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December 13 2017, 9PM

Every couple of years, I teach a course on Jesus in Film at Duke. Last time I taught the course, I ran a fun poll at the end in which I asked students "What is your favourite Jesus film?" I posted the results here.This year's results are now in! Amazingly... [Favourite Jesus film] [Jesus Films] [Jesus in Film course]


I am grateful to Alan Garrow for responding to my post on Garrow's Flaw (details and links here) over on Bart Ehrman's blog.I had pointed out that Garrow's model diagnoses high verbatim double tradition passages as the result of Matthew's copying of Luke ... [Alan Garrow] [Bart Ehrman] [synoptic problem]

December 12, 10PM

It's fun to be teaching a course on Jesus in Film when a new Jesus film comes out! The Star (dir. Timothy Reckardt) was released in November in time for the pre-Christmas crowds. I gave my students the opportunity to write a review of the film for ex... [Jesus Films] [Jesus in Film course] [nativity films] [The Star]


Over on Bart Ehrman's blog, there has been some fun relating to the Synoptic Problem. A commenter promised $1,000 to Prof. Ehrman's blog's charities if he engaged with Alan Garrow's work on the Synoptic Problem. Since I have read and thought about Dr Garr... [Alan Garrow] [Bart Ehrman] [synoptic problem]

September 14, 5PM

I am happy to be able to post the following announcement of a position in Early Christianity in our department at Duke:--The Department of Religious Studies within Trinity College of Arts & Sciences at Duke University invites applications and nominati... [Duke University Religion Department]

September 12, 12 PM

I am grateful to Andrew Bernhard for sending over news of a change in his website He posted the following message on Labor Day:Thank you to all who have visited my site during the past twenty years. I am humbled by the attention it has r... [Andrew Bernhard] [Early Christian Gospels] [NT Gateway Updates]

September 5, 5AM

Twelve years ago (Say it with awe; Say it with awe update), I blogged about the legendary John Wayne story, in which the Duke, playing the role of the centurion at the cross in The Greatest Story Ever Told, delivers the line "Truly, this was the Son ... [Greatest Story Ever Told] [Jesus Films] [John Wayne] [Say it with awe]

August 22, 7AM

It's the beginning of a new academic year at Duke and this semester I am teaching my undergraduate course on Jesus in Film for a second time. I am hoping to blog about the course as I did last time.For a first post on the topic, I have pulled up the resul... [Jesus Films] [Jesus in Film course]

June 29, 9PM

Back in 2005, I transcribed a Greek text of the Apocalypse of Peter (Akhmim fragment, from Erich Klostermann's edition) and uploaded to the web. I updated the files in 2007 and 2009 and for a couple of years I have been meaning to make some corrections to... [Apocalypse of Peter]

June 27, 9PM

I have blogged my fascination with the 1977 BBC documentary Who Was Jesus? on a couple of occasions (Caird, Flusser and Cupitt on Who Was Jesus? (1977) and Who Was Jesus? (1977)) and I've been really keen to see it for many years. I remember lis... [Bible Films] [Don Cupitt] [George B. Caird] [John Fenton] [Who Was Jesus?]

June 26, 9PM

There is still time to book for the Biblical Archaeology Society's Summer Seminar event with Prof. Robert Cargill and me at St Olaf College in July. Here are the details:St Olaf College Summer Seminar with Robert Cargill and Mark GoodacreSt. Olaf CollegeN... [Biblical Archaeology Society] [my talks] [robert cargill]


Almost ten years ago, I blogged about the forgotten BBC TV Series, Paul of Tarsus (1960), starring Patrick Troughton (Paul of Tarsus (1960); More on Paul of Tarsus (BBC, 1960); Paul of Tarsus (1960): More details). In the intervening years, I have never h... [Bible Films] [Paul of Tarsus (1960)]

May 1, 1AM

I'm giving the Speaker's Lectures in Biblical Studies in Oxford this year, beginning tomorrow (Tuesday). Full details below:John's Knowledge of the Synoptic GospelsMark GoodacreProfessor in the Department of Religious Studies, Duke University12 noon in th... [John's Gospel] [Speaker's Lectures]

March 8, 10PM

It would be easy to think that there would be nothing new to say about the Gospel of Jesus' Wife after the dramatic events of last June (chronicled here under the headings The Owner of the Gospel of Jesus' Wife is Unmasked and Gospel of Jesus' Wife: ... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

March 5, 11AM

Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery returns tonight for its second season. Tune in to CNN at 9pm ET/PT. Here's the trailer: The first episode deals with Pontius Pilate and focuses on the Pilate stone. There's a clip here (featuring Candida Moss, Robert Ca... [Finding Jesus]

December 7 2016, 1PM

I get to the last lecture in my Introduction to the New Testament course tomorrow, and it provides the opportunity to talk about Revelation. I generally find that the subject matter is so interesting that I ask myself why I don't try to teach a whole cour... [Number of the Beast] [Oxyrhynchus] [Revelation]

August 15, 7AM

I have just come across this delightful piece of advice to students about how to email their professors (HT: Laura Lieber, with thanks!):How to Email Your Professor (without being annoying AF)Laura Portwood-StacerThere is some great advice there, but I co... [pedagogy]

June 20, 8PM

Since the remarkable piece of investigative journalism from Ariel Sabar was published last Wednesday (The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus' Wife), in which the owner of the fragment, Walter Fritz, was unmasked, the discussion in the media has taken off at a pre... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

June 15, 8PM

In September 2012, four journalists were granted special interviews on the Gospel of Jesus' Wife, published the day that Karen King revealed the manuscript in Rome. One of them, Lisa Wangsness, returned to the topic last November in a follow-up article in... [Ariel Sabar] [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

March 9, 8AM

Following on from my recent posts about St Thomas Mount and Little Mount, this one explores another key Thomas location, St Thomas Basilica in Mylapore, Chennai, India. This is the place where Thomas's tomb is allegedly located and an impressive neo-... [Apostle Thomas] [India] [NT Pod] [Travel diaries]

March 3, 10AM

Following on from my recent post about St Thomas Mount, this one explores another key Thomas location, Little Mount (Chinnamalai), also in Chennai.It's the place where Thomas allegedly faced his death, and the church is built over the cave where he hid fr... [Apostle Thomas] [India] [NT Pod] [Travel diaries]

March 2, 4AM

The NT Pod and the NT Blog go on the road! It's long been an ambition of mine to visit the sites connected with the Apostle Thomas out in Chennai (formerly Madras) in India. I decided to photograph my visit and also to record my reflections.You can listen... [Apostle Thomas] [Chennai] [India] [NT Pod] [Travel diaries]

March 1, 5AM

One of the great traditions at Duke is the annual series of Clark Lectures. Duke has hosted many fine scholars and some great lectures, and this year is no exception. This year's Clark Lectures feature Dr Loveday Alexander:2016 Clark Lectures with Loveday... [Clark Lectures]

