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March 17 2018, 3PM

We are delighted to feature the newly baked Dr. Alan Taylor Farnes in this guest blogpost where he summarizes his work on scribal habits in copies where the exemplar is preserved.  Well done Dr. Farnes!Scribal Habits in New Testament Copies with Exta... [Alan Taylor Farnes] [Dissertation] [exemplar and copy] [University of Birmingham] [Vorlage]

February 9, 8AM

A new book is out which may be of interest to our readers, Apocalypse Illuminated: The Visual Exegesis of Revelation in Medieval Illustrated Manuscripts by Richard K. Emmerson published by Penn State University Press.A description and preview is available... [Book Note] [illuminations] [Revelation]

December 21 2017, 5AM

Here is a pressrelease from the International Greek New Testament Project (IGNTP) announcing that 350 transcriptions can be downloaded and are freely available for re-use: Open Data Release by the International Greek New Testament Projec...

November 9, 1AM

The SBL has just launched their annual meeting book sale for SBL members, and even our new book, A New Approach to Textual Criticism is included. The discount price is $13.97 for the paperback (-30%) and $24.47 (-40%) for the hardback (I recommend the lat... [A New Approach to Textual Criticism] [Book Sale] [SBL Boston 2017]

October 24, 11PM

It is now possible to order my and Peter Gurry's introduction to the CBGM from the SBL website or from Amazon.Authors: Tommy Wasserman and Peter J. GurryISBN     9781628371994Status    ForthcomingPrice:     $19... [A New Approach to Textual Criticism] [Book Note] [CBGM] [Peter Gurry] [Tommy Wasserman]

October 14, 2AM

Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen  has sent me an announcement:The Robinson-Pierpont Byzantine Textform, along with various resources developed by Maurice A. Robinson, have a new home on the web at website contains freely downloa...

September 25, 1AM

Last week co-blogger Peter Gurry turned our attention to Philip B. Payne's recent article in New Testament Studies: “Vaticanus Distigme-obelos Symbols Mark Added Text Including 1 Corinthians 14.34–5,” NTS 63 (2017): 604-25. I thought I should commen... [Codex Vaticanus] [P75] [Phil Payne] [punctuation]

September 1, 7AM

One of our readers, Darrell Post, has made a magnificent update of the Wikipedia articles for the Greek New Testament manuscripts divided into papyri, uncials and minuscules (three parts). These pages promise to be great resources. Papyrihttps://en.wikipe... [GA 2324] [GA 2771] [minuscules] [Papyri] [Uncials] [Wikipedia]

August 23, 4AM

 The sad news has reached me that Tjitze Baarda, a giant of our discipline, has passed away on 19 August at the age of 85. I cite below Jan Krans's announcement on the New Testament Textual Criticism Facebook page: It is my sad duty to inform you all... [tjitze baarda]

June 16, 6AM

Here is the new website for the Macquarie University/Heidelberg University project led by Malcolm Choat and funded by the Australian Research Council:"Forging Antiquity: Authenticity, forgery and fake papyri" And the related blog Markers of Authenticity Q... [fake] [Forging Antiquity] [hoaxes and forgeries] [Malcolm Choat] [Markers of Authenticity] [Simonides]

June 4, 12 AM

The Digital humanities Center at the University of Balamand has just launched “PAVONe”, Platform of the Arabic Versions of the New Testament. Here is the news piece with pictures of the launching event. The Platform contains a huge number of Arabic ma... [Arabic Versions] [PAVONe] [University of Balamand]

May 19, 8AM

Life Magazine 26 Dec 1955 featured an article by Alfred Eisenstaedt on Harvard Divintiy School, “Harvard Revival. Back in touch with life of the churches its Divinity School gains a new vigor.” The article includes a curious photo of a group of three ... [computers] [Harvard Mark IV] [Krister Stendahl] [UNIVAC] [Vinton Dearing]

April 2, 4AM

Here is part 2 of my series, New Evidence for Earliest Tetraevangelion,  as promised yesterday: [April Fools] [humour]

