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March 9 2018, 10AM

Check out @dianabutlerbass’s Tweet: For #InternationalWomensDay— A favorite thread quote from English mystery writer and theologian Dorothy Sayers, from 1938: 1/ — Diana Butler Bass (@dianabutlerbass) March 8, 2018 I have always loved... [Christianity] [International Women's Day]

March 3, 7PM

When I talked about structure, I mentioned that I’d write a follow-up after my Wednesday night class. Here’s the rundown, though I plan to keep it brief. I’m indebted to David Alan Black for the basic note about the participles in this p... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Bible Study Tools] [Hebrews] [Hebrews 6] [Hebrews 6:4-6] [perfection]

February 27, 7AM

Early in my college days I encountered a man who would have a substantial influence on my life. It started as he explained textual variants and alternate possible translations in Genesis 1 for 2nd year Hebrew. I’d taught myself that far, and hadn... [Book Reviews] [Books] [Short Notes] [Conservative] [Diversity] [Liberal]


No, this is not a post about the crazy ways people interpret the Bible. It’s about the way in which people make precision difficult in communication. Am I thinking about biblical interpretation? Of course I am. If you have to guess what I’m th... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Linguistics] [outline] [Structure]

February 26, 8AM

So NOT the Logic of Hebrews! A weakness of a great deal of Bible study is in the failure to truly see the details. In our normal conversations we have multiple contextual clues including shared history and knowledge. When reading scripture, we have to be ... [Bible books] [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Hebrews] [outline] [Structure]

February 24, 11AM

Dave Black comments some on linguistics and teaching biblical languages in a post today. (Check out the linguistics conference coming up!) The difficulty is the difference between teaching someone a language in a classroom and in discussing and describing... [Bible study] [Bible Translation] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Linguistics] [teaching]

February 22, 7AM

Re: Linguistics and New Testament Greek: Key Issues in the Current Debate It’s more than a year away, April 26-27, 2019, but this conference looks like about the most fun you can have on a seminary campus without breaking the rules! I see several na... [Announcements] [Bible Translation] [Linguistics] [New Testament] [New Testament Greek]

February 19, 8AM

Dave Black writes on this passage today on his blog, as he prepares to teach it. I have extracted the post and put it on the Jesus Paradigm site (supporting Dave’s book The Jesus Paradigm), in order to have a permanent link. Dave argues based on the... [Christianity] [exegesis] [groups] [hatred]

February 18, 12 PM

I don’t know how to get millenials (and other generations younger than mine) into church. The reason is simple: I’m past 60 years old. I hear frequent complaints about the failing of the current (or other intervening) generation. Is it possibl... [Christianity] [Ecclesiology] [church] [millenials] [youth]

February 17, 4PM

Last night I was watching the women’s Super-G. As the skiers made their runs, the commentators kept saying that it was incredibly unlikely that anyone after #20 was going to have any impact on who would be on the podium. I remarked to Jody that I wo... [people] [Personal] [olympics] [sports]


I try to avoid posting partisan political material, but I am still an involved voter, and I will advocate on issues. I’ve been thinking about all the posts I see that tell me not do send prayers (which I don’t send to people, but to God anyhow... [politics] [law enforcement] [Police] [school shootings]

February 3, 2PM

Our Sunday School lesson, which I’m not teaching this week, is from James, focusing on chapter 2. I’m not teaching, but in studying, I looked at a book I publish, Holistic Spirituality: Life Transforming Wisdom from the Letter of James. Bruce ... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Books] [Christianity] [discipleship] [Bruce Epperly] [james]

January 25, 8AM

On Tuesday I noticed a tweet, after comments on the Desiring God blog regarding women teaching in seminary. The answer was, not surprisingly, no. The men who do ministry should be taught by men who model men leading the church. Here’s the tweet: Me... [complementarianism] [education] [Egalitarianism] [Religious Education] [women in ministry] [seminary] [women]

January 22, 9AM

The Adult Bible Studies Sunday School curriculum was on the subject of confession and repentance with the primary passage being Daniel’s prayer in Daniel 9. This is an interesting and powerful prayer to read and deserves more attention than it gets.... [Christianity] [forgiveness] [Prayer] [confession] [reconciliation]

January 20, 6PM

I’ve co-authored a book about prayer, published several more, taught numerous classes, and led seminars about prayer. One thing I believe is that one should teach primary from experience, meaning that often you are teaching about your own weaknesses... [Christianity] [Prayer] [grace]

January 19, 1PM

Since I grew up as a Seventh-day Adventist, I almost have to be interested in Daniel 8, particularly 8:14, which is critical to the development of the Adventist movement. For those not acquainted with that history, this is the verse from which the predict... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Daniel 8] [Daniel 8:14] [Investigative judgment] [SDA] [Seventh-day-Adventist]

December 29 2017, 10AM

December 24, 1PM

From time to time I hear Christians, particularly pastors, lament the neglect of the Advent season. As a religious celebration Christmas comes best after the season of Advent in which we study and meditate on expectation. Then comes Christmas. Because of ... [Bible Passages] [Christianity] [Advent] [Christmas] [Epiphany] [matthew 2:1-12]

October 2, 6AM

Michael J. Kok summarizes the internal evidence on the authorship of Hebrews (HT: Dave Black Online). As Dave Black notes, his argument is really not one of internal but of external evidence. Dr. Kok cites Dave’s book The Authorship of Hebrews: The ... [Bible books] [Authorship] [Hebrews]

September 25, 7AM

No, that the horribly misused book, but the theological concept of general revelation. It is quite common to express concern about the quality of knowledge of God that one can get from general revelation. It lacks specificity, it’s easy to misunders... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Psalm 33] [Psalm 33:6-9]
This was one of my texts from yesterday, though we worked from Titus 3:3-11, where I think vs. 3-8 parallels chapter 36 quite nicely. But my interest today is not in a specific verse, but rather in the way in which Israel’s story is told. Christians... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Ezekiel] [Ezekiel 36] [ezekiel 37]

September 21, 7AM

One of the differences some claim between the Old and the New Testaments is that in the Old Testament it’s about works, while in the New it’s about God’s grace. I’ve found vanishingly few Old Testament scholars who hold this differ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Ezekiel] [Ezekiel 36] [Ezekiel 36:27] [Ezekiel 36:36]


Whether it’s about elections or hurricane predictions, neither the media nor the public understand probability. I suspect this is because we are evolutionarily programmed to look for certainty. Certainty leads to decisive action. It is sometimes sai... [media] [politics] [confirmation bias] [probability]

September 19, 7AM

I will multiply on you people and animals, and they will increase and bear fruit. People will live on you as in the former times and I will do greater good to you than I did before. Then you will know that I am YHWH. (Ezekiel 36:11) Ezekiel here address t... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Ezekiel] [Ezekiel 36]


On January 1 God called two texts to my attention as themes for the year. They are Philippians 1:27-30 and Ephesians 5:1-2. I haven’t said a great deal about this, though the theme of those texts has shown up in a number of posts. Then yesterday I s... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [discipleship] [Bruce Epperly] [David Alan Black] [Philippians] [Philippians 1:27-30]

September 12, 8AM

Story here: [Creation and Evolution] [cambrian] [ediacaran] [evolution]

September 9, 12 PM

It’s hurricane time, as Irma approaches Florida. Note here that I make again the error of many Americans, which is that the hurricane tends to become of interest when it’s arriving at our shores. It has already been quite destructive in a numb... [Christianity] [Prayer] [Hurricane Irma] [hurricanes] [Miracles]

September 2, 8AM

Acts 12 is an interesting chapter, both because of what happens and what doesn’t. James, the brother of John, is seized by Herod and killed. No comment, backstory, or reaction provided. One short verse and gone. I’ve just said more! Then Peter... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Prayer] [Acts] [Acts 12] [Miracles]


Alden was my undergraduate advisor at Walla Walla University (then college), I publish two of his books (Inspiration: Hard Questions, Honest Answers and Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God?), and he is a friend. Many of my friends have heard him s... [Bible study] [Biblical Inspiration] [eisegesis] [exegesis] [hermeneutics] [New Testament]

September 1, 6AM

So the disciples decided to send help to the brothers and sisters living in Judea, as each one was able. They carried out their plan, and had Barnabas and Paul deliver their gift. (Acts 11:29-30) This is a short verse, but I think it’s very sweet. A... [Christianity] [Diversity] [Acts] [Acts 11] [charity] [Community]

August 30, 5PM

Steven Cuss took to The Jesus Creed (Scot McKnight’s blog) to respond to Francis Chan about the church. This is all about a very valid and, I think, much needed conversation about the church. When we criticize the church in America there can be many... [Christian Ministry]
It seems to me that one of the most serious difficulties we have in the church today is the way we measure success. We are driven by numbers and money. It’s easy, of course, to justify this. After all, if you don’t have money, you generally ca... [Bible Passages] [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Acts] [Acts 8] [church] [Ministry] [mission]

August 26, 6AM

I found Should we read the Bible literally via Facebook, and want to commend it to my readers. I can’t tell for sure, but I suspect the writer is perhaps more conservative than I am, yet he makes many points I frequently try to make. I think he may ... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Bible] [Interpretation]

August 18, 6AM

I get a daily (most days!) e-newsletter from Rabbi Evan Moffic. I find his thoughts inspiring and helpful. I want to quote his letter today in full. You can learn about some of his books through his author page or my page for him. Henry,... [Diversity] [AntiSemitism] [Rabbi Evan Moffic]

August 17, 6AM

I’m currently reading the book of Acts for my morning devotions and today I read chapter 6. That’s a nice, short chapter! The disciples find that there are complaints about distribution of charitable works and they decide they shouldn’t ... [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Acts] [Acts 1] [Acts 6]

August 13, 11AM

School is starting, and so we have the regular drumbeat of comments about prayer in school. One of the most common, used at my church today, is the comment that as long as there are exams, there will always be prayer in public schools. Which is, of course... [Christianity] [Prayer] [public school] [school prayer]

August 11, 7AM

I publish a couple of books that use Acts of the Apostles as a source for principles to guide the 21st century church. I publish such books with a certain amount of trepidation, as it’s very easy to apply material piecemeal, which results in discove... [Bible books] [Bible study] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [Ecclesiology] [Acts] [church]

July 25, 8AM

I used to use Bill Mounce’s introductory grammar in teaching Greek, and I appreciated his attention to linguistics, though I generally wanted more. (I’ve switched to Dave Black’s Learn to Read New Testament Greek for those rare occasions... [Bible study] [Bible Translation] [Inerrancy] [Inspiration]

July 24, 4PM

This post by Eddie Arthur from makes and illustrates clearly an important point, one that is missed by many Bible students. You can’t just grab glosses or even definitions from a lexicon/dictionary and apply them to the verse of your choic... [Bible study]

July 17, 5AM

In a sign either that the human species is less doomed than I had thought, or that the heat death of the universe is more imminent, reports that The Chicken Dance was banned at 23.1% of wedding receptions last year. The value of this d... [humor] [wedding receptions]

July 13, 7AM

There has been some fuss recently about praying for political leaders, in particularly, regarding an image of folks praying for President Trump. I think that many prayers for and against leaders mistake the value that prayer has. Further, complaining abou... [Christianity] [Prayer] [prayers amiss] [praying for the president]

July 11, 7PM

We’ve had some discussion of Romans 13 over on the Energion Discussion Network, with contributions from David Alan Black, Elgin Hushbeck, Jr., and Steve Kindle (via comments). The question is just what it means to be subject to the “higher pow... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [1 Kings] [2 Kings] [Elisha] [Jehu] [revolution]

July 9, 8PM

Our pastor at Chumuckla Community Church started a sermon series on the book of James. This provoked me to look again at Bruce Epperly’s little book Holistic Spirituality: Life Transforming Wisdom from the Letter of James. Here’s a sample: Des... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Uncategorized] [james] [New Testament] [Paul]

May 15, 6AM

This article from is well worth reading: We’re Edging Closer to Nuclear War. [foreign policy] [politics] [nuclear war]

May 1, 5AM

I’m traveling, and will only comment briefly. I would link to the Princeton Seminary president’s comments and to the basic information about the Kuyper Prize. I’m not going to get into the details of this issue. It appears that Keller wi... [freedom of speech] [Kuyper Prize] [Tim Keller]

April 21, 7AM

I can believe someone else has a good relationship with God, is saved, or is going to heaven without also believing they are right in all their beliefs. I believe I’m in a good relationship with God and am doubtless wrong about many things. [Christianity] [salvation]

February 23, 3PM

I’m working through key elements of Galatians 3 & 4 tonight and drawing in some material from Romans and elsewhere. My main topic will be to look at Paul’s use of the word “law” in these passages. My main references other than ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Apostle Paul] [Galatians]


One of the blessings in my life is the number of friends I have found (and I don’t always make friends easily) who are willing to have great discussions. By “great” I mean ones in which we challenge one another’s ideas with vigor b... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [Apologetics] [gospel]

February 17, 7AM

I have very frequently spoken disparagingly of sermons. I prefer more interactive activities in smaller groups as a way of learning and passing on information. It’s commonly said that a pastor is lucky if, on a Sunday, any congregants remember the t... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [Preaching]

February 16, 3PM

Due to scheduling conflicts, or more precisely a wall-to-wall day, I will not be doing my video Bible study tonight. I’ll resume next week. In the meantime, you might enjoy my interview with Thomas Hudgins. You can read a text interview here (not a ... [Bible study] [Christianity] [Apostle Paul]

February 14, 8AM

It’s all a gift (poetry from my Jevlir blog). [Asides]


The shallow reader and the headline reader are both deceived alike. [Asides]

February 13, 8PM

I’ve watched with some annoyance as trust in the mainstream media (whatever that is) has diminished, to be replaced by trust in even less reliable news sources. Many media outlets earned popular contempt by their carelessness with the facts. My obse... [Administrative] [fake news] [social media]


Living in community requires sacrifice. [Asides]

February 11, 5PM

 You foolish Galatians! Who put you under a spell? Was not Jesus the Messiah clearly portrayed before your very eyes as having been crucified? 2 I want to learn only one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by doing the actions of the Law or by b... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Christianity] [religion] [Galatians] [Paul]


I saw a meme that read: Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the read, or an idiot for any direction. My problem is that while I can readily identify a bull on the rare occasion when I see one, and horses are distinctive, idiots are ubiquito... [Personal]

February 8, 2PM

I’m glad someone is counting! [Links]


I tend to harp on hermeneutics. Sometimes that’s precisely what people want me to do. Groups that have me back to speak twice, at least, are generally happy with that topic. But others find it annoying, pedantic, and perhaps intellectually snobbish!... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Biblical Inspiration] [religion] [hermeneutics]


Pure exegesis is a great guide but an unreachable goal. [Bible study]

February 7, 9AM

Shortly after I separated from the Air Force I was chatting with a gentleman while waiting in line for something or other. On realizing that I was a veteran, and in fact had been somewhere that would qualify me as a veteran of a foreign war, he started a ... [Christian Apologetics] [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Church Growth] [suffering] [weakness]

February 6, 5PM

Franklin Graham is quoted by the Huffington Post as saying that the President Trump’s refugee ban is not a Bible topic. He actually said a bit more, but “not a Bible topic” is going to be the quote that follows him all the (remaining) da... [Bible study] [Christianity] [discipleship] [politics] [religion] [refugees]

February 3, 11AM

We like to hate lawyers, but the real problem with our laws is that they are written by politicians. [politics] [Law]
According to an NPR story, the clearance rate for murder, meaning the percentage of cases in which someone is arrested (or identified), is 64.1% nationally. This will vary by community. That means that a lot of murderers have not been identified and have... [politics] [criminal justice] [Law]

February 2, 4PM

I will resume the studies next Thursday night. Some unforeseen scheduling problems intervened. [Administrative]


On New Year’s Day this year I was struck by two texts and decided to make them a kind of theme texts for living during the year. I didn’t really make a plan or a resolution. I was just impressed to keep these two texts available and look at th... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [2 Corinthians] [Ephesians] [Philippians] [stewardship]

February 1, 7AM

I work on a heavy schedule, and as someone who is self-employed, with two distinct lines of business, I very rarely see a blank to-do list. In fact, now that I think about it, it has been several years since I finished a day and could say I was done. I id... [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Christian Living] [grace] [living] [perfection]

January 31, 2PM

I might have said collide, as sometimes seems to be the case, but let’s start with tangle. Here’s Paul in Romans 2: 12 All who have sinned apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who have sinned under the law will be j... [Bible study] [Christianity] [1-John] [Galatians] [Law] [Paul] [Romans] [Will]
Tonight my guest will be Dr. Bob LaRochelle, author of books such as Crossing the Street and A Home United, and we’ll be talking about adolescents and faith. Bob is preparing a manuscript for release late spring or early summer on this topic. Join u... [religion] [Religious Education] [adolescence] [education]

January 30, 8AM

At my home church, Chumuckla Community Church, we’re going through the Experiencing God workbook. There will be 10 sermons, and then discussion groups. My wife Jody leads one right after church each Sunday, and I’m part of that. Doubtless some... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [Religious Education] [experiencing God] [Prayer]

January 27, 5PM

And now for a short post. Here’s one of many links to the stories: Trump vows ‘new vetting’ to weed out Islamic radicals. I try to avoid partisan politics on this blog, but on this issue I must be clear. I believe that we should be open... [Christianity] [politics] [religion] [refugees]

January 26, 5PM


I wanted to write a quick note here as this relates to my study tonight, as well as illustrating quite a number of translation problems. Here is our text, with CEV (NOT CEB) to the left, NRSV in the center as a “literal” comparison, and NLT to... [Bible Translation] [bible translations] [Bible Versions] [CEV] [NLT] [NRSV]


One of the problems with understanding biblical talk about salvation is that we do not live with a sacrificial system. For many Christians, the whole idea of sacrifices is that someone sinned and a bloody sacrifice was required for atonement. Christians b... [Atonement] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [Christianity] [publishing] [Soteriology] [Galatians] [Hebrews] [Paul]


Fair warning: I’ll probably be stuck on definitions. In fact, I’m in the process of writing a blog post about it right now. I’ll add a link to this one once the other is complete. Here’s the viewer: [bible backgrounds] [Bible books] [Bible study] [religion] [Galatians] [Paul] [Romans]

January 25, 6AM

I read Joshua 24, including Joshua’s farewell speech today. There are quite a number of texts in this chapter that are quoted regularly without any knowledge of their source or of the circumstances. One is Joshua 24:15 “… as for me and m... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [religion] [Jonah] [Joshua] [Ruth]

January 24, 4PM

Tonight I’ll be interviewing Dr. William Powell Tuck about the practice and value of preaching. Here’s the viewer. Learn More Learn More More Information Learn More [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [Books] [Preaching] [Sermons]


Scot McKnight (whose work I deeply appreciate) quotes Dennis Prager (whom I rarely read) on his site, talking about the difference between the “left” and “liberals.” You can follow the link to read what set me off. Labels are neces... [Language] [politics] [labels]

January 23, 9AM

I’m embedding this interview with Dr. Herold Weiss, author of Meditations on the Letters of Paul, as it provides some background for understanding some of the discussion of the terminology that I’m doing right now in working through Paul. I fi... [bible backgrounds] [Bible study] [apocalyptic] [eschatology] [Herold Weiss] [Paul]
Students at UC San Diego are trying to solve a really serious problem. (Because of the way this theme works, you need to go to the actual post to get the link. At some point I’ll try to figure out how to change that.) [humor] [science]

January 19, 12 PM

This will continue the discussion, dealing more with definitions. In the area of soteriology (the study of salvation) we frequently make the same statements in terms of words and structure, yet mean something quite different by it. “Jesus died on th... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [Soteriology] [Galatians] [Paul] [Romans]


With a tip of my hat to James McGrath, I would like to call attention to this post by Jonathan Bernier. I think it brings up some rather important points. This is not an answer to your questions, but rather a bit of guidance in how one answers questions ... [Uncategorized]
Everybody, well almost, says they want Christian unity. It’s one of those Sunday School answers. It’s like saying, “Everybody who loves Jesus raise your hand” in a Sunday School class. But when you raise your hand for Christian uni... [Christianity] [religion] [Christian unity] [Unity]

January 18, 4AM

I want to briefly reflect on the sacraments. This is not so much a general theological reflection as a personal comment, expressing my own position on this. As I said a couple of days ago regarding hearing the voice of God, in a spiritual movement there ... [Christianity] [religion] [sacraments]

January 17, 3PM

Tonight at 7:00 pm central time I’ll be interviewing Dr. Bruce Epperly for the Energion Tuesday Night Hangout. [Books] [energion publications] [Google Hangout]
Perfectionism is an interesting trait, and can be quite destructive. United Methodist pastors are still asked whether they are going on toward perfection, though I have found few who expressed great comfort with the required “yes” answer, and ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Hebrews] [Hebrews 6:1]

January 16, 8AM

I was given the title “liberal charismatic” (not as a compliment) because I believe that all the gifts of the Holy Spirit are potentially in operation today and that God speaks to people now as much as he has at any time in history. On occasio... [Biblical Inerrancy] [Biblical Inspiration] [authority] [Bible] [Inspiration] [Prophecy] [Prophets]


