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October 7 2015, 4AM

The November/December issue of Bible Study Magazine features Nabeel Qureshi—an itinerant speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and bestselling author of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. Qureshi was raised in a close-knit Pakistani-American f... [Misc.] [Apologetics] [Bible Study Magazine] [Isalm]

August 28, 2PM

For a limited time get the James: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary—normally $33—for free when you subscribe to Bible Study Magazine! D.A. Carson is one of the most respected New Testament scholars in the world. But how does he study the Bible for... [Misc.] [Bible Study Magazine] [D. A. Carson] [Prayer]

August 6, 2PM

Bible Study Magazine gives you the tools and insight you need to study the Bible and apply it in your life. No matter how you’re currently studying Scripture, BSM helps you get more out of your time in the Word. The September-October issue of Bible Stud... [Products] [Bible Study Magazine] [bsm] [D. A. Carson] [scripture interpretation]

July 20, 4AM

    John and Lisa Bevere are the founders of Messenger International, an organization established to help individuals, families, churches, and nations realize and experience the transforming power of God’s Word. A minister and best-selling au... [Misc.]

April 2, 4AM

Explore wisdom, advice, and encouragement from 26 of today’s most influential women in ministry: get the new book What I Wish I’d Known for free, exclusively from Vyrso. The new anthology features insight from Kay Arthur, June Hunt, Elyse Fitzpat... [Products] [carol kent] [elisa morgan] [elyse fitzpatrick] [free book] [gwen smith] [june hunt] [kasey van norman] [kay arthur] [michelle mckinney hammond] [pam farrel] [Vyrso] [what I wish I'd known] [women in ministry]

January 12, 1PM

Since Logos 6 launched, bloggers, authors, and ministry leaders across the globe have immersed themselves in the software to find out what their favorite features are, how Logos 6 changes their day-to-day studies, and how to gain the most insight from the... [Products] [bloggers] [endorsements] [logos 6] [logos 6 reviews] [Logos Bible Software] [Reviews] [Testimonials]

December 25 2014, 11AM

When I meditate on Christmas, I think about our Jesus—about the miracle of our Savior. About being free from my sins and being able to rest in his grace all because he came here to save us. But I don’t often think about the fact that people longed and... [Misc.] [bible verse art] [Christmas] [christmas sale] [Devotional] [gospel of luke] [jesus] [Luke] [Scripture art] [verse of the day]

August 26, 4AM

Saturate your day with Scripture with Bible Screen on DVD. Bible Screen offers nonstop biblical inspiration by continually streaming stunning, ad-free verse art and animations—spurring insights by filling your blank screen with beautiful biblical artwo... [Products] [bible screen] [Bible Screen DVD] [Scripture art] [Verse art] [verse of the day]

August 11, 12 PM

This month only, we’re offering special savings on one of our best-selling resources—The Bible Speaks Today: New Testament. Through August, you can use coupon code BIBLE2014 to save 30% on this widely acclaimed New Testament series. The Bible Speaks... [Misc]

July 21, 11AM

If you’ve been holding off on upgrading to Logos 5, you don’t have much time left. The Logos 5 upgrade sale ends August 5! If you act now, you can still combine your Logos 5 upgrade discount with your Dynamic Pricing ownership discount. This o... [Misc]

July 15, 4AM

Today’s guest post is from Mark Barnes, pastor of Bethel Evangelical Church, Clydach in the UK. One of my favourite things about Logos is the Community Pricing and Pre-Pub specials. By ordering resources in advance, I benefit from substantial discou... [Misc]

July 12, 3PM

We want to equip people across the world with Logos’ powerful study tools. That’s why we’re working on getting Logos resources into as many languages as possible. A few months ago, we hired a French product manager to help bring you a wi... [Misc]


Have questions about people, places, or theological concepts? With a Bible dictionary, you can find answers in thousands of articles by leading scholars. If you already have a Bible dictionary, you know how valuable they are—you’ve already benefited ... [Products]

July 10, 12 PM

Right now, you can get F.B. Meyer’s Paul: A Servant of Christ for free on Community Pricing. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this deal, you’re running out of time! Meyer describes Paul’s life as narrated by Paul’s o... [Misc]

July 5, 4AM

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading to Logos 5, now’s the perfect time to act—for a limited time, you can get a custom upgrade discount on a Logos 5 base package! Here are three reasons it’s time to upgrade to Logos 5: 1. You’ll get ... [Misc]

July 3, 4AM

One of our most popular base packages is Platinum, which gives you all of Logos 5’s advanced tools, as well as a library of 1,370 resources that boasts a print value of more than $28,000. (Thanks to Logos’ bundling discounts, though, you won’t ... [Misc]

July 2, 4AM

Right now, you can use coupon code BOICE2014 to get Boice’s Expositional Commentaries for 75% off—that’s $300 in savings!1 James Montgomery Boice was senior pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was also pres... [Products]

June 30, 12 PM

If you’re studying Jesus’ background, life, and significance, it’s important to know how the Bible fits together as one unified story. One of the best ways to do that is to supplement your Bible reading with the writings of expert schol... [Misc]

June 28, 12 PM

This is your last chance to save 15% on Logos 5 during the new base package sale! If you’re thinking about getting Logos 5, it’s important that you do so right away. Just use coupon code GETLOGOSNOW and you’ll save 15% on a brand-new base packag... [Products]


Why celebrate for just one day when you can celebrate for over a week? Canada Day’s just around the corner, and we’ve got 20+ resources on sale through July 7! Here are a few highlights: Continental Commentary Series Regularly $599.95—get it... [Misc]

June 27, 4AM

Today’s guest post is from Dave Moser, an MDiv student at Westminster Theological Seminary who blogs about Christ-centered Bible study at The sermon process begins with the Bible and ends in the heart. Every preacher is differ... [Products]