April 1, 11AM

Seven years ago, I presented a paper on SBL in Atlanta (2010) on "A Comparative Textual Analysis of 𝔓4 and 𝔓64+67"  which was later published in the TC Journal vol. 15 (2010).Background to the paper here.In my last couple of slides I pointed o... [Oldest Tetraevangelion] [Papyrus 4]

February 24, 7AM

I am currently writing a chapter for an edited volume, where I treat a number of early scribal alterations relating to Christology. The following is an extract of the drafty introduction of one of the examples in John 1:34:One of Bart Ehrman's examples of... [Bart Ehrman] [John 1:34] [Orthodox Corruption] [P106] [P5]

February 14, 3AM

A brand new website of the International Greek New Testament Project (IGNTP) was launched this morning – the web address is the same complete redesign was done by no other than our talented co-blogger Peter Gurry who is not only a text... [IGNTP] [International Greek New Testament Project] [Peter Gurry] [website]

February 9, 1AM

Yesterday was the 11th International Septuagint Day, see here and here. One of our readers, Brent Niedergall therefore wrote The Septuagint Song together with his music pastor Mac Lynch which he would like to share with the world, so here it is: [LXX] [Septuagint] [Septuagint Day] [Septuagint Song]

November 11 2016, 6AM

Volume 21 (2016) of TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism is now complete (the whole issue is here).Two new articles and five new reviews have just been added. As one of the editors I must say that we are very happy with the development of the journ... [articles and reviews] [early versions] [Georg Gäbel] [Katie Marcar] [Old Testament citations] [TC Journal]

August 22, 2AM

On 14-16 September I will participate in a conference at the University of Agder in Kristiansand (Norway), Fragments of an Unbelievable Past? Constructions of Provenance, Narratives of Forgery – conference schedule below (not including coffee and meals)... [Ariel Sabar] [Constantine Simonides] [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [hoaxes and forgeries] [Provenance] [Walter Fritz]

May 27, 2AM

My friend Alison Schofield reports that she will be joining a new excavation that is now taking place in a remote Dead Sea cave after a previously-unknown papyrus manuscript was found there by plunderers in 2014 (more here).The Israel Antiquities Authori... [Alison Schofield] [Archaeology] [Cave of Sculls] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [Excavation] [Israel Antiquities Authority] [plundering]

April 15, 11AM

Finally, the book from the Pericope of the Adulteress Symposium is out (see here), and I am happy to have contributed with a chapter, "The Strange Case of the Missing Adulteress." This is an expensive book, but a more affordable paperbook will be publishe... [Book Note] [Chris Keith] [Jennifer Knust] [Maurice Robinson] [Pericope adulterae]

April 2, 5AM

In the new issue of Novum Testamentum 58.2 (2016), one article and one review has been published:Peter Malik, "Another Look at P.IFAO II 31 (𝔓98)" (pp.: 204–217)Tommy Wasserman, Review of Texts and Traditions. Essays in Honour of J. Keith Elliott, ed... [articles and reviews] [Novum Testamentum] [TC Journal]

March 21, 4AM

In 1973, Eldon J. Epp held a lecture on what he regarded as the “Twentieth Century Interlude in New Testament Textual Criticism” (published in JBL 93 [1974]: 386–414). He suggested that there had been an interlude ever since the golden era of the 19... [Birmingham colloquium] [Conferences] [EABS] [Meetings] [new testament textual criticism] [SBL Annual Meeting] [SBL International Meeting] [SNTS]

February 23, 12 AM

Recently a student of mine came across this subscription to 1 Timothy in Greg.-Aland 1977 (Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana ms. laur. Plut. 10.9):I interpreted the two final lines as:+ εγραφη απο λαοδικειας ητις εστιν μετρο... [Byzantine palaeography] [monocondyle] [subscriptions]

February 3, 1AM

A grant for postdocs to study biblical fragments at St. Gallen has been announced by the Fragmentarium Fellowship (HT: Christina Kreinecker):CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Fragmentarium fellowship 2016 Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen The Fragmentarium Fellowship ... [Fragmentarium fellowship] [grants] [St. Gallen]

February 2, 1AM

The Vatican Library has just released images of P.Bodmer VIII online! (HT: Brent Nongbri) [GA P72] [Vatican Library]