There are many people concerned about hatefulness right now, and one might think that this concern came largely from opponents of the president-elect. I’ve found, however, that the concern comes from all sides. (“Both sides” is a very da... [politics] [dialogue] [Discourse]

January 13, 2PM

When I am introduced to speak or teach, mention will doubtless be made of my MA in Religion, concentrating in Biblical and Cognate Languages, though the correct degree name will be shortened, and the language skill usually exaggerated. In my mind, however... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [religion] [Bible] [education] [experience] [history] [Language]

January 12, 4PM

We’re going to start our look at Paul’s soteriology by reading Galatians 2:15-3:18 and looking at Bruce Epperly’s fourth lesson in Galatians: A Participatory Study Guide, “The Dynamics of Grace.” Here’s a quote: Three k... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Soteriology] [Galatians] [Paul]

January 11, 5PM

I never met Dr. John Sailhamer, but I appreciate scholars who propose and support theories that are substantially out of the ordinary. I don’t mean crazy, just creative and risky. I found out recently that he has passed away. In celebration of his l... [Books] [Creation and Evolution] [religion] [Creation] [Genesis 1] [Genesis 2] [John Sailhamer]


I recently worked my way through Luke Timothy Johnson’s Hebrews: A Commentary (New Testament Library) along  with the Greek text, and I’m going to write a few notes on the book, which may, or may not, constitute a real review. Time will tell!... [Bible books] [Bible study] [Book Reviews] [Books] [religion] [Hebrews] [Luke Timothy Johnson] [New Testament Library]

January 10, 1PM

These discussions seem to come up all the time about learning Greek, but the discussion also applies to Hebrew. How one can imagine it’s critically important to learn Greek if one is to preach or teach, but not so much to learn Hebrew, I don’t... [Bible study] [Bible Study Tools] [education] [religion] [Religious Education] [Biblical languages] [Greek] [Hebrew] [teaching]

January 9, 3PM

Because you have been graciously given this on behalf of Christ: not only in Him to believe, but also for Him to suffer. (Philippians 1:29, excessively literally) I’ve been meditating on two texts as the new year begins, Philippians 1:27-30, and Eph... [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Christian Living] [Paul] [Philippians] [suffering]

January 8, 3PM

Despite My Dislike, All These Bibles were within Arm’s Reach of My Desk That is, study it in English if English is your native language, and when your knowledge of biblical languages isn’t up to the task. Face it. For most people, even those w... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Bible Translation] [bible translations] [ESV] [NAB] [NIV] [NJB] [NLT] [NRSV] [REB]

January 7, 11AM

Brooke Borel of published an article recently titled Fact-Checking Won’t Save Us from Fake News. Headline readers will not be led too far astray by that headline, though they will miss some interesting reasoning on the topic. I a... [Uncategorized]

January 6, 4PM

Last night for my perspectives on Paul series I reviewed what we’ve discussed so far and wrapped up my discussion of Paul’s claim to authority as an apostle. I can summarize this as follows: The Bible records religious experience, i.e., people... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Galatians] [Paul]

January 5, 4PM

I’ll review a bit of our material and where we are and then proceed with Lesson 2 of Bruce Epperly’s book, Galatians: A Participatory Study Guide. As I’ll be talking a bit about interpretation, let me also embed my chat with Elgin Hushb... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Apostle Paul] [Galatians]

January 3, 9AM

For it was appropriate for him, for whom everything exists and through whom everything exists, in bringing many children to glory, the pioneer of their salvation to perfect through suffering ... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Hebrews] [Hebrews 2:10]

January 2, 12 PM

January 1, 8AM

Preachers and teachers, myself included, frequently talk about how all that you own belongs to God, but most commonly it is in the context of getting more money for a particular church or ministry. Having led a non-profit ministry, I understand the pressu... [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [stewardship]

December 31 2016, 9AM

Source: I think this is the Cheshire saber-tooth tiger, fading toward his smile! I love the classic book The Saber-Tooth Curriculum, and I was reminded of it when I read The disposable academic in The Economist, I was reminded of it. In e... [education] [Education Policy] [degrees] [PhD]

December 30, 8AM

I posted a note from an article regarding the data released by DHS about Russian hacking, if it was Russian, and then I started wondering whether people would assume it is my opinion that the Russians were not involved. In fact, I do not have an opinion o... [politics] [hacking] [Ignorance] [Russia] [security]

December 28, 9PM

Dave Black has been posting some interesting things on his blog, and yesterday he wrote a bit about Greek and Hebrew language and culture. I’ve put this on to provide a permanent link. Here’s the bottom line: The bottom line:... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Biblical languages] [etymology] [Greek] [Hebrew] [New Testament]

December 27, 8PM

When I was in the Air Force, I submitted a performance report on someone I supervised. The lieutenant who was the next person to endorse the report returned it to me, informing me that I shouldn’t use the passive voice so much. Problem was, I hadn&#... [exegesis] [Biblical languages] [Greek]


A good book review is not one that says nice things about the book, although nice is nice, so to speak. I occasionally read a positive review that makes me wonder whether the reviewer read the book. There are likewise negative reviews that make one wonder... [Book Reviews] [Books] [Christianity] [religion] [David Alan Black] [Missions]

December 26, 1PM

Dave Black just posted a note on the authorship of Hebrews which brings up an important point: Fact checking. This comes up all over the place these days. It’s so easy to just quote something you’ve heard or to reference a secondary source whe... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Hebrews]

December 25, 3PM

Credit: In today’s Christmas sermon our pastor told a story he’s told before, but with a slightly different slant, and that reminded me of a number of things I’ve been thinking about over the last couple of weeks. Let me ... [Uncategorized]

December 22, 3PM

Credit: On a variety of subjects I regularly hear about how people ignore the plain teaching of scripture. I’d like to take away the phrases “the Bible clearly teaches” and “the plain teaching of scripture” fr... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [stewardship] [Christmas] [commercialism]

December 19, 8AM

This may seem like a simple question. A better one might be, “Why not?” Some Prefatory Remarks Seventh-day Adventists (SDAs) are often misunderstood, which complicates the issue. If I had transferred my membership from a Presbyterian church, f... [Books] [religion] [United Methodist Church] [publishing] [SDA] [Seventh-Day Adventist Church] [Seventh-day-Adventist]

December 13, 8AM

December 12, 10AM

Dave Black has some interesting thoughts on syntax in the Greek New Testament and its importance for exegesis. I’ve extracted them to so as to have a permanent link (by permission). I became a convert to the importance of linguisti... [Uncategorized]

December 7, 8AM

Image components from Each year I’m saddened and yes, annoyed, by the supposed war on Christmas and responses to it. Every time someone can’t set up a manger scene on public land, or is even forced to share the public space wit... [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [politics] [war on Christmas]

December 5, 7AM

93 percent An annual U.K. survey asking people whom they trusted most found nurses absurdly credible, with 93 percent of people trusting them. [The Guardian] {My source:} This is for my sister, mother, wife, several aunts on both sides... [Personal] [nurses] [nursing]

December 4, 8PM

Credit: Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a great deal about strategy in connection with Christian living. It started when I was invited to preach the Sunday after Veterans Day, which was also the Sunday after the election. ... [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [Worship] [church] [communion] [Eucharist]
Today in Sunday School class the teacher referred back to challenge I had presented to the calls some time ago. I had suggested reading the prophecies of Isaiah, particularly 2nd Isaiah (40-55) without our “Jesus colored glasses.” I don’... [Bible Passages] [Bible Study Method] [Isaiah] [J. Paul Grove] [Walla Walla University]

December 1, 1PM

I’m going to take a break from my Thursday night studies on Paul and resume them on the first Thursday evening of the new year, January 5, 2017. I simply have too many things to complete for the publishing business before the end of the year and do ... [Administrative]


“The flaws in Obamacare are obvious to me. The solutions are much harder,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). (Source: Politico.) Image credit: As a restatement of the obvious, that quote leaves little to be desired. Just so. I too ca... [politics] [ACA] [Obamacare]

November 30, 7AM

Ancient Egyptians exchange scripts on accession of new king. (Credit: Those who can’t tell real from fake news take note: This is neither real hieroglyphs, nor is it a political script.) Political discussion in this country seems to... [politics] [election fraud]

November 26, 1AM

I find myself unable to sleep. I was temporarily overwhelmed by something simple: the cast of M*A*S*H singing the song “Dona Nobis Pacem.” It’s a little thing, and somebody’s bound to say, “It’s a TV show. It’s fi... [Military] [Veterans]

November 17, 4PM

I’m resuming/continuing my study this evening, looking at Lesson Two from Galatians: A Participatory Study Guide by Dr. Bruce Epperly. I’ll be sticking closely with the lesson itself tonight, discussing how Paul was chosen and learned. I will ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Bible Study Tools] [Biblical Inspiration] [Galatians] [Paul]

November 16, 8AM

I commend to my readers my interview last night with Bob MacDonald regarding his newly released book The Song in the Night. I make some further remarks on the Energion Discussion Network.     [bible backgrounds] [Bible study] [Bible Study Tools] [Bible Translation] [cantillation] [Hebrew] [music] [Psalms] [Psalter]

November 10, 1PM

I will not be continuing my Bible study on Perspectives on Paul tonight, but will resume next Thursday night. A variety of things have come together to make it impossible to accomplish. Next week we will be starting lesson #2 of Dr. Bruce Epperly’s ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Galatians] [Paul]
According to a UN report, about 2/3 of third world jobs are threatened by robots. This is still early days in the way things will change in the world. We keep commenting on how the world has sped up, and it keeps speeding up ever more rapidly. To those wh... [politics] [future] [robots] [Technology]

November 9, 5PM

One of the things that has disturbed me most about this election is justifications of bad behavior by those who claim to be conservative Christians. No, this is not behavior exclusive to them, but in this election it has been particularly clear. It was su... [politics] [David Alan Black] [U. S. Election]


I commented on Monday that there was no possibility I’d be happy with the result after election day. (Considering my previous post on probability, perhaps I should have said <0.1%!) I can now tell you that I’m approximately as unhappy as I ... [politics]
Picture Credit: I know headline writers need their splashy headlines, but as the media is filled with word of a stunning upset, we should remember the number of times that one candidate or the other was “destroyed” or “fi... [politics] [aggregation] [fivethirtyeight] [polls] [Princeton Election Consortium] [probability]

November 8, 8AM

Picture Credit: It’s election day here in the United States, and though I will shortly head to my polling place and cast my vote, I’m not going to say who it is in any of the races. What I would like to call for is moderation,... [politics] [election 2016]

November 4, 7AM

Some of you may not be aware that I blog a few tech subjects, sometimes related to my IT work and sometimes not, on I thought I recent post would be of broader interest. It shows old technology meeting new – Past Meets Present: Comman... [Technology] [command line] [terminal] [Twidge] [Twitter]

November 3, 8AM

Picture Credit: In 1999 the Chicago Cubs drafted my stepson John Webb. He would go on to a lot of AA and AAA ball, and would spend some time in the majors with the Tampa Bay Rays. Now he teaches youngsters how to play and parents how not ... [Baseball] [Chicago Cubs] [World Series]


I will review how date and authorship is determined (or not) and how that relates to the way we will answer the question of Paul’s gospel. [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [epistles] [gospel] [Paul]

November 1, 7AM

I will be dealing frequently with issues of date and authorship while discussing Paul. The reason for this is that there is a considerable variation in what books scholars believe that Paul wrote, so while giving perspectives, I need to deal with the diff... [Bible Study Method] [Bible Study Tools] [Christianity] [religion] [biblical criticism] [date and authorship]

October 28, 9AM

Sometimes you need to go to comedy to get some clarity! I’m not sure the embed below will work (checking on it), but you can use the link. [politics] [ACA] [Obamacare]

October 27, 4PM

When I first set out to join a United Methodist congregation, I asked the pastor for definitive information on United Methodist beliefs. With much trepidation, he provided me with a United Methodist Discipline. I read the first hundred or so pages, not be... [Christianity] [politics] [election] [partisan]

October 25, 12 PM

I’m not a fan of strategic voting. It seems to me that various arguments, such as voting in the other party’s primary, splitting one’s vote for president and for down-ballot candidates (an effort to guarantee divided government), or the ... [politics] [election 2016]


I’ve read recent stories that speculate that Donald Trump’s problems may depress Republican turnout and make a problem for down-ticket candidates. On the other hand, I’ve read that lack of enthusiasm for Clinton may depress Democratic tu... [politics]

October 20, 3PM

This is the unintentional third part of my discussion of this topic. Last week I talked a bit more about the initial statement of the gospel in Galatians and then began looking at how Paul talked about the gospel elsewhere, first in 2 Corinthians 5 and th... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [2 Corinthians] [Galatians] [Paul] [Romans]

October 15, 6PM

Credit: Adobe Stock 46272514 I’m preparing to teach tomorrow, and the main text is Hebrews 4:14-5:10. The quarterly is kind enough to stop just before the author tells his readers/hearers that the topic is difficult and they’re not very bright... [Atonement] [Bible study] [Christianity] [justification] [religion] [Soteriology] [animal sacrifice] [Hebrews] [Priesthood] [sacrifice]

October 13, 3PM

This is the unintended second part of last week’s discussion, since I didn’t even come close to completing the material. We’ll be launching from Galatians 5:6-9, but I had already discussed the content of those verses. Now we’ll be... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Galatians] [gospel] [Paul]


What groups of people do you think it’s alright to look down on? Because in Christ neither circumcision or uncircumcision matters any more, but instead faith made active through love. – Galatians 5:6 Which, in turn, reminds me of: Thus faith, if i... [Bible Passages] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Galatians] [Galatians 5:6] [james] [James 2:17] [MSG] [The-Message]

October 12, 9AM

… and with that pretentious title. Actually, last night I talked on the Energion Tuesday Night Hangout (I’ll embed the video at the end as well) about Christian education and how one might go about choosing curriculum. My sister, Betty Rae, as... [Christianity] [discipleship] [education] [religion] [Religious Education] [Curriculum] [Small Groups] [Sunday School]


Here. Read this! Hard to choose a line to quote, but … Conformed people can achieve nothing.  Transformed people can be the instruments of God and hence the instruments of change. Go read the rest. Unlike me, Jim is quite succinct.   [Christianity] [politics]

October 10, 3PM

I just posted my interview with Bruce Epperly about his new book Jonah: When God Changes on the Energion Discussion Network. I’m going to embed it here as well. I want to call attention to it along with Bruce’s next most recent (!) book Ruth &... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [old testament] [Bruce Epperly] [Jonah] [Narrative]


I call this group of (people | entities | circumstances) the infernal “they” or “them.” They are the people who cause all the problems. They have no moral compass. They are disruptive. They lie. They are apostates, perverts, stupid... [Christianity] [politics] [religion] [Daniel] [media] [Prayer]

October 8, 6PM

Dad on graduation from medical school Ten years ago my father passed away. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was asked to provide the eulogy. I rarely use a prepared text when preaching but in this case I thought that my emotions might interfere so I did... [Christian Mission] [grief] [Personal] [religion] [Hebrews] [Ray Neufeld]

October 6, 4PM

I don’t expect to finish this topic, but I’ll make a stab at getting started. I have added my interview with Dr. Herold Weiss to the resource page. Here’s the viewer embed for tonight:   And here’s my interview with Dr. Herol... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Apostle Paul] [Galatians] [Herold Weiss] [New Testament]


One of the least accurate characterizations I hear about progressive Christians is that they don’t care about the Bible. Now it’s hard to get a single image of the average or perfect progressive Christian, so generalizations are hard to make, ... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [Bible] [Preaching] [progressive Christians]

September 29, 1PM

Apocalyptic background – flash and lightning in dramatic dark sky Well, I’ll be starting from the word “church” and going forward to “gospel.” With only a half hour, I’m not sure how far we’ll get. Scripture... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Galatians] [gospel] [Paul]

September 25, 2PM

I had chosen to lead into Isaiah 61 by starting with Luke 4:16ff, but I only got to the end of 4:16, “stood up to read.” I don’t work well with these schedules. [Bible study] [humor]


This morning I have: Isaiah 61 as my scripture 45 minutes of teaching time Something’s gotta give! [Bible study] [humor]

September 23, 10AM

Source: Here’s your illustration. Liberals loved Nate Silver because he calculated that Barack Obama would win the presidency, among other things. Conservatives didn’t like him so much. Now conservatives are pointing to the poo... [politics] [polls] [statistics]

September 22, 10AM

Credit: As a dual citizen, I had to appreciate this: Here are the favorable/unfavorable ratings in the new national NBC/WSJ poll — Mark Murray (@mmurraypolitics) September 21, 2016 via [humor] [politics] [Canada]


I’ve been having an interesting time preparing for my study tonight, and I’m feeling the boundaries of a 1/2 hour study. Most people will probably be glad. In order to make this work, however, you’ll need to read the material suggested. ... [Bible study] [Christianity] [Bruce Epperly] [Herold Weiss] [Paul]


So says (or at least that’s what I derive from) the work of Dr. Richard Muller. Enjoy! [science] [Time] [time travel]

September 21, 4PM

… salvation of necessity leads to service. (Seven Marks of a New Testament Church, p. 43) This is the final post of my series on this book, and I’d like to make an observation about the entire enterprise. I’ve become increasingly convinc... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [church] [Ministry] [Seven Marks]

September 20, 2PM

Credit: I don’t write that much about my day to day life on this blog, but here’s a snippet and a bit of good information combined with advertising. Energion Publications keeps me busy, and it’s growing. It never grows as... [Books] [ebooks] [ibooks] [stewardship] [Tithing]


I am very slow to criticize translations in broad terms. Every time I point out what I consider to be a problematic rendering in some Bible translation, someone will ask me if they should discard that version in exchange for a more accurate one. Any trans... [Bible Translation] [bible translations] [Isaiah] [metaphor] [New Living Translation] [NLT]


Well, only if you blog them. Yesterday I wrote about checking the truth of what we post on social media, (though I was more interested in us checking the truth of what we share about one another personally), and today I note that a post by Ed Brayton (Dis... [politics] [fact-checking] [sharing] [social media]

September 19, 8PM

Credit: I first heard the story of the Rich Young Ruler (Matthew 19:16-22) when I was a child, and it wasn’t long before I heard the excuses. The excuses did not come from my parents, I should note, as they lived pretty close to the ... [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [giving] [wealth]


The other day I was browsing through my Facebook feed, which I do only occasionally, and becoming more and more annoyed at the politics posts. It’s not that I don’t care about politics; I do. It’s that I don’t like very much of wha... [Christianity] [discipleship] [politics] [religion] [election] [gossip]


Credit: Yesterday the Scripture for my Sunday School class was Isaiah 40:21-31. The daily readings in the student guide included the first 20 verses of the chapter as well. Those acquainted with critical scholarship on the book of Isaiah r... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Deutero-Isaiah] [Isaiah]

September 15, 3PM

Paul was impacted by his mystical experiences and the intervention of God by a vision of light. (Source: Adobe Stock [licensed]).Tonight I begin my new series of Thursday night studies on the apostle Paul. My approach will be a bit different than usual. I... [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [Bible Study Tools] [Christianity] [religion] [Paul]


Source: Last night my wife Jody and I recorded a conversation about grief for the Energion Publications Tuesday Night Hangout. Those who are calendar-aware, so to speak, might notice that it was on a Wednesday night. We had a technical is... [Christianity] [grief] [religion] [grieving]

September 13, 5PM

The Tuesday Night Hangout will become a Wednesday Night Hangout because of a technical glitch. We’ll do this tomorrow night at 7:00 PM central time.   [Christianity] [grief]


Tonight I’ll be talking with my wife Jody, author of Grief: Finding the Candle of Light, in a hangout titled “Grief 12 Years Later.” We will talk about our experience 12 years after our son James went on to be with Jesus. Many Christians... [Christianity] [grief] [religion] [grieving]

September 10, 2PM

I’ve recently said and written a few things about the gospel commission, including my claim in my concluding presentation for my video series on eschatology that eschatology is all about the gospel commission. You’ll hear more about this in my... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [dialogue] [evangelism] [gospel commission] [mission]

September 9, 7AM

Discussion Ahead traffic sign in woman’s hand on a white background Titles for people, that is. Thomas Hudgins makes some important points on this issue in a post on the Energion Discussion Network. I tend not to be radical (well at least I think s... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [titles]


Revelation 2:5 Christopher Ritter is complaining, though only in the nicest, most creative way, about critics of the new Wesleyan Covenant Association. It’s interesting how efforts to reform often end up creating new denominations, even when the lea... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [religion] [church] [Ecclesiology] [UMC]

September 8, 4PM

No, it’s not the end of the world. It’s the end of my series. I went into my hiatus in presenting these studies one episode short of completing the series, so tonight I’ll be wrapping up the eschatology series and preparing for my next s... [Bible study] [eschatology] [Revelation]


A little over a week ago I reviewed the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible using the Olive Tree electronic edition. On Tuesday I received my hardcover copy from the publisher. (Note: I received this copy free of charge in exchange for an honest review. ... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Bible Study Tools] [Christianity] [religion] [NIV] [Study Bibles]

