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December 5 2017, 12 PM

Although nonviolent offenders get the most attention from reformers, they account for less than 20 percent of all prisoners.

April 4, 5AM

Very few professors become best-selling authors, but it happens.

February 22, 11AM

Jane no es la católica enojada y reprimida que hemos llegado a esperar en la cultura pop.
“Amoris Laetitia” addresses the reality of Catholics in “non-legitimate unions” and opens the possibility for them to receive the Eucharist under certain conditions.

February 21, 1PM

Speaking at a Vatican international forum on migrants, Pope Francis condemns "populist rhetoric" and calls for a "change of attitude" in welcoming migrants.
Immigration officials “no longer will exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement” and “have full authority to arrest or apprehend an alien whom an immigration officer has probable cause to believe is in violation of ...

12 PM

El sistema de libre empresa es compatible con nuestra preocupación por los desfavorecidos, escribe un economista y católico converso.


The pope's emphasis on protecting undocumented workers is particularly significant for Europe and the United States, where the treatment of refugees and migrants has been a consistent challenge.


With his 5,800-word manifesto on “Building Global Community,” the Facebook C.E.O. seems to be easing ever more into his role as benevolent dictator of the media universe.
An official said that green-card holders and dual citizens of the U.S. and any of those countries are exempt. The new draft also no longer directs authorities to single out—and reject—Syrian refugees when processing new visa applications.

February 18, 11AM

Although Ms. McCorvey was the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, she later became a pro-life activist.

February 10, 3PM

The false sense of solidarity that comes with sharing an Oliver segment on Facebook is an invitation to apathy not resistance.


“Last Week Tonight” is the best example of the power that humor can have in bringing about change.

12 PM

The Economic Freedom Fighters party say it will not respect an “illegitimate president” after Mr. Zuma was found to have violated his office by the country’s highest court in 2016.


In North Africa, migrants from sub-Saharan Africa now make up a large proportion of Catholic communities.
Russian and Polish studies indicate that 422 Catholic priests were executed, murdered or tortured to death, along with 962 monks, nuns and laypeople.
"Such a law undermines the two-state solution, further eliminating hopes of peace," the patriarchate said.
In a rebuke to the Trump administration on Feb. 9, the three federal appellate judges sided with the states of Washington and Minnesota on nearly every matter, opening the possibility that the case could shift to the U.S. Supreme Court.


He pours gifts on his beloved while they slumber. (Ps 127:2)


There is a big elephant in the room: What does Mr. Trump know about Russia? What does he not know? Does he know what he doesn’t know?

February 9, 1PM

Despite simplistic language that depicts a flood of undocumented migrants crossing the U.S. southern border, migration from Mexico has slowed considerably in recent years and even reversed.
The number of questions from Catholic organizations to N.C.B.C.’s ethicists about transgender issues “has increased radically and surprisingly” in recent years.


The pope welcomed the news that La Civilta Cattolica will now be published in English.
Muchos comportamientos socioculturales particulares (como el machismo, la desigualdad de género, etc.) se han legitimado en nombre de la obediencia a Dios. Estos abusos se alejan de la verdadera pedagogía de Dios.


'The Assassination of a Saint' begins like a crime thriller, complete with a criminal manhunt.
Mark K. Shriver, a member of America’s most famous Catholic family, sets out to search for the “real” Pope Francis.
The challenge of invisibility is paramount in 'The Refugees.'


February 8, 11PM

One fruit of this Sino-Vatican agreement, which neither side has confirmed, will be that “from now on, there will be no more the crisis of a division between the open and underground communities in the church in China,” wrote Cardinal Tong.


You will call me, “My Father,” and never turn away from me. (Jer 3:19)


“The prospect of having to face some new wall is nothing compared to the prospect of having to stay in Honduras, with its poverty and its violence. There’s just nothing there for us.”


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates as many as 58,000 students across the United States—about one in 10—face homelessness at some point during college.


If parish priests can't stand up for the poor in this moment, we might as well pack up our Mass kits.


"Every effort must be made to eradicate this shameful and intolerable crime (of human trafficking)," Pope Francis said.
Archbishop Bernardito Auza called on the U.N. and its member states to develop policies and investments "that people can see and touch" to tackle social and spiritual poverty as well.
The Boy Scouts change in policy "has no impact on the operation and program delivery of Scouting program(s) in Catholic-chartered units," said the Catholic Scouting committee.
Kate Hennessey's new book is a searingly honest look at Dorothy Day the mother.
The Gospel demands more of us—both when we speak and when we listen.
The move was the first concrete attempt to counter the contentious measure of West Bank settlements.