January 22, 7AM

Under labels like "female explorers and kickasswomen," Ailsa Ross blogs in Atlas Obscura (20 Jan) about the Scottish twins and biblehunters  Agnes and Margaret Smith. If you want to know moreAgnes Smith Lewis, In the Shadow of Sinai: A Story of Trave... [Agnes and Margaret Smith] [Bible Hunters] [Gibson] [Sisters of Sinai]

January 14, 6AM

In this post I want to draw the attention to Dr. Brice Jones' fine PhD thesis submitted to Concordia University in July last year, "New Testament Texts on Greek Amulets from Late Antiquity." A revised version of the thesis will be published in 2016 ... [amulets] [Brice Jones] [Concordia university] [Dissertation] [GA 0262] [GA P105] [GA P78]

January 8, 3AM

The journal TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism was founded by James Adair in 1996 as one of the first electronic journals devoted to Biblical Studies. In 2010 the journal was relaunched after some time of inactivity, when Jan Krans, Tim Fin... [20 year anniversary] [CBGM] [Coherence-Based Genealogical Method] [TC Journal]

January 5, 6AM

Welcome to a new year with the ETC blog and lots of textual criticism!At the SBL meeting in Atlanta, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the blog at the annual ETC blogdinner, and the founding father Peter Williams held a speech looking back at the t... [10 year anniversary] [ETC blog] [SBL Atlanta]

November 30 2015, 8AM

Here is a report from the session on Christian Apocrypha joint with Papyrology and Early Christian Backgrounds at SBL Atlanta on 21 November.The first paper in this session was presented by Geoffrey Smith who always has very interesting presentations. Som... [Geoff Smith] [Papyrus 134] [SBL Atlanta 2015]

November 21, 4AM

Today I will attend the Papyrology and Early Christian Backgrounds session at the SBL in Atlanta. The first paper by Geoff S. Smith, University of Texas at Austin, is of particular interest:Preliminary Report on the “Willoughby Papyrus” of the Gospel ... [amulets] [Brice Jones] [Geoff Smith] [Gospel of John] [Papyrus]

November 18, 2PM

Eisenbrauns is running a special sale on textual criticism starting today (when ASOR opens) which runs through the following Tuesday evening (when AAR/SBL closes).All that is required is to put the title(s) in the shopping cart. At check-out, one needs to... [Book Sale] [Eisenbrauns]

November 16, 7AM

Today, the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM) launched their new and vastly improved website at Here are some of the features that are announced on the vastly improved website now and in the coming weeks:New Manuscripts ... [CSNTM] [website]

November 5, 1AM

Two new interviews in the podcast series on iTunesU "Pioneers of the Trade" from Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM) have appeared recently:Bill Warren describes the current state of textual criticism, especially related manuscript d... [CSNTM] [Interviews] [podcasts]

October 28, 11AM

Eisenbrauns is currently doing a sale with up to 60% discount on titles in textual criticism (good through November 5). My own The Epistle of Jude: Its Text and Transmission is one of the offered titles: ...


One new article by John Granger Cook and a number of new reviews have appeared in the current issue of TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism 20 (2015). More to come soon!New article John Granger Cook, Julian’s Contra Galilaeos a... [Article] [Book Reviews] [TC Journal]

October 15, 2PM

The British Library is recruiting a Curator of Ancient and Medieval Manuscripts with a special responsibility for Classical, Biblical and Byzantine Manuscripts:Job purpose To develop and manage the Library’s collections of Ancient and Medieval Manuscrip... [British Library] [curator] [job opening]

October 9, 5AM

Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM) offers a number of interviews in a series called "Pioneers of the Trade: Famous Text-Critical Scholars"  which is freely available on iTunes-U.A few days ago, a new interview appeared with Dr.... [CSNTM] [Ekaterini Tsalampouni] [Interviews] [iTunes-u]

September 16, 7AM

At the last annual SBL meeting in San Diego, my Swedish colleague Mikael Winninge, who chairs the Formation of Luke and Acts program unit, mentioned the idea to have a joint session with New Testament textual criticism to discuss Marcion's Evangelion, th... [Dieter Roth] [Jason BeDuhn] [Judith Lieu] [Marcion] [Marcion's Gospel] [Markus Vinzent] [Ronald van der Bergh] [SBL Atlanta 2015]