September 6, 12 PM

Ticket scalping. Civilization will surely fall if they don’t get together on this one! [politics]


Image Credit: Our crop of candidates, all parties and all levels are admirably intellectually equipped to guide our nation through the 1990s. As an example, one need only look at the incidents of hacking and the response to them. This is ... [politics] [Technology] [US election]

September 3, 6AM

Here. There’s nothing quite so annoying as hearing people spin the polls. [politics] [polls]

September 1, 4PM

I believe that it’s easy to let our theology keep us from reading the Bible, especially the narrative parts. The Bible is filled with stories. One example is the story of the flood. When Genesis 6 says (using the KJV), “It repenteth me that I ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [biblical history] [Christianity] [religion] [Bible] [Bruce Epperly] [old testament] [story]


I think The Truth Is … Out There on the Wesley Bros. Blog did a good job of expressing this. To my liberal brothers and sisters: Yes, I do believe in penal substitution. To my conservative brothers and sisters: No, I don’t believe in it as the... [Atonement] [Christianity] [religion] [penal substitutionary atonement]

August 30, 9AM

Well, I am a non-partisan voter, i.e. I am not registered with either of the major parties, and today was primary day here in Florida. I had a grand total of two items to vote on: A county commission race that would be decided by the primary, and an issue... [politics] [local election] [primary election]

August 29, 2PM

Introduction #contextchangeseverything – yes, it does. But how? With the vast array of Bible study materials that are available in the English language comes a problem. How does one choose what materials are worth my time, shelf space (or HD space!)... [bible backgrounds] [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible Study Tools] [Christianity] [religion] [Hebrews] [NIV] [NLT] [NRSV]

August 12, 9AM

Credit: Probably as the result of the political correctness debate—well, perhaps not debate; more brouhaha—I hear or read frequent complaints about an expectation of courteous speech as though it’s an imposition. In order to cat... [Diversity] [politics] [dialog] [political correctness]

August 6, 8AM

One of the points I have tried to make in my series regarding the books Seven Marks of a New Testament Church, Thrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations, and Transforming Acts: Acts of the Apostles as a 21st Century Gospel is that one can fol... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [United Methodist Church] [church] [Seven Marks] [UMC]

July 28, 3PM

Outlining is a valuable practice in Bible study. It can Help you understand the relationship between sections of a passage Direct you to the key point Clarify ambiguities Give you a feel for the structure of an author’s argument Clearly some of th... [Bible Study Method]

July 25, 5PM

"Church" has become an organization that devours time and resources rather than a way of living that structures and empowers everything. — Henry Neufeld (@hneufeld) July 25, 2016 [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion]

July 23, 3PM

Credit: Frequently when there is a crisis or any form of trouble, Christians call for prayer. These calls can take many forms. In addition, a common comment from Christians is that we will pray about a situation. Now it’s quite possi... [Prayer] [religion] [David Moffett-Moore] [Pathways to Prayer]
One of my favorite TV episodes of all time is the West Wing episode In Excelsis Deo. In it, Toby Ziegler arranges a funeral for a homeless veteran of the Korean War who died of exposure. Toward the end, President Bartlet is asking Toby about his use of th... [Personal] [Veterans]

July 22, 9AM

Credit: In the good old days when I had time to do fantasy role-playing games, stodgy traditionalists would object that it wasn’t real. Why spend your time on something that isn’t real? This was often said by people who would s... [politics] [campaign] [media] [speech writers]


One of the joys of being a publisher, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned a couple (hundred) times before, is the authors I get to work with. I have long considered our understanding of biblical inspiration and authority to be critical to discussions o... [Biblical Inerrancy] [Biblical Inspiration] [Books] [Bible] [Edward W. H. Vick] [Inspiration]

July 1, 8AM

June 28, 4PM

I’ve completed the second chapter of Deuteronomy in the CBC commentary on Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, and it may surprise some that I’ve felt a bit of a letdown as I moved from the variety of liturgy and laws, though interspersed with... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Deuteronomy] [Hebrews]

June 27, 9AM

More Info On page 238 of his NTL commentary on Hebrews Luke Timothy Johnson uses the word “interrupt” to describe the transition between exposition and exhortation starting in Hebrews 5:11. In a way I’m nit... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Galatians] [Hebrews] [Romans]

June 25, 4PM

What a mess my office is! I want to make a short comment on this, and the use of λόγος again in 4:13. I’m not going to go through all the arguments. I’ve just re-read David L. Allen (New American Commentary), Luke Timothy Johnson (NTL), ... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Hebrews] [Hebrews 4] [Hebrews 4:12-13]

June 24, 2PM

A second law and a second note on introductions to biblical books. Goes together, no? I completed my reading of Numbers along with the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary yesterday and today read the introduction from the section on Deuteronomy. In it the aut... [bible backgrounds] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible Study Tools] [Deuteronomy] [Introductions] [NLT] [NRSV]

June 23, 7AM

I’m about to move from the section on Numbers in the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary and from there go on to reading Deuteronomy. I’m reading this in parallel with a reading of the Hebrew text. I’ll first note that I find this commentary... [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Numbers]
Are we veiling the commentary with the translation used? As I’ve been reading a commentary based on the New Living Translation (NLT), it has been interesting to note how the commentators differ from the readings of the translation on which the comme... [Bible Translation] [bible translations] [Bible Versions] [ESV] [NLT] [NRSV] [Numbers]

June 22, 1PM

Regarding Numbers 33 and the 42 stations on the route to the promised land, footnote #1 on page 420, (Cornerstone Biblical Commentary on Numbers), notes that “[p]atristic commentators compared these 42 stations to the 42 (3 x 14) generations in Jesu... [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Matthew] [Numbers] [Numbers 33]

June 21, 10AM

Credit: Nearly 20 years ago a waitress at a well-known breakfast chain messed up my order for hash browns by adding diced ham. If you don’t find anything odd about that sentence, you are, perhaps, a candidate for counseling. But I d... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [discipleship] [Numbers] [Numbers 32] [Stories]


We like meaning and connections, and we’ll sometimes find them even when they’re not there. People who understand this can deceive you. The Improbability Principle from Neuroblogica is a very good summary of this. [Links] [probability] [statistics] [thinking]

June 20, 9AM

Since I have been reading the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary on Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy along with the text, I wanted to place a short note about the response to this passage in that commentary. (The author of the Leviticus portion is Dale A ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Biblical Inspiration] [ethnic cleansing] [Genocide] [Numbers 31] [violence]

June 18, 12 PM

Credit: (Leave Christology out of it!) Reading the post A Similarity Between Reasoned Eclecticism & Byzantine Priority over on the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog (HT: Dave Black Online, Monday, June 6, 12:35), set me to thinking. F... [Bible study] [biblical criticism] [Textual Criticism] [Community] [Inerrancy] [Inspiration]

June 17, 8AM

Since I wrote recently about biblical culture shock, and have also commented from time to time on our impatience with the process in politics, it was interesting for me to come to Numbers 30 and 31 in my evening reading. More Info ... [bible backgrounds] [Bible Passages] [Biblical Inspiration] [hermeneutics] [Numbers] [Numbers 31]

June 16, 6AM

Yeah, this will be a short one. Really! More Info As I’m reading through another commentary on Hebrews (Luke Timothy Johnson, Hebrews, New Testament Library), I can’t help but write a few notes. One might get th... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Hebrews] [hebrews 1:1-4]

June 15, 7AM

From Before I went overseas with my parents at 14 years of age we were all required to be briefed about culture shock. Sometimes people have very negative reactions to encountering cultures different than their own. We saw this happen with... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Hebrews] [metaphor] [sacrifice]

June 14, 7AM

Learn More I’ve discussed this before, and discussed it both in my books When People Speak for God and Not Ashamed of the Gospel: Confessions of a Liberal Charismatic. I was asked after my Sunday School lesson last Sun... [Bible study] [Christianity] [Bible] [Inspiration]


From I didn’t want to comment on the murder of 49 people in Orlando, not because I don’t sympathize with the victims or condemn the killing, but because I dislike getting tangled up in politics on this blog. If a Christian comm... [politics] [Christianity] [Islam] [lgbt] [Orlando] [terrorism]

June 13, 2PM

More Info Despite my somewhat snippy comments in my last post, I found reading Luke Timothy Johnson’s introduction to Hebrews in his volume in the New Testament Library (pictured at left) quite helpful. In particular, ... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Hebrews] [Luke Timothy Johnson]


More Info I’m reading through Luke Timothy Johnson’s commentary in the New Testament Library and have just completed the introduction. I have a couple of thoughts today, not least of which is to note the problem ... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [biblical criticism] [Hebrews] [Luke Timothy Johnson]

June 11, 8AM

In preparing for my Sunday School lesson tomorrow I read some very high sounding words about settling for less: pleasure rather than joy, vengeance rather than justice, sentiment rather than beauty, and so forth. The source was N. T. Wright, quoted in the... [Christianity] [religion] [Christian Living]

May 23, 3PM

From This past Sunday the lesson was from Luke 18:15-17, Jesus blessing the children. Saturday evening, as I was thinking about this, a local church was promoting their variety of children’s programs and how that showed their care fo... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [children] [church] [Luke 18] [Ministry]


Messages are only as useful as the audience they reach … — Joshua Darr, Just so! And even though that comes from a post about politics, I’m not thinking politics here. [Administrative] [message] [outreach]

May 18, 6AM

Church politics is necessary. Even those who most avoid it live with it. What we must work toward is a way of making decisions in the church that isn’t just a pale reflection of the way things are done in the world. One of the ways we create a pale ... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [Ecclesiology]

May 14, 1PM

From openclipart.orgToday Pat Badstibner of World Prayr published a post on the World Prayr Devotional blog picturesquely titled The Law Is Not Soggy Cornflakes. In it, Pat finds a number of purposes for the law, even, and perhaps especially, for those li... [Bible Passages] [Christianity] [religion] [grace] [Luke] [Luke 17]

May 12, 2PM

I will not be continuing my eschatology study tonight. I will be giving the final session of the eschatology series next Thursday night. At that time, I will take a break and will return June 23, 2016. I will announce what I’ll be studying as we mov... [Administrative] [Announcements] [Bible study] [religion] [eschatology]

12 PM

Credit: An article today on FiveThirtyEight says it’s possible that the simple awarding of badges to those who follow certain procedures (openness of data, revealing methodology, etc), may have sparked an increase in these good pract... [science]


Credit: Recent political discourse reminds me of the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector: 9 He also told this parable to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and regarded others with contempt: 10 “Two men w... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [church] [Ecclesiology]

May 5, 1PM

I will not be presenting my study on eschatology via Google Hangouts on Air this evening. I will continue on May 12 and May 19 which will conclude this study. I still haven’t decided what my next topic will be. I’m open to suggestions. [Announcements]


Vote? … have to vote for one of the major party candidates come November. I’m going to take a break from not posting anything political. I haven’t stayed away from political posting because I think politics is bad and Christians shouldn&... [politics] [election] [partisanship] [voting]

May 2, 8AM

I sometimes tend to overthink things. I know this will shock my family and friends. I just experienced the downside of this. Our yard is full of trees. I have nowhere to park my car that doesn’t result in it being covered with tree sap. Now doubtles... [Personal]

April 28, 12 PM

  Tonight I’ll be bridging the gap between these two very commonly associated books and doing a look-ahead to my several week study of Revelation. This study will conclude my series on Eschatology. Amongst the small but diligent group that wat... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Daniel] [eschatology] [Revelation]

April 21, 3PM

I’m going to try to wrap up my discussion of Daniel. I must remember that my purpose here was not to do an extended study of Daniel, but rather to look at ways of interpreting the book and how they fit into and/or underlie one’s eschatological... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Daniel] [Daniel 10] [Daniel 11] [Daniel 12] [eschatology]

April 18, 10AM

The Supreme Court did this by declining to hear the case, thus leaving the Appeals Court ruling in place. Article here. HT: FastCompany. As both a publisher and an author, I approve of this decision, especially because I publish many relatively unknown au... [Announcements]

April 14, 2PM

Yesterday I read a few chapters (4 actually) of Hebrews with Stephen’s Textus Receptus (1550) beside my NA27, both from Logos Bible Software. It was an interesting exercise. I noticed a few things I hadn’t noticed before and was reminded of so... [Bible study] [Bible Translation] [religion] [edition] [Greek] [New Testament]
I’ve been wrong before, am quite probably wrong about many things right now, and I suspect I will go right on being wrong until I die. From What Embarrasses Me about Christianity. Yep. Just checked. No reason to believe I’m not still wrong about b... [Christianity] [religion]


Tonight I’ll be discussing various understandings of the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel 9 with Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. Google+ Event Page YouTube: [Announcements] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Daniel] [Daniel 9] [eschatology]

April 12, 1PM

Tonight on the Energion Tuesday Night Hangout, Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. will interview author Jay Hall regarding his book on the age of the earth, and then Elgin and I will be joined by Thomas Hudgins for a discussion of some translation/interpretation issues ... [Creation and Evolution] [religion]


In Hebrews 2:1-4 I believe the author of Hebrews provides a basic apologetic outline, and I think it’s a very useful one to follow. After the first two verses, which start from a platform that was already accepted by the audience, the author emphasi... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Christian Apologetics] [Christianity] [religion] [CEV] [Hebrews] [Hebrews 2]

April 10, 6PM

I’ve written about this a couple of times before, though using the NIV1984 and NIV2011, in A Gender Neutral Example – Hebrews 2:6-8 and Quick Follow-up on Hebrews 2:6-8. I covered most of the key issues in those two short posts, but to summari... [Bible Passages] [Bible Translation] [bible translations] [religion] [gender accurate translation] [Hebrews] [Hebrews 2] [NRSV]

April 7, 3PM

I’ll spend a little bit more time on Daniel 8 and its interpretation and then look at Daniel’s prayer and some introductory issues on Daniel 9. Next week, April 14, I will be joined by Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. to discuss the time prophecy portion o... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Daniel] [Daniel 8] [Daniel 9] [eschatology]

March 31, 3PM

Tonight I’ll continue my study of eschatology by looking at Daniel 8. This is a fairly straightfoward chapter to interpret with a great deal of the interpretation provided right in the text. The most interesting element, I believe, is to look at its... [Announcements] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Daniel 8] [eschatology] [Investigative judgment]


The sixth mark Dave discusses in Seven Marks of a New Testament Church is fervent prayer (pp. 39-42). There are a variety of views of what it means to be “the church” or what it means to be Christian. For some, it’s a matter of holding t... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [Prayer] [religion] [David Alan Black] [Seven Marks]

March 30, 4PM

On March 24, 2016, blog entry marked 11:40 AM, Dave Black talks about translating poetry and links to his essay on the topic from a Festschrift, available via Google Docs. Reading Dave’s comments about translating poetry reminded me of one of my fav... [Bible Translation] [religion] [Creativity] [Ezekiel] [poetry] [Psalms] [translation]


Yes, he had an opinion: To Mary Willis Shelburne (3/21/1955): “We were talking about Cats & Dogs the other day & decided that both have consciences but the dog, being an honest, humble person, always has a bad one, but the Cat is a Pharisee and ... [humor]
From, johnny_automatic. A few months ago a friend, commenting on my approach to publishing, and really to many other things, said, “It’s hard to be both a prophet and a facilitator.” Now he wasn’t talking about the... [Christianity] [religion] [church] [Ecclesiology] [house church]

March 25, 3PM

It’s the evening of Good Friday and I find myself a bit too tired to blog coherently or to come up with some uplifting words. I generally try not to write when I feel this way. No use spreading the weariness around. But of course Good Friday was a d... [Christianity] [religion] [Good Friday]

March 24, 3PM

I’ll be addressing some additional points about dating and prediction as well, while emphasizing the symbols and imagery and what the book would have sounded like to those who first read it. Google+ Event Page YouTube: [Announcements] [Daniel] [eschatology]

March 18, 1PM

I suspect that most of the times numbers are used in the media, people are being misinformed in some way. Frequently it’s by ignoring the margin of error. I’m going to discuss this with others on this afternoon’s Global Christian Perspec... [Administrative] [politics] [polling]

March 15, 2PM

On Thursday night I’ll be interviewing Dr. Herold Weiss, author of Meditations on According to John and the forthcoming Meditations on the Letters of Paul, to be released this week. We’ll be talking about Paul’s eschatology and how criti... [Announcements] [eschatology] [Google Hangout on Air] [Herold Weiss] [Paul]
I’ll be interviewing Bill Tuck and Bob McKibben. Details at Energion News. Time: 7 pm central. [Announcements]

March 10, 4PM

I’ll be looking at chapters 6 & 7 tonight, though 7 will doubtless stay in focus as we go through 8 & 9. Google+ Event Page YouTube: [Announcements] [Bible study] [Daniel] [eschatology]

March 3, 5PM

I’m fighting a cold and will not try to talk for an hour on the hangout on air. I’ll announce one for next week when we’ll continue the study of Daniel. Also, Dr. Herold Weiss has agreed to join me again for an interview on Paul’s ... [Announcements] [Bible study] [Paul]

March 1, 5PM

On the Energion Hangout tonight I’ll be hosting Dr. Bruce Epperly and Dr. Allan Bevere to discuss salvation in Christian theology and the terms I’ve listed. Doubtless many others will come up. The Energion Discussion Network resource page for... [Announcements] [energion publications] [Google Hangout] [Soteriology]

February 27, 4PM

I’m sometimes disappointed with posts that don’t attract comments compared to those that do. I’m not talking about my site, where comments are few and far between. Right now I’m looking at a post on the Energion Discussion Network,... [Bible study] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [religion]
Louder Is Not Truer (Image Credit: OpenClipart, qubodup) It seems that many people believe that in order to be firm in one’s convictions, one must be arrogant, loud, and generally rude. Rude and angry speech is praised as telling it like it is. Cour... [Personal] [communication] [dialogue] [truth]

February 26, 2PM

I’ll be joining Chris Eyre and Elgin Hushbeck on Today’s Global Christian Perspectives: [Announcements]

February 18, 2PM

I am a bit rushed, so here are the links without much comment. Google+ Event Page YouTube: [Bible books] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Daniel] [eschatology]

February 11, 1PM

I’m continuing with the dream of Daniel 2 and hopefully connecting it to the golden image of Daniel 3. I’m grotesquely short of time, so will spend it both reading and doing what has to be done! Google+ Event Page YouTube: [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [apocalyptic] [Daniel] [eschatology]

February 9, 9AM

It has been some time since I posted my last installment of my discussion of the book Seven Marks of a New Testament Church by David Alan Black, along with some commentary from the books Transforming Acts: Acts of the Apostles as a 21st Century Gospel, by... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Worship] [Bruce Epperly] [communion] [David Alan Black] [Eucharist] [Ruth Fletcher]

February 6, 12 PM

Source: Gerald_G I’m going to be teaching my home Sunday School class for the next four weeks, and it happens that the topics are all from the Israelite feasts. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about Passover, the next week about the F... [Christianity] [religion] [Worship] [celebration] [Feasts]


Credit: J_Alves Evolution is one of those issues we often don’t discuss in church. There are actually quite a number of Christians who accept evolutionary theory in general or just a part of it, but quite often they just don’t ... [Christianity] [Creation and Evolution] [intelligent design] [religion] [Creation] [debate] [Discovery Institute] [discussion] [evolution]

February 5, 1PM

My instinctive reaction when I disagree with people on major issues is to come out swinging. Despite this instinct, I believe I am called to be a facilitator, to try to help people talk intelligently and communicate effectively about controversial topics.... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [judgment] [Revelation] [Universalism]


I was talking recently with a friend who commented that there are certain events that serve as anchor points for our faith. For me, despite all the drifting I’ve done since it happened, one of those points was the time when my father was healed. I a... [Christianity] [Personal] [Prayer] [religion] [Guyana] [healing] [mission]


For those who hold to the historicity of the story of Daniel and generally to an early dating, Daniel 1:1 is a critical text that presents some problems. As I proceed with my eschatology series, and starting going through the book of Daniel verse by verse... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [religion] [2 Chronicles] [2 Kings] [chronology] [Daniel] [Exile]

February 4, 5PM

Tonight will be my first session on the book of Daniel. I’ll be starting with chapter 1 and going as far as I can. I expect the whole book to take some time, though the first several chapters should go more quickly than the later ones. Google+ Event... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Daniel] [eschatology]

February 3, 4PM

I ran across this while looking for something else. Dr. Alden Thompson was the author of the first book sold by Energion Publications, though it was published before I bought and renamed the company. We’ve now published a 5th edition, and this is ov... [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [Christianity] [old testament] [religion] [Inspiration] [violence]


I enjoyed interviewing three different Energion authors last night. The first was Rev. Steve Kindle who talked about stewardship and the importance of starting from an understanding that everything belongs to God. Steve provided some practical steps that ... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [Prayer] [religion] [stewardship] [Worship] [Spirituality]


EDN = Energion Discussion Network. Today’s post is by yours truly and titled In the Embrace of Change. As owner of Energion Publications, I’m putting a great deal of the company marketing efforts and dollars into building up that site, it̵... [Announcements] [Links]

