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March 20 2017, 4AM

I remember having my world turned upside down when I learned that there is a positive version of name-calling in the Bible. It’s everywhere. What might come to mind for you are places like Matt. 3:8 where John the Baptist greets the religious leaders co... [Misc.]

February 16 2016, 5AM

The Greek text has much to offer those teaching and preaching, but gleaning these insights can be a frustrating experience. Too often, people expect that word studies or assigning a syntactic label to a construction is as good as it gets. But the new Disc... [Products]

April 15 2014, 10AM

John 1:4–5: “In him was life, and the life was the light of humanity. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.” This is a very familiar text, one which any Christian would readily affirm. This is indeed wha... [Personal] [Uncategorized]

January 30, 7AM

I have gained approval to try something that I have wanted to do for years: offering summer internships at Logos. Many have asked about opportunities to study with me, and this as good as it will get. I’ll mentor interns in their synthesis of discou... [Uncategorized]

August 24 2013, 9AM

Within NT studies the notion that the Greek verb lacks tense/temporal reference has become fairly accepted. If we compare this tenseless view of Greek with what has been claimed by every linguist and grammarian Porter cites in his research, you might scra... [historical present] [Theoretical Framework] [Uncategorized] [Verbal aspect] [Tense/Aspect]

August 17, 8AM

A great point was raised on Facebook yesterday that deserves a bit more consideration. The comment came from a NT scholar looking in as an outsider to the debate about the Greek verb. There seems to be this notion that if one rejects the idea of a timeles... [Verbal aspect] [Tense/Aspect]

August 16, 12 PM

I have received several comments regarding my post yesterday that almost read like condolences. I understand the seriousness of the implications of my paper. This is precisely why I took the steps over the past few years to see if there was another way fo... [Personal] [scholarship]

August 15, 10AM

At the 2010 ETS meeting I presented an overview of some foundational errors in Stan Porter’s theoretical framework that significantly undermine the validity of his claims regarding the Greek verb. These issues initially came to light in research for... [Verbal aspect] [scholarship] [Tense/Aspect]

January 20, 8AM

Making a clear distinction in meaning between function words like ἀλλά and εἰ μή can be difficult. They are function words providing instructions about how to relate two textual elements. Our tendency is to link them to the closest counter... [Connectives] [Uncategorized] [Choice and meaning] [conjunctions]

January 6, 8AM

I’ve talked a lot about choice and meaning in language, but it is important to cover this ground again. In clauses that create an exception or restriction of some kind (e.g. “John didn’t do anything except sit there”), we need to r... [Connectives] [Theoretical Framework] [conjunctions] [introduction]

January 1, 12 PM

This is part 2 of a series begun here. Diane Blakemore, working in the area of cognitive linguistics, has claimed that particles like conjunctions  each have their own unique cognitive constraint, i.e. a set of instructions regarding how to relate what p... [Uncategorized]

December 29 2012, 1PM

I have been slowly reading my way into the New Perspective on Paul (NPP) literature for the last few months as part of my current work in Romans. James Dunn’s keen observations about commonly overlooked–but important–words has been a bri... [Pauline Epistles] [Personal] [conjunctions]

November 6, 2PM

Why a Discourse Handbook? (from the Introduction) This project is intended to fill a very noticeable gap in exegetical resources, whether for preaching/teaching or academic projects. The missing piece is a sustained discussion about the structuring and fl... [Pauline Epistles] [scholarship]

October 5, 2PM

I am very much looking forward to returning to writing next week, too much of my attention has been spent finalizing details for the Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible project, which is set to be released next week. There is a special discount being offered fo... [Uncategorized]
I have been swamped these last months working on several projects, including the Lexham Discourse Hebrew Bible. At present, we have completed the analysis of Genesis-2 Kings. We also recently provided preview copies of the resource to some leading OT scho... [BHS/LXX] [Uncategorized]

May 4, 10AM

I received word from Wally Cirafesi of McMaster Divinity College that the former JIABGL is being relaunched as Biblical and Ancient Greek Linguistics. Wally serves as assistant editor of this fully peer-reviewed journal focused on the linguistic study of ... [Personal] [scholarship]
There was a recent question about my post on the need for a tripartite system of grounding, as advocated by Porter’s model of verbal aspect. Here is the relevant excerpt of the comment: I noticed you cited an earlier source from Jones but wasn’t s... [Verbal aspect] [Background/Foreground] [Tense/Aspect]

February 21, 1PM

A friend whom I respect posed a question that got me thinking: Why does the woman described in Proverbs 31:10-31 receive praise instead of love, especially if these verses represent her husband’s viewpoint? It’s a good question deserving refl... [Personal] [Analyze this]