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March 16 2018, 3AM

THGNT Blog: Variants in the Passion Narrative (5)This post is part of a series [2018] on some of the textual variants found in the Passion narratives. We will discuss the rationale behind the text adopted in the Greek New Testament as Produced at Tyndale ...

March 9, 3AM

THGNT Blog: Variants in the Passion Narrative (4)This post is part of a series [2018] on some of the textual variants found in the Passion narratives. We will discuss the rationale behind the text adopted in the Greek New Testament as Produced at Tyndale ...

March 2, 3AM

THGNT Blog: Variants in the Passion Narrative (3)This post is part of a series [2018] on some of the textual variants found in the Passion narratives. We will discuss the rationale behind the text adopted in the Greek New Testament as Produced at Tyndale ...

February 23, 3AM

THGNT Blog: Variants in the Passion Narrative (2)This post is part of a series [2018] on some of the textual variants found in the Passion narratives. We will discuss the rationale behind the text adopted in the Greek New Testament as Produced at Tyndale ... [Matt 27:49] [Passion Narrative] [Tyndale House Greek New Testament]

February 16, 3AM

THGNT Blog: Variants in the Passion Narrative (1)This is the first of a series of blog post on some of the textual variants found in the Passion narratives. We will discuss the rationale behind the text adopted in the Greek New Testament as Produced at Ty...

October 16, 1AM

We all know Matthew's citation of Hosea 11:1 in Matthew 2:15, 'Out of Egypt I called my son' ἐξ Αἰγύπτου ἐκάλεσα τὸν υἱόν μου.The exact form of the citation is not how you find it in your Septuaginta as edited by Rahlfs,... [Hexapla] [Hosea 11:1] [Matthew 2:15] [Old Testament citations]

October 10, 7AM

cross posted from the blog The Greek New Testament. Post by P.J. Williams.The question of whether to give Abraham a rough or smooth breathing is difficult. Manuscripts differ. We could say that it begins with aleph and that aleph = smooth breathing. The p... [Abraham] [rough breathing] [Tyndale House Greek New Testament]

September 4, 7AM

Do text-types exists or not? Tregelles and others thought not, CBGM folk don't like the term either, but most scholars in the 20th century were perfectly fine with it.Martini (1977) surprised me with the following analysis of what text-types are:"(a) A di...

August 7, 2AM

One of the advantages of images being available:The NT.VMR transcription of the first words of Jn 18:34 is απεκρινα̣[τ]ο ι̅ς, and the image looks like this (start at the beginning of the first line):There is not much of the alpha present, an... [Jn 18:34] [P66]

July 26, 3PM

When we had to work through the whole of the New Testament in a more systematic way, we started with the Pauline corpus. The assumption was that the letters of Paul did not pose as many problems as some other parts of the NT, and this assumption bore out.... [Gal 3:1] [Gal 4:17] [harmonizations] [Tyndale House Greek New Testament]

June 6, 4AM

"Knowledge of documents should precede final judgement upon readings." Useful though this adage by Westcott and Hort is, it is also a little bit of an open door: lots of things should precede ‘final judgement’ (and when is anything ‘final’ in our ... [Codex Vaticanus] [Romans 1:1] [Tyndale House Greek New Testament]

May 29, 3AM

A textual apparatus is useful as a quick summary of the evidence at a particular location and also to raise questions as to unexpected manuscript combinations or readings. However, by its very nature, an apparatus presents the evidence in an atomistic way... [Codex Vaticanus] [GA 6] [ligatures] [Tynda House Greek New Testament]

May 4, 4AM

Lots of ink has been spilled and many pixels been lit up on the question of what we mean when we say 'the text of the New Testament'. Is the only thing we are left with 'texts of the NT', in which every imperfectly copied manuscript constitutes a new and ...