February 2, 10AM

Discussion Ahead traffic sign in woman’s hand on a white background On the Energion Discussion Network we have two essays posted in answer to the question “Do atonement theories continue to speak to the human condition?” The “yes&#... [Christianity] [religion] [Soteriology] [Atonement] [energion publications] [penal substitutionary atonement]
The day after the Iowa caucuses I’m left to wonder how I could have gotten so uninterested in politics. I have been fascinated by government as long as I can remember, and when I turned 18 and could vote I not only registered immediately, I also sta... [Christianity] [politics] [religion]

January 28, 2PM

Tonight I’ll be finishing my preparatory studies for eschatology as I look at a few more visions, especially from Zechariah, and then at a bit of chronology in preparation for studying the book of Daniel on a more verse by verse basis starting next ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Daniel] [eschatology] [symbol] [vision]


Source: (thenanobel) I’m working on a programming project for the IT side of my business today and I was reminded of the importance of little things. When I’m programming and something goes wrong, my tendency is to look for big... [Personal]

January 26, 5PM

Salvation: Who and How? You can get more details by following the link. [Announcements]

January 21, 5PM

I’m starting in about 15 minutes. Tonight I’m going to be looking at Revelation 21 & 22 and their use of 3rd Isaiah (chapters 56-66). I want to look at how imagery is used and reused and how this impacts the way we interpret. Google+ Event... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [eschatology] [Isaiah] [Revelation]


This morning Dave Black posted some things about reading Hebrews from the Good News Bible (TEV) and also on authorship and canonicity. I’m not posting to enter into a debate on this point, but rather to note an attitude. Dave says: The undeniable re... [Bible Versions] [Biblical Canon] [biblical criticism] [Christianity] [religion] [canon] [David Alan Black] [Hebrews] [Herold Weiss] [Paul]

January 14, 8AM

I’ve posted the event for my study on eschatology tonight. I’ll be looking at Isaiah for at least two sessions, the first focused on the servant passages as an exercise in interpretation, and the second on the language of the latter chapters a... [Announcements] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [eschatology] [Isaiah]

January 9, 11AM

This past week on the Energion Discussion Network two answers were posted to the question “Can the great religions be vehicles of salvation for their followers?” Answering “Yes” was Dr. Herold Weiss, and answering “No” ... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [religion] [Soteriology] [exclusivism] [inclusivism] [pluralism]

January 8, 3PM

From the forthcoming book Meditations on the Letters of Paul by Herold Weiss: The mind does not operate in a vacuum. As it operates it expresses itself in a concrete environment through the body. Faith and hope may be thought as purely intellectual activi... [Bible Passages] [Christianity] [religion]

January 7, 9AM

Due to lost time in December I’m facing a huge stack of tasks to catch up on, so I won’t be doing my study tonight. The study on eschatology will resume January 14 at 7 pm central time when I will begin to discuss the latter chapters of Isaiah... [Administrative]

January 6, 10AM

As an exercise in math illiteracy it would be hard (though likely possible) to beat How to Pick Your Powerball Numbers from ABC News. If you are allowed to work without context (sample size, population size, etc) you can make anything sound useful. [Administrative]

January 1, 11AM

Or perhaps as the social occasion. Thom Rainer has a post titled Seven Things Church Members Should Say to Guests in a Worship Service. It comes complete with a header picture of people who, to me, look like they’re forcing excessive smiles. I proba... [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Worship] [Christian Ministry] [church] [gospel commission]

December 31 2015, 8AM

December 10, 10AM

Tonight will be my last study hangout for the year as I look at eschatology and advent. You can see more at the Google+ event page. In January I will restart this series by looking at Isaiah. Here’s the YouTube: [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [eschatology] [Advent]


I’m planning to finish resume and complete my blog series on Seven Marks of a New Testament Church with added commentary from the books Thrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations, and Transforming Acts: Acts of the Apostles as a 21st Cen... [Christianity] [religion] [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Bible] [church] [New Testament]

December 8, 2PM

I will join my wife Jody and artist and copy editor Jan Edmunds for a chat about the meaning of Christmas tonight. Google+ Event Page YouTube: [religion] [Christmas] [war on Christmas]

December 7, 10AM

… and so should mine. There are quite a number of ideas that I believe are quite good when practiced voluntarily, and become dangerous and destructive when backed by force. For example, let’s take “political correctness.” Much of w... [freedom of speech] [politics] [religion] [Criticism] [drug war] [free-speech] [political correctness]

December 5, 11AM

From Jody and I are teaching Sunday School tomorrow, and the starting point is the Adult Bible Studies Uniform Series, Winter 2015-2016. Thus we start the Advent season by studying the 4th commandment (the Sabbath command; some count these... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [religion] [Law] [principle] [Ten Commandments]

December 3, 4PM

Tonight I’ll continue my discussion of Ezekiel, which I see as a book that stands somewhat between classical prophecy and apocalyptic, though more on the side of classical prophecy. Nonetheless you’ll see aspects of the structure and language ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [exegesis] [eschatology] [Ezekiel]

November 19, 4PM

I suppose it had to happen sometime. Well, not really. I could have said no. But I have now taken a step off the edge and published a book I can’t even read. It’s in Simplified Mandarin. I got the translation, did the layout, and then had it c... [Books] [religion] [book] [Christianity] [Simplified Mandarin]


© Martin Šandera | Dreamstime Stock Photos There is no crime so heinous that we should punish someone who didn’t commit it. I’ve said this frequently about domestic crime. It seems obvious, but it is also something we forget when somebody ha... [politics] [terrorism]

November 16, 7AM

I have in my aging mind this idea that a younger me—say early teens—was a reasonably good gardener. Present activities do not support this, unless I have lost all the talent over the years. My garden has been very good as relaxing activity. It has got... [Personal]

November 12, 5PM

Google+ Event Page YouTube: My post is very late, so I expect I won’t have a live audience tonight at all (they’re always very small), but still I need to provide the link for those who watch later. There will be some interesting connections ... [Announcements] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [eschatology] [Ezekiel]

November 5, 5PM

Tonight I’ll be spending most of my time in Ezekiel 1 along with dealing with some background. I’ll follow this next week by looking at the glory of the Lord in Ezekiel as a guide to the theme of the book. Finally, I’ll look at the templ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Ezekiel 1]

November 3, 3PM

You can grow old, die, and become a legend in the time it takes me to watch a movie following its release. So don’t wait for me! Dave Black has seen the movie Woodlawn and has dutifully commented on his blog, and had his remarks posted on Alvin Reid... [Announcements] [Woodlawn]

November 1, 8PM

Dave and Becky Black Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of Becky Lynn Black’s homegoing. Dave has been posting some testimonies on his web site. I never met Becky, so I can’t relate personal experiences. But there is a way for me (and others) to ... [Personal]

October 31, 9AM

The fourth mark of a New Testament church that Dave Black finds in Acts he calls genuine relationships. The early believers devoted themselves to the fellowship, to their community. There are so many words for it. In America today we rarely think of the c... [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [church] [Community] [Hospitality]

October 30, 2PM

When the e-mail arrived offering me a copy of this gorgeous Bible edition, I didn’t really read the material thoroughly enough or I might have declined. I’m a content man. I have one complete bookcase and parts of three more dedicated to Bible... [bible translations] [Bible Versions] [religion] [NLT]


From Bob Cornwall posting on the Energion Discussion Network: I realize that some might find this affirmation of God’s realm a bit disconcerting. They might think that I’m recommending some kind of theocracy. In a way, I am, but not in the usual way o... [Christianity] [religion] [faith and society]

October 29, 8AM

I’ll be tackling this rather intense topic tonight and likely failing to hold it down and get it under control! Following the event I will post more resources. Google+ Event Page   [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [eschatology] [Life after Death] [resurrection]

October 23, 9AM

Since I’ve been talking about Seventh-day Adventists starting yesterday, due to the date, I thought I’d use an Ellen G. White quote. A friend called my attention to this today in a phone conversation. Every association of life calls for the ex... [Christianity] [religion] [Ellen G. White] [experience]

October 22, 4PM

This is strictly a links post, giving links to the resources I’ll be referencing tonight. First some of my own resources: Eschatology: Future and Present Announcing this study and giving some questions to consider taken from Eschatology: A Particip... [Links] [eschatology] [Inerrancy] [Inspiration]

October 21, 3PM

Clipart Credit Substantially changing beliefs have been a defining characteristic of my life. That may be hard to comprehend. It’s even hard to write in a grammatical form. This admission makes some people uncomfortable. Why should they listen to me... [Christianity] [religion] [1844] [Great Disappointment] [SDA] [Seventh-day-Adventist]

October 20, 3PM

On the scale of cosmic events, this is somewhat less significant than the proverbial one beat of a butterfly wing, but today I ate something from my garden for the first time. It wasn’t planned. I had to thin my radishes, so I saved them and added s... [Personal] [Garden]

12 PM

On Thursday night I’m going to do two things: 1) Present some material related to chapter 6 of Eschatology: A Participatory Study Guide (titled “Eschatology Future and Present”), and 2) Discuss October 22 as the anniversary of the Great ... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [1844] [eschatology] [SDA]


© Pamelajane | Dreamstime Stock Photos We complain about it, write about it, claim it’s important or even critical, design programs to create it, but what is it? I don’t mean that none of us know what we mean when we say “biblically lit... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Biblical Illiteracy]

October 19, 8AM

One of the most interesting and troubling things I’ve found about myself and my church (any of the churches of which I’ve been a member!) is the number of things we know we should do and even decide we will do, but which never get done. Seven ... [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Ecclesiology] [mission]
In my Eschatology study last Thursday (Oct. 15, 2015) I tried to answer an audience question. Here it is: Is the sense of the presence of Jesus today dependent on the historical Jesus surviving death? Or, is it more like the presence of a departed parent ... [Christianity] [religion] [afterlife] [eschatology] [resurrection]

October 15, 8AM

Taken from chapter 5 of Eschatology: A Participatory Study Guide by Edward W. H. Vick. You can find out more about this study on the Google+ Event page. Description: This study is from chapter 5 of the book Eschatology: A Participatory Study Guide by Ed... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [eschatology]

October 13, 4PM

Well, I didn’t do it alone, but I don’t think I can plead completely “not guilty.” Tonight at 7 pm (about a half hour from when I’m posting this), I’ll be interviewing Lee Wyatt, author of the new book The Incredible Sh... [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [religion] [evangelism]

12 PM

© Tonyd | Dreamstime Stock Photos I have been asked whether I accept open theism or process theology. The fact is that I accept extreme uncertainty about the way God relates to space and time, but that I think the process theologians come closer to the w... [Christianity] [Openness of God] [religion] [Arminianism] [Calvinism] [open theism] [process theology]

October 8, 12 PM

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with blogging this week. It’s a busy month. On Wednesday nights I’m teaching from Revelation for a youth group at a local church, and of course I have my Thursday night events, one of which I’m annou... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [end times] [religion] [eschatology]

October 1, 4PM

I’ll be working from Chapter 4 of Dr. Edward Vick’s book Eschatology: A Participatory Study Guide and looking at the nature of prophecy and the literary nature of the texts. I’ll also be looking at ways in which we interpret prophetic li... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [eschatology]

September 30, 10AM

In the video, Dave calls this simply “The Word of God.” I’m embedding it at the end of this post. One of my observations in talking to people about their churches and church programs is that they find the first moment when a book or prog... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Bruce Epperly] [David Alan Black] [hermeneutics] [Ruth Fletcher]

September 29, 7AM

… so it is not left to this sort of discussion. I did some study of and discussion of the so-called Bible codes some years back, and I’m not spending more time. The problem is that using the methodology in question (and its variants) one can c... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Bible codes] [eschatology]

September 28, 8AM

Energion author William Powell Tuck, author of The Journey to the Undiscovered Country and many other books, is taking on the topic of eschatology at a personal level on the Energion Discussion Network. Since I’m currently talking about this topic o... [Christianity] [religion] [eschatology] [Life after Death]

September 27, 6PM

Tim Bulkeley is asking a question about the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. When I say that I reject biblical inerrancy, a frequent (and valid) follow-up is to ask what kind of inerrancy I reject. The answer, for me, is the inerrancy of the Chica... [Biblical Inerrancy] [Biblical Inspiration] [religion]


Since I’ve been talking about churches and leadership, I thought it would be useful to point to this article on Local church pastors on the rise. As usual, I think we’re behind. My personal belief is that the whole system of education... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [United Methodist Church] [church] [Ministry] [pastor]


Recently I’ve encountered a seeming avalanche of comments, articles, and posts that claim that some new technological tool will make you stupid. Or possibly lazy. Or immoral. Or something. Doubtless the first stone knife was similarly received — a... [education] [Personal] [Technology]

September 25, 12 PM

(This continues a series that started here, and continues with part 2, part 3, and part 4.) The second mark of a New Testament church according to Dr. David Alan Black is Christian baptism. He explains why he explicitly uses the term “Christian̶... [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [baptism] [Bruce Epperly] [David Alan Black] [New Testament] [Ruth Fletcher]

September 24, 10AM

Tonight I’ll be continuing my study on Eschatology, using my Google+ page and YouTube channel. I’ll embed a YouTube viewer below. In preparation for this study I think it would be useful to read my post from earlier this morning titled Link an... [Christianity] [end times] [eschatology] [Google Hangout on Air] [Prophecy]


Grid Search Pattern by Scout, Jeremy Myers at Redeeming God has an interesting post on textual criticism (HT: Thomas Hudgins). Myers is comparing the textual commentaries written by Bruce Metzger (with input of the UBS committee) and Phili... [biblical criticism] [Biblical Inerrancy] [Biblical Inspiration] [religion] [Source Criticism] [Textual Criticism]

September 23, 1PM

(This continues a series that started here, and continues with part 2 and part 3.) Dave’s first mark of a New Testament church is evangelistic preaching. (Book: Seven Marks of a New Testament Church.) I’m a member of a church that’s part... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [religion] [Acts] [church] [evangelism] [spiritual habit]

September 22, 4PM

In my current series on the church, starting from my interview with Dr. David Alan Black about his book Seven Marks of a New Testament Church, I’m bringing in material from two other authors: Bruce Epperly (Transforming Acts: Acts of the Apostles as... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion]
I’ve read recently about people cutting off dialogue because of certain behaviors of those on the other side. And indeed, there are times when dialogue becomes futile because someone else refuses to be honest or refuses to engage. I’m writing ... [debate] [dialogue]

September 21, 5PM

I will be putting more material from Bruce Epperly in as I post more on the church, but here’s an exercise he suggests in his book Transforming Acts, pp. 19-20. Acts of the Apostles is clear that doctrines are symbiotically related to behavior. Our ... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [religion] [Acts] [church] [Ecclesiology]


Well, the church isn’t new, except to us. We’re changing our church membership from First United Methodist Church of Pensacola to Chumuckla Community Church (a United Methodst congregation). I want to make sure you know that this is a move to,... [Announcements] [Personal] [Chumuckla Community Church]

September 20, 6AM

I’m starting a series of posts inspired by my recent interview with Dr. David Alan Black regarding his book Seven Marks of a New Testament Church. He bases this book and the seven marks on Acts 2:37-47. You can see a video of that interview below. I... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [Worship] [church] [New Testament] [pews]

September 19, 8AM

From, artist bedpanner. I’m married to a nurse, my mother is a retired nurse, my sister is a nurse (NICU, which puts me in awe of her), and my daughter is in nursing school. It was unlikely I’d miss the discussion of Joy Behar&... [media] [politics] [Joy Behar] [nurses] [The View] [Values]

September 17, 4PM

Tonight I’ll be basing my presentation on Chapter 3 of Eschatology: A Participatory Study Guide by Dr. Edward W. H. Vick. The event description can be found on Google+. I’m embedded a YouTube viewer below. This will be on my YouTube channel an... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [eschatology] [Mark] [Mark 13] [New Testament]


We’re starting a new series of posts on the Energion Discussion Network and the current author is my friend and Energion author Dr. Herold Weiss. He’s the author of the book Creation in Scripture, the first in a series discussing creation from... [Biblical Inspiration] [Christianity] [Creation and Evolution] [doctrines] [religion] [Bible] [Creation] [evolution]

September 16, 6AM

Considering my recent posts, I wanted to call attention to my interview last night with Dr. David Moffett-Moore, pastor and author of five Energion titles: Life as Pilgrimage, The Spirit’s Fruit: A Participatory Study Guide, Creation in Contemporary... [Christianity] [Prayer] [religion]

September 15, 9AM

Well, my prospective, perhaps presumptive garden, that is. One of the important elements to understanding stories in the Bible, parables included, is our perspective. In Christian circles, when we hear “the sower went forth to sow,” (Matthew 1... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [evangelism] [Matthew] [Matthew 13] [witness]

September 14, 3PM

Yesterday I wrote a bit about using prayer and Bible study as a starting point for change. The problem is that it’s very easy to pray and study the Bible in such a way that it makes you a worse person. I’ve found a relatively simple way to det... [Bible study] [Christianity] [Prayer] [religion]

September 13, 5AM

Before I dig into this series organized around Dave Black’s book Seven Marks of a New Testament Church, I want to make a couple of off-the-cuff remarks. Over the last few years I’ve come to believe that we have two key elements that need to be... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Bible study] [church]

September 12, 2PM

I met Dr. Agatha Thrash back in 1974 when I went to stay with my brother-in-law Ted Nick and my sister Betty Rae. I managed the Country Life Natural Food Store (it was not then a restaurant) for nearly a year. Well, I was manager and sole worker. I didn&#... [Announcements] [people] [Personal]
Last weekend Dave Black was our guest here in Pensacola. I recorded some videos for promotional and educational purposes and Dave also preached and talked about missions (with plenty of pictures) at Chumuckla Community Church. I will be posting some of th... [Books] [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [church] [Ecclesiology] [theology]

September 10, 8AM

While I titled the event Eschatology: Mark 13, Matthew 24, and Luke 21, I will be focusing on the first. I will be mentioning the parallels and likely working directly from gospel parallels. I’m embedding the YouTube viewer first, then I’ll ma... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [religion] [apocalyptic] [Daniel] [eschatology] [Mark]

September 9, 5AM

Over the years I’ve heard many discussions of what one should do about people asking for money at streetcorners, or at the exit from the interstate, or wherever they may be found. The vast majority of these discussions were about ethics. Do I have a... [Christianity] [religion] [homelessness]

September 6, 4PM

I had the pleasure today of hosting Dr. David Alan Black at Chumuckla Community Church. I’ve been teaching there for the last five weeks, and preached once. Today Dave shared pictures of some of his mission work and also preached. His sermon was tit... [Christianity] [Personal] [religion]

September 4, 12 PM

I spent the morning in the library at First UMC here in Pensacola as Kyle Hall recorded videos of interviews with Dave Black. We discussed his books Why Four Gospels?, The Jesus Paradigm, Christian Archy, Will You Join the Cause of Global Missions?, It... [Announcements]

September 3, 1PM

I had hoped to do a bit more writing on how we interpret the Bible before tonight’s discussion. In diving into teaching a bit on eschatology, I have come to feel a bit like someone who has encountered one of the versions of the certification test fo... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [eschatology] [Interpretation]

August 31, 6AM

James McGrath posted a rather humorous piece this morning, titled The Fundamentalist Interprets Scripture (Sheep and Goats). I think he makes an important point here, but it is my belief that we all have our ways of avoiding what scripture says. The liber... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion]

August 30, 5PM

Click for photo credit I’ve been thinking a bit about this common statement, and I think the answer is both “yes” and “no.” And therein lies a significant problem, if not several! I recall an online discussion some years ago ... [Uncategorized]

August 29, 9AM

I get this question quite frequently: What are you trying to accomplish? If it’s not presented as a question, it’s presented as an assumption. Here are some major options: My goal is to advance a liberal theological agenda, i.e., to make peop... [discussion] [dialogue]

August 28, 9AM

Last night after my discussion of eschatology, in which I mentioned that we tend to discover what we’re looking for in scripture, I returned to the house. Now I think this warning is important. We need to check our questions. On my hub site, henryne... [Bible study] [religion]

August 27, 8AM

Tonight I’m giving myself permission to ramble in my presentation. “How will that be different?” you ask. I would imagine largely in that I won’t feel guilty while I ramble! There are few areas that demonstrate differences in views... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [eschatology] [Google Hangout on Air]

August 26, 1PM

I opened my mailbox today to be greeted by a slick flyer inviting me to discover what the Bible really says about a variety of things. Among the the questions I’m told I can get answered: What is the future of our country during this economic downtu... [Bible study] [Biblical Inspiration] [religion] [SDA]

August 20, 1PM

Last week was the closing session in my online study of the gospel According to John using Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to John: Exercises in Biblical Theology. I now turn to a new subject, eschatology, and will start with the book E... [Bible study] [end times] [religion] [eschatology] [Google Hangout on Air]

August 15, 5PM

At the beginning of the year I began a journey through the gospel According to John, using as my guide the book Meditations on According to John by Herold Weiss. I began this study largely for myself. I admit it. My motivation was selfish. I wanted to for... [Bible books] [Bible study] [According to John] [eschatology] [Google Hangouts on Air] [Herold Weiss]