January 12, 4AM

John Barclay recently published Paul and the Gift and it is currently one of the most talked-about boos in the field. Now Eerdmans have released an interview with Prof. Barclay:It's a lively, clear and fascinating fifteen minutes.And from the look of... [Eerdmans] [John Barclay]

January 11, 7PM

The sad news today of the death of David Bowie has of course been all over the media, Facebook and Twitter. For fans of Jesus Films, Bowie gave us one of the most memorable, iconic characterisations of Pontius Pilate in Scorsese's uneven but at times insp... [david bowie] [Jesus Films] [Last Temptation of Christ] [Pontius Pilate]

December 20 2015, 2PM

The Christmas episode of the NT Pod has landed!NT Pod 76: The Magi in Matthew's GospelThis time with sleigh bells! And Johnny Cash! And Ella Fitzgerald! And me yabbering on about Matthew 2.1-12.You can find it in the usual places -- at podacre, on iTunes,... [Birth Narratives] [Matthew's Gospel] [NT Pod]

December 14, 5AM

I was sorry to hear of the death of I. Howard Marshall over the weekend. He was 81. Marshall was a prolific scholar and he will be fondly remembered, especially the generations of evangelical students he trained at the University of Aberdeen.I was lucky t... [I. Howard Marshall] [obituaries]

November 28, 10PM

The Boston Globe today presents a thorough, well-researched, and fair update on the saga of the Gospel of Jesus' Wife:The Case of the Gospel of Jesus' Wife Still Isn't ClosedLisa WangsnessRegular readers will of course know of my own interest in this topi... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

October 1, 7AM

I was so sorry to hear of the death of Dietmar Neufeld on September 9. Dietmar Neufeld was professor in the Department of Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies at the University of British Columbia. Although I did not know Prof. Neufeld wel... [Dietmar Neufeld]

September 8, 3PM

Guest post by Andrew Bernhard[PDF of this blog post available here]For nearly three years, there has been considerable controversy and confusion about whether a business-card sized papyrus fragment dubbed the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife is an authentic ancien... [Andrew Bernhard] [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

September 5, 1PM

Guest post by Andrew BernhardSince the recent release of the “translation” that the owner of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife gave Karen King and the revelation that it is directly dependent on the English of Grondin’s Interlinear, a few questions have b... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

August 29, 8PM

Guest post by Andrew Bernhard[Unicode Coptic Font available here. If you are having trouble seeing the Coptic, there is also a PDF of this post available here.]On Thursday, Karen King generously posted online the “translation” of the Gospel of Jesus... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

August 28, 4PM

Guest Post by Andrew Bernhard[Unicode Coptic Font available here. If you are having trouble seeing the Coptic, there is also a PDF of this post available here.]Building on the work of Francis Watson and a number of other scholars, I argued in an article i... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

July 20, 12 PM

In my previous post, Gospel of Jesus' Wife in New Testament Studies, I drew attention to the free-for-all access to the latest issue of New Testament Studies in which several scholars clearly, fairly and persuasively set out the case that the Gospel of Je... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

June 25, 7AM

In April 2014, Harvard Theological Review devoted an issue to the discussion of The Gospel of Jesus' Wife, a fragmentary text thought by many to be a forgery. Regular readers of this blog will know that this fragment has been a hot topic of discussio... [Francis Watson] [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment] [New Testament studies] [Simon Gathercole]

June 17, 11AM

I am delighted to be able to share the following tribute to J. Louis Martyn by Prof. Joel Marcus, Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins in Duke Divinity School.--My former doctoral advisor, J. Louis Martyn, died on June 4 at the age of 89. A lo... [J. Louis Martyn] [obituaries]

June 13, 9AM

I was sorry to hear of the death of J. Louis Martyn last week. He is one of the greats of New Testament scholarship. Beverley Gaventa has a lovely tribute on the SBL site here:J. Louis Martyn Among the bloggers, there are tributes from Sean Winter an... [J. Louis Martyn] [obituaries]

March 10, 6AM

You can join me and Prof. Ziony Zevit for a lecture series at Montreat Conference Center this May. Full details are available here:Montreat Conference CenterAsheville, North CarolinaMay 25 – May 31, 2015 | with Mark Goodacre, Duke University and Ziony Z... [Biblical Archaeology Society] [Montreat]

March 8, 11AM

Episode 2 of the CNN Original Series, Finding Jesus, airs tonight at 9pm ET/PT. This episode focuses on John the Baptist and features contributions from me, Candida Moss, Michael Peppard, Nancy Khalek, Joshua Garroway, Joan Taylor, Nicola Denzey Lewis, By... [Finding Jesus]

March 5, 9PM

Over on Apocryphicity, Tony Burke has a characteristically lively discussion of the first episode of the CNN documentary Finding Jesus:Finding Jesus Episode 1: Giving in to the Apocryphal UrgeTony argues that the episode "demonstrates the apocryphal urge"... [Apocryphicity] [Finding Jesus]

March 1, 2PM

CNN begins its six part series, Finding Jesus, tonight at 9pm (ET/PT). Here's the series trailer: And here's a clip from tonight's episode in which Obery Hendricks and I talk about the agony and shame of crucifixion: Post by Finding Jesus.I appear in all ... [Finding Jesus]

February 9, 3PM

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while, but there's another Jesus film on the way this spring -- Killing Jesus.  It's adapted from Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard’s book of the same name and airs on National Geographic.  Here's a "... [Jesus Films] [Killing Jesus]


While teaching Jesus in Film, I realize that there are still several Jesus films that I have not seen.  One of these is a 1978 TV movie from the USA simply called The Nativity.  It is mentioned a couple of times (of course!) on Matt Page's Bible... [Jesus Films] [nativity films] [the nativity (1978)]


The latest Biblical Archaeology Review has a lengthy retrospective on the careers of my Duke colleagues Eric Meyers and Carol Meyers:Biblical Archaeology: Whither and WhenceLooking Back with Eric and Carol MeyersHershel Shanks  (02/09/2015)It's ... [Biblical Archaeology Society] [Carol Meyers] [Duke University Religion Department] [Eric Meyers]

February 3, 8PM

Beginning on March 1, a new six part documentary series from CNN, Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery.  The teaser trailer is now online: I look forward to chatting about this some more soon! [Finding Jesus]


The Last Temptation of Christ (dir. Martin Scorsese, 1988) begins with a quotation from Nikos Kazantzakis, but there is a spelling mistake -- it's the wrong "principle".  It should, of course, be "principal": [Jesus Films] [Last Temptation of Christ]

January 31, 10PM

The most iconic scene in Life of Brian is, of course, the opening post-credit scene in which Jesus is delivering the Sermon on the Mount to assembled thousands (In Judea. AD 33. Saturday afternoon. At around tea time).  Such is the success of Li... [Greatest Story Ever Told] [Jesus Films] [Jesus of Nazareth (1977)] [King of Kings] [Life of Brian]