September 10, 12 AM

Tim Finney has written a summary of the inaugural "Digital New Testament" pre-conference workshop, held at DH2015 in Sydney earlier this year: [conference] [digital humanities]

September 8, 11PM

-->Call for papers: Byzantines and the Bible DEADLINE 30 September 2015 23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies, Belgrade, 22-27 August 2016Recent scholarship has turned its attention to the role of the Bible in the Byzantine world, notably wi... [Call for Papers] [Conferences]

August 27, 10AM

As one of the editors, I am delighted to announce that a new fine article has been published in the current volume of TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism.  Peter Malik, The Earliest Corrections in Codex Sinaiticus: Further Evidenc... [articles] [Codex Sinaiticus] [Peter Malik] [TC Journal]

August 17, 2AM

My new article on "Manuscripts of the Lord's Prayer" has just been published on the Bible Odyssey, a website developed and maintained by Society of Biblical Literature. On the Bible Odyssey, biblical scholars "share the latest historical and literary res... [Bible Odyssey] [lord's prayer] [manuscripts of the Lord's prayer]

August 5, 2AM

I have just received Carla Falluomini's fine monograph on The Gothic Version of the Gospels and the Pauline Epistles: Cultural Background, Transmission and Character published by De Gruyter in the ANTF series (vol. 46), edited by D. C. Parker and Holger S... [Book Reviews] [Byzantine Text] [Carla Falluomini] [Codex Argenteus] [Gothic version] [Wulfila]

August 4, 1AM

I have just returned from the SNTS 70th annual conference in Amsterdam, where we had lots of good presentations. I might report on them later on. As usual, a number of publishers exhibit their books and even with conference discount, some of the books are... [Brill] [Brill MyBook] [print-on-demand]

July 28, 3PM

As one of the editors of TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism, it is my pleasure to announce that some articles and reviews have been published in the current issue, vol. 20 (2015), and that more is to come.ArticlesRebekka Schirner, Augustine’s E... [augustine] [Charles Quarles] [explicit references to variant readings] [Matt 27:53] [Rebekka Schirner] [TC Journal]

June 22, 1AM

A master thesis by P. R. De Lange was presented last year at the North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus and has now come under my radar: “The influence of atticism on the textual transmission of I John with particular reference to the Alexandrian t...

June 8, 3AM

A completely revised and expanded third edition of Text-Critical Use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research will be published by Eisenbrauns this summer. Publisher’s descriptionThis handbook provides a practical guide for the student and scholar alike ...

May 26, 4AM

 This year, 2015, marks the 50th anniversary of the commissioning of the New International Version (NIV) in 1965. The actual translation was published in 1978.Pressrelease from Zondervan (Grand Rapids, MI) -- April 1, 2015:In 1965, the Committee on B... [50th anniversary] [CBT] [Committee on Bible Translation] [New International Version] [NIV]

May 4, 11PM

Roger Omanson has passed away on April 30 after a short battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 68.Omanson devoted most of his career to bible translation with the United Bible Societies, and authored numerous articles and books including A Textual ... [A Textual Guide to the Greek New Testament] [obituary] [Roger Omanson]

April 27, 2AM

Papyrus 28 (= P.Oxy. 1596) containing John 6:8-12, 17-22 formerly Berkeley, Pacific School of Religion, Palestine Institute Museum, Pap. has been sold to the private collector Gifford Combs, Los Angeles. (HT: Hugh Houghton)The first editors, Grenfell and ... [GA P28] [Gifford Combs] [Papyrus 28]

April 17, 12 AM

The third edition of A Bibliography of Greek New Testament Manuscripts by J. Keith Elliott with the assistance of the Institut romand des sciences bibliques (IRSB) Université de Lausanne has been published by Brill. This is a must-have tool.ISBN13: 97890... [Bibliography of GNT MSS] [Book Note] [J. K. Elliott]

March 30, 11PM

On 21 March, Jacob Harold Greenlee passed away at the age of 96. The following is an obituary written by his son, David Greenlee:JACOB HAROLD GREENLEEMay 12, 1918 – March 21, 2015Αὐτὸς δὲ ὁ θεὸς τῆς εἰρήνης ἁγιάσαι... [Harold Greenlee] [obituary]

February 16, 12 AM

Byzantine News has announced the release of a good resource for the study of Byzantine art:The Glory of Byzantium: Art and Culture of the Middle Byzantine Era, edited by Helen C. Evans, William D. Wixom (New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1997).This ex...