Cardinal Vincent Nichols used an interview to condemn the “false notion” that Christianity and Islam are in conflict.

February 7, 2PM


Author Francesca Chaouqui received a 10-month suspended sentence for conspiring to pass confidential documents onto two journalists.


President Trump wants to repeal the code banning all federally recognized nonprofit organizations—including religious organizations—from endorsing political candidates.
The charter "reaffirms the sanctity of life" as a gift from God and calls on those working in health care to be "servants" and "ministers of life."
At their best institutions reflect our ideals as a society and what we value as a community.


The growing number of U.S. Hispanic parishioners puts a new face on the church, forces it to renew itself, pushes it to redefine its commitment and presents dioceses with a challenge.

February 6, 2PM

In five of the earliest lawsuits against Trump's ban, federal judges blocked the government from denying entry to anyone from the affected countries with a valid visa.
Between January 1980 and February 2015, 4,444 people made allegations of child sexual abuse that related to more than 1,000 institutions.
Barbara Blaine said her decision to leave the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests had nothing to do with the legal action.
George Drance, S.J., blogs on his revival of Calderon's "Life is a Dream."
Chinese officials say the country has stopped using executed prisoners as organ donors, but the international medical community remains skeptical.

12 PM

The free-enterprise system is compatible with caring for the least of us, writes an economist and convert to Catholicism.


Catholics and evangelicals must “continue to witness together to the Gospel and to continue on the road to full unity,” Francis said.

February 5, 10PM

Open my eyes, that I may consider the wonders of your law! (Ps 119:18)
Be holy, for I, the Lord your God, am holy. (Lv 19:2)


Pope Francis prays that this year's Super Bowl “may be a sign of peace, friendship and solidarity for the world.”
Pope Francis prays that this year's Super Bowl “may be a sign of peace, friendship and solidarity for the world.”

February 4, 6AM

Pope Francis told the archbishop “you will be my exclusive spokesperson in all that pertains to the relations between the Holy See and the order.”

February 3, 2PM

The appointment of a special delegate raises the question of what will happen to Cardinal Burke. He is still cardinal-patron of the order but no longer the pope’s sole interlocutor with the order.
In just over a week Francois Fillon's chances of winning France's presidency have nosedived amid a string of allegations.


Mumford and Sons, The Head and the Heart, Hozier and other artists use Christian language in their secular songs. Should Christians care?

12 PM

School choice does not mean abandoning the commitment to the common good exemplified by the Catholic school system.


People are more likely to be open to hearing the truth if they know you occasionally feed them and give them free babysitting.


The campaign features a new letter each day from Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh scholars.

February 2, 10PM

Here's why one conservative thinks we need more Muslims in this country, not less.


Trump's recent executive orders threatening to withhold federal funding from communities with sanctuary policies produced fears that more immigration restrictions are coming.


While Canadian Muslim communities grieve and regroup, the violence has other Canadians rethinking how Muslims are treated and perceived in Canada.
Christ and his saints have a different way of calculating a thing’s worth
Medical science must answer its highest calling: the promotion of the health and well-being of all humankind.


In boarding school, Mr. Gorsuch participated in the informal debates, where he was routinely teased, accused of being “a conservative fascist.”


Raoul Peck is the director of "I Am Not Your Negro," out in theaters this Friday.


“Part of who we are is trying to be political without being partisan; principled but not ideological," said moderator John Carr.
Though the rallies were billed primarily as protests against the invitation to President Donald J. Trump, protesters also condemned the new U.S. administration’s travel ban against seven majority-Muslim countries.
Ser imagen de Dios tiene profundas repercusiones. Porque cada cosa que decimos de Dios deberíamos poder decirlo—salvadas las distancias—de nosotros mismos. ¿Estamos listos para eso?


A statement from the German bishops' conference "opens the possibility of receiving the sacraments of reconciliation and the Eucharist."
The president made no mention of steps he may take on religious freedom, saying only that it is a "sacred right."
The author of "The Sympathizer" has a new book of short stories about Vietnamese-Americans who do not fit stereotypes.

