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March 20 2018, 6AM

For photographs, sometimes timing is everything. A recent example of this comes from Alexander Schick’s visit to Macherus after the discovery of a large mikveh (ritual bath). He took this photo in November 2016. But he returned to the site a few week... [Discoveries] [Jordan]

March 17, 6AM

The Column of King Merneptah has been transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum. Popular Archaeology investigates the discovery of three skeletons at Gezer last summer. Researchers at Bowdoin College Museum of Art are working to reconstruct the color on ... [Egypt] [Galilee] [Holidays] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

March 13, 9PM

National Geographic announces a major find from Megiddo dating to the 17th century BC. Undisturbed tombs are all too rare in professional excavations. The extraordinary discovery of a magnificent and untouched 3,600-year-old burial chamber in the anc... [Discoveries] [Jezreel Valley]

March 10, 7AM

Rome's ongoing subway system project has uncovered several glimpses of the past, this time the ruins of a Roman military commander's 14-room luxury villa. ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives has a report on the current status of the Ain Dara Temple. Auth... [Antiquities Trade] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Italy] [Judah] [Museums] [Resources] [Syria] [Technology] [Weekend Roundup]

March 4, 7AM

A headless statue of Aphrodite and a large mosaic were discovered during subway construction in Thessaloniki. “Researchers have discovered the oldest figurative tattoos in the world on the upper arms of two ancient Egyptian mummies, the British Museum ... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [greece] [Italy] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

March 3, 7AM

Adi Erlich reports the results from the renewed excavations of the Beth Shearim that she directed. The closing of the Megiddo Prison will (finally) permit the opening of an archaeological park that features an early place of Christian worship. “A rare... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

February 25, 7AM

Seven inscriptions from the Assyrian king Esarhaddon have been found in looter tunnels beneath the tomb of Jonah in Mosul, Iraq. A rare pair of 2nd AD Roman boxing gloves was unearthed near Hadrian's Wall in Hexham, England. Egypt has announced the disc... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [movies] [Museums]

February 24, 7AM

A 12-minute video on the discovery of the Isaiah seal impression describes the background and significance of this find. The video includes interviews with Eilat Mazar and Shmuel Ahituv. Christopher Rollston issues some cautions about identifying that se... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Lectures] [Philistines]

February 21, 11PM

Eilat Mazar believes that she may have discovered a seal impression that belonged to the prophet Isaiah. The bulla was found south of the Temple Mount along with a couple dozen other seal impressions. The discovery is reported in the just-released issue o...

February 17, 7AM

A recent DNA study confirms that the “Screaming Mummy” is the son of Ramses III, and the hanging marks around his neck indicate that he was the conspirator who plotted to murder his father. Haaretz: “About a dozen life-sized stone sculptures and re... [Egypt] [Judah] [Lectures] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

February 11, 6AM

The tomb of Hathor’s priestess Hetpet has been discovered on the Giza plateau. “More than 120 images of ancient Egyptian boats have been discovered adorning the inside of a building in Abydos” from the time of pharaoh Senwosret III. Excavations of... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Samaria] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

February 10, 7AM

A colorful mosaic with a lengthy Greek inscription has been uncovered in Caesarea. The badly damaged mosaic features three men and dates to about AD 200. Israeli security forces may have destroyed ancient ruins as early as the Middle Bronze Age in demoli... [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Museums] [Samaria] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

February 6, 7AM

Brad Gray has just launched a new website with a new eBook and a new weekly teaching series that I’m happy to recommend to you. His ministry, Walking the Text, is dedicated to helping people “learn, love, and live out the Bible” by explaining the or... [Resources]

February 4, 6AM

Lois Tverberg explains the reading tradition used in the synagogue in ancient times, and she provides a list of the triennial reading schedule used in the 3rd to 7th centuries. Wayne Stiles’s post on “How to live the impossible Christian life” incl... [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

February 3, 6AM

Excavations of Ein Hanya in the Judean hills have concluded with an announcement of the discovery of an Israelite royal capital (proto-Aeolic?), a 4th century Greek drachma, and a Byzantine pool system. The site is associated in tradition with Philip’s ... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Museums] [Negev] [Syria] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

February 1, 11AM

Those of you interested in gaining insights into the Bible from its historical, geographical, and literary contexts will want to consider attending the Shepherd, Flocks, and Kings conference sponsored by the Institute of Biblical Context this June. I atte... [Lectures]

January 27, 7AM

A team has been excavating the so-called “Cave 12” at Qumran and a statement of their latest work will be released soon. One of the last unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls has been deciphered using high-tech imagery to put together a puzzle of 60 tiny scro... [Dead Sea] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jordan Rift] [Lectures] [movies] [Museums] [Resources] [Samaria] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Tourism]

January 20, 7AM

A 4th century BC vase discovered at et-Tell (Bethsaida?) has a depiction of an image copied from the Parthenon in Athens. Haaretz (premium): “A team of Israeli scientists and archaeologists has embarked on a massive four-year project to accurately radi... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [greece] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Weekend Roundup]

January 13, 7AM

“Excavations are being carried out to make an underground pedestrian passageway, leading from beneath the Church of All Nations at Gethsemane to a private area on the other side of the Jericho road.” Scientists have discovered evidence of Byzantine a... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [movies] [Museums] [Negev] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Samaria] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

January 7, 7AM

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has posted a “Special Edition” of their Newsletter, featuring a list of archaeological discoveries, openings (and re-openings), major projects, temporary exhibitions, repatriated antiquities, changes to archaeologi... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Italy] [Resources] [Technology] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

January 6, 10PM

The link posted in this morning’s roundup to the Google-translated version of the Herodium’s royal winery had some significant errors, and Joseph Lauer has sent an improved translation so we can avoid “wine ghettos” and the like. The Hebrew press ... [Discoveries] [Judah]


“The Legio camp [at Megiddo] is the only full-scale imperial Roman legionary base found so far in the eastern empire” and to date they’ve unearthed a monumental gate, a dedicatory inscription, and the cremated remains of a Roman soldier. The first ... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Judah] [Lectures] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Sad News] [Shephelah] [Tourism] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

January 5, 6AM

The next five episodes of “Following the Messiah” are set to release next week, and there is some relevant information that I wanted to pass on. First, Episodes 6-10 will all be free on Appian Media’s website as well as on YouTube, beginning Januar... [movies] [Resources] [Tomb of Jesus]

January 2, 7AM

At the top of candidates for “best discoveries of 2018,” a seal impression reading “belonging to the governor of the city” was announced today by the Israel Antiquities Authority. The find was made by conservationists in the wall of an Israelite f... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem]

December 30 2017, 6AM

In Christianity Today, Gordon Govier has identified “Biblical Archaeology’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2017.” He and I discuss his article in the latest The Book and the Spade. Haaretz has produced a list of stories they published each month. Atlas Obs... [Analysis]

December 29, 6AM

Many plans were announced over the year that we linked to in weekend roundups. You can decide for yourself what you would consider most important and what you think will never materialize. And you can check back in a few years and see what dreams have com... [Analysis] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Turkey]

December 28, 7AM

There were a number of interesting and significant stories this year that didn’t make it into the “top ten” list we posted yesterday. Old Testament Period Excavations in the City of David revealed evidence of Jerusalem’s fall in 586 BC. The mas... [Analysis] [Discoveries]

December 27, 7AM

What are the top discoveries of the year? Here is my list, based on a review of the stories and roundups posted on the BiblePlaces Blog throughout 2017. 1. Dozens of seal impressions naming officials of the First Temple Period were found in the City of D... [Analysis] [Discoveries]

December 24, 7AM

The first-ever issue of Biblical Archaeology Review without Hershel Shanks at the helm has been published. This annual excavation issue also includes articles on an ancient Jerusalem trash dump, Canaanite art at Hazor, and the Ketef Hinnom silver amulets.... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Italy] [Jordan] [Museums] [Technology] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

December 23, 7AM

Yehiel Zelinger discusses the excavations of Bliss and Dickie on Mount Zion and shares a great photo of his own excavations there. (I’d love to see a labeled version, if anyone knows of such or can create one…) Archaeologists working in Turkey have u... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Holidays] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [movies] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

December 22, 7AM

Underwater excavations of Corinth’s harbor at the port of Lechaion have exposed five-ton stone blocks and a perfectly preserved wooden post. This article has lots of illustrations. A 2-minute video takes you there. The New York Times reports on the num... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Golan] [greece] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Judah] [Resources] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

December 13, 7AM

Registration for Walking the Bible Lands ends today. If you haven’t checked out the new free Christmas videos about “The Promise that Changed the World,” you can do that here. By joining Walking the Bible Lands, you get great new content every month... [Resources]

December 12, 10AM

At a faculty roundtable last month, we went around and answered a series of questions for our students majoring in Biblical Studies. One question asked was, “What is the best book you’ve read this year?” My answer was Reading the Bible with Rabbi Je... [Resources]

December 11, 3AM

One hundred years ago today, British General Edmund Allenby entered Jerusalem on foot and issued a proclamation declaring British control of the city. Two days earlier the Turkish authorities had surrendered, ending 400 years of Ottoman rule (1517-1917). ... [Jerusalem]

December 10, 6AM

Egypt announced the discovery of two private 18th-dynasty tombs in Luxor yesterday. Heath D. Dewrell provides an introduction to child sacrifice in Israel that is based on his recent monograph on the subject. The Jewish Week interviews Lawrence Schiffma... [Dead Sea] [Jordan] [Judah] [Lectures] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

December 9, 6AM

Israeli archaeologists have found that early Muslim coins and vessels were inscribed with menorahs. Scholars have discovered more than 1,000 seal impressions from the 2nd-3rd centuries AD in southeastern Turkey. “An Egyptian-European archaeologic... [Dead Sea] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

December 2, 7AM

Archaeologists have excavated an Edomite/Idumean temple in a live-fire zone near Lachish that they first identified using drones. High-res photos and a video are available here. An ancient gymnasium with well-preserved mosaics has been discovered near bi... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Italy] [Lectures] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

December 1, 7AM

Wayne Stiles has created a new Christmas video series entitled “The Promise That Changed the World.” These three videos were filmed entirely in Israel and include new drone footage. The first video focuses on the prophecies of the birth of Jesus, an... [Resources]

November 28, 10PM

Last year scientists conducted a first-ever examination of the traditional tomb of Jesus inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Test results now reveal that the mortar used to secure a slab over the traditional burial bench of Jesus dates t... [Jerusalem] [Tomb of Jesus]

November 26, 7AM

Appian Media has released a trailer for episodes 6–10 of Following the Messiah. You can get further updates on their Facebook page. See the Holy Land has created a mobile app that provides a guide to 110 sites in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. The Android-... [10th Century] [Antiquities Trade] [Excavations] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Sad News] [Technology] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

November 25, 7AM

Archaeologists working at el-Araj (Bethsaida?) discovered a lioness relief in a pile of debris. A mosaic from a Georgian church or monastery has been excavated in Ashdod-Yam, leading archaeologists to believe they may have finally discovered the Roman-By... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Tourism]

November 23, 6AM

The Bible places great emphasis on giving thanks, and the fourth Thursday in November provides Americans with a prominent reminder of our need to express gratitude. On the assumption that this applies even to photographers and bloggers, I thought I might ... [Holidays]

November 18, 7AM

Noam Chen has produced a photo essay of the “hidden gems of Jerusalem,” including the Kishle, Siebenberg House, the Italian Synagogue, Jason’s Tomb, Helena’s Well, Little Western Wall, Church of St. John the Baptist, and the Mamluk Halls inside th... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Negev] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Sad News] [Weekend Roundup]

November 11, 6AM

Seven inscriptions were discovered in three Byzantine churches excavated in Galilee this summer. Haaretz (premium) also covers the story. Archaeologists have discovered a Hellenistic-era gymnasium in the Fayoum province of Egypt. A recently discovered A... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [greece] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

November 5, 7AM

“Archaeologists in Greece have uncovered rare jewels, coins and other artefacts while excavating tombs near the ruins of the classical city of Corinth dating to between the fourth and first centuries A.D.” A preliminary report of the 2017 excavation ... [Dead Sea] [Excavations] [forgery] [greece] [Lectures] [Mediterranean Islands] [Resources] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

November 4, 6AM

Scientists have discovered a void in the Great Pyramid of Giza that is 100 feet long. Archaeologists excavating in the Timna Valley have discovered remains of a pregnant Egyptian woman. A swimmer in the Sea of Galilee found a Byzantine-era “chicken-sh... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Exodus-Conquest] [forgery] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Negev] [Samaria] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

October 28, 5AM

Volume 8 of The Israel Museum Studies in Archaeology is available online. Several articles address a monumental Herodian Ionic capital from Jerusalem. Detailed site plans and other materials from the Tell en-Nasbeh (Mizpah) excavations are now available ... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Judah] [Lectures] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Technology] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

October 26, 6AM

A colleague suggested to me that John A. Beck’s new travel guide to Israel is a happy medium between the popular Dyer and Hatteberg handbook on the one hand, and the classic Jerome Murphy-O’Connor tome on the other. I suspect that he is right, and tha... [Resources] [Tourism]

October 24, 5AM

A significant new visual resource that we developed for the Photo Companion to the Bible is images of old and ancient scrolls of Old Testament books. This is particularly useful in illustrating the Gospels because of the abundance of quotations and allusi... [Photo Resources]

October 21, 6AM

The Israel Antiquities Authority has arrested looters who discovered a cave in a Galilean village that was used for storage and stables in the Roman period. Aren Maeir reports on a “mini-season” they held this week at Gath. The “Bible Marathon” ... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Mediterranean Islands] [Museums] [Shephelah]

October 19, 8AM

The University of Nebraska at Omaha is hosting its 19th annual Batchelder Conference for Archaeology and Biblical Studies from November 9 to 11. Rami Arav will deliver the opening keynote address on “The First 30 Years of Excavations at Bethsaida.” Ri... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Lectures]

October 17, 5AM

When we started taking photos in the Holy Land, our gaze was mostly fixed on the sites. That, after all, is the basis for most tour itineraries. This was reflected in our earliest photo collections, as they were organized by country, region, and site. Bu... [Photo Resources]

October 16, 6AM

Archaeologists working in Jerusalem today announced the results of the last two years of excavation underneath Wilson’s Arch next to the Western Wall. The most exciting find is a small Roman theater. The story is being reported by a number of news sou... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

October 13, 5AM

I am traveling this weekend, and so this edition is shorter than usual. I’ll pick up any stories I missed next weekend. Solomon’s Pools will be renovated with a $750,000 grant from the US Consulate in Jerusalem with hopes of turning it into a major t... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [greece] [Holidays] [Judah] [Lectures] [Photo Resources] [Shephelah] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

October 12, 5AM

Pastor Jimmy Reagan writes about ministry and books on The Reagan Review and he has just posted a helpful review of the new Photo Companion to the Gospels. Here’s how it begins: Wow! I hardly know what to say about this phenomenal collection of phot... [Photo Resources]

October 10, 6AM

Last week we began this new series to highlight some new features in the Photo Companion to the Bible. We think this series will benefit both those considering purchasing the collection as well as those who already own it but have not yet seen its full po... [Photo Resources]

October 8, 6AM

“The ancient city of Ephesus . . . is set to once again have a harbor on the Aegean coast, according to an ambitious new project.” Archaeologists working at Saqqara in Egypt have discovered a portion of a large obelisk from the Old Kingdom period. T... [Egypt] [Israel's Coast] [Italy] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [Technology] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

October 7, 6AM

Robert Mullins has written an update on the major discoveries at Abel Beth Maacah after 5 years of excavation. A head of an Akhenaten statue has been discovered in excavations at Tel el-Amarna. Some medieval artifacts were seized in Turkey, including a ... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Temple Mount] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

October 5, 6PM

I’ve recommended Ginger Caessens’s study tour of Jordan in the past, and I’ve always received enthusiastic reviews from those who participated. Of course, I’m not surprised because I participated on this outstanding trip more than a dozen yea... [Jordan] [Opportunities] [Tourism]

October 3, 6AM

Today I’m going to begin a short series that provides an inside look at some of the features of the new Photo Companion to the Bible. I think that both those who already own the collection and those who are considering the investment will find these pos... [Photo Resources]

October 1, 5AM

Archaeologists have discovered a Jewish settlement under an abandoned military base near the town of Beit El. Excavation of a tomb near Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo uncovered an “afterlife snack pack of nine decapitated toads.” A lost city of Alexande... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Lectures] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Samaria] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

September 27, 5AM

I was asked recently if I had a recommendation for a good book on the Temple Mount. I love easy questions! Here’s the short answer: And here’s a slightly longer answer if you’re not sure which book of Leen and Kathleen Ritme... [Jerusalem] [Photo Resources] [Resources] [Temple Mount]

September 24, 5AM

The Biblical Archaeology Society has announced its 2017 Publication Awards. Chris McKinny and Itzhaq Shai explain how they have implemented PlanGrid as a digital field registration system at Tel Burna. Ferrell Jenkins notes some of the latest books publ... [greece] [Italy] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

September 23, 8AM

The biblical Feast of Trumpets, usually observed now as the Jewish New Year, was celebrated on Thursday. Ferrell Jenkins shares some photos of the ram’s horn. With the ending of year 5777, the Temple Mount Sifting Project identifies the “top 10 topic... [Excavations] [Holidays] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Lectures] [New Exhibits] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

September 19, 5AM

I wanted to give you a heads-up on next summer’s Institute of Biblical Context conference in Zeeland, Michigan, on June 11-13, 2018. The focus this year will be on “Shepherds, Sheep, and Shepherding.” That is such a rich and glorious topic in the Sc... [Lectures]

September 16, 6AM

Israel’s Tourism Ministry has approved construction of 4-mile-long cable car line connecting Upper Nazareth and the lower slopes of Mount Tabor. Tomb raiders have vandalized the Judean desert fortress of Hyrcania. Reader’s Digest suggests 10 sites (... [Egypt] [Galilee] [greece] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Lectures] [Resources] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

September 13, 6AM

Charles Dyer’s new book brings together two of my passions: the book of Psalms and the land of Israel. 30 Days in the Land of the Psalms: A Holy Land Devotional is an attractive, compact, hardcover book that walks the reader through 30 psalms by showing... [Resources]

September 11, 6AM

Archaeologists have learned a lot in the first season of a renewed expedition to Masada, but they’re not saying much yet. The tomb of an 18th-Dynasty goldsmith has been discovered on Luxor’s West Bank. “Excavations at an ancient mound in the centr... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Judah] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

September 10, 7AM

Haaretz reports on Steven Fine’s study that the reliefs of the Arch of Titus were originally painted in full color. “The Arch of Titus - From Jerusalem to Rome and Back” is a new exhibition opening this week at the Center for Jewish History in Manh... [Italy] [Mesopotamia] [movies] [Resources] [Syria] [Technology] [Weekend Roundup]

September 9, 8AM

The discovery of a Neolithic model of a clay silo from Tel Tsaf is leading scholars to rethink the history of food storage. Gabriel Barkay recently gave a tour of the Temple Mount to members of the US Congress. John DeLancey is blogging about his Israel... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

September 4, 7AM

Several dozen seal impressions have been discovered in excavations in the City of David. These bullae date to the period after the fall of the northern kingdom in 722 BC and the archaeologists suggest that the names on them may belong to refugees who immi... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Jerusalem]

September 3, 5AM

An ancient cemetery has been discovered on the west bank of Luxor. Jared Owen discusses the identity of a pharaoh’s head discovered in 1995 at Hazor. See how Petra met its decline in a 2-minute video A 2-minute video explains how Petra declined. Und... [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jordan] [Museums] [Resources] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

September 2, 6AM

As excavations get underway at Kiriath Jearim, Haaretz (premium) reports on a 9-foot-wall discovered there and Finkelstein’s belief that the site held a temple that competed with Jerusalem. The “ancient coin” the 9-year-old girl found last week is ... [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Resources] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

August 27, 6AM

A Babylonian tablet contains a completely accurate trigonometric table more than 1,000 years before Pythagoras lived. A donation to the Israel Museum has more than doubled the total number of gold coins on display in Israel. James Davila has been doing ... [forgery] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

August 26, 6AM

A 6th-century mosaic discovered near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem has a Greek inscription mentioning Emperor Justinian. A 1.5-minute video is here. At Neve Tzuf, an 8-year-old girl discovered a coin from the Jewish Revolt inscribed “Holy Jerusalem.... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Shephelah] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

August 21, 8AM

Last night, on a whim, I jotted down some thoughts on the new Photo Companion to the Bible and sent them out in the BiblePlaces Newsletter. The response has been terrific. If you didn’t see it already, you can read it here. Introductory discount ends ... [Photo Resources]

August 20, 6AM

A first-century AD tomb in Irbid, Jordan, will open to the public next month. The unique tomb contains oil paintings, transcriptions, and drawings. A Hellenistic temple and network of water tunnels has been uncovered at Gadara. An analysis of a water pi... [Italy] [Jordan] [Lectures] [Resources] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

August 19, 6AM

Three major salvage excavations in Israel may be excavated by private companies and directed by archaeologists with little experience. (Haaretz premium) They’re already recruiting for next summer’s excavations in Israel, and you can get all the infor... [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Judah] [Photo Resources] [Samaria] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

August 14, 9AM

If you don’t subscribe to the BiblePlaces Newsletter, or if some helpful filter put it into a folder you never check, you can read it here. Or go straight to the big news of our new photo collection here. My biased opinion: it’s our best collection e... [Photo Resources]

August 12, 7AM

The suggestion that el-Araj could be New Testament Bethsaida received lots of media attention, not all accurate. I’d recommend this report by Jeffrey Garcia and Steven Notley at the CSAJCO website. An on-site interview with archaeologist Mordechai Aviam... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Lebanon] [Shephelah] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

