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February 26 2018, 9AM

Artemis worship instigated the restrictions of 1 Timothy 2:9-15: Recent scholarship into the worship of Artemis of Ephesus resolves three of the largest puzzles in 1 Timothy 2:9-15 (idolatrous prayer, creation order, and childbirth). [1 Tim 2] [Bible] [Creation and Fall] [history] [History and Culture] [Problem Passages] [women]

February 12, 9AM

February 8, 9AM

Women in the early church were naturally a part of its leadership because the home was their sphere of influence.  [authority] [History and Culture] [women] [Women in the Bible]

February 5, 8AM

Put in its historical and contextual setting, Paul’s instructions for Christian women in 1 Timothy 2:8-15 reveal God’s desire to see movement from deceptive controversy to unified doctrine. [1 Tim 2] [Bible] [History and Culture] [Problem Passages] [women]

January 22, 8AM

She sat on her bed with the Bible open.  She might not understand all the theological points Paul was and was not making in that chapter, but she was still reading. [1 Tim 2] [From my life] [parenting] [Problem Passages] [women]

January 18, 12 PM

Like all of the abuse allegations recently, the story of Dinah is ugly. Dinah was the only daughter of Israel (Jacob). Ironically, her name means ‘the one who brings justice.’  It is the feminine version of the name Dan. Lady Justice. I say ironica... [Bible] [Female Lineage] [Stories] [women] [Women in the Bible]

January 15, 8AM

January 11, 8AM

As we age, I think most people have things they’ve done that make them shudder when they remember. I have a list of them that I recall to mind when I need to take my ego down a notch. Thinking about them is my rendition of flogging. I pull these mem... [Christian Character] [From my life] [Navel Gazing]

January 8, 8AM

Recently, my daughter was reading through a certain New Testament book that I knew was going to get her all hot and bothered. I knew that if my little feminist read that letter to a particular young man, she would only see the words written at the end of ... [1 Tim 2] [Bible] [History and Culture] [parenting] [Personal Journey] [Problem Passages] [women]

January 1, 8AM

I started the year by making 10 goals. In the past, I’ve tackled 2 or 3 ideas that I wanted to accomplished each year, but this year I went all out. I was inspired by another local blogger who seemed like she was having such fun knocking things off ... [10 Goals] [From my life]

October 27 2017, 10AM

The rigidity of organizational policy overlooks the individual and causes harm to the whole organism, which is the living church. [From my life] [leadership] [Thoughts]

October 24, 9AM

I was tasked with composing a Psalm for a recent class. I really wasn’t in to it. Psalms has never been a favorite book of mine. Poetry, in general, bores me. Until I discovered Sappho a year ago, I had zero interest in ancient verse. Ancient poetry... [Creation and Fall] [From my life] [women]

August 17, 8PM

A lot is happening, but some of the goals are falling behind. [10 Goals] [From my life]

June 5, 10AM

Service, Tile, Mary and Joseph & Snoqualmie Tunnel [10 Goals] [From my life]

May 15, 9AM

Linen closet reveal and Mr Tumnus. [10 Goals] [From my life]

May 8, 9AM

April was a draw. April was crammed with fun stuff and responsibilities. I accomplished many things, but most of those things were not goal related, so the updated list looks sparse for April. I organized the carnival for the Egg Hunt at church. Train sea... [10 Goals] [From my life]

April 3, 9AM

Week 12-13 of 52 9)   Practice 12 spiritual disciplines.   The last two weeks of March saw less and less of prayer. I have some big requests that I keep banging on the door with, but I struggled to make prayer a disciplined effort. Lack of faith is ... [10 Goals] [From my life] [Thoughts]

March 23, 12 PM

The commandment to rest leveled the social constructs that humans feel compelled to enforce around the worship of God. [Bible] [Galatians 3:28] [History and Culture] [Thoughts]