In the comments to my announcement for Thursday night’s interview with Dr. Herold Weiss there was a comment that included a question. I missed it and failed to ask it during the interview. I e-mailed it to Dr. Weiss, and he sent me a response. Since... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [According to John] [Herold Weiss]

August 12, 2PM

This is from the forthcoming book The Incredible Shrinking Gospel by Lee Wyatt. Formatting progress doesn’t allow me to tell you the precise page number. Oddly, his [Jesus’] ministry as we find it in our canonical gospels suffers considerable ... [Books]
Well, I hope it’s not my final interview ever, and since we’re going to announce his next book, already under contract (and I have a preliminary manuscript in hand!), it likely won’t be. But it’s a wind-up interview for my study of... [Announcements] [Bible books] [Bible study] [religion] [According to John] [Bible] [Herold Weiss]

August 6, 4PM

It has been that kind of a day. I apologize for not posting this earlier. You can find out more about this discussion on the Google+ Event Page or view it using the YouTube embedded below. [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Google Hangout on Air] [Herold Weiss] [John]

July 30, 3PM

I’ve been planning to create some short notes on John, discussions of topics about which I’ve gotten a number of questions. I recorded the first of these today, and here’s the embedded YouTube video: Tonight I’ve decided that I wi... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [According to John] [Google Hangouts on Air]



… at least. Bob Cornwall shares a bit on this topic, including, of course, a link to his book in Energion’s Topical Line Drives series. I often don’t like John Calvin, but I do like this view of the Eucharist. I don’t see the need ... [Christianity] [religion] [Worship] [communion] [Eucharist]

July 23, 3PM

I’m late posting the link, so for more information go to the Google+ Event page. You can also view using the YouTube embed below. [Announcements] [According to John] [Google Hangouts on Air]

July 21, 2PM

Tonight on our Tuesday night Energion hangout, Jody and I will be talking about how to get published, particularly by Energion Publications, but also with some general ideas. Join us at 7:00 pm central time tonight, July 21, 2015. Go to our Google+ Event ... [Announcements] [Google Hangouts on Air]

July 17, 6PM

I had a great time yesterday interviewing Drew Smith for my study on the gospel of John. I wanted to talk to him about how one “does” biblical thelogy and do some comparisons between John and Mark. Drew is very knowledgeable, having written hi... [Bible books] [Bible study] [Drew Smith] [John] [Mark]

July 16, 7AM

We had lots of audio problems last time we tried, so we’re trying again! Tonight (7/16/15), Drew Smith will be my guest on my study of the gospel according to John. Drew got his PhD in New Testament from the University of Edinburgh, and wrote his di... [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [According to John] [Google Hangouts on Air]

July 14, 8AM

Last week I encounter two posts that got me wanting to say something about the same topic: pastoral leadership and church mission and continuity. The first was The United Methodist Church Should Give Up Its Game of Musical Chairs, and the second was not o... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [pastors]


I’ve been fascinated by Pluto since I found out it existed way, way back in prehistoric times. So here it is. I’m looking forward to closer images after the flyby.   SNEAK PEEK of gorgeous Pluto! The dwarf planet has sent a love note b... [science] [Space Flight] [astronomy] [New Horizons] [Pluto]

July 12, 10AM

I thought about commenting on the recent vote by the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference on allowing it’s divisions to choose whether to ordain women. As an ex-SDA, however, and one who works with people on both sides of this issue, I thought i... [Christianity] [religion] [ordination of women] [Seventh-Day Adventist Church]

July 9, 12 PM

I’ll be discussing this tonight at 7:00 pm via Google Hangouts on Air. You can find out more on the Google+ Event Page. You can also view using the YouTube viewer below: [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [Google Hangouts on Air] [John]

July 8, 7AM

At least I’m going to relate it to publishing. Which, if you think about it, is what I do to almost everything. J. R. Daniel Kirk has announced he will be leaving Fuller (James McGrath comments here). You can get a feel for Dr. Kirk’s comments... [Christianity] [religion] [dialogue]


Allan Bevere posts on worship, calling for it to be well-crafted, authentic, and substantive. I quite agree. But … Two additional points: 1) One of the most authentic worship services I ever attended occurred when the praise band failed to show up a... [Christianity] [religion] [Worship]

July 2, 4PM

This is a late announcement, but I will be doing my According to John study tonight. The Google+ Event page has details. The YouTube viewer is embedded below. I’ll be working from Chapter 20 of Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to J... [Bible books] [Bible study] [According to John] [Google Hangouts on Air] [John]

June 30, 7AM

Drew has agreed to a retake of his interview. We had significant audio problems. The content was so good, however, that I was hoping to ask him some of those questions and get a clearer result. The interview will be on July 16, 2015, and will be via Googl... [Announcements] [Google Hangouts on Air]

June 27, 1PM

No, I’m not going to do it, but I’m going to ask Dr. Bob Cornwall some questions about it. He’s currently preaching a series in his church from 1st & 2nd Samuel. Bob is one of my Energion authors (see his book list here), and is edit... [bible backgrounds] [Biblical Inspiration] [Christianity] [old testament] [religion] [Bob Cornwall] [Google Hangouts on Air] [Preaching] [Samuel] [violence]

June 26, 7AM

Well, last night my discussion of According to John covered a lot of other ground. In particular, I was looking at the eschatological use of “hour” and “now,” and I suggested that John has a fairly simple eschatology to go with his... [Bible books] [Bible study] [Christianity] [end times] [religion] [According to John] [apocalyptic] [eschatology] [Revelation]

June 25, 11AM

Well, that and some additional news … Tonight (Thursday, June 25, 2015) via Google Hangout on Air I’ll be talking about chapter 19 of Dr. Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to John, title “We Must Work while It Is Day.... [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [According to John] [Google Hangouts on Air] [Herold Weiss]

June 24, 11AM

I’ve generated a bit of surprise by my agreement with Dr. Herold Weiss (Meditations on According to John, chapter 18) in last Thursday’s video study from the gospel according to John (not to mention my Sunday School class), that the gospel is ... [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Christianity] [religion] [baptism] [communion] [Community] [Eucharist] [footwashing] [sacraments]

June 23, 12 PM

When Jody and I began our courtship we were treated to quite a lot of advice. One of the things we heard quite frequently was that we were too different to make a good couple. Just what those differences were, well, differed according to the observer. Und... [Diversity] [Personal] [Marriage] [relationships]

June 22, 12 PM

From Galations: A Participatory Study Guide, p. 9: Paul’s words gave the Galatians hope for transformation and they are hopeful to us, too.  Jesus Christ frees us from bondage.  The external world may not immediately change, but the cross and resurrec... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [Bruce Epperly] [Galatians] [Participatory Study Series]

June 19, 2PM

From page xvii of Galatians: A Participatory Study Guide by Bruce Epperly — When we encounter scripture with heart, mind, and hands, the Bible comes alive and changes our lives and communities.  We become the Galatians of our time, reveling in Christia... [Bible books] [Bible study] [religion] [Books] [Galatians] [Participatory Study Series]


I’ve been trying to think of something useful to say about the  nine people killed at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston and failing miserably. My wife beat me to it. What she said. [Personal] [racism]

June 18, 2PM

Again, I’m announcing this late, but you can get more information on the Google+ event page, and you can watch using the viewer below. Note that the Q&A app will be active and you can ask questions or make comments. [Announcements] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [According to John] [John]

June 16, 2PM

Not sure? Tonight you can find out! On the Energion Hangout tonight I’ll be interviewing my friend Dr. Dolly Berthelot, author of PERFECTLY SQUARE: A Fantasy Fable for All Ages, and an all around great person. Let’s get the commercial part out... [Announcements] [Diversity] [Dolly Berthelot] [Google Hangouts on Air] [unity in diversity]

June 11, 4PM

I’m late again. Check the Google+ event or use the viewer below. I really am going to catch up with my blogging, announce these things earlier, and post comments afterward. Really I am! [Announcements] [Bible Passages] [According to John] [Herold Weiss]

June 9, 3PM

I know this is late, but tonight I’ll be hosting the re-do of this hangout with Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. and Steve Kindle. You can get the details on the Google+ Event page, or view using the embedded viewer below. [Announcements]

June 4, 2PM

Tonight, internet permitting, I continue my study of the gospel according to John following Dr. Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to John. You can find more information at the Google+ Event Page, and view either there or via the embedded ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [According to John] [Google Hangouts on Air] [Herold Weiss]

June 2, 8AM

On the Energion Hangout tonight at 7:00 PM central time, we’ll be discussing the topic of violence in the Bible, with a particular emphasis on the Old Testament. But as participant Dr. Alden Thompson will doubtless remind us tonight, there’s v... [Bible study] [Christianity] [New Testament] [old testament] [Biblical Inspiration] [violence]

May 28, 5PM

I posted this hangout incorrectly in my previous post. The Google+ link is now on my own page, and the correct YouTube viewer is below: I apologize for the confusion! [Announcements] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [According to John]


Tonight I discuss the 15th chapter of Dr. Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to John, “Salvation is from the Jews.” You can find more details at the Google+ event, or watch using the embedded YouTube viewer below.   [Announcements] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [According to John]

May 21, 1PM

Tonight’s study on According to John, based on Chapter 14 of Dr. Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to John, will have me going far afield from the gospel of John into a discussion of individual and community memory and the importanc... [Announcements] [Bible books] [Bible study] [Google Hangouts on Air] [John]

May 18, 2PM

I want to keep everyone thinking about social justice. In my view, if more people become more aware about what is going on and take action, whatever action they believe is best, we’ll be better off. Discussing this and related issues can only help. ... [Books] [homelessness] [Renee Crosby] [social justice]


In September of 2013 I published a book titled The Authorship of Hebrews: The Case for Paul by David Alan Black. It has been interesting to read material on this topic since. I would note that while I believe Dave’s case is well presented, and was c... [bible backgrounds] [Bible books] [Authorship] [David Alan Black] [Hebrews]


You can find all the details on the Energion Publications news page.   [Announcements]


I’m going to shamelessly link to a post by Allan Bevere in order to publicize a hangout I’ll be hosting next month. Allan’s post is Once Again, The Civil Religion of the Religious Right AND the Religious Left, and I’m interested be... [Announcements] [Google Hangouts on Air] [social justice]

May 14, 4PM

I failed to post on this earlier, but in about 20 minutes I’ll be starting this study. Of course, there’s always the option to watch it later (or not!). YouTube viewer: [Announcements] [According to John] [Google Hangouts on Air]

May 12, 2PM

I’m hosting tonight’s Energion Hangout which is Social Justice: Good or Bad?. I’ll be interviewing Energion authors Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. (What Is Wrong with Social Justice, Preserving Democracy) discusses the impact and value of social ju... [Announcements] [Google Hangouts on Air] [social justice]

May 7, 4PM

You can go to the event for more information or watch using the embedded YouTube below. I’ll be talking to Thomas about the text of John and textual criticism in general for about half the time and then talking about John 17 in the second half with ... [Bible study] [John] [Thomas Hudgins]

April 30, 4PM

I will resume my study of According to John tonight with chapter 12 of Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to John, I Have Overcome the World. We’re going to look at the meaning(s) of “world” in John and what it means to o... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [According to John] [Herold Weiss] [John]

April 16, 4PM

I know it’s very late, but I’ve had an extremely hectic week. Here’s the link for tonight’s hangout. I’ll be interviewing Dr. C. Drew Smith, author of Reframing a Relevant Faith. According to John: Interview with Drew Smith A... [Announcements] [Bible study] [According to John] [Biblical Theology] [Drew Smith]

April 10, 8AM

That’s a very broad title, but I do want to look at the connection. One of the places where we, as Christians, find the most disagreement is in our study of the Bible. In my view, there’s a good reason for this. The Bible is a complex book. Ye... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Unity]

April 9, 9AM

This:   Not the best recording of her on YouTube, but my favorite. [Personal]


Tonight in my study on John via Google Hangouts on Air I’m going to talk about the law and Jesus, Jews and Christians, and Judaism and Christianity. I’m embedding the player below. In the meantime, read 3 ways to Confront the New Antisemitism ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [John] [John 1:17] [Judaism]

April 4, 3PM

In the study of the gospel of John I’m doing via Google Hangouts on Air, last Thursday night’s session was titled “I Finished the Work.” This reflects Jesus confidence that he had completed his mission, even before he had died on t... [Christianity] [religion] [Atonement] [penal substitutionary atonement]

April 2, 9AM

Tonight (4/2/15) at 7:00 pm central time I’ll be continuing my study of John using the book Meditations on According to John by Herold Weiss. We’ll be working from chapter 10, “I Finished the Work.” This is an exceptionally good ch... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [footwashing] [Herold Weiss] [John]

April 1, 8AM

Allan Bevere says that the left-right continuum doesn’t work. He’s citing someone else’s work first, but he’s applying the results to theology and ethics as well as politics. I use the term moderate to describe both my own politics... [Moderates] [politics] [left] [moderate] [right]

March 31, 4PM

Using Google Hangouts on Air I’ll be having a conversation with Nick May and Heath Taws, two authors who are also young adults involved in pastoral ministry. Join the excitement! Embedded YouTube player below: [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion]

March 25, 7AM

Last night I interviewed author Doris Horton Murdoch about the importance of testimonies. Here’s the YouTube: In the Energion hangout for Consider Christianity Week tonight I’ll be joining Joel Watts and Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. to discuss Christi... [Announcements] [Christian Apologetics] [Christianity] [religion]

March 24, 4PM

I was thinking of titling this “In Which I Annoy My Evangelical United Methodist Friends,” since so many of them are talking about the Wesleyan Quadrilateral and trying to privilege scripture within it in some way. I am not entirely in sympath... [Biblical Inerrancy] [Biblical Inspiration] [Christian Apologetics] [Christianity] [religion] [experience] [Inerrancy] [Testimony] [Wesleyan Quadrilateral]

March 21, 8AM

March 20, 8AM

This past Tuesday night I had a conversation about forgiveness (with a long interlude on fiction writing!) with author Nick May. Nick was a last minute stand-in for two guests. My wife Jody was unable to participate because of a sore throat. Renee Crosby,... [Christian Ministry] [forgiveness] [religion]

March 19, 4PM

In an interview published on The Jesus Creed, though released by IVP, John Walton comments on different hermeneutical presuppositions. He is referring to the endless debates about how and when creation took place, but the ideas might be useful regarding o... [Bible Study Method] [religion] [hermeneutics] [Jesus Creed] [John Walton]

March 18, 8AM

My friend and Energion author Allan Bevere posted this morning on this topic, and I want to call attention to it for several reasons. First, this is a topic I find very interesting. Second, I think it’s appropriate to discuss the problems of violenc... [bible backgrounds] [Bible Passages] [old testament] [religion] [violence]

March 16, 7PM

On February 24, 2015, I hosted a discussion between Energion authors Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. and Alden Thompson on the topic Biblical Essentials. Here’s the YouTube: Today another Energion author, Dr. Allan Bevere, posted an entry on his blog titled Do... [Christianity] [religion] [church] [congregation] [denomination] [essentials]


On the Tuesday night Energion hangout I will have as my guests Energion author Renee Crosby, whose recent novel The Fringe (eucatastrophe press, an Energion imprint) is generating some discussion, and Jody Neufeld, who, of course, has been with the compan... [Announcements]

March 13, 1PM

Hanz Gutierrez has reviewed Creation in Scripture by Herold Weiss on the Spectrum Magazine web site. Spectrum is published by the Association of Adventist Forums. Many may not realize that Dr. Weiss is Seventh-day Adventist, though he clearly differs with... [Christianity] [Creation and Evolution] [religion] [science] [Bible] [Creation] [creationism]


I have posted a number of YouTube videos recently before I noticed they made a change in how they share. You can now share as a playlist starting with the current video or embed the particular video. Since I’m including my study on the gospel of Joh... [Administrative]

March 12, 4PM

You can get more details on the Google+ event, and you can watch either through that link, or using the viewer below. I apologize for posting this so late. I will post the YouTube and some comments tomorrow. Dr. Weiss is the author of the book I’m u... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Herold Weiss] [John] [New Testament]

March 10, 8AM

I’m editing the manuscript for a new Topical Line Drives volume, Stewardship: God’s Way of Recreating the World, by Steve Kindle. It’s currently scheduled for the end of May, but I’m hoping we’ll get it out a bit earlier. Her... [Christianity] [religion] [stewardship] [Steve Kindle] [Topical Line Drives]


The term “literal,” when used regarding translation, can drive translators quite mad, I think. But it is a commonly used word in the pews and the hallways of churches. “We don’t take things that literally around here,” is som... [Bible Translation] [religion] [Bible] [literal] [translation]
My sister sent me a link to a video that I thought was helpful in some ways on this topic. Probably the most important thing here is that panentheism, process theology, and open theism are separate theological positions. Often two of these (panentheism + ... [Uncategorized]
In my According to John study I looked at this passage in some detail. Bob Cornwall is looking at it today in a rather good Lectionary meditation. [Links] [religion] [John] [John 3:14-21] [john 3:16]

March 7, 7AM

Well, I hadn’t heard him (as I posted a bit ago), but then Dave Black put this YouTube on his blog. I had to share it. My pastor does take a great deal from Fred Craddock, and acknowledges him just about every Sunday. [Announcements]
That’s the title of a post by Bob Cornwall, a friend and Energion author. He is actually remembering the man, whom he has heard preach. I never heard him preach, and I haven’t read any of his books, but I have gotten a strong dose of his stori... [Announcements]

March 6, 3PM

I just extracted a post from Dave Black’s blog and put it on The Jesus Paradigm. For those unacquainted with Dave’s blog, I do this so that I can get a permanent link, and I have his permission to do so. Dave asks some important questions. How... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [religion] [mission]


Drew Smith, author of Energion title Reframing a Relevant Faith, has posted an article, Mark’s Presentation of Jesus’ Vindication and Exaltation as an Act of God, which shows some of the nuts and bolts of biblical theology in process. Drew will be my ... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Biblical Theology] [Mark]


I’m embedding the viewer here. I spent a great deal of time on Psalm 82, and I think that trying to do that just straight talking until I was out of breath may not have been my best choice. I’ll consider posting further on Psalm 82 and John 10... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Deuteronomy 8:3] [John] [Matthew 4:4]
A commenter on my post Words from the Mouth of God asks: Would you please comment on Matthew 4:4 in this connection. Yes, and it’s a most helpful passage to bring up here, and it suggests quite a number of things to me. I’m going to look at th... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Matthew 4:4]

March 5, 2PM

My sister was going through my older YouTube videos and called my attention to the one titled Idolatry and Trust from six years ago. It relates to some of my more recent comments on God in my study on John. I’m amused to watch myself in this, as I c... [Christianity] [religion] [idolatry]
I’m running a little behind today, so I’m just going to give you the link. You can check out the details via the event on Google+. The YouTube viewer is embedded below. [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [John]

March 3, 3PM

In comments to an earlier post one reader notes that there are those who call the Bible “words from the mouth of God.” I respond that I do not think the Bible is words from the mouth of God, but rather the testimony of people’s experienc... [Bible study] [biblical history] [Biblical Inspiration] [Christianity] [religion] [Bible] [Isaiah] [Isaiah 7] [verbal inspiration]


Using Google Hangouts on Air, I’ll be interviewing Energion author William Powell Tuck (The Last Words from the Cross, The Church Under the Cross, Journey to the Undiscovered Country, and many more) regarding the season of Lent, particularly as it r... [Announcements] [Christianity] [religion] [grief] [Lent] [sorrow] [William Powell Tuck]
Thomas Hudgins links to a post in which someone supports Luke as the author of Hebrews. The post to which he links indeed supports Luke, but I find a number of other things somewhat more interesting. The topic is Hebrews 6:1-8, one of the more controversi... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Christianity] [religion] [Hebrews] [maturity] [perfection]


Today, says Allan Bevere, is the feast of John and Charles Wesley. The source of this is The Lectionary Page. It is, however, listed amongst the Lesser Feasts and Fasts. (It’s an Episcopal site. What can I say?) [Christianity]

March 2, 5PM

When I started Energion Publications just over 10 years ago, my primary interest was in Bible study materials. My goal was to get the people in our churches to study the Bible more, and to do so for themselves. My complaint about much of the material avai... [Bible books] [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [religion] [Bible] [Bible study] [Steve Kindle]

February 27, 3PM

By this question, I meant to ask whether Jesus actually cured people of illnesses, not whether he accomplished spiritual healing. I asked the question of Dr. Bruce Epperly, author of the book Healing Marks, when I interviewed him last night in an excursus... [Christianity] [historical Jesus] [religion] [Spiritual gifts] [Dr. Bruce Epperly] [healing] [jesus] [process theology]
Updated 17:09 central time to fix video link. Last night I interviewed Dr. Bruce Epperly, process theologian, as an excursus to my study of According to John using Google Hangouts on Air. I’m following the book Meditations on According to John by Dr... [atheism] [Christianity] [religion] [Bruce Epperly] [panentheism] [process theology]

February 26, 1PM

I’ll be interviewing Dr. Bruce Epperly on these subjects tonight in a Google Hangout on Air. I note with interest that some of these questions have come up in a post by James McGrath on Exploring Our Matrix, which in turn, links back to one of mine.... [Announcements] [religion] [Bruce Epperly] [panentheism] [process theology]

