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December 29 2015, 3PM

The Faithlife TV app—available now on Roku, AppleTV, and iOS—makes it easier than ever to lean back and enjoy your Mobile Ed courses on the big screen in your living room. Mobile Ed is perfect for me. I love to learn from the best Bible Scholars in th... [Misc.]

October 20, 2PM

Start Next Now, Faithlife CEO Bob Pritchett’s second book, is now available on Amazon, Logos, Vyrso, and Audible. But you don’t want to buy it any of those places. Buying the book at gets you tons of extras that aren’t a... [Misc.] [Advice] [bob pritchett] [career] [start next now]

October 2, 2PM

In his first book, Faithlife Corporation CEO and Logos Bible Software cofounder Bob Pritchett gave some very candid business advice. In his second book, Start Next Now, he gives career advice of the same ilk. Honest. Unflinching. Helpful. That’s the... [Misc.] [Advice] [bob pritchett] [career] [Logos Bible Software]

April 9, 11AM

The road hadn’t been groomed yet that spring. I steered our little hatchback around most of the potholes, but nobody misses them all. A landslide washed out one of the of the sharper s-curves, but it wasn’t fresh and the sun was out, so the debris... [Apps & Web Tools]

April 4, 10AM

Every couple weeks, we host a free training webinar to help you harness the full potential and draw the greatest value out of your investment in Logos Bible Software. So far, we’ve plumbed the depths of Logos search, explored how Logos can aid you... [Training] [basic navigation] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [navigation] [tutorial] [webinar]

April 2, 12 PM

Time’s running out to reserve your space at BibleTech. It’s shaping up to be a tremendous exchange of ideas, and the last few spots are filling up quickly. Reserve your spot today! Join us to explore a variety of innovation and original thinki... [Misc.] [bibletech] [bibletech conference] [bibletech: 2015] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [stephen smith] [Technology]

March 26, 4AM

The Bible is meant to be read, and the Bible is also meant to be studied. But a good study Bible isn’t always a good reading Bible. A good study Bible includes footnotes, section headings, cross-references, and sometimes study notes. All that markup... [Apps & Web Tools] [bible app] [bible text only] [Logos App] [mobile apps] [reader's bible] [Training] [tutorial]

March 20, 4AM

To create Logos 6, developers, scholars, and linguists all pitched in to solve problems, leverage data, and prepare the software for other cultures. And many of them will be presenting their most innovative work at this year’s BibleTech conferenc... [Misc.] [Products] [bibletech] [bibletech conference] [bibletech: 2015] [factbook] [High Definition Commentary] [interactive media] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software]

February 21, 11AM

Back by popular demand, Logos training webinars help you make the most of your investment in Bible study software. Visit to view all of our past events and sign up to hear about future training events! For how advanced it is, Log... [Products] [Training] [dr. steve runge] [Greek] [High Definition Commentary] [logos 6] [tutorial] [webinars]

February 5, 12 PM

Your Logos-edition books travel like no other books you own. For serious study, use Logos 6 on your Mac or PC to unlock the full potential of your Logos resources. And when life pulls you away from your desk, access those same books on your phone or table... [Apps & Web Tools] [android] [downloading books] [iOS] [Logos App] [logos bible app] [mobile apps] [Training] [tutorial]

January 21, 1PM

I got Logos 6 Gold the day it came out. For me it was a no-brainer. The combination of new tools like Visual Copy, Interactive Media, and a solid set of reference works—many of which I’d already been eyeing—made it an easy decision. At the time... [Products] [Baptist] [base packages] [introductory offers] [logos 6] [logos 6 gold] [Logos Bible Software] [reformed]

January 20, 5AM

Thanks to Mobile Ed, you can sit under the dynamic instruction of professors like Dr. John Walton of Wheaton College from the comfort of your own living room. Dr. Walton has been teaching about the the ancient cultures in which the Bible was written for m... [Products] [cultural concepts] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [old testament] [old testament backgrounds]

January 15, 1PM

The Bible is a big book. Many people read it faithfully every day for years, and still never develop a big-picture view of it. For example: How does the story of the Exodus foreshadow the earthly ministry of Jesus? Why would God direct the prophet Hosea ... [Apps & Web Tools] [android] [daily reading] [Devotional] [every day bible] [every day bible app] [iOS] [New Testament] [old testament] [scripture]

December 31 2014, 12 PM

It’s resolution-making season. And to ensure your most important resolution—the one about daily Bible reading—is also the easiest to keep, we’d like you to meet the free Every Day Bible app. Built on the reading-plan framework of Connect t... [Apps & Web Tools] [connect the testaments] [daily reading] [Devotional] [every day bible] [every day bible app] [mobile app] [reading plan] [verse of the day]

