [Michael Brown] [Nicki Holder] [Ruth] [Wil Gafney] [Willis Barnstone] [womanism]

September 11, 3AM

sexism online by J. K. Gayle via BLT (#39861)
In addition to the difficulty of comparing data sets of varying size and depth, however, comparing male versus female online “harassment” is problematic for many reasons. First, as Young points out, women’s harassment is more likely to be gender-bas... [sexism]

August 31, 5AM

Female scribes, or soferets, are a rare breed because they must be conservative Jews who follow the strict laws of Judaism, but also belong to an egalitarian congregation that believes in the equality of women and men. And they must have the interest, pat... [Egalitarianism] [Judaism]

August 26, 5AM

Let me offer here a translation of the first 11 verses of John 8, a reading, an Englishing with the verb tenses tense. This is how I hear it (in light of some of the recent blog commentary here and here). 1 Joshua goes to the Mount of Olives 2 At the cra... [translation practice]

August 25, 11AM

August 23, 6AM

Females are botched males, claimed Aristotle. Adulteresses botch marriages, as we all know. And so it’s a perfect example of imperfection that there’s this odd gospel Greek botching an otherwise fine Greek gospel (and here’s the United B... [Series: Odd Gospel Greek] [sexism]

July 31, 10AM

10. God will be pictured as male and described in masculine terms 90% of the time. 8. Biblical characters of your own gender will be featured as primary subjects and as positive examples  90% of the time in the educational curriculum. Male characters wi... [sexism] [Gail Vaughn Wallace] [Junia Project] [male privilege] [privilege]

July 22, 9AM

We live at a time when people want to deny or erase the male-female distinction: to do so is to assault humanity itself and diminish God in the process. – David Capes, 21st century There is no longer Jew or Greek; there is no longer slave or free; ... [sexism] [ἄρσεν καὶ θῆλυ] [binaries] [Creig Marlowe] [David Capes] [male and female] [N. T. Wright]

July 16, 11AM

Abram K-J posted today his wonderful Spanish language “poem-prayer” inspired by his study of the works of Paulo Freire. Abram in comments below his post explains why he didn’t use Portuguese but used Spanish instead: La clase para que e... [English] [Interpretation] [pedagogy] [Portuguese] [Spanish] [translation] [translation practice] [Translation Theory] [Abram K-J] [Ana Maria Araújo] [James D. Kirylo] [Myra Bergman Ramos] [Nita Freire] [Paulo Freire] [Robert R. Barr]

July 14, 11AM

“I am overjoyed for the Church of England as it has finally consented [today, June 14, 2014] to the ordination and consecration of women as bishops. I believe that the inclusion of women in this order will bring new gifts and possibilities for its partn... [Christianity] [feminism] [Church of England]

June 27, 12 PM

Gail Wallace of the blog The Junia Project lists her favorites here. Commenters are adding theirs there, and there does seem to be a fair number of blogs egalitarians write and read.Filed under: Egalitarianism Tagged: Gail Wallace, Junia Project [Egalitarianism] [Gail Wallace] [Junia Project]

June 25, 4AM

N. T. Wright has suggested that Heaven marries Earth, that Adam marries Eve, that Christ marries the Church, that this is always and only Nature’s design: the male husband marries the female wife. And so he looks to the prophecies in the NT book of ... [Interpretation] [New Testament] [Carolyn Osiek] [N. T. Wright]

June 24, 8AM

Once I wrote a series of blogposts, just on one name of just one book of the Bible: “Exodus”: now, then (in the Bible), and then “Exodus”: Heavily Semiticized (NT) Greek “Exodus”: Luke is not León Uris “Exodus”: Whose Is It? “Exodus” ... [Hebrew Bible] [Septuagint] [translation] [Rachel Barenblat]


Sometimes teams of translators make some very odd choices as they puzzle over the ambiguities and uncertainties of the biblical text. For example the English Standard Version team has this for what we call Psalm 110:3 - And so, because of all the marks ... [Bible Versions] [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [literature] [New Testament] [philosophy] [Septuagint] [Series: LXX Psalms] [translation] [Albert Pietersma] [Ann Nyland] [Frege's Puzzle] [Gottlob Frege] [Hesiod] [Hesperos] [homer] [Lancelot Brenton] [Lancelot C.L. Brenton] [Lucifer] [Morningstar] [Phosphorus] [Robert Alter]

June 18, 3PM

Jesus talked in Latin. At least the synoptic Greek gospels have him doing so rather clearly. Before we get to that, let’s get to a letter in Latin written long before Jesus, a letter that uses one Roman military phrase that Jesus spoke and understoo... [Latin] [New Testament] [cicero] [Duke of Wellington] [Edgar J. Goodspeed] [Evelyn S. Shuckburgh] [Legio] [Marcus Tullius Cicero] [Rev. G. E. Jeans] [Servius Sulpicius Galba] [Waterloo]

June 17, 3AM

Victoria Gaile Laidler, this year’s recipient of the Robert F. Leavitt Award for Outstanding Achievement in Theological Studies, author of “The Church as the Locus of Desire for God: Towards a Mimetic Ecclesiology,” completes her MA in The... [theology] [Victoria Gaile Laidler]

June 13, 8AM

Even if you’re not much of a World Cup fan and missed the opening 2014 match of host-country Brazil vs. Croatia, then you may still have heard the complaining. Worldwide there’s lots of attention in social media given to the poor officiating. ... [Croatian] [English] [Japanese] [Journalism] [Portuguese] [Brazil] [Croatia] [Japan] [social media] [world cup] [World Cup 2014] [Yuichi Nishimura]