February 25, 5PM

I was mentioned by Ed Brayton (blogs at Dispatches from the Culture Wars) in a comment to a post on Facebook, and made a couple of comments myself. Here’s the Facebook post: There are two things here that interest me. First is the claim that modera... [atheism] [bible backgrounds] [biblical criticism] [Christian Apologetics] [Christianity] [religion] [Bible] [faith] [Genre] [Prayer]


Two weeks ago I participated in a conversation with Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. regarding how scholars determine date and authorship. Readers who consult more than one Bible Handbook, Bible Dictionary, or introductory material from more than one study Bible will ... [Bible Passages] [religion] [Authorship] [Colossians] [Paul]

February 23, 4PM

Thursday night will represent an excursus in my study through the gospel of John, as I interview Dr. Bruce Epperly, author of the books Healing Marks and Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God, about the healing stories of Jesus. We’ll be di... [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Bruce Epperly] [Herold Weiss] [John]
Using Google Hangouts on Air, I will moderate a discussion on Tuesday night titled Biblical Essentials. What are the essentials of the Christian faith, and why are they essential. If you’d like me to ask our panel a question, put it in a comment, or... [Christian Apologetics] [Christianity] [religion]

February 22, 8PM

Thomas Hudgins, writing on the Across the Atlantic blog he shares with Antonio Piñero, asks whether the gospel commission is original with Jesus, i.e., did Jesus say these words. I’ve been thinking of writing a post about historicity in general, th... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion]

February 21, 5PM

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to teach a Sunday School class on the history of the Bible. Teaching a class on how we got the Bible in about 50 minutes requires some serious decisions; you can’t cover everything, but you want to cover the most im... [Bible Translation] [Textual Criticism]

February 19, 12 PM

My Google Hangout on Air on the gospel of John tonight will be based on chapter 6 of Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to John, “To Bear Witness to the Truth.” I will focus on the meaning of “true” or “genuin... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [John]

February 12, 9AM

I’m a little late posting the event for this, but my study of John will continue. I expect to post a couple more notes on the last hangout in this series as well as a follow-up to my conversation with Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. on the Energion Publications... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Google Hangouts on Air] [John]

February 10, 11AM

An interesting discussion arose via a comment to my post on last week’s discussion of the Gospel of John. This relates to a textual variant in John 3:13. The verse ends in most versions, and in the UBS4 Greek NT that I use regularly, with “the... [Bible books] [Textual Criticism] [John] [John 3:13]


Using Google Hangouts on Air, we will again broadcast a hangout with some of our authors. For further information, check the Google Plus event. I will embed the YouTube viewer below. Note that once the hangout is complete, the recording will be available ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [religion] [Bible] [Google Hangouts on Air]

February 6, 9AM

I want to follow up a bit on the study last night. I’ll embed the YouTube below for those who want to view this study after the fact. A few things occurred to me since the study. I’m really spending a great deal of time on the use of stories ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Herold Weiss] [John] [theology]


In my study of John last night I referred people to a post by Michael F. Bird, author of the book Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction. I have been using his book as one of my theological references for the study. He responded to a... [Christianity] [religion] [Michael Bird] [theology] [Trinity]

February 5, 8AM

I should have posted this earlier. I’ll use as an excuse that our son is visiting us from Arizona. He’s probably not really to blame, but we are very delighted to have him here. Some distractions are a definite gift from God! You can find out ... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [Google Hangouts on Air] [John]

February 3, 4PM

Tonight on the Energion Publications Hangout on Air (via Google Hangouts on Air) I’ll just be the technical guy. The actual event will be Dr. Bob LaRochelle, author of Crossing the Street interviewing Dr. Bob Cornwall regarding his forthcoming book ... [Bible study] [religion] [Lectionary]

February 2, 8AM

I’d like to commend Bob Cornwall’s sermon this week to your attention, especially to those who are following my John study. It’s titled Revelation of God Embodied. Thinking about God can be hard work! [Links] [God] [Language]

January 31, 2PM

No, I’m not. It’s a fact! I’m even a Seahawks fan, to the extent that I’m a fan of any sport. I’ll check the results a couple of times during the evening, but I won’t be watching. Now don’t fit me out for a halo. ... [Christianity] [religion] [church] [revival] [Super Bowl]


From my reading for next week’s study on John (Thursday night, 7:00 pm central time via Google Hangouts on Air): In the same way in which a flag lifted up on its pole draws together a people and constitutes it a nation, the Son of Man lifted up on a... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Christianity] [religion] [Atonement] [Herold Weiss] [John] [penal substitutionary atonement]

January 29, 1PM

My Bible study tonight done via Google Hangouts on Air, will be on the topic in the title. I’m going to be following up from my discussion of vocabulary last week in looking at the words “light” and “life” in the gospel of Jo... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [John]

January 28, 5PM

As an editor and publisher, I often have the joy of telling an author that their work will become available to the public, because I have decided to invest in it and publish it. That’s very enjoyable. Then there are the times that I have to reject m... [Books] [publishing] [Writing]


I’ve been promoting the creation book set from my company, Energion Publications. The authors of this set of books all support the theory of evolution. In fact, the contribution made by these books, I think, is that they are talking about how we sho... [Christianity] [Creation and Evolution] [religion] [science] [Creation] [creationism] [evolution] [publishing]

January 26, 9AM

Bruce Epperly, author of the recently released book Finding God in Suffering: A Journey with Job, questions the view that God determines the outcome of football games (or, I suspect, any other sport), rewarding the faithful and punishing the unfaithful. T... [Books] [Christianity] [religion] [Theodicy] [Bruce Epperly] [Job] [suffering]
Yesterday was a great Sunday for me, though I still feel as though my previous week never really ended! There are times when I feel that I heard precisely the right message for the time and place, not just for me, but for all there. There’s kind of ... [Personal] [religion]

January 24, 4PM

There are a number of points I need to write about to follow up on my hangout from last Thursday night, but first, here’s the YouTube video of the event. I would like to remind you that you can ask questions or comment during the event using the Go... [Administrative] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [John]

January 22, 2PM

The following is an extract from Philosophy for Believers by Edward W. H. Vick, pp. 122-123. I’m the publisher. I was reading this section as I was thinking about my study in According to John tonight (Jan. 22, 2015). How does experience relate to t... [Christianity] [philosophy] [experience] [Interpretation]

January 21, 4PM

I’m doing a considerable amount of correction work that requires two monitors, and I didn’t want to spend the hours at my desk or worktable. Thus: It’s good to be my own boss! [Personal]

January 20, 2PM

One of our authors sent me a link to Christianity Today’s article Is Buying Your Way onto the Bestseller List Wrong? In the interest of honesty—and that’s what this is really about—let me note that I’m not playing in the same league ... [Administrative] [ethics] [publishing]


Tonight at 7:00 pm central time for the weekly Energion Google Hangout on Air I’ll be moderating a panel of four authors. You can find the event information on our Google+ page. The participants are: Dr. Herold Weiss, author of Creation in Scriptur... [Creation and Evolution] [religion] [science] [Creation] [evolution] [scripture] [Worship]

January 19, 3PM

Mark Bauerlein at First Things doesn’t like laptops in the classroom (HT: Dave Black Online.) Even the title of the post says something about his view of technology. For what it’s worth, I write things by hand on my tablet. I teach Sunday Scho... [education] [Technology]


“I think my prayers make a difference, but they’re not omnipotent.” Listen to the whole interview by Doug Pagitt with Dr. Bruce Epperly, author of the recently released book Finding God in Suffering. [Christianity] [Prayer] [prosperity Gospel] [religion] [Bruce Epperly] [Job] [suffering]

January 17, 6PM

The reading is chapter 2 of Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to John, Making Himself Equal with God and the scriptures in it. My recommendation is to read the entire gospel of John through each week during this study. The topics are so c... [Announcements] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Gospel of John]


I’m embedding the YouTube of the session below. There were a couple of points on which I didn’t quite say everything I wanted to, or left things a bit unclear. I’m going to post on two topics, and link to them below: 1. Theological Devel... [Uncategorized]
In my Google Hangout discussion I mentioned using the development of theological concepts in dating a particular writing. I don’t think I really covered the issue involved all that well, so I’m going to follow up briefly here. My purpose is n... [bible backgrounds] [Bible Commentary] [Christianity] [religion] [Acts] [Hebrews] [John] [Luke] [New Testament] [Pastoral Epistles]
This post relates to my follow-up on my second session of studies on the Gospel of John. First, I’d like you to read my earlier Textual Criticism – Briefly. This dates from 2006, but I don’t see anything I need to correct. I would like t... [bible backgrounds] [religion] [Textual Criticism] [New Testament]

January 15, 11AM

I thought of this quote as I was preparing for my study on John tonight: Philosophers sometimes appear to talk in obscure ways. They do so because they take into consideration what people often overlook. If a poet (Longfellow) can say, ‘things are not w... [Christianity] [philosophy] [religion] [Textual Criticism]

January 14, 12 PM

I’d like to call attention to a discussion on the blog Across the Atlantic regarding whether Jesus actually performed miracles. This blog features point/counterpoint between Antonio Piñero and Thomas Hudgins. We have thus far Part 1a, Part 1b, and ... [Christianity] [historical Jesus] [religion]

January 13, 9AM

Tonight on our Energion Publications sponsored Google Hangout on Air (completely separate from my series on John), we’ll have a two part program. The first half hour will be an interview by Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. with Dr. David Cartwright about his boo... [Announcements]

January 12, 4PM

This will be the second study. I’m going to mention a few things to think about. The question remains as to how many of these things I will be able to address, but I think it’s worthwhile to consider these in any case. The study will be via Go... [Bible books] [Bible study] [religion] [Christianity] [John]

January 11, 5PM

I’ll include the YouTube for my first study session on the Gospel of John below. During my discussion I promised to provide a link for the article I referenced suggesting that the Rylands Papyrus, P52, may be dated a bit too early. The article I ref... [Bible books] [Bible study] [religion] [John] [P52] [paleography]

January 7, 10AM

My wife has some good comments on a current case. Dealing with cancer in a young person is always heartbreaking. The number of people who are sure they know what the right answer is, is quite astonishing, in my view. [Personal]
The advantages of being a publisher is that I can put books on sale to go with posts. Normally I only do that for things on my company page (Energion Publications), but since I’m starting a study of the Gospel of John on my Google+ Page/YouTube Chan... [Announcements] [Bible books] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Gospel of John] [Herold Weiss]
Last night I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Bruce Epperly, author of several Energion titles out of a total of 28 books he has written so far. Bruce is always both interesting and challenging, and doesn’t avoid the hard questions. We placed h... [Announcements] [Bible books] [religion] [Bruce Epperly] [Job]

January 6, 9AM

I’ve posted a question that originates with Thomas Hudgins over on the Energion Discussion blog. Here are my comments to go with that post. The question has quite a number of implications. For example, if your listeners do not normally look at the t... [Bible study] [Bible Translation] [biblical criticism] [Christianity] [religion] [Textual Criticism]

January 5, 7PM

Above is the theme banner for my study of the gospel of John. The video below is a trailer for it. I am working on getting used to video. I’m more comfortable with text, I think. [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Google Hangouts] [John]


And what is ALGNT? I’m glad you asked! That’s Aprenda a Leer el Griego del Nuevo Testamento. Thomas Hudgins has just forwarded the latest round of corrections. You haven’t lived until you’ve laid out a Greek grammar written in Span... [Personal]

January 4, 7AM

I think I titled the next chapter in my book When People Speak for God rather pretentiously: Authority and Truth. That’s what we’ll be discussing today in my Sunday School class. As I was reading the chapter, I came across the following, which... [Biblical Inspiration] [Christianity] [religion] [incarnation] [Inspiration]

January 3, 4PM

With the new year I’m starting a new online study, working through the Gospel of John using Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to John. A previous effort by my wife and I to conduct a group discussion failed both due to our schedules... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion]


On Tuesday, January 6, 2015, I will be interviewing Dr. Bruce Epperly on his newly released book Finding God in Suffering: A Journey with Job. I’ve just completed a trailer for this event: You can watch the actual event here: [Announcements] [Christianity] [religion] [Books] [Bruce Epperly] [Job] [old testament] [suffering]

January 1, 11AM

When I was working on my MA, one of my professors recommended a paper I had written for publication. He suggested submitting it to the university’s journal, Andrews University Seminary Studies. I was of course greatly pleased to have one of my paper... [Bible study] [biblical criticism] [religion] [Biblical Scholarship]

December 26, 11AM

I’ve been exchanging thoughts with Dave Black about the pastoral role and biblical languages, including textual criticism. One of my difficulties here is that I am more likely dealing with people on a day to day basis who are not well acquainted wit... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [Ministry] [pastor]

December 25, 10AM

My favorite from my own Christmas essays is God Does Things Backwards. I commend it to you today. [Personal]

December 23, 8AM

When I tell someone that they need to consider how they interpret a particular verse, I often get that glazed-over or eye-roll expression that says, “There you go again. Why can’t it just be simple?” The fact, however, is that we have to... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [religion]
I’ve been watching one discussion and participating in another that converge in this post. The first discussion is via blogs, David Alan Black (extracted to The Jesus Paradigm for a permanent link) and Thomas Hudgins both posting significant numbers... [biblical criticism] [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [Textual Criticism]

December 18, 7AM

Thomas Hudgins provides samples: here, here, and here. For those who may not know, Thomas Hudgins is the lead translator for the Spanish edition of David Alan Black’s intorductory Greek grammar, Aprenda a Leer el Griego del Nuevo Testamento, which w... [Christianity] [religion] [C. S. Lewis] [Christmas]

December 17, 10AM

December 16, 3PM

Tonight I’ll be interviewing two Enerigon authors, Drew Smith (Reframing a Relevant Faith) and Lee Harmon (The River of Life: Where Conservative and Liberal Christianity Meet) about what their faith means to them, especially in the context of the ho... [Announcements]

December 13, 9AM

I think it’s as simple as that. I’m against it. Energion author Bob Cornwall writes about it, and I agree. I saw one question that disturbed me, not in that I don’t know how to respond, but in what else it may suggest. The question is wh... [politics] [torture]


I just extracted a note from Dave Black’s blog to The Jesus Paradigm. (That site supports his book by the same name as well as a few others that don’t have their own domain name.) In it Dave talks about admonishing, encouraging, and upholding.... [Bible Passages] [discipleship] [religion]

December 12, 9AM

December 11, 4PM

My friend Thomas Hudgins is starting a new blog, which will have material from two radically different points of view. I’d love to see more of this sort of thing—people of substantially different views actually communicating! Check out Across the ... [Announcements]

December 7, 11AM

The Forum – from While I haven’t written anything on it myself, I’ve published quite a number of books regarding how Christians should relate to authority. These include Christian Archy and The Jesus Paradigm (David Alan Black)... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Christianity] [discipleship] [politics] [religion] [1 Peter] [Acts] [authority] [Romans]

December 5, 4PM

With a hat tip to Jacob Cerone. I nearly died laughing. [humor]

December 3, 3PM

I want to let all my readers know that my company, Energion Publications, including all our imprints (Enzar Empire Press, EnerPower Press, eucatastrophe press, as well as our main Energion Publications) have all books on sale for 25% off with the coupon c... [Uncategorized]

December 2, 2PM

I’ll be hosting a Google Hangout on Air tonight discussing how we can truly serve and relate to the homeless in and around our communities. Authors Renee Crosby (Soup Kitchen for the Soul, The Fringe [forthcoming]) and Shauna Hyde (Victim No More, F... [Announcements] [homelessness] [Renee Crosby] [service] [Shauna Hyde] [The Fringe] [The Vicar of Tent Town]

November 29, 2PM

I’m planning to start doing some discussion of Bible passages using Google Hangouts on Air during the coming year. Basically, I’m going to work through material I intend to use in Sunday School. One may ask why I’m doing this, considerin... [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [religion] [John]


I don’t do that much blogging that’s personal. I mostly do opinion stuff. So heres a picture of my work area a couple of days ago and I’m going to say a bit about it. I work in a 12×24 portable building that I had finished inside. ... [Personal]

November 27, 4PM

This past Sunday I was reading the Lectionary passages for Christ the King Sunday in which the epistle is Ephesians 1:15-23, in which Paul gives thanks for the Ephesian believers. I find the style of Ephesians quite fascinating, and especially these long ... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Ephesians]

November 24, 4PM

From Reframing a Relevant Faith, forthcoming by C. Drew Smith: When Jesus comes upon these fishermen they are doing what they normally do on any given day; they are fishing. Indeed, this was their life; this was their existence. Fishing was what was routi... [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion]

November 21, 4PM

Recently the topic of risk and danger has come up in several discussions of Christian Ministry. Shauna Hyde, who I interviewed along with Chris Surber, has spent the night in tent town with homeless folks and earned the informal title “vicar of tent... [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [religion] [fear] [Ministry] [Missions]


Two paragraphs from Rendering unto Caesar: The most obvious conflict with the fusion of Christian and American identity is that it denies the universal nature of the Kingdom of God. When our allegiances are too strongly aligned with any kingdom of this wo... [Books] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [mission]

November 17, 2PM

From the forthcoming book Finding God in Suffering: A Journey with Job by Bruce G. Epperly. The book of Job invites us to claim our identity as theologians.  Job shouts out to us, “You are a theologian” because we have experienced the pain of the wor... [Books] [Christianity] [religion] [Job] [suffering]


Before you continue, look at the tag line for this blog. I self identify as a moderate, though I have a somewhat eccentric view of being moderate. My view of moderation doesn’t really solve the problem, however. As a moderate, I believe I should exa... [politics] [religion] [moderate] [social media]


Tonight in our Tuesday night hangout series, I will be interviewing Christopher J. Freet, author of the newly released book A New Look at Hospitality as a Key to Missions in the Areopagus Critical Christian Issues series regarding the topic of hospitality... [Books] [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [religion] [Areopagus Critical Christian Issues] [Christopher J. Freet] [Hospitality]


Several things I’ve written lately lead to thoughts on ecclesiology, though that is hardly one of my subjects. People do sometimes make assumptions because I’m a member of a United Methodist congregation. So I’m going to make this person... [Christianity] [Ecclesiology] [religion]

November 14, 8AM

In a comment, Steve Kindle asks: … in regards to your formative books, Hebrews, Ezekiel, and Leviticus, is it because you see Hebrews as teaching substitutionary atonement that springs from Leviticus? And Ezekiel foresees a renewed covenant that Heb... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [discipleship] [Ezekiel] [Hebrews] [Leviticus] [penal substitutionary atonement] [substiution]

November 13, 5PM

One of the things I love about both blogging and publishing is the number of interesting and capable people I get to interact with. It’s something I’ve missed since graduate school days—the opportunity to run my ideas up against people who c... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [Ecclesiology] [Hebrews] [New Testament] [old testament]

November 12, 9AM

Since I’m revising my Hebrews study guide, and have been for more than a year, I can bring up complaints against the old one. One of the most common complaints was that people had a hard time connecting the background reading to the current passage.... [bible backgrounds] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [religion] [Hebrews]

November 11, 10AM

November 10, 10AM

I’m always interested in answers to the question of why bad things happen to good people, though a pastor I know always says this is the wrong question. He says a better question would be why good things ever happen to anybody! Somebody else recentl... [grief] [religion]

November 8, 9AM

I commented earlier on the difficult choices involved in translating an Old Testament reference that does not match the Old Testament passage in your own translation. Here’s an example from the NIV1984. First, Psalm 8:4-6 – what is man that yo... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Bible Translation] [bible translations] [religion] [Hebrews] [NIV]


Author Chris Surber shared some good material in his column for the Suffolk News-Herald today. It’s unfortunate that Chris can’t be at our Hangout this Tuesday. I’m going to be his replacement, and I don’t think I have quite these ... [Uncategorized]

November 7, 1PM

Due to a schedule conflict for Chris Surber, I will be substituting in the discussion on the aftermath of the election. Host will still be Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. and Joel Watts will still be a guest. I’m not sure I have that much to say about the elect... [Announcements]


I give the fix for using both of these on my tech blog. I like to be able to access them from anywhere. [Bible Study Tools] [android] [Bible Gateway] [Nestle-Aland]

November 6, 11AM

A couple of days ago I discussed gender-neutral language in a post dealing with both inerrancy and Bible translation issues. Today, as I was doing some reading about Hebrews, I encountered a vigorous comment against such language in a passage in Hebrews. ... [Bible Passages] [Bible Study Method] [Bible Translation] [bible translations] [religion] [TNIV] [NIV]


I chose to do some reading from Hebrews this morning, but instead of using my NA27 or my UBSIV text, I went to Bible Gateway and read from the SBL text. There I encountered (again) the reading chwris rather than chariti. (I checked out NA28 online and I s... [Bible Passages] [biblical criticism] [religion] [Textual Criticism] [Hebrews]
As most of my readers know, I’ve been working on revising my study guide to Hebrews. At least I keep mentioning it. I’m only about two years overdue on the project. When one deadline or another must be missed I tend to miss mine and work on ot... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Christian Apologetics] [Christianity] [religion] [Christ of faith] [Hebrews] [historical Jesus]