February 9, 12 AM

The SBL International Meeting will be held in Bueonos Aires, Argentina on July 20-24. The call for papers closes this week, on 12 February. This is a reminder to log in on the SBL website and submit your proposal to the Working with Biblical Manuscripts (... [Call for Papers] [Ronald van der Bergh] [SBL Buenos Aires 2015] [Tim Sailors]

February 5, 12 PM

NEWSFLASH: A Greek New Testament papyrus (amulet) has been discovered in Birmingham!Read the ITSEE news release.

January 16, 1AM

Some time ago, Peter Head blogged about a recent discovery of new fragments of the Gothic Bible. He referred to Carla Falluomini, who states in the new edition of The Text of the New Testament in Contemporary Research that: "no new parts of the Gothic Bib... [Carla Falluomini] [Codex Argenteus] [Gothic] [Gothic version]

January 15, 1AM

A textual commentary on passages that differs between the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece (28th ed.) and the Robinson-Pierpont The New Testament in the Original Greek: Byzantine Textform (2005) is in the making. The editors are Maurice Robinson (cha...

January 13, 5AM

Today the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM) publically announced the breaking news that they are to digitize all the NT MSS of the National Library of Greece in Athens. Manuscript lovers world wide can be happy that more MSS are be... [CSNTM] [Dan Wallace] [Digitization] [National Library of Greece]

January 9, 5AM

The 19th volume of TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism (2014) is now complete. A number of new articles have just been published on-line. The volume contains three full-length articles, two shorter articles ("notes"), one review article and plenty... [articles and reviews] [TC Journal]

January 5, 4AM

Since I noted that someone had scanned an old essay of mine, "Misquoting Manuscripts? The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture Revisited" which appeared in The Making of Christianity: Conflicts, Contacts, and Constructions: Essays in Honor of Bengt Holmberg (...

December 21 2014, 2PM

A few days ago the European Association of Biblical Studies committee accepted a proposal by Theodora Panella (ITSEE, Birmingham) for a workshop with the title “Textual Criticism of the NT, the OT and the Qur’an” for the next EABS’ Annual Meeting ... [Call for Papers] [EABS] [Qur'an] [Textual Criticism] [Theodora Panella]

December 17, 2AM

December 5, 12 AM

Those who have an interest in or are conducting research on the  Classical Ethiopic (Ge'ez) versions of the Bible, early Jewish  literature or early Christian literature are herewith advised of an academic conference that will take place next ye... [classical Ethiopic] [conference] [early versions] [Ge'ez]

November 26, 2AM

I would like to draw our readers' attention to a fine resource for Greek palaeography and codicology: Pyle which aims to (1) collect scattered resources from various individuals and institutions; and (2) aims to promote interaction among scholars, stude... [codicology] [Kirsopp Lake] [palaeography] [Pyle] [Silva Lake]

October 31, 1AM

October 13, 5AM

Gorgias Press has a sale until 31 December on this newly published volume of ten papers presented at the Eighth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament: Early Readers, Scholars and Editors of the New TestamentEdited by H. A. G....