June 23, 12 PM

Each month, we put a wide selection of resources on sale, allowing you to pick up items you’ve been wanting for a fraction of the regular price. This month, we’ve got some huge discounts available—but you don’t have much time ... [Products]

June 20, 4AM

You’re probably keeping an eye on expenses. And big-ticket items, no matter how vital or how good the deal, can seem tough to budget for—that is, when you purchase them all at once. The solution? Smaller payments! We introduced payment plans... [Misc]

June 19, 4AM

Charles Spurgeon was born on June 19, 1834—180 years ago today. Learn from his legacy: use coupon code SPURGEON180 to take 20% off the Charles Spurgeon Collection. If you don’t already own any volumes in the collection, that’s $100 in ... [Misc]

June 18, 12 PM

If you want to get amazing prices on classic resources, you can’t go wrong with Community Pricing. It’s one of the best ways to get a great deal—we’ve seen some savings of over 90%! Check out this quick video to see how easy it is: ... [Misc]

June 16, 12 PM

Today is the 100th anniversary of J. Gresham Machen’s ordination. To celebrate, you can use coupon code MACHEN2014 to get 33% off the J. Gresham Machen Collection! Who was J. Gresham Machen? John Gresham Machen (July 28, 1881–January 1, 1937)... [Misc]

June 13, 11AM

Improve your library’s research power: add these fascinating titles, many of which leave Pre-Pub in the next week. Once they do, the price will go up. Don’t wait—pre-order yours today! 1. Fathers of the Church Series Pre-order it for $670 off! The ... [Misc]

June 12, 4AM

For only six more days, you can pre-order the Reformed Expository Commentary Series for 21% off! Preaching through the Bible can be challenging, and sermon prep can be time-consuming. Use the Reformed Expository Commentary to aid your research and you’... [Products] [Preaching] [reformed expository commentary series] [sermon prep]

June 11, 4AM

Logos 5 is more than just a collection of books. It’s a massive, interconnected library paired with tools and features that you can’t find anywhere else. Why Logos books are so valuable Think of it this way: the value of a book by itself (phys... [Products] [Logos 5]

June 10, 12 PM

The limited-time Pre-Summer Pack is an extraordinary deal. It retails at $1,382.54, but right now, you can get it for only $149.95—that’s 89% off, or more than $1,232.00 in savings! At under $3 per book, it’s the perfect way to get the ti... [Products] [pre-summer pack]


Some of you have been using Logos for years and years, across multiple versions. You’ve acquired a hefty library. You’re studying, say, a Logos 4 base package with all your favorite add-on resources. What happens when you upgrade to a Logos 5 ... [Products] [dynamic pricing] [Logos 5] [upgrade sale]

June 4, 12 PM

Right now, you can pre-order the brand-new John MacArthur Sermon Archive for half off! John MacArthur is president of The Master’s College and Seminary, pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, and one of the most influential pas... [Products]


If you’ve taken a look at what’s in the Nelson Bible Reference Bundle, you know it’s an incredible deal. It brings together the power of world-class resources like the Word Biblical Commentary and the Preacher’s Commentary Series... [Products] [wbc] [word biblical commentary]

June 2, 4AM

If you’ve been thinking about equipping yourself for Bible study with Logos 5, now’s the time. Right now, you can use coupon code GETLOGOSNOW to get 15% off a new base package! Logos 5 will help you do deeper Bible study, faster: Find answers with sm... [Products] [base package] [Logos 5] [new base package]

May 23, 12 PM

The National Camp Logos is rapidly approaching! From June 25 through June 27, join us in our hometown of Bellingham, WA, for extended training, tours of the Logos headquarters, facetime with Logos leadership, and fellowship with other Logos users. The Nat... [Training]


Though the official beginning of summer is still about a month away, for many, Memorial Day weekend represents the real start to the season. It means spending time with family, grilling, and soaking up some sun. It also means preparing your summer reading... [Products] [memorial day] [pre-summer pack]

May 22, 12 PM

For a limited time, you can pre-order The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew for $50 off! Most Hebrew dictionaries cover only biblical Hebrew. The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, on the other hand, covers not only the biblical texts but also Ben Sira, the Dea... [Products]

May 20, 4AM

There are three ways to make Logos 5 even more affordable: Dynamic Pricing, your custom upgrade discount, and a payment plan. Here’s how they combine to give you the best deal possible: Custom savings and an extra discount Dynamic Pricing gives you ... [Misc]

May 16, 12 PM

This week only, get Kevin J. Vanhoozer’s Theological Interpretation of the New Testament—free! Just join the email list below to get your coupon code. A book-by-book New Testament survey “The quality of the individual essays is high, the New... [Misc]

May 14, 12 PM

Logos’ Pre-Publication program lets you pre-order new resources at amazing discounts. Not only will you get new books for less—you’ll get them the instant they’re released! Some products don’t spend much time in Pre-Pub, though, so keepin... [Products]


National history is among the first things we learn in school. It helps us understand why things are the way they are, and what those who came before us went through to get us here. The same is true of church history: the better we understand our roots, ... [Products] [Church History] [may monthly sale]

May 8, 12 PM

Right now, you can pre-order works by renowned authors like D.A. Carson, Chris Keith, and Francis J. Moloney in the Baker Academic Biblical Studies Upgrade—for 25% off! This addition to the Baker Academic Biblical Studies Bundle addresses topics that ar... [Products]

May 6, 12 PM

Throughout May, use coupon code AYB2014 and save big on one of our best-selling commentaries—the Anchor Yale Bible! For centuries, this 86-volume collection has set the standard for exegesis. Drawing on the wisdom and resources of Protestant, Catholic,... [Products] [Anchor Yale Bible] [AYB] [Bible Commentary] [commentary]