August 6, 7AM

For years, some scholars have doubted the claim of excavators working at et-Tell that they had discovered Bethsaida (see my explanation here). But as the years went by, and archaeologists continued to come up empty (of significant remains from the right t... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee]

August 5, 6AM

The Preliminary Report for the 2017 excavation season at Tel Kabri has been posted. ABR has provided a brief overview of discoveries at Shiloh this year. ABR has posted Rodger C. Young’s article on “How Lunar and Solar Eclipses Shed Light on Biblica... [Antiquities Trade] [Excavations] [Holidays] [Israel's Coast] [Philistines] [Resources] [Samaria] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

August 3, 6AM

It’s not easy picking just one. The happy reality is that, except for little surveys like this one, we don’t have to. Beautiful vistas abound in the biblical lands, if only we can climb to the summit. When forced to choose just one, the most common a... [survey] [Tourism]

August 1, 5AM

Many of my favorite stops in touring around Israel are viewpoints. Whether it’s on top of a mountain or a mosque, a cliff or a convent, an overlook of the biblical landscape captures so much from one vantage point. I thought that this week we would so... [survey] [Tourism]

July 29, 6AM

A large 4th-century AD winepress has been discovered and excavated in the Ramat Negev region. The IAA has posted a 1-minute video in Hebrew. A new study argues that everything we knew about the origin of the Philistines is wrong. The Times of Israel rev... [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Lebanon] [Negev] [Philistines] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

July 26, 6AM

For the last four months, the Israel Antiquities Authority has been excavating on the east side of the City of David, and today as the traditional anniversary of the temple’s destruction approaches they announced the discovery of evidence of the city’... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Jerusalem]

July 22, 8AM

Archaeologists working near biblical Aphek have discovered a large water reservoir dating to about the time of King Hezekiah. The press release includes a one-minute video. They found Roman remains at el-Araj, a candidate for New Testament Bethsaida. Her... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [greece] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

July 20, 4AM

Jerusalem is a place deeply meaningful to so many people. It is not only full of history, but it is also full of the future. I really enjoyed reading through your responses on this survey, for we all feel passionately about this city! The site chosen by... [Jerusalem] [survey] [Temple Mount]

July 18, 3AM

We had some fun last summer with a series of reader surveys, and we thought we would do some more as we await word of the discovery of ancient archives in the excavations of Hazor, Abel Beth Maacah, and Gath. To kick this series off this year, we’re a... [Jerusalem] [survey]

July 15, 8AM

Archaeologists working in Shikhin, ancient Asochis. have discovered the 2nd-century AD house and workshop of an oil lamp maker who hailed from Judea. (Haaretz premium; 2013 story in the Jerusalem Post) Ten jugs from the time of Eli and Samuel have been d... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Judah] [Museums] [Philistines] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

July 8, 8AM

Jodi Magness keeps digging up cool mosaics in the Late Roman synagogue at Huqoq. (Unfortunately, they seem to have released only two photos.) A manuscript with a medical recipe from Hippocrates has been discovered in restoration works of the library of S... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Judah] [Museums] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

July 4, 6AM

A mosaic discovered near Nicosia, Cyprus, depicts scenes from a chariot race. Archaeologists working in Rome discovered a 3rd-century building that apparently burned down with a dog inside. One artist has envisioned the ancient Roman road system as a mo... [greece] [Italy] [Mediterranean Islands] [Museums] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

July 3, 6AM

Archaeologists have recently identified the presence of child slaves in Amarna, Egypt, from shortly after the traditional date of the Israelite exodus. A team from Yale and Royal Museums of Art and History has discovered the oldest known monumental hiero... [Egypt] [Jordan] [Mesopotamia] [Weekend Roundup]

July 2, 6AM

In the final season of the Tel Gezer Project, archaeologists have found evidence of Merneptah’s fiery destruction of the city, including the skeletons of an adult and child. The capture of Gezer is mentioned in the famous Merneptah Stele, along with the... [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Judah] [Philistines] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

July 1, 9AM

A lot happened while we were traveling in June, and I think it is going to take us four roundups to catch up. Today we begin with stories related to Israel. Archaeologists have discovered a Crusader-era tunnel in Tiberias that apparently led from the for... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

June 28, 8PM

Archaeologists excavating in the Timna Valley near Eilat have discovered fabric that was dyed red and blue. This is the first time that such a colored clothing has been discovered from this ancient period. The Times of Israel provides a summary of a journ... [10th Century] [Discoveries] [Negev]

June 15, 8PM

The massive “Spring Tower” built over Jerusalem’s Gihon Spring was originally dated by archaeologists to the Middle Bronze Age. A new study, however, indicates that the fortifications were constructed in the 9th century BC, the time when Jerusalem w... [Jerusalem]

June 6, 2AM

I’ve talked with a few people recently who weren’t aware of some of what we’re doing and some of the options available, so I thought I’d take a minute to provide a brief summary. First, you don’t have to check the blog website every day to keep...

May 29, 6AM

A 3,700-year-old Egyptian burial chamber containing the remains of a ‘Pharaoh’s daughter’ was found south of Cairo at Dahshur's royal necropolis. Archaeologists have discovered “a cachette of non-royal mummies of men, women and children buried in... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Weekend Roundup]

May 28, 6AM

A new study suggests that the Philistines brought their pigs with them when they sailed to the coast of Israel. The second issue of the Tel Aviv University Archaeology Newsletter has reports on projects at Masada, Kiriath Jearim, Timna Valley, City of D... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Philistines] [Resources] [Shephelah]

May 27, 8AM

Archaeologists have revealed new evidence for the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 from the excavations of the road from the Siloam Pool to the Temple Mount. The tomb of an unknown saint has been unearthed at Hippos. A stone slab with two indenti... [Dead Sea] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Photo Resources] [Resources] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

April 29, 8AM

The big story of the week is the discoveries made in excavations at Caesarea, including the altar of Herod’s temple, an inscribed menorah, and a statue of Asclepius. You can read the press release here or download high-res photos here. Haaretz has the b... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [greece] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup]

April 22, 6AM

“An Egyptian archaeological mission in Luxor has announced the discovery of a major tomb in the city’s west bank area dating back to the 18th Dynasty and containing priceless artefacts.” Israeli archaeologists have begun to study an ancient Jewish ... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Judah] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

April 19, 6AM

Today is the last day to sign up as a charter member of the new website Walking the Bible Lands. Here’s my short explanation of why I recommend it: Walking the Bible Lands is a marvelous resource for all those who have longed to visit Israel and ... [Resources] [Tourism]

April 15, 6AM

“In an statement timed just ahead of Passover, the Temple Mount Sifting Project said Sunday it had found a stone finger that may have belonged to a Bronze Age Egyptian statue, but conceded it wasn’t sure.” For the first time ever, a reenactment of ... [Dead Sea] [Holidays] [Israel's Coast] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Sad News] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Tomb of Jesus] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

April 10, 8AM

Tonight National Geographic TV is airing its special on the opening of the traditional tomb of Jesus in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The episode is scheduled for 10 pm Eastern. This story from October has some of the details and images that will like... [Jerusalem] [Tomb of Jesus]

April 8, 6AM

Gabriel Barkay believes that they have discovered one of the capitals from Solomon’s Colonnade on the eastern side of the Temple Mount. Leen Ritmeyer seems inclined to agree, but he clarifies an issue with a measurement. An excavation last month of Qum... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Negev] [Resources] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

April 7, 6AM

Wayne Stiles has long impressed me with his knowledge of Israel and his application of the biblical truths to our lives. He’s written three excellent books, and he has faithfully written regular posts on his blog for many years. But I think his new pr... [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Tourism]

April 5, 1PM

It’s been more than 1,900 years since the Jewish people have slaughtered a Passover lamb within the walls of Jerusalem. But this one still doesn’t “count” because it’s not on the Temple Mount. From The Times of Israel: An annual reenactment ... [Holidays] [Jerusalem]

April 2, 6AM

High school students excavating in Ramat Beit Shemesh have uncovered remains of a Jewish village from the first century AD. Aviva and Shmuel Bar-Am describe the recently opened Mikveh Trail south of the Temple Mount. “Did archaeologists find the royal... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

April 1, 7AM

The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced a “GoFundMe” campaign in order to excavate all remaining biblical sites before the antiquity thieves do. If all funding targets are met, security officers will be hired to protect these sites for an addit... [April Fool's Joke]

March 26, 6AM

Haaretz (premium): “Archaeologists in Rome have uncovered the [very fragmentary] remains of a second triumphal arch dedicated to the emperor Titus and his success in putting down the Great Revolt of the Jews in the first century C.E.” “The remains... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [greece] [Italy] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Syria] [Weekend Roundup]

March 25, 7AM

Archaeologists working along Highway 1 near Abu Ghosh discovered a cache of bronze coins from the time of the Persian invasion in AD 614. A study of a core sample from 1,500 feet below the floor of the Dead Sea points to lengthy droughts in the past. Wi... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Samaria] [Tomb of Jesus] [Weekend Roundup]

March 22, 9AM

The iron cage holding together the edicule built over the traditional tomb of Jesus has been removed in time for the Easter celebrations, but now scientists are warning that the structure is in danger of collapsing because the foundation is built on rubbl... [Jerusalem] [Tomb of Jesus]

March 21, 6AM

I’ve recommended this before, but I wanted to do so again before the early bird price ends in a few weeks. The three-day conference is being held in Zeeland, Michigan on June 12-14. You can see the faculty and conference schedule here. I expect it will ... [Lectures]

March 20, 6AM

Those interested in the Temple Mount in Jerusalem are probably aware that the largest stone is visible on a tour of the “Western Wall Tunnels.” This massive monolith is located just south of Warren’s Gate and measures 43.4 feet (13.55 m) long. There... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

March 18, 7AM

Archaeologists have discovered a Crusader ship that wrecked in the harbor of Acco. A replica of a 2,500-year-old ship discovered at Ma’agan Michael launched yesterday from Haifa. That colossus they recently dug up belongs not to Ramses II, but to Psam... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Shephelah] [Technology] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

March 12, 6AM

A new McDonalds in Italy incorporates a 150-foot section of Roman road that dates to the 1st or 2nd centuries BC. Film footage from excavations of Nineveh in the late 1920s and early 1930s has been digitized by the Royal Asiatic Society. Carl Rasmussen ... [Galilee] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [movies] [Museums]

March 11, 8AM

Archaeologists have excavated a dolmen on the Golan Heights that is unique because of its large size and artistic decorations. The capstone weighs about 50 tons. You can watch a 2-minute video here. Two large pharaonic statues, believed to be from the 19... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [forgery] [Galilee] [Golan] [Holidays] [Israel's Coast] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources]

March 8, 1PM

Archaeologists have discovered a well-preserved Roman-period road in the Shephelah of Judah. Based on a milestone previously discovered with the name of Hadrian, they have dated the road to circa AD 130, though numismatic evidence may indicate a first-cen... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Shephelah]

March 7, 8PM

For the first time in 70 years, the iron cage around the edicule built over the traditional tomb of Jesus has been removed. The British Mandatory authorities installed the girders as a temporary measure in 1947 while church leaders squabbled over a restor... [Tomb of Jesus]

March 5, 7PM

David Bivin has long lived within close proximity of the Roman road that runs from Jerusalem to Emmaus. He has led a number of tours along this route as well, showing pilgrims the way that Jesus walked with two disciples on the day of his resurrection (Lu... [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Tourism]

March 4, 8AM

A new study concludes that the Roman siege ramp of Masada was never completed and thus was not used to conquer the site. The Times of Israel has more on the latest discoveries at Omrit. Syrian troops have recaptured Palmyra from ISIS and the latest dama... [Dead Sea] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Italy] [Resources] [Syria] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

February 28, 10PM

The tomb of Jonah is a traditional and unless he lived for more than a hundred years, this tradition has now been undermined by the discovery of a 7th-century palace built by the Assyrian king Sennacherib. The Times of Israel reports: In July 2014, we... [Discoveries] [Mesopotamia]

February 26, 7AM

The Vatican and the Jewish community of Rome are collaborating on a new exhibition on the menorah. Whenever Mosul is liberated from ISIS, a strategic plan will be in place for restoring its heritage. Restoration work is underway on a colossal statue of ... [Antiquities Trade] [Egypt] [Italy] [Judah] [Mesopotamia] [Technology] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

February 25, 8AM

Tabgha's Church of the Multiplication of Fish and Loaves has re-opened after 20 months of restoration following the arson attack. Hebrew inscriptions discovered on a Roman-period capital point to the Jewish history of the Druze village of Pekiin. The ol... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [greece] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

February 21, 10AM

I’ve mentioned before “Paul’s Walk from Troas to Assos” tour that is being led by Mark Wilson and Meg Ramey. I think it will be a fantastic trip because not only will you see many important sites in western Turkey, but it is rare to have the oppor... [Tourism] [Turkey]

February 19, 7AM

The New York Times recounts the recent destruction of Palmyra and reviews a new online exhibit by The Getty Research Institute, “The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra.” The search for hidden chambers in King Tut’s tomb continues this year. A Japanese team... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [greece] [Lectures] [Museums] [Syria]

February 18, 10AM

A Roman-period gate has been discovered at Beit Shearim (“house of gates”). A study of LMLK seal impressions reveals that there was a massive spike in the earth’s magnetic field in the time of King Hezekiah. I expect that G. M. Grena will have more... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Judah] [movies] [Technology]

February 13, 12 PM

The shrinking Dead Sea is a perennial news item, but The Times of Israel’s article today has some new information on the subject that I haven’t seen in previous reports. There’s also a 360-degree-video taken from a boat moving along the shore. The ... [Dead Sea]

February 12, 7AM

In light of the recent revival of the half-shekel temple tax, John Delancey looks at the biblical background of this coin. Wayne Stiles shows how the Hinnom Valley is not only a picture of evil, but also one of redemption. And, as usual, he shares some g... [Egypt] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Negev] [Turkey]

February 11, 10AM

Excavations are set to resume at Masada, and the focus will be on Herod’s gardens and the rebels’ houses. Tel Aviv University will begin excavations at Kiriath Jearim this August. The IAA has inaugurated a “new” trail in the Davidson Center Arch... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Resources]

February 8, 9AM

Archaeologists have discovered a cave on the cliffs above Qumran that held Dead Sea Scrolls until it was looted in the mid-1900s. Eleven caves have previously been identified containing ancient scrolls, but no new ones have been discovered since Cave 11 w... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries]

February 6, 6AM

There is a new Bible Mapper WebViewer that is designed to be a quick reference tool, for use on computers, tablets, and phones. Here are several ways to use it: Navigate around a blank base map of the biblical world. Enter the name of a biblical si... [Resources] [Technology]

February 4, 8AM

Israeli authorities seized dozens of stolen ancient artifacts in Acco recently. January’s “Find of the Month” for the Temple Mount Sifting Project is a murex trunculus. Wayne Stiles considers the history and geography of Bethsaida and makes a pres... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Samaria] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

January 28, 9AM

Scott Stripling provides an account of the 21st and final season of excavations at Khirbet el-Maqatir, possible location of biblical Ai. They found a Bronze Age stele in the final week of excavations. Breaking Israel News provides an illustrated report o... [Antiquities Trade] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Lectures] [movies] [Museums] [Negev] [Samaria] [Weekend Roundup]

January 23, 6AM

A new exhibit has opened at the Israel Museum entitled, “Behold the Man: Jesus in Israeli Art.” Now on display in Australia is the British Museum’s famed bronze Head of Augustus from Meroë. The Museum of Troy is scheduled to open later this year.... [Antiquities Trade] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources] [Sad News] [Syria] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

January 22, 6AM

Gordon Govier lists his top 10 discoveries in biblical archaeology in 2016. The Biblical Archaeology Society has selected its top 10 biblical archaeology discoveries of the year. LandMinds has a one-hour video podcast discussing the list. Haaretz provid... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Lectures] [Mediterranean Islands] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

January 21, 10AM

“Siloam Street,” now dubbed “Pilgrims Way,” leading from the Pool of Siloam to the Temple Mount, was inaugurated recently. Excavations begin this summer at Kiriath Jearim and applications for volunteers are being accepted. Carl Rasmussen recentl... [Excavations] [Golan] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

January 20, 9AM

Archaeologists have discovered the Roman theater at the site of Hippos. Excavations of the Crusader-era Montfort Castle in Galilee have discovered game pieces, belt buckles, pig bones, and much more. Analysis of organic remains from a 10th B.C. gatehous... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Exodus-Conquest] [Galilee] [Golan] [Museums] [Negev] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup]

January 18, 2PM

I didn’t want this one to get lost in the weekend roundup, so here’s a link to the newly released, all-free video series entitled “Following the Messiah,” produced by Appian Way and featuring Barry Britnell. We have mentioned this several times ... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Resources]

December 27 2016, 9AM

The Jerusalem Post and Haaretz are reporting the collapse of an Israelite-period wall at Tel Dan following heavy rains. From the Jerusalem Post: The stone wall, located near the entrance gate to the ancient city of Tel Dan, collapsed on top of five to... [Galilee] [Weather]

December 24, 10AM

A stone bowl inscribed with the name “Hyrcanus” was discovered in the City of David. Since the name was common in the Hasmonean period, it is not clear if it belonged to one of the two rulers with this name. High-res images are available here. A bron... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [greece] [Holidays] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Syria] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

December 20, 8AM

Haaretz reports on the discovery of new fragments of Dead Sea Scrolls. New fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been found in the Cave of the Skulls by the Dead Sea in Israel, in a salvation excavation by Israeli authorities. The pieces are small an... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Excavations]

December 19, 7AM

I have mentioned previously the “Following the Messiah” video series being created by Appian Media. They’re wrapping up post-production now and have scheduled two public showings of Episodes 1 and 2 in January. Tickets are free and the event is open... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Tourism]

December 18, 7AM

If you’re interested in excavating in Israel next year and need a scholarship, the Tel Burna team has compiled a list of opportunities. A new exhibit on Khirbet el-Maqatir opens next month at the University of Pikeville. Translation is the focus of a... [Excavations] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Syria]

December 17, 9AM

A winepress from the 1st century BC has been discovered in Ashkelon. A gang of antiquities thieves were caught in the act of plundering ancient tombs in Galilee. Heritage Daily lists the top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2016, including the ancient ... [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount]

December 10, 8AM

A tomb with a number of well-preserved frescoes from the Hellenistic or Early Roman periods has been discovered in northern Jordan. A dozen sculptures recently unearthed at Perga are now on display in the Antalya Museum. The BBC runs an interesting stor... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Syria] [Tomb of Jesus] [Weekend Roundup]

December 8, 7AM

For thirty years now, Rami Arav has led excavations at the site of et-Tell. Since the beginning, he has identified the ruins with the New Testament site of Bethsaida. This identification was quickly adopted by Israeli road sign makers, and most popular li... [Analysis] [Excavations] [Galilee]

December 5, 7AM

At last month’s meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, Mark Wilson suggested in a lunch gathering sponsored by Tuktu Tours that Paul’s original destination on his first journey was not Galatia but Alexandria. This talk was based on an article... [Egypt] [Mediterranean Islands] [Turkey]

December 3, 9AM

Archaeologists have finally discovered the port of ancient Byblos. Philippe Bohstrom looks at the history of the city of Dan and the tribe of the Danites in a well-illustrated Haaretz article. Wayne Stiles beat me to the new Virtual Reality tour at the ... [Discoveries] [forgery] [Galilee] [Jordan] [Judah] [Lebanon] [Samaria] [Weekend Roundup]

December 2, 8AM

Haaretz reports on this new discovery: An underwater survey conducted by divers off Tel Dor, on the Mediterranean Sea, yielded an astonishing find: a rare Roman inscription mentioning the province of Judea – and the name of a previously unknown Roma... [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast]

November 26, 5AM

Archaeologists working in central Israel unearthed the Middle Bronze predecessor of Rodin’s “The Thinker.” High-res photos and a video are available here. Archaeologists are speaking out against the construction of a mixed prayer area in the Jerusa... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Tourism]

November 20, 7AM

British and Egyptian archaeologists working in Aswan have discovered a long causeway leading to the tomb of a Middle Kingdom nomarch. The Kom Aushim Museum in Egypt’s Fayoum has re-opened after 10 years of renovation. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is c... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [greece] [Italy] [Mesopotamia] [Museums]

November 19, 10AM

“A rare cache of gold and silver items dated to 3,600 years ago has been found at Tel Gezer, including figurines of the Canaanite counterparts of the Akkadian deities Ishtar, goddess of fertility, sex, love and war; and Sin, god of the moon.” An arso... [Antiquities Trade] [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Sad News] [Shephelah] [Tourism]

November 5, 6AM

Teenagers working in an excavation in Galilee discovered a rare gold coin from the 8th century. The New York Times has a story on the recent exposure of the burial bed inside Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Carl Rasmussen found some unique photos of the ex... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Museums] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

November 2, 8AM

National Geographic has posted a new article on the continuing excavation of the traditional tomb of Jesus. The team was allowed 60 hours of study before they had to reseal the area. When the marble cladding was first removed on the night of October ... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Tomb of Jesus]

October 30, 6AM

Wayne Stiles explores the 8 (present) and 12 (future) gates of Jerusalem. Ferrell Jenkins shares some beautiful photos and helpful information about the Citadel of David in Jerusalem. David Hansen provides an introduction to the significance of biblical... [Dead Sea] [Egypt] [Exodus-Conquest] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