December 23, 1PM

It’s easy to imagine what Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, or the Magi were thinking and feeling when they encountered the baby Jesus for the first time. I can imagine the mix of excitement, nerves, and expectation as they wondered when God would reveal... [Misc.] [bible verse art] [Christmas] [christmas sale] [Devotional] [gospel of luke] [jesus] [Luke] [Scripture art] [verse of the day]

November 18, 5AM

Faithlife Groups serve as the digital home for your faith community. They offer tremendous collaborative power, including document sharing, prayer lists, newsletters, and more! With Logos 6, that power is now available directly inside the software throug... [Products] [faithlife] [faithlife groups] [groups tool] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software]

November 7, 5AM

Faith communities are vital to healthy spirituality, so we built powerful tools for collaboration and sharing into Logos 6. One of those tools—the Groups tool—brings Faithlife Groups’ collaborative power to Logos Bible Software. There are a num... [Misc.] [documents] [faithlife groups] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [product collections] [resource collections] [sample documents]

October 2, 2PM

Logos 5′s documents menu gives you 11 different document types (and reveals four more). Each one works a little differently, so you’ll always have the right tool for the job. Last week we explored the first five; this week ... [Training] [Bible study] [documents] [faithlife] [faithlife groups] [guide template] [guides] [highlighting] [Logos 5] [presentation] [Proclaim] [reading plan] [resource collection] [sentence diagram] [syntax search] [visual filter] [word find puzzle] [word list]

September 25, 12 PM

Note-taking remains central to both personal Bible study and sermon preparation. Whether you’re journaling through the New Testament in your daily devotions, preparing to lead a small group, or doing research for your dissertation, Logos offers powe... [Training] [Bible study] [bibliography] [clippings] [documents] [Logos 5] [notes] [passage lists] [prayer lists]

September 10, 4AM

Last week you learned that you could win Logos 5 Gold (a $1,549.95 value) by sharing your biblical insight on We’ll have a winner on September 16 at midnight (EDT). The person who shares the most from Christian Discourse to F... [Misc] [Christian Discourse] [contest] [lexham bible guides] [Logos 5] [logos 5 gold]

September 2, 12 PM

Get new Bible-verse T-shirts, postcards, and mobile apps (for iOS and Android) featuring our Verse of the Day artwork. We started illustrating new verse art every day in 2011, and the collection has grown to 700+ unique pieces. This Bible art represents a... [Products] [bible art] [bible screen] [mobile apps] [postcard] [T-shirt] [verse of the day]

July 17, 12 PM

This week, a group of Logos users enjoyed a free hour-long training on harnessing the full potential of Logos 5′s powerful search tools. We covered using search operators, using Louw-Nida numbers, narrowing searches to only the most relevant results... [Misc]

July 9, 12 PM

Logos 5′s powerful search tools help you find the insights you need. Our next training webinar, on July 15 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific, will show you how—for free. Save your spot: register right now! Together, we’ll spend an hour exploring t... [Training]

May 20, 1PM

One of the remarkable things about Logos 5 is that, while it’s extremely powerful, it also makes getting started simple. Just type in a passage or topic and hit “Go”—Logos will perform dozens of hours’ worth of research for y... [Misc]

April 5, 4AM

The Logos forums are a wonderful place. There’s always someone ready to answer your questions and help you get the most from your Bible study. Never has this been clearer than in light of the thread “Theology/Denomination Tags,” which ha... [Misc]

March 26, 4AM

Proclaim gives you $1,000 worth of effortlessly beautiful Smart Media. It’s a great presentation package, but if you’re presenting each week, you might want even more. Proclaim’s talented designers have crafted a line of deluxe presentation ... [Misc] [church presentation] [Proclaim] [Worship] [worship art]

March 6, 1PM

We think that everyone in a church, from the administrator to the media director, should be able to create compelling visual presentations. That’s the game-changing idea behind Proclaim. Intuitive features like Smart Media ensure that you don’... [Misc]

February 28, 5AM

Logos 5 offers so many time-saving features that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Here are three I use on a regular basis: 1. “Update Now” You can force an update by typing “Update Now” into the command box, which dir... [Misc]

February 14, 1PM

Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting some of the most popular products in each resource category on Today we start with commentaries. Three reader favorites It’s important to lean on the wisdom and experience of those who... [Products]

February 8, 1PM

You subscribe to LogosTalk because you want to hear about special offers, improve your Bible study, and stay up to date on the latest Pre-Pub and Community Pricing products—but have you checked out our other blogs? We have an entire family of blogs, c... [Misc]

January 30, 1PM

It’s been more than five years since Logos released Reftagger, the web tool that converts Bible references into links with hover-preview. Since then, it’s been installed on more than 13,000 websites and used to preview more than 20 billion ver... [Misc] [plugins] [Reftagger] [scripture references] [scripture tagging]

