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March 20, 12 AM

Below is the editors' overview of the new Festschrift for John Nolland: The Earliest Perceptions of Jesus in Context: Essays in Honour of John Nolland. Thanks to Aaron White for providing it.These essays  have been written by a number of friends... [John Nolland] [New Book] [t&t clark]

March 14, 1AM

In this post, I give a few examples wherein Theodotion, Aquila, or Symmachus reflect a different vocalization of the consonantal text than what the later Masoretes recorded as the traditional reading. The issue is this: how closely do the Three (1–2 cen... [Aquila] [Isaiah] [Jewish Revisions] [Job] [Masoretic Text] [Symmachus] [Theodotion]

March 6, 2AM

Please, excuse this blatant, self-promoting announcement. I felt compelled to post this one because presentations on Origen’s magnum opus rarely, if ever, occur outside the confines of the academic guild. And I’m sure these venues, if they exist ... [Hexapla] [Southeastern Seminary]

February 23, 12 AM

Today, there is a renewed focus on the primary sources pertaining to the New Testament text (just peruse most of the posts on this blog) and its canon. Some of our source material is relatively new (MS finds, whole works of church fathers rediscovered etc... [canon] [canon criteria] [early christianity] [Inspiration] [Lee Martin McDonald] [Michael Kruger]

February 19, 1AM

What was the Hexapla? There is the question of what were the readings that were at one time in the Hexapla as presented here, here, and here. Then, there is the question of what was the Hexapla? We have to ask this question because it was n... [asterisk] [Cairo Geniza] [critical signs] [Eusebius] [Hebrew Column] [Hexapla] [Matthew Commentary] [obelus] [origen] [palimpsest] [Ra 1098] [Ra 2005]

February 14, 1AM

In David Kimhi: The Man and the Commentaries by Frank Ephraim Talmage (Harvard, 1975), we read the following assessment of Origen's Book and Jerome's Vulgate from R. Joseph Kimhi (1105-1170; father of David):[Jerome's text was based on] the Book of Origen... [David Kimhi] [Hexapla] [jerome] [origen] [Vulgate]

February 12, 1AM

The New Testament books were written at a significant time in Jewish Greek literary history. Most of the Hebrew Scriptures had been translated at various times and in various places by 132 BC (cf. the Prologue to Sirach’s reference to the Law and the Pr... [2 Corinthians 11:3] [allusions] [Aquila] [kaige tradition] [OG Genesis 3:1] [Symmachus] [Theodotion]

February 8, 1AM

The team at ETC wishes all a happy International Septuagint Day. Do all you can today to promote the study and reading of the Septuagint (even if that means working to erase the name “Septuagint” for Peter Williams—I tease).In that spirit, I want to... [IOSCS] [Septuagint] [Septuagint Day]

February 7, 1AM

I've been getting into the spirit of International Septuagint Day (Feb 8) with recent posts on Symmachus and Greek Job and Modern Editions of the Hexaplaric Fragments. Today, I want to draw attention to a post on Septuaginta &C., where William Ross ha... [Claude Cox] [Old Greek Job] [Septuagint Summer Course] [Trinity Western University]

February 5, 1AM

Last week, I posted on a small part of Origen's Hexapla in Job 24:25, and before writing further posts on the matter, readers should be aware of the modern editions of the Hexapla. There is a lot to say about the history of the Hexapla and research into i... [Hexapla] [Hexapla Institute] [hexaplaric fragments] [modern critical editions]

January 31, 1AM

In preparation of my critical edition of the Hexaplaric fragments of Job 22-42 for the Hexapla Project, I am noticing again some of the gems among the texts of Aquila, Symmachus, and Theodotion that Origen once assembled in full parallel columns but now c... [exegesis] [Hebrew Bible] [Hexapla] [Job 24:25] [Old Greek Job] [origen] [Symmachus] [Textual Criticism] [Theodotion]

January 23, 1AM

There has been some good discussion of canon on the blog of late, and as usual, the matter of the meaning of canon arises. Does “canon” apply to particular text forms of books (e.g. the Gospel of Mark with or without the longer ending; or the longer a... [Biblical Canon Lists] [Bruce Metzger] [canon of scripture]

January 20, 7AM

Yesterday morning, at the G3 conference in Atlanta, GA, James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries and Michael Kruger of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte held a good discussion of the canon of scripture (mostly the New Testament canon), and often... [canon] [James White] [Michael Kruger] [text form]

October 30 2017, 1AM

The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity: Texts and Analysis (OUP) by yours truly and Ed Gallagher releases in the UK this week (see the preview on Google Books here; see Amazon UK here; see Amazon USA here). It will be availab... [Biblical Canon Lists] [book notes] [early christianity] [Ed Gallagher] [John Meade] [OUP]

October 18, 12 AM

Perusal of the LDAB over the past several days has yielded some interesting results in researching the contents of “NT MSS.” In the process, it has become clear that the Nestle-Aland edition and, even the Liste, describe MS contents in an un... [Documentary Evidence] [Greek New Testament Manuscripts] [Kurzgefasste Liste] [P6] [Trismegistos]

October 12, 12 AM

My post a few days ago has attracted some attention; most significantly, it has prompted Michael Kruger to respond, which you can read on his own blog here.Before I reply to him, I do want to affirm what Kruger says in his last paragraph: we probably... [apocrypha] [Greek New Testament Manuscripts] [Michael Kruger] [New Testament Canon] [shepherd of hermas]

October 9, 12 AM

In this post, I briefly lay out some of Michael Kruger’s argument for the NT canon from the MSS to evaluate its worth for determining early canonicity of NT books. This is a pilot post, not finished research. I welcome your feedback in the comments.In C... [apocrypha] [Apostolic Fathers] [Greek New Testament Manuscripts] [Michael Kruger] [New Testament Canon]

September 19, 12 AM

I have written elsewhere on the (in)significance of the codex for determining the boundaries of an ancient’s canon of Scripture. Probably, historical anachronism has occurred, and we have foisted the significance of our modern, printed Bible on to the a... [canon] [Daniel] [Greek MSS] [Syriac MSS]

August 14, 5AM

In the course of my research on the hexaplaric fragments of Job, I became immersed in its catena tradition. I also became aware that most handbooks and introductions to the Septuagint that mention these MSS did not describe them well, and they usually ass... [Catena MSS] [Manuscripts] [Old Greek Job]

July 24, 3AM

What follows is not a review. It is a teaser and brief orientation to one of the most comprehensive projects on the text of the Hebrew Bible. Brill’s Textual History of the Bible (THB) is a four volume work in process. Volume 1: The Hebrew Bible co... [Hebrew Bible] [Old Testament Textual Criticism]

July 7, 4PM

In the latest issue of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 60.2 (2017): 283–99, Gregory Goswell has contributed an article entitled “Putting the Book of Chronicles in Its Place.” His “aim is to unsettle any developing consensus... [canon] [Chronicles] [Jets]

April 12 2013, 9AM

The program for the IOSCS Congress in Munich has been posted here. There is a very good lineup of presentations on the LXX for this congress. On day two I will present a paper for the section on Manuscripts. I list the three papers and their abstracts bel...