May 5, 4AM

Lexham Press provides biblical content to advance scholarship and equip the church, including digital-first Bible study resources, scholarly works, and Bible Study Magazine. And for just a few weeks, many of Lexham Press’ top resources are on sale! ... [Products]

May 2, 8AM

This month, get 300 Quotations for Preachers from the Puritans for free! Quotations help us say what we want to say, often better than we can say it ourselves. There’s something about a well-turned phrase from a well-respected author that really drives ... [Misc] [fbotm] [free book] [free book of the month] [james] [quotations for preachers]

April 28, 12 PM

We recently released our new Reformed base packages, and they’ve been a huge hit! These new base packages combine Logos’ powerful tools with a world-class library of Reformed resources, offering an unparalleled platform for study in the Reform... [Misc]

April 25, 12 PM

Right now, you can pre-order the Baker Academic Early Church Collection for $78 off! Pre-order yours right now. The collection gives you 13 volumes of theology from the church’s first five centuries, equipping you to study the roots of your faith. Y... [Misc]

April 23, 12 PM

Right now, you can save big on 30+ resources in our Canadian Spring Sale—individual commentaries, collections, and more! This sale only lasts through midnight on Monday—don’t miss out. Here are some of the resources on sale: A Handbook to Exeges... [Products]

April 22, 4AM

It’s part of life: whether you’re a licensed counselor or a compassionate friend, people are going to come to you for advice. When they do, it’s important that you be ready with counseling that’s both helpful and biblical. Why walk... [Misc]

April 16, 4AM

Today is your last day to take advantage of Logos March Madness deals! If you haven’t picked up your favorites already, now’s the time. We started with 64 authors; as the winning authors rose to the top, so did the deals. Now you can get huge ... [Misc]

April 14, 4AM

Yesterday, Palm Sunday, marked the beginning of Holy Week. Now we walk through a season of sorrow, hope, and great joy. Holy Week is a time to remember Jesus’ amazing victory over death. It’s a distinct and important time for Christians to reflect... [Misc] [Easter] [easter 2014] [easter products]

April 9, 4AM

You only have one week left to save during Logos March Madness! Don’t wait—this year’s sale ends Wednesday, April 16. Now’s the time to build your library at the best price: you can get up to 75% off select works by all 64 authors. See... [Misc] [Alister McGrath] [B. B. Warfield] [Charles Spurgeon] [D. A. Carson] [gordon fee] [j. i. packer] [john calvin] [john owen] [Karl Barth] [Logos March Madness] [martin lloyd-jones] [norm geisler] [R. C. Sproul]

April 3, 4AM

Through April 30, you can get big savings on 150+ resources! Don’t miss your chance to expand your library with these limited-time deals. Here are a few of the top resources on sale: Theological Dictionary of the New Testament Regularly $199.95—g... [Products] [april sale] [history of israel] [Kittel] [Matthew] [monthly sale] [Romans] [TDNT]

April 1, 12 PM

We have a winner: D.A. Carson is our 2014 Logos March Madness champion, and you can use coupon code LMM14CH to celebrate with 75% off his works! Save big on titles by D.A. Carson and Martin Lloyd-Jones Right now, you can save big on titles like the New Di... [Misc] [champion] [D. A. Carson] [Logos March Madness] [martin lloyd-jones]

March 29, 12 PM

R.C. Sproul is is a respected teacher, theologian, and pastor. He’s the founder and chairman of Ligonier Ministries, where he serves as executive editor of Tabletalk magazine. He serves as senior minister of preaching and teaching at Saint Andrew... [Misc]

March 26, 12 PM

D. A. Carson vs. Martyn Lloyd-Jones—the Logos March Madness championships are here! Final voting closes at 5 p.m. (PDT) on March 31; the winner’s works will be discounted by 75%, and the runner-up’s works will be discounted by 60%. Vote right now!... [Misc] [D. A. Carson] [Logos March Madness] [march madness] [martin lloyd-jones]

March 24, 8AM

Through June 1, enter to win a MacBook Air, Logos 5 Gold, eight Vyrso books, and two tickets to the upcoming Ligonier conference in Seattle! To help believers understand what it means to be a witness in this world, Ligonier Ministries is hosting its Wes... [Misc] [giveaway] [Logos 5] [logos 5 gold] [macbook air] [R. C. Sproul] [Vyrso]

March 22, 9AM

Logos March Madness is down to the Final 4! The rounds are getting closer and closer—this is anyone’s game. If you want to see your favorite author win, vote right now, and be sure to rally your friends for more support! Save 45% on round 4 resour... [Misc] [Products]

March 20, 4AM

Right now, you can pre-order the 16-volume IVP Old Testament Studies Collection for 20% off! Understand the grand story of the Old Testament We often read the Old Testament in disjointed pieces, missing the dramatic, unified story of God’s work in e... [Misc]

March 19, 12 PM

Round 3 in Logos March Madness is over, and we’re down to the Elite 8! The stakes are high, and the matchups are closer than ever. Make sure you get your votes in—this round only lasts until Friday at 5 p.m. (PDT)! Get 40% off 175+ resources Use coup... [Misc]

March 18, 12 PM

There are more than 350 books and collections on Community Pricing, and every week we add more. Some don’t stay on Community Pricing long—they get tons of bids right away, and before you know it, the price has gone up. Those are the ones you don&#... [Misc]

March 15, 12 PM

Round 2 in Logos March Madness is over, and we’re down to 16 authors! Each round cuts the list in half—we’re moving quickly toward awarding the winner. Make sure you get your votes in, and don’t forget to invite your friends! Round 2 d... [Misc]