March 20, 8AM

Jesus was certain that our little old requests might persuade the mind of God. [10 Goals] [From my life] [Thoughts]

March 15, 10AM

What does circumcision teach us about men, women and God? [Video Theology Bits]

March 13, 11AM

Week 10 of 52 9)   Practice 12 spiritual disciplines. “If it is coincidence, I sure have a lot more coincidences when I pray than when I don’t.” Unknown man quoted by Don Whitney in Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, p.96. B... [10 Goals] [From my life] [Thoughts]

March 7, 12 PM

The most-loved title that Jesus uses for God is “Father.” God, who is not male, chose this designation to describe the protective care that is provided to all God’s children. It was an apt symbol for a patriarchal society that confirmed ... [Female Lineage] [Katharine Bushnell Quotes] [women]

March 6, 9AM

“I haven’t the foggiest idea what prayer does. I do know that I can’t get through my day without praying.” Frank Schaeffer [Thoughts]

March 1, 1PM

I have always gone to church, but I almost quit. In fact, I almost quit every week. I spend many Sundays wondering what the point is? Many times I don’t really enjoy it. I doubt if I’d be missed. Intellectually, I know God is not found in a b... [Christian Character] [From my life]

February 27, 10AM

Week 8 of 52 9)   Practice 12 spiritual disciplines. This month’s spiritual discipline is Bible intake in the form of meditation on the Word.  I have been translating and exegeting the book of Galatians for my class this semester. This week, my medit... [10 Goals] [From my life] [Thoughts]

February 18, 4PM

I took a quick trip to Disney World last week! So fun. Week 6 & 7 of 52 10)   Practice 12 spiritual disciplines. This month’s spiritual discipline is Bible intake in the form of meditation on the Word. These last two weeks, I have completed my... [10 Goals] [From my life]

February 7, 11AM

February 6, 9AM

Follow my progress this year toward meeting 10 goals! Week 5 of 52 10)   Practice 12 spiritual disciplines. If you want to get warm, you have to linger by the fire. The failure to linger is the reason why many fail to remember or find their hearts warmed... [10 Goals] [From my life] [Thoughts]

January 30, 9AM

Reading the Bible is not for the fainthearted. It is ancient, hard to understand, and more complicated than the creeds want to admit. [10 Goals] [From my life] [Thoughts]

January 23, 10AM

Follow my progress this year toward meeting 10 goals! Better Homes & Gardens says tracking your goals makes them 10 times more likely to become habits. It also suggests treating yourself when you succeed. Great idea! Week 3 of 52 10)   Practice 12 s... [10 Goals] [From my life] [Thoughts]

January 19, 11AM

Inspired by her personal encounter with God and her own experience of being marginalized, Hagar teaches others about God's perception. [Bible] [History and Culture] [women] [Women in the Bible]

January 16, 10AM

Follow my progress this year toward meeting 10 goals! Week 2 of 52 10)   Practice 12 spiritual disciplines. Check! Each day, I read a chapter of 2 Kings, Proverbs and 1/2 chapter of Hebrews. 9)   Complete 12 credits toward MDiv. Classes start tomorrow.... [Thoughts]

January 12, 10AM

For the lips of the abusive man drip honey, and his speech is smoother than oil. Now then, my daughters, listen to me. [Bible] [parenting] [women]

January 9, 11AM

Follow my progress this year toward meeting 10 goals! [10 Goals] [From my life] [Thoughts]

January 5, 10AM

Sarah's dishonor increased with every fertile promise God made to Abraham. [Thoughts]

January 2, 9AM

For the past decade or so, I’ve enjoyed casting a New Year’s Resolution. The resolution is not anything I tell others about or anything really big, but one or two things that shape my everyday life to be a little more like I want it to be in t... [10 Goals] [From my life] [I read about it]

December 15 2016, 10AM

In 1995, when I was twenty,  I spent a few months in Papua New Guinea (PNG) delaying my college graduation from film school by six months. Can I say that huge life experiences happened because of this excursion? Nah. But I do have some fun stories, and h... [From my life] [Navel Gazing]