June 11, 3PM

What was the language of Jesus in the LXX? According to his Greek-language translator, it was Ἑβραϊστί (or “hebraisti”). Well, that raises lots of questions, doesn’t it? Who is Jesus in the Septuagint? Who is his translator? And most ... [aramaic] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Interpretation] [Septuagint] [Aristophanes] [Chad Pierce] [Ecclesiasticus] [Ecclesiazusae] [grandson of Jesus] [Jesus son of Sirach] [Randall Buth] [Seth Sanders] [Sirach]

June 10, 3PM

With the Hebrew speaking Moses and Elijah? They were glorious to see. And they were speaking about his exodus [ἔξ οδος] from this world, which was about to be fulfilled in Jerusalem. –Luke 9:31   To G-d? And he said, Abba [Ἀββᾶ], Fathe... [Uncategorized]


In the past few weeks, we’ve heard more and read more and more about the speech of Jesus. “I know without a doubt which language he did surely speak!” This is what the world’s leaders and bible experts and reporters and bloggers a... [Arabic] [aramaic] [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [humor] [Italian] [Aesop] [aristotle] [Benjamin Netanyahu] [Elon Gilad] [Ishaan Tharoor] [jesus] [Judy Redman] [Maurice Casey] [Pope Francis] [Randall Buth] [Reza Aslan] [Stanley E. Porter]

June 7, 6AM

In “Cliché, Binary Readings of Jesus in Mark,” I read the mixture of verbs describing Jesus (in two sets of variant manuscripts for Mark’s gospel) against the binary epistemology of Aristotle. In other words, Mark’s gospel has tw... [Greek] [Interpretation] [aristotle] [gospel of mark] [H. Rackham] [J. B. Phillips]

June 6, 2PM

Wilson argues that, even as he has come to affirm same-sex behaviors and relationships, the issue need not divide congregations or Christians. Pastor Cortez cited Wilson’s argument as foundational to the position he and his church are now taking — ... [Christianity] [history] [Interpretation] [religion] [sexuality] [theology] [American Baptist] [LBGTQIA] [Southern Baptist]


Reading through Mark’s Greek gospel, I’ve tried to resist some of my own tendencies to read it through those well-worn cliché tropes. For me anyways, in Southern Baptist Sunday School, I got little summaries of the books of the Holy Bible. Th... [Interpretation]

June 5, 1PM

Edwin Graves Wilson, for young readers, compiled some of the poems of Maya Angelou, his friend, into a book. He also wrote an introduction that showed the biblical, literary, and translational influences on this poet friend of his. In part, that goes like... [Uncategorized] [Maya Angelou]
In this 3rd part of posting on the Gender Inclusivity of Jesus in Mark, I’m going to offer my own English translation of the Greek translation. What came out of the mouth of Jesus, in Greek, was this: Τὸ σάββατον διὰ τὸν ἄνθρ... [Greek] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [translation] [Albert Pietersma] [aristotle] [Brad Inwood] [gospel of mark] [jesus] [Raphael Woolf] [Sylvie Honigman]


In part 1 of my posting on the gender inclusivity of Jesus in Mark, we compared the LXX Exodus with Mark’s gospel. We also compared Robert Alter’s and Everett Fox’s respective translations of a bit from Exodus with Willis Barnstone̵... [translation] [Craig R. Smith] [NRSV] [TNIV]

June 4, 3PM

This morning, I’m reading the gospel of Mark, chapter 2, and come to this Greek translation of something Jesus said and find that this translation is gender inclusive. Some may object that the Greek gospel writer is not really translating; rather, t... [Bible Versions] [Egalitarianism] [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [New Testament] [sexism] [translation] [translation practice] [Ann Nyland] [anthropos] [ESV] [Everett Fox] [jesus] [LXX] [Mark] [Moses] [Sylvie Honigman] [Willis Barnstone]

May 19, 7PM

The Vision of Christ that thou dost see Is my vision’s greatest enemy. Thine has a great hook nose like thine, Mine has a snub nose like to mine. Thine is the Friend of all Mankind; Mine speaks in parables to the blind. Thine loves the same world th... [English] [Greek] [Interpretation] [New Testament] [poetry] [racism] [Septuagint] [Series: Odd Gospel Greek] [sexism] [theology] [translation] [Richard Beck] [William Blake]

May 6, 4AM

Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, “I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord.” Jesus knew that they wanted to ask him, so he said to them, “Is this what you are asking yourselves, what I meant by saying, ‘A l... [Bible Versions] [Egalitarianism] [English] [Gender] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Septuagint] [sexism] [translation] [translation practice] [Translation Theory] [ESV]

May 4, 7AM

This post is my review of the film The Shack, the movie version of the book. In case you hadn’t read the popular summary of the book, on wikipedia, it begins just like this today: The Shack is a Christian novel by Canadian author William P. Young, ... [Cinema] [Interpretation] [literature] [Series: Whose? Mine, Yours, Theirs?] [Al Mohler] [Antje M. Rauwerda] [Barack Obama] [Barbara Kingsolver] [C. Baxter Kruger] [Elizabeth Lemmons] [Forest Whitaker] [h00die_R] [Ian McEwan] [Idris Elba] [John Franco] [Madeleine Albright] [Oprah Winfrey] [Pearl S. Buck] [Ted Dekker] [Wayne Jacobsen] [William Paul Young] [Yann Martel]

