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March 18 2018, 2PM

I'm happy to announce that my article titled, "Τὸ πνεῦμα in 1 Corinthians 5:5: A Reconsideration of Patristic Exegesis" is now out with Vigiliae Christianae in volume 72, issue 2.Here's the abstract:This article questions the assumption that the... [Apostle Paul] [articles] [Emory] [Journal Articles] [NT] [patristic] [Pauline] [Ph.D] [scholarship]

January 23, 12 PM

I've been developing a course on race/religion in antiquity and am currently reading through a book titled, The Invention of Racism in Classical Antiquity (Princeton University Press, 2004) by Benjamin Isaac. He has a very interesting section in the ... [Books] [Ph.D] [scholarship] [school]

November 11 2017, 9AM

I want to report that one of my teachers here at Emory University (and a member of my dissertation committee), Carl Holladay, the Charles Howard Candler Professor was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. It is one of the most prestigio... [Emory] [scholarship] [school]

March 10, 12 PM

The new issue of New Testament Studies 63.2 (April 2017) appears to be available online now (see their website here).I also wanted to point my readers to one particular article in this issue written by my teacher Carl R. Holladay from Emory Universit... [Acts] [Emory] [Journal Articles] [scholarship] [school]

January 5, 8PM

Very happy to hear that Mark Goodacre has been named as one of the editors of the NIGTC series. With the passing of I. Howard Marshall and Donald Hagner scaling back his duties, Eerdmans named Mark and another, Todd Still, as the new editors of the series... [Books] [commentaries] [Duke] [scholarship]

November 10 2016, 5PM

Hello readers! I know it's been a long time since my last post, it has been a truly busy season trying to write the dissertation, finish up some teaching work, work as a TA for the college, send stuff off for review, etc. etc. I hope this post finds all o... [Acts] [Books] [Emory] [scholarship]

May 12, 12 PM

I received word through the grapevine that Professor D. Moody Smith passed away a couple days ago at the age of 84. He was already retired by the time I took my masters degree at Duke, but obviously his influence there continued. In one of my first semina... [Duke] [scholarship]

February 17, 9AM

I just saw that Professor Kavin Rowe from Duke University Divinity School has a new book which is set to come out very soon, titled One True Life: The Stoics and Early Christians as Rival Traditions (Yale University Press, March 2016): I know he... [Books] [Duke] [Greco-Roman] [scholarship]

January 27, 9AM

Just wanted to bring to your attention the newest issue of Novum Testamentum 58.1 (2016), that includes an article by my friend and colleague here at Emory University, Devin White.See the TOC:Armin D. Baum, "Mark's Paratactic και as a Secondary Sy... [Emory] [scholarship]

January 6, 11AM

One of the great things about being at Emory is that it is a school that values the study of religion and maintains on its campus the Center for the Study of Law and Religion. Early last year, Richard Hays of Duke Divinity School and Michael Welker of Hei... [Duke] [Emory] [scholarship]

November 25 2015, 4PM

If you were at AAR/SBL this year in Atlanta, and your interest is in NT, or even more narrowly, Pauline studies, you would have likely heard about John Barclay's just published book, Paul and the Gift. On top of that, maybe you had the chance to attend th... [book review] [Books] [Pauline] [scholarship]

November 11, 4PM

I want to mention a recently published book titled, Rudolf Bultmann: A Companion to His Theology (Cascade) by David W. Congdon. On his most recent blog post (go here) he mentions a promo by which you can receive 40% through Nov. 15. Bultmann and... [Books] [Bultmann] [NTT] [scholarship]


Teaching/dissertating has been taking up most of my time, hence very little blogging as of late. I recently borrowed John Barclay's Paul and the Gift, a book that has been a highly anticipated work.  As far as I am aware, Barclay doesn't publish... [book review] [Pauline] [Ph.D] [SBL] [scholarship]

July 20, 6PM

A few months ago, the Pitts Theology Library at Emory University's Candler School of Theology hosted an event inviting Prof. Calvin Roetzel to lecture about Ernst Käsemann (see details here). This is part of an exciting project here gathering Käsemann's... [Emory] [Ph.D] [scholarship] [school]

June 25, 6PM

I saw that the newest issue of NTS (61.3) is devoted entirely to the interesting document called the Gospel of Jesus' Wife. I haven't had a chance to read any of the articles, but it looks like a good range of topics to get at the nature of this text. I a... [early christianity] [Non-Canonical Lit.] [scholarship]