October 10, 12 AM

In the recent issue of Archiv für Papyrusforschung 60/1 (2014), Brent Nongbri  has published an article on "The Acquisition of the University of Michigan's Portion of the Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri and a New Suggested Provenance."The title perha... [Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri] [Provenance] [University of Michigan]

October 1, 8AM

A year ago or so I was invited to contribute to SBL's project Bible Odyssey which was launched about two months ago. I was told that this week my article on the "Alexandrian Text" is highlighted on the Bible Oddysey home page, together with an article on&... [Alexandrian text] [Bible Odyssey] [early versions] [Pericope adulterae]

September 9, 2AM

My review of James M. Robinson, The Story of the Bodmer Papyri: From the First Monastery's Library in Upper Egypt to Geneva and Dublin (Cambridge: James Clarke, 2013; ISBN 9780227172780) has been published in Review of Biblical Literature:The conclusion o... [Bodmer Papyri] [book review] [Dishna Papers] [James M. Robinson] [P66] [P75]

September 3, 2AM

The Daily Mail reports today (September 3rd, 2014) that Dr. Roberta Mazza, Research Fellow of the John Rylands Research Institute at the University of Manchester, recently made a significant re-discovery in the vaults of John Rylands Library. She found a ... [amulets] [John Rylands Library] [magic] [Matt 26:28-30] [Ps 78:23-24] [Roberta Mazza]

August 22, 6AM

Hugh Houghton who leads the COMPAUL project at ITSEE in Birmingham announces a job opening:There is a vacancy for a postdoctoral research fellow to work on the COMPAUL project at the University of Birmingham, investigating the earliest commentaries on Pau... [COMPAUL] [ITSEE] [job opening]

August 4, 10PM

This is a guest post by Peter Gurry who just came home from the fifth Summer School of Greek Palaeography in Oxford: Last week was the fifth Summer School of Greek Palaeography hosted by Lincoln College in Oxford. This year’s program w... [Greek palaeography] [Lincold College] [Oxford] [Peter Gurry] [Summer school of Greek Palaeography]

July 15, 11AM

Chris Keith (Historical Jesus blog) has uploaded my lecture  "Variants of Evil in the New Testament" from the conference on Evil in Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity. Thanks Chris for organizing this conference!For my previous report on th... [Conferences] [Tommy Wasserman] [variants of evil] [video lectures]

June 16, 3AM

Roberta Mazza, Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History and John Rylands Research Institute Research Fellow, is organizing a conference on 4-6 September at John Rylands Library in Manchester which looks very interesting:  "From Egypt to Manchester: U...

June 11, 6AM

A new French introduction to New Testament textual criticism, edited by Christian-Bernard Amphoux, has just been published by Éditions Safran, Manuel de critique textuelle du Nouveau Testament. Introduction générale.  Contributors include C.-B. Am... [Book Note] [C.-B. Amphoux] [introduction]

May 30, 1AM

May 11, 2PM

May 5, 2AM

Over at Brice C. Jones' blog there is more news about the alleged first-century fragment of Mark, and many other recently discovered manuscripts (a 38 page manuscript of 1 or 2 Corinthians, the oldest copy of Romans, etc). Apparently, all the information ... [Brice Jones] [First-century Mark] [Josh McDowell] [Scott Carroll]

April 26, 5AM

This is a quick live update from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminar hosting the Pericpoe Adulterae symposium. Image HT: Jacob CeroneRight now Jennifer Knust is presenting her paper, "Neither Add Nor Take Away..."(photo by Chris Keith)You can follow ...

March 31, 12 AM

Kathleen Maxwell, Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Art History, Santa Clara University, wrote her dissertation on "Paris, Bibliothéque Nationale, Codex Grec 54: An Analysis of the Text and Miniatures" under the supervision of Robert S.... [art history] [book notes] [GA 1528] [GA 16] [GA 990] [illuminations] [Kathleen Maxwell] [Paris gr. 54]

February 5, 2AM

This year the SBL International Meeting is held in Vienna, Austria 7-10 July. The Call for Papers has been extended to 12 February, so hurry up and submit a proposal to the Working with Biblical Manuscripts (Textual Criticism) program unit. I have now ste... [Call for Papers] [Conferences] [SBL Vienna 2014]

January 2, 5AM

During the holidays, on 25 December, one of Sweden's finest exegetes ever, Prof. em. Birger Gerhardsson, passed away at the age of 87. Gerhardsson was born in 1926 in Vännäs. He studied in Uppsala and became ordained priest in the Church of Sweden in 19... [Birger Gerhardsson] [obituary]