February 1, 3PM

"The fight will continue to go state by state. There's a strategy by proponents to get more states on board before they bring a case to the court."


12 PM

Consider this: only Luke tells us the story of the Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan and the Good Thief.


Diversity brings opportunity, but leaky roofs and aging priests bring challenges to American parishes.


“We are builders of bridges, not of walls," said the Vatican's number three official.
"Little Sister" tells the story of Colleen, a young woman religious returning home after joining the Sisters of Mercy.

January 31, 6PM

Mr. Gorsuch, who attended the Jesuit-run Georgetown Preparatory School in Washington, appeals to conservatives because of his views on religious liberty and life issues.
Mr. Gorsuch, who attended the Jesuit-run Georgetown Preparatory School in Washington, appeals to conservatives because of his views on religious liberty and life issues.


80 percent of poll respondents agreed that not enough was done in their parishes to address the ongoing political upheaval.
Philip A. Lacovara noticed some similarities to his epic experience more than 43 years ago during Watergate’s infamous Saturday Night Massacre

12 PM

We have not loved our nation in spite of its flaws—too often we have covered over those flaws and allowed them to grow.


Mr. Torres's relentless years of ministering to gang members, drug addicts and the incarcerated is beginning to be recognized.


Currently, 27 states and the District of Columbia have some type of school choice measure in place and a number of states have legislation on the table for this year.
Trump's action slapped a 90-day ban on all entry to the U.S. from seven Muslim-majority countries with terrorism concerns.
"Christians aren't going to come back to stay. The churches I saw were not destroyed with bombs, but by the everyday business operations of the community."
I'm not a political person, but I am a Christian, and I feel compelled to speak out on this issue.


Our purpose in speaking liturgically is to celebrate faithfully the Gospel that is the church’s sole reason for being.


It is a bittersweet day for all who lived and worked at the longtime home of America magazine.
As in real life, in Netflix's adaptation unfortunate events take their course, punctuated by victories great and small, ad infinitum.

January 30, 3PM

The U.S. bishops have published statements condemning three executive orders in President Trump's first week.


"The bond between Christians and Muslims is founded on the unbreakable strength of charity and justice."


Police are now describing the shooting as a “lone wolf” event and report that they are not seeking other suspects.
After a few tense weeks, a peaceful and bloodless transfer of power has taken place in the West African nation of Gambia.


Christians and Muslims must remain "united together in prayer," the pope said.

January 29, 6PM

“All are welcome in this place,” a crowd of people sang in Lafayette Square outside of the White House this afternoon.


Catholic leaders are reacting with anger to President Trump’s newly signed executive order that bars Syrian refugees from entering the country.

January 27, 9PM


"The dynamic has changed," said Serrin Foster. "People can’t force us into a box anymore."


It is Christ whom we turn away when we build walls.


Cardinal Dolan: "We come together this sacred evening in a church we claim as a reclaim the belief that a mother's womb is the primal sanctuary, where a helpless, innocent, fragile, tiny baby must be safe, secure, nurtured and protected."

12 PM

Cardinal Tobin: "Closing borders and building walls are not rational acts.... Mass detentions and wholesale deportation benefit no one; such inhuman policies destroy families and communities."


"Allowing the plunder and destruction of God's wondrous creation to support the greed of a few is morally, spiritually and ethically wrong."


The Mass attracted pro-life student groups from across the nation who are in Washington for the March for Life.


Had Francis been elected just a few years earlier, it is likely that “Liturgiam Authenticam” would have died in committee.


Elites are defined less by the position they hold than by their pretense to dictate reality.

January 26, 3PM

Religious education has been a babysitting service for far too long.


President Duterte lashed out against the church again, likely in response to the growing criticism mounted by church leaders against the administration’s drug war.


“The church is in a different space,” says Archbishop Martin. “We must be more invitational, using a ministry of presence, gently explaining the message of the church and inviting people in."

12 PM

"We can protect our citizens and, at the same time, we can welcome newcomers," said Dominican Sister Donna Markham.


Some bishops' conferences are unhappy with the translation of the Roman Missal required by "Liturgiam Authenticam."
"Any migrant that arrives at the Mexican-U.S. border will be required to hire the services of organized crime," Sister Leticia said.


"We will continue to support and stand in solidarity with immigrant families."


“I was in deep poverty. I didn't know anything about social supports in the city. I existed on a bag of apples a week and slept on a lawn chair in my bedroom.”
“I was in deep poverty. I didn't know anything about social supports in the city. I existed on a bag of apples a week and slept on a lawn chair in my bedroom.”