January 30, 9PM

I've been gradually adding pages to my Celluloid Jesus web pages and the latest additions are Jesus of Nazareth (yesterday) and now also Life of Brian:Celluloid Jesus: Life of BrianAmong other things, I've linked to James Crossley's excellent "Life of Bri... [Celluloid Jesus] [Jesus and Brian] [Life of Brian]

January 29, 8PM

I have fallen in love anew with Zeffirelli's Jesus of Nazareth over the last week or so as I have watched and re-watched it.  There are so many things to love about the film.  One of them is Olivia Hussey's portrayal of Mary, which is so moving ... [Jesus of Nazareth (1977)]

January 28, 2PM

One of the legendary scenes in Life of Brian features Judean rebels, led by Reg (John Cleese), asking, "What have the Romans done for us?"  I have been re-watching Jesus of Nazareth (dir. Franco Zeffirelli, 1977) this week and I have been s... [Jesus of Nazareth (1977)] [Life of Brian]

January 22, 8PM

In my Jesus in Film class today we focused on Godspell (dir. David Greene, 1973).  It's not my favourite Jesus film at all and so in re-viewing it, I was looking for things that might help to improve my impression of it.  And I found one ma... [Godspell] [New York] [Twin Towers] [World Trade Center]

January 14, 7PM

For many years, I had a series of web pages which I called "Celluloid Jesus: The Christ Film Web Pages".  When we revamped the NT Gateway, back in 2008, these pages did not quite fit the new look and I decided to drop them.  I always intended to... [Celluloid Jesus] [Jesus Films]

January 10, 4PM

I'm continuing to rewatch and research King of Kings (1961) ahead of teaching a class on it on Tuesday.  TCM has this lovely, short clip of scriptwriter Philip Yordan talking about the film.  He tells about how disastrous the script was when he ... [george kilpatrick] [Jesus Films] [King of Kings]

12 PM

This year's Kenneth W. Clark lectures at Duke Divinity School are to be given by Carl Holladay.  Details are here:Clark Lectures 2015: Carl HolladayThe schedule is:Lecture 1Tuesday, Feb. 17, 20154:00 – 5:15 p.m.0016 Westbrook, Duke Divinity SchoolL... [Clark Lectures]

January 6, 8PM

One of the things that happens when you watch a film many times over is that you start spotting things in the background.  I was viewing the temptation scene in King of Kings (1961) today, and there is a long shot right over the desert and I thi... [Jesus Films] [King of Kings]


I am currently preparing a class on King of Kings (dir. Nicholas Ray, 1961) for the course on Jesus in Film that I am teaching this semester at Duke.  While researching for the course, I came across this delightful piece from British Pathé News... [British Pathé] [Jesus Films] [King of Kings]

December 20 2014, 4PM

I sat down yesterday to talk to my friend and colleague Stephen Toback about my NT Pod and my future plans for the podcast, including venturing into video podcasting. We talked in Duke's new MPS studio, which I am greatly looking forward to using in the c... [Duke iTunes U] [NT Pod]


I am greatly looking forward to teaching a new course on Jesus in Film next semester here at Duke.  I'm encouraging those signed up for the class to begin their work over the break by seeking out Jesus films on the TV.  I have drawn up a list fo... [Jesus Films]

December 9, 4AM

All seven parts of Richard Bauckham's assessment of Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel: Decoding the Ancient Text that Reveals Jesus' Marriage to Mary Magdalene (New York: Pegasus, 2014), are now available combined into one article, whic... [Aseneth] [Barrie Wilson] [lost gospel] [simcha jacobovici] [Steve Walton]

December 7, 7PM

Richard Bauckham's assessment of Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel: Decoding the Ancient Text that Reveals Jesus' Marriage to Mary Magdalene (New York: Pegasus, 2014) is now complete.I have been posting his responses over the last two w... [Aseneth] [Barrie Wilson] [lost gospel] [richard bauckham] [simcha jacobovici]

December 5, 2PM

Here is the seventh and final instalment of Richard Bauckham's assessment of the new book by Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel.Assessing the Lost GospelPart 7: Conclusion and Pauline Postscriptby Richard BauckhamThe above link is to a P... [Aseneth] [Barrie Wilson] [lost gospel] [richard bauckham] [simcha jacobovici]

December 4, 4PM

Here is the sixth instalment of Richard Bauckham's assessment of the new book by Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel.Assessing the Lost GospelPart 6: On Mary Magdalene and Magdalaby Richard BauckhamThe above link is to a PDF of the articl... [Aseneth] [Barrie Wilson] [lost gospel] [richard bauckham] [simcha jacobovici]

December 3, 10PM

Here is the fifth instalment of Richard Bauckham's assessment of the new book by Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel. In it, he continues the response begun in Part 3: Misreading Joseph and Aseneth (i):Assessing the Lost GospelMisreading... [Aseneth] [Barrie Wilson] [lost gospel] [richard bauckham] [simcha jacobovici]

November 27, 8PM

Here is the fourth instalment of Richard Bauckham's assessment of the new book by Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel. In it, he responds to Simcha Jacobovici's Response to his reviews found here: Response to Prof. Bauckham’s crit... [Aseneth] [Barrie Wilson] [lost gospel] [richard bauckham] [simcha jacobovici]


Here is the third instalment of Richard Bauckham's assessment of the new book by Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel:Assessing The Lost GospelPart 3: Misreading Joseph and Aseneth (i)by Richard BauckhamThe above link is to a PDF of the ar... [Aseneth] [Barrie Wilson] [lost gospel] [richard bauckham] [simcha jacobovici]

November 22, 3PM

Here is the second instalment of Richard Bauckham's assessment of the new book by Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel:Assessing The Lost GospelPart 2: Misinterpreting Ephremby Richard BauckhamThe above links to a PDF of the article.  ... [Aseneth] [Barrie Wilson] [lost gospel] [richard bauckham] [simcha jacobovici]

November 21, 5PM

I am delighted to be able to post here a piece by Richard Bauckham assessing the new book by Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, The Lost Gospel:Assessing The Lost GospelPart 1: The Chronicle of Pseudo-Zachariah Rhetor– Co... [Aseneth] [Barrie Wilson] [lost gospel] [richard bauckham] [simcha jacobovici]

November 12, 8PM

In my previous post, I linked to the Tom Wright's Panel Discussion with Douglas Campbell, Ross Wagner and Susan Eastman at Duke Divinity School.  This was the first of several events in the area featuring N. T. Wright.  Yesterday lunchtime, Pro... [Apostle Paul] [Duke Events] [N. T. Wright]
We have enjoyed having N. T. Wright visiting Duke this week.  Two of the events at which he spoke are now available to view online, with many thanks to Reed Criswell for his fine work in recording and uploading them.  The first is this panel dis... [Douglas Campbell] [Duke Events] [N. T. Wright]

November 4, 7AM

I'm happy to post the following call for papers for a conference next June in Roskilde, Denmark:--Call for papers“Gospel Interpretation and the Q‐Hypothesis”International Conference, 21 to 24 June 2015, Roskilde (Denmark)Organizers: Mogens Müller, ... [Conferences] [Q] [Roskilde]