June 9, 7AM

Recently, Professor Richard Hays of Duke Divinity School was involved in a panel discussion on what's called "figural reading" of OT in NT. This recalls his earlier work on Paul as well as the more recently work on the Gospels (Reading Backwards), the lat... [Duke] [gospels] [OT in NT] [scholarship]

June 7, 2PM

I was saddened to hear the passing of one of the great NT scholar/theologians of the current generation, Professor J. Louis Martyn (see a wonderful tribute by Prof. Gaventa here). During my first semester at Duke Div, I took a course on Galatians with Dr.... [Duke] [scholarship] [school]

May 12, 6PM

Recently in The New York Times, Mark Bauerlein (who happens to be a professor here at Emory University in the English department) wrote an article titled "What's the Point of a Professor?" As someone who is headed (hopefully!?) to a job in academia, I fou... [Ph.D] [scholarship] [school]

May 1, 9AM

This academic year marked the 100 year anniversary of the founding of Candler School of Theology here at Emory University. In order to mark this significant milestone of Candler, the school ran a year-long program, including a conference during this sprin... [Emory] [scholarship] [school] [world]

March 15, 7AM

Marcion by [Unnamed] via Reflections (#51431)
It looks like interest in Marcion is picking up as of late with the (soon to be) publication of scholarly works concerning this interesting figure in early Christianity. Harnack had attempted to recover Marcion's text more than a century ago, and as far a... [Books] [early christianity] [scholarship]

March 10, 6AM

It was brought to my attention on my social media feed (HT: Brian LePort) that ZNW has a new issue out this year. I'm glad to report that one of my mentors here at Emory, Walter Wilson, has published an article in this issue. See the TOC:Walter T. Wilson,... [Emory] [gospel] [Journal Articles] [scholarship]

March 3, 2PM

Looks like CNN's Finding Jesus (see my original post here about the miniseries here) had a very strong premier with their first episode this past Sunday, coming it at #1 in cable news during its respective time slot with over 1.1 million viewers. Goo... [historical Jesus] [scholarship] [Television]

February 27, 6PM

Just noticed that NTS has the newest issue out, volume 61 issue 2 (April 2015). A little more German heavy than the usual (maybe?). Here are the contents:Udo Schnelle, "Das frühe Christentums und die Bildung"Gudrun Nassauer, "Göttersöhne: Lk 1.26-38 al... [Journal Articles] [scholarship]


I saw on my social media feed that one of my teachers from Duke University, Mark Goodacre, recently served as the lead consultant to a six-part miniseries airing this Sunday (March 1) on CNN called Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery (see here). Should be... [Duke] [historical Jesus] [world]

February 10, 7AM

My teacher here at Emory University, Luke Timothy Johnson, has recently posted a short book review of Bart Ehrman's How Jesus Became God on the Commonweal Magazine website. Check it out here.On this note, if you are interested in pursuing LTJ's comme... [book review] [Books] [Emory] [scholarship]
If you live in Chicago or the surrounding area, you might be interested in the following debate at TEDS titled, "Paul on Justification: Is the Lutheran Approach to Pauline Justification 'Justified'?" The debate is taking place on February 12 at ATO Chapel... [Apostle Paul] [Pauline] [scholarship]

February 4, 10AM

In his typical colorful language, Albert Schweitzer probes the 19th century skepticism that attempts to show how the one who gives (der Darbietende) simultaneously is the one who is partaken of (der Genossene) in the supper:Das üppige Schlinggewächs his... [German] [Quotes] [scholarship]

January 11, 9AM

One of my teachers here at Emory University, Carl Holladay, mentioned to me sometime last year about giving the Kenneth W. Clark Lectures at Duke Divinity School in 2015. I'm glad to see that the details are now available for those of you that are interes... [Duke] [Emory] [scholarship]

November 17 2014, 4PM

I guess November can be chalked up as a Duke month for my blog, as I have yet another post featuring a book by a Duke University professor. This book is a bit outside of my area of expertise, though still interesting. It is written by Grant Wacker, Gilber... [Biographies] [Books] [Duke]

November 15, 12 PM

In keeping with the theme of Duke Div from my latest post, I want to bring to your attention two books that are out now, both written by my former teachers at Duke.The first book is written by Richard Hays and if his earlier book Echoes reimagined th... [Books] [Duke] [gospel] [OT in NT] [Pauline]

November 13, 4PM

Just this past week, N.T. Wright was at my alma mater, Duke University's Div School and it appears that the school has recorded two videos: first a panel discussion with NT Wright that included three of my teachers at Duke (Profs. Campbell, Eastman, and H... [Duke] [Pauline] [scholarship] [school]