April 30, 3PM

The English word baptism comes from early English Bible translators attempting to carry over the sounds of a Greek word using the English alphabet. Here is an example: Or perhaps the English Bible translators were just copying from the Latin Bible trans... [English] [Greek] [Latin] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [translation] [Vulgate] [Benjamin G. Wright] [Benjamin Jowett] [Cameron Boyd-Taylor] [Harold N. Fowler] [John Wyclif] [Lancelot C.L. Brenton] [Moisés Silva] [Paul D. McLean] [Plato] [W. R. M. Lamb] [William Tyndale]

April 29, 2PM

If you’re looking for them, then go to BLT, where I’m blogging with a few friends. [blog] [2014] [blogging] []
“Well, if I were in charge, they would know that waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists,” exclaimed Sarah Palin to rounds of applause this weekend. You know this already, since there’s already been over reporting of this very statement... [history] [Interpretation] [politics] [Blaise Pascal] [Charles W. Connell] [Elizabeth Weber] [Jessica Valenti] [Julie A. Carlson] [sarah palin] [Stephen F. Eisenman]

April 24, 3PM

Suzanne is making some pretty important observations about our human classifications for humans. She has noted, for example, specific places where the Hebrew Bible writer(s) won’t necessarily keep separate the (1) male humans from the (2) not male, or f... [Epistemologies] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Septuagint] [Anne Carson] [aristotle] [Carl Schimmel] [Simon Baron-Cohen]

April 12, 6AM

Deutronomye for Wycliffe was just a strange English word. Likewise, Deuteronomy for the Douay-Rheims Bible translators was just such a strange English word too. Similarly, Deuteronomium for Jerome and for Pagnini translating both (what we call) ... [translation practice]

April 11, 3PM

First read Suzanne’s rich post, The base text of the Douay-Rheims Bible. Now see how the Douay-Rheims Bible English relies on the Latin of various Bibles that relies on the Greek of the Septuagint that relies on the Hebrew of the Torah and of the ... [Bible Versions] [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Latin] [Septuagint] [Sante Pagnini] [Vulgate]

March 28, 8AM

Here’s Abram K-J’s “A Short Note on God’s First Greek Words.” And so here are a few short notes on God’s first Greek puns: Γενηθήτω or GenēTHḗtō and Γενηθήτωσαν or GenēTHḗtōsan are not only &... [fun] [Hebrew Bible] [poetry] [Septuagint] [translation]

March 27, 2PM

The reviews of President Carter’s latest book, A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power, have been generally very favorable and rightly so. So I only offer two of my favorite quotations: it touches every nation, perpetuating and expand... [Book Reviews] [Egalitarianism] [feminism] [Gender] [religion] [science] [sexism] [social justice] [President Jimmy Carter]

March 23, 5AM

For the 12th annual Willis Barnstone Translation Prize, there are three winners. Congratulations go to Stephen Campiglio, Sara Nović, and Marci Vogel! If you entered the contest, as I did, then you received the notice last week. Here’s the letter... [poetry] [translation] [Uncategorized] [Marci Vogel] [Sara Nović] [Stephen Campiglio] [Willis Barnstone] [Willis Barnstone Translation Prize]

December 31 2013, 2PM

On exhibit at the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth is show of art called “The Age of …”; here, today I took a photo from the outside in (since photography isn’t permitted within). Once inside, I studied carefully the 107 pieces, m... [art] [sexism] [Gabriele Münter] [Nathalija Gontcharova] [Suzanne Duchamp]

December 29, 7AM

My absolutely favorite blogpost written by Rachel Held Evans is the one she entitles, Everyone’s a Biblical Literalist Until You Bring Up Gluttony. Unfortunately, she wrote this one, against bullying, against “calling other people” names and... [Uncategorized]


Some of my favorite bloggers are looking back at this past year on the Gregorian calendar and noting their top-read posts. I enjoy this sort of marking of superlatives, somehow aggregated as if objectively, in such a subjective way. So maybe you’ll ... [Administrivia] [blogging]

December 25, 8AM

In the Greek gospel of Luke there’s intended or unintended wordplay that hearkens to the literatures of Hesiod’s Theo-GON-y, Aristotle’s GENE-eration of Animals, and the Septuagint’s GENE-sis. The language is poetic, rhetorical, po... [English] [Greek] [Interpretation] [literature] [New Testament] [poetry] [Rhetoric] [Septuagint] [translation] [aristotle] [Genesis] [Hesiod] [Luke] [Luke 2:6-14] [Nativity] [nativity scenes] [The Gospel of Luke]

December 22, 7AM

Was David a Virgin when his soul was pregnant? This is, of course, as we all would agree just a silly little question. And yet it is seriously my attempt to bring some attention to the way in Bible reading and translation we highlight gender and sex and m... [Christianity] [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [Judaism] [Judeo-Christian relations] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [translation] [Advent] [Magnificat]

December 21, 4AM

My friend in real life and blogger friend, Rod aka hOOdie_R, has been writing a lot more about white privilege. He’s spoken out regularly and recently even this week “about the history of white supremacy as a worldwide system.” The activ... [Personal]

December 19, 12 PM

The writer of the Greek gospel of Matthew knew his biblical sex verbs. His intended Jewish audience knew them too. Their shared biblical knowledge signaled a sort of insider intimacy. This worked somewhat like I’m trying to make this English blogpos... [Interpretation]