November 5, 10AM

Last night Bob LaRochelle hosted a discussion with my wife (and author) Jody Neufeld and author Ron Higdon. This was a Google Hangout on Air and the video is now available. This is unedited with no titles as yet. I think there were many valuable points ma... [grief]
I’m both unsurprised and unconcerned. Why do I say that when I urged people to vote? I believe in participation. I believe in doing our best with the political system we have available to us. I don’t believe in getting worried about it. In add... [Christianity] [politics] [religion]


Dave Black posted today about keeping up Greek and its importance for exegesis. I’ve extracted that post to the site so as to have a specific link. Everything he said could apply to Hebrew as well. I turned to his passage, though I... [Bible study] [Bible Study Tools] [religion]

November 4, 8AM

… or On the Meaning of Words, Particularly Inerrancy There’s a post on First Things titled Ehrman Errant. Now criticizing Ehrman is apparently great sport, and Blomberg has replied to some of the types of criticisms Ehrman presents in a book, ... [Biblical Inerrancy] [Biblical Inspiration] [Christianity] [historical Jesus] [religion] [Bible] [history] [Inerrancy] [Language]

November 3, 4PM

There are three critical things I’ve learned about grief: 1) It gets worse at certain times. 2) It’s different for everyone. 3) To help, you have to listen and observe, and act on what you learn. I’m not the expert on grief. My wife know... [grief]
This is written to my American readers. Please go out and vote int he midterm elections tomorrow. I say this irrespective of your political views. There are a number of groups who are more likely to vote in presidential elections and then ignore the ̶... [politics] [midterms] [voting]
I believe in the separation from church and state. I’m not talking about the principle derived from the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, though I do accept that as well, but rather about a Christian principle. I believe that the more we de... [Christianity] [politics] [religion] [separation of church and state] [tax exemption]

November 2, 8PM

It turns out that I was off the track a bit in saying what we would discuss in Sunday School this morning. I think it’s one of the problems of teaching from a book I wrote. Everything is familiar and I can’t remember precisely what we’ve... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [religion]


At church today our pastor (Dr. Wesley Wachob) made a couple of points I’d like to repeat here. They may sound disconnected, but they both derived from the scripture lesson, Matthew 23:1-12. The common theme was “remember” as he tied us... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [Replacement Theology] [titles]


Continuing on my comments on my Sunday School class discussion, I will be talking about tradition in the sense that it is part of scripture. Simply claiming that something is inspired by God doesn’t not make it authoritative scripture for the church... [Biblical Inspiration]
I’ve had a rather intense week and haven’t done any blogging, so as I use the extra hour I got as we switched to standard time, I’m going to talk about Sunday School. Last week we discussed considerations of hearing. I’m going to i... [Biblical Inspiration] [Christianity] [religion] [discernment] [Prophecy] [scripture]

October 28, 1PM

Tonight I’ll be hosting two Energion authors with strongly opposed viewpoints on the question: Is Social Justice a good thing? The questionf and answer app for Google Hangouts on Air will be enabled, so bring your questions. You can also tweet quest... [Administrative]

October 25, 6AM

I’ll again be giving out books at a table at this important event. You can find out more about Reimagine at their web site. I’ll try to post some pictures through the day, but those who know me, know that taking pictures and remembering to pos... [Announcements]

October 23, 7AM

I get disturbed when I see people around me disturbed by the latest Bible mystery, or obscure interpretation of prophecy. These things sell books, and bring in offerings, but I don’t think they produce better followers of Jesus. I don’t have a... [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Antichrist] [end times]

October 22, 7AM

I’m posting this in the middle of the action, but Energion author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. is blogging (and teaching) through Hebrews verse by verse. He’s in chapter 10, so follow it back to the beginning first if interested. [Bible Passages] [religion] [Hebrews]

October 21, 3PM

I’ve said quite a few times that I think that the job description we have for a pastor in most churches is ungodly. It’s also inhuman. The pastor can’t do all of that, so many times they fail. Those who succeed do so through extraordinar... [Christianity] [religion] [church leadership] [hierarchy] [pastors]


My wife Jody has written a post on suicide which I think is worth passing on. [living] [Suicide]
I’m an advocate of dialogue in everything, certainly including matters of faith. Sometimes, however, dialogue is confused with seeking. There’s nothing wrong with seeking, but it is not identical with dialogue, though they do overlap. Dialogue... [Christianity] [religion] [dialogue] [Ecumenical]

October 19, 6PM

We had an interesting discussion today in Sunday School. We were discussing the 3rd chapter of my book When People Speak for God,  titled Messengers – God and Prophet. The questions at hand were just what is prophecy, who are God’s messengers... [Bible Commentary] [Biblical Inspiration] [discipleship] [religion] [discernment] [Jeremiah] [Prophecy]

October 18, 8AM

Today is my wife Jody’s 60th birthday. She’s 60 years young today. I know that’s a cliche, but in her case it’s also very true. At heart she is quite flexible. Attaining the big six oh has not cost her sense of humor, her flexibili... [Uncategorized]
Yesterday I ranted about the church. Dave Black pulled some of the better material out of it and commented, so I posted it to The Jesus Paradigm so we’d have a link. I also posted some notes on recent releases and some not-so-recent ones regarding t... [Uncategorized]

October 17, 12 PM

Via Allan Bevere I located this interview with Scot McKnight, in which McKnight makes a number of interesting statements. The one that caught my attention most was: … A proper kingdom theology leads people to the middle of the church, not away from ... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [United Methodist Church] [church] [gospel] [kingdom]


This article is fascinating, both because of subject and because of how it demonstrates how paleography functions (HT: Dave Black Online). I’m posting it here both for the interest and because I have cited P52 in discussing the dating of the Gospel ... [bible backgrounds] [Gospel of John] [paleography]

October 16, 6AM

The title of this post is a mite more exciting than the contents. It’s a bit of personal reflection on my own life and business. It’s just over 10 years since I started Energion Publications. In fact, I was rather surprised, when I looked at t... [Personal]

October 13, 11AM

Dr. Leona Glidden Running, 1916 – 2014 (I’m not sure of copyright on a picture I’d like to use, so see it here.) When many people in theology and religion are asked about influences on their views, they’ll list major figures, such ... [Personal] [Leona Glidden Running]


I exchanged a few e-mails today with Dave Black about Greek verbal aspect. He has quoted me on his blog, and I’ve extracted the material for the site, so there’s a permanent link. What I said wouldn’t make a full discus... [Bible Translation] [Biblical Greek]

October 12, 2PM

I couldn’t end this run of posts on 1 Thessalonians 1 without commenting on the content of the passage: Paul’s prayer of thanks. (See posts on structure and translation survey.) I think it’s important to notice what Paul is thankful for.... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible Study Method] [Bible Study Tools] [religion] [1 Thessalonians 1]
My wife reminded me after her own study of 1 Thessalonians 1 today that those who don’t read Greek don’t necessarily see the same divisions or indicators of divisions. Translation does often involved changing the sentence structure and might r... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [1 Thessalonians]


Dave Black commented on the structure of this passage, and I’ve been trying to work with it a bit. I do a loose form of phrasing when I study, in which I break pieces of the passage in some detail at times and leave others less chopped, so to speak.... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [1 Thessalonians] [Structure]

October 10, 6AM

This is just a short note—I hope!—as I have an extremely heavy day and really shouldn’t be stopping to write. I’ve been thinking of different ways to state my goal both in my own writing and teaching and in publishing, and I played with &#... [Christian Apologetics] [Christianity] [religion]

October 8, 7AM

I have in my inbox an e-mail sent on behalf of the American Bible Society. The subject line reads: “Create your own Custom Bible from American Bible Society.” I suspect some folks are thinking I’m going to draw the obvious lesson that we... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [religion] [Bible] [Interpretation]


Speaking of equality, I want to write a brief note on egalitarianism as I see it. As with all labels, the boundaries are often a problem. Back in early science classes, I learned to distinguish vegetable, animal, and mineral. At certain levels, those dist... [Christianity] [complementarianism] [Egalitarianism] [women in ministry] [gender equality]

October 6, 2PM

Those who know me, will know my answer. I’m egalitarian. My wife and I do two “yesses” and one “no” and either of us can provide the “no.” Bob Cornwall is working on a study guide on marriage and blogging as he go... [Christianity] [living] [religion] [gender equality] [Marriage]

October 5, 4PM

I have been working on cleaning up some of my old web site articles and reposting them were appropriate. I found one I forgot I’d written, titled Dance Floor Worship. I said regarding a moment looking out over the Gulf of Mexico: I can call this a s... [Christianity] [religion] [Worship] [dance] [Sacred Space] [sacred time]


Jody and I were reading the Lectionary passages for next Sunday this afternoon, and I was reminded about how our theology can keep us from reading Bible stories. I think it’s also easy to let our theology trump the theology of a Bible writer, but st... [Bible Passages] [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [religion] [Exodus] [Exodus 32] [openness theology] [Psalm 106]

September 30, 8AM

September 26, 10AM

Allan Bevere has carried on a discussion about the 2016 UMC General Conference, in which he is partially responding to another Energion author, Joel Watts. I have to agree with Allan that closing the floor is unlikely to help. I’m not sure anything ... [Christianity] [religion] [United Methodist Church]


Just in case I haven’t stirred things up enough lately, I’ve invited a discussion on divorce and marriage over on the Energion Discussion Network. Go participate and enjoy! [Christianity] [religion] [divorce] [Marriage]

September 25, 1PM

If you don’t know I own a publishing company (Energion Publications) by now, I’d be pretty surprised. It’s not as though I don’t talk about it regularly. One of the things I find interesting about blogging is to discover which blog... [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [religion] [book] [Christian] [global mission] [mission]

September 24, 8AM

September 22, 12 PM

The first thing I acknowledge is that I grieve just like everyone else; I do not grieve as a minister. I have the very same emotions, the very same needs as all persons who experience loss. (p. 20) This is from the forthcoming book Surviving a Son’s... [Christianity] [grief] [religion]


John and James – My favorite picture that I keep on my desk. September 22 is a difficult day for me and my family. Ten years ago, on September 22, our son/brother James went home. I cannot describe it as anything else. While it left us with a deep s... [Personal]

September 20, 2PM

One of my goals as a publisher is to see people from various streams of Christianity talk to one another and learn from one another. I used the labels “liberal,” “charismatic,” and “evangelical” in the home video I made... [Books] [Christianity] [Charismatic] [dialogue] [Lee Harmon] [Liberal] [publishing]


I’ve had some interesting conversations about God’s grace recently, and especially about its limits. Most people these days seem to firmly resist the idea that we need works in order to earn God’s favor, but many seem to think that we ne... [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Soteriology] [grace]

August 31, 7AM

In a few minutes I’m leaving to teach Sunday School and we’re talking about the inspiration and authority of scriptures and/or of people who claim to speak for God. But first, I thought I’d write a quick note on the recent discussion of ... [bible backgrounds] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Biblical Inspiration] [religion]

August 28, 6AM

His second post is here. I’m waiting for the third which he has now promised. I’m somewhat dissatisfied at this point, but the topic of his third post is promising. [Biblical Inspiration] [Christianity] [religion]
It’s fairly fashionable to call the thinking of our time “post-modern” and to talk about how people believe we really can’t know anything for sure, or perhaps just can’t know anything. In many discussions that is the conversa... [Christianity] [epistemology] [religion]

August 27, 9AM

I voted yesterday in the Florida primary. Despite being registered as independent (I oppose recognition of specific political parties by the government) I had one local election in which I was eligible to vote. So I did. I always do. I also like to actual... [politics] [local elections] [voting]


I’m continuing to read from the commentary on Hebrews by David L. Allen (Hebrews in the New American Commentary). I’m bound to get way ahead in my reading but I want to make a few remarks about the prologue, which both Dr. Allen and I would sa... [Bible books] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Christianity] [religion] [Hebrews] [Hebrews 1]

August 26, 7AM

Allan R. Bevere is hosting a response from L. Daniel Hawk to Adam Hamilton’s three part series on the violence of God in the Old Testament. It’s a topic I find fascinating. I’m going to wait for detailed comment until I’ve read all... [bible backgrounds] [Bible study] [Biblical Inspiration] [old testament] [religion]

August 25, 9AM

I’m reading David L. Allen’s volume on Hebrews in the New American Commentary. I’m really enjoying his treatment so far, and this note is not a criticism of Dr. Allen particularly, but rather a concern about claims we make regarding the ... [Uncategorized]


I appreciate Dave’s comments today on giving money when approached by family or friends to give money for a mission trip. He suggests asking that the recipient match dollor-for-dollar from their own money. I had the policy, when I was leading such t... [Christian Mission] [religion]

August 24, 6AM

In about a half an hour I will be leaving for church where I will teach a small Sunday School class. The class has chosen to go through my book When People Speak for God (wow!). I start my discussion in this book by looking at the human factor and the div... [Biblical Inerrancy] [Biblical Inspiration] [religion] [Bible] [Inerrancy] [Inspiration] [scripture]

August 23, 8AM

My friend Chris Eyre writes about the reality (but not necessarily physicality) of the resurrection and discusses our preaching. Here’s a line from his conclusion: But really, I think we probably should be preaching that you should follow Jesus irre... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [resurrection]
Many people regard the idea of trajectories in scripture as largely a method of avoiding “what the Bible clearly teaches.” I believe that there are clear trajectories in the teaching of scripture, and that in those cases one must be careful th... [Biblical Inspiration] [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion] [Lectionary] [Leviticus] [Numbers] [Priest] [Priesthood] [Psalm 99] [Psalms]

August 20, 7AM

Scot McKnight wrote a very interesting post on inerrancy today. I have long rejected use of the term biblical inerrancy, yet have watched as people more liberal (another dangerously slippery term) than I am claim to be inerrantists. This article is very h... [Biblical Inerrancy] [Biblical Inspiration] [Books] [religion]


I saw a Facebook post that claims that in the light of the beheading of U. S. journalist James Foley our only option is to hunt down and kill every one of them as soon as possible. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a pacifist. I belie... [politics] [Iraq] [War]
The word “tithing” has undergone quite a substantial change in meaning over the course of my life. Growing up as a Seventh-day Adventist, it meant giving precisely 10% of one’s income to the church. This money had a special use in the SD... [Books] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [grace] [Tithing]

August 8, 7AM

This question, which I’ve written about before, was brought to my attention again both through reading and through some conversations. As an ex-Seventh-day Adventist, I’m often asked whether I believe my former denomination is truly Christian,... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [religion] [denominations] [Methodist] [SDA] [Seventh-Day Adventists]
I burden my post with a somewhat long title, but it could be longer. The question is where do I put my focus when I respond to what is going on today. Now many readers are going to make assumptions as to what my beliefs are on the issues I use as examples... [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [politics] [religion]

August 2, 8AM

A discount for praying? Actually, yes, I say a blessing over my food. So I have some problems with the “disobeying Jesus” thing. There are occasions when you don’t have to hide in order to pray. That’s not what Jesus was getting at... [Prayer]
Pastor John T. McLarty, a Seventh-day Adventist who blogs at Liberal Adventist Pastor has posted his sermon for today, titled Church and Young Atheists as well as another related piece Questions My Kids Ask, written for the Green Lake Church Gazette. I mo... [atheism] [Christian Apologetics] [Christianity] [religion] [atheists] [SDA] [Seventh-day-Adventist]

July 30, 7AM

Brandon Withrow tells the story of How Westminster Theological Seminary Came to Define Fundamentalism for [Him]. It is a story that is repeated over and over again, and in this case a professor was removed from Westminster for saying much the same thing a... [Academic freedom] [education] [religion] [Bryan College] [Westminster Theologyical Seminary]

July 27, 6AM

Today my Sunday School class, The Way at First UMC Pensacola, will spend a second week discussing Process Theology after reading Bruce Epperly’s little introduction (Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God). Last week we spent most of our tim... [Bible study] [religion] [Arminianism] [Calvinism] [openness theology] [process theology]

July 24, 3PM

Recently on Facebook Allan Bevere commented that he had taken the road less traveled and now he didn’t know where he was. Sometimes I think I resemble that remark. But wherever Allan is, we may be neighbors, as he talks about a third way, avoiding l... [Christianity] [religion] [United Methodist Church]


Well, we didn’t do so well this past Monday, but a new week is coming! On Monday, July 28, we will meet again via Google Hangouts, with the announcement via e-mail (if you’ve requested one), or on my Google+ page. Jody has already posted the q... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Isaiah] [Psalms] [Romans] [Romans 9-11]

July 23, 8AM

The title of this blog, Threads from Henry’s Web, suggests that I’m the one producing the threads and hopefully drawing you in. But often the threads are leading me somewhere. Some things happened in just the last couple of weeks: A conversat... [Pensacola] [people]

July 22, 4PM

I was stopped at a light and saw this church sign. Yep! I did! I grabbed my cell phone and took a picture. (It was a long red!) It’s nonsense. It’s a particularly bad use of the slippery slope argument. A free society depends on us permitting ... [humor]

July 21, 6PM

Something happened on the way to Bible study, and we were unavailable. We apologize profoundly to anyone who showed up. We will resume next Monday night. We’ll announce the topic tomorrow. [Bible study]

July 20, 2PM

I’ve written a short story to (hopefully) help stimulate thought about Lectionary Proper 12A, which we’ll be discussing at our online Bible study on Monday night. [Bible study] [Links] [religion]

July 19, 7PM

Jody has already announced this, but our texts Monday night will be: Lectionary texts: 1 Kings 3:5-12 Psalm 119:129-136 Romans 8:26-39 Matthew 13:31-52 Opening question: What is THE treasure? Or: is the kingdom seeking you or are you seeking the kingdom? ... [Bible study] [Lectionary] [religion]
A Living Bible. Process theology affirms the lively inspiration of scripture. God was at work in the communities that shaped our written scriptures and in the various writers who penned the library of texts we call the Bible. Profoundly historical, biblic... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [process theology]

July 15, 8AM

Last night’s Bible study hangout was attended by five people, and I believe enjoyed by all concerned. We discussed the wheat and the weeds along with several other passages, including Psalm 139 (the whole Psalm, not the portions selected for the Lec... [Bible study] [religion]

July 14, 4PM

Here’s the hangout link: All are welcome! [Bible study]


Tonight’s topic for our Bible study on Google Hangouts comes from the parable of the wheat and the weeds (Matt. 13:24-43). To me, this passage is as interesting for the other passages it evokes as it is for what it says. And like many parables, it s... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion]

July 10, 7AM

Bob MacDonald sent me the following link: Growing Wheat. This provides some good background information on the parable. Remember, however, to consider the question in the light of all the passages and don’t be afraid to read more widely for context ... [Uncategorized]

July 8, 6PM

Our first try didn’t go that well. I spent a couple of hours talking to folks about technical issues. You ned to have Google hangouts working. If you want I can test it with you sometime before the study. This coming week we’ll be studying for... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion]

July 7, 9AM

My wife Jody and I will be leading a Monday night Bible study via Google Hangouts. Everyone is invited. Jody already posted about it, and her post includes the initial question and the scriptures for tonight. We thought about many approaches to choosing o... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion]

July 2, 6AM

My wife Jody also edits. She’s posted something from an upcoming release: From My Editing Desk: The Unbroken Road by Katy Isaacs. Enjoy! [Books]

June 20, 3PM

From Seven Marks of a New Testament Church by David Alan Black, p. 6: In the fourth place, evangelism in the New Testament was always characterized by genuine concern for the social needs of the lost. When I was in seminary, a good deal of distrust existe... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Ecclesiology] [social gospel]

June 9, 4PM

It hit me on Sunday as I was listening to a fine sermon for Pentecost at my home church, First United Methodist Church of Pensacola. Rev. Bob Sweet was enumerating a number of things the Holy Spirit might do for us, changes we should all make. A number of... [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [United Methodist Church]

June 4, 4PM

What’s that picture? I’m glad you asked. That’s my computer with layout work for the forthcoming Spanish translation of Dave Black’s Greek grammar. It’s an interesting bit of work. I was thinking yesterday that it doesn’... [Personal]

May 31, 4PM

We didn’t plan it this way, but my friend and Energion author Dave Black now has a book with a subtitle that begins with “Confessions of …” So what do I mean “not planned” and why is this significant? Well, I wrote a bo... [Books] [Christianity] [religion]
Anyone who has made a serious effort to teach from the Gospel of John has likely experienced the difficulty of giving people a clear picture of the connections between various parts of the book, not to mention the frequent allusions to passages in the Heb... [bible backgrounds] [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Gospel of John] [Herold Weiss]

May 26, 8AM

May 23, 7AM

There’s been a great deal of talk about schism in the United Methodist Church (#UMC) over the last couple of days. It hasn’t disturbed me in the way it has disturbed many of my friends, but it has made me ask this question: Why? No, not why mi... [Christianity] [religion] [United Methodist Church] [Nicene Creed] [Schism] [UMC]

May 19, 6AM

From time to time I hear the question regarding some act of terrorism, or by some act of a Muslim government: Where is the Muslim outrage? I first want to note that I find measuring online outrage to be a somewhat hopeless task. I am outraged at many thin... [politics] [religion] [Christianity] [Islam] [Sudan]