April 27, 4AM

Where do you start when preparing a Greek New Testament? Of course you can start absolutely from scratch, by typing in each and every letter and accent manually, with all the associated risks, but somehow this did not appeal very much. So we needed an exi... [transcription] [Tregelles] [Tyndale House Greek New Testament]

April 20, 5AM

Over at the Tyndale House website, we are now hosting a blog dedicated to the Greek New Testament we have been preparing. This blog will be devoted to that project only, but rest assured, with the exception of the first introductory post, we will cross-po... [introduction] [Tyndale House Greek New Testament]

April 6, 7AM

My colleague Kim Phillips has written another fascinating piece about a manuscript in the Cairo Genizah. Read it here

March 29, 3AM

Every now and then I see the claim that the two dots that appear in the margin of Vaticanus indicate textual variants known by the original group of scribes. I believe that our own Peter Head agrees that the they may indicate knowledge of textual variatio...

March 17, 6AM

If you never had a look at P73, one of the Bodmer papyri, I cannot blame you. Dated to the 7th century, and said to contain ‘text’ from Mt 25:43 and 26:2-3. In all only (traces of) 18 letters are visible according to the INTF transcription, which make...

February 28, 6AM

I wished I had the time for this (and for using the skills one is taught):Getting your hands dirty with the Digital Manuscripts Toolkit

December 16 2016, 3AM

The following caught my interest from the BL blog:"Readers may be surprised to learn that most medieval manuscripts held at the British Library are still in copyright until 2039 under the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (as amended). However for u...

September 27, 2AM

When Hoskier in his Concerning the Text of the Apocalypse talks about Spirit testimony, he means something different from what Peter Gurry was talking about (here).The following is taken from page xxxviii in Hoskier: [Hoskier] [Revelation 21:4] [spiritism]

September 9, 1AM

Just to show that some of us are not the only ones procrastinating about the absence or presence of a single letter.“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”Read here

August 31, 2AM

My colleague Kim Phillips has written a post on the ‘fragment of the month(?!)’ blog on a fascinating fragment in the Genizah. He has stacked his post with interesting things to know. Find the post here. [Cairo Geniza] [Hebrew Bible] [Kim Phillips] [Masora]

August 3, 1AM

The study of those manuscripts that contain the text of all of the Greek Scriptures is still relatively underdeveloped. There are still plenty of questions to be asked about the Greek pandects of the 4th (Vaticanus, Sinaiticus) and 5th centuries (Alexandr... [abschrift] [Codex Vaticanus] [GA 205] [GA 2886]

July 29, 2AM

I could use some help.Here is minuscule 1424 at 1 Pet 4:11, located on the CSNTM website as GA_1424_0213b.jpg. [I haven't found a way to navigate the CSNTM without wanting to end my life, but the image is roughly 60% down, two pages before 2Pt] My gripe i...

July 27, 8AM

Looking at the variation in 1 Cor 3:5 I notice that NA28 lists P46 in support of the first τις as P46vid (from videtur), that is, it is the 'apparent reading, but not certain'.So how much of τις should be visible in order to warrant this citation?Th...

February 2, 6AM

Find the missing word in this verse:Luke 14:27 And whoever does carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.This is the text produced by the first hand of Vaticanus, though I am glad that eventually the missing 'ου' was added above the line.ο... [Codex Vaticanus] [Luke 14:27] [Scribal errors.]

January 28, 4AM

Without doubt, one of the most important manuscripts for our modern editions of the Hebrew Scriptures is the Leningrad Codex B19a, and many institutions own the facsimile edition. [Interesting that people stick with the name ‘Leningrad Codex’ and that... [Hebrew Manuscripts] [Hebrew Scripture] [Leningrad Codex] [masoretic]

January 27, 4AM

I came across the textual variant at the end of Lk 12:38, 'Blessed are these'. The issue here is the presence / absence of οι δουλοι in μακαριοι εισιν οι δουλοι εκεινοι (I think οι δουλοι shouldn't be there, yet... [Codex Sinaiticus] [Corrections] [Luke 12:38]