December 18, 4PM

he kept her a virgin and that’s the gospel truth aCCording to the men who translated the NASB an- other one e. e. cuMMings a poet a man did- n’t keep an no- t- her here are two poems that show that (with my apologies for the formatting problem... [wordplay] [e. e. cummings] [poems about virginity loss]


The Virgin Mary made me nervous. When I was a child growing up in a predominantly Roman Catholic town in Massachusetts, my friends informed me the Jesus would return the same way he had come before — that is, a Jewish virgin would be his mother. Bei... [Egalitarianism] [feminism] [Interpretation] [sexism] [Amy-Jill Levine] [gospel] [gospels] [Matthew]

December 17, 2PM

December 13, 2PM

Jorge Luis Borges and Margarita Guerrero together wrote a series of essays on various deities and monsters in literature. These were compiled and published in book form under titles such as Manual de zoología fantástica and El libro de los seres imagina... [English] [fun] [Hebrew] [Interpretation] [literature] [Spanish] [translation] [translation practice] [Translation Theory] [Andrew Hurley] [Ann Nyland] [Jorge Luis Borges] [Lilith] [Margarita Guerrero] [Norman Thomas di Giovanni] [Rebecca Lesses]

December 12, 12 PM

Bilingual poets are just fascinating. They live in a world of ambiguities, two worlds. Jorge Luis Borges is one such individual. This week I’m a bit compelled to call him and his language(s) “optimistic.” At the very least, I think I wan... [languages] [translation] [Alberto Manguel] [G. K. Chesterton] [John Wilkins] [Jorge Luis Borges] [Mark Liberman] [Willis Barnstone]

December 11, 9AM

Here’s from a couple of pages of The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard:       But if indeed there is now no body of moral knowledge in our culture, then a number of things highly positioned people express surprise about are not surprising at ... [classism] [ethics] [philosophy] [sexism] [sexuality] [social justice] [Dallas Willard] [Robert Coles]

December 9, 4PM

Marg Mowczko quotes the NIV and adds a little interpolation in brackets, when she says the following: Numbers 11:12 indicates that God wanted Moses to lead in a maternal way. Moses complains and says: “Did I conceive all these people? Did I give them bi... [Hebrew Bible] [Septuagint] [Exodus] [Five Books of Moses] [Marg Mowczko] [Moses] [NETS] [Numbers] [Pentateuch] [Peter W. Flint] [Torah] [Written Torah]


Thus says the Lord: “Learn not the way of the nations, nor be dismayed at the signs of the heavens because the nations are dismayed at them, for the customs of the peoples are vanity. A tree from the forest is cut down and worked with an axe by the hand... [fun] [humor] [Interpretation]

December 8, 6AM

Here’s from a couple of pages of Standing in the Shoes My Mother Made: A Womanist Theology by Diana L. Hayes: With the violent rebellion of Nat Turner, a black slave minister, and the growing Northern agitation against slavery, much of the slaves... [feminism] [racism] [Series: Whose? Mine, Yours, Theirs?] [womanism] [Advent] [Diana L. Hayes] [Nat Turner] [Timothy L. Smith]

November 27, 12 PM

The gospel of John seems to have Jesus observing the feast but in a dispute on Hanukkah. Verses 22 & 22 of Chapter 10 in the New Revised Standard Version in the Jewish Annotated New Testament read as follows: 22 At that time the festival of the Dedica... [Christianity] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Judaism] [Judeo-Christian relations] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [Series: Odd Gospel Greek] [chanukah] [Chanukkah] [Hanukkah]

November 16, 7AM

How about the Septuagint translator(s) of the Hebrew Song of Songs if authored by a woman? Was she also a woman, then, rendering the Hebrew into Hellene? And how would a female do that? What sort of Greek would she use? NETS translator Jay C. Treat leaves... [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Septuagint] [sexuality] [translation] [translation practice] [Translation Theory] [A New English Translation of the Septuagint and the Other Greek Translations Traditionally Included Under that Title] [Jay C. Treat] [Song of Songs]

November 15, 6AM

“divisive” and “harmful to Christian unity.” …. This is a common response to those of us who speak from the margins of evangelical Christianity about issues around gender, race, and sexuality, and it’s an effective one because it appeals t... [Uncategorized]

November 14, 4PM

At BLT, another place where I blog, one of my co-bloggers (Suzanne McCarthy) quotes one of the Hebrew Bible scholars (Tremper Longman III) excerpting one of the co-authors of a particular book (André LaCocque) writing this: It is in my opinion the greate... [Uncategorized]

November 11, 6AM

Suzanne’s post gives us context to consider “wombly feelings, family loyalty” as understood by “the brother and sister” who are “of the “same womb, biologically related,” children and then adults who experie... [Christianity] [Egalitarianism] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [history] [Interpretation] [Judaism] [Judeo-Christian relations] [Latin] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [Series: Greek Isaiah] [Series: Whose? Mine, Yours, There?] [translation]

November 8, 12 PM

When she’s a mother, even a mother in question, then readers and Bible translators have little trouble having her act motherly. For example, in the biblical story of the man, King Solomon, and of that wisdom of his, there are women who are unnamed a... [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [literature] [poetry] [Rhetoric] [Septuagint] [translation] [1 Kings 3:26] [Benjamin] [Bernard A. Taylor] [Craig R. Smith] [Genesis 43:30] [Inclusive Bible] [Inclusive Bible First English Translation] [Isaiah 63:15] [Joseph] [Moisés Silva] [NET Bible] [NETS] [Solomon]