December 9 2013, 12 AM

Three years ago (March, 2010), we reported on this blog about a major project to digitize 80000 Vatican MSS.  Although the announced project was divided into various phases, there seems to have been some delay. And in 2012 the Vatican began to co-ope... [Digitization] [Oxford Bodleian Library] [Polonsky Foundation] [Vatican Library]

December 4, 1AM

Recently I responded in a blogpost (here) to a review by David Parker in JTS of the volume The Early Text of the New Testament (eds. Hill and Kruger; OUP, 2012). In the review I expressed the assumption that the editors Charles E. Hill and Michael J. Krug... [book review] [Charles Hill] [Mike Kruger] [response to review] [The Early Text of the NT]

November 21, 11PM

The SBL Annual Meeting is at hand. I will fly to Baltimore today. At the meeting (only) Andrew Knapp of Eisenbrauns will run a special sale on my monograph, The Epistle of Jude: Its Text and Transmission. My book is on display and sells for $20 (list pric... [Book Sale] [Eisenbrauns] [The Epistle of Jude] [Tommy Wasserman]

November 19, 8AM

November 12, 5AM

The following is a report by Peter Malik, who was invited to join the CSNTM expedition to photograph the Chester Beatty papyri – photos which have just been published on-line (see previous post).At the end of July 2013, I was privileged to join the CSNT... [Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri] [CSNTM] [GA P47] [Peter Malik]

November 10, 1PM

PRESSRELEASE FROM CSNTM:We are pleased to announce that as of Nov 8, high-resolution digital images of the Chester Beatty Papyri have been posted online at papyri are among the old...

October 30, 2AM

I have recently read David Parker's review of The Early Text of the New Testament (eds. Hill and Kruger; OUP, 2012) with great interest, since I have contributed to that volume with an essay. The review has just published in the current Journal of Theolog... [Charles Hill] [David Parker] [Mike Kruger] [Reviews] [Text und Textwert] [The Early Text of the NT] [Tommy Wasserman]

October 21, 4AM

Two articles and four reviews have been published so far in the current volume of TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism vol. 18 (2013) – see contents below – and there is more coming soon.As one of the editors of this peer-reviewed journal, I wo... [TC Journal] [articles and reviews]

October 11, 3AM

There is a a score of interesting articles and reviews related to manuscript studies and textual criticism in the current issue of Journal of Theological Studies, Vol. 64/2 (October) 2013:Articles Chris Keith, "On the Pericope Adulterae: A Response t... [articles and reviews] [Chris Jordan] [Chris Keith] [David Parker] [journal of theological studies] [Sherborne Lectionary]


On Thursday 8 October, world-renowned Coptologist  Rodolphe Kasser passed away.Kasser was involved in the editing and publication of numerous important manuscripts, including Coptic gnostic texts from Nag Hammadi, Bodmer payri (with Biblical texts), ... [Rodolphe Kasser]

September 18, 12 AM

Pressrelease from the Centre for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM):17 September 2013

The Chester Beatty papyri, published in the 1930s and 1950s, are some of the oldest and most important biblical manuscripts known to exist. Housed at th... [Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri] [Digitised Manuscripts] [Manuscript photography] [CSNTM]

September 13, 12 AM

Jac Perrin has agreed to share his recently defended thesis "Family 13 in Saint John's Gospel," which we reported on here. The remark by Perrin that we discussed on this blog that "the PA of several other witnesses was in Luke, but their textual content... [Family 13] [Jac Perrin] [f13]

September 4, 7AM

Today, as I received an invitation to join another discussion group for New Testament textual criticism, I was reminded about an old blogpost I wrote here six years ago (how long have I been blogging here?; the years go by) about the many discussion lists... [TC discussion lists]

August 23, 12 AM

How did Peter Head get involved in this blog? What benefits does he see in blogging? Should more scholars start blogging?If you want to hear Pete's take on these issues, read Joshua Mann's interview with Peter Head – one part of a series of interviews w... [biblioblog] [blogging] [Peter Head] [Interviews]

August 20, 11PM

Jac Perrin has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Family 13 in Saint John's Gospel," submitted to the University of Birmingham, and written under the supervision of Prof. D. C. Parker and examined by Profs. Ulrich Schmid and Paul Foster.Abstra... [Dissertation] [f13] [Family 13] [Gospel of John] [Jac Perrin] [Pericope adulterae] [thesis] [University of Birmingham]

July 5, 4AM

Tim Finney has made available an article on-line "How To Discover Textual Groups"Abstract This article describes how to discover groups among New Testament witnesses using three different multivariate analysis (MVA) methods, focussing on textual variation... [multivariate analysis] [textual groups] [Tim Finney]

June 25, 6AM

I have received a copy of the NIV Greek and English New Testament edited by John R. Kohlenberger III (Zondervan, 2012), and here is a brief description focusing on the textcritical aspects of particular interest for our blog.The book has the Greek and Eng...