December 14, 12 PM

Why did God put foreskins on if they were meant to come off? What about women? Are women excluded from something because they aren't included in the cutting of parts? How does this effect Christians? [Bible] [History and Culture] [Thoughts] [Video Theology Bits]

November 28, 10AM

I was featured at Ishshah’s Story last week. Go read Find Your Voice to see how Disney’s The Little Mermaid and the Bible reveal women who have found their voice! [women] [Women in the Bible]

November 17, 11AM

Even in her cynicism, Sarah's faith shines bright, and she submits in faith to try once more to make a baby. She believed God. [Bible] [Christian Character] [Stories] [women] [Women in the Bible]

November 10, 1PM

The capture of wives  in the ancient world Within a generation after the fall of humanity in Eden, we read that Lamech “took” two women. He became the first polygamist, thereby rebelling against God’s decree that two people become one, ... [Bible] [Female Lineage] [Stories] [women] [Women in the Bible]

October 25, 12 PM

Exploring the family descent from Eve is an uncommon way to work through the ancient stories of the Hebrew Scriptures since its pages are male-dominated. I believe this androcentrism is a result of the way the world works, not the way God works. Woman ha... [Female Lineage] [women] [Women in the Bible]

October 18, 8AM

October 17, 9AM

I had a farm in Africa. No, not really. But, I visited a farm in Africa. In the seventh grade, my dad and mom spelled a missionary couple in Kenya, Africa who were overdue for furlough, and I got  to spend a few months in fairyland, as I remember it. Let... [From my life] [Navel Gazing]

October 3, 9AM

The context of wives submitting to husbands is from the larger result of Christians everywhere submitting to each other as they are filled with the Spirit of Christ. [Thoughts]

September 27, 2PM

Many of our Christian "traditions" regarding the creation of humans are first found in the Talmud or the extended teachings on the Talmud (Midrash). It is in the Talmud that we find much imaginative and explicit exposition about the sexuality between Adam... [Thoughts]

September 22, 10AM

The ESV inserts this desire for dominance into 3:16 with the words, "your teshuqa (desire in ESV) shall be contrary to your husband." Enmity achieved. [Bible] [Creation and Fall] [Katharine Bushnell Quotes] [Thoughts] [Translation Issues] [women]

September 20, 9AM

In Genesis 3:16, the word that is most often translated as “desire” in today’s English Bible is the Hebrew noun teshuqa. It’s meaning underwent a transformation over the centuries from “turning” in the Greek Septuagint ... [Bible] [Creation and Fall] [Katharine Bushnell Quotes] [Teshuqa Turnings] [Translation Issues] [women]

September 14, 10AM

One word in Genesis 3:16 has caused centuries of controversy. Why? Because this one word affects half the world’s population, the women. What is that word? teshuqa What does it mean? Well, let me introduce you to the evolution of teshuqa  from &... [Bible] [Creation and Fall] [Katharine Bushnell Quotes] [Problem Passages] [Translation Issues] [women]

February 13, 11AM

In Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Donald Whitney lists out the multitude of passages that prioritize solitude and silence; not just the clichéd, “Be still and know that I am God” verse from Elijah’s storm. Jesus was led into the wild... [From my life] [Prayer]

August 16 2015, 6PM

The redeemed are not limited to birth status. Jesus offers redemption to every human, male and female; black and white; American or Canadian. Regardless of what sin has done to the human condition, Jesus erases the damage and offers us a full inheritance... [Bible] [women]

June 17, 11AM

Are you my mother? God would say , yes! It is a well-used metaphor throughout the Hebrew Scriptures : God giving birth to Israel. Maternal imagery is used to describe the trust we must have in God and the steadfast tenacity of His love. In the New Testame... [Bible] [Numbers 11] [parenting] [women]