November 3, 3PM

The difference that emerges here is not the polarity intrinsic in the dominant discourse, which reduces “woman to man’s opposite, his other, the negative of the positive.” No, this is an absolute and radical alterity that enfolds the other, as in pr... [feminism] [Gender] [Rhetoric] [blogging] [Jassy Watson] [Julia Kristeva] [Julia Marks] [Nancy Mairs] [Rachel Barenblat] [Suzanne McCarthy] [Wendy Patrice Williams]


λέγει ἡ μήτηρ τοῦ Ἰησοῦ πρὸς αὐτόν… καὶ λέγει αὐτῇ ὁ Ἰησοῦς, τί ἐμοὶ καὶ σοί, γύναι; the mother of Jesus said to him… And Jesus said to her, “Woman, what d... [Series: Odd Gospel Greek]

November 2, 5AM

How does Malcolm Gladwell write of Goliath? And David for that matter? How are we to read it? The Bible Goliath and his? First this (on the Bible Abraham) - Above all we must keep in mind that narrative is a form of representation. Abraham in Genesis is n... [Uncategorized] [Adele Berlin] [Joel Baden] [Malcolm Gladwell]

October 31, 12 PM

Over the past few days, and hours, there’s come news about the manuscripts of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein being digitized. See the Washington Post’s It’s alive — and digital!; the New York Times’ ‘Frankenstein’ Manuscript C... [literature] [publishing] [Frankenstein] [Mary Shelley]


This is a “so what” post. I really like the comment of my co-blogger, Craig, saying, “I have always found this whole discussion irritating. Our words for our parents obviously come from infancy.” It is irritating, to me too. (This ... [Interpretation]

October 30, 3PM

Each of the three occurrences of αββα in the NT is followed by the Greek translation ο πατερ, “the father.” This translation makes clear its meaning to the writers; the form is a literal translation — “father” plus a definite article ... [aramaic] [English] [French] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Italian] [Polish] [Russian]

October 29, 5AM

“Abba Isn’t ‘Daddy’” said the late James Barr, scholar. “Abba Isn’t Daddy” repeats Steve Caruso, Aramaic translator, even on his more scholarly Aramaic Designs About Page. He quotes Mary Rose D’Angelo,... [aramaic] [Greek] [George Theodoridis] [James Barr] [Mary Rose D'Angelo] [Steve Caruso]

October 26, 4AM

It’s already started! Just as predicted: Last month Sheikh Salah al-Luhaydan, a well-known cleric who also practises psychology, claimed on a popular Saudi website that it has been scientifically proved that driving “affects the ovaries” and lea... [humor] [Saudi Arabia] [women driving]
Yesterday, The Malaysian Insider continued to publish strong and public responses to news earlier this month that a “Malaysian appeals court has upheld a government ban against the use of the word ‘Allah’ to refer to God in non-Muslim fa... [Christianity] [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Indonesian] [Islam] [Malay] [translation] [Uncategorized] [Bob Teoh] [Rama Ramanathan]

October 22, 12 PM

Quick History of a Greek Frozen Phrase Around 300 years before Jesus, the phrase “ἄρσεν καὶ θῆλυ” showed up in written Greek as something Aristotle supposedly wrote. Half a century later or so, the phrase “ἄρσεν κα... [Christianity] [Egalitarianism] [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [Judaism] [literature] [New Testament] [poetry] [Septuagint] [sexism] [translation] [aristotle] [Five Books of Moses] [frozen phrases] [Galatians 3:28] [Genesis 1:27] [jesus] [Mark 10] [Matthew 19] [Moses] [St. Paul] [Wayne Grudem]

October 21, 10AM

Wayne Grudem’s and Barry Asmus’s book may fall into the hands of women who are church leaders, even pastors, in poor nations. If you’re one of those, how should you then read it? The male authors, both respective church leaders (and head... [Egalitarianism] [Interpretation] [sexism] [Wayne Grudem]

October 20, 4PM

Suzanne recently directed us to the Rev. Dr. Wayne Grudem’s latest book in which he declares “that women should have the same opportunities as men to hold jobs, to be educated, to be trained for careers.” His granddaughter, Hannah, has s... [Egalitarianism] [sexism] [complementarianism] [Wayne Grudem]

October 19, 6AM

When I read Psalm 34 in the Greek (aka the Septuagint’s Psalm 33), I have lots of questions. For example, does the psalmist have a possibly-pregnant female soul? And does this particular Hellene translation of the Hebrew add any literary sparks and ... [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [Series: LXX Psalms]


The feminist classic Our Bodies, Ourselves was already out when my father paid me, one of his sons, to memorize parts of the Bible. My soul earned a dollar for reciting this stanza: I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my... [Uncategorized]

October 18, 3PM

September 22, 6AM

Joel Hoffman and our BLT co-blogger Suzanne McCarthy have been discussing whether the Greek phrase ἄνθρωπος (transliterated anthropos) should imply male gender inherently (that is, without the context informing the reader / listener of the sex o... [Uncategorized] [homer] [Iliad] [Richmond Lattimore] [Sappho] [St. Paul]