January 28, 1PM

The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl, and Logos stands firmly behind them! Here’s proof: a 12th Man flag flying high at Logos HQ. From the beginning, this has been a season of high expectations. The Hawks were favored to beat out longtim... [Misc]

December 24 2013, 2PM

As God was escorting Adam and Eve out of the only home they’d ever known, he paused for a moment to make a promise. They had eaten of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, breaking the only prohibition God had given them. They had sinned, and ... [Misc]

December 21, 10AM

From 15% off Logos 5 base packages to 50% off topical bundles to the 500 Book Mega Pack (at 96% off!), Logos’ Christmas sale has something for everyone! You can see all the deals at, but here are a few standouts under $100. Just... [Misc]

December 19, 9AM

The IVP Dictionary Series, newly reconfigured as a single resource, is on sale now for Christmas! Use coupon code 12DAYS2013 to get it for 24% off—depending on your current library, you could save up to $80! This eight-volume series, often called t... [Products] [12 days of logos] [Craig Evans] [ivp black set] [ivp dictionaries] [Peter Enns]

December 14, 10AM

This Christmas, we’re giving away a one-of-a-kind MacBook Air, Logos 5 Gold, and an awesome collection of Vyrso ebooks, including titles by John Piper, Tim Keller, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and Matt Chandler!1   We shipped off this brand-new MacBook ... [Misc]

December 13, 3PM

The whole suite of Logos mobile apps just got an awesome update. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about version 4.0 of the Logos Bible app. Redesigned for iOS 7 and Android 4.4 (KitKat) Embracing the flat-UI design wave, we’ve e... [Misc]

November 30, 3PM

We’re adding new products to every day. If you subscribe to the blog and a handful of email lists, you’ll probably hear about most of them. But we know that “probably” isn’t good enough—you want to be sure. L... [Misc]

November 19, 2PM

Last week, Logos 5 users received a free update (Logos 5.2) that included a number of feature and performance improvements. As always, you can find the complete release notes on the Logos forums. But if you’re still using version 4 or earlier, you... [Misc] [content] [Logos 5] [New] [update]

November 5, 10AM

We have over 200 resources on sale all November long! You don’t need a coupon code to take advantage of these awesome deals—just be sure to get them before the month is over. Calvin and the History of Calvinism Collection Regularly $249.95 Get it for... [Misc]

October 24, 2PM lets you store your study notes, presentations, sentence diagrams, reading plans, and more—all in one place. And if you delete an important document, it’s easy to get your work back. Here’s how to undelete files: Log... [Misc]

October 17, 2PM

Joining a small group is simultaneously the most rewarding and the most challenging part of many people’s church experience. Those who make the jump to hosting a group find their rewards and challenges multiplied. We built the digital faith communit... [Company] [Community] [faithlife] [faithlife bible] [FSB] [Study]

October 11, 11AM

Logos is growing like crazy, and we don’t plan on slowing down. That means that we’re looking for more awesome people—and you could be one of them! Check out our openings to see where you might fit on the Logos team. Growth around the worl... [Misc]

October 1, 12 PM

Jonathan Edwards was born October 5, 1703—nearly 310 years ago. Now, as you prepare to celebrate his influence by revisiting his sermons and treatises, you can use coupon code JEDWARDS2013 to save $50 on his collected works! Regarded by many as R... [Misc]

September 28, 9AM

With two days left, you’re running out of time to take advantage of the Logos 5 upgrade sale. If you’re on the fence, you need to upgrade right now—upgrade discounts will never be this big again. And we’ll be here until 9 p.m. (PD... [Misc]

September 25, 8AM

As Logos 5 base packages grow in size, they increase in quality. Each step up gives you not only more resources (and all the titles from the previous level), but better resources—valuable content that can be hard to find anywhere else. The higher ... [Products] [commentaries] [diamond] [gold] [Logos 5] [logos 5 upgrade] [platinum] [portfolio] [upgrade sale]

September 19, 9AM

New Logos users often ask, “What makes Logos resources so much more valuable than their print or epub counterparts?” The answer? Connectivity. Most scholarly works connect to other resources through in-text citations, bibliographies, and index... [Misc]

September 6, 9AM

Since Logos 5 launched in November, we’ve outlined many of its remarkable benefits. You’ve heard about features like the Topic Guide, key resources like Lenski’s Commentary on the New Testament, budgeting tools like our payment plans, an... [Misc]

September 5, 9AM

All of Logos 5′s features appear in Gold and above. When you upgrade to Platinum, Diamond, or Portfolio, what you’re investing in is valuable, often hard-to-find content, bundled to give you the best deal. Here are four key resources included ... [Misc] [Products] [portfolio]