October 29, 6AM

“For the first time in centuries, scientists have exposed the original surface of what Christians traditionally believe to be Jesus’s tomb in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, as part of a restoration project.” National Geographic has a vi... [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Temple Mount] [Tomb of Jesus] [Weekend Roundup]

October 26, 8AM

The Israel Antiquities Authority has issued a press release with an accompanying video (below) describing a rare papyrus dating to the time of Judah’s monarchy and mentioning the name of Jerusalem. The two-line document measures 4 inches long and 1 inch... [Discoveries] [Judah]

October 22, 9AM

Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of the Roman breach of Jerusalem’s “Third Wall” in AD 70. Some high-res images are available here. Excavations around the “Ramesses Gate” in Jaffa have revealed a massive destruction layer that attests to ... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [greece] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Lebanon] [Lectures] [Museums] [Resources] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

October 21, 8AM

Word is out about a ancient papyrus to be presented next week by Shmuel Ahituv. The Hebrew papyrus appears to have a dozen lines of writing on it, including the word “to Jerusalem,” and dates to about the time of King Hezekiah. It was discovered recen... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem] [Judah]

October 8, 5AM

An ancient Christian “crossword puzzle” has been discovered in the agora of Smyrna. A sewage system in the Urartian city of Van that dates to 800 BC has been fully excavated. You missed the first-ever “Swim the Corinth Canal” event, but perhaps ... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [greece] [Jordan] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Negev] [Shephelah] [Turkey]

October 1, 6AM

A couple of Israeli scholars are suggesting that the Hasmonean Hall (aka “Hall of the Freemasons”) in the Western Wall Tunnels may have served as a triclinium for Jerusalem’s city council. Scientists working in Galilee have discovered caves used by... [Antiquities Trade] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Mesopotamia] [Negev] [Sad News] [Syria] [Turkey]

September 28, 8AM

Archaeologists working at Tel Lachish have excavated the second half of a six-chamber gate and claim to have discovered two horned altars suggested that this was a “shrine in the gate” that was desecrated in the reforms of Hezekiah (2 Kgs 18:4). The e... [Discoveries] [Shephelah]

September 24, 6AM

Digital imaging technology has virtually opened an ancient scroll from En Gedi to reveal the first two chapters of Leviticus. The publication in Science Advances includes a number of photos. Another article published in Textus is also online. The portions... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [greece] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Lectures] [Negev] [Sad News] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

September 17, 8AM

A stone weight from the first century with the name of the high priest has been discovered in Jerusalem. Ynet has more photos and a video in Hebrew. Israel’s largest archaeological garden was opened this week on a military base in Tel Aviv. Archaeolog... [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

September 15, 5AM

We had fewer responses for this survey than previous ones, perhaps because the nature of the survey is more geared to scholars and well-traveled tourists than to others. The lower participation may also account for why many excellent museums were not repr... [Museums] [survey]

September 14, 12 PM

In excavations on Mount Zion this summer, archaeologists discovered a gold coin with the image of Nero. UNC Charlotte’s press release gives more details: The discovery of a rare gold coin bearing the image of the Roman Emperor Nero at UNC Charlotte... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem]

September 13, 4AM

If choosing a favorite museum related to the biblical world is difficult for you, consider yourself blessed. There are outstanding museums for the Bible student and teacher in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, the UK, Germany, France, the US, and ... [Museums] [survey]

September 11, 6AM

A New York Times photo essay reveals how a Turkish dam project will submerge thousands of years of history. Turkey is punishing Austria by cancelling their excavations at Ephesus, Limyra, Myra, and Antalya. Ferrell Jenkins begins a new series on Visitin... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Resources] [Technology] [Turkey]

September 10, 8AM

A stone seal discovered this summer at Abel Beth Maacah suggests Israelite presence at the site in the 9th century. Luke Chandler has collected a number of photos of floor tiles from Herod’s Temple Mount that have been restored by the Temple Mounting S... [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Negev] [New Exhibits] [Samaria] [Temple Mount]

September 3, 6AM

The discovery of hundreds of olive pits in the Beth Shean Valley dated to 5000 BC are prompting a reevaluation of ancient irrigation practices. Some antiquities have been discovered in the garden of the American Consulate in Alexandria. The majority of ... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Italy] [Jordan Rift] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Weekend Roundup]

September 1, 5AM

The winners for this survey were the city of Jerusalem (7 different churches proposed), with the Church of the Holy Sepulcher receiving the most individual votes. Bethlehem has two favorite churches, and Galilee two others. Only two churches were selected... [survey]

August 31, 6PM

Philippe Bohstrom reports in Haaretz on the discovery of a large royal structure immediately adjacent to the Solomonic city gate. A palatial building dating to the era of King Solomon 3000 years ago has been discovered in the royal city of Gezer, thou... [10th Century] [Discoveries] [Shephelah]

August 30, 4AM

Some tour groups visit every church as part of their pilgrimage to the Holy Land, while others visit only those they can’t avoid. Whatever your persuasion, it’s hard to deny that there are some beautiful buildings that have been constructed at or n... [survey]

August 27, 6AM

The National Parks Authority has begun a $750,000 project to restore the Lower Aqueduct between Abu Tor and the Temple Mount in order to open it to visitors for Sukkot. A stone workshop has been excavated in Galilee between Nazareth and Cana. The archaeo... [Egypt] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

August 25, 6AM

Readers of this blog are big fans of the Tel Dan Inscription, taking first place with twice the number of votes for the runner-up, the Siloam Inscription. It dropped off steeply from there with only four votes for the Pilate Inscription, two for the Ketef... [survey]

August 23, 2AM

We’re heading indoors for this survey, for when an artifact is discovered, particularly one with writing on it, the archaeologist removes it from the site and it usually ends up displayed in a museum.This survey may be a little more challenging for so... [survey]

August 20, 6AM

A high school student found a ballista ball from the Bar Kochba Revolt during recent excavations of Beitar. Excavators working at Abel Beth Maacah discovered one of the earliest silver hoards ever found. There’s more information about the excavation ... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Herod's Tomb] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Resources] [Samaria]

August 18, 5AM

This was a fun survey for me to review, and I think it was fun for many of you who suggested a favorite story. Most of the choices were unique, but David and Goliath was chosen four times and several others were picked twice: Gideon, Jesus’s temptation,... [survey]

August 17, 5AM

I had the opportunity to read a pre-publication draft of an article that David Z. Moster has written on crossing the Jordan River in antiquity. I found it a fascinating study, and I asked him if I could share some of his excellent research with you, and h... [Jordan Rift]

August 16, 4AM

This should be a fun one to read the results: what is your favorite geographical story in the Bible? By that, we want to know which story, with a geographical angle, most captures your imagination. I'll suggest a few examples to get you thinking about mor... [survey]

August 15, 6AM

A first-century AD synagogue has been discovered in eastern lower Galilee at Tel Rekhesh (Tell el-Mukharkhash). The synagogue was apparently in use until the village was abandoned during the Bar Kochba Revolt. Ynet News has the story: Last Tuesday, an... [Discoveries] [Galilee]

August 14, 6AM

A stunning (!) 36-foot mosaic floor depicting scenes of ancient chariot races in the hippodrome has been revealed outside Nicosia in Cyprus. Human skeleton remains of a teenage boy dating back to 11 BC have been found on Mt. Lykaion, a site honored as th... [greece] [Mediterranean Islands] [movies] [Museums] [Syria] [Technology] [Turkey]

August 13, 7AM

In work to construct a mikveh in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, archaeologists discovered a Roman bathhouse and below that a cistern connected to the aqueduct from Bethlehem. Hundreds of Roman fresco fragments from a large building, dating to the 2nd c... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount]

August 10, 6AM

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first survey. We had about 70 responses, a small enough number to keep us from drawing any significant conclusions. The winner was Jerusalem. Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives Perhaps we should have exclude... [survey]

August 9, 4AM

I thought we might try something new to liven up August here on the blog. This week, and for a few weeks to come, we’ll conduct a reader survey in which you tell us what you like best. A day or two later, we’ll share the results. The process is simple... [survey]

August 7, 6AM

Haaretz (premium) has a story on the Mamertine Prison now that it has been renovated and re-opened. The history of the site goes back to the 8th century BC and was considered to be one step away from hell for its captives. A refurbishment of the kitchen... [Egypt] [greece] [Italy] [Mediterranean Islands] [Mesopotamia] [Resources] [Tourism]

August 6, 6AM

The Israeli police arrested five members of the Waqf for erecting scaffolding and carrying out structural changes on the Dome of the Rock without authorization. A new study suggests that there was widespread literacy in the kingdom of Judah in the 6th ce... [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Philistines] [Sad News] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount]

July 31, 6AM

Archaeologists working in Manisa in western Turkey have discovered a dinner set that dates to 150 BC. Philippe Bohstrom profiles the Phoenicians and their contributions to civilization. A map of all of Egypt’s archaeological sites and museums has been... [Egypt] [Jordan] [Museums] [Turkey]

July 30, 6AM

A youth group working alongside archaeologists in Ibillin in northern Israel have uncovered a Canaanite fortress. A pottery workshop from the Roman period has been excavated in western Galilee. High-res photos are available here. After a four-year break... [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Temple Mount]

July 25, 6AM

Earlier this morning, Hebrew University sent out this press release with photos: In a historic find, a large fragment of an Egyptian statue measuring 45 X 40 centimeters, made of lime-stone, was discovered. In the course of the current season of excav... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee]

July 24, 5AM

“Forty-five shipwrecks, many dating back to ancient times, have been discovered off a Greek archipelago that is one of the Mediterranean's richest underwater archaeological sites.” A large and Roman mosaic has been discovered in Larnaca, Cyprus. A s... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Exodus-Conquest] [greece] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Travels] [Turkey]

July 23, 6AM

The archaeological co-directors provide a summary of this summer’s work at Tel Ein Jezreel. Archaeologists working at Bethsaida have found some monumental towers guarding the approach ramp to the city gate. Haaretz (premium) reports on the latest disc... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Lectures] [Technology]

July 10, 5PM

After thirty years of excavations, the final season at Ashkelon ended on Friday. As the excavation closed, a new Ashkelon exhibit opened at the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem, and a sensational find was announced at the press conference. For the last fou... [Discoveries] [Philistines]

July 6, 5AM

Jodi Magness has discovered more mosaics in her excavations of the synagogue of Huqoq in Galilee. In previous years she uncovered a mosaic of Samson and the foxes and another of Samson carrying the gate of Gaza. From the UNC press release: The mosaic ... [Discoveries] [Galilee]

July 3, 6AM

Archaeologists working in Pompeii have “discovered four skeletons and gold coins in the ruins of an ancient shop in Pompeii.” Archaeologists working at Carthage have uncovered a “smart cooling system” for chariot racers. As restoration work on t... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Italy] [Museums] [Syria]

July 2, 9AM

Repairs inside the Dome of the Rock are complete, and when they took photos this week, it was revealed that the reconstruction of the tile floor proposed by the Temple Mount Sifting Project is accurate. The study of fish bones found in a 7th-century AD s... [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [movies] [Philistines] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount]

June 30, 7AM

If you’re looking for an enjoyable read that takes you into first-century Israel, I recommend A Week in the Life of a Roman Centurion, by Gary M. Burge. The story follows the familia of a Roman centurion as he moves from Syria to Caesarea to Capernaum, ... [Galilee] [Resources]

June 29, 8AM

A unique and well-preserved mosaic depicting the battle of David and Goliath has been looted in Syria. I was first shown a higher-res version of this image several months ago, but was not allowed to share it. It’s now posted on a French website, and you... [Antiquities Trade] [Syria]

June 28, 8AM

From the Jerusalem Post: A Roman gate discovered during excavations by the University of Haifa in the ancient city of Hippos, located at Sussita National Park, may cast light on the mystical bronze mask of Pan, considered by archeologists to be the on... [Discoveries] [Galilee]

June 26, 6AM

The Temple Mount Sifting Project has released a new video showing dozens of their discoveries. Another video released this month features David Hendin explaining the coins of the Jewish War. Egyptian officials are re-opening the tombs of Queen Nefertari ... [Antiquities Trade] [Dead Sea] [Egypt] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Philistines] [Temple Mount]

June 25, 6AM

An in-depth article by the Atlantic Monthly has uncovered the original source for the fake Jesus wife papyrus. The Harvard professor who published the artifact now believes that it is probably a modern forgery. With the help of Google Earth and drones, r... [Egypt] [forgery] [greece] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Judah] [Resources] [Samaria] [Temple Mount]

May 30, 4AM

Bill Schlegel has produced new two teaching videos as a companion to the Satellite Bible Atlas: 12 The Negev, Part 1, Maps 1-12, 1-13 (10 min) 13 The Negev, Part 2, Maps 1-12, 3-1, 3-2 (12 min) Also worthy of note is that the second edition of the Sate... [Resources]

May 26, 5AM

Carta has just released what is likely the most beautiful and most useful edition of Josephus’s The Jewish War ever printed. Here’s why I think this is the edition you (and your students) will want to read: Josephus needs maps, and this edition in... [Resources]

May 24, 5PM

The Israel Antiquities Authority has issued a press release, forwarded to us by Joseph Lauer, about recent excavations in the Cave of the Skulls in the Judean wilderness. Here are a few paragraphs and photographs from the press release: Last week, the... [Excavations] [Judah]

May 20, 10PM

Archaeologists working at Jerash (biblical Gerasa) have discovered part of a life-size statue of Aphrodite. “American and Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a rare structure called a nilometer in the ruins of the ancient city of Thmuis in Egypt’... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Jordan Rift] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources]

May 18, 8AM

Two scuba divers made the find of a lifetime last month when they discovered a shipwreck dating to the 4th century AD. In what has been called the most extensive underwater discovery in Israel in 30 years, the divers found statues, anchors, and lumps of c... [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast]

May 14, 8AM

A leaked report of a scan of King Tut’s tomb suggests that there are no hidden chambers. A few days earlier, scholars at a conference disagreed on the significance of radar scans. Three tombs on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor are being opened to th... [Dead Sea] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Judah] [Syria]

May 13, 8AM

Gabriel Barkay has been excavating in Jerusalem for more than 45 years and he is the winner of the Jerusalem Prize for Archaeological Research. He is also a favorite professor for many who have studied biblical archaeology and the history of Jerusalem. If... [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

May 10, 11AM

I’m not sure why, and I’m not sure how long it will last, but at the moment Amazon is selling Chris McKinny’s new book for 90% off ($83.95 marked down to $8.61). My People as Your People: A Textual and Archaeological Analysis of the Reign of Jeh... [Historical Geography] [Jordan] [Judah] [Resources] [Shephelah]

May 7, 8AM

Shmuel Browns reviews the new “Pharaoh in Canaan” exhibit at the Israel Museum and shares many photos. Carl Rasmussen gives two reasons why he likes to visit Magdala. Haaretz posts several impressive photos from this year’s celebration of the Sama... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Museums] [Negev] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Samaria]

May 1, 4AM

A mosaic found in Antioch on the Orontes from the 3rd century BC reads “Be cheerful, enjoy your life.” The Washington Post has more on the discovery of a waystation built during the early years of Queen Hatshepsut. A scholar believes he has found th... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [greece] [Jordan] [Judah] [Mesopotamia] [Resources] [Syria] [Turkey]

April 30, 7AM

Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a 13th dynasty scarab in a gold ring at Tel Dor. Excavations begin this summer at el-Araj, a candidate for the site of Bethsaida. Nyack College is participating and inviting others to join them. The Temple... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Temple Mount]

April 20, 4AM

(by Gordon Franz) There are two special exhibitions in New York City that illustrate the World of the New Testament. The first is at the Onassis Center in the Olympic Tower on 5th Avenue. This exhibit is entitled: “Gods and Mortals at Olympus.” All t... [Museums] [New Exhibits]

April 19, 7AM

A 12-year-old girl participating in the Temple Mount Sifting Project discovered an amulet dating to 1200 BC with the name of Thutmose III. From the press release: The small amulet is in the shape of a pendant, missing its bottom part, measures 21mm wi... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

April 16, 4AM

The oldest known glass production factory in Israel has been discovered on Mount Carmel. High-res photos are available here. A new study by Tel Aviv University points to widespread literacy in Israel in 600 BC. Christopher Rollston offers a summary and r... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources] [Samaria] [Syria] [Temple Mount]

April 8, 4AM

Archaeologists working at Magdala have discovered a bronze incense shovel and a bronze jug. The press release includes a 1.5-minute video. Archaeologists believe that they have unearthed a Byzantine church in Gaza. But as quickly as it was discovered, it... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Resources]

April 2, 4AM

Archaeologists have identified the oldest known quarry in Israel at Kaizer Hill near Modiin. Some radar experts doubt the existence of hidden chambers in King Tut's tomb. Another scan was done yesterday, but results will not be announced for at least a w... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Judah] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Philistines] [Syria]

March 26, 10AM

Ferrell Jenkins remembers the events of this weekend with photos related to the crucifixion and resurrection. Michael Heiser offers some links in response to the perrennial “miracles-are-impossible” stories that surface this time each year. The batt... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Judah] [Lectures] [Photo Resources] [Syria] [Technology] [Tourism]

March 20, 4AM

Six statues of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet have been discovered at the Temple of Amenhotep near Luxor. Monumental piers have been discovered in the ongoing excavations of Corinth’s harbor of Lechaion. “The Museum of Lost Objects traces the stories ... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [greece] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources]

March 19, 4AM

A woman hiking on an unnamed archaeological site in eastern Galilee picked up a gold coin with the image of Emperor Augustus. High-res images are available here. Luke Chandler reports on a new excavation at Khirbet Arai, not far from Tel Lachish. The fir... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [forgery] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Philistines] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount]

March 17, 7AM

From The Times of Israel: Radar scans of the tomb of pharaoh Tutankhamun in the ancient necropolis of Luxor showed a “90 percent” chance of two hidden chambers, possibly containing organic material, Egypt’s antiquities minister said Thursday. ... [Discoveries] [Egypt]

March 14, 4AM

I want to recommend to you today a work that’s a little broader than the typical “Bible places” category, but one that I have found of great use for several years now. Dr. Anderson’s Interpretive Guide to the Bible is very valuable tool for unders... [Resources]

March 12, 6AM

Some scholars have weighed in on the seal of the woman discovered in Jerusalem. Christopher Rollston has a lengthy analysis, concluding in part that the seal dates to approximately 700 BC. Robert Deutsch writes that the archaeologists made several mistake... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Sad News] [Syria]

March 6, 11PM

The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced a significant discovery from the excavations in the Central Valley below the Dung Gate. The excavations in the Givati parking lot are being directed by Doron Ben-Ami, Yana Tchekhanovets and Salome Cohen. From... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem]

March 5, 6AM

IAA excavations in the Schneller Compound in Jerusalem have revealed a Roman bathhouse and a Roman- or Byzantine-era winerpress. High-res photos and a video may be downloaded here. Archaeologists have unearthed a cemetery in use from the Middle Bronze to... [Dead Sea] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Resources] [Syria] [Technology] [Turkey]

February 27, 6AM

A seven-year-old boy found a 3,400-year-old figurine at Tel Rehov. Archaeologists working at Timna in southern Israel found some remarkably well-preserved fabrics from the time of David. You may recall that for a long time scholars denied there was any a... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Jordan Rift] [Judah] [Lectures] [Museums] [Negev] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Technology]

February 20, 6AM

Archaeologists do not know the date or purpose of a wall in southern Jordan than is nearly 100 miles long. There are more photos here. Archaeologists have discovered a large underground silver mine in Greece. A Chalcolithic site was found in Shuafat nor... [Egypt] [greece] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Judah] [Museums] [Negev] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Turkey]

February 18, 9AM

An archaeological conference being held this weekend is bringing some leading scholars and archaeologists to Mississippi. From MSU's press release: A free Friday and Saturday [Feb. 19 and 20] program at Mississippi State has been designed to help the gene...

February 14, 6AM

The Bornblum Eretz Israel Synagogues Website is a new work that presents "bibliographical references, geographical location, photos, plans and brief descriptions of excavated ancient synagogues from the Roman and Byzantine periods in the Land of Isra... [Egypt] [Galilee] [greece] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Negev] [New Exhibits] [Shephelah]

February 13, 6AM

A recent study suggests that most of the terraces in the hill country of Judah were built in the last 400 years and none of them as early as the Iron Age. But that may not be the last word. The plan to turn the archaeological site underneath Robinson’s... [forgery] [Galilee] [Judah] [Museums] [Temple Mount]

February 8, 7AM

I highly recommend that students and teachers of the Bible go on a study trip in Jordan. You have no idea how much biblical history happened on the other side of the river until you spend two weeks seeing it all. It is extremely rewarding. The best study... [Jordan]

February 6, 6AM

A farmer on a hike with his family near the Horns of Hattin discovered a scarab depicting Thutmose III. “An ancient canal system used 2,000 years ago to irrigate terraced agricultural plots has been unearthed at an excavation near the Roman-era fortres... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Turkey]

February 3, 5AM

On Jan 6, 2016, the New York Public Library released more than 187,000 items in their digital collection into the public domain. Mark Hoffman sent along some of the treasures he found and that motivated me to dig deeper. The list below reflects highlights... [Resources]

January 30, 11AM

Several Aramaic and Greek inscriptions with the word “rabbi” have been found in the cemetery of Sepphoris at the time when Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi was alive. A large church in the underground city of Nevşehir in Cappadocia has been discovered with many... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Museums] [Philistines] [Sad News] [Shephelah] [Turkey]

January 24, 7AM

A Jerusalem Post article by the chairs of the PEF and the Early Exploration of the Holy Land conference describes some of the Temple Mount explorations by Charles Warren. After a major sandstorm last week, Israel is gearing up for a mega-snowstorm this w... [Egypt] [Israel's Coast] [Lectures] [Negev] [New Exhibits]

January 23, 10AM

Have archaeologists identified some of the pilgrimage roads that led up to Jerusalem? The Dead Sea is a fascinating place, as Wayne Stiles shows from his research and with some good visual aids. @PalExFund shares a great photo from 1903 of the “PEF O... [Dead Sea] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Negev]

January 16, 8AM

A Japanese team is excavating Tel Rekhesh, a city that may be biblical Anaharath. Wayne Stiles explains what the apparently contradictory lessons of suffering and glory that Jesus revealed on the slopes of Mount Hermon mean for us today. Muslims are con... [Galilee] [greece] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Philistines] [Resources] [Temple Mount]

January 9, 7AM

Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient road in Tarsus, not far from the Cleopatra Gate. A new study suggests that the Romans contributed to an increase in human parasites, despite their advances in sanitation technology. Wayne Stiles draws spiritual a... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Temple Mount] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

January 6, 9AM

Israeli archaeologists working in the northern coastal city of Nahariya have uncovered a Canaanite citadel dating to 1400 BC. From Haaretz: The Bronze Age citadel apparently served as an administrative center serving Mediterranean mariners, stated the... [Excavations] [Israel's Coast]

January 3, 7AM

Greek and Danish archaeologists are excavating Lechaion, the harbor town of ancient Corinth. An “ancient arch of Palmyra which was destroyed by Isis will be recreated in Trafalgar Square and Times Square using the world’s largest 3D printer.” Alba...