September 20, 1PM

Ο]ἰ μὲν ἰππήων στρότον οἰ δὲ πέσδων οἰ δὲ νάων φαῖσ᾽ ἐπὶ γᾶν μέλαιναν ἔ]μμεναι κάλλιστον ἔγω δὲ κῆν᾽ ὄττω τὶς ἔπαται. πά]γχυ δ᾽... [English] [fun] [Greek] [Interpretation] [poetry] [translation] [A. S. Kline] [Anne Carson] [Diane Rayor] [Edwin Marion Cox] [Jane McIntosh Snyder] [Jim Powell] [Josephine Balmer] [Julia Dubnoff] [M. L. West] [Margaret Reynolds] [Mary Barnard] [Richmond Lattimore] [Sappho] [Sappho of Mytilene] [Willis Barnstone]

September 17, 2PM

As if Crabb’s Jesus’s “female” literally means “the breast” isn’t confusing enough, let’s just look at where that comes from. It’s from Moving beyond gender stereotypes: An interview [of Jonathan Merritt] with Larry C... [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [Linguistics] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [translation] [Jonathan Merritt] [Larry Crabb]


For some time, readers have been able to follow a prayer of Friedrich Nietzsche, that he wrote when only 13 years old. Here it is from a 1982 volume, Nietzche Werke: Kritische Gesamtausgabe: Ich habe nun schon so manches erfahren, freudiges und trauriges,... [biography] [literature] [philosophy] [Flannery O'Connor] [Friedrich Nietzsche] [Prayer]

September 3, 7PM

Dante, the man, allegedly penned the following in a letter to his patron Cangrande, another man. It’s that famous explanation of his (if he actually wrote it) of his Divine Commedy. Of course, he wrote the letter in prose, in Latin, to explain his e... [English] [humor] [Interpretation] [Italian] [Latin] [poetry] [sexism] [translation] [translation practice] [Translation Theory] [Cangrande] [Dante] [Katharine Hilliard] [Maria Adele Garavaglia]

September 1, 6AM

Brian LePort at his blog Near Emmaus has up the latest “Biblical Studies Carnival” and links to a number of interesting articles. He’s kindly included some links to a few BLT articles; thanks! and Abram K-J at Words on the Word has started a regular... [Administrivia] [Septuagint] [Abram K-J] [Biblical Studies Carnival] [biblioblog carnival] [Brian LePort]

August 31, 9AM

read the whole thing by Zack Hunt at Rachel Held Evans’s blog. Filed under: Christianity, History, Interpretation, Sexism, Social justice Tagged: Rachel Held Evans, trinitarian, Trinity, Zack Hunt [Christianity] [history] [Interpretation] [sexism] [social justice] [Rachel Held Evans] [Trinitarian] [Trinity] [Zack Hunt]

August 23, 4AM

Real Peace (a couple of lines of prose by Evelyn Underhill that I read this morning and made into these lines of poetry) It does not mean basking in the divine sunshine like comfortable pussycats. It is a peace that needs and indeed produces a courageous... [Uncategorized]

August 18, 5AM

Kristen Rosser is now posting also at BLT! You may have read some of her regular comments here. And you may have read and re-read some of her smart and thought-provoking posts elsewhere. These include the following: Book Recommendation: Rose Daughter b... [Administrivia]

August 17, 9AM

This post moves from “grammaire” to the gender of sound. Let’s start by listening to Anne Carson. Here’s a little bit from her essay, “The Gender of Sound”: We have noticed this combinatory tactic already throughout mos... [Gender] [Interpretation] [Linguistics] [sexism] [Ann Richards] [Anne Carson] [Mark Liberman] [Martin L. King] [Martin Luther] [Martin Luther King] [Martin Luther King Jr.] [the gender of sound]

August 16, 5AM

August 12, 11AM

It’s old news by now. A privileged judge in Tennessee orders a child’s name to be changed from Messiah Deshawn Martin to Martin DeShawn McCullough. Yesha Callahan (and /or her editor) puts that this way:  “Judge Orders Black Mom to Chan... [humor] [racism]

August 11, 8AM

Thirlwell has selected 12 stories whose originals (which are not printed) are variously written in Danish, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, German, Arabic, Russian, Serbo-Croat, Italian, Hungarian, English and Italian again. Ten stories are first translated into... [Arabic] [Chinese] [Dutch] [English] [German] [Hungarian] [Interpretation] [Italian] [Japanese] [literature] [publishing] [Russian] [Serbo-Croat] [Spanish] [translation] [Translation Theory] [Adam Thirlwell] [Lucian Robinson]

August 7, 3PM

What do you think? The LXX translator’s Hellene for David’s Hebrew (Psalm 23:5) Albert Pietersma’s English translation Lancelot Brenton’s English καὶ τὸ ποτήριόν σου μεθύσκον ὡς κράτιστον “and your cup w... [English] [Greek] [New Testament] [Septuagint] [Series: LXX Psalms] [Series: Odd Gospel Greek] [translation] [Albert Pietersma] [Ann Nyland] [Lancelot Brenton] [Lancelot C.L. Brenton] [Willis Barnstone]


The following poem is inspired by a blog conversation with Abram K-J, blogger, who makes a grammatical observation. He says, I know it’s becoming more accepted to speak of “women authors,” “women this,” and “women that,” but what we really w... [wordplay] [poetry]

August 6, 2PM

July 27, 6AM

Son, You’re crying like a little girl. Wipe those tears off your face. - my father, to me This type of masculinity also denies men natural outlets for emotional turmoil like loss, anger, pain, envy and hatred…. this is one of the reasons why t... [Bible] [emotions and feelings] [Patriarchy] [Personal] [sexism]

July 23, 5AM

I have to thank our BLT co-blogger, Suzanne, for getting me, for drawing many of us, into blogging about the Bible. She humbly suggests that it was somebody else who asked her to blog on Psalm 68 some time ago; with some reluctance, Suzanne says, she bega... [Administrivia] [Psalm 68 Commentary]