August 20, 6PM

The introduction to Rudolf Bultmann's Jesus and the Word (p. 15) ends with the following sentences:"The essential difficulty in this book ... lies not in the theoretical understanding nor in the acceptance of it as a 'point of view,' but in the ... [Bultmann] [Quotes]

August 14, 12 PM

So I can't seem to get around the circular reasoning used to determine if a text is Paul or Deutero-Pauline. The argument goes something like this (albeit in simplified terms):Step 1: Identify places (words, passages, etc.) x in text y that does not ... [Apostle Paul] [Pauline] [scholarship]


"No one has ever been compelled (in the true sense) to make his decision between faith and unbelief, simply because someone else has succeeded in representing Jesus convincingly as a worker of miracles." - Ernst Käsemann, "The Problem of the Histori... [Käsemann] [Quotes] [scholarship]

July 25, 8AM

I'm currently reading for my comprehensive exams that will take place in the Fall, and that means wading through a ton of books having to do with topics ranging from historical Jesus research, to Pauline theology, to the Synoptic Problem, critical introdu... [Books] [Emory] [scholarship]

July 21, 7AM

"It can be set down as something destined to endure eternally that the usual Christian commentators will disparage Judaism and its supposed legalism, and Jewish scholars will reply, usually fruitlessly. I have addressed myself to this topic in three or fo... [Books] [Quotes] [scholarship]

June 4, 7AM

It's that time of the year when commencement speeches are given all over the nation, and two given at Harvard recently came to my attention. One by Michael Bloomberg and the other by Mindy Kaling for Harvard Universty and Harvard Law School respectively.O... [school] [world]

May 21, 7AM

Happy to say I've finished the coursework phase of my PhD program and now reading for preliminary exams. Hope you will all enjoy a productive summer! [Emory] [school]

May 7, 5PM

I recently read through Jens Schröter's From Jesus to the New Testament and provided a book review for a seminar here at Emory. It seems to me that German scholarship is once again coming up more and more on the horizon of Anglophone speakers, and Schrö... [German] [scholarship]

May 6, 11AM

As my final semester of coursework is winding down (finally!) this week, I had some more time to resume other random readings that interested me. I've been slowly reading through books on Roosevelt/Taft, the news, economics, and American religious history... [Books] [evangelicalism] [Quotes]

April 3, 4PM

One of my former teachers at Duke Divinity School, Douglas Campbell, is coming out with a new book titled Framing Paul: An Epistolary Account (see here). He's been teaching a course on the life of Paul at Duke for a few years now I think and I remember hi... [Books] [Duke] [Pauline]

March 28, 7AM

I... by [Unnamed] via Reflections (#29197)
hope University of Florida loses big to Dayton. That is all. [sports]

March 15, 8PM

Yes! by [Unnamed] via Reflections (#28321)
I found out that I recently won the following books from a giveaway (with the lofty title, "The Amazing T&T Clark Book Giveaway of 2014") by the folks over at The Jesus Blog (+ T&T Clark):(1) Maurice Casey, Jesus: Evidence and Argument or Myt... [blog] [Books] [historical Jesus]

March 14, 5PM

The newest issues are out for the two following journals:The newest volume of JSNT (March 2014) looks to be a very interesting volume, as it is an issue devoted entire to two recently published books on the Gospel of Thomas, one by my teacher at Duke Univ... [articles] [Journal Articles] [NT] [scholarship]

March 13, 12 PM

According to Karl Barth...= In case you can't figure out who they are, I'll let the man speak for himself:"To a great extent, Bultmann has only himself to blame if he gives the impression of being concerned mainly to do battle for a more modern world... [Barth] [Bultmann] [Quotes]

March 10, 5PM

For one of my seminars, I've been reading a lot of Xenophon and Plato, and I just ran across a quote in Xenophon's Memorabilia that I thought I would share with you. The recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham continues the long dispute over young eart... [Quotes] [Xenophon]

February 26, 8PM

I was saddened to hear that Professor Allen Verhey of Duke Divinity School passed away today (see the schools news here). He was the Robert Earl Cushman Professor of Christian Theology at Duke and his field of expertise was in Christian ethics (he was the... [Duke]

February 17, 8AM

Prof. Shaun Casey who is heading up the State Department's new Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives gave a talk here at Emory just over a week ago. Check it out:  [Emory] [world]

February 12, 3PM

In my history of interpretation seminar, we just reviewed some material on historical Jesus research, and I saw this quote from Bernhard Weiss (1827-1918). This comes from chapter 12 ("The Historical Representation of the Life of Jesus") of his 2-volume (... [historical Jesus] [Quotes] [scholarship]