June 15, 10AM

Read Part 1 and Part 2. Why is it important that we start the discussion of God’s mother-love with an understanding of the Trinity? Because God IS love only in the community of His person. This love births a family to participate in His communal love. M... [Bible] [History and Culture] [Prayer] [women]

June 11, 1PM

The three persons of the Trinity are more than unified. They are perfect oneness. Yet, because they are three persons they can interact with each other – they glorify each other, they praise each other, they LOVE each other. It is this Love among the go... [Bible] [Trinity] [women]

June 9, 7PM

Here the story starts. With God as love. And here our connection as moms begins. For love is not singular. It is not solitary. It is not alone. It is not an island. Love conceives ideas and dreams and it grows to include a family to adore. Mother love - t... [parenting] [Trinity] [women]

March 13, 10AM

As I study the subset of anthropology in Systematic Theology, I am disturbed at the lack of placing woman in the scheme of things. If she is addressed it usually is in addendum to man. How did Eve contribute to Adam’s sin? How did woman solve man’s l... [Personal Journey] [Thoughts] [women]

October 23, 10AM

Is it really so hard to imagine that some people don't appreciate hearing someone else's loud one-way conversation? [Prayer]

October 21, 1PM

It can be simple, really. I find myself perfectly content in a slow train that crawls through green fields stopping at every station. Just because the service is so slow and therefore in most people’s eyes bad, these trains are almost empty—I get thro... [Prayer]

October 15, 8AM

I choose to believe gay people when they say they were born as Same Sex Attracted (SSA). I choose to follow Jesus' example and refuse to point to sin as the cause of SSA. I will not exclude one of my Christian siblings because they embrace gay marriage.... [From my life] [I read about it] [SSA]

October 13, 9AM

Have we remembered her? She is a prophet of God who proclaims by sign act* the future king of Israel. She foretells his impending death by preparing his body for burial. And she establishes her gender as useable by God in momentous times. [Bible] [women] [Women in the Bible]

September 3, 9AM

I guess the early church had given up on each other. I wonder if those spurs had anything to do with it? [Christian Character] [From my life] [How we talk] [leadership]

August 5, 7AM

Instruction, in ancient writ, often placed the meat in the middle with embellishment on either side for emphasis. Like a sandwich. This literary device is called a chiasm, and it is often overlooked when interpreting Biblical text. [Thoughts]

July 29, 2PM

This post is a part of the series comparing the teaching on various gender passages in the Bible. Read more about the series here. Ephesians 5:23 says, For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is t... [authority] [Bible] [Ephesians 5] [Problem Passages] [Translation Issues] [women]

July 21, 7AM

God's Spirit does not always follow the rules as we understand them to be. Sometimes He uses the Eldads and Medads who are like us, a little bit different, to speak with power and grace. [authority] [Bible] [leadership] [Numbers 11] [women]

July 16, 9AM

Words are not a talisman of protection against strong desire or deceit. In fact, referencing God's Word is Satan's best tactic in tempting Christians to act like heathens. [Bible] [Christian Character] [Creation and Fall]

July 14, 5PM

August 28 2013, 9AM

God used the two misfits wandering around the camp to bless His people! But they were in the wrong place! But they got off schedule! But they bungled the plan! It doesn't matter when God's Spirit is at work. [Bible] [leadership] [Numbers 11]

August 21, 7AM

Moses couldn’t handle it anymore. Not all alone. He tells God, “I can’t do this by myself—it’s too much, all these people.” “You don’t have to,” was God’s answer. “Gather together seventy men from among the l... [Bible] [leadership] [Numbers 11]

August 19, 10AM

When craving turns to criticism, it starts to tick people off. Relationships start to blow up. And you might just drown in quail. [Bible] [Numbers 11]

August 16, 2PM

In my head, his tantrum sounds just like the one I had this morning with my three children. [Bible] [Christian Character] [leadership] [Numbers 11] [parenting]