July 21, 3PM

This post is another in a series on the interpretive spins and literary sparks in the Greek translation of the Hebrew Tehillim called Ψαλμοὶ (or Psalms). Translating the Septuagint (LXX) Greek into English, Albert Pietersma has noted that there are... [Bible Versions] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [history] [Interpretation] [literature] [Septuagint] [Series: LXX Psalms] [theater] [translation] [Albert Pietersma] [Ann Nyland] [Mona Bias] [Robert Alter] [Wayne Leman]

July 20, 5AM

“Just don’t call them children.” That’s the final sentence, the last paragraph, the final conclusion of L.A. Times reporter Michael McGough in his recent op-ed piece, “Was Trayvon Martin a ‘child’ or a ‘youth... [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [Journalism] [New Testament] [Rhetoric] [Septuagint] [translation] [Michael McGough] [Trayvon Martin]

July 19, 10AM

Only days ago, I heard Christy Coleman Reisner preaching from the gospels that Jesus was indignant. This was not long before I heard that six adults on a jury determined that the adult named George Zimmerman was not guilty of killing the child named Treyv... [Uncategorized]

July 18, 8AM

Before we were co-blogging here, Theophrastus and I discussed at one of my blogs what he called the “classic missionary focus” of Bible translation. Today, blogger Rod at the blog Political Jesus has posted something along those lines with his... [Christianity] [history] [politics] [racism] [translation] [British and Foreign Bible Society] [classic missionary focus] [Rod of Alexandria] [Rod the Rogue Demon Hunter] [RodtRDH]

July 16, 3PM

I’m reading three books at once, which is impossible. Or should I maybe more correctly say that the three books that I’m reading are impossible? They are three books by two psychiatrists about their respective fathers. Their fathers are very f... [biography] [literature] [Adler] [Bernard Malamud] [Freud] [Greg Bellow] [Janna Malamud Smith] [Jung] [Paul Tournier] [Saul Bellow]


There are a number of things in China that are not spoken in public easily. Chinese speaker Julian Baird Gewirtz, writing for The Huffington Post, did manage to report publicly on his hearing and presumably speaking “a marvelous bilingual pun”... [Chinese] [English] [feminism] [fun] [Gender] [sexuality] [theater] [translation] [translation practice] [Didi Kirsten Tatlow] [Eve Ensler] [Hamlet] [Ji Hang] [Julian Baird Gewirtz] [Lin Han] [Mikhail Epstein] [Pearl S. Buck] [The Vagina Monologues] [Wang Chong] [William Shakespeare]

July 12, 3PM

Today for us there are at least two problems with reading Aristotle’s poetry. The first is that it’s poetry that is Greek. The second is that it is Aristotle’s. Let’s read anway. First let’s read what certain readers of Greek... [English] [fun] [Greek] [history] [Interpretation] [literature] [music] [philosophy] [poetry] [Rhetoric] [translation] [Alcaeus] [Andrew L. Ford] [aristotle] [C. S. Lewis] [C. Z. Elgin] [David A. Campbell] [derrida] [Diogenes Laertios] [George A. Kennedy] [J. A. Symonds] [Jeffrey Walker] [Loeb Classical Library] [Pindar] [Platonists] [Sappho] [Solon] [Sophocles] [Virginia Woolf]

July 1, 3PM

“We’re very much leaving it up to the imaginations of the authors. We have talked with them about following the spirit of the plays, but it isn’t helpful for them to have to paint by numbers. We want them to bring all of their imaginatio... [Cinema] [literature] [publishing] [theater] [Ann Tyler] [Belinda Luscombe] [Clara Farmer] [Curtis Sittenfeld] [Jane Austen] [Jeanette Winterson] [Joanna Trollope] [Joss Whedon] [Juliet Brooke] [Val McDermid] [William Shakespeare]

June 29, 9AM

Theophrastus (our co-blogger) here has shared a number of wonderful books he’s picked up from the OUP 2013 Spring Sale. I’d like to begin to discuss one of them: Aristotle as Poet: Song for Hermias and Its Contexts by Andrew L. Ford. Fortunate... [English] [German] [history] [Interpretation] [Italian] [Latin] [literature] [New Testament] [poetry] [politics] [Rhetoric] [Septuagint] [sexism] [social justice] [translation] [Translation Theory] [Andrew L. Ford] [Anne Carson] [aristotle] [Christopher North] [H. Rackham] [J. H. Freese] [Julius Caesar Scaliger] [Pindar]

June 28, 8AM

Without getting too ambiguously punny, I want to note a couple of blog things. First, as Theophrastus announced some time ago, google is moving on to other things and is leaving us without google reader. Anyone who uses it is advised before the month̵... [Administrivia] [humor]

June 5, 4AM

I am wanting to commit to memory Psalm 8. The Hebrew is too ambiguous, and it’s, well, ancient and not well remembered Hebrew. The Hellene translation, likewise, is slippery if for other reasons. (I wrote about that some here.) The English translati... [Uncategorized]

May 29, 11AM

In 2012, I wrote a series of posts on the literary sparks and the interpretive spins in the Hebraic-Hellene translation called “the Psalms.”  From this Septuagint, we actually get this name “Psalms,” from the Greek word, Ψαλμ... [English] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [New Testament] [poetry] [Rhetoric] [Septuagint] [Series: LXX Psalms] [theater] [Albert Pietersma] [Ann Nyland] [Geza Vermes] [gospels] [Herbert Weir Smyth] [Hermes] [jesus] [Prometheus] [Robert Alter]