January 14, 5PM

I was interested to see that the most recent issue of Clinical Toxicology had an article devoted entirely to the death of the figure depicted above, Alexander the Great, in 323 BCE. I don't think this is a journal that most ancient historians would run to... [Greco-Roman] [Journal Articles] [scholarship]

December 16 2013, 10AM

For my readers, you might notice at the top that the name of this blog has changed. When I first started this blog over 4 years ago, it was just a means for me to be able to keep my friends updated on the happenings in my life as I continue to pursue the ... [blog]

December 14, 6PM

I'm entering into my final week of the semester and am in the process of finishing two more final papers. One of them is for my Jewish milieu seminar where my teacher has given us a variety of choices for our final exam, which is really a written exam tha... [Emory] [Philo]

December 6, 4PM

One of my teachers here, Carl Holladay, recently gave a set of lectures, the Carmichael-Walling lectures at Abilene Christian University. These lectures are quite distinguished, as they have invited other well respected scholars from the guild such as Mar... [Emory] [scholarship]

November 11, 2PM

As I continue to read more and more journals, books, monographs, etc., that are more "technical" in nature, I can't help but notice the tiresome way that certain "academic lingo" insert themselves into the prose. That is, some words or phrases just get re... [Hodgepodge] [scholarship]

October 15, 7PM

It's been a while since I've really updated anything substantial on my blog. I don't want to keep apologizing to my readers but the school semester is certainly very busy! My book carousel has been updated and some of the books should give you an idea of ... [Books] [Emory] [school]


I'd like to point out that a new issue of NovT came out recently (Vol. 55.4). Great to see that my colleague here at Emory, Chris Holmes, has an article in this issue. Here's the line-up:James R. Harrison, "Paul's 'Indebtedness' to the Barbarian (Rom 1:14... [Emory] [Journal Articles] [Ph.D] [scholarship]

August 1, 8AM

This is the title of a forthcoming book from one of my teachers here at Emory, Vernon K. Robbins. It's his look into the Christology (or Christologies if you'd like) of early Christians at the time when things were being written about Jesus' origins and l... [scholarship] [Non-Canonical Lit.] [Emory]

July 25, 8PM

It's not even August yet, but I just saw that JSNT has released their September issue. I'm also happy to see that I've had the chance to cross paths with a few of the authors in this issue.One of the articles is written by a friend of mine, John A. Dunne,... [scholarship] [Emory] [articles]

May 14, 7PM

It looks like the new issue of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament is out and it seems like a pretty good issue. Here's the line-up:Mark Goodacre, "How Reliable is the Story of the Nag Hammadi Discovery?"Anna C. Miller, "Not with Eloquent ... [scholarship] [Duke] [Journal Articles]

April 21, 7PM

This is somewhat out of my own arena of expertise, but I wanted to introduce all of you to a forthcoming book:Beautiful cover, no? Oxford University Press seems to always do a good job creating some nice looking volumes and this one is no exception. It's ... [Duke] [Books]

April 13, 9AM

Check this out:I just saw that this nice volume from the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft is putting together both the Septuagint and the NT together into one massive text.According to Eisenbrauns, this book runs at over 3,100 pages!It will include an apparatus... [Bible] [scholarship] [LXX] [NT]

April 2, 3PM

In one of my classes, we've had some discussions recently on the Gospel of Thomas and to my surprise, I saw that the Marginalia was hosting a live session with both Mark Goodacre and Simon Gathercole discussing the Gospel of Thomas and thei... [scholarship] [Non-Canonical Lit.] [Books]

March 27, 12 PM

I have a mild interest in Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945), a very fascinating person within modern Christian history. I can't say I know a whole lot right now as I've just begun to scratch the surface in terms of his life, thought, and writings ... [Quotes] [Bonhoeffer]

March 23, 9AM

One of my hobbies is reading biographies and it just so happened that I came across a recently translated biography1 of a NT scholar from the early 20th century, so in this particular case, I get to double-dip in terms of my interest in NT studies but als... [Quotes] [scholarship] [Bultmann] [Biographies]

March 13, 4PM

Google Reader is coming to an end! It has been my go-to website to read all the blogs I subscribe to as an RSS-feed reader... What other programs are out there that are worth using??HELP.HT: Google Blog [world] [blog]

12 PM

I wanted to give a heads-up to all my readers to a book and a lecture published/released recently by one of my teachers, Luke Timothy Johnson. He's been a terrific mentor thus far and every time I get to learn from him has been a real treat in scholarship... [school] [scholarship] [Books] [Emory]