Me acuerdo bien del primer día de clase en el curso para obtener la ciudadanía en los Estados Unidos. Mi profesora, Millie Benítez, nos leyó solemnemente el comienzo de la Declaración de Independencia. Recuerdo mi sorpresa al escuchar el segundo pár...

January 25, 4PM


President Trump's actions in defense of the unborn are welcome, his proposals for immigration reform are ill conceived and divisive.


By following through on their promise to repeal “Obamacare” immediately, Republican lawmakers and the new Trump administration are engaging in reckless political theater.
It is clearly more difficult to raise children in a nurturing environment without housing security.


Whatever motivated Mr. Trump to reinstate the Mexico City Policy, it was not a consistent recognition of the dignity and sacredness of every human life.

January 24, 3PM

The proposed law will end the “annual battle” over Hyde and related measures and “takes out of Obamacare the facilitation and funding of abortion.”


If love of country is a virtue and a moral obligation, the nationalistic impulse itself has no moral identity.
Would you not love and admire a country that opened its doors to the tired, the poor, the wretched and the homeless?


Thanks to the arcane rules behind the foreign-language Oscar, sentimentality usually reigns supreme.
How ancient traditions have inspired modern-day Christians to forge new bonds of commitment.


The pope called on journalists to stop feeding the "vicious cycle of anxiety" and "spiral of fear."
When the questions became more detailed on abortion policies, the numbers shifted.
Muslims in an overwhelmingly Buddhist nation, the Rohingya have long faced persecution in Myanmar, where most are denied citizenship.


Russia, Iran and Turkey set up a three-way mechanism to ensure compliance of all sides.

January 23, 2PM

My dad’s golden rule demonstrates that we should go out of our way to lift up the dignity of women.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he is looking forward to a new era of close relations with the U.S. under Trump.
Communities need to be saved from "corruption, extortion, the illegal trafficking of drugs and weapons," he said.
The action was hailed by pro-life leaders as it continues Ronald Reagan's legacy.

12 PM

It should not be difficult for Catholics to acknowledge the reality of Islamophobia.


"You can change the training at the academy and retrain all of the current officers, but the biggest issue is changing the culture."


"We must never fall into the trap of erroneous Western thinking and judicial independence."


Welcome to our newly redesigned website.

January 22, 10PM

A year in the making and it's finally here: the new America magazine.


Everyone will be salted with fire. (Mk 9:49)


What perils would Jefferson and Franklin warn us against?


Catholic sisters were among the hundreds of thousands making their voices heard at the Women's March after Donald Trump's inauguration.
I might have come in wounded, but during Mass I am healed and made whole.
America speaks with Catholics about their reactions to a Donald Trump administration

12 PM

Anarchism calls for a politics that doesn’t begin and end with politicians.

12 AM

Several Catholic groups attended the march despite their disappointment with its overtly pro-choice platform.

January 21, 6PM

Women religious champion social justice issues at the Women's March on Washington.


Pope Francis states we should "wait and see" and not pass any judgment on President Donald J. Trump.


Donning “Make America Great Again” hats, some cheered. Others demonstrated with signs and chants.


Steven McDonald was shot in the line of duty. Then his work began.

January 20, 3PM

“America First” is a serious threat to the international solidarity that lasting peace and justice require.


Refugees are survivors. As Americans, we share their values.


Francis wrote, "our human family is beset by grave humanitarian crises demanding farsighted and united political responses."


Students will visit the Auschwitz concentration camp and a Torah is being mailed every Jewish family in the state.
A lesson from philosopher Charles Taylor: the key feature of modern times is pluralism.


“We talk about peace around the world, but we need peace here.”