January 2, 6AM

Archaeologists unearthed a Byzantine-era sculpture of a male lamb in Caesarea. High-res photos are available here. The Israel Antiquities Authority uncovered a farmhouse from 700 BC and a Byzantine church near biblical Aphek. High-res photos and a video ...

December 31 2015, 6PM

Several lists have been compiled to review the year’s top discoveries in biblical archaeology. We’ll start with the annual compilation by Gordon Govier, published in Christianity Today. Though he initially described them as “top stories” of 201...

December 21, 3PM

The Whizin Center and the Simmons Family Charitable Foundation's 27th Annual Program in Biblical Archaeology is entitled “Bedouin, Archaeology, History and the Bible: Surprising New Answers for Old Questions.” This year’s lecturers are K. Lawson You...

December 19, 11AM

A Hebrew inscription from the 5th century AD attests to a Jewish community at Kursi on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee. Despite what the archaeologist says, it tells us nothing about the swine miracle, as Richard Bauckham observes. Plans are unde...

December 12, 11AM

A 12th-century BC inscription from Lachish is shedding light on the development of the alphabet.The BASOR article is available through JStor (subscription required).The New York Times reports on questions raised by the Magdala Stone.The city of Beit S... [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

December 6, 6PM

Archaeologists have found another ancient olive press at Shiloh. The oldest known artifact of smelted lead has been discovered in a burial cave in the Negev. George Athas provides some analysis of the Hezekiah seal impression. “Hoards: The Hidden His... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Museums] [Negev] [New Exhibits] [Samaria] [Weekend Roundup]

December 2, 8AM

A personal seal impression belonging to King Hezekiah has been discovered in excavations south of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. The tiny inscription reads, “Belonging to Hezekiah (son of) Ahaz king of Judah,” and is the first of its kind to be discovere... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem]

November 28, 8AM

An 8-year-old boy discovered the head of an Iron Age figurine while visiting the site of Beth Shemesh. A mosaic with an inscription from Isaiah 65 has been discovered near Adana, Turkey. Archaeologists have found a “giant fence” at Tell ed-Daba th... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast] [Jordan] [Museums] [Resources] [Sad News] [Shephelah] [Technology] [Travels] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

November 27, 4AM

Wayne Stiles has a Black Friday special today for the release of his new audiobook, Going Places with God. I’ve highly recommended the book in the past, and I expect the audiobook to be popular as well. You can get the 40% off discount here. Amazon has... [Photo Resources] [Resources]

November 22, 6AM

A papyrus with lines from the Gospel of John and dated to circa AD 300 was discovered on eBay. Excavations at Khirbet el-Eika suggest a pagan population lived at this Hellenistic site near the Horns of Hattin. A new exhibit with finds from Gath (Tell es... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Italy] [New Exhibits] [Philistines] [Resources] [Technology]

November 21, 7AM

The Mountain to Valley Relay is a 215 km relay race in northern Israel. Registration opens in January. A beautiful mosaic from the Roman and Byzantine periods excavated in Lod went on display this week. A hoard of 3rd century Roman coins has been found ... [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Golan] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

November 8, 7AM

You don’t have to watch too much of this video footage of a flash flood at the tabernacle model in Timna Park to be impressed. Repairs to the outer court posts are underway. A leaky pipe at the Western Wall was mistaken for the Messiah. There’s more... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

November 7, 7AM

A study of the temperature of the walls of Tut’s tomb is promising for those looking for a hidden chamber. Ben Carson believes the pyramids of Egypt were built by Joseph to store grain. Joseph’s tomb has been restored. The Hebron archaeological sit... [American Colony Photos] [Egypt] [Jordan Rift] [Judah] [Museums] [Resources] [Samaria]

November 4, 5AM

Has the Akra been discovered? On Monday the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) circulated a press invitation to “A Solution to One of the Greatest Questions in the History of Jerusalem.” The location of the Hasmonean fortress of the Akra has long elud... [Analysis] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

November 3, 7AM

The precise location of the Jewish temple is debated by scholars. Some believe that the holy of holies was located over the “rock” (es-Sakhra) under the Dome of the Rock. Others believe that the altar sat on this rock. A few have held that the holy of... [Analysis] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

November 1, 6AM

An undisturbed 3,500-year-old soldier's tomb with enormous treasures has been found in southwest Greece. A secret tunnel built by the Hittites has been discovered in central Turkey. Twenty two ancient shipwrecks have been discovered off the coast of Tur... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [greece] [Museums] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

October 31, 8AM

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has posted an initial list of excavations in 2016. There are a couple of options if you’d prefer to avoid the hot temperatures and high airfares of the summer. WSJ: A Boy’s Discovery Rebuts Temple Mount Revision... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Israel's Coast] [Lectures] [Samaria] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

October 24, 9AM

A new study claims that an Egyptian text is the oldest known abecedary. Haaretz's report on Gabriel Barkay's Temple Mount sifting project include several pictures of findings. A UNESCO resolution that claimed the Western Wall prayer plaza as an Islamic ... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Jordan] [Judah] [Lectures] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Sad News] [Syria] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

October 17, 7AM

Archaeologists working on the Gezer water system have new evidence supporting its dating to the Middle Bronze period. Volunteers are invited for next season’s dig. A court has ruled that Elad can continue to run the Jerusalem Archaeological Park in the... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Photo Resources] [Resources] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Syria] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Tomb of Jesus] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

October 10, 8AM

ISIS has destroyed the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra. The destruction of ancient monuments will now be considered a war crime in trials at The Hague. An interdisciplinary team of scientists want to dig beneath the popular version of Pompeii to discover wha... [Galilee] [greece] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Shephelah] [Syria] [Temple Mount] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

October 3, 8AM

A church mosaic floor dating to AD 500 and depicting a map of Egypt has been discovered in Kiryat Gat. There’s a growing consensus among archaeologists that the tomb of King Tut has two previously undiscovered rooms, one of which could hold the remains... [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Philistines] [Shephelah] [Syria] [Temple Mount] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

September 26, 9AM

In Pompeii, a pre-Roman tomb dating to 4 B.C. has been found in perfect condition by French archaeologists. A newly discovered tablet of the Epic of Gilgamesh preserves nearly twenty lines previously unknown. The UNC Charlotte magazine features a story ... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

September 25, 7AM

Archaeologists have been sifting debris discarded from illegal excavations on the Temple Mount for more than a decade now. Yesterday they announced the discovery of a seal dating to the 10th century BC. From a press release from the Temple Mount Sifting P... [10th Century] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

September 22, 5AM

Where is the famous tomb of the Maccabees? Archaeologists working in the vicinity of Modiin in recent weeks found something, but not enough to positively identify the long-lost mausoleum. From the Times of Israel: Israeli archaeologists had hoped to f... [Excavations] [Israel's Coast]

September 21, 5AM

Earlier this year I made a seven-day trip to Jordan to take photos. For the first time in my travels in the Middle East, I used a GPS. It worked well. If you’re planning to rent a car and travel around on your own, you might consider it as an option. He... [Dead Sea] [Jordan] [Tourism] [Travels]

September 19, 7AM

Just posted: Preliminary Report of the 2015 Jezreel Expedition Field Season A full schedule of speakers and topics for the Annual Bible and Archaeology Fest is now online. Eric Cline is the plenary speaker. After the heat wave and brutal sandstorm, Isra... [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Jordan] [Lectures] [Museums] [Philistines] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

September 16, 3AM

For many years I have enjoyed taking students deep into the world of ancient Israel, exploring its land, its people, and its stories. One place that is always most rewarding is the era of Israel’s kings, for this terrain is little known and yet aboundin... [10th Century] [Resources]

September 12, 11AM

This week’s sandstorm in Israel is the worst it has experienced since the nation was founded in 1948. Air pollution in Jerusalem was 173 times higher than average. Carl Rasmussen shares a video showing how bad it was on the Mount of Olives. What exactl... [Dead Sea] [forgery] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Lebanon] [Museums] [Negev] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

September 5, 6AM

The excavation season at Magdala has concluded, and the wrap-up describes the major findings, including a fourth mikveh that was fed by spring water. The Temple Mount Sifting Project has just released a video about their work, its importance, and the nee... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Lectures] [Museums] [Philistines] [Syria] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

September 4, 8AM

Andrew Curry at National Geographic has posted a review of sites in Syria and Iraq that have been attacked with bulldozers, explosives, sledgehammers, or is being extensively looted. The list includes: Syria: Palmyra, Mar Elian Monastery, Apamea, Dura-Eu... [Mesopotamia] [Syria]

September 3, 8AM

Building contractors unearthed and then concealed a unique sarcophagus dating to the Roman period in the southern coastal city of Ashkelon. From a press release from the Israel Antiquities Authority: A unique and extremely impressive stone sarcophagus... [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast]

August 31, 8AM

Excavations in the City of David have revealed a pyramid-shaped staircase believed to belong to a first-century podium. The discovery was made along the street that runs from the Pool of Siloam up to the Temple Mount. From the Israel Antiquities Authori... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem]

August 29, 8AM

Archaeologists working at Laodicea have uncovered an inscription with the “water law” of the city from AD 114. The mummy of King Tut will remain on display in his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. A girl shattered a Roman vase in a display case at th... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Herod's Tomb] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

August 26, 7AM

From The Telegraph: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) have destroyed one of Palmyra’s most well-known ancient temples, according to Syria’s antiquities chief. Carefully stage-managed photographs by Isil show the moment the terrorist g... [Syria]

August 25, 8AM

The NIV Zondervan Study Bible is being released today. The successor to the best-selling study Bible will likely quickly become a best-seller itself, especially since it was written under the direction of D. A. Carson, one of the most well-known and well-... [Resources]

August 24, 6AM

Visitors to Samaria are few since the Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority closed down daily operations. It is truly sad that most Israelis and foreign tourists can’t (or won’t) visit the ancient capital of the northern kingdom, home to Jehu and Jero... [Samaria] [Tourism]

August 22, 8AM

The Islamic State beheaded the retired chief archaeologist of Palmyra. The Oriental Institute condemns this “brutal and senseless act.” Ian Tuttle suggests that he be added to the ranks of martyrs. Does Syria's Director-General of Antiquities and Mus... [Antiquities Trade] [Egypt] [greece] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Syria] [Weekend Roundup]

August 19, 8AM

Wayne Stiles has a new book out: Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing. That might not sound like a book with a strong connection to biblical geography and history, but it is. The book released yesterday, but I’ve already read a large portion... [Resources]

August 15, 6AM

A feature story in the Worcester Magazine describes the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review is out and it includes a story on Kadesh Barnea. A new exhibit at the Ismailia Museum in Egypt features discoverie... [Dead Sea] [Egypt] [Lectures] [Museums] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

August 8, 9AM

A mikveh from the first century has been discovered in a southern Jerusalem neighborhood. This one was unusual because of the numerous wall paintings. Leen Ritmeyer comments here. You can access high-res photos here. Excavations at Horvat Kur near the Se... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Exodus-Conquest] [Galilee] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Lebanon] [Museums] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

August 4, 6AM

The Jerusalem Post carries a brief notice of the discovery of the Iron Age gate along with two photos. Archeologists at Bar-Ilan University, headed by Professor Aren Maeir, have discovered the fortifications and entrance gate to the biblical city of G... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Philistines]

August 1, 8AM

This season’s excavations at Tel Kabri uncovered 120 huge wine jars. Three reliefs have been discovered from the Middle Kingdom site of al-Hoody near Aswan. Leen Ritmeyer explains the significance of a small window on the Temple Mount. John Bartlett... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

July 25, 8AM

Chris McKinny explains the fortifications of Tel Burna that were discovered this season. The Charlotte Observer reports on Shimon Gibson’s excavations in Jerusalem. Tracy Hoffman has a wrap-up on the 2015 season at Ashkelon. James R. Strange is inter... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [greece] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

July 23, 9AM

If you ever wanted to learn more about the Lands of the Bible but you’re not a traditional student or you can’t afford to travel to the Middle East, you will want to check out the free online “Survey of the Lands of the Bible” class that Mark Vita... [Historical Geography] [Resources]

July 20, 8AM

A 6th-century AD scroll discovered inside a Torah Ark at En Gedi 45 years ago has recently been deciphered to reveal the first 8 verses of Leviticus, making it the oldest scroll discovered since the Dead Sea Scrolls. From a press release from the Israel A... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Technology]

July 18, 6AM

The finds keep coming in the excavations of Gath. A mosaic with a verse from Isaiah 65 has been discovered in Adana, Turkey. A thief has returned two ballista balls he took from the excavations of Gamla twenty years ago. The US has returned more than 4... [Antiquities Trade] [Excavations] [forgery] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Jordan] [Mesopotamia] [Philistines] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

July 12, 7AM

Short one billion dollars to complete the Grand Egyptian Museum, Egypt has pushed its opening back from this year to 2022. Zahi Hawass has ideas on how to raise the money. A special edition of DigSight reports on the excavations of Lachish. A special i... [Antiquities Trade] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Negev] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

July 11, 8AM

The first permanent Roman legionary camp has been discovered near Megiddo. Scholars long knew of its existence because of the site’s preserved name of Legio, but only recently have they found remains. This year-old article at Bible History Daily has mor... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jezreel Valley] [Jordan] [Judah] [Sad News] [Shephelah] [Syria] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

June 29, 6AM

Issam Salsaa of Bethlehem has created a number of detailed models of Jerusalem and Bethlehem that are quite impressive. You can check out his YouTube videos to see several of them: The Old City The Citadel of David (and a second) The Church of the Holy... [Jerusalem] [Resources]

June 27, 7AM

Archaeologists working at Kibbutz Magen near the Gaza Strip have discovered a Roman-period marble dolphin statuette. This week, ISIL is apparently planning to turn the site of Jonah’s tomb into a park. The Iraqi authorities consider that a crime. Isra... [Excavations] [Galilee] [greece] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

June 20, 7AM

Brian Peterson reports on the third and final week of excavations at Khirbet el-Maqatir. The discoveries included a third scarab. Bible History Daily posts a report on current excavations at Ashkelon. Arsonists destroyed two storerooms filled with antiq... [Excavations] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jezreel Valley] [Lebanon] [Mesopotamia] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

June 18, 8AM

Arsonists attacked the Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fish at Tabgha at 3:30 this morning. Graffiti left at the site indicates that the attack was perpetrated by religious Jews. Police have arrested and released 16 suspects, all minors from Je... [Galilee] [Tourism]

June 17, 7AM

Using maps from the Satellite Bible Atlas and new aerial imagery, Bill Schlegel has created a video that takes you from Jericho up to Jerusalem along the ancient route. Jesus traveled this way many times including on his way up to the city to present hims... [Jerusalem] [Judah]

June 14, 6AM

To mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Palestine Exploration Fund, the University of Haifa and the Gottlieb Schumacher Institute are inviting papers for a December conference on “PEF and the Early Exploration of the Holy Land.” Gershon... [Antiquities Trade] [Egypt] [greece] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Syria] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

June 13, 9AM

Archaeologists have discovered a Byzantine church near Abu Gosh during construction to widen Highway 1. UPI has five photos of the excavation. High-res photos may be downloaded here. Haaretz has posted a 1-minute video in Hebrew with English subtitles. ... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Herod's Tomb] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Judah] [Negev] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Tomb of Jesus]

June 6, 8AM

This summer’s excavation on Mount Zion begins soon. Here’s how you can help even if you can’t be in Jerusalem. Leen Riitmeyer reports on a second arch of Titus uncovered in Rome. And he describes how his search to find the Dedicatory Inscription in... [Antiquities Trade] [Dead Sea] [Galilee] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Lebanon] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Weekend Roundup]

June 4, 8AM

For the short summary, check out Luke Chandler’s post. He includes a photo and discusses the biblical mentions of the name Ishbaal/Eshbaal. The publication details are as follows: Yosef Garfinkel, Mitka R. Golub, Haggai Misgav and Saar Ganor, “The ... [10th Century] [Discoveries] [Shephelah]

May 31, 7AM

Philistines living at Yavneh used hallucinogenic drugs, according to Israeli archaeologists.The Dhamar Regional Museum in Yemen was destroyed in a Saudi airstrike. It was completely destroyed, according to these photos.Revelers at a Burning Man festival d...

May 30, 9AM

A cylinder seal from the Early Bronze period may depict the earliest known musical scene in Israel. The seal was found in western Galilee in the 1970s.“A record-breaking heat wave in Israel sparked forest fires, caused flight delays and prompted a sharp...

May 24, 6AM

The lighthouse of Alexandria is to be rebuilt near its original location. An ancient Egyptian temple has been discovered at the Gabal Al-Silsela quarries. One of the earliest complete copies of the Ten Commandments (from the Dead Sea Scrolls) will be on... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Museums] [Negev] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

May 23, 9AM

Palmyra has fallen to ISIS. The fear now is for the safety of the monuments and museum. This CNN slideshow features 19 monuments destroyed in the war. “Cyber-archaeologists” are working to virtually restore what has been destroyed. Archaeologists w... [Discoveries] [Holidays] [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Syria] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

May 21, 8AM

I almost missed this, but still available through today is this great deal for every issue of Biblical Archaeology Review through 2012 for $60. That’s less than $2/year for 37 years. I suspect they may be preparing a 40th anniversary edition, but it wil... [Resources]


A new section of the Lower Aqueduct built by the Hasmoneans to bring water to Jerusalem has been exposed near Har Homa between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. A press release from the Israel Antiquities Authority gives more details. The Israel Antiquities Au... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem] [Judah]

May 18, 6AM

Bill Schlegel has released another teaching video based on the Satellite Bible Atlas, this one focused on the northern regions of Israel. The 18-minute video describes the geographical and historical significance of the: Sea of Galilee Golan Height... [Galilee] [Golan] [Historical Geography]

May 17, 6AM

In honor of Jerusalem Day, Noam Chen shares 25 sets of then and now photos of the city. Biblical Archaeology Review is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a two-volume coffee table book that features one article from each year. “The Digital Atlas of... [Egypt] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Resources] [Syria] [Technology] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

May 16, 9AM

Leen Ritmeyer explains with word and image the Treasury of the Temple in Jerusalem. The IAA stopped two would-be tomb robbers as they were about to penetrate a Roman period burial chamber. Fifty years ago this week Yigael Yadin announced the discovery o... [Antiquities Trade] [greece] [Jerusalem] [Syria] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

May 9, 10AM

The oldest complete copy of the Ten Commandments is going on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem for a brief time. No articles provide the dates of the display. High-resolution images of this Dead Sea Scroll are available here. Archaeologists have ... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Holidays] [Museums] [Resources] [Sad News] [Shephelah] [Weekend Roundup]

May 8, 8AM

The Institute of Archaeology at Ariel University will be holding an international seminar on May 10-12 in Jerusalem and Ariel entitled: “Archaeology and Text: Toward Establishing a Meaningful Dialogue between Written Sources and Material Finds.” Part... [Lectures]

May 7, 7AM

(by Ryan Jaroncyk) Yesterday I shared a list of arguments concerning the identification of the Talpiot Tomb with the tomb of Jesus and his family. Last month proponents of that theory claimed that analysis of the “James son of Joseph brother of Jesus... [Jerusalem] [Tomb of Jesus]

May 6, 8AM

(by Ryan Jaroncyk) As a layman, I have followed the “Jesus Family Tomb” and “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” Ossuary controversies fairly closely since 2007. In an attempt to bring greater clarity to those of us who are not archaeological... [Jerusalem] [Tomb of Jesus]

May 4, 7AM

We have a brand new video to introduce the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands to teachers, pastors, students, and all those who love the places of the Bible! In just two minutes, you’ll learn: What the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands is Why it is... [Photo Resources]

May 3, 6AM

Emek Shaveh has submitted a petition to Israel’s Supreme Court asking that Elad not be allowed to operate the City of David Archaeological Park. The Museum of Biblical Art in NYC will permanently close on June 14. The American Bible Society could not f... [Antiquities Trade] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Museums] [Resources] [Syria] [Weekend Roundup]