March 2, 10PM

Interested in a book giveaway? The winner gets Candida Moss' new book, The Myth of Persecution.Go to Zwinglius Redivivus here to enter. [Books] [blog]

February 20, 2PM

If you're interested in that fascinating book called the Gospel of Thomas, there is one book fresh off the press (not even 6 months old) that might interest you from one of my teachers at Duke University, Mark Goodacre (see his blog here), titled, Thomas ... [scholarship] [Duke] [Non-Canonical Lit.] [Books] [Synoptic Gospels]

January 3, 6PM

The Fall 2012 issue of the Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters is out (though the website is not yet updated to reflect this latest issue), and I'm proud to say that my first peer-reviewed article has been published in this issue! It has be... [Apostle Paul] [scholarship] [Journal Articles] [Pauline]

December 21 2012, 9PM

Done! by [Unnamed] via Reflections (#4056)
I'm glad to report that I am now officially done with my first semester as a Ph.D. student here at Emory University. After a mountain of final folders to grade along with dozens of blue books, as well as two and a half research papers (I say half, because... [school] [Ph.D] [Emory]

December 16, 11PM

I recently borrowed from the library a newly published book, The Collected Sermons of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, edited by Isabel Best (she is part of the DBWE team, and herself involved in translations of volumes 8, 12, and 13 of Bonhoeffer's Works). One of th... [Bonhoeffer] [world]


Over at Unbelievable?, this week's program features one of my teachers from Duke University, Mark Goodacre and a Columbia trained historian, Richard Carrier. The topic is "Did Jesus Exist?" Carrier espouses the "mythicist" view that claims that the histor... [scholarship] [Duke] [NT] [Greco-Roman]

December 12, 4PM

When I first started thinking about the possibility of doing Ph.D. work, I had originally planned to apply to schools in the UK for various reasons. It was shorter, being in Europe seemed appealing, and at the time I was much more familiar with scholars f... [school] [scholarship] [Ph.D] [NT]

December 11, 6PM

Just saw that Gaventa has been named as the Distinguished Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Baylor University from her current post at Princeton Theological Seminary, joining other strong members of the NT faculty. See the Baylor news press her... [school] [scholarship]

December 2, 9PM

[Context: I'm in the middle of finishing up two big research papers and staring at countless number of bibliographies brought this to my attention.]If you're wondering what the title means, it's my way of saying "problems with abbreviations." It must be t... [scholarship] [Books] [world]


Dear readers,Does anyone know how to type Syriac fonts in Mac OSX?  I know Hebrew is easy enough and typing in Syriac was fairly easy to figure out for Windows but I have no idea how to do this on Macs.  Please help! [syriac]
I see that the new issue of JSNT is out and one article in particular seemed interesting:"Whose Abraham, Which Promise? Genesis 15.6 in Philo’s De Virtutibus and Romans 4"Here's the abstract: This article creates a dialogue between Philo’s and Pa... [scholarship] [Pauline] [articles]

October 29, 9AM

While reading through Diogenes Laertius' Lives of Eminent Philosophers, ran into this little piece from Diogenes of Sinope (6.42):ἐνεκάλει τοῖς ἀνθρώποις περὶ τῆς εὐχῆς, αἰτεῖσθαι λέγων αὐτοὺ... [Quotes] [Greco-Roman]

September 29, 7AM

In a fairly recently started blog by Anthony Le Donne and Chris Keith, they asked Helen Bond who she would recommend doing Jesus research with (UK and US). It was nice to see her vote of confidence in one of my former teachers at Duke, Mark Goodacre (he a... [scholarship] [Duke] [Ph.D]
The October issue of the journal, Interpretation, is out. Over the summer, I read a book titled, The Bible Made Impossible: Why Biblicism Is Not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture, by Christian Smith, so this issue is especially interesting given Jo... [Bible] [Books] [book review]

September 25, 8PM

Some penetrating words from one of the giants in NT studies, Adolf von Harnack:"No other book of the New Testament had to suffer so much as Acts, although despite its evident weaknesses, it is in more than one respect the weightiest (wichtigste) and best ... [Quotes] [scholarship] [Luke]
Seems like the Emory folks (and grad) are represented well in the most recent issue of JBL:On the Hebrew Bible side, we have a current student, Ryan Bonfiglio who has an article titled, "Archer Imagery in Zechariah 9:11-17 in Light of Achaemenid Iconograp... [scholarship] [Emory]

August 25, 11AM

I'm officially starting the first semester of my doctoral program this week and though I'm pretty excited to be taking great classes, right now I'm struggling to fill that third seminar spot I need for my semester. So far, I know for sure I will be taking... [school] [Ph.D] [Emory]