December 29 2014, 7AM

With thanks once again to Adriana Wright (@adriannawright) and IVP (@IVPAcademic) for the review copy. Please see my previous post for some background on the book itself.> Title: The Acts of the Apostles: A Newly Discovered Commentary Author: J.B. Lig... [Books] [Greek] [New Testament] [Textual Criticism]

November 6, 7AM

A few years back, Ben Witherington III (BW3) was nosing around the archives of J.B. Lightfoot and came across a manuscript with an unpublished, virtually complete commentary (Lightfoot-style) of Acts. This is big. BW3 and Todd D. Still edited the manuscri... [Apostolic Fathers] [Books] [Greek] [Language] [New Testament] [Textual Criticism]

October 27, 9AM

My employer Faithlife announced Logos 6 this morning. You can learn more about features on the forums "What's New" page or on the Logos 6 features page. I was able to contribute all over the place in L6, in both major an minor ways. This post will list ... [Language] [programming]

August 20, 7PM

Jim West's Person in the Pew Commentary Series is available on pre-pub from Logos Bible Software. Jim has been steadily working on his Person in the Pew Commentary series for awhile. And I have huge respect for him for doing it. Jim's task is a bit than... [Books] [New Testament] [old testament]

May 15, 6AM

Previous posts: Part I; Part II Part I, the most substantive post of this series, is on Jefford’s introduction. Part II is on the Greek text, the apparatus, and the translation. This post is on the commentary proper, which takes up the last 60 pages o... [Apostolic Fathers] [Christianity]

May 14, 6AM

There are scads of commentaries on and opinions about the book of Revelation. While I’m not an expert, I’m not sure how many books there are like this recent tome from Joel Watts. The best word I can use to describe it is “refreshing.” Author:... [Books] [Christianity] [New Testament]

April 13, 10PM

Previous post: Epistle to Diognetus (Part I) The previous post was on the introduction, which takes over 120 pages of the book. This post is on the edition Jefford supplies of the Greek text, the apparatus, and the translation. Suffice it to say, Jeff...

March 16, 2PM

As I mentioned previously, providence supplied me with a copy of this book from Oxford University Press, so I have been reading it. I’m through the introductory material, the edition (with extensive editional apparatus) and translation, and the notes. I... [Apostolic Fathers] [Books] [Christianity] [Greek]

February 21, 9PM

Someone is watching out for me. Indirectly, someone who had received a review copy of this book from Oxford contacted me and asked if I would instead review the book on my blog. I am only too happy to do so. You know who you are, and I am grateful for you... [Apostolic Fathers] [Books]

February 19, 9PM

[Note: I tweeted summaries of all the pseudepigrapha in this book (using the #MoreOTP hashtag) while reading it. To see them all, check the posts here and here. When I received the book from Eerdmans (thanks again for the review copy), I mentioned it here... [Books]

January 30, 10AM

Things are hopping at Logos Bible Software. The other day I announced on the Twitter and on Facebook that I’m looking for a few interns this summer to help with analysis of Greek texts: Love the Greek? Need a summer gig? Lots of Greek stuff to do @... [Greek] [Language] [old testament]


At the end of December, I posted a summary of Bauckham/Davila/Panayotov’s Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: More Noncanonical Scriptures ( Using the Twitter (@RickBrannan) I posted a short summary of each pseudepigraphon after I read the intro a... [Books]

December 30, 3PM

I’ve been slowly working my way through Bauckham/Davila/Panayotov’s Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: More Noncanonical Scriptures ( I mentioned this at the beginning of the month. As I’ve been reading, I’ve been tweeting (from @RickBran... [Books]

December 3, 2PM

With profuse thanks to the folks at Eerdmans for sending along a review copy. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this volume since I heard Jim Davila mention that it was in the works years ago on his blog, Paleojudaica. Styled as a continuation/expansion o... [Books]

September 2, 10PM

Thanks to the kind folks at De Gruyter for a review copy of this book. Authors: John S. Kloppenborg, Richard S. Ascough Title: Greco-Roman Associations: Texts, Translations and Commentary. I. Attica, Central Greece, Macedonia, Thrace Publisher: De G... [Greek] [New Testament]

August 4, 2PM

Last week I mentioned writing a further post (or posts) about Francis Watson’s Gospel Writing ( I will not be interacting with the whole of the book, but I will be working with material from Chapter 6, “Interpreting a Johannine Source (Jn,... [Books] [New Testament]

July 30, 8PM

Back in June I notified y’all that the good folks at Eerdmans had sent along a copy of Francis Watson’s Gospel Writing: A Canonical Perspective ( for review. I’m pleased as punch they did, and have finished reading it. Profuse thanks, Eer... [Books] [New Testament]

June 27, 5AM

With profuse thanks to De Gruyter (Twitter: @degruyter_TRS) for supplying a review copy. Title: Greco-Roman Associations: Texts, Translations, and Commentary. I. Attica, Central Greece, Macedonia, Thrace Authors: John S. Kloppenborg and Richard S. A... [Books] [Greek]