March 13, 11AM

We’re releasing a brand-new line of Reformed base packages, and you’re among the first to know! These new base packages combine our powerful Bible study tools with a world-class library of Reformed resources, offering you an unparalleled resea... [Misc]

March 11, 12 PM

The first Logos March Madness results are in! Thirty-two authors are advancing to round 2, and voting is open. We’ve already had some of our closest matchups ever—each and every vote matters! Round 1 savings: get 30% off 400+ titles Use coupon co... [Misc]

March 10, 12 PM

You’re probably on a budget. Pastors often have a fixed amount they can spend on books every month, which makes any large purchase seem daunting. Students face a variety of costs—school, books, supplies. Everyone deals with day-to-day living expen... [Misc]

March 8, 5AM

Dietrich Bonhoeffer or J. Gresham Machen? John Piper or Craig Evans? John Calvin or Richard Sibbes? Logos March Madness launched this week, and these first matchups are down to the wire! (Last I checked, a few authors are winning by less than 50 votes.) I... [Misc] [Logos March Madness]

March 5, 5AM

This March, we have nearly 200 products on sale! You can get big savings on titles like Vocabulary of the Greek Testament, Learn to Read New Testament Greek, Revelation: Four Views, and many others. Here are a few bestsellers: R. A. Torrey Collection... [Misc]

March 4, 1PM

It’s time: Logos March Madness deals are on their way! Logos March Madness begins today and runs through March 31. We’ve pitted 64 authors against each other to compete for your votes—Charles Spurgeon, A. W. Tozer, R. C. Sproul, and others. You ... [Misc]


Right now, you can save big on one of our top-selling commentaries. Just use coupon code ICC2014 through the end of March to get the International Critical Commentary for 25% off! The ICC has long held a special place among Bible commentaries. Its rigoro... [Misc]

February 27, 5AM

Lewis Sperry Chafer (born this day in 1871) was an American Presbyterian clergyman and educator, born in Rock Creek, Ohio. He studied at New Lyme Academy in Ohio, at Oberlin (Ohio) Conservatory and College, and under C. I. Scofield. He also taught Bible a... [Misc] [chafer] [legacy library] [lewis sperry chafer] [logos license]

February 25, 5AM

Pastors, teachers, and church leaders regularly suffer from stress and burnout—the emotional and spiritual toll of day-to-day ministry can overwhelm even the best efforts of those in positions of leadership. If you’re feeling worn out, practical i... [Misc]

February 24, 5AM

For just a few more days, you can get big savings on all our February sale items! We have 180+ resources on sale this month—commentaries, dictionaries, biographies, and more. Don’t miss your chance: browse the February sale before it ends! Here a... [Misc]

February 18, 5AM

As Christianity crossed national and cultural borders and the number of believers multiplied, the religion showed its revolutionary potential and threatened Roman authority. To suppress the growing faith, the Roman government persecuted Christians in brut... [Products]

February 13, 5AM

Right now, you can get the best price on the Moffatt New Testament Commentary Series. It’s on Community Pricing, and the current bid is only $30—that’s 83% off! Rigorous yet readable, these commentaries examine the entire New Testament.... [Misc]

February 10, 1PM

Pre-order Select Studies in Martin Luther’s Life and Influence and you’ll get 25% off! Have you ever wanted to know what Luther thought about a particular topic? This collection groups Luther’s writings into categorized units, allowing y... [Misc]

February 7, 5AM

Right now, you can pre-order the Eerdmans Gospel Studies Collection for over $30 off! This 19-volume collection examines the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. You’ll learn about Jesus’ use of parables, analyze the literary... [Products] [Gospel Studies] [gospels] [John] [Luke] [Mark] [Matthew] [parables] [women of the bible]

February 4, 5AM

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German pastor, theologian, founding member of the Confessing Church, and anti-Nazi. His writings on Christianity’s role in the secular world have become widely influential, and many have labeled his The Cost of Discipleshi... [Products] [Bonhoeffer] [monthly sale] [studies on bonhoeffer]

February 1, 1PM

Right now, you can pre-order the Jimmy Evans Sermon Archive for 38% off! Christian marriage expert Jimmy Evans and the teaching staff at MarriageToday have brought together over 400 sermons and small-group lessons for Christian couples who are married or ... [Misc] [Products] [becoming one] [jimmy evans] [jimmy evans sermons] [Marriage] [marriage conference] [marriagetoday] [sermon archive]

January 29, 1PM

The Cornerstone Biblical Commentary series (CBC) is famous for its evangelical scholarship. It equips you with important exegetical and theological knowledge: you’ll study the message and history of each key passage of Scripture, learning about both tex... [Products] [Bible Commentary] [CBC] [commentary] [cornerstone biblical commentary]


A few months ago, we announced the very first Logos Mobile Education courses, gathered in the Bible and Doctrine Foundations Bundle. On February 3, the bundle is shipping—this is your last chance to pre-order it at 44% off! Learn from some of the most e... [Products] [bible & doctrine foundations] [distance education] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed]

January 28, 5AM

This week, we released another update to the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive, completing the 1,233-sermon set! If you own the archive, you should have already received your update (and downloaded your new resources) automatically. If you haven’t received... [Products] [sermon archive] [timothy keller] [timothy keller sermons]

January 27, 1PM

Through February 4, pre-order the 13-volume Berit Olam: Studies in Hebrew Narrative & Poetry commentary series and get $100 off! Berit Olam (“The Everlasting Covenant”) gives you the latest developments in literary analysis of the ancient Hebr... [Misc]

January 21, 8AM

Pre-Publication is your last chance to pre-order new resources at awesome discounts. Some products don’t spend much time in the pre-order stage, so keeping an eye on the Pre-Pub page is always a good idea. Not only will you get new books for less—... [Products] [bible dictionary] [Evangelical Theology] [historical theology] [james r white] [Jewish studies] [New Testament] [Pre-Pub] [systematic theology]