August 9, 1PM

“My favorite new Testament commentary is that of R. C. H. Lenski . . . I profit greatly from his sane and spiritually sensitive exposition.” —Warren W. Wiersbe Any collection so highly praised by one of the most prolific Christian writers ... [Products] [lenski's commentary] [Logos 5] [logos 5 upgrade] [new testament commentary] [platinum]

August 8, 9AM

In partnership with Crossway and CreationFest, we’re giving away the trusted ESV translation to all Faithlife users through August 10. You only have a couple more days to grab your copy, so get it today! Here are a few more reasons to download the ... [Misc] [Products] [ESV] [faithlife] [faithlife study bibile] [FSB]

July 24, 9AM

Thanks to our partnership with Crossway, you can get the ESV free on your Faithlife app when you download by August 10! The Faithlife Study Bible stands as the world’s largest, most advanced study Bible. Study notes and multimedia equip you for Bibl... [Products] [ESV] [esv giveaway] [faithlife study bible] [free esv] [FSB]

July 23, 9AM

The Logos forums have reached two important milestones—500,000 posts and 100,000 users. To celebrate, we’re planning something big and exclusive. If you’re not in the forums yet, now’s when you’ll want to join! Here are four mor... [Community] [Misc] [Community] [forum posts] [Forums]

July 10, 9AM

John Calvin was born 504 years ago today. Celebrate by studying his works. Through July 12, you can use coupon code CALVIN13 to save 60% on the 108 vol. Calvin 500 Collection! Assembled in 2009, the Calvin 500 Collection remains the largest collection o... [Products] [Calvin] [john calvin]

July 5, 9AM

James Montgomery Boice’s Expositional Commentaries Series (27 vols.) provides the kind of textual criticism necessary for skillful preaching and serious scholarship. Combine it with Logos 5’s search power, and even English-only Bible scholars can... [Misc]

July 3, 9AM

If you’ve been holding out for a big sale to upgrade, the time has come. Upgrading to Logos 5 (or a larger base package) has never been more affordable than it is right now. Prices won’t get lower than this, and we can help you get the resourc... [Products] [base package] [campaign] [Logos 5] [upgrade]

July 2, 9AM

In the first major release since Logos 5, we’re proud to announce several new features and performance improvements for your Logos Bible Software. Here’s a rundown: Read aloud Logos 5 now reads aloud in a smooth, professional voice. We have pl... [Misc]

June 26, 2PM

Many pastors spend more than half their work week on Sunday sermon preparation, and sometimes that takes away from other important pastoral responsibilities. Saving time on sermon prep can be extremely beneficial. Here’s how you can save a tremendou... [Misc]

June 18, 9AM

Powerful and elegant, the Notes tool comes with every version of Logos Bible Software. You can write as much as you like, and then connect your notes to a reference or passage. And with our new Publish and Collaborate features, Logos notes are more powerf... [Misc]

June 13, 1PM

Logos makes tools for real people like you. The more we know about you, the better we can invest our time and energy into resources that serve you well. Your feedback is an integral part of our improvement. If you’d like to influence Logos’ di... [Misc] [Facebook] [feedback] [Forums] [survey] [Twitter] [user survey]

June 3, 2PM

Father’s Day is coming, and with it, the chance to take 20% off some of our most popular collections and titles on marriage and family. Pick up any of these resources by June 16 with coupon code DAD2013 and save! Enjoy discounts on titles like: Ma... [Misc] [Products] [deals] [family] [fathers] [fathers day] [Marriage] [parenting] [sales]

May 28, 9AM

The New International Commentary of the Old & New Testament, known affectionately as the NICOT/NICNT, has been our top-selling Bible study resource since it went on Pre-Pub in 2009. Many pastors and leaders have benefited from the series’ scho... [Misc] [commentary] [commentary series] [nicot] [nicotnt] [nicotot] [sales] [top product]

May 21, 8AM

Construct a well-rounded theology with this robust collection of academic resources. The 15-volume Baker Academic Theological Studies Collection includes everything from The Doctrine of God to Violence, Hospitality, and the Cross. The list of contribu... [Products] [baker theological studies] [discount] [Pre-Pub] [sale] [theology]

May 15, 9AM

We would love to make Logos available in every language, but we don’t have the in-house language skills to support more than the Spanish versions we currently offer. If you’re a bilingual Logos user, we’d like your help in translating o... [Misc] [Products] [global] [international] [translation]

May 14, 8AM

You subscribe to LogosTalk because you want to hear about special offers, learn to do better Bible study, and stay up to date on the latest Pre-Pubs—but have you subscribed to our other blogs? We operate a whole network of blogs that cover everything fr... [Community] [blog] [faithlife] [faithlife women] [Proclaim] [Vyrso]