June 17, 7AM

I have periodically been sharing some study I’ve been doing working through quotations in 2 Clement. My larger goal is in understanding the reasons the author appeals to authoritative sources; to achieve this end I have been working through the introduc... [Apostolic Fathers] [Greek]

June 13, 9PM

Thanks to the great folks at Eerdmans, I have received a review copy of Francis Watson’s latest book, Gospel Writing: A Canonical Perspective ( Thanks to a colleague (who happens to receive the review books for Bible Study Magazine) I was ... [Books] [New Testament]

June 9, 2PM

I have (off and on) been working through the text of Second Clement, particularly with an eye toward how the author uses quotations in his argumentation. Late last week I was on 2 Clement 10, which has no direct quotations, and some stuff just jumped out ... [Apostolic Fathers]

April 3, 6AM

I posted some excerpts of work (sans footnotes) I’ve been doing in 2 Clem; the last had do to with quotations in 2 Clem 3–4. Here is more, picking up where the other left off, with working through quotations in 2 Clem 5–8. Unlike most treatments, ... [Apostolic Fathers] [Greek]

March 26, 10PM

I’ve been doing a lot of reading in 2 Clement, and have begun to work through the explicit quotations in 2 Clem (that is, those introduced with quotation formula, plus the obvious quotation in §2.1). This is in preparation for the paper I submitted f... [Apostolic Fathers] [Greek]

February 23, 3PM

  In early March 2013, a project I’ve been working on for awhile will see the light of day. It is a two-volume effort, providing Greek and English texts of Apocryphal Gospels as well as other Fragments and Agrapha. Brannan, Rick. (ed.). Greek... [Books] [Christianity] [Greek]

February 11, 10PM

With many thanks to Baker Academic (Twitter: @BakerAcademic) for providing the review copy. Title: Reading the Apostolic Fathers: A Student’s Introduction (Second Edition) Author: Clayton N. Jefford Publisher: Baker Academic Date: 2012 Pages: ... [Apostolic Fathers] [Books]

February 6, 9PM

As I’ve poked my way through the 2nd edition of Clayton Jefford’s Reading the Apostolic Fathers: A Student’s Introduction (, I’ve compared some things to the 1st edition. As I said in an earlier post, the major difference in the 2nd e...

February 5, 9PM

Thanks to the fine folks at Baker Academic (Twitter: @BakerAcademic), who sent along a review copy of Clayton N. Jefford’s Reading the Apostolic Fathers: A Student’s Introduction (Second Edition). You can learn a little more about the book at Baker Ac...

December 27 2012, 6PM

In an earlier post on the NA28, I mentioned that I wanted to do a post on orthographic variation in NA28. I might be weird, but when reading the front matter (p. 51*), I noticed the following change to the text in 1 Peter: 1Pe 2.25, αλλʼ (ECM/NA2... [Greek] [New Testament] [Textual Criticism]

June 1, 10PM

Even in a good translation sound plays are lost in translation. At Amos 7:7-8 the NET Bible reads: He showed me this: I saw the sovereign One standing by a tin wall holding tin in his hand.The Lord said to me, “What do you see, Amos?” I said,... [Amos] [netbible] [plumb line] [Prophecy] [Prophecy/Revelation] [prophetic technique] [sound play] [vision]

May 16, 11PM

“The cattle are lowing, the poor babe awakes...” Do folk really say “lowing” anymore when they talk about cow sounds? Especially city folk? Cows “moo,” right? In 1Sam 6:12 and Job 6:5 the cows “low” accordi... [netbible] [sovereignty] [Terms & Definitions]

May 12, 1PM

The NET Bible translates the Hebrew gēr as “resident foreigner.” But as we noted last time, this cultural term does not refer to just any non-Israelite residing in Israel’s borders. In Mosaic law, “resident foreigners” are ... [alien] [immigrant] [netbible] [resident foreigner] [sojourner] [Terms & Definitions]

April 12, 12 PM

The Hebrew word is gēr (גֵּר). What was a sojourner/ foreigner/ immigrant/ resident alien/ stranger? It is not the same thing to be an immigrant in, say, Japan, as it is to be an immigrant in America. Was it the same thing for Abraham to be a sojour... [alien] [Covenant] [Cultural Issues] [ger] [immigrant] [naturalized citizen] [netbible] [social justice] [sojourner] [stranger]