May 27, 6AM

Some twenty-eight black workmen went to the site, re-buried the Union dead properly, and built a high fence around the cemetery. They whitewashed the fence and built an archway over an entrance on which they inscribed the words, “Martyrs of the Race... [feminism] [Gender] [history] [racism] [sexism] [social justice] [womanism] [age] [Audre Lorde] [bell hooks] [Caryn Riswald] [class] [David W. Blight] [Jacqueline Jones Royster] [lesbianism] [memorial day] [Rob Bell] [RodtRDH] [Tony Jones]

May 26, 4PM

As my BLT co-blogger Theophrastus noted a few days ago, our “posting will be light” this month.  We are definitely excited about a few things, and I’m glad my co-blogger Victoria posted about Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok and then prom... [Administrivia] [Jorge Luis Borges] [Rod the Rogue Demon Hunter] [RodtRDH] [Ruth Ozeki] [The Great Gatsy]

May 8, 3PM

Dallas Willard passed away this morning after battling cancer. His last words were, “Thank you.” Many of his words, I think, are going to have a lasting impact on a lot of us. For many Christians, he’s a speaker and author who has critiq... [Christianity] [Egalitarianism] [philosophy] [social justice] [translation] [Dallas Willard] [Edmund Husserl] [phenomenology]

May 1, 11AM

April 24, 12 PM


Some of the faculty members who work with me this week got into that tired argument again over whether the plural of syllabus is correctly “syllabuses” or “syllabi.”  (I think I’d said “syllabuses” out loud in a ... [English] [fun] [Greek] [history] [humor] [Interpretation] [Linguistics] [literature] [New Testament] [pedagogy] [Rhetoric] [Septuagint] [translation] [dictionary] [etymology] [Joseph Bottum] [lexicon] [Mark Liberman]

April 23, 5AM

If I’d said Jesi, my father would have said, Mind your language son. Let me explain. Jesi is an ostensible plural for Jesus. Saying Jesus unless praying to him or praying about him to God the Father or talking about him with a potential convert amou... [Uncategorized]

April 17, 5AM

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” This week Barnett Wright, journalist and author of 1963: How the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement Changed America and the World, blogged to remind us all how Martin ... [history] [Interpretation] [Journalism] [literature] [politics] [publishing] [racism] [Rhetoric] [social justice] [Uncategorized] [Barnett Wright] [Jonathan Bass] [Keith D. Miller] [Letter from a Birmingham Jail] [Lynn Z. Bloom] [Martin Luther King Jr.] [Theodore Pappas] [Willie Pearl Mackey] [Wyatt Tee Walker]

April 15, 4AM

“Despite admirable achievements from outstanding musical women in Chicago, the fact remains that women often aren’t making it onto ‘power lists’—whether informal or in print. The men in our community have been far more successful in amassing soc... [Egalitarianism] [feminism] [music] [sexism] [social justice] [Sociology] [Cecilia Rouse] [Claudia Goldin] [Edna Phillips] [Ellen McSweeney]

April 14, 9AM

in a hurry i got up got break / fast, got milk i kicked the cat / nap habit to near noon i fell off the wagon / hard and fast / asleep / on a cushion in a hold in a boat in a storm in a panic, a hurry / a flurry, not snow, some / thing furring, purring an... [Uncategorized]

February 20, 6AM

And I never looked At the Greeked word Αββα The same way After I saw how she Had been named In ΠΑΡΑΛΕΙΠΟΜΕΝΩΝ Β In “Chapter 29″ (the first verse) you Must read into the second Sentence to get her there There is no objective ... [Uncategorized]

February 6, 5AM

When Dad acted As if he had outgrown His eyes that ran To and fro From one woman To the next, He paid Me to memorize 2 Chronicles 16:9 In the King James In Honolulu where The girls with long legs and flowing hair and beautiful eyes and perfect breasts by ... [Uncategorized]

December 23 2012, 6AM

1. Wow, I believe in you and give you thanks for that. What separates natural and supernatural except human beings of disbelief? I just read Faulkner’s and Kumin’s Bear. Wow. 2. So this morning, I sit, my fingers on this keyboard making meaning of... [Bible] [Personal] [Prayer] [translation] [wordplay]

May 1, 10AM

This is just a quick note.  I’m mainly blogging elsewhere for now: [Uncategorized]

March 22, 12 PM

This morning I told my wife what I still hear of a certain voice. Some of it is dying out, but much is very much alive. His very last words were “Thank you for coming.” Those are the words he spoke to two widows, his Vietnamese language teache... [Uncategorized] [Jim Gayle]

September 21 2011, 8AM

- Racism in Translation - an announcement of The Jewish Annotated New Testament coming soon from Oxford University Press That’s just a foretaste of what you’re to find at, a relatively new blog on the Bible, Literature... [Uncategorized]

October 31 2010, 5AM

By now, you can see how I’ve tried to assist your belief in resurrection from the dead.  (What a Phoenix wannbe, you should say.)  Or maybe you’ve come to doubt all writers’ intentions.  (When are you finally going away, you must say.... [Uncategorized]

October 29, 9AM

L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés et désirs – Bernard de Fontaine, abbé de Clairvaux The road to Hell is paved with good intentions – some well-intentioned translator or two of the proverb of St. Bernard Let me just start this post... [Uncategorized]