January 20, 1PM

Community Pricing is the best way to get new collections at the lowest prices, but with 300-plus products on Community Pricing right now, it can be tough to keep track of all the best deals. Here are six products that are close to leaving Community Pricin... [Products] [apollodorus] [august hermann francke] [Community Pricing] [justinian the great] [pliny] [pliny the elder] [thomas adams]

January 18, 7AM

The Old Testament makes up two-thirds of the Bible and lays the foundation on which the rest of Scripture stands. Yet most churches devote less than half their teaching to the OT. Where do you start studying the Old Testament, and where do you start teach... [Misc]

January 15, 8AM

Bible dictionaries are enormously helpful (especially in Logos!), and having access to multiple types is useful for comparing definitions, studying context, and making sure you have the most accurate information. If you start adding up how much it would c... [Products]

January 10, 2PM

As employees, we have a behind-the-scenes look at how Logos functions. We can give the most honest, accurate feedback about what it’s like to work here. This year, that feedback landed Logos among Glassdoor’s top 10 best medium-sized companie... [Misc]

January 8, 8AM

Every month we have lots of resources on sale, and if you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to miss out. That’s why we’ve put them all in one place—you can pick up your favorites at the best-possible prices. All January long, we... [Products] [baker encyclopedia of the bible] [charles ryrie] [christopher cone] [crossway classic commentaries] [david olander] [january deals] [monthly sale] [old testament commentary]

January 6, 8AM

Today is your very last day to take advantage of Logos’ Christmas deals! From 50% off bundles to 15% off base packages to bargains under $100, there’s a deal for you. But you can’t wait—these offers end at midnight tonight. Get 15% off... [Products] [amg bible essentials] [christmas sale] [june hunt] [Logos 5] [R. C. Sproul]

January 2, 10AM

You only have a few days left to get 50% off bundles. Don’t wait—after January 6, prices double! Short of buying a base package, adding topical bundles is the best way to build your library at the best price. Bundles let you get the exact library... [Misc]

January 1, 3PM

It’s time—we’re about to give away a one-of-a-kind MacBook Air, Logos 5 Gold, and an awesome collection of Vyrso ebooks, including titles by John Piper, Tim Keller, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and Matt Chandler!1   We shipped off this brand... [Misc]

December 31 2013, 2PM

For just a few more days, you can get 15% off a new Logos 5 base package. Just use coupon code L5CHRISTMAS to take advantage of Christmas savings! The bigger the base package, the better the deal—you’ll get more resources and deeper bundling d... [Misc] [Products]


You’re running out of time to take advantage of our Christmas specials! That’s why, today only, our phone lines are open until 9:00 p.m. (PST). This is the perfect time to call and find out more about our phone-only sales, pick up the 500 Book... [Misc]

December 27, 2PM

In addition to taking advantage of our Christmas sale, right now you can call in for amazing deals on some of our top-selling products! We’ve selected a variety of resources—commentaries, collections, study resources, and more—so there’s something... [Misc] [Products]


You’re running out of time to take advantage of Christmas savings! For just a few more days, you can get great discounts on Logos 5 base packages, new and improved bundles, some of our most requested products, and more. Get our best deal ever: the 5... [Products] [500 book mega pack] [christmas sale]

December 12, 10AM

Topic-specific bundles are one of the very best ways to build your library—these carefully curated collections let you add hand-picked books on the subjects you love. Because they’re so focused, they’re already really good deals: you can take fu... [Products]

December 11, 3PM

This week, we released another update to the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive, adding 205 new sermons to the collection. If you own the archive, you should have already received your update (and downloaded your new resources) automatically. If you havenR... [Products] [sermon archive] [Sermons] [timothy keller] [timothy keller sermons]


Right now, you can get A. W. Tozer’s And He Dwelt among Us for free! Use coupon code 12DAYS2013 to get your copy right now. In addition, as part of our Christmas sale, we have 15 other products on sale for under $100. Just use coupon code STOCKIN... [Misc] [Products] [a.w. tozer] [Christmas] [christmas sale] [free book]

December 7, 10AM

  Through January 22, we’re teaming up with the Jacksonville Pastors’ Conference to give away Logos 5 Portfolio, a Macbook Pro, and 10 Vyrso books!1 Running January 23–26, the Jacksonville Pastors’ Conference will feature some of t... [Misc]

December 4, 9AM

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is a short three weeks away. That means it’s time for some great discounts on Logos 5 base packages, 12 Days of Logos products, and new and improved bundles! Get 15% off a new Logos 5 base package Through Januar... [Misc]

December 3, 10AM

Today’s guest post is by Jay Link, chief steward of Stewardship Ministries and author of several books, available in the Stewardship Ministries Collection (now on Pre-Pub). This powerful and unique collection of writings “sets the record straight... [Products] [Pre-Pub] [stewardship] [stewardship ministries]

December 2, 9AM

Today is your last day to save on our Black Friday specials! If you haven’t picked up any Black Friday deals yet, now’s the time to do so. We took your most wished-for products and put them on sale for four days only. Here are a few of the mos... [Products] [Biblical Counseling] [black friday] [cyber monday] [halot] [lexicon of the old testament] [the bible speaks today]

November 28, 10AM

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with our closest friends and family, reflect on our blessings, and enjoy conversation over a delicious communal meal. It’s a time to thank God for every little thing he’s given us—and, hopefully, a ... [Misc]

November 27, 9AM

Until recently, individual volumes in the New International Commentary have only been available together. But now, having teamed up with Eerdmans Publishing, we’ve started offering these commentaries as standalone collections and individual titles!... [Products] [new international commentary] [nic] [NICNT] [nicot]