October 15, 4AM

The spelling of the relatively simple word for 'more' in Greek, is in actual fact quite complex. The neuter single of the word occurs in three different forms in the Nestle-Aland editions (and I expect in two different forms in the Byzantine texts): πλ... [Luke 3:13] [Mat 26:53] [orthography]

September 29, 8AM

Minuscule 1573 writes the section Mt 25:22-23 twice. Not good.This is the relevant section (images available here and here at the NT.VMR):I don't know who is responsible for crossing out the duplicated words, it may be the scribe, it may be a later reader...

September 3, 8AM

The word ακαταστατον ('unstable') in Jms 3:8 invites textual variation by its very meaning, and the alternative ακατασχετον is, as far as I am concerned, a full alternative (there is a case to have it in the margin, at the very least... [ECM] [GA 1739] [James 3:8]

June 10, 1AM

Random fact about S.C.E. Legg's two volumes with variants on Mark and Matthew:they have no page numbers!S.C.E Legg, Euangelium secundum Marcum, Nouum Testamentum Graece secundum Textum Westcotto-Hortianum. Oxonii: e typographeo Clarendoniano, 1935.——...

May 6, 4AM

According to NA27/28 there is a variant at the start of Mt 10:33 (οστις δ̕ αν αρνησηται ...)1) text οστις δ' αν2) οστις δε (as in NA28; 1 2 as in NA27) B L 1424 pc3) και οστις WQuiz question: on the basis of the pr... [Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus] [Mat 10:33] [NA27] [NA28]

April 10, 7AM

This is a story about how difficult it can be to get the data right even before starting to ponder the original wording of a text.These are the opening words of Mt 6:5 as in Tregelles and NA28:Καὶ ὅταν προσεύχησθε, οὐκ ἔσεσθ... [Codex Sinaiticus] [Matt 6:5] [NA28 Apparatus]

March 24, 1PM

Currently the Liste gives a wonderfully ironic date for majuscule 0305 (Matthew 20) of -100 to -1 (here).The total absence of any discussion piqued my interest, and, thanks to the resources of the BnF I found an online image! The whole frame with multiple... [BnF Copt.133.2 fr.3] [Majuscule 0305] [Matthew 20:22-23]

March 11, 4AM

Everyone who has worked a lot with the raw data of a manuscript knows that scribes seem to do many things on a whim, without any discernible rule. Editors of our modern text hate scribes for this and expect that the original that lies behind the manuscrip... [ancient Greek spelling] [Mark 16:8] [orthography]

January 13, 5AM

For years the answer to this question was easy: P52, a manuscript identified and housed in Manchester, handsomely dated to the early 2nd century. C.H. Roberts wrote in the original publication of this fragment'On the whole we may accept with some confiden... [earliest manuscript of the NT] [Greek palaeography] [Oldest Manuscript of the New Testament] [P104] [P52]

January 7, 3AM

Everyone familiar with the early Greek majuscules is used to the absence of word division, which virtually forces you to vocalise every syllable in order to make sense of the text. Latin never had this problem, and I assume that whenever we have (late) ma...

December 1 2014, 5AM

I think the two YouTube videos below are the first ones that I know of that deal with a biblical manuscript. Quite creative.The content of the second one is of slightly less quality than the first one, but interesting nonetheless.1. Journey of the Utrecht... [Utrecht Psalter] [video clip]

November 26, 5AM

San Diego 2014 proved to be one of the more academically rewarding conferences of recent years, mainly because I managed to choose the right sessions (and managed to avoid some reportedly disappointing ones). My strategy during such meetings is to attend ...

November 17, 4AM

If you are looking for a Christmas present, there is a Homer papyrus for sale at looks pretty 4th century to me, and the text is from the Iliad bk 13, 565-580 (lower margin visible).