May 2, 8AM

Israeli authorities have arrested 7 Bedouin for illegally excavating at Tel Ma’aravim. Take a tour of all the discoveries in Ashkelon with Aviva and Shmuel Bar-Am’s well-illustrated article in The Times of Israel. If you haven’t already purchased ... [Antiquities Trade] [Galilee] [Herod's Tomb] [Israel's Coast] [Jezreel Valley] [Judah] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Tomb of Jesus] [Weekend Roundup]

April 26, 6AM

The latest from SourceFlix: The Bible as a Tool in Archaeology (4 min) Not long ago we created a list of U.S. museums with artifacts related to the biblical world. Bible Gateway has produced a list of museums and exhibits on the Bible itself. The River ... [Galilee] [Jordan] [Jordan Rift] [Lectures] [Museums] [Samaria] [Weekend Roundup]

April 25, 8AM

Archaeologists have uncovered a monumental entrance to the Herodium that was apparently buried by King Herod. The short video is more informative than the article. Russian archaeologists have discovered portions of the walls of Memphis, capital of ancien... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Judah] [Museums] [Sad News] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

April 19, 6AM

John Beck is a guest on Our Daily Bread: Exploring the Land of the Story: Unlocking Biblical Geography. Beck’s Discovery House Bible Atlas has just been released. Beck is interviewed about his atlas on the Good Book Blog. The Museum of the Bible is hos... [10th Century] [Excavations] [Lectures] [Photo Resources] [Resources] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

April 18, 10AM

Leen Ritmeyer comments on the report that the stone floor inside the Dome of the Rock is being removed. The Temple Mount Sifting Project posts a recent photo with a note that more details will be posted soon. A shrine from the 30th Dynasty Pharaoh Nectan... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

April 15, 7AM

The Passages exhibit recently opened in Santa Clarita, California, and together with the Green Scholars Initiative they are hosting a monthly lecture series. Admission is free, but reservations are required (888-297-8011). Apr 28, 2015, Visualizing the ... [Lectures]

April 12, 7AM

Of the latest concerning “the tomb of Jesus,” the evidence doesn’t add up, according to professors at Yale and Notre Dame. Other scholars agree. Jeffrey Zorn’s talk on Storage Bins at Tell en-Nasbeh (biblical Mizpah) is now online (20 min). Arch... [Jezreel Valley] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Tomb of Jesus] [Weekend Roundup]

April 11, 9AM

The Holy Fire ceremony was celebrated in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher today. It snowed on Mount Hermon this morning. The annual precipitation in Israel this year is close to average. Hershel Shanks is a guest on The Book and the Spade talking with G... [Galilee] [Holidays] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

April 10, 6AM

The declining water level of the Dead Sea is creating sinkholes which are in turn threatening roads, campsites, and beach areas. This past winter two free beaches along the western shore of the Dead Sea have been closed, leaving visitors with fewer and mo... [Dead Sea] [Tourism]

April 9, 6AM

Ben Witherington responds to the latest claim by Simcha Jacobovici that the James Ossuary came from the Talpiot Tomb, thereby proving that this was the burial place of Jesus the Messiah. Of course [Aryeh] Shimron has not published his results yet, nor... [Tomb of Jesus]

April 5, 6AM

Archaeologists found Egyptian artifacts from the Late Kingdom period in a cave in southern Israel near Kibbutz Lahav. Arad would like to become a tourist destination in southern Israel. A researcher believes that the famous “Meidum Geese” painting f... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Jordan] [Museums] [Negev] [Philistines] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

April 4, 8AM

The Passover sacrifice was reenacted recently by Jewish priests-in-training. The Times of Israel article includes a graphic 3-minute video. Wayne Stiles explains how God connected Passover, redemption, and the Holy Land. He also shows how archaeology hel... [Discoveries] [Herod's Tomb] [Holidays] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [movies] [Museums] [Photo Resources] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

March 29, 6AM

What does a field archaeologist carry in his dig bag? I like Eric Welch’s answer. After a porcupine uncovered a Byzantine oil lamp in Emek Hefer, the Israel Antiquities Authority was up in arms. “The IAA calls on all porcupines to avoid digging burro... [Discoveries] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup]

March 28, 10AM

Just before Palm Sunday, Jesus made the trek from Jericho to Jerusalem. What did he see? A good book to read this week in the days leading up to Good Friday is The Final Days of Jesus, now $3.99 on Kindle. The Temple Institute has built a sacrificial a... [Excavations] [greece] [Holidays] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Museums] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

March 23, 6AM

Now online: Secrets of the Bible: The Fall of Jericho with Dr. Bryant Wood. (55 min) Malerie Yolen-Cohen suggests 11 things to do in Israel that you may not have considered before. The Holy Land Magazine is directed towards Christian tourists to Israel.... [Exodus-Conquest] [Jerusalem] [movies] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

March 22, 6AM

Iraq’s government reports that ISIS has bulldozed ancient Calah (modern Nimrud). In light of ISIS’s recent destruction of Mosul, Iraq is vowing to protect ancient Babylon. The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago has issued a statement. ... [Antiquities Trade] [Egypt] [Italy] [Mesopotamia] [movies] [Museums] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

March 21, 8AM

A large bronze mask depicting the god Pan was excavated at Hippos (Sussita). A video shows the discovery with the use of a metal detector. A press release from the University of Haifa has more details. Members of the Israeli Caving Club discovered a cach... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Resources] [Sad News] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

March 20, 8AM

The 26-mile race to be held on April 9 follows the path of the Benjamite who ran to tell Eli of the capture of the Ark of the Covenant (1 Samuel 4). From the official website: One of the first runs recorded in human history—long before the "mar... [Holidays] [Samaria] [Tourism]

March 18, 5AM

Accordance Bible Software has just released two photo collections created by and both are on sale through Monday for 25% off. Cultural Images of the Holy Land features more than 1,000 photos of the grain harvest, grape harvest, olive harv... [Photo Resources]

March 2, 7AM

Visitors to the Garden Tomb of Jerusalem are usually shown the “Skull” identified by Charles Gordon as part of the case that this spot may be the authentic site of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial. On February 20 the bridge of the skull’s nose collap... [American Colony Photos] [Jerusalem] [Then and Now] [Tomb of Jesus]

February 28, 10AM

Chris Jones has a careful assessment of the damage at the Mosul Museum. Some of the items destroyed were replicas but many were originals. The Iraqi Prime Minister has condemned the destruction of antiquities from Nimrud and Nineveh by IS. The United Nat... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Syria] [Technology] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

February 26, 11AM

ISIS has released a video showing terrorists destroying historic artifacts in the museum in Mosul, Iraq. This follows yesterday’s destruction of the Mosul Public Library. From Reuters: Ultra-radical Islamist militants in northern Iraq have destroyed... [Mesopotamia] [Museums]

February 25, 7AM

From The Daily Star: Dozens of workers were busy covering old Sidon’s Frères archaeological site Monday, to protect a major new discovery unearthed by a delegation from the British Museum. “A small contingent of the British Museum/Directorate... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Lebanon]

February 21, 7AM

The largest treasure of gold coins ever found in Israel was recently discovered in the harbor of Caesarea. Most of the coins date to the Fatimid period (ca. AD 1000). There’s a close-up of a well-preserved coin here. Seven high-res images are available ... [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Lebanon] [Lectures] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Opportunities] [Philistines] [Resources] [Syria] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

February 18, 8AM

From the Associated Press: Two New York philanthropists are donating a major collection of more than 300 ancient Greco-Roman and Near-Eastern glass vessels to The Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The gift from Robert and Renee Belfer was announced by the mus... [Museums] [New Exhibits]

February 14, 10AM

A new “Rosetta Stone” has been discovered near Alexandria, with the text written in hieroglyphics and demotic script. One hundred prehistoric cultic sites have been studied in the Eilat Mountains. The academic article on which the news story is based... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [greece] [Israel's Coast] [movies] [Museums] [Negev] [Resources] [Turkey] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

February 12, 7AM

From the Israel Antiquities Authority: For the first time, grape seeds from the Byzantine era have been found. These grapes were used to produce “the Wine of the Negev” — one of the finest and most renowned wines in the whole of the Byzantine Em... [Discoveries] [Negev]

February 9, 6AM

Shmuel Browns was at the Herodium a few days ago and had a chance to talk with archaeologists excavating the staircase area. He shares what he learned as well as some hastily-taken photos on his blog. If you missed it, Shmuel also has some rare images of... [Excavations] [Herod's Tomb]

February 7, 11AM

Leen Ritmeyer continues his Temple Mount series with a look at the Early Muslim period. He has many illustrations, but the one I’ve always found most helpful in teaching is the comparison of the Temple with the Dome of the Rock. Two Egyptian mummies we... [Antiquities Trade] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [movies] [Museums] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

January 31, 10AM

The Big Picture has 13 great photos of the declining level of the Dead Sea. Why visit the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem? Bible History Daily points out 10 great biblical artifacts. That same museum is hosting a new exhibit “By the Rivers of Babylon” ... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Weekend Roundup]

January 29, 11AM

From A Kurdish official revealed on Tuesday evening that the ISIS organization had bombed large parts and tracts of the ancient Nineveh wall, indicating that such an act violates the right of human culture and heritage. The media off... [Mesopotamia]

January 24, 10AM

They now think they know who was buried in the Amphipolis tomb. This article has more details and illustrations. King Tut’s beard was knocked off and then re-attached with epoxy glue. Leen Ritmeyer suggests a location for the stairs of the Antonia For... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [greece] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Photo Resources] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

January 22, 8AM

Accordance Bible Software has some excellent photo resources on sale through Monday. Here are some of their offerings: Bible Lands PhotoGuide 4, with 50 new articles and thousands of additional photographs ($69.90) Bible Times PhotoMuseum, with 500 high... [Photo Resources]

January 20, 7AM

In 2012 Daniel Wallace mentioned in a debate the existence of an early fragment of the Gospel of Mark. LiveScience has an update with information from Craig Evans: A text that may be the oldest copy of a gospel known to exist — a fragment of the Gos... [Discoveries] [Egypt]

January 19, 11AM

Over at Biblical Remains, Larry Largent provides a good review of the movie “Patterns of Evidence,” showing tonight only. My hope is that those who trust the Bible will ignore the film completely, but if you’re tempted to go, read Larry’s review f... [Analysis]

January 18, 7AM

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Palestine Exploration Fund. This post shares interesting items from the 100th anniversary exhibition. A calendar of coming lectures is also available. After a flub over a mummy graveyard, a BYU researcher rest... [Egypt] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Lectures] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

January 17, 10AM

Archaeologists working at Bethsaida have discovered a possible escape tunnel from the time of the Israelite monarchy. Leen Ritmeyer explains the recent construction work on the Temple Mount and its potential significance for archaeology. “The Egyptian... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [greece] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Samaria] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

January 13, 7AM

@BiblePlaces provides news updates and daily photos. If you’re on Twitter, follow us @BiblePlaces!

January 11, 7AM

The William G. Dever Archaeological Fellowship for Biblical Scholars is a travel-study award for “a qualified American untenured faculty member in the field of biblical studies who wants to acquire elementary, first-hand experience in field archaeology ... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [forgery] [movies] [Resources] [Samaria] [Tourism] [Travels] [Weekend Roundup]

January 10, 11AM

Leen Ritmeyer explains why the Western Wall of the Temple Mount was not destroyed by an earthquake, and he follows up a reader’s question to prove it with photos. Snow fell in Israel this week. Arutz-7 has photos. The story going around this week on t... [Excavations] [Exodus-Conquest] [Holidays] [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Samaria] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weather]

January 9, 9AM

James Hoffmeier is lecturing in Chicago tomorrow on “The Design and Origin of the New Kingdom East Frontier Defense System.” The American Research Center in Egypt is sponsoring the lecture on Saturday, January 10, at 5:00 p.m. at the Oriental Institut... [Egypt] [Exodus-Conquest] [Lectures]

January 7, 9AM

The Lanier Theological Library is inviting scholars and patrons to a free seminar on Historical and Archaeological Evidence for the Jewish Diaspora after 722 BC. The seminar will be held on Friday, January 16, from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m., in our chapel, located... [Lectures]

January 6, 9AM

The Israel Exploration Journal is published twice annually. Several of the articles from the latest issue (64/2) may be of interest to readers here. Access to the full articles requires a subscription (print or electronic, via JStor). EILAT MAZAR, YUVAL ... [Jerusalem] [Philistines] [Resources] [Shephelah]

January 5, 9AM

Archaeologist Shimon Gibson has proposed in a recent lecture that the visible destruction of the Temple Mount walls occurred not in AD 70 with the Roman conquest of Jerusalem but instead during a massive earthquake in AD 363. From Haaretz (premium): ... [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

January 4, 7AM

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem is hosting a special exhibition entitled By the Rivers of Babylon beginning next month. An international conference on Jerusalem in Babylonia will be held on February 2-3. Now online: the Fall 2014 issue of DigSight, pub... [Lectures] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Philistines] [Sad News] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

January 3, 12 PM

Archaeologists believe that they may have discovered a Roman-period synagogue in the Golan Heights. A massive underground city from 3000 BC has been discovered in Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Nevsehir. More about the Summeily bullae, includi... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Golan] [Photo Resources] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

January 2, 9AM

The new excavations at the Citadel of David are described by Seth J. Frantzman in an article at the Jerusalem Post. The excerpt below begins with a quotation from Amit Re’em, the Jerusalem District Archaeologist. “He spoke of a lot of water; baths... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Tourism]

December 31 2014, 11AM

Gordon Govier has selected the top ten discoveries for Christianity Today, putting at the head of the list: (1) Herod’s Gate at Herodium; (2) Khirbet Summeily bullae; (3) Sheshonq’s scarab. Robin Ngo has compiled an unranked list of the top ten for t... [Analysis]

December 23, 9AM

From the Jerusalem Post: A fragment of a glass bracelet inscribed with a seven-branched menorah from the Second Temple was discovered during Hanukka at an excavation in the Mount Carmel National Park, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Tuesday... [Discoveries] [Jezreel Valley]

December 22, 10AM

Miriam Feinberg Vamosh has written a number of popular books  over the last couple of decades, including Daily Life at the Time of Jesus, Women at the Time of the Bible, Food at the Time of the Bible, and How Kids Lived in Bible Days. Her books are w... [Resources]

December 20, 11AM

Michael Eisenberg tells the story of trying to discover the synagogue of Sussita (Hippos). An Egyptian cemetery may contain more than a million mummies, say BYU archaeologists. No, it doesn’t, and you’re not working here again, says Egypt’s Ministr... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Exodus-Conquest] [Galilee] [Golan] [Holidays] [Lectures] [Museums] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup]

December 18, 8AM

The more you learn, the more you discover how little you know. That seems to be the story at Herodium, as the uncovering of a monumental entrance suggests a more complicated building history than previously understood. From a press release of the Hebrew U... [Discoveries] [Herod's Tomb] [Judah]

December 17, 7AM

Is this the the sort of press release you would expect out of Mississippi State University? Six official clay seals found by a Mississippi State University archaeological team at a small site in Israel offer evidence that supports the existence of bib... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Philistines]

December 16, 9AM

Bill Schlegel, author of the Satellite Bible Atlas, has just posted a video showing the ascent to Jerusalem from the Shephelah. The 6-minute video uses drone footage to show the modern highway’s route and the new construction. In antiquity, travelers fo... [Historical Geography] [Jerusalem] [Judah]

December 15, 10AM

From the Israel Antiquities Authority: An impressive farm house, 2,800 years old, which comprised twenty-three rooms, was exposed in recent weeks during archaeological excavations the Israel Antiquities Authority is carrying out in Rosh Ha-‘Ayin bef... [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast]

December 13, 10AM

The largest stone block known from antiquity has been uncovered in Baalbek. Its weight is estimated at 1,650 tons. AirCamz’s new video provides the best views of Tel Burna I’ve ever seen. Lawrence Mykytiuk provides evidence for Jesus’ existence ou... [Egypt] [Galilee] [Judah] [Lebanon] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Syria] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

December 8, 7AM

Antiquities thieves plunder sites all over the biblical world year after year, but rarely are they caught, especially in the act. The Israel Antiquities Authority nabbed a group of illegal diggers working near the Dead Sea. This press release has all of t... [Antiquities Trade] [Dead Sea]

December 6, 10AM

As a dedication to Sharon Zuckerman, Biblical Archaeology Review has made her two articles available to the public. Now online: G. M. Grena’s recent NEAS lecture on LMLK seals: Judahite Tithes vs. Assyrian Taxes. Charlie Dyer explains why Israel is sa... [Egypt] [Exodus-Conquest] [Galilee] [greece] [Holidays] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Judah] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

November 30, 8AM

A Roman game board from the first or second century AD has been discovered in southern Turkey. Some extremely well-preserved mosaics have been discovered near the Syria-Turkey border. France is returning 300 artifacts stolen from Egypt. Why did the Egy... [Discoveries] [greece] [Museums] [Resources] [Sad News] [Turkey]

November 29, 10AM

A reporter visited the Kishle in Jerusalem on its recent opening. The article includes a nice photo and an audio version. Portions of Jerusalem’s Decumanus have been uncovered near Jaffa Gate. Leen Ritmeyer notes new building violations on the Temple ... [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Negev] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

November 20, 7AM

The Israel Antiquities Authority has released a free iPad app for kids ages 7-11 called Dig Quest: Israel. From the IAA: The App transforms a kid’s iPhone or iPad into an archaeological tool and lets them play games to hone their skills, discover se... [Apps]

November 19, 6AM

I’m traveling this month, and this will be the last roundup before Thanksgiving. If you’re at SBL, come find us in the exhibition hall (booth #411). Corinth’s Lechaion port has been discovered and it is impressively large. The British Museum plans... [greece] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [pseudo-archaeology] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

November 12, 4AM

The Tower of David Museum is hosting an opening event this evening of the Citadel moat and the Kishle. The Kishle has served as a police station for the Israelis, Jordanians, British, Ottomans, and Romans. Some remains have been uncovered from the palace ... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Tourism]

November 10, 7AM

The annual conference at the University of Nebraska Omaha has a number of interesting speakers and subjects. The conference runs from Thursday to Saturday and has a fee of only $10. Lectures include: Jon Seligman, Villages and Monasteries in Jerusalem’... [Galilee] [Lectures]

November 8, 9AM

A recent excavation at the Tower of David and Kishleh police station revealed a mikveh from Herod’s palace and an earlier wall from the time of Hezekiah. The site is to open to the public next week. (I don’t have any more information at this time.) A... [Galilee] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup]

November 6, 6AM

Every now and again a sensational story related to biblical archaeology hits the headlines. (This week it was this one.) It's not long before I receive emails asking about the authenticity of the alleged discovery. To help my readers better discern whethe... [Analysis] [pseudo-archaeology]

November 3, 8AM

When we post notices of lectures on this blog, we know that most of our readers live outside of the geographical area and won’t be able to attend. Tonight’s lecture by Eric Cline is different in that way because it will be live-streamed for free. The... [Lectures]

November 2, 8PM

Simcha Jacobovici’s lawsuit against Joe Zias opened in court in Israel today. Jacobovici alleges that Zias gave false information to National Geographic with the result that the channel refused to air Jacobovici’s film on the “Jesus Tomb.” From t... [Jerusalem] [Tomb of Jesus]

November 1, 8AM

Tales of gold are fueling a surge of looting in Jordan. Jordan wants the Mesha Stele back from the Louvre. The story doesn’t mention that the French saved it after locals tried to destroy it. LiveScience reports on David Kennedy’s study of the huge ... [Antiquities Trade] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Museums] [Weekend Roundup]

October 26, 6AM

Leen Ritmeyer has begun a new series showing the development of the Temple Mount from the time of Abraham until the Early Muslim period. Ritmeyer also explains how his forthcoming guidebook on the Temple Mount is different from The Quest. CoinWeek has a... [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Tourism]

October 25, 8AM

Luke Chandler notes that plans are underway to establish a new national park at Khirbet Qeiyafa. Steven Notley is on The Book and the Spade this week discussing Mary Magdalene and Magdala. The latest edition of DigSight includes a summary of this year... [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Shephelah] [Tourism]

October 22, 7AM

Wayne Stiles is leading an extraordinary tour of Israel that you should consider joining. Three features immediately mark this as a unique opportunity. 1. This tour has an exclusive focus on the life of Jesus. One of the struggles many have on their firs... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Tourism]

October 21, 9AM

From the Israel Antiquities Authority: A rare find of tremendous historical significance was discovered in Jerusalem: a fragment of a stone engraved with an official Latin inscription dedicated to the Roman emperor Hadrian. Researchers believe this is am... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem]

October 20, 6AM

The Suez National Museum opened in Egypt last week with more than 2,500 antiquities on display. Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced that a restoration project for Meidum will begin immediately in order to improve the site for tourists. The small... [Egypt] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

October 19, 6AM

The BIBLE+ORIENT Museum at the University of Fribourg reopens on Monday in a new location. Jodi Magness is lecturing on Tuesday at Queens College on “Samson in Stone:  New Discoveries in the Ancient Village and Synagogue at Huqoq in Israel’s Gal... [Egypt] [Lectures] [Museums] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup]

October 18, 6AM

The Gaza Museum of Archaeology survived the summer war. The cultic finds at Tel Burna received some attention in the mainstream press this week. Leen Ritmeyer explains why he’s been on a hiatus from blogging—and what you need to do if you want to ge... [greece] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount]

October 17, 6AM

Maney Publishing is offering a “free taster” of articles from three of its journals on the Levant. To find these articles, go to the journal’s homepage and select the “Editor’s Choice” tab on the right hand side. To give you a sense for what i... [Resources]