November 25, 3PM

Today’s guest post is from Philippe Paul-Luc Viguier, author of The Glory of God: A Biblical Theology and college pastor at Lake Hills Community Church in Castaic, California. Can God’s glory be understood? God’s glory is without doubt one o... [Products]

November 22, 3PM

Last Thursday, we announced an exciting partnership with Eerdmans—and, with it, the brand-new Eerdmans Bible Reference Bundle, an enormous 309-volume library. What’s more, as part of our partnership with Eerdmans, we’re offering quite a few... [Products] [Eerdmans] [New Testament] [New Testament studies] [old testament] [Old Testament Studies]

November 18, 3PM

It comes as no surprise that The New International Commentary (NIC) is among our best-selling resources. The New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT) and the New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT) are authoritative sc... [Products] [commentaries] [new international commentary] [nic] [NICNT] [nicot]

November 15, 3PM

Church planters need a library that’s deep enough for preparing sermons, yet compact enough to bring with them wherever they go. While their church is new and growing, many planters are holding service in temporary spaces, so they just don’t h... [Misc] [bulk purchasing] [church planters] [Logos 5] [namb] [Proclaim]

November 14, 9AM

A few months ago, the era of Logos Mobile Education began with the Pre-Pub release of the Bible and Doctrine Foundations bundle. Here are five reasons you should pre-order it before the price goes up: 1. You’ll learn from renowned Bible scholars an... [Products] [bible and doctrine foundations] [distance education] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [mobile education]

November 8, 3PM

We recently shipped Camp Logos 1 on DVD, and hundreds of users are already learning to get more from their software—from the comfort of their homes. Now you can pre-order the Camp Logos 2 DVDs for only $199.95. What do you get with Camp Logos 2? Cam... [Misc] [Camp Logos] [Camp Logos 2] [pre-order] [Pre-Pub]

November 4, 3PM

Black Friday is drawing near, and with it, one of our most anticipated sales of the year. This year, we’re making things even more exciting. You can pick the deals by placing items on your wish list! Have you been wanting to add the Tyndale Comment... [Misc] [black friday]

October 28, 2PM

Right now, you can pre-order several Christian ethics collections at up to 40% off! Written and compiled by experts in the field, these works address many of today’s most pressing ethical issues. And they’re about to ship—don’t miss ou... [Misc] [christian ethics] [ethics] [Pre-Pub]

October 4, 9AM

Students are home from summer vacations, school is back in session, and youth leaders are preparing for a busy season of teaching. If you’re involved in youth ministry, now is the time to add some valuable ministry and leadership content to your lib... [Products] [Books] [Ministry] [Resources] [Teen] [youth] [youth groups]

September 30, 8AM

This is it: today is your last chance. If you don’t upgrade to Logos 5 by midnight (Pacific Time), you’ll miss out on the upgrade sale’s deep discounts—forever. Upgrade discounts are never going to be this big again, and to get in ... [Misc] [Products] [Logos 5] [logos 5 upgrade] [upgrade sale]

September 27, 3PM

You have only a few days left to save on the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library! Use coupon code AYBRL13 to get up to $370 off the entire collection, depending on what you already own. Expand your biblical knowledge The Anchor Yale Bible series prese... [Products] [anchor yale] [anchor yale bible reference library]

September 26, 8AM

Build better sermons, faster, with Logos 5′s Sermon Starter Guide. The Sermon Starter Guide pulls results specific to preaching and teaching: outlines, key passages, scholarly insights, topics, illustrations, and more. You’ll have everything you... [Misc] [Logos 5] [sermon prep] [sermon starter guide]

September 25, 2PM

Charles Stanley—senior pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta, founder and president of In Touch Ministries, and New York Times bestselling author—turns 81 today. For his birthday, through September 29, you can get 34% off the Charles Stanley Co... [Misc] [charles stanley] [charles stanley collection] [Quotes]

September 24, 8AM

Right now, you can bid on Matthew Poole’s Commentary on the Holy Bible at 67% off! “If I must have only one commentary, and had read Matthew Henry as I have, I do not know but what I should choose Poole. He is a very prudent and judicious comm... [Products] [Charles Spurgeon] [commentary] [commentary series] [Community Pricing] [matthew poole]

September 23, 9AM

If you haven’t upgraded to Logos 5 yet, you have only a week left to take advantage of your special upgrade discounts! Be sure to check out your custom upgrade discount, and then visit to see why so many people have already upgr... [Misc] [extended hours] [Logos 5] [logos 5 upgrade] [upgrade sale]

September 7, 9AM

Community Pricing lets you help pick the prices of brand-new Logos resources. It’s your best chance to build up your library for less. But because of those incredible prices, many products don’t last long in the Community Pricing stage. When y... [Misc]

September 3, 2PM

Through September 30, you can use coupon code AYBRL13 to get $370 off the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library! Groundbreaking scholarship The Anchor Yale Bible series presents the best contemporary scholarship in a way that’s accessible not only to ... [Products] [anchor yale bible reference library] [bible reference] [bible reference library]

August 30, 3PM

Logos is proud to team up with Timothy Keller and Redeemer Presbyterian Church to offer the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive, a digital collection of more than 22 years’ worth of Keller’s expositional sermons. This exciting project will put over 1,200 s... [Misc]


The Logos forums recently passed both the 100,000-user and the 500,000-comment thresholds. To celebrate, we’ve put some exciting resources on sale for just a few more days! Save on the following books and collections through September 2: The Work... [Products]

August 28, 9AM

The ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible allows you to simultaneously read and listen to the entire ESV using the audio read-along feature for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. And right now, you can pre-order it free—you just have to own the ESV translatio... [Misc] [esv audio] [esv translation] [free esv] [Pre-Pub]