July 31, 9PM

“Where are the men? God, why haven’t you sent someone to lead in your church?” I wonder if God is replying, “I did. But it was a woman.” [Thoughts] [women]

July 29, 7AM

I have said many times that those who believe as Complementarians, often practically live out their marriages as Egalitarians. There are many varieties of marriage in the Complementarian basket. Some follow a strict hierarchy, others practice a more dem... [authority] [Christian Character] [submission] [Thoughts]

May 22, 11AM

This verse is the mother of complementarianism. It establishes their core belief that God wants marriage to follow a pattern based on gender. To the egalitarian, this verse exemplifies the previous verse: submitting each to the other. Simply because Paul ... [authority] [Ephesians 5] [Problem Passages] [submission] [women]

May 20, 6AM

Ephesians 5:22 or the  verse prior?  1 Timothy 2:9 or the verse prior? [1 Tim 2] [Bible] [Ephesians 5] [women]

May 18, 10AM

What does submission mean? Does submission require a leader? Can it be mutual? The Comp and Egal debate continues. [Ephesians 5] [Problem Passages] [submission] [women] [Ephesians 5]

May 17, 9AM

What’s new? Well its been a beautiful spring in Snoqualmie! My hands have been too dirty to type! I get to use this awesome set-up at church! I started helping to run the switcher and cameras on Sunday mornings. Its been 7 years since I’ve wor... [From my life]

April 11, 10AM

Graceful Election Have you ever had a shift of purpose? A time when your actions didn’t change, but YOU did? And then it seems EVERYTHING changes? When I was in college, I had one of these shifts. I was raised a Christian. I know I had that child-li... [From my life] [Personal Journey] [submission] [Unity] [women]

April 3, 3PM

In 1 Samuel 15, Samuel told King Saul to destroy the worthless Amalekites. Although genocide is generally not a good idea today, the principle revealed in the story is a great test of Christian leadership. Who do your Christian leaders honor? The popul... [Bible] [leadership]

March 17, 2PM

We sang “Come Thou Fount” this morning in church. They skipped the Ebenezer verse. Boo. So, because I’m plagued with a condition called Earworms, I’ve been humming that vacant verse all morning. Here I raise my ebenezer, Hither by... [Bible] [Creation and Fall] [history] [History and Culture] [leadership] [women]

August 17, 10AM

Imagine being a 13-year-old girl who raised her 4-year-old sister from birth, lived in 8 foster homes in 5 months, and called 911 after seeing her mom dead (at least she looked dead) from a drug overdose on her living room floor. That is the story I hear... [Bible] [Biblical Counseling] [From my life]

August 13, 7AM

Luke had two reasons for writing down his investigation of the events surrounding Jesus. He saw confusion in the circulating accounts, and he hoped to clarify what happened from the start to the end. In doing this, he wanted to convince Theophilus it was ... [Bible] [history]

August 11, 8AM

Luke 1:1-2 (NIRV) Many people have attempted to write about the things that have taken place among us. 2 Reports of these things were handed down to us. There were people who saw these things for themselves from the beginning and then passed the word on. ... [Bible] [eyewitness accounts]

August 10, 10AM

Thoughts fill my brain even if they aren’t filling this space recently. The house has been consuming. I thought I’d try to kick-start the writing again by sharing what’s been jigging around in my mind. God sees our heart. We can’t ... [Thoughts] [keeping up appearances]

April 27, 11AM

My mother was a submissive wife. (I say was, because my father passed away 8 years ago.) When my parents were reviewed by their mission board before entering the mission field, the board told her she was “too” submissive.* And this was in the... [From my life] [I read about it] [submission] [women]

April 3, 10PM

 I was challenged. “Why do you have to write about gender equality?” In the last year, I have flipped. For some, it is a mystery to be solved. What about Kay’s past contributed to her current obsession with women’s role in God&#... [From my life]