April 5, 8AM

Was Jabez asking for something just for himself? Jabez asked for four things to begin his vow: 1) blessing, 2) a great border, 3) God’s hand to be with him, and 4) something else that is less clear. Most translations (every one I've seen includi... [1 Chronicles 4:10] [Jabez] [netbible] [Prayer] [Prayer]

March 31, 5PM

The foremost task of translating is to translate what is there. What do the words say? What does the syntax mean? A translation might need to be more dynamic than literal to make the clearest sense in the target language, but it is still trying to transla... [1 Chronicles 4:10] [Chronicles] [Jabez] [netbible] [Prayer] [Prayer] [vows]

April 21 2011, 7AM

  In this third post about words related to the recent controversy over Rob Bell and his book Love Wins, I examine the words gehenna and tartaroō in the NET Bible. (See the first post on sheol in the NET Bible here and the second one on hades here.... [gehenna] [hell] [netbible] [tartaroō]

April 9, 7AM

  In this second post about words related to the recent controversy over Rob Bell and his book Love Wins, I examine the word “hades” in the NET Bible. (See the first post on sheol in the NET Bible here.) Again, my goal is to get a better... [hades] [hell] [netbible] [translation]

March 31, 12 AM

Denny Burk, Associate Professor of New Testament and dean of Boyce College, recently posted some discussions from fellow bloggers about the pressure evangelical scholars feel from their secular academic counterparts (and sometimes their fellow evange... [accurate] [Bible] [commitment] [evangelical] [netbible] [translation]

March 29, 5AM

  Because of the recent brouhaha over Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins, we all have the chance to think more carefully about how we understand key biblical texts on heaven and hell. See, for example, my colleague Darrell Bock’s recent post... [hell] [netbible] [sheol] [translation]

March 7, 5AM

I was interested to read about the revised version of the New American Bible to be released this week. Many of the things they worked on here are exactly what we have been working on in the NET Bible. Languages constantly change, and Bible translations ha... [Bible] [Change] [Language] [netbible] [revision] [translation]

February 25, 10PM

The NET Bible as a translation has been able to plow new ground in two major ways: content and format. Because we have a unique format with extensive notes which explain the translation, we can express valid exegetical decisions which might not be very tr... [Ecclesiastes] [netbible] [notes] [translation]

February 24, 10AM

The NET Bible has some of the best readers in the world. We received this question recently concerning Matthew 26:18. I thought it was great, primarily because of the picture it left in my mind! I've edited it slightly to shorten it a little: read mor... [Matthew] [netbible] [translation]

February 14, 10PM

A reader recently left a comment in our comments database with the following question: The NET Bible translation of Colossians 2:13 begins “And even though.” I assume this is a translation of the KAI that leads into the statement that follows... [conjunctions] [connective] [explanatory] [Greek] [netbible]

February 10, 8AM

A NET Bible reader recently posted this question in our comments database concerning Matthew 1:23: "Should the name be Immanuel instead of Emmanuel?" This is a great question for a number of reasons. read more [Greek] [Hebrew] [netbible] [philosophy] [translation]

October 19 2010, 8PM

Although not directly related to the NET Bible, read more [Dead Sea Scrolls] [Google] [netbible] [Technology]

July 29, 7AM

A NET reader recently posted the following question in our online comments database. I thought it was a good question, so I decided to post it here (with some slight editing) along with my response. The question: read more [believe] [faith] [NET Bible] [netbible] [translation]

July 22, 2AM

  In the first edition of the NET Bible, Matthew 7:13-14 reads as follows: 7:13 “Enter through the narrow gate, because the gate is wide and the way is spacious that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. ... [NET Bible] [NET Bible] [netbible] [New Testament] [second edition] [translation]

May 18, 3PM

This morning Chris Skinner posted a rejoinder to my interaction with his post. I am glad that we can discuss and interact over this issue. I don't know that we have a solution which we both could agree upon, but careful thinking about the Word and how... [Chris Skinner] [jesus] [John] [netbible] [translation]

May 17, 2PM

Dr. Chris Skinner recently blogged about a translation particular to the NET Bible. (Chris and I overlapped at DTS by a number of years, and I consider him a friend, so this is "iron sharpening iron," so to speak.) Let me offer a little backgrou... [Amen] [jesus] [John] [netbible]