October 21, 7AM

I've updated the NT Gateway: Podcasts page with the two new podcasts that have been established recently, T. Michael Law's Septuagint Sessions and the T & T Clark Podcast, the first episode of which features Dominic Mattos interviewing Chris Keith. [NT Gateway Updates] [podcasts]


Over on New Testament Perspectives, Matthew Montonini has made available Markus Barth's Lectures on Ephesians and Colossians (audio), originally published on cassette in 1969, but now digitized.I've added a link on the NT Gateway: Ephesians and Colos... [Colossians] [Ephesians] [Markus Barth] [Matthew Montonini] [NT Gateway Updates]
Thanks to Stephen Goranson for the notice about this new venture from Eisenbrauns:--Introducing,the Journal of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting (JJMJS) -FREELY AVAILABLE ONLINE FROM OCTOBER 20! JJMJS is a new interdisciplinary peer-reviewed online... [Eisenbrauns] [historical Jesus] [Journals] [NT Gateway Updates]

October 14, 4PM

Eerdmans have just released this book trailer for my colleague Douglas Campbell's new book, Framing Paul:  You can see more in a full interview here: [Apostle Paul] [Douglas Campbell] [Eerdmans]

October 1, 8AM

I'm enjoying teaching the Life and Letters of Paul this semester at Duke.  Today we reached the Epistle to the Philippians and I found a new video which I previewed in class.  It's another of the St John's Nottingham videos, and features Pa... [Apostle Paul] [Bibledex] [NT Gateway Updates] [Paula Gooder] [Philippians] [St John's Nottingham]

August 4, 2PM

While doing some reading today on John's Gospel, I came across an enjoyable tidbit about the great New Testament scholar C. H. Dodd (1884-1973):"[He] had gained notoriety among scholars as “fifty bob Dodd” for his first tome on John."This is from G. L... [C. H. Dodd]

June 22, 4PM

William Telford and meAfter a wonderful first day, the Jesus and Brian conference began again on Saturday morning with a paper from one of the real gurus of Jesus films, William Telford. He had a superb series of reflections on the ways in which the ... [Jesus and Brian]

June 20, 5PM

Terry Jones, John Cleese and Richard BurridgeIt's not every day that you get to go to a conference on Monty Python.  Jesus and Brian Or: What Have the Pythons done for us? is the mastermind of Joan Taylor at Kings College, London, with support from R... [Jesus and Brian]

June 2, 5PM

I'm surprised that this one is not already sold out, but the good news is that tickets are still available for conference about The Life of Brian coming soon:Jesus and Brian: What did the Pythons ever do for us?Kings College, London, 20-22 JuneFull d... [Jesus and Brian] [Life of Brian]

May 12, 8PM

I was so sad to hear of the death of Prof. Maurice Casey at the weekend (see JimWest, Dominic Mattos, Larry Hurtado, Jim Davila).  Anyone familiar with contemporary New Testament scholarship will know of the massive contribution that he has made.His ... [Maurice Casey] [NT Scholars]

May 9, 4PM

It's time for another quick round-up on the latest in the Jesus' Wife Fragment.  Now that the documentary has aired, and people have had time to reflect on some of the recent developments, it looks like we are at the point where the story will begin ... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

May 8, 7PM

I decided several months ago that after several years as editor of the Library of New Testament Studies book series, the time had come for me to step down.  I have greatly enjoyed working on the series, and I am proud with what we have achieved over ... [Library of New Testament Studies]

May 4, 9PM

It's been a few days since the last round-up on the Jesus' Wife Fragment, and there are several things worth mentioning.  The long-delayed Smithsonian documentary on the fragment is finally due to air in the USA today (Monday 5 May), and there i... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

May 1, 3PM

Over on Alin Suciu's blog, Joost L. Hagen has a guest post in which he reports on an analysis of the Lycopolitan Gospel of John fragment with the Coptic Reading Group of the DDGLC Project at the University of Leipzig, Germany:Possible further proof of for... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

April 29, 10AM

There are several items of interest on the Jesus' Wife Fragment that have emerged over the last few days or so and I hope readers won't mind if I draw attention to these in a "round-up" post.  If I have missed anything important, please comment and I... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

April 28, 7PM

I am grateful to Stephen Goranson for this updated version of his tentative chronology on the Coptic Jesus' Wife Fragment:--Tentative chronology on Coptic "Jesus Wife" fragmentStephen Goranson[Items in brackets refer to a claimed Demotic Gospel of Thomas.... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

12 PM

I am happy to have the opportunity to post a guest blog entry by Andrew Bernhard.  Those who have been following the discussions over the Jesus' Wife Fragment will know Andrew from his all-important contributions showing its dependence on Grondin's i... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

April 25, 9AM

I blogged last night on Jesus' Wife and her Ugly Sister, picking up on Christian Askeland's devastating post, Jesus had an ugly sister-in-law, in which he drew attention to the the Coptic Gospel of John fragment that emerged from the same collector at the... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

April 24, 10PM

It's just two weeks since the story of the Jesus' Wife Fragment re-emerged, with -- most importantly -- a full discussion in a peer-reviewed journal, Harvard Theological Review.  I won't dwell on these materials here -- the links can be found through... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

April 23, 10AM

Following on from the recent re-emergence of the Jesus' Wife Fragment, and notwithstanding continued discussions about its authenticity, Smithsonian Channel is going ahead with broadcasting its documentary on the topic:'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' debuts May ... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

April 22, 4PM

Live Science has been doing some digging in connection with the story associated with the Jesus Wife Fragment and this interesting article was published today:'Gospel of Jesus's Wife': Doubts Raised About Ancient TextBy Owen Jarus, Live Science Contributo... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

April 17, 5PM

As far as I am aware, Prof. Karen King has not been interviewed about the Jesus Wife Fragment in public since the story first broke in September 2012.  But now WGBH has interviewed Prof. King about the fragment (broadcast yesterday).  I am delig... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]

April 16, 7PM

It's now almost a week since Harvard Theological Review published its issue focusing on the Jesus' Wife Fragment (The Jesus' Wife Fragment is Back).  I have enjoyed spending time reading and studying the issue over the last week and I am plannin... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

April 15, 4PM

Mary Magdalene (Alice Marshall), The Jesus Mysteries(Juniper TV; National Geographic)This weekend, National Geographic Channel are showing a two hour documentary entitled The Jesus Mysteries.  It is written and directed by David Caldwell Evans for&nb... [The Jesus Mysteries] [TV documentaries]

April 10, 9PM

I am grateful to Prof. Francis Watson, Research Chair of Biblical Interpretation, Durham University, for permission to post here his initial response to the recent re-emergence of discussion on the Jesus' Wife Fragment (see The Jesus' Wife Fragment is Bac... [Francis Watson] [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]


Regular readers of the NT Blog will know of my interest in the so-called Gospel of Jesus' Wife and after several months without news, a whole raft of news, features, interviews and -- most importantly -- articles in the Harvard Theological Review, al... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