November 5, 9AM

There is something interesting going on in the apparatus of NA28. But I need a long introduction ...For any critical edition of the Greek New Testament a decision is made which manuscript to include in the apparatus and which not. Nestle-Aland 28 divides... [CBGM] [consistently cited witnesses] [minuscule 2344] [minuscule 2492] [minuscule 442] [NA28]

October 14, 2AM

Though I don't think that there is much biblical stuff in the latest batch of Greek mss put online by the British Library, there is always something interesting, and this time it is a citation from the Gospel of Matthew. You can find the BL blog post here... [chrysostom] [majuscule 036] [Matthew 23] [minuscule 544]

October 7, 1AM

The BBC reports the find of a glass plate in Spain (here). It mentions a 4th century date for this artefact, which may be true or not. The reconstruction is interesting:The central figure holding the cross is in all likelihood a depiction of Christ, while... [Archaeology] [Codex] [Gospel of Peter] [scroll] [Spain]

September 17, 9AM

The Partitiones contains orthographical and inflectional observations on Greek. A number of these words appear to come from the Greek Bible, both Old and New Testament, though the work in itself does not betray any ecclesiastical Christian connection. Und...

September 2, 7AM

When a substantial chunk of the Bible is cited in some ancient work and within the manuscript tradition of this work new variants happen, do they count for anything? Well, at the very least they give us another fresh set of stuff to study. Take this examp...

September 1, 6AM

Whilst preparing the slides for my paper at the BNTC conference for this coming Friday, I was delighted to find the oldest manuscript of Acts GA 0189 online. Normally I have some inkling of what is happening on a manuscript page, but what is happening in ...

July 25, 3AM

A real summer topic (with an apparatus error in NA28 thrown in for good measure). When transcribing a New Testament Greek manuscript for exercise, I encourage my students to include accentuation and breathing marks. Of course this slows things down consid... [033] [044] [accents] [Breathings] [P104] [transcriptions]

July 3, 1AM

In Kurt Aland's Synopsis [I am using the 4. korrigierter Druck 2005] a gorgeous error appears. In Mark 8:25 the text as printed reads και ενεβλεπεν τηλαυγως απαντα, 'and he saw everything clearly'. There are variants: παντα ... [critical editions] [Mark 8:25] [scribal errors] [Synopsis Quattor Evangeliorum]

June 25, 1AM

Over the recent weeks I have been twice in a skirmish on the correct use of the terms recto and verso, and I blame the dark days of early papyrology for this (there are articles on this topic; I leave it to commentators to share that wisdom). Before the d... [Codicological terminology] [Recto] [Recto and Verso] [Verso]

May 14, 4AM

No one is waiting for yet another set of corrections in Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis, but in the recent transcriptions it seems that something has been left out. For example here in Mark 5:8 where there is correction of the nomen sacrum ο ιηυ to ο ι...

January 30, 3AM

Last Monday, when Peter Head, Peter Gurry, and yours truly were having a good old conversation with the Münster folk deep in the heart of the Institute itself, we were playing around with the CBGM as a universal method for the past and present. I claimed... [CBGM] [Kurt Aland]

December 17 2013, 8AM

There are a few PhDs waiting to be written on how New Testament manuscripts refer back to the Old Testament. At times they do a marvellous job. Have a look here at the margin of minuscule 1739 at Gal 3:12 (I was there because I had to check 3:13 οτι γ... [GA 1739; Old Testament references; old in the new]

November 26, 5AM

There is something about 'first impressions'. The first pages will determine how critically and sympathetically I will read the remainder of the book, how prepared I am to take the author on trust, and to what extent I am prepared to recommend the book to...

October 29, 8AM

Here is one of those enigmatic treasures that can be found among the later manuscripts, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Pluteo VIII.14. It is a composite manuscript that in its current shape contains the bulk of the letter of James on the first 18.5 folio... [Greek script] [Manuscripts of James] [Minuscule 197] [palaeography]

October 24, 9AM

Whilst working on my paper for the upcoming SBL in Baltimore (abstract here), I wrote a section which I cannot use in the paper, but would love to get some comments on. It is not about the Coherence Based Genealogical Method (CBGM) as such, but about a po...