October 11, 7AM

The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World is hosting a new exhibit, “When the Greeks Ruled Egypt: From Alexander the Great to Cleopatra.” The official website is here and the NYTimes covers it here. Reuters has more about the Museum of the Bib... [Egypt] [Lectures] [Museums] [Negev] [New Exhibits] [Shephelah] [Weekend Roundup]

October 9, 6AM

The scandal of the Roman road to Emmaus is detailed by Nir Hasson in Haaretz. This historic treasure on the outskirts of Jerusalem is not only ignored by the authorities, but they permit cemetery dumps and sewage deposits to foul it. Wherever you locate t... [Judah] [Tourism]

October 8, 9AM

From the Jerusalem Post: Using an innovative three dimensional technology, researchers have now made the Timna Valley Park the first setting in Israel where a large-scale rock engraving was scanned. The project was headed by a team from the Comput... [Negev] [Technology]

October 7, 7AM

From The Times of Israel: Archaeologists working in the hills outside of Jerusalem uncovered an ancient ritual bath that offers not only remnants of Second Temple-era life in the area, but also those of Australian soldiers who visited the site while p... [Discoveries] [Shephelah]

October 4, 8AM

A Digital Reconstruction of the Northwest Palace at Nimrud, Assyria is a 3-minute video posted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s very good. Steve Green’s museum in Washington, DC now has a name: museum of the Bible. Some of Josephus’s works ... [Excavations] [greece] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Jordan Rift] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources] [Technology] [Weekend Roundup]

October 2, 6AM

A family member asked me for a brief list of major regions in the biblical world that are mentioned in the news today by other names. Since most Bible dictionaries do not have entries for the modern names, this list is intended to bridge that gap. With th... [Travels]

September 29, 6AM

From the Jerusalem Post: University of Haifa archaeologists announced Monday that they have recently discovered items which have shed light on an earthquake that occurred in 363 CE in the ancient city of Hippos which overlooks the Sea of Galilee. H... [Discoveries] [Galilee]

September 27, 8AM

An Egyptian scarab with the name of Pharaoh Shishak has been discovered in the copper mines of Feinan in southern Jordan. Has evidence of human sacrifice been uncovered near Amman, Jordan? Hershel Shanks presents the evidence and the debate. Also in the... [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Jordan] [Jordan Rift] [Lectures] [Museums] [Syria] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

September 23, 6AM

At the time when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Emperor Augustus was enjoying a luxurious life on the Palatine Hill in Rome. Restorations of some of his rooms have been completed and are now being opened to the public. From ArtDaily: Lavishly frescoed r... [Italy] [Tourism]

September 20, 6AM

Joseph Patrich and Benny Arubas offer four reasons against identifying the mausoleum discovered at the Herodium with the tomb of Herod. Unfortunately, they do not suggest an alternative identification. Some IAA photos of the Byzantine monastery uncovered... [Galilee] [Herod's Tomb] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Lectures] [Museums] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

September 18, 6AM

In construction work south of the Israeli city of Beit Shemesh, archaeologists recently discovered a large monastery dating from the Byzantine period.  From the Jerusalem Post: According to a joint statement issued by the excavation’s co-direct... [Discoveries] [Shephelah]

September 17, 7AM

What is the value of archaeology to a Bible reader? Gary D. Myers provides his perspective in a Baptist Press article. This leads some to ask why biblical archaeology is important to Christians. For me, an archaeologist-in-training with only four digs... [Shephelah] [Tourism]

September 16, 6AM

A site in the Galilean hills that formed the basis for a master’s thesis is the subject of an article published by Live Science. A lunar-crescent-shaped stone monument that dates back around 5,000 years has been identified in Israel. Located abo... [Galilee]

September 15, 7AM

The Iron Age volume by Peter M. Fischer is available for free download at Open Access. Tell Abu al-Kharaz was identified as Jabesh Gilead by Nelson Glueck and is located about 7 miles southeast of Tel Rehov (near Beth Shean) and 2 miles east of the Jordan... [Jordan] [Jordan Rift] [Resources]

September 13, 7AM

The largest ancient tomb ever discovered in Greece dates to the time of Alexander the Great and is located near Amphipolis. Archaeologists are hoping that the tomb is intact. Beth Alpert Nakhai is leading a Survey on Field Safety and needs you to answer ... [Discoveries] [Galilee] [Golan] [greece] [Museums] [Resources] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

September 11, 6AM

The Israel Antiquities Authority has launched a new online museum, featuring objects from the Israel Museum, Rockefeller Museum, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The National Treasures website currently has more than 5,000 artifacts with more to be added regular... [Museums]

September 9, 6AM

Accordance Bible Software has some terrific resources related to archaeology on sale this week. If you haven’t already added these to your collection, this is a great opportunity to do so. I’m particularly fond of these first two photo sets: Histor... [American Colony Photos] [Resources]

September 8, 8AM

From the International Business Times: Activists are angry with Egypt's Minister of Antiquities, Mamdouh Eldamaty, for choosing to re-hire a company to restore one of Egypt's oldest pyramids after the firm caused damage and major deterioration to the ... [Egypt]

September 6, 7AM

Here’s a photo of the Temple Mount ramp that is being dismantled. Mike Rogoff’s article in Haaretz describes the various baptismal sites on the Jordan River and gives guidance on which one is best. Matt Glassman writes about his time excavating this... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Lebanon] [Philistines] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

September 4, 6AM

Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered that a new foot bridge providing access to the Temple Mount for non-Muslims be dismantled. From the Jerusalem Post: The Prime Minister’s Office ordered the dismantling of a foot bridge under construction from the Weste... [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

September 1, 9AM

The Swiss Society for Near Eastern Studies (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Orientalische Altertumswissenschaft) is holding its autumn conference this Saturday in Bern, Switzerland. The conference is devoted to a single site in Israel and is organized by... [Lectures] [Shephelah]

August 30, 6AM

Maritime archaeologists have discovered a Phoenician shipwreck dating to 700 BC off the coast of Malta. A new study of the Timna copper mines shows that the workers in the 10th century BC were not slaves but highly skilled craftsmen. Corinthian Matters ... [greece] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Negev] [Resources] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

August 28, 9AM

I recently came across some quotations I had marked from a past reading of Eric H. Cline, From Eden to Exile: Unraveling Mysteries of the Bible, and thought some of them worth sharing. I’ve commented briefly on each quote following the citation. The boo... [Analysis]

August 26, 7AM

The Satellite Bible Atlas now has a Canadian distributor. Until now, shipping to Canada from the U.S. cost nearly as much as the book itself. The Family Christian Bookstore in Ontario now sells the atlas, and shipping charges are much more reasonable to C... [Resources]

August 23, 6AM

SourceFlix has produced a short video illustrating Psalm 23. Wayne Stiles has everything you want to know about Timna Park, including photos, a time-lapse video, Google Street View, and a map. “Researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have ... [Discoveries] [Jordan] [Jordan Rift] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Negev] [Resources] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

August 21, 11AM

I came across this notable observation yesterday when looking over some photos in Earthly Footsteps of the Man of Galilee. The Grand Mosque of Damascus is one of the most interesting buildings in the East.  It is quadrangular in form, one hundred... [Syria]


I came across this interesting statement yesterday when looking over some photos in Earthly Footsteps of the Man of Galilee. The Grand Mosque of Damascus is one of the most interesting buildings in the East.  It is quadrangular in form, one hundr... [Syria]

August 18, 8AM

Heidelberg Colloquium on the Subject of Aram and Israel: Cultural Interaction, Political Borders and Construction of Identity during the Early Iron Age (12th–8th Centuries BCE) IWH Symposium, September 1-4, 2014 IWH Hauptstrasse 242, Heidelberg ... [10th Century] [Lectures] [Syria]

August 16, 8AM

Anna Moseley Gissing writes about three lessons she learned from archaeology about the spiritual life. Haaretz reports that the appointment of Israel's new antiquities chief is embroiled in politics. Should the Vatican return the menorah from the Jerusa... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Egypt] [greece] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Weekend Roundup]

August 14, 8AM

From the New York Times: Archaeologists around the world, who have long relied on the classic tools of their profession, like the trowel and the plumb bob, are now turning to the modern technology of drones to defend and explore endangered sites. And ... [Technology]

August 13, 8AM

From the Jerusalem Post: We’re all familiar with the kinds of archaeological research seen in movies and television — digging the earth, brushing the dust away, and examining artifacts up close. But these days, we can learn even more about ancient... [Technology]

August 12, 9AM

The Lebanon Daily News runs a story on the Alan and Muriel Pense Biblical Archaeology Museum at the Evangelical Seminary. The collection was curated for many years by David Dorsey and is now under the direction of his son-in-law Phillip Bollinger. From th... [Museums]

August 11, 7AM

A new study explains why some Herodian stones in the Temple Mount of Jerusalem are well preserved after 2,000 years while others are eroding severely, creating concerns about the wall’s stability. From a press release from The Hebrew University of Jeru... [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

August 10, 6AM

A replica of Solomon’s Temple has now opened in Sao Paulo. But since it has the capacity to seat 10,000 people (and Solomon’s could seat exactly zero), one has to wonder in what sense it is a “replica.” This Forbes article has more info and a comp... [Excavations] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Negev] [Philistines] [Resources] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

August 9, 10AM

SourceFlix has a new video with fly-overs of nine important biblical sites. A Nebuchadnezzar Cylinder recently sold for $605,000. (That’s an interesting number given that Nebuchadnezzar came to the throne in 605 BC.) BibleX shares a report from the 18... [Excavations] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Weekend Roundup]

August 8, 7AM

This summer’s excavations of Tel Gezer were successful, according to a Baptist Press report written by archaeologists Steven Ortiz and Sam Wolff. Work continued this year on the tell, in the water system, and in the regional survey. The archaeologists... [Excavations] [Shephelah]

August 6, 9AM

A ceramic money box filled with 114 bronze coins from “Year Four” of the First Jewish Revolt was discovered recently in excavations along the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway. From the Israel Antiquities Authority: According to Pablo Betzer and Eyal Mar... [Discoveries] [Judah]

July 26, 8AM

What do you do when your summer excavation site turns out to be less than 5 miles from a war zone? The Ashkelon team had to figure matters out on the fly. Mark Hoffman is inviting everyone to join his free, online course, “Survey of the Lands of the Bi... [Excavations] [Exodus-Conquest] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Lectures] [Mesopotamia] [Technology] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

July 20, 6AM

A new museum has opened at Hisham’s palace (Khirbet al-Mafjar) in Jericho. A temple to the Urartian god Haldi has been discovered in northern Iraq. A painting from the tomb of a priest in the Old Kingdom was discovered near the Giza pyramids. You can... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [forgery] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Shephelah] [Technology] [Temple Mount]

July 19, 11AM

SourceFlix has posted a video taken by drone of the Old City and Temple Mount of Jerusalem. Excavators at Jezreel discovered an amethyst scarab that likely came from Jezebel’s homeland. Amnon Rosenfeld died in a car accident in Israel last week. Earli... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [forgery] [Jerusalem] [Philistines] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

July 15, 7AM

The Baptist Press reports on this summer’s excavation at Gezer in light of the on-going conflict. Tensions and conflict between Hamas and Israel -- including Palestinian rocket-fire on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and Israeli air strikes on Gaza -- have e... [Excavations] [Shephelah]

July 3, 8AM

Following recent discoveries of mosaics depicting Samson’s life, excavators at Huqoq revealed a new mosaic this summer that depicts other non-biblical scenes. From the UNC press release: Excavations led by a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hi... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee]

June 29, 6AM

After 31 years of hosting The Book & The Spade, Gordon Govier shares some personal reflections. An aging Lebanese potter laments the passing of his craft. Archaeologists have found evidence of the “plague of Cyprian.” Satellite images from the ... [Lebanon] [Resources] [Syria] [Weekend Roundup]

June 28, 9AM

Luke Chandler reports on the first week of excavations at Lachish. They made some significant finds in his square on each of the first three days. They had a fantastic third week of excavations at Tel Burna. A Roman theater (or amphitheater?) has been d... [10th Century] [Excavations] [Negev] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

June 26, 8AM

Very sad news out of Israel today. Archaeologist Yuval Peleg was conducting a salvage excavation ahead of the construction of a road in the West Bank when he was killed by falling rocks. From The Jerusalem Post: A 46-year-old man was killed in an acc... [Sad News]

June 23, 6AM

I noted on the Weekend Roundup that Carta had released a second edition of The Sacred Bridge but it was not clear what changes had been made. I have since learned from sources at Accordance Bible Software what those changes include: 1. Many typographic... [Resources]

June 21, 9AM

Yad HaShmonah and its Biblical Village are profiled in The Times of Israel. Aviva and Shmuel Bar-Am treat their subject honorably. Wayne Stiles explains the connection between Horeshat Tal National Park and the Bible. The video of the “Roast and Toast... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Weekend Roundup]

June 19, 6AM

One of the directors of the Abel Beth Maacah excavation writes about the site and previous results on the eve of the second season. From the Jerusalem Post: The site commands the narrow passageway from the Lebanese Beq’a to the north towards the Hul... [Excavations] [Galilee]

June 14, 9AM

The Western Wall prayer plaza will have a smaller version of a museum and office building after the planning committee listened to opponents. A Muslim crowd on the Temple Mount attacked police when they opened the site to visitors yesterday afternoon. A... [Excavations] [Galilee] [Golan] [Resources] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount]

June 13, 7AM

How do recent archaeological discoveries relate to the Bible? Michael Grisanti addresses this issue in a detailed article published last year in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society and now available online. He begins with a statement from a... [10th Century] [Analysis] [Exodus-Conquest]

June 12, 1PM

Last week we noted an article about the Temple Mount Sifting Project by Ilan Ben Zion in The Times of Israel. If you have any interest in the subject, you’ll want to read today’s response by the director of the project, Zachi Dvira. He counters charge... [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

June 10, 7AM

Now under construction, Israel’s new archaeology center is profiled in the Architectural Record. We’ve mentioned this project before, but today’s story includes some new information, such as the design of the complex (like a layered tell) and its op... [Jerusalem] [Tourism]

June 9, 7AM

Wayne Stiles recommends 3 Sites To See Along the Mediterranean and 3 High Points to Visit in the Golan. As always, he has lots of photos. Lois Tverberg has a new e-book out: 5 Hebrew Words That Every Christian Should Know. Only $3.99 and a free sample is... [Egypt] [Golan] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Technology] [Tourism] [Turkey]

June 8, 6AM

Leon Mauldin has photos of a restored pagan temple at Laodicea. Luke Chandler: Canaan was not a big desert. (Someone tell the media!) Where is the ark of the covenant? This article surveys some of the most popular views in history. And now Ferrell Jenk... [Excavations] [Exodus-Conquest] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Resources] [Samaria] [Shephelah] [Turkey]

June 7, 9AM

SourceFlix has just released a great new film short on “The Potter.” The 3-minute video features a craftsman in Hebron. Recent excavations in Hebron are briefly described in the Jewish Press. Might el-Araj be the real Bethsaida? A five-day “shovel... [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Temple Mount] [Tourism]

June 6, 10AM

The Temple Mount Sifting Project is profiled at length by Ilan Ben Zion in The Times of Israel. If you’ve been following the work for the last decade, much of the report will sound familiar. But Ben Zion provides some detractors with the opportunity to ... [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

May 29, 8AM

From the Jerusalem Post: The Antiquities Authority announced Tuesday that it unearthed a rare 800-year-old lead seal from the Monastery of St. Sabas in Jerusalem. […] The seal shows a bearded bust of a saint wearing a himation, while holding a... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem] [Judah]

May 28, 11AM

Today is Jerusalem Day and in honor of that Accordance Bible Software has a sale on some outstanding Jerusalem resources. The photo collections should be mentioned first: Accordance Photo Guide – save $25 The American Colony Collection – save... [Jerusalem] [Photo Resources] [Resources]

May 27, 8AM

The first half of the season is finished at a site that may be Ai of the Bible. This year’s team is the largest ever, and most of the work is focused on remains from the first century. Gary Byers reports on some of the discoveries: From one of these... [Excavations] [Exodus-Conquest] [Samaria]

May 24, 9AM

Aren Maeir reports on the highlights of the 2013 excavation season at Gath (Tell es-Safi). A statue of a Phoenician priest dating to the 6th century BC has been discovered in Sidon. The Pope has arrived in Jordan and heads to Israel soon. Some religiou... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Jezreel Valley] [Jordan] [Lebanon] [Philistines] [Syria] [Tourism] [Turkey]

May 21, 7AM

Matthew Kalman is reporting that the Jehoash Tablet has finally been returned by the IAA to its owner, Oded Golan. An inscribed stone that may be the only remnant of Solomon’s Temple has been returned to its owner after an 11-year legal battle wage... [forgery]

May 20, 8AM

Haaretz reports on the restoration of frescoes in the Commandant’s Residence of Masada. For 20 years, the frescoes that decorated the “Commandant’s Residence” (Beit Hamefaked) on top of Masada were stored away in a warehouse at the national pa... [Jordan Rift] [Tourism]

May 18, 6AM

A Bone to Pick: Why Did We Hear Only One Side of the Camel Argument? In advance of the pope’s blessing of the tabernacle from the boat altar, the New York Times profiles the excavation and resort of Magdala. Ferrell Jenkins recently visited the new ex... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Italy] [Museums] [Philistines] [Resources] [Samaria] [Technology] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

May 17, 9AM

Recently discovered wall paintings in Jerusalem provide new information on Crusader military and monastic symbols. Where will the Pope go when he visits Jerusalem next week? His full itinerary is online. Will the Pope’s visit to Jerusalem prompt the s... [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Negev] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

May 15, 8AM

The area between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea is slated for major development on the eastern side as Jordan has announced a master plan for constructing dams, lakes, and tourist venues. From The Jordan Times: The JVA will create a new specialised uni... [Jordan] [Jordan Rift] [Tourism]

May 13, 9AM

The Times of Israel runs a story today on the early work and photographs of the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology located on the Mount of Olives. While many of the photos published in the story are not new or exclusive, the article itself has som... [Jerusalem] [Photo Resources]

May 12, 8AM

Today’s Caspari Center Media Review has two notes related to the upcoming papal visit to Israel. The first concerns closure of the Western Wall prayer plaza and the second anticipated attacks against Christians by Jewish extremists. From HaMevaser, May... [Jerusalem] [Tourism]

May 7, 8AM

A new AP story promotes the claim by Eli Shukrun that he discovered King David’s citadel. For someone familiar with these excavations, the AP account is anything but straightforward. Here’s a simple explanation: Shukrun is identifying the fortificatio... [Analysis] [Discoveries] [Jerusalem]

May 4, 5AM

A bust of Alexander the Great has been discovered in a church on the island of Cyprus. The recent claim that the Polish Center of Archaeology had found the tomb of Alexander the Great in Alexandria, Egypt, is a hoax. The new museum in Antioch on the Oro... [Discoveries] [Mediterranean Islands] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources] [Tourism] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

May 3, 8AM

I’ll start with my favorite article of the week: a review of recent excavations at the base of the Temple Mount’s Western Wall. You already know about the chisel, but you may not have heard about the smooth stone, the use of mortar, or the exposure of... [Egypt] [forgery] [Jerusalem] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

April 30, 6AM

Archaeologists working at Omrit have revealed the discovery of an Assyrian seal from the reign of Sargon II. The story is reported at Haaretz and on Ferrell’s Travel Blog. The remains of 50 mummies from the New Kingdom period have been discovered in th... [Egypt] [Galilee] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Syria] [Technology]

April 28, 6AM

In my experience, the most important area of the biblical land that people know the least about is the hill country of Samaria. Its importance is reflected in the fact that it is easier for me to list biblical people who were not in this area than it is t... [Samaria]

April 26, 8AM

Syria is trying to attract investment in tourism. Aleppo, Crac des Chevaliers, and Palmyra are not accessible, but other places are perfectly safe, according to the minister of tourism. Israel’s Ministry of Tourism plans to increase the number of campg... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [forgery] [Judah] [Syria] [Temple Mount] [Tourism]

April 23, 7AM

Archaeologists excavating in the area below Robinson’s Arch along the southern end of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount have discovered a metal chisel used to shape the stones in the first century. The Israel Antiquities Authority has not issued a pr... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

April 19, 8AM

Aren Maeir will be lecturing on the Philistines in Kansas City and Chicago later this month. Carl Rasmussen ran into a pack of wild boar at Caesarea Philippi and some in his group managed to get photos. (I’ve managed the former but never the latter.) ... [Egypt] [Holidays] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Philistines] [Resources] [Syria] [Temple Mount]

April 14, 7AM

Oxford University Press is opening up their online collections for free use to those in the U.S. and Canada during National Library Week. With the username “libraryweek” and the password “libraryweek,” you can peruse hundreds of titles. Some of th... [Resources]

April 13, 6AM

Now online: the video of Eugene Merrill’s recent lecture on “Ai and Old Testament Chronology: Who Cares?” Places of the Passion Week in 360-Degrees – Wayne Stiles shares some new photos. The ASOR Blog has a series of posts about Passover and Jes... [Excavations] [Exodus-Conquest] [Holidays] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup]

April 12, 9AM

Leo Depuydt still believes that the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” is “hilarious” and “patently fake.” His article in the Harvard Theological Review is online as is Karen King’s response. Some excerpts are given in The Washington Post. Christiani... [Egypt] [Excavations] [forgery] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Resources]

April 10, 9AM

From the New York Times: A faded fragment of papyrus known as the "Gospel of Jesus's Wife," which caused an uproar when unveiled by a Harvard Divinity School historian in 2012, has been tested by scientists who conclude in a journal publishe... [forgery]