March 14, 9AM

The latest Journal for the Study of the New Testament is now out and it's a special edition focused on Simon Gathercole's The Composition of the Gospel of Thomas and my Thomas and the Gospels. It's an absolute privilege to be involved in a journal is... [Gospel of Thomas] [Kloppenborg] [Nicola Denzey Lewis] [Simon Gathercole] [Stephen Patterson] [Thomas and the Gospels]

March 4, 8PM

Regular readers will remember the Bible Secrets Revealed TV show that was recently on History Channel in the USA.  Across six hour long episodes, several themes in recent Biblical scholarship were explored for a popular audience, in a pacey documenta... [Bible Secrets Revealed]

March 2, 7PM

Goodacre goes to the movies! Regular readers of the NT Blog will know of my love of Bible films.  There was a time back in the 1990s when it seemed like there would never be another Jesus film.  It was a bit like the wilderness years for Doctor ... [Son of God Movie] [The Bible Series]

February 28, 10AM

Jeff Rose tells the story of the Nag Hammadi discoveriesA year or so ago, I published an article in which I asked questions about the oft-told story of the discovery of the Nag Hammadi codices in1945 ("How reliable is the story of the Nag Hammadi discover... [Nag Hammadi]


I've been pleased to get back to a regular schedule of releases again on the NT Pod. I've been meaning to record one for a while on the question of the ending of Mark, and this is the topic of the latest episode: NT Pod 71: Was the ending of Mark's Gosp... [Mark 16.1-8] [Mark's Gospel] [NT Pod]

February 22, 1PM

I commented here the other day (Snow and Podcasts) on the latest episodes of the NT Pod, which is finally back after a hiatus of several months.I have released a couple more episodes since then (NT Pod 69 and NT Pod 70), also both on the discussion a... [Criteria] [historical Jesus] [NT Pod]

February 13, 8AM

I have been meaning to get back to the podcast for a long time and finally, this week, it happened. First, I recorded a new episode, NT Pod 67, on John's Gospel and the Historical Jesus. I've been teaching the Historical Jesus here at Duke this semester... [historical Jesus] [NT Pod]

January 30, 9PM

Back in September 2012, Smithsonian Channel were planning to air a documentary on the Gospel of Jesus' Wife. Once it became clear that there were several in the academic community who were uncertain about the authenticity of the piece, Smithsonian postpo... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]


I have always been fascinated by the genealogies of Matthew and Luke (Matt. 1.1-17, Luke 3.23-28) and have even recorded podcasts on them (e.g. NT Pod 9). Yet they get so little exposure and discussion in popular circles. So it's a pleasure to see this q... [Luke's Geneaology]

January 28, 6PM

Last Thursday, we held a screening at Duke University of Robert Orlando's film about Paul, A Polite Bribe. I was privileged to get the chance to talk to Robert before the screening of the film, and the conversation was captured on video and is now availab... [Polite Bribe]

January 27, 8PM

Michael GoulderChris Keith asked earlier today whether I was still in the minority about Q.  His post generated a decent comments thread as well as a monster comments thread on Facebook (which is so often now the more lively place for conversation o... [polls] [Q] [synoptic problem]

January 20, 7AM

I have talked on a couple of previous occasions about Robert Orlando's film about Paul (The Apostle Paul - A Polite Bribe in New York).  Here's the website:A Polite BribeIt includes trailers and lots more information about the film, including excerpt... [Polite Bribe]

January 18, 3PM

I have always enjoyed listening to Beyond Belief on Radio 4, especially since they started releasing it as a podcast.  Back in the day I used to guest on the programme myself, but these days one of the plusses is that I often know (or know of) o... [Beyond Belief] [Francesca Stavrakopoulou]

January 13, 8PM

Several have already publicized this great new resource from James Crossley and Deane Galbraith, both friends of the bibliobloggers:Biblical Studies OnlineIt uses a blog format, with individual tagged posts, to create a nice series of topics that can expa... [Biblical Studies online] [NT Gateway Updates]


Eerdmans has posted a new interview, this time with Francis Watson, all about his excellent Gospel Writing: A Canonical Perspective. It's about 25 minutes long, and is in black and white for added gravitas: HT: Matthew Montonini. [Eerdmans] [Francis Watson]


Here's the latest from the Library of New Testament Studies. Interested in making a proposal to the series? Please get in touch with me, or see the further information and proposal forms. Bloomsbury HighlightsThe Library of New Testament Studies SeriesT... [Library of New Testament Studies]

January 7, 8PM

SVA Theater advertises A Polite Bribe, 19 December 2013I have previously mentioned Robert Orlando's film A Polite Bribe, a documentary that uses animation and interviews with top New Testament scholars to tell a compelling narrative about Paul's life. &nb... [Polite Bribe]

December 21 2013, 12 PM

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article on the Gospel of Jesus' Wife.  The news is that there is no news:Skepticism About 'Jesus' Wife' Papyrus Grows as Test Results LagTom BartlettI checked again this week with Jonathan Beasley, assist... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

December 17, 10AM

We have recently come to the end of the semester here at Duke and in my New Testament Introduction, we reached the Book of Revelation right at the end, just as one should.  One of the things I always like to stress to introductory students is that "R...

December 13, 8AM

Robert Orlando's documentary film about Paul, A Polite Bribe, premieres in New York City next Thursday, 19 December, at 8.10pm (poster to the left), where there will be a Q&A with the director as well as Gerd Luedemann.  The discussion will be mo... [Polite Bribe]

December 5, 8AM

Larry Hurtado ("Jesus Wife" Fragment: A Continuing Puzzle) has been raising questions about the Jesus' Wife Fragment, which was  announced with a great fanfare in September 2012 but which has now largely gone to ground.The key issue here is that seve... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife]

November 19, 4AM

I am delighted to be able to publish today a guest post from Wim G. Meijer about the images on the ossuary 6 in Talpiot Tomb B. Dr Meijer has been a reader of the NT Blog for a while and he has followed the story of the Talpiot Tombs with some interest. ... [Talpiot tomb]

November 18, 7PM

There will be lots of doctors walking around in tweedy jackets this weekend in Baltimore but sadly, most of them will be obsessing about their papers at the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting this weekend and not about the matter of real intere... [SBL 2013] [Doctor Who]

November 15, 3PM

Over on the EerdWord blog, there's a new video interview with James Charlesworth (on Youtube here) in which he discusses the forthcoming volume The Tomb of Jesus and his Family, the proceedings of the conference in 2008 in Jerusalem relating to the Talpio... [Eerdmans] [James Charlesworth] [simcha jacobovici] [Talpiot tomb]

November 11, 4PM

History Channel now has a website devoted to its new six-part documentary series about the Bible: Bible Secrets Revealed The site features the "sneak peak" previously mentioned and details about the first episode, Lost in Translation. See also the inte... [Bible Secrets Revealed] [robert cargill]
I was so sorry to hear of the death of Jerome Murphy O'Connor earlier today.  Not only was he a fine scholar, but he was also a kind-spirited, sweet-natured and generous human being, who always had time for for people.  I was only lucky enough t... [Jerome Murphy O'Connor]