October 15, 5AM

When you do history, the only real discoveries consist of unearthing things that everyone, or some, or at least the discover, did not know about till then.I had this experience when I followed up a note in Hoskier's Text of the Apocalypse. He notes that t...

October 11, 2AM

This is how the new papal medal looked like:Clearly Jesus is spelled as Lesus. According to the source of this story (in Dutch), the medals have been withdrawn.

October 8, 9AM

I learned something fascinating about the Greek of Revelation that I had not expected, and certainly was never told. What everyone knows is that certain prepositions (such as δια, εις, υπο) take certain cases, with a number of prepositions being ...

September 23, 7AM

The inimitable T.C. Skeat wrote this in 1990:"In Scritti in Onore di Orsolina Montevecchi, Bologna 1978, pp. 373-376, I published a note entitled "Was re-rolling a papyrus roll an irksome and time-consuming task ?", in which I described experiments with r...

September 13, 4AM

If there is one occupational hazard that threatens a good number of the text-critical guild, it is that of being pedantic. Squabbling over commas, dots in the margin, spelling, and one another's work (or lack thereof), we have seen it all.I caught myself ...

August 30, 6AM

I am not sure if the word 'guess' is used in its proper lexical meaning, or what the reward is for getting it right, but some of us may want to have a go.Guess the Manuscript VI

August 22, 9AM

I am getting out of shape, I assume, but I could use some opinions (we are getting into a TC version of crowd-sourcing here).In the following image (more detail here) there are two things I am less certain of. Issue 1First is the correction of ην ενδ...

August 16, 9AM

Over on Roger Pearse's blog I read a letter from Augustine regarding a copy of the City of God he had sent a certain Firmus. What I find fascinating is that Augustine gives detailed advice on how this work is to be bound into actual volumes. Apparantly Au...

June 24, 2AM

The bidding on this item is over, but it just shows that if you have only a little money around there are still interesting bits for sale. The interesting part is in the vellum binding, of course. I think we have a manuscript of Matthew used as a protecti...

June 12, 8AM

In a recent conversation with Bruce Morill on the indexing of a Romans manuscript (GA 1506), he pointed out that I had indexed a particular page as Rom 14:23-15:8, though the correct indexing is Rom 14:23; 16:25-27; Rom15:1-8. Of course he was right, but ...

May 29, 12 PM

Today I hit two places where the CNTTS apparatus claims that a manuscript has a correction, but where I had severe doubts in both cases. Not that I disagreed that the 'extra' words were written in between the lines, but not every interlinear addition is a...

May 13, 7AM

Sometimes there is a certain amount of doubt what a manuscript reads at a particular point. If there is a variant reading and a manuscript has only a few of the letters but these letters fit with one reading and not with the other it is acceptable practic...

April 27, 7AM

The text of James 1:21 has not undergone any change between the NA27 and NA28, but it has been improved anyway.This is how it is printed in NA27:διὸ ἀποθέμενοι πᾶσαν ῥυπαρίαν καὶ περισσείαν κακίας ἐ...

March 19, 3AM

Sometimes it is a pain to get your head around what a manuscript actually reads, especially when there are corrections involved. The image below is from the Codex Ephraemi rescriptus 'C', though it is only 'rescriptus' here in Acts 23:6 because of the era... [Acts 23:6] [Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus] [NA28 Apparatus]

February 22, 3AM

A little lesson on the use of brackets ( . ) in the apparatus of NA28.In Acts 21:5 the text reads either (with selected evidence for the word order variation ημας εξαρτισαι from NA28 [mainly]):οτε δε εγενετο εξαρτισαι η... [Acts 21:5] [NA28 Apparatus]