April 9, 8AM

During a salvage excavation just south of Nazareth in the Jezreel Valley, archaeologists uncovered a unique coffin from the Late Bronze Age that may have belonged to a Canaanite official serving in the Egyptian army. From the Israel Antiquities Authority ... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Jezreel Valley]

April 7, 8AM

If you haven’t been on a tour of Tiberias in the last decade, you have a lot to catch up on with the work of various excavation projects. Shmuel Browns has a well-illustrated summary of some of the important discoveries, including: The decorative ga... [American Colony Photos] [Discoveries] [Galilee]

April 5, 8AM

IAA Press Release: “An Impressive Byzantine Period Monastery with a Spectacular Mosaic Floor was Exposed at the Entrance to Hura in the Northern Negev.” The high-res photos are here. Exploring Bible Lands draws attention to the unique site known by s... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Negev] [Photo Resources] [Resources]

April 4, 8AM

More than a decade ago, work began for the construction of a new parking lot just south of the Dung Gate in Jerusalem. In the process, archaeological excavations revealed significant finds, including a building once claimed to be the palace of Helene of A... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Tourism]

April 2, 7AM

The Jerusalem Post reports on the conclusion of excavations in the City of David around the Gihon Spring. Under the direction of Ronny Reich and Eli Shukrun, excavations were focused on the water systems of ancient Jerusalem for about 15 years. This brief... [Excavations] [Jerusalem]

April 1, 7AM

A new article in the Open Journal of Geology strengthens the case for the authenticity of the inscription on the James Ossuary. The article was written by Amnon Rosenfeld, Howard R. Feldman, Wolfgang E. Krumbein and is available for free download. The abs... [forgery]

March 31, 8AM

The Israel Antiquities Authority captured a group of thieves attempting to sell eleven ossuaries looted from a tomb in Jerusalem. The IAA issued a press release about the arrest and plunder today. A number of suspects were apprehended in the early hou... [Discoveries] [Jerusalem]

March 29, 8AM

This video captures the “streams in the desert” during a recent flash flood in the Nahal Zin. The spring season of excavations at Tel Burna has concluded. The Times of Israel suggests “five glorious places from which to look out over Jerusalem.”... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Negev] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Tourism]

March 27, 8AM

Lorenzo Nigro, co-director of the recent excavations of ancient Jericho (Tell es-Sultan), has posted on the ASOR Blog a summary of discoveries since work began in 1997. You’ll want to read it all to learn about the Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron Ages, but ... [Excavations] [Jordan Rift]

March 18, 9PM

From the Jerusalem Post: The Antiquities Authority announced Tuesday that it would construct the Middle East’s largest archeological library in Jerusalem. The library, to be called The Mandel National Library for the Archeology of Israel, is to ... [Jerusalem] [Museums]

March 8, 9AM

Bryant Wood made the case that Khirbet el-Maqatir is biblical Ai in a lecture he gave at the recent symposium held at Houston Baptist University. Biblical Archaeology Review has posted online the documentation for this month’s cover story, “Archaeol... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Exodus-Conquest] [Mesopotamia] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

March 6, 8AM

Our friends at Preserving Bible Times have just announced a new website. In addition to the many articles and resources available, I would highlight two areas to check out: 1. 3-D Israel Topographical Relief Maps: Their collection has expanded (and the p... [Photo Resources] [Resources]

March 4, 5AM

A friend just wrote to let me know that he has just released the first Hebrew Bible designed for the Kindle. That means the vowels and cantillation marks all line up and look great! The Bible is also linked to an English translation so you can easily look... [Resources]

March 3, 8AM

Next week I’ll end my streak of 20 years of avoiding the hotels of the Sea of Galilee’s most popular tourist city. I will miss, apparently, the Tiberium Light Show that once displayed three times each evening on the promenade along the Sea of Galilee.... [Galilee] [Tourism]

March 1, 6AM

The Rogueclassicist finds plenty to be suspicious of in the discovery of the “Apollo of Gaza” – Part I, Ia, and Ib. Can the Jordan River Be Saved? National Geographic asks the question in light of the increased demands caused by the Syrian civil wa... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Weekend Roundup]

February 25, 8AM

In a presentation last week at the conference on “The History of the Caves of Qumran,” Yonatan Adler reported the discovery of a group of phylacteries (tefillin) containing nine small manuscripts. These were discovered in Caves 4 and 5 in 1952 but onl... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries]

February 24, 6AM

This two-minute video filmed by the Lumière brothers shows footage of the Jerusalem railroad, Jaffa Gate, the Temple Mount, the Wailing Wall, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. The film was recently recovered and published by Lobster Films. HT: Ted Weis... [Jerusalem] [Photo Resources]

February 22, 6AM

A jug containing silver earrings and ingots has been unearthed at Abel Beth Maacah. The find dates to about 1200 BC. Some missing pieces of the Colossi of Memnon have been discovered. A new discovery in Crete confirms the practice of human sacrifice in ... [Dead Sea] [Discoveries] [Galilee] [greece] [Jerusalem] [Mediterranean Islands] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

February 19, 9AM

A Hellenistic village from the 3rd to 1st centuries BC was recently excavated in the Shephelah of Judah a few miles south of Latrun and about 15 miles (24 km) west of Jerusalem. A press release from the Israel Antiquities Authority gives details. The ... [Excavations] [Shephelah]

February 18, 5AM

Yes, I have been ignoring all of the crazy media coverage on the camel story. For one thing, the popular angle here is hardly new—scholars have tried to deny the accuracy of the Bible using camels for a long time. For another, the story is wrong. The bi... [Analysis]

February 17, 6AM

Tomorrow I hope to post a brief response to the recent camel story with a number of links to helpful stories that provide a perspective not provided in the mainstream press. Today I want to summarize some interesting analysis from a less accessible articl... [Analysis]

February 15, 8AM

Not all archaeologists agree with the recent claims made for the presence of Sea Peoples at Tell Abu al-Kharaz in the Jordan Valley. Islamic fundamentalists are destroying antiquities in Syria because of their portrayal of human beings. Wayne Stiles exp... [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Syria] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

February 12, 9AM

A fisherman claims that he found the 1100 lb. statue of the Greek god Apollo off the coast of the Gaza Strip. Experts doubt his story, though it is impossible to investigate now since Hamas has seized the bronze statue. From The Independent: Lost for ... [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast]

February 11, 8AM

Those who studied at the Institute of Holy Land Studies (today Jerusalem University College) or otherwise used the venerable Student Map Manual (SMM) may be interested to know that marking instructions for sections 10, 11, 12, 13 exist. Though I used the ... [Historical Geography] [Resources]

February 10, 9AM

The Institute of Culture and Archaeology of the Bible Lands and the Faculty of Theology of Lugano, Switzerland, are hosting on February 20-21, 2014 a research seminar entitled, “The History of the Caves of Qumran.” The program gives the following de... [Dead Sea] [Lectures]

February 8, 9AM

The IAA has launched version 2.0 of the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library. The upgraded version includes 10,000 new images. This looks like a valuable resource: Syria Photo Guide—A Comprehensive Guide to the Cultural and Historical Sites of Sy... [Dead Sea] [Excavations] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Syria] [Technology] [Weekend Roundup]

February 4, 6AM

The February 2014 issue of the BiblePlaces Newsletter was sent yesterday (you can read it here, or sign up for future newsletters here). After it went out, A.D. Riddle alerted me to the availability of three of the missing volumes of the Survey of Western... [Historical Geography] [Resources]

February 3, 7AM

The sensational discoveries get all the media (and blog) attention, but too little is reported when the initial claim falls short. One example is the papyrus fragment that mentions “Jesus’ wife” which Harvard University probably wishes would just qu... [Resources] [Tomb of Jesus]

February 2, 6AM

The Tan Institute for Jewish Studies at Emory University is hosting a symposium to honor Professor Oded Borowski on Tuesday, February 4. Full details are here. It appears that the conference proceedings will be published, and the first three chapters I p... [Lectures]

February 1, 9AM

With the cooperation of local landowners, a new national park may be established at Tal al-Umayri (el-Umeiri) in Jordan. Archaeologists have discovered what may be the oldest Roman temple at the foot of Capitoline Hill in Rome. “The remains of a bustl... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Jordan] [Resources] [Syria] [Technology] [Weekend Roundup]

January 28, 9AM

The latest Caspari Center Media Review includes a brief summary from the Hebrew-language Yerushalayim Shelanu of tourism to Israel in 2012. 56% of the 2.88 million tourists who visited Israel were Christian. Of these, 90% visited Jerusalem, 68% visi... [Tourism]

January 27, 5AM

In my estimation, perhaps the most interesting lecture series related to biblical archaeology is that held each year by the International Women’s Club at Tel Aviv University. They bring in outstanding lecturers who discuss topics of broad interest. Thi... [Jerusalem] [Lectures]

January 25, 6AM

Excavations in Hebron have already revealed an Iron Age house, artifacts from the 10th century, and Second Temple period items. Nadav Shragai writes in Israel HaYom on recent Temple Mount discoveries that have not been publicized. Plans are underway for... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Judah] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

January 24, 9AM

The American Jewish University in Bel Air, California, is hosting the Simmons Family Charitable Foundation’s Twenty-Fifth Annual Program in Biblical Archaeology on Sunday, February 16, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The registration fee is $55. The schedule in... [Jerusalem] [Lectures]

January 22, 9AM

Archaeologists in Israel revealed an impressive Byzantine church building with beautiful mosaic pavements at Moshav Aluma near Kiryat Gat. The site is in the eastern coastal plain, about 10 miles (16 km) east of Ashkelon and 30 miles (48 km) southwest of ... [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast]

January 21, 9AM

Logos Bible Software is offering a set of 8 volumes entitled “Classic Studies and Atlases on Biblical Geography.” What you need to know is that it includes the three volumes of Edward Robinson’s Biblical Researches in Palestine. The collection is no... [Resources]

January 18, 8AM

Noah Wiener has a follow-up article on the spring tunnel discovered in the Rephaim Valley. He includes a great photo of the tunnel. Zachi Zweig disagrees with Leen Ritmeyer’s dating of the newly revealed course of ashlar stones on the Temple Mount. He ... [greece] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Photo Resources] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup]

January 15, 9AM

If you’re in the Dallas area this Friday, you might want to stop in for a free lecture on Tel Burna (possibly biblical Libnah) at Dallas Theological Seminary. The announcement gives location details but is not clear who is giving the lecture. I think it... [Lectures] [Shephelah]

January 14, 6AM

There is a great opportunity for older archaeology enthusiasts to have their photographs preserved in the Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs-project. The team is particularly interested in photographs taken by students and volunteers in excavatio... [Photo Resources]

January 11, 7AM

Leen Ritmeyer has photos and interpretation of the latest illegal excavations on the Temple Mount. Ritmeyer suspects the revealed wall line may be the northern boundary of the 500-meter square pre-Herodian Temple Mount. New excavations began at Tel Hebro... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Museums] [Resources] [Technology] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]

January 10, 10AM

Some intrigue surrounded the recent discovery of a well-preserved Israelite proto-Aeolic capital when the tour guide who stumbled across it reported that the authorities told him to keep silent about it, ostensibly for political reasons. For the backgroun... [Excavations] [Judah]

January 7, 10AM

David Dorsey, longtime professor of Old Testament at Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, died last week. The local newspaper carries his obituary and the seminary website provides his faculty profile. Carl Rasmussen shares some personal remin... [Historical Geography]

December 31 2013, 5AM

Yesterday we listed the top stories related to discoveries and technology. Today we conclude with three additional categories. Yesterday’s introduction applies here as well. Significant Stories in 2013: Museums Return Artifacts to Turkey (and here and... [Analysis] [Resources]

December 30, 6AM

As 2013 winds down, I thought it would be worthwhile to review the top discoveries and stories of the year in the world of biblical archaeology and geography. Not only is the review helpful in refreshing the memory, it also makes it more possible to disce... [Analysis] [Discoveries]

December 28, 12 PM

The Book and the Spade has a two-part interview with Kenneth Bailey on the biblical account of Jesus’ birth. (Direct links: part 1, part 2) Of the James ossuary inscription, Gabriel Barkay says, “It is an authentic inscription.” The Washington Pos... [forgery] [Holidays] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Temple Mount] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

December 22, 6AM

The Israel Museum has acquired the world’s “first Jewish coin.” Eric Cline and Christopher Rollston have been selected as the new co-editors of BASOR. Accordance Bible Software has a sale on their collection of Dead Sea Scrolls Images. The Fall 2... [Egypt] [Museums] [Photo Resources] [Syria] [Weekend Roundup]

December 21, 5AM

The recent snowstorm killed six animals in the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. Shmuel Browns shows what it’s like to guide in the Jerusalem snow. Ferrell Jenkins notes that his favorite single-volume Bible dictionary is now on sale for Kindle for $4.99. Bibl... [Give-Away] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Resources] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

December 17, 6AM

This week’s edition of the Caspari Center Media Review has several stories of interest. Of tourist sites in Nazareth: In anticipation of the Christmas season, Zvika Boreg compiles a list of places to visit in Nazareth, including Mount Precipice, ... [Galilee] [Judah] [Tourism]

December 16, 6AM

Accordance Bible Software has a number of items discounted for their Christmas sale, including this one: Views That Have Vanished: The Photographs of David Bivin This collection includes more than 700 photos taken in the 1960s by David Bivin as he tra... [Photo Resources]

December 14, 9AM

The recent snowfall in Jerusalem was the heaviest December storm since 1953. Haaretz has the latest. Where is Mount Sinai in Arabia (Galatians 4:25)? This is the final article in Gordon Franz’s series challenging the arguments of Robert Cornuke. Can y... [Egypt] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Mesopotamia] [Museums] [Resources] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

December 13, 9AM

With a foot of snow on the ground already, Jerusalem is bracing for a weekend storm that is estimated to be triple the size of the last one. The city’s mayor, Nir Barkat, said that that the city is facing “a battle against a rare storm, the likes of w... [Jerusalem] [Weather]

December 11, 9AM

From The Washington Post: On Monday, Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority agreed on an ambitious plan to begin refilling the ancient salt lake with briny water pumped from the Red Sea — and relieve local shortages of fresh water at the same ... [Dead Sea]

December 7, 10AM

Robert Deutsch is suing the Israel Antiquities Authority for $3 million. Leen Ritmeyer points to a Washington Post article and detailed graphic of the Temple Mount. Seth Rodriquez shares an animated map that shows who controlled the Middle East from 30... [Egypt] [forgery] [Museums] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Weather] [Weekend Roundup]

December 6, 8AM

The Caspari Center Media Review summarizes a recent report in Maariv on antagonism between Jews and Christians on Mount Zion. The area surrounding King David’s tomb on Mount Zion has become a conflict zone between Christians and Jews, reports Ari Ga... [Jerusalem]

December 3, 8AM

The holiday of Hanukkah is an appropriate time to announce the discovery of a Hasmonean-period building in Jerusalem. The structure is located in the Central Valley just south of the Dung Gate in the former Givati parking lot. The Israel Antiquities Autho... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Jerusalem]

December 2, 6AM

We announced this in the latest BiblePlaces Newsletter, but if you missed that, you may want to know that a new edition of the Satellite Bible Atlas is available. The hardcover edition is more durable and lays flat, making it ideal for study at home and o... [Historical Geography] [Resources] [Tourism]

November 30, 6AM

Aren Maier reports that he may have been the last archaeologist to see the excavations of Eshtaol. But you can see a video of the site before it was buried. Some are unhappy that the Palestinian Authority is excavating a Hasmonean fortress between Bethle... [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Tourism] [Weekend Roundup]

November 27, 9AM

I would like to see this: Khirbet el-Maqatir: History of a Biblical Site will be a year-long exhibit of 42 artifacts from excavations in Israel at Khirbet el-Maqatir, thought to be the site of ancient Ai from Joshua 7-8. The Civil Administration for J... [Exodus-Conquest] [Lectures] [Museums] [New Exhibits] [Samaria]

November 25, 9AM

A report from the IAA describes a range of finds at a salvage dig being conducted on Highway 38 (aka “the Diagonal Route”) north of Beth Shemesh. The finds include a house from the Neolithic period with nine flint and limestone axes, some used for cul... [Discoveries] [Shephelah]

November 23, 9AM

The recent discovery of a large wine cellar at Tel Kabri is described in the New York Times. Ran Shapira at Haaretz reports on the latest finds at Gezer. Guy Steibel is commemorating the 50th anniversary of Yigael Yadin’s excavations of Masada with a ... [Discoveries] [Holidays] [Israel's Coast] [Resources] [Samaria] [Shephelah]

November 22, 8AM

From the Jerusalem Post: Bishara Shlayan, a Christian Arab from Nazareth, is hoping to build a huge statue of Jesus on Mount Precipice, near his home city. Shlayan told The Jerusalem Post in an interview that he has already begun fund-raising for ... [Galilee] [Tourism]

November 20, 6AM

Arutz-7 reports on the recent discovery of a stone altar at Shiloh that they are dating to the Iron Age. An ongoing archaeological dig in the ancient Jewish village of Shilo in Samaria (Shomron) has turned up a stone altar dating back thousands of yea... [Discoveries] [Samaria]

November 19, 8AM

From the Associated Press: Egypt unveiled Friday a multimillion dollar renovation project for Cairo’s famed Egyptian Museum, including plans to demolish a scorched building that stands between it and the Nile, in a bid to draw tourists back and rest... [American Colony Photos] [Museums] [Egypt]

November 16, 10AM

The James Ossuary has been released by the Israel Antiquities Authority to the owner Oded Golan. Matthew Kalman explains how police contamination of the James Ossuary was a factor in the the verdict of “not guilty.” Ninety antiquities on sale in a ... [Egypt] [forgery] [Jerusalem] [Shephelah]

November 11, 8AM

Jerome Murphy-O’Connor passed away today in Jerusalem. A Dominican priest and author of many books, Murphy-O’Connor is best known to many visitors of Israel for The Holy Land: An Oxford Archaeological Guide from Earliest Times to 1700. This excellent ... [Jerusalem] [Tourism]

November 9, 8AM

Norma Franklin asks, Why was Jezreel so important to the kingdom of Israel? Her claim that “there is no mention in the biblical narrative” of an Israelite palace is incorrect (1 Kings 21:1). Another story on the excavations of Carchemish reports that... [Jezreel Valley] [Jerusalem] [Turkey] [Lectures] [Weekend Roundup]

November 6, 9AM

Aviva and Shmuel Bar-Am tell the fascinating story of Moses Shapira and his alleged discovery of an ancient scroll of Deuteronomy. The Times of Israel article includes quite a bit of interesting information about Christ Church, even though it is not reall... [forgery] [Jerusalem]

November 5, 9AM

Baker has recently published a book worthy of mention here: The World of the New Testament: Cultural, Social, and Historical Contexts, edited by Joel B. Green and Lee Martin McDonald. You can use the “Look Inside” feature at Amazon to read the Table ... [Resources]

November 2, 8AM

The collapse of the great civilizations of the Late Bronze Age was the result of climate change, says a new study published in Tel Aviv. A preliminary list of 2014 excavations in Israel is now available. The Carmel Caves have been named the newest UNESC... [Italy] [Israel's Coast] [Excavations] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup] [Museums]

November 1, 8PM

From World Bulletin: What could be the largest discovered inscribed tablet (stele), dating to the reign of Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II between 605-562 BC, has been discovered in the Turkish city of Karkamis on the military zone along the Turkey-... [Syria] [Turkey] [Discoveries]

October 30, 8AM

Though the lectures are in Hebrew and in Haifa, the subject matter merits re-posting this conference schedule from the Agade list. THE KINGDOM OF DAVID AND SOLOMON IN LIGHT OF NEW EPIGRAPHIC AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL DATA UNIVERSITY OF HAIFA / FACULTY OF HUMAN... [10th Century] [Lectures]

October 28, 8AM

From the Jerusalem Post: Antiquities Authority anti-theft officers and police from the Kiryat Gat station arrested a man on Sunday from Moshav Sde Moshe suspected of stealing antiquities from archeological sites in the Lachish region. A few months... [Excavations]

October 25, 7AM

Mohamed Ibrahim, Egypt’s minister of state for antiquities, requests help in the Washington Post in fighting antiquities theft in his country. Egypt’s future lies in its history, particularly its archaeological history. For hundreds of years the ... [Tourism] [Egypt]

October 22, 7AM

The Caspari Center Media Review reports on a couple of items in the Israeli press of interest to this blog. The first is from an article in Haaretz on October 17. The Catholic Church in Israel launched a petition demanding the removal of an electricit... [Jerusalem] [Tourism]

October 21, 7AM

John A. Beck has just published a new book that will be of interest to many readers here. The Baker Illustrated Guide to Everyday Life in Bible Times is an attractive, full-color guide to the culture and customs of the ancient world. Beck is familiar to r... [Resources]

October 19, 8AM

Yitzhak Sapir claims that Matthew Kalman has misrepresented the verdict regarding the ownership of Oded Golan’s artifacts. Kalman has responded briefly. A report from this season’s excavations of the Roman camp of Legio near Megiddo is now online. W... [Jezreel Valley] [Israel's Coast] [forgery] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Weekend Roundup] [Shephelah]

October 18, 4AM

The forgery case against Oded Golan has been concluded with the court’s rejection of the Israel Antiquities Authority’s claim of ownership of the Jehoash Inscription. Matthew Kalman has covered the case for nearly a decade and he reports on the 2-1 de... [forgery]

October 15, 7AM

The Jerusalem Post reports on an excavation near the coast south of Haifa where thousands of teenagers are taught the value of archaeology each year. The Tel Esur dig is the largest communal excavation in the country, [Dr. Shay] Bar said. “It... [Israel's Coast] [Excavations]