November 6, 10PM

Here's the first couple of minutes of the forthcoming History Channel series Bible Secrets Revealed: This is taken from the Prometheus Entertainment website. Robert Cargill is consulting producer on the series and has more on his blog.  The series... [Bible Secrets Revealed]

November 2, 12 PM

I was very sorry to hear today of the death of Prof. François Bovon of Harvard Divinity School. (HT: several Fb friends & Jim West). [Francois Bovon]

November 1, 9AM

Thanks to Helen Ingram for this one.  If it were April Fool's Day, I'd think this was a particularly fine prank.  But it seems to be true -- there's a musical that uses Britney Spears's music to tell the story of Jesus!  Details in this art... [Britney Spears] [SPEARS]

October 31, 12 PM

Candida Moss in Bible Secrets Revealed Over on his XKV8R blog, Robert Cargill announces a new six part documentary to air soon on History Channel.  He writes: I’m pleased to announce that a new documentary series will begin airing on History beg... [Francesca Stavrakopoulou] [History Channel] [Bart Ehrman] [TV documentaries] [Candida Moss] [Bible Secrets Revealed] [robert cargill]

October 17, 6AM

On Sunday, I posted some comments on Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson's forthcoming book and documentary, Jacobovici and Wilson's "Lost Gospel".  It led to a very interesting comments thread in which the possibility came up that their "lost gospel... [lost gospel] [Barrie Wilson] [richard bauckham] [Bride of God] [simcha jacobovici]

October 13, 12 PM

While I was noodling around on the internet to remind myself of the exact titles of Marcus Borg's and Burton Mack's Lost Gospel books last night (see Q, Doctor Who and the difference between "lost" and "hypothetical"), I came across something that ma... [lost gospel] [Barrie Wilson] [Bride of God] [simcha jacobovici]

October 12, 3PM

Regular readers will know that I am not averse to finding an excuse to talk about the rich potential for analogies between scholarship on Christian origins and Doctor Who (e.g. recently The canon of Doctor Who and the canon of the New Testament). &nb... [Doctor Who] [Doctor Who lost episodes] [Q]

October 4, 6AM

I have discussed the Matthew effect here before whereby a a piece of research, an idea, a quotation, a story gets associated with a more famous, more prominent person.  There's a famous example of it in our field, the misattribution of a sa... [Matthew effect]

October 2, 7PM

This is so impressive.  Three cheers to Professor Candida Moss, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Notre Dame University!  For those who don't know, Candida wrote a witty and intelligent review of Bill O'Reilly's new book Killi... [Candida Moss]

September 27, 9AM

From my room on Toronto, I caught on CBS news this morning Cardinal Ravasi's claim that Jesus was the first person to tweet.  His sermons, the cardinal said, were "brief and full of meaning". Funnily enough, I talked about this in a segment of my on...

September 25, 9PM

I am on my way to the York Christian Apocrypha Symposium 2013 in Toronto.  Today (Thursday) is arrival day for the speakers, but the conference gets going on Friday and continues through to Saturday afternoon.   The organizer, Tony Burke, ... [York Christian Apocrypha Symposium]

September 22, 12 PM

After discussions of the Talpiot Tombs resumed recently in the blogs (see James McGrath, Talpiot Tomb Latest and Talpiot Tomb Representation and Rhetoric), I have found myself reviewing some of the materials and looking back at old contributions.  Th... [Talpiot tomb] [replicas]

September 20, 9PM

News of Philip Esler's appointment at the University of Gloucestershire: University announces new Portland Chair in New Testament Studies The University of Gloucestershire has announced the appointment of the eminent theologian, author and academic, Pro...


Many thanks to AKMA for for this one.  I had said: "Anyway, I love this cartoon in which those two famous Qs read the British magazine Q.  It would be even better if they were reading the Critical Edition of Q, but you can't have everything." A... [Fictional Qs] [Q]

September 19, 7PM

We reached the stage of my New Testament Intro class today when we were looking at the question of Q.  It's tough to teach because one has to explain to puzzled students why Q is a credible theory, and why it is the dominant one in the field.  L... [Fictional Qs] [Q]

September 18, 9PM

It's been far too long since we've had an NT Pod! I've put out a new episode tonight, NT Pod 66: Oral Tradition and the Game of "Telephone". It relates to something that has come up here before, the question of whether the game of "telephone" (known in... [NT Pod] [oral tradition]


I am grateful to Simcha Jacobovici for taking the time to respond to my blog post A Tale of Two Replicas in which I detailed the differences between the two replicas of Ossuary 6 from Talpiot Tomb B and asked some questions about them.  I have b... [james tabor] [simcha jacobovici]

September 16, 7PM

The recent renewed discussion of the Talpiot Tombs, brought about by Simcha Jacobovici's post featuring an interview with Professor Émile Puech of the École Biblique in Jerusalem (See Simcha Jacobovici and the Talpiot Tomb again), and followed up b... [Jonah Ossuary] [alleged YWNH inscription] [Talpiot tomb] [james tabor] [simcha jacobovici]


I expressed some surprise over Prof. Émile Puech's apparent endorsement of Simcha Jacobovici's claims about the Talpiot Tombs on Thursday in a post headed Simcha Jacobovici and the Talpiot Tomb Again. It now appears that Prof. Puech is very unhappy with... [Émile Puech] [Talpiot tomb] [james tabor] [simcha jacobovici]

September 12, 6PM

I have spent a lot of time, some would say wasted a lot of time, engaging critically with claims made by Simcha Jacobovici in relation to two tombs excavated in Talpiot, East Jerusalem.  I won't go into detail on how things have panned out in th... [Talpiot tomb]

September 10, 8AM

I've greatly enjoyed the first couple of episodes of Simon Schama's Story of the Jews currently airing on BBC2.  Schama is a wonderful story-teller and he knows how to make his subject matter compelling and memorable, always very impressive given the...