May 18, 12 PM

From my reading in Meditations on According to John (forthcoming next week) by Herold Weiss, pp. 91, 92: … Jesus’ work was consummated when he was lifted up, on the third day, on the cross. It is, therefore, somewhat disconcerting to read the prom... [Uncategorized]

April 29, 6PM

This is my mother, who will be 96 at the end of May. She’s looking over a book titled Seeing the Psalter. She spent a good hour with it, commenting on methodology and various translations. How can she do this? Well, after years as a missionary nurse... [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [education] [psalm 78] [Psalms]

April 28, 3AM

As I’m sitting here on the porch at Dave Black’s place ther is one disappointment. I didnt come here earlier so that I could have met Becky Lynn. I feel like I know her from correspondence and from her book. She had an enormous impact on so ma... [Uncategorized]

April 27, 12 PM

I have already been asked for my reaction a couple of times, and this conference was a great experience, so I definitely think it is worthwhile to reflect on it here a bit. For pictures, see posts by Dave Black and Thomas Hudgins. First why did I attend t... [Uncategorized]


I enjoyed sharing my testimony and Psalm 78:1-7, which is the theme text for my monistry, at Bethel Hill Baptist Church today. I want to thank Brother Jason Evans for allowing me some time in the service there. I was reminded of the importance of the body... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [Personal] [religion]

February 21, 8AM

Some time ago I was invited to answer questions from a group of wonderful young people. They were invited to ask me any question they wanted. On about the third question, as they were discussing the background between them, I had my finger in a place in m... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [religion]

February 17, 5PM

No, not the authors of the biblical text, though that’s an interesting topic. I’m talking about disagreeing with a study guide author, in this case a study guide author I chose both to publish and then to use in my Sunday School class. One cla... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Bible Study Tools] [Christianity] [religion] [Ecclesiastes]


Here’s an interesting post on the longer ending of Mark and snake handling. (HT: Dave Black Online, Why Four Gospels?) There’s obviously a serious question about hermeneutics lurking in the discussion, but what I would like to see discussed is... [Bible Study Method] [Biblical Canon] [biblical criticism] [exegesis] [religion] [canonicity] [Mark] [Snake handling]

February 16, 7AM

Reading Chris Seitz on the Biblical Crisis in the Homosexuality Debates (by Alastair Roberts) reminded me of three things I already believed: It is very dangerous to try to develop hermeneutics while wrapped up in a debate on a particular topic. The best... [Bible study] [Biblical Inspiration] [Christianity] [religion] [Ecclesiology] [heremeneutics] [homosexuality] [sexuality]

February 9, 8PM


I thought I’d write just a few reflections on our class today. In general the class was less interested in authorship than either I or the author of the study guide were. We had folks using the Wesley study Bible and the CEB Study Bible, both of wh... [Bible study] [Ecclesiastes]


How does the book of Ecclesiastes impact your view of inspiration? I’ll be asking folks to think about this in my Sunday School class at First UMC of Pensacola as we study Ecclesiastes. What do you think? [Uncategorized]
While I was off teaching Revelation elsewhere, my Sunday School class at First United Methodist Church of Pensacola studied from Harvey Brown’s new book Forgiveness: Finding Freedom from Your Past. Harvey’s book is just 40 pages (it’s in... [Bible books] [Bible study] [Biblical Inerrancy] [Biblical Inspiration] [Ecclesiastes] [Participatory Study Series]

February 3, 10AM

… according to me, of course! I’m sitting here doing page layout on My Life Story by Becky Lynn Black. As I was doing that, I read small portions. I don’t read much while I’m doing page layout. What the text says is less important ... [Christian Ministry] [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion]

February 1, 7PM

This past Sunday I completed teaching a four week series on Revelation for one of the Sunday School classes at Chumuckla Community Church. It’s always interesting to try to teach a short series on the book of Revelation. There is so much there, and ... [Bible books] [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [religion] [Revelation] [Bible study] [persecution]

January 31, 7AM

In an article titled Why Do So Many Pastors Leave the Church? The Answer Will Shock You, one paragraph stood out to me: 90% feel they are inadequately trained to cope with the ministry demands and 90% of pastors said the ministry was completely different ... [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion]

January 29, 1PM

Does the Bible need some improvements, if not in content, at least in presentation? That’s one way to put the question addressed by Rev. Steve Kindle in a guest post on Dr. Bob Cornwall’s blog. I want to make some fairly picky comments on this... [bible translations] [Bible Versions] [Christianity] [Gender Language] [religion] [NIV] [NRSV] [RSV]


I’ve experienced much worse (or better, if you like snow!) elsewhere, but this is a first in terms of winter storms here in Florida. I’m working inside until at least this afternoon when people should be done sliding around. It’s nice to... [Personal]

January 24, 10AM

Rev. Jeremiah Gibbs provides an interesting answer. I tend to be more restrictive in my use of the term “scholar.” I use it to describe those who do research and writing that is read and used by other scholars. On that basis, I regard myself n... [Bible study] [bible scholar] [scholarship]


They publish some videos and summaries of views from the authors of the book Four Views on the Historical Adam (Counterpoints: Bible and Theology). The videos and summaries are interesting, as I suspect the book would be, though I haven’t read it. I... [Christianity] [Creation and Evolution] [religion]
Just stepped outside to encounter actual sleet. Yay Pensacola! You’ll probably need to click on the picture and see it full size. That’s how far one must go to see these things here in the sunny southland. This Canadian born lad was very excit... [Asides]

January 23, 5PM

Despite my dislike, all these Bibles were within arm’s reach of my desk I dislike study Bibles. I almost said I hate them, but since I do tolerate some of them, that would be overstating the case. My problem with them is that they tend to blur the d... [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [Bible Study Tools]

January 18, 10AM

David F. Watson of United Theological Seminary (Dayton, OH), has written a post title What is a Liberal Christian? (HT: Methoblog). I’m not going to dissect his post, because much of what I would have said, he summarized already here: Part of the re... [Christianity] [religion]

January 15, 7AM

The following quote struck me in Bruce Epperly’s Adventurous Lectionary for the week: When we say, at our congregations, “come and see” to seekers, we better have something to share that will change lives, our own and others.  Jesus’ words ca... [Lectionary] [Bruce Epperly] [Vocation]

January 8, 7AM

This is another quote from my editing work: James is a theologian, but his theology moves from the classroom and the study to the street corner and the soup kitchen.  James is a “practical theologian,” whose beliefs motivate his actions and whose act... [Bible study] [Books] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [Bruce Epperly] [james]

January 7, 5PM

Christianity involves following the path of Jesus in its embrace of the least of these,   discovering God’s presence everywhere. — Bruce Epperly, Holistic Spirituality: Life Transforming Wisdom from the Letter of James (forthcoming)   [Books] [Christianity] [Bruce Epperly] [james]

January 6, 3PM

I’ve made a change in how I link Bible verses on this blog. This applies mostly to the Participatory Bible Study blog posts which I merged with this one at the beginning of the year. For some time I had used the RefTagger plugin from Logos Bible Sof... [Bible Study Tools] [bgbg2] [Biblegateway]


When I wrote yesterday about the HCSB introduction and its use of the label “optimal equivalence” I fully intended to write another post complaining about that introduction. And I will mention the other issue briefly in this post. But somethin... [Bible Study Method] [Bible Study Tools] [Bible Translation] [bible translations] [Clear Word] [ESV] [HCSB] [NRSV]

January 5, 4PM

It has been some time since I complained about something in a Bible translation, so here goes! In this case it’s not the translation itself, but rather the description of the translation in the introduction. I used the HCSB in church today, and I no... [Bible Translation] [bible translations] [HCSB]

December 18, 4PM

David Allen has an excellent series of posts on this passage (HT: David Alan Black), which I think is the key to the entire book. I am, of course, especially impressed with the fact that much of what he says is compatible with the way I believe the passag... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible Study Method] [David Allen] [Hebrews]

December 8, 9AM

Thomas Hudgins provides 10 steps for biblical exegesis. I’m particularly pleased to see structural and rhetorical analysis on the list. Related Posts:Rhetorical Analysis of Hebrews 1:1-4Greek and MinistryLinguistics and Exegesis – a LinkAdria... [Bible Study Method] [Uncategorized]

October 28, 8PM

Pastor Marc Grizzard of (oh the irony!) Amazing Grace Baptist Church (I’d link, but the web page at the only link I have is suspended) is planning a book burning. He believes the KJV is the only true Word of God for English speaking people, so he... [Bible Translation] [Bible Versions] [book burning] [KJV] [Marc Grizzard]

October 23, 6AM

Next time I have the opportunity to teach Greek, I’m going to ask the students to watch this video, not because I need them to know about English dialects, but because it’s helpful to know how dialects change and are formed (HT: Dave Black Onl... [Bible Study Tools] [dialect] [phonemic] [phonetics]

October 20, 6AM

James McGrath makes a connection here that I had never thought of, comparing a mythicist hypothesis that this refers to suffering outside the gate of heaven (for which we have have what evidence?) as opposed to a common belief at the time that Jesus suffe... [Bible Passages] [Hebrews] [Hebrews 13:12]

October 15, 6PM

I was out driving today and saw a church sign with the statement, “The Bible – Your First Notebook.” What exactly does that mean? I see almost nothing about the Bible that makes it like a notebook. It’s still better than the commo... [Bible Study Method] [analogy] [Bible]

October 14, 1PM

The Pentateuch is one key source for Christian debates about the treatment of aliens (especially illegal aliens) here in the United States. There are a number of commands that might apply, and they are interpreted differently, or perhaps seen as applicabl... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [illegal alien] [Immigration] [Numbers] [Numbers 15:16]

October 13, 3PM

Elements of formatting and layout can have a significant impact on the use of a Bible translation and even the way in which it will be read and understood. Examples of formatting choices that may be very significant include paragraph divisions (not to men... [Bible Translation] [Bible Versions] [ESV] [NLT] [NRSV]


Yesterday I was recommending the chapters in Numbers, starting around 11, as “thinking fodder” regarding the way God works with people. But there’s some really good stuff there about how people deal with people as well. Even though many... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Numbers] [Pentateuch] [Torah]

October 12, 4PM

For those who are not familiar with it, impartation, at least in charismatic circles refers to passing on a gift, or even on occasion a calling or anointing when one person or persons lays hands on another. I’m not going to try to summarize the vari... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [healing] [impartation] [Numbers]

October 11, 7AM

Oh, we don’t have to keep it brief. My friend Greg May (also an Energion author, Crewed Awakening and It’s in the Toolbox) wrote a great post this morning about application. There’s nothing wrong, in my view, and much good about learning... [Bible Study Method] [application] [Bible study]

October 10, 2PM

I ran headlong into my lack of explicit theological training today while studying Hebrews. (Yes, I’m still working on my revised study guide.) Now I’m certain that I’ve run into the word “piacular” before. The reason I can be... [Bible Passages] [exegesis] [Hebrews]

October 8, 4PM

I try not to call what I do here “reviewing” as I don’t really try to provide an academic review. In fact, I might do better to call these “Ramblings after Reading.” In the case of this book I need to provide an additional ca... [Bible Study Method] [Bible Study Tools] [exegesis] [Greek] [Linguistics]

October 7, 8AM

I was reading this morning from the introduction to Moffatt’s commentary on Hebrews in the International Critical Commentary (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, Ltd, 1979), and found an interesting quote on the variety of proposals for the authorship of the ... [Bible books] [Bible Study Method] [Uncategorized] [Hebrews] [International Critical Commentary]

September 20, 1PM

Just sent another book to the printer, in this case The Authorship of Hebrews: The Case for Paul by David Alan Black. I’ve heard some comments about my motivations for publishing this little book (just 42 pages). Money was mentioned, along with a bu... [Bible books] [Authorship] [Hebrews]

August 16, 6AM

David Lincicum, “University Lecturer in the Faculty of Theology and Religion, and Caird Fellow in Theology at Mansfield College, Oxford” (About), has a new blog. Well, new to me. It’s been around for several months. It looks interesting.... [Bible Study Method] [Judges] [Mark] [Parallel]
One of the key things I say in teaching Bible study is: “Aim it at yourself first.” Now that’s a hard one to follow, and it doesn’t mean one can never discover what a text means for someone else. Rather, it’s a focus. I need... [Bible Study Method] [religion] [sharing] [Spirituality]

August 7, 6AM

On God Directed Deviations Miguel posts You’ve Been Duped! Ekklesia Does Not Mean “Called Out Ones.” He quite justifiably identifies the etymological fallacy. But in the comments, some folks are not so sure and don’t really see the issue. I c... [Bible Study Method] [Bible Translation] [etymological fallacy]

August 2, 6AM

I found Hebrews 1:1-4: A Study in Discourse Analysis via Dave Black Online today. Many elements here are not new, but this is the best concise presentation of these four important verses that I’ve found. Some may think that 19 pages on four verses i... [Bible Passages] [Hebrews]

July 13, 4PM

… fully demonstrated by Jacob Cerone at ἐνθύμησις (Jonah 1:4c). Just the one clause! Bravo! Write more!   Related Posts:Inspiration from the Bible with One ClickERB Review of The VoiceA Sense of the Spiritual2 Corinthians and Leade... [Bible Study Method] [Jonah]

July 12, 3PM

It’s amazing to me how frequently we are do biblical criticism, but are not sufficiently critical in evaluating the results. Now don’t take this as the complaint of someone who is afraid that biblical criticism will undermine the scriptures. ... [Bible Study Method] [biblical criticism]


There’s a thought provoking post by Morgan Guyton (Mercy not Sacrifice) discussing this issue. While I have some problems with the interpretations proposed when considered from an historical point of view, as Christian application of scripture, I th... [Bible Passages] [Bible Study Method]

July 11, 8AM

I frequently encounter people who are afraid of depending on scholars for their knowledge of the Bible. I understand this fear. One thing that got me into studying biblical languages was the desire to know for myself, without having someone else translate... [Bible Study Method] [Bible study] [expert] [scholar]

July 10, 8AM

Thomas Hudgins is teaching Greek, and he thinks students should study with the intention of actually using their Greek in ministry (HT: Dave Black). I’m delighted to see more and more effort put into this type of teaching. I was very frustrated as ... [Bible Study Tools] [Bible Translation] [Biblical languages] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Linguistics]

July 8, 8PM

Rachel Held Evans has an interesting post on the way we tend to interpret the Bible differently based on our vested interests. This shouldn’t be a surprise. We tend to interpret everything according to our vested interests. It’s no surprise t... [Bible Study Method]


I’ve been thinking about the Hebrews outlines, but not posting them. I’ve printed out a copy of my outline and translation and I plan to color code the text according to major themes that I see in the book of Hebrews. It will be interesting to... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Hebrews]

July 1, 7AM

Andrew Wilson has a post on The Gospel Coalition (Voices) blog titled Why I don’t Hate the Word Inerrancy. In a certain way I have to agree with his conclusion: But I don’t think the answer is to hate the word. If we were to abandon every wor... [Bible Passages] [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [Creation] [Genesis] [Inerrancy]

June 25, 10AM

My title is slightly modified from No Scientific Revelation in the Bible, posted by RJS at Jesus Creed, with links in turn to work by John Walton. I think this is an important point. My argument since I was an undergraduate just trying to work my way thr... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Creation] [Genesis]

June 13, 8AM

The etymological fallacy is one of the most well known fallacies in biblical exegesis. In fact, many people “know” it who don’t understand it. I was reminded of why etymological explanations are attractive this morning as I was reading ... [Bible Translation] [etymological fallacy] [etymology]

June 8, 3PM

I’ve been reading Isaiah through this year following the readings outlined for the Facebook group Greek Isaiah in a Year. This is actually my second time (mostly) through Isaiah in the LXX, though last time I stopped ten chapters short. When I saw t... [Bible books] [New Testament]


I’ve posted a few links to various outlines for the book of Hebrews, though there are, of course, plenty of others. For summary, here are the main links: Nathan Brown’s Outline My Outline (the one I’m revising) David Reed’s Rh... [Bible books] [Hebrews]

June 6, 8AM

Dave Black provided me with a link to his article, The Problem of the Literary Structure of Hebrews: An Evaluation and a Proposal, and I wanted to link that here and connect it to the previous post. Without intending violence to the overall value of the ... [Bible books] [chiasm] [Hebrews] [Structure] [Vanhoye]

June 5, 4PM

Commenter David Reed e-mailed me a copy of his Rhetorical Outline of the Epistolary Sermon to the Hebrews. I’m embedding it here, trying out a new plugin. Besides your thoughts on the outline itself, I’d like your thoughts on how well embeddin... [Bible books] [Uncategorized] [Hebrews] [outline] [Rhetoric]

June 2, 8PM

The Old Testament lectionary text for today was 1 Kings 18:20-39. This text again presents a case in which those who compile the lectionary avoid difficult texts in the way they cut the reading. Verse 39 ends with “the LORD, he is God,” while ... [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [Lectionary] [1 Kings] [Elijah] [pluralism] [Prophets]

June 1, 8PM

I like the term confidence; many prefer boldness. Boldness is an interesting concept in Christianity. I’m taking my title from Hebrews 4:16, and in fact most of my thoughts here are based on the book of Hebrews. I first encountered the claim of bol... [Bible Passages] [boldness] [confidence] [faithfulness] [Hebrews] [witness]


… at Thatjeffcarter Was Here. Related Posts:The Premier 2013 Biblical Studies Carnival PostedFebruary 2013 Biblical Studies Carnival PostedBiblical Studies Carnival and Biblioblog RankingsBiblical Studies Carnival PostedBiblioblog Top 50 and Carniv... [Bible Study Tools] [Blog Carnivals]


I keep thinking I’ll get more regular about updating this blog (or my other two), but things remain hectic around here. If you’ve been watching the announcements from my company, Energion Publications, you have seen some of what my wife and I,... [Bible Study Method] [Books] [Participatory Study Series]

May 1, 8AM

It was a small Bible study in a church I had joined recently, and we were reading from the gospels. I was kind of trying to keep quiet and get to know people before I made too many comments. But after our gospel reading, people started to discuss it, or m... [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [gospels] [Pharisees]

April 23, 2PM

Dave Black commented on my outline, linked in my previous post, thus: 1:28 PM Henry Neufeld, who has published a work on the epistle to the Hebrews, enters the discussion about the book’s outline/discourse structure. You can check out his soon-t... [Bible books] [Bible Passages] [Bible Study Method] [Hebrews]

April 22, 8AM

Via Dave Black I found Brian Small’s link to Nathan Brown’s outline of Hebrews. Here’s what Dave had to say: 6:48 PMBrian Small has just linked to An Exegetical Outline of Hebrews. The author naturally shies away from Pauline author... [Bible Study Method] [Hebrews]
Simon Cozens discusses good and bad translations (HT: Kouya) and concludes: So when it comes to Bible translations, I don’t really care, relatively speaking, about the methodology behind the translation. I don’t necessarily care if it’s literal or ... [Bible Translation] [dynamic equivalence] [formal equivalence] [translation]

April 12, 10PM

From time to time various Methodists get very worked up about the idea that members of United Methodist congregations are using Beth Moore studies in their study groups and Sunday School classes. Via Facebook I encountered an older post regarding Methodis... [Bible Study Method] [Christianity] [Uncategorized] [Beth Moore] [Bible] [SDA] [Seventh-day Adventist] [Small Groups] [Sunday School] [teaching] [UMC] [United Methodist Church]

April 6, 3PM

Dave lists 13 things Greek teachers won’t tell you, but I must say that most of mine did. And Dave does admit that many Greek teachers do say these things. But do students listen? Do people in the pews and those who read books get the message? My ... [Bible Study Method] [Bible Study Tools] [Christianity] [exegesis] [Biblical Greek] [Biblical Hebrew] [word studies]

April 3, 8PM

John Piper is asked in a podcast whether a man can read a commentary written by a woman, with a follow-up as to whether one could then quote the commentary from the pulpit (HT: Jesus Creed). I find his reasoning here very convoluted. There is a much bett... [Bible Study Method] [authority] [John Piper] [women in ministry]

March 27, 7AM

James McGrath brings up Hebrews 2:6, where the author introduces a quote by saying “somebody somewhere says.” Dr. McGrath uses this sort of as an argument against inerrancy, though primarily as an argument for human authorship. I have used th... [Bible Passages] [Christianity] [Biblical Inerrancy] [Hebrews] [Inerrancy] [Inspiration]

March 26, 10AM

… from Bob MacDonald at Dust. I like his way of talking about it! Related Posts:Biblical Studies Carnival PostedThe Premier 2013 Biblical Studies Carnival PostedA Note on Hebrews 1:3 (Orthodox Study Bible)KJV Better than Originals?February 2013 Bib... [Bible Passages] [Christianity] [Trinity]

March 24, 8PM

John Byron comments on a web site that makes that suggestion. One of the champions of this bizarre position, Peter Ruckman, preaches just down the road.Related Posts:The American Patriot Bible is a Bestseller!The Earliest Gospel of Mark Has NOT Been Found... [Bible Translation] [Bible Versions] [KJV-Only] [KJVO]