October 13, 8AM

Gordon Franz reports on his time at the “International Noah and Judi Mountain Symposium” in Sirnak, Turkey. He also provides a summary of a number of the presentations. On The Book and the Spade this week: “Discovering Dalmanutha” with Ken Dark (... [Galilee] [Jezreel Valley] [Turkey] [Resources] [Lebanon] [Shephelah]

October 12, 8AM

The world’s largest Ark of the Covenant has been donated to Israel. Leen Ritmeyer discusses the little-known Jewish excavation underneath the Temple Mount. As for the recent challenge to the identification of Herod’s tomb at the Herodium, Ritmeyer s... [Galilee] [Samaria] [Herod's Tomb] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

October 11, 8AM

Two former students of Ehud Netzer are disputing their teacher’s claim that he discovered Herod’s tomb at the Herodium. Prof. Joseph Patrich and Benjamin Arubas, both of Hebrew University, presented a paper yesterday in which they argued that the hill... [Herod's Tomb]

October 5, 8AM

A life-size statue of Ramses II was uncovered this week in Tell Basta in Egypt. The article does not note that Tell Basta is likely the site of biblical Bubastis (Ezek 30:17). Israel has halted the auctioning of stolen Egyptian artifacts. Ferrell Jenkin... [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Resources] [Museums] [Egypt] [Discoveries]

October 4, 8AM

From UPI: Egypt says an exact replica of the tomb of Tutankhamun will be installed near the 3,000-year-old original to divert tourists away from the threatened site. Officials said they hope the $675,000 project will prolong the life of the origina... [Tourism] [Egypt]

September 28, 8AM

Haaretz profiles the late archaeologist Nahman Avigad on the anniversary of his birthday. Leen Ritmeyer shares some personal reflections. Mark Hoffman shares a Google Maps Exercise for Biblical Geography. Many ancient leopard traps have been discovered ... [Negev] [Samaria] [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup] [Discoveries]

September 27, 8AM

The latest issue of the SAU Institute of Archaeology DigSight is now available online in pdf format. Contents include: Excavating Lachish 2013 Qeiyafa Final Celebration New Museum Coordinator Battle Over David in South Africa Institut... [Excavations] [Lectures] [Shephelah]

September 24, 7AM

The Center for Near Eastern Archaeology at La Sierra University is hosting its 5th Annual Archaeology Discovery Weekend on November 16–17, 2013 with this year’s focus on Jerusalem. Most of the lectures and events appear to be free though there is a ch... [Jerusalem] [Lectures]

September 21, 7AM

Yosef Garfinkel is interviewed about Khirbet Qeiyafa at The Bible and Interpretation. He explains why he believes that King David “certainly slept there a few nights every year.” Bryant Wood has a round-up of significant archaeological discoveries ma... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Shephelah] [Weekend Roundup]

September 20, 7AM

Archaeologist Gabriel Barkay has a new official website that provides a brief bio, links to some of his publications, and his current speaking schedule. You can also request Dr. Barkay to speak at your institution. Barkay is on a lecture tour in the U.S.... [Lectures]

September 18, 7AM

Excavations on Mount Zion this summer revealed a Early Roman period mansion that archaeologists suggest belonged to the family of a priest in the first century. The story is also reported by livescience. A summary of this year’s excavations of Tel Yafo... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Holidays] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Museums] [Opportunities] [Samaria] [Weekend Roundup]

September 17, 8AM

The excavators of Abel Beth Maacah provide a summary of their first season of digging at the ASOR Blog. After an introduction, they explain what they are looking for. For one thing, there is Abel’s Aramean connection. References to a political entit... [Galilee] [Excavations]

September 11, 8AM

There are many Biblical archaeology programs scheduled for the Washington DC area. Haaretz provides a review of the significance of Magdala and the recent excavations. Paleojudaica links to the latest “bad-news articles on the Middle East for the last... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [New Exhibits] [Lectures] [Weekend Roundup] [Philistines] [Museums] [Egypt]

September 9, 8AM

In the summer excavations of Eilat Mazar south of the Temple Mount, two collections of gold and silver were discovered, including one golden medallion depicting a menorah, shofar and Torah scroll. From the press release: A third-generation archaeolog... [Jerusalem] [Discoveries]

September 7, 7AM

This week’s edition of The Book and the Spade features Matthew Adams in a discussion of new excavations east of Megiddo (direct link here). BibleX provides links to a new resource called ASORtv. Ferrell Jenkins provides a new illustration for the stor... [Negev] [Excavations] [Turkey] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup]

September 3, 8AM

A new study by a team from Tel Aviv University concludes that the copper mines at Timna, near Eilat, were in operation during the reign of Solomon. The new dating is based upon Carbon-14 studies which shift the peak of copper production down three centuri... [Negev] [10th Century] [Discoveries]

August 31, 9AM

Leen Thobias has some impressive 360-degree images of Israel and Jordan here. It must be a bit discouraging when you find in your sealed excavation locus a beer bottle cap. (Photos here.) Theories about the identity of Khirbet Qeiyafa are discussed in t... [Galilee] [Israel's Coast] [Excavations] [10th Century] [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup] [Shephelah] [Museums] [Egypt] [Discoveries]

August 30, 9AM

Ynetnews reports on the recently reopened Siebenberg House. Miriam Siebenberg lives in a very unusual house – unusual because of the fact that her home was built on top of another home, one that existed over 2,000 years ago. Within the ancient w... [Excavations] [Jerusalem]

August 28, 9AM

Tel Rekhesh (Tell el-Mukharkhash) is located on the northern side of Nahal Tabor, five miles (8 km) southeast of Mount Tabor. Yohanan Aharoni identified it as biblical Anaharath (Josh 19:19), a city also mentioned in the records of Thutmose III, Amenhotep... [Galilee] [Discoveries]

August 27, 8AM

Today a river separates Israel from Jordan leading many to assume that the east side includes little of interest to biblical studies. In ancient times, Israel lived on both sides of the river and many biblical characters traveled in what is now the countr... [Jordan] [Resources]

August 21, 5AM

For last year’s Water in Antiquity Conference, Chris McKinny provided some brief notes. Now the papers and PowerPoints are available for many of the presentations. Archaeologists in Turkey are claiming to have found a long-lost city where Abraham lived... [Jerusalem] [Turkey] [Lectures] [Weekend Roundup]

August 18, 8AM

Archaeologists working in the City of David have discovered an inscription from the 7th century that may have had the name of Zechariah the son of Benaiah (2 Chr 20:14). The inscription was found in a layer of thousands of pottery sherds, oil lamps, and f... [Jerusalem] [Discoveries]

August 17, 8AM

Fortifications from the 8th century BC were discovered in the first season of excavations at Ashdod-Yam, the harbor city of Philistine Ashdod. The official website is here. Gordon Govier and I talk this week on The Book and the Spade about the latest arc... [Galilee] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup] [Philistines]

August 14, 7AM

The Preliminary Report of the 2013 Jezreel Expedition Field Season has been posted at The Bible and Interpretation. Three areas were excavated in the inaugural season. Aren Maeir and Jeffrey Chadwick discuss a recent suggestion to date Hezekiah’s Tunne... [Italy] [Jezreel Valley] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount] [Resources]

August 12, 10AM

Nir Hasson reports in Haaretz on the continuing saga of the Jehoash Inscription. The Jehoash Tablet is a stone bearing an inscription in ancient Hebrew describing the renovation of the First Temple by the Jehoash, King of Judea. If it is authentic, it... [forgery]

August 10, 5AM

On this week’s broadcast of The Book and the Spade, Gordon Govier and I talk about the recent discoveries of the Elisha inscription at Tel Rehov and the Roman Legion base at Megiddo. Listen here. Ferrell Jenkins discusses the discovery of huge columns ... [Samaria] [Jezreel Valley] [Turkey] [Tourism] [Lectures] [Jordan Rift]

August 7, 7AM

An enormous refuse pit from the Byzantine period was recently excavated near Apollonia-Arsuf. A large Crusader hospital in the Muristan of Jerusalem’s Old City has recently been revealed to the public following recent excavations and renovations. The p... [Israel's Coast] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Weekend Roundup] [Egypt]

August 5, 4AM

From the Jerusalem Post: Archeologists say they have found remains of the ancient Jewish village of Shikhin, located in the central Galilee, which could be instrumental in the study of Jewish life in the region and the origins of Christianity. Dr.... [Excavations]

August 3, 4AM

Hershel Shanks has weighed in on the Israeli government’s astonishing about-face on the Jehoash Inscription. Gordon Govier and I discuss the “palace of David” discovery in this week’s broadcast of The Book and the Spade (direct link here). Luke ... [forgery] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Jordan Rift] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup] [Shephelah]

August 2, 8AM

Matthew Kalman has a very interesting article on the latest in the Jehoash Ossuary trial, reporting that the Israeli government is now demanding to keep the artifact on the basis that it is authentic! Kalman reports: In a stunning about-turn, after lo... [forgery] [Jerusalem]

July 30, 7AM

The site identified as the most eroded site in Israel is Tell Jemmeh, located on the bank of the Nahal Besor about 7 miles (12 km) due south of the city of Gaza. The site was identified as biblical Gerar by W. J. Phythian-Adams and Sir Flinders Petrie. Be... [Negev] [Challenge]

July 29, 8AM

Can you identify this site? “[The site] originally occupied a mesa encompassing an area of 4.92 hectares (12.15 acres). It is the most-eroded major site in Israel, the N end having been destroyed by flash floods in Nahal [X], and the S end by severe er... [Challenge]

July 27, 4AM

The best way to get up to speed on the major discoveries at Hazor from the Bronze Age is with Amnon Ben-Tor’s article on the ASOR Blog. A brief report of the finds and surprises from the season at Gezer has been written by the excavators. This year’... [Galilee] [Excavations] [10th Century] [Turkey] [Resources] [Shephelah] [Philistines]

July 24, 8AM

The discovery of an ancient olive press in Jerusalem was announced yesterday. The “Naked Archaeologist” is suing one of its many critics in Israeli court. Megiddo V: The 2004-2008 Seasons is now available from Eisenbrauns. The warm springs of Sach... [Technology] [Jezreel Valley] [Tourism] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup] [Shephelah]

July 23, 12 AM

Whenever you see a sensational claim such as the discovery of a specific item mentioned in the Bible, you should be suspicious. In most cases, the archaeologist seems to be driven more by a desire for attention than by the evidence (e.g., the Cave of John... [Analysis] [Jordan Rift]

July 22, 7AM

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem issued the following press release this morning: August Archaeology Outings: Hebrew University Invites the Public to Visit Fascinating Sites Throughout the Country Jerusalem, July 22, 2013 — Researchers from the Hebr... [Galilee] [Jezreel Valley] [Israel's Coast] [Tourism]

July 19, 12 PM

Yesterday the State Attorney’s office in Israel announced that it was withdrawing its appeal on the allegedly forged items in the collection of Oded Golan. Hershel Shanks has written a brief update on the situation. The Israel Antiquities Authority ... [forgery]

July 18, 12 AM

Professor Yosef Garfinkel has announced the discovery of two royal public buildings in his excavations at Khirbet Qeiyafa. According to the press release, one is the palace of David and the other was the king’s storehouse. Two royal public buildings... [Excavations] [10th Century] [Shephelah] [Discoveries]

July 17, 7AM

The Jerusalem Post has a feature story on the current excavations at the Philistine city of Gath. For daily updates, see the excavator’s blog. In particular, you may want to check out this remarkable 3-D image of Area A. The Post also reports on a new ... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount] [Resources] [Philistines]

July 11, 7AM

Daniel M. Master is the editor-in-chief of a new reference that will be of interest to many here. The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Archaeology is a 1200-page work that includes 130 lengthy essays on biblical sites, regions, and lifeways. The edito... [Resources]

July 10, 8AM

Eilat Mazar is claiming to have found the earliest alphabetic inscription ever discovered in Jerusalem. Readers may recall that she found the earliest written inscription several years ago in a fragmentary cuneiform tablet. She is dating this one to the t... [Jerusalem] [Discoveries]

July 9, 7AM

The Hebrew University has announced the discovery of a fragment of an Egyptian sphinx. From the press release: At a site in Tel Hazor National Park, north of the Sea of Galilee, archeologists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have unearthed part... [Galilee] [Discoveries]

July 8, 9AM

Last month the Israel Antiquities Authority announced the discovery of a Roman road running from Jaffa to Jerusalem. From the IAA press release: An ancient road leading from Yafo [Jaffa] to Jerusalem, which dates to the Roman period (second–fourth c... [Jerusalem] [Discoveries]

July 2, 6AM

Archaeologists who have been excavating for several years at the biblical site of Shiloh are now claiming to have discovered evidence for the location of the tabernacle. From Israel HaYom: Archaeologists discover holes carved into the ground in Shiloh... [Samaria] [Discoveries]

June 28, 7AM

Evidence of the Roman siege of Jerusalem in AD 70 has been found in excavations near the Western Wall of the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. From the Jerusalem Post: The Antiquities Authority on Thursday unearthed for the first time a small 2,000-year-old ... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Discoveries]

June 17, 5AM

Architip is a new app that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to help users see what ancient sites in Israel used to look like. From The Times of Israel: Augmented reality is a technology that uses mathematics, models, location services, camera te... [Technology] [Shephelah]

June 15, 5AM

The LMLK Blogspot has posted a video tour of the new “Motherland of Religions: The Eastern Mediterranean in Late Prehistory” exhibit at El Camino College, including displays of artifacts from Hebron and Khirbet el-Qom. Wayne Stiles explains how the o... [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup] [Shephelah] [Museums]

June 12, 7AM

The eleventh season at Khirbet el-Maqatir has concluded with word of a spectacular find that cannot yet be revealed. The team excavated several Roman-period silos, a first-century ritual bath, and an Iron Age house. The season at Tel Burna is coming alon... [Samaria] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Exodus-Conquest] [Turkey] [Lebanon] [Shephelah] [Museums] [Egypt]

June 11, 5AM

Ken Dark recently lectured at the University of Edinburgh on the archaeology of Nazareth and the Plain of Gennesaret (Ginosar). Summaries of these lectures are available online. While I find highly dubious his suggestion that there was “no road between... [Galilee] [Discoveries]

June 10, 6AM

From the Daily Star: Sidon is set to have its own national museum on site a leading archaeological dig, with donors and developers ready to sign a contract for its construction Monday.The museum project will be built on land owned by the Directorate G... [Lebanon] [Museums]

June 5, 7AM

If you want to see more of the Herod exhibit than the Israel Museum put online, you can watch a 13-minute video tour. The audio is in German, but everyone can get a feel for the displays. A blogger on Forbes gives some of the tax history of the first fou... [Excavations] [Herod's Tomb] [Jerusalem] [Tourism] [Dead Sea] [Weekend Roundup] [greece] [Shephelah] [Museums] [Egypt]

June 4, 6AM

One of the most important sites from biblical times is neglected and deteriorating today. Samaria, the third and most significant capital of the kingdom of Israel, is prey to looters and vandals, as reported in yesterday in an article by the Associated Pr... [Samaria] [Tourism]

June 3, 7AM

The Israel Museum has created a virtual tour of the Herod the Great exhibit in which you can “walk” through the nine galleries, viewing the reconstructions, listening to audio explanations, and watching several video pieces. The gallery is loosely arr... [Herod's Tomb] [Museums]

May 29, 7AM

Gary Byers summarizes the result of the first week of excavations at Khirbet el-Maqatir. He thinks it may have been the best first week of finds at the site. Shimon Gibson will be resuming his excavations on Mount Zion from June 16 to July 11. Volunteers... [Technology] [Italy] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Turkey] [Resources] [Museums]

May 27, 5AM

By the Associated Press: Parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls are up for sale — in tiny pieces. Nearly 70 years after the discovery of the world’s oldest biblical manuscripts, the Palestinian family who originally sold them to scholars and institution... [Dead Sea] [Museums]

May 25, 6AM

Barry Britnell has the scoop on the forthcoming update to Google Maps and he shares some impressive examples. Following the discovery of the mosaic near Bet Qama, Miriam Feinberg Vamosh provides a “flying [mosaic] carpet”-themed itinerary through Isr... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Turkey] [Lectures] [Temple Mount] [Egypt]

May 22, 6AM

Matti Friedman posts new photos and information about the royal (proto-Aeolic) capital discovered in a water tunnel not far from Bethlehem. The first official Israeli exhibit in the Louvre is the Lod Mosaic. It opens tomorrow and runs through August 19. ... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Museums] [Discoveries]

May 21, 5AM

The BBC has an interesting piece on how they protect their seven million objects from six million visitors annually. Threats include curious hands, inadvertent bumps, and chewing gum. David Saunders, head of conservation and scientific research at the... [Museums]

May 18, 6AM

Shmuel Browns has posted a series of high-res photos of the new mosaics at Bet Qama. Donald Trump wants to build Israel’s second 18-hole golf course. It will be located along the coast between Ashkelon and Ashdod. Israel’s Water Authority will begin... [Jordan Rift] [Shephelah] [Philistines] [Discoveries] [Holidays]

May 15, 5AM

A proposal to create a large platform for mixed prayers along the Temple Mount’s western wall south of today’s prayer plaza has evoked some cries of protest. Though the elevated platform would create space for visitors to tour the archaeological remai... [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount] [Shephelah]

May 13, 7AM

A beautiful mosaic from the Byzantine period was discovered at a site north of Beersheba in a salvage excavation conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority. From the press release: A spectacular colorful mosaic dating to the 4th–6th centuries CE ... [Excavations] [Judah] [Discoveries]

May 11, 5AM

A rare film from 1913 shows footage of Jerusalem and the train ride up from Jaffa. Footage of prayers at the Western Wall are shown at about the 4-minute mark. (The audio is in Hebrew.) Leen Ritmeyer explains why he disagrees with the belief that the Shu... [Galilee] [Excavations] [Herod's Tomb] [Jerusalem] [Tourism] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup] [Museums]

May 10, 6AM

It’s difficult to tell what, if anything, is new in this article about excavations near the Temple Mount, but if you need a refresher on the goings-on there for the past several years, you may find this helpful. From the Algemeiner: Old City expert ... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount]

May 8, 5AM

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a quarry from the Herodian period north of the Old City of Jerusalem. The quarry was revealed in the course of construction of Highway 21. The IAA press release describes the results of the excavation. An enormou... [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Temple Mount] [Discoveries]

May 6, 7AM

The Crusader fortress of Tzuba overlooks the route coming up to Jerusalem from the coast. Jacob Solomon gives an introduction to the site in Haaretz (free access with registration). Fortress Tzuba is a nice little bonus that transforms the otherwise o... [Tourism] [Judah]

May 4, 6AM

Tom Powers has created a map identifying visible remnants of the ancient aqueducts in Bethlehem. “Thessaloniki’s Pompeii” will be preserved. Israel Knohl speculates that a second Gabriel Stone may exist. The display of the first Gabriel Stone at t... [Jerusalem] [New Exhibits] [Lectures] [Judah] [Weekend Roundup] [greece] [Museums]

May 3, 6AM

A new excavation is beginning this summer at Ashdod-Yam that you may want to consider joining. If its location on a beautiful Mediterranean beach appeals to you, you can skip the rest of this post and sign up here. While the site was settled for several ... [Excavations] [Philistines]

May 1, 6AM

Mount Arbel does indeed provide a panorama of Jesus’ ministry. Wayne Stiles shares photos and a video. I certainly agree with his conclusion: “No visit to Mount Arbel is ever long enough. It remains one of the most beautiful, inspiring, and instructiv... [Galilee] [Jezreel Valley] [Turkey] [Dead Sea] [Weekend Roundup] [Museums] [Egypt]

April 30, 6AM

When Tel Aviv University announced plans to excavate in Jerusalem’s City of David, some liberal voices responded with anger. What is the most liberal archaeological department in Israel doing working in an area associated with a history they deny? The a... [Excavations] [Jerusalem]

April 29, 5AM

(Post by Michael J. Caba) The Grotto of Saint Paul, located in the foothills on the southern side of ancient Ephesus, has recently yielded intriguing finds related to early church history. The cave has been used from the early Christian era until the l... [Turkey]

April 27, 6AM

Plans to reconstruct Herod’s tomb at the Herodium have been scrapped. The same article reports that the Herod exhibition at the Israel Museum has been extended to January 2014. Tuesday’s Samaritan Passover ceremony is described in a Haaretz article.... [Italy] [Samaria] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Mesopotamia] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup] [Shephelah] [Museums] [Holidays]

April 26, 6AM

A report of the discovery of an ancient church building at Shiloh struck me as questionable. Because several churches have been discovered at Shiloh in the past (including one in 2006), I wondered if this was a recycled report. You can read the story as r... [Samaria] [Discoveries]

April 23, 6AM

The Trowel Shop is closing its doors on April 30 and their Final Sale provides an opportunity to pick up any archaeological tools you might need this summer or in seasons to come. They carry Marshalltown trowels, pickaxes, brushes, and much more. Quantiti... [Resources]

April 19, 9AM

Joseph Lauer has passed along word of a report in the Hebrew daily Makor Rishon that is currently available in English only in The Jewish Press. Specifics are limited, perhaps because of fears of vandalism or political maneuvers. The article mentions an ... [Jerusalem] [Discoveries]

April 13, 5AM

A sonar survey has identified a large stone structure on the floor of the Sea of Galilee. It may be related to the contemporary third-millennium BC site of nearby Beth Yerah (Khirbet Kerak). The scientific article includes illustrations. Archaeologists ... [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Turkey] [Weekend Roundup] [Shephelah] [Museums] [Egypt] [Discoveries]