September 2, 4PM

This is how it used to look back then (or at least as far back as I can get it on the wayback machine).  I must admit that I rather liked the old design, which I hand-coded.  That NT Gateway logo was designed by a nice guy called Geoff Love. ... [Blogiversaries] [Blogroll]


Happy birthday to me!  The NT Blog is ten years old today.  Its first post in what was then called "The NT Gateway Blog" went out on September 2 2003, Welcome to the NT Gateway Blog.  3,887 posts later and we are still here! I began this b... [Blogiversaries]

August 13, 8AM

 A couple of years ago, I asked whether Paul Foster's review of Bartosz Adamczewski's Q or Not Q? might qualify as The most negative book review in our area?, having mentioned Peterson's review of Shedinger as another contender.  I am grateful t... [Book Reviews]

August 8, 7PM

While reflecting tonight on the sad news of Sean Freyne's death earlier this week, I fell to wondering if any of his lectures had been recorded and released on Youtube and I am happy to say that there is a wonderful three lecture series from Yale Divinity... [Seán Freyne]


More sad news.  I was sorry to hear through Michael Gorman just now (on Fb) of the death of Paul W. Meyer.  Princeton Theological Seminary has released a notice here: Paul W. Meyer Word has been received of the death of Dr. Paul William Mey... [Paul W. Meyer]


I was very sorry to hear earlier in the week of the death of Professor Seán Freyne (Larry Hurtado, Jim West, Jim Davila, Michael Bird).  The Irish Times has its obituary here: Eminent theologian Seán Freyne dies One of Ireland’s best-... [Seán Freyne]


Today, on the anniversary of Raymond Brown's death, Matthew Montonini has released a new website that pays tribute to him.  Anyone who has done any academic work on the New Testament knows and admires Ray Brown's scholarship and Matthew has done a gr... [Matthew Montonini] [Raymond Brown]

August 5, 8AM

With the announcement of the twelfth doctor's casting still fresh in our minds, it's perhaps time for blog post about Doctor Who.  I've long thought that the way that Doctor Who fans talk about "canon" is rather different from the way that we mi... [Doctor Who] [canon]
Jeffrey Gibson recently made available a whole bunch of audio recordings of George Caird's lectures.  I uploaded these to my webspace, and Matthew Montonini indexed them (See George Caird's New Testament Theology Lectures Online). Jeffrey has now du... [George B. Caird]

August 1, 10PM

Continuing on with Joshua Mann's questions (see Why Blog? and When and Why?), he asks next: 2. What are a few of the benefits you see in blogging? I suppose one could ask about the benefits to the blogger and the benefits to the reader.  It's ea... [academic blogging] [Biblioblogs]


Now that my ridiculous pre-amble is written, here is the first of my answers to Joshua Mann's questions, with thanks for his interest, and apologies, in advance, if my answers are a bit rubbish. Question one and answer follows: 1. When and why did you st... [academic blogging] [Biblioblogs]

July 31, 5PM

In one of my favourite TV series ever, The Prisoner (1967), there is an episode dealing with 1960s anxieties about the ever-increasing powers of the computer.  The episode is called "The General".  In the episode, our hero, Number 6 (Patric... [academic blogging] [Biblioblogs]


Scholars love their jargon.  And New Testament scholarship is choc-full of jargon.  Sometimes I get a bit tired of it.  For a bit of fun, I am experimenting with banning myself from using certain jargon-y words and phrases in an introductor...

June 26, 8AM

So with reference to my previous post, here is the interview question that made me smile when I re-read it.  The interviewer is Jim West, and the interview dates from December 2005: BB: Who, among academics, would you like to see blogging who isn’... []
I've been writing a paper, now with first draft completed, for the SBL International in July.  It's advertised title is "Pods, Blogs, Websites and Mark," but I have retitled it as "Mark in a Digital Age: The Internet and the Teaching of Mark's Gospel... []

June 25, 1PM

I blogged about Performances of Mark's Gospel the other day and Matthew Montonini drew my attention to several clips of Tom Boomershine performing Mark online.  I suggested that perhaps someone might like to arrange these nicely into a playlist but, ... [Mark in Performance]

June 24, 9AM

I was delighted by the response to my post Blogging Mark - Input Requested Please.  The comments there have very much helped me to think through my paper on Mark in the digital age for the SBL International coming up soon in St Andrews. In writing t... [academic blogging] [SBL International 2013]

June 21, 9AM

I have sometimes heard people talking about amazing one-man (and it usually is a man) shows performing Mark's Gospel.  I am currently working on a presentation about Mark's Gospel in the digital age for the SBL International and I began to wonder if ... [Mark in Performance] [Mark's Gospel]

June 14, 7AM

Yesterday's In Our Time on Radio 4 tackled "Prophecy" and it featured one of my favourite New Testament scholars, Justin Meggitt: In Our Time: Prophecy Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the meaning and significance of prophecy in the Abrahamic re... [Radio 4]

June 13, 12 PM

Dale Allison is on the way to Princeton!  The news is in this press release: World-Class New Testament Scholar Joins Princeton Theological Seminary Faculty —Dale C. Allison will teach in Princeton beginning fall 2013— Princeton, NJ, June 12, 2... [dale allison]

June 12, 9AM

At this year's International SBL, I am participating in the Gospel of Mark section along with Thomas Boomershine, Eve-Marie Becker, Jeremy Punt and Elizabeth Struthers-Malbon.  The theme of the session is "Communication, Pedagogy, and the Gospel of M... [Mark's Gospel] [SBL International 2013]

June 11, 5PM

One of the neglected advantages of television documentary is its potential to act as archive, a resource for scholars.  On this blog I have often talked about documentaries likes a Jesus: The Evidence (Channel 4, 1984), which provides footage of... [Who Was Jesus?] [TV documentaries]


Peter Armstrong, producer of Who Was Jesus? (BBC, 1977), has uploaded a twenty minute clip of the programme to Vimeo, and it makes fascinating viewing.  The documentary was a two hour BBC investigation into the historical Jesus conducted by Don Cupit... [Who Was Jesus?] [George B. Caird] [TV documentaries] [David Flusser] [Peter Armstrong]

June 1, 4PM

Many thanks to Jason von Ehrenkrook for letting me know about the publication of this review of my recent book on Thomas over on the Enoch Seminar Online: Review of Thomas and the Gospels Tucker Ferda It's also available as a PDF here.  I am r... [Gospel of Thomas] [Thomas and the Gospels]

May 30, 7AM

There is a nice report in the Telegraph on a talk given by Prof. David Parker (rightly called "the country's leading Biblical scholar") at the Hay Festival: Hay Festival 2013: Digital Bible will be 'personalised' Louise Gray Speaking at the Hay Fest... [David Parker]
I am constantly baffled by how few scholars allow themselves the luxury of illustrating their articles on the Synoptic Gospels with a nice Synopsis of the Gospels.  I like to tell my students that there are few articles on the Synoptics that would no... [Lewis Carroll] [exploding helicopters] [Gospel Synopses]

May 24, 6AM

Earlier this week, Matthew Montonini posted a link to a fascinating film from 1970, Mansfield College - Marking the Principalship of John Marsh.  The film was made by Peter Armstrong, later a BBC Producer, and I made comments about it here on Wednesd... [George B. Caird]

May 23, 8AM

Jim Davila mentions an obituary for Geza Vermes in today's Times Higher Education Supplement: Geza Vermes, 1924-2013 Matthew Reisz The Biblical Archaeology Society has also published a tribute: Geza Vermes (1924-2013) Hershel Shanks The latter li... [Geza Vermes]

May 22, 8AM

This fascinating video from 1970 celebrates John Marsh (1904-1994), who was principal of Mansfield College, Oxford from 1953 to 1970.  New Testament scholars know him from his Pelican New Testament Commentary Saint John, which was I think the first b...