August 27, 2PM

Labor Day, for many of us, means an end to summer and a return to routine. Because that often entails getting back to more regular Bible study, we’re discounting a few of our best-selling collections and resources. This sale runs only through Septem... [Misc] [Products]

August 26, 1PM

Right now, you can get the John Eadie Commentaries and Bible Reference Collection on Community Pricing. The current bid is only $35—86% off—so place your bid before it’s too late! Who was John Eadie? John Eadie was born May 9, 1810, in Alva, S... [Products] [Community Pricing] [john eadie] [new testament commentary] [New Testament studies]

August 22, 2PM

Through August 29, you can get the Baker Academic Biblical Studies Bundle for 46% off—that’s a savings of more than $1,140! Don’t miss this deal on 85 volumes of outstanding scholarship. A huge collection at an incredible price This bundl... [Products] [academic studies] [Baker] [Baker Academic] [baker academic biblical studies bundle] [Biblical Studies] [Pre-Pub]

August 19, 2PM

Improve your library’s research power by adding some fascinating titles while they’re still on Pre-Pub. Many of these ship in the next week, and once they do, the price goes up. Don’t wait—pre-order yours today! Engaging and Exegeting Culture... [Products] [C.K. Barrett] [counseling] [ecclesiastical history] [new testament commentary] [pre-order] [Pre-Pub]

August 17, 8AM

Through August 23, get the Zondervan Biblical Languages Collection for 25% off! This collection, worth over $780 in print, includes core textbooks, language grammars, reference works, and more essential Bible study resources—many of which are among ... [Products]

August 16, 2PM

Logos 5 represents the culmination of over 20 years’ worth of research and development. You can search, analyze, and compare biblical texts in amazing ways—and it’s up to you to decide how much you get out of your study. Are you using Logos ... [Products] [Training] [Camp Logos] [camp logos live] [Logos 5 training] [Morris Proctor]

August 8, 2PM

We recently released Logos Mobile Education, a revolutionary education program that provides formal biblical instruction akin to that offered by Bible colleges and seminaries. Now we’re looking for talented individuals to create training videos for... [Misc] [distance education] [jobs] [mobile ed] [video instructors]

August 6, 2PM

With a base package purchase or upgrade, you can get 50% off bundles. Now’s your chance to personalize your library with the topics that interest you most—but these discounts are only available when you have a base package in your cart (or if you ow... [Misc] [Products] [bundles] [master bundle] [topical bundles]

August 5, 2PM

Community Pricing, which lets you help choose the price on new products, is the best way to build your library at the lowest cost. As soon as there are enough bids to push a product into Pre-Pub, the price goes up, so always be sure to place your bid earl... [Products] [charles hodge] [Church of England] [Community Pricing] [henry cowles] [incarnation studies] [jean-jacques]

August 3, 9AM

In celebration of Augustus Hopkins Strong’s birthday, you can use coupon code STRONG13 to take $20 off his entire collection through August 5! Who was Augustus Hopkins Strong? Strong was among the most notable Baptist theologians of the nineteenth... [Products] [augustus hopkins strong]

July 19, 9AM

During our upgrade sale, you can save big when you move to Logos 5. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading, now’s the time to act. Interest-free payment plans A payment plan makes the library you want affordable by breaking up the payments, interes... [Products] [Logos 5] [logos 5 upgrade] [payment plans] [upgrade sale]

July 18, 9AM

Right now, you can pre-order the Reformed Expository Commentary Series for 20% off. Preaching through the Bible can be challenging, and sermon prep can be time-consuming. Use the Reformed Expository Commentary to aid your research and you’ll find t... [Products] [commentary] [commentary series] [Expository Preaching] [reformed] [reformed expository commentary] [Reformed theology]

July 16, 1PM

Today’s guest post is by Dr. Warren Gage, professor of Old Testament and senior advisor to the president at Knox Theological Seminary.  Is the account of the battle of Jericho retold in Revelation? The church fathers interpreted Joshua’s battle a... [Misc] [Dr. Warren Gage] [knox] [knox theological seminary] [preaching and teaching]

July 12, 1PM

Right now, you can get the best price on the Henry Cowles Commentary Series, which includes all 16 volumes of Cowles’ commentaries. Who was Henry Cowles? Henry Cowles was born on April 24, 1803 in Norfolk, Connecticut. After a childhood working on h... [Products] [Community Pricing] [henry cowles]


We recently placed over 30 T&T Clark collections on Pre-Pub, and many of them are about to cover production costs. This comes as no surprise, since they represent some of today’s most respected scholarship. With a wide range of topics—Bibl... [Products] [bible backgrounds] [johannine studies] [Karl Barth] [Pauline Studies] [Pre-Pub] [t&t clark]

July 4, 8AM

Today is your last day to save on some impressive resources for Independence Day! Just use coupon code INDEPENDENCE13 to get 25% off all our Independence Day products, such as: American Vision Collection (17 vols.) Regularly $239.95—only $179.96 wit... [Products] [4th] [america] [freedom] [independence] [july] [sale]

July 1, 2PM

This month only, use coupon code DSBNT to take $60 off William Barclay’s The New Daily Study Bible: New Testament. William Barclay was a highly influential Scottish biblical scholar, writer, professor, and broadcaster.  His works were popular both... [Products] [New Testament] [the new daily study bible] [William Barclay]

June 27, 9AM

Independence Day represents our freedom, which we enjoy thanks to the Founding Fathers’ courage and leadership. Even in the face of trial, they remained faithful in their fight for liberty. They were confident in their pursuit of change, and they fo... [Misc] [Products] [commentaries] [deals] [discounts] [independence] [july] [leadership] [sales]