April 26, 12 AM

Sponsor Peter Head in Swimathon, 26-28 April 2013 (click here)As you may know, co-blogger Peter Head has a long sporting career behind him. He came in 42nd place in the Olympic racewalking in Beijing 2008, after somewhat unexpectedly having received a wil... [Swimathon] [Peter Head] [fundraising]

April 15, 12 AM

Jim Spinti of Eisenbrauns tells me that the German Bible Society is going to publish Biblia Graeca – Septuagint and NA28 this fall.DescriptionThis edition combines the Rahlfs-Hanhart Septuagint (Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament) with the 28... [Biblia Graeca – Septuagint and NA28] [book notes]

March 31, 2PM

The 5th of March, 2013, the participants of the Eighth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament visited the Leicester Record Office in order to take a look at the famous Leicester Codex, minuscule 69.David Parker lecturing on th...

March 25, 1AM

Over at his new website, Brice Jones has published a review of The Early Text of the New Testament (eds. Kruger & Hill).I note with satisfaction that this reviewer "found the approach and format of Wasserman’s essay to be the most clear of all ... [Brice Jones] [book review] [The Early Text of the NT] [Charles Hill] [theological agenda] [Mike Kruger]

March 20, 2AM

News from the Centre for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (Robert D. Marcello):In November of 2011 CSNTM traveled to the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana (BML) in Florence Italy. This is a phenomenal library founded by the Medici family. Here, the old... [GA 0171] [P48] [Digitization] [P35] [P95] [P36] [P89] [GA 620] [CSNTM] [GA 367] [Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana]

March 13, 2AM

In a comment to the previous post on a reassessment of the date of the early NT papyri, Christian Askeland mentioned a new resource for the study of ancient paleography, PapPal, which certainly deserves to be mentioned in a main post. Here is the ann... [Dating] [Papyrus] [Papyri] [paleography] [Rodney Ast] [pappal] [palaeography]

March 11, 6AM

A very controversial issue is the date of the early papyri of the NT. On his blog, Larry Hurtado summarizes a very important recent article on the subject of "theological palaeography":Pasquale Orsini & Willy Clarysse, “Early New Testament Manu... [Dating] [Papyri] [Hurtado] [Claryssee] [Orsini]

March 8, 1AM

Some seven years ago, Peter Head compiled a useful blogpost with advice on how to check patristic citations (link in the right margin).However, in this post I would like to mention two additional resources:1. International Greek New Testament Project: Bib... [patristic citations] [Sources Chrétiennes] [IGNTP] [advices and resources] [Biblindex]

February 27, 1AM

A beuatiful facsimile edition of the Korça Codex 93 (=GA 2902), now deposited in the National Archive of Albania in Tirana, has recently been published in 1300 copies. Here are some extracts from the news flash on the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Alb... [GA 2902] [Korca Codex] [facsimiles] [Tirana] [Andi Rembeci] [CSNTM] [Simon Crisp]

February 25, 1AM

Following up on Mike Holmes' post on the changes between the 1st and 2nd editions of the Editio Critica Maior, this blogpost summarizes the presentation by Klaus Wachtel of the INTF, Münster, at the SBL in Chicago.The presentation was part of a sess... [Klaus Wachtel] [SBL Chicago 2012] [Nestle-Aland 28] [ECM]

February 20, 1AM

The Eighth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament is rapidly approaching, taking place in Birmingham on 5-6 March 2013.On this page (University of Birmingham) you find just about everything you need to know (including a boo... [Birmingham colloquium] [Conferences]