May 21, 9AM

Thanks to Tom Thatcher for letting me know about this conference, and to Jim West for announcing it in  his blog too, and for this Scribd version of the notice, which I am borrowing here: John, Jesus and History Conference (November 20-22 2013)

May 16, 6PM

The Economist has a superbly written obituary of Geza Vermes.  It is from the print edition but has just been published on the net: Geza Vermes Geza Vermes, a Jew, ex-priest and translator of the Dead Sea Scrolls, died on May 8th aged 88 And subs... [Geza Vermes]


The New York Times has just published its obituary of Geza Vermes, and it is well done. Geza Vermes, Scholar of Dead Sea Scrolls and ‘Historical Jesus,’ Dies at 88 William Yardley [Geza Vermes]

May 15, 4PM

The LA Times has published its obituary of Geza Vermes: Geza Vermes dies; wrote about Dead Sea Scrolls and life of Jesus Geza Vermes, who died at 88, was one of the first scholars to translate the scrolls into English. He later wrote engaging works... [Geza Vermes]

12 PM

Many congratulations to Joshua Jipp who has been awarded the 2013 Achtemeier Award for New Testament Scholarship  Richly deserved!  I was lucky to have Joshua in my graduate class on the Gospel of Thomas in 2007.  He left us to take a doc...


The Marginalia Review has this morning published multiple tributes to Geza Vermes, all from top brass scholars of early Judaism and early Christianity like Paula Fredriksen, Jimmy Dunn and Fergus Miller.  Many thanks to T. Michael Law: Tributes to G... [Geza Vermes]

May 14, 8AM

I have an article in the latest Journal for the Study of the New Testament: How Reliable is the Story of the Nag Hammadi Discovery? Mark Goodacre James Robinson’s narrative of how the Nag Hammadi codices were discovered is popular and compelling, a ... [My publications] [Nag Hammadi]


The Guardian this morning published its obituary of Geza Vermes.  Unlike The Times, The Guardian's obits are not anonymous, and Philip Alexander does a predictably fine job: Geza Vermes Obituary Expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls, the historical Jesus a... [Geza Vermes]

May 13, 5PM

Martin Goodman has a fine obituary of Geza Vermes published today on the Wolfson College website: Professor Geza Vermes - Obituary Today's Telegraph has its obituary of Geza Vermes (HT: Jim Davila and David Meadows): Professor Geza Vermes ... [Geza Vermes]


I mentioned Geza Vermes's appearance on Jesus: The Evidence (Channel 4, 1984) the other day.  There are several other appearances by Geza Vermes on video online.  The following are both "official" clips.  The first is this whole lecture fro... [Geza Vermes]

May 10, 11AM

Following on from the sad news of the death of Geza Vermes earlier this week, The Times today has its obituary: Geza Vermes Unfortunately, most of the obit is behind a subscription wall, as regular readers will know.  Meanwhile, in The Guard... [Geza Vermes]


St Mary's University College at Twickenham, London, last week opened its new Centre for the Social-Scientific Study of the Bible and launched the centre with a guest lecture from Prof. John Barclay on "Paul and the Gift: Gift-Theory, Grace and C... [Social-Scientific Study of the Bible] [John Barclay]

May 8, 11AM

Jim Davila and Michael Law have let us know the sad news of the death this morning of Geza Vermes. Geza Vermes was a legend.  It is rare for a scholar to make so massive an impact in the guild in different areas, the study of early Judaism and the... [Geza Vermes]

April 30, 7AM

I love E. P. Sanders, Paul: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford: OUP, 2001) and always assign this little book as essential reading for my class on Life and Letters of Paul (itself formerly taught by Ed Sanders here at Duke).  In re-reading sect...

April 26, 3PM

The third in the series of papers on the claims made by James Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici on the Talpiot Tomb is now up on the Bible and Interpretation website.  All three papers are revised versions of presentations given at the SECSOR meeting ... [Bible and Interpretation] [My publications] [jesus discovery] [Talpiot tomb] [james tabor] [simcha jacobovici]

April 25, 8PM

The second of the three papers relating to the claims of Simcha Jacobovici and James Tabor on the Talpiot Tomb is now available on the Bible and Interpretation website is now available.  (See earlier post, Revisiting the Talpiot Tomb): The Talp... [Bible and Interpretation] [Talpiot tomb]


Details are now available for this exciting event: 2013 York Christian Apocrypha Symposium The 2013 York Christian Apocrypha Symposium, “Forbidden Texts on the Western Frontier: The Christian Apocrypha in North American Perspectives,” will take plac... [York Christian Apocrypha Symposium]
Back in March, James Tabor, Christopher Rollston and I spoke at the SECSOR (Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion) meeting in Greenville, SC, on the topic of The Jesus Discovery:  The New Archaeological Find that Reveals the Birth of Chri... [Bible and Interpretation] [Talpiot tomb] [james tabor]

April 16, 7AM

Back in 2005, I noted that citing "years of research" on a given topic can be a worrying sign, as for example in the statement that "In more than fifteen years of investigation Carotta has found the traces which lead to the Julian origin of Christianity".... [years of research] [sensationalist scholarship]

April 10, 7PM

In a blog post back in 2010, I sketched out an idea that had occurred to me in class one day, that a conjectural emendation might explain one of the bizarre and famous features of our one major textual witness to the Gospel of Peter, A Walking, Talking Cr... [academic blogging] [journal of theological studies] [Gospel of Peter] [Paul Foster]


I am grateful to a friend who drew to my attention to a connection between B. H. Streeter (1876-1937), famed for his contributions to Gospels scholarship, and Charles Dodgson, better known under his pen name Lewis Carroll. After a little searching, I ... [B. H. Streeter]

March 29, 11AM

Amber Rose Revah as Mary Magdalene I have been blogging for some time about The Bible series currently airing on History Channel.  We are now eight hours into the series, with the final two hours to come next Sunday (Easter Day).  In this pos... [The Bible Series] [BBC Passion] [Mary Magdalene]

March 28, 7PM

It's about time we had a new episode of the NT Pod. I've just released NT Pod 65: The Women at the Cross. Details over on the NT Pod page. [NT Pod]

March 24, 4PM

The Bible series continues on History Channel tonight and introduces, among others, the character of Caiaphas.  The character of Caiaphas presents one of the greatest challenges for any Jesus film or Passion play, and many have failed the test, makin... [The Bible Series] [Caiaphas] [Helen Bond] [BBC Passion] [Frank Deasy]

March 20, 9PM

While I realize that the only thing people seem to want to talk about at the moment in connection with The Bible Series is the alleged resemblance between a still of Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni and President Obama, I will risk talking about several other featu... [The Bible Series]

March 15, 3AM

The Bible Series has continued to have massive ratings, with over 10 million for last Sunday's second two-hour instalment. Next Sunday's two hour instalment features Jeremiah and Daniel, Exile and Return, in hour one and the Nativity story, John the Bapt... [The Bible Series] [Bible Films]