June 25, 9AM

For more than a century, the Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge has set the standard for biblical and theological reference works. In 1877, German theologian Johann Jakob Herzog asked Professor Philip Schaff to undertake an English reprodu... [Misc]

June 22, 8AM

Crafting a sermon requires so many elements—finding everything you need to prepare a powerful message can be time consuming. That’s why we created the Sermon Starter Guide. Instead of spending hours each week doing preliminary research, you&#... [Misc] [Logos 5] [pastors] [preachers] [sermon starter guide] [Sermons] [writing sermons]

June 21, 8AM

Community Pricing, which lets you help choose the price on new products, is the best way to build your library at the lowest cost. As soon as there are enough bids to push a product into Pre-Pub, the price goes up, so always be sure to place your bid ea... [Products] [charles hodge] [Community Pricing] [henry layard] [hugh latimer] [samuel zane] [study biblica]

June 17, 2PM

Right now, you can pre-order the Aubrey Malphurs Collection and get $60 off the regular price! This eight-volume collection provides advice on planting, cultivating, and growing spiritually healthy churches. Malphurs helps you make the most of your lea... [Products] [biola] [church] [church leadership] [church planting] [collection] [leaders] [malphurs] [pastors] [talbot]

June 15, 8AM

Time is running out—through June 16, take 20% off our Father’s Day sale items. These resources, ranging from individual titles to large collections, are among our most popular for marriage and parenting guidance. You can save on: Marriage and... [Misc] [family] [fathers] [fathers day] [Marriage] [parenting]

June 13, 9AM

With research, sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Maybe you want to become more knowledgeable in pneumatology, but you aren’t exactly sure where to begin. Or maybe you want to look up a word in its original language, but you can’t ... [Misc] [Logos 5] [logos 5 features] [search suggestions]

June 12, 8AM

If you haven’t picked out a graduation gift yet, you have only a few more days to save on some of our top commentaries! Written with serious students in mind, these commentaries are the perfect gifts for any grad. Through June 15, you can get up to... [Products] [commentaries] [commentary] [graduates] [graduation] [graduation sale] [International Critical Commentary] [pillar new testament commentary] [students] [tyndale commentaries]

June 7, 9AM

We’re excited to announce that two very anticipated collections are now available on Pre-Pub! For the next two weeks, you can pre-order both the Zondervan Biblical Languages Collection and the Textbook Bundle for 30% off their regular prices. Zonde... [Products] [Biblical languages] [Greek] [Hebrew] [original languages] [Pre-Pub] [Textbooks] [Zondervan]

June 6, 9AM

Johann Gerhard was the premier Lutheran theologian of the early seventeenth century. Combining a profound understanding of Lutheran theology with a broad interest in ethics and culture, he had a significant influence on biblical, doctrinal, pastoral, and ... [Products] [johann gerhard] [lutheran theology] [theological commonplaces] [theology]

June 5, 9AM

Right now, you can bid on the Classic Studies on Eschatology collection in Community Pricing. The current bid is only $30—place your bid now to get it at the best price! These titles have had a lasting impact on the way we understand eschatology. ... [Products] [christian eschatology] [Community Pricing] [end times] [eschatology]

June 4, 9AM

We have about 130 featured products on sale this month. You don’t even need a coupon code to take advantage of these deals! Just visit the June deals page and start building your library today. June’s featured deals range from individual Bible stud... [Products] [june deals] [june sales] [monthly deals] [sales]

May 31, 9AM

Owning the Lexham Bible Guides is like having someone to walk you through the Bible step by step, explaining topics, themes, and meanings behind particular passages. The guides summarize a broad range of views on the books of the Bible, giving you the too... [Products] [bible guides] [Lexham] [lexham bible guides] [pauls letters]

May 28, 3PM

Charles Hodge was one of the most influential theologians of the nineteenth century. During his time at Princeton Theological Seminary, Hodge instructed more than three thousand ministers, served as moderator of the Presbyterian General Assembly in 1846, ... [Products] [charles hodge] [Community Pricing] [Quotes]

May 25, 1PM

Becoming familiar with every book of the Bible can be overwhelming, especially when that involves confusing pieces of Scripture. That’s why the Old Testament for Everyone and New Testament for Everyone commentary collections were written. Each walks... [Misc] [john goldingay] [New Testament] [old testament] [Old Testament for Everyone Series] [Pre-Pub]


At the beginning of May, we extended our hours—we’re now open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Pacific) Monday–Saturday! To launch the new hours, we’ve been hosting one-day sales each Saturday in May. Every week, 10 different resources have been on s... [Products] [A. W. Pink] [commentaries] [deals] [extended hours] [New American Commentary Series] [sales] [saturday sales]

May 18, 8AM

We’re now open six days a week! Our new hours are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday–Saturday. To celebrate our new hours, we’re putting 10 different products on sale each Saturday in May. We’ve selected a variety of resources—commentaries, collect... [Products] [deals] [discount] [free books] [sale]

May 17, 9AM

If you’re looking to purchase a base package, now is the time. Through May 20, you’ll save 15% on any base package purchase. Just use coupon code SPRINGSALE at checkout to get your discount. A massive library at a remarkable price Not only ... [Products] [Bible study] [discount] [Logos 5] [sale] [spring sale]

May 16, 9AM

We promised that we would continue to add relevant, up-to-date content to the Faithlife Study Bible and accompanying resources, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. For example, the Lexham Bible Dictionary, the world’s most advanced Bib... [Misc] [bible dictionary] [faithlife study bible] [FSB] [Lexham Bible Dictionary]

May 11, 7AM

We recently extended our hours! We’re now available to take your calls and emails from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Pacific) Monday–Saturday. Saturday-only sales To kick off our new hours, we’re hosting one-day specials every Saturday in May. Each week, we’r... [Community]