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March 14 2018, 2PM

Did you know there is a debate about whether we are supposed to be baptized “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19-20) OR “in the name of Jesus”? Yes, we Christians argue over some silly things. In my book... [One Verse] [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [baptism] [baptized] [Bible teaching] [disciple] [discipleship] [follow Jesus] [Matthew 28:19-20]


I am always on the lookout for books that help me understand the basic meaning and message of various books of the Bible. So it was with interest that I recently read Interpreting the Wisdom Books, by Edward Curtis. We all want to be wise … and the ... [Redeeming Books] [Books I'm Reading] [wisdom]


I am currently writing a book about faith, and in it, I briefly address the idea of blind faith, or taking a leap of faith. I show that faith doesn’t actually allow for blind leaps, but instead, our beliefs change as we are persuaded and convinced b... [Redeeming Books] [Apologetics] [Bible and Theology Questions] [Books I'm Reading]

March 7, 1PM

When people read 1 Peter 3:21, they wonder if baptism is necessary for salvation. And this is indeed what 1 Peter 3:21 seems to say: There is also an antitype which now saves us—baptism (not the removal of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a goo... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [1 Peter 3:21] [baptism] [baptized] [salvation] [save]

February 28, 11AM

In 1 Corinthians 9:27, Paul writes about his fear of being disqualified by God. Does this mean that Paul thought that he could lose his eternal life? When I was in High School, I had a teacher who read 1 Corinthians 9:27 in class (I attended a Christian s... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [1 Corinthians 9:27] [approved] [crown] [disqualified] [eternal life] [eternal rewards] [eternal security] [gospel dictionary]

February 26, 9AM

Several years ago, I was interviewed by Jason Wiedel for his podcast. For some reason, he never aired this interview. I don’t know why. Maybe he forgot about it. Maybe he didn’t like what I said. Maybe it was because my facial hair wasn’... [One Verse] [Redeeming Theology] [church] [Inerrancy] [Jason Wiedel]

February 6, 11AM

What a blog post title! Epistolary Diatribe … what??? But have no fear … it’s not as scary as it sounds. This article will really help you understand the letters of Paul. I promise. Let me begin by asking you a question … If you ha... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [1 Corinthians 15:35-36] [1 Corinthians 6:12-14] [1 Corinthians 7:1-2] [Epistolary Diatribe] [Greg Boyd] [James 2:14-26] [Letters of Paul] [Romans 1:18-32] [Romans 1:24] [Romans 3] [Romans 9:19-24]

February 3, 5PM

I always love reading books that attempt to explain all the violence in the Bible … especially the violence that is attributed to God. I have written two books on the subject myself, but love seeing how other people deal with this difficult topic. So wh... [Redeeming Books] [Books I'm Reading] [nonviolence] [old testament] [violence of God] [violence of Scripture]

January 23, 10AM

Lots of Christians struggle with know what to pray for and how to pray. And all Christians struggle with wondering why they don’t see more “answers” to prayer. The new book by Mark Karris, Divine Echoes, seeks to answer some of those que... [Redeeming Books] [z] [Books I'm Reading] [how to pray] [Prayer] [questions about prayer] [unanswered prayer]

January 11, 10PM

I recently taught through the creation account in Genesis 1­–4 for my podcast, and in the process discovered that Eve is not actually presented in the text as being guilty for the alleged crime of leading humanity into sin by eating the forbidden fruit... [Redeeming Books] [Bible study] [Books I'm Reading] [women]

December 19 2017, 10AM

My book on prayer came out last week. Right now, you can get the eBook version for $2.99 on Amazon. If you buy the book today (December 19, 2017) I will send you an additional $250 worth of teaching materials about prayer. Bonus Materials on Prayer Here i... [Redeeming Books] [Redeeming Life] [z] [answers to prayer] [Books I'm Writing] [dangerous prayer] [impossible prayers] [lord's prayer] [questions about prayer] [unanswered prayer] [What is prayer]

December 14, 9AM

What is the book of Jonah all about? Is it about God’s heart for all the people of the world? Is it about how God wants you to get involved in world missions? No, it is not about either one of these things, even though this is often the way you hear it ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [enemies] [evil] [Jonah] [love your enemies] [One Verse Podcast] [violence]

December 12, 12 PM

My new book is out! It is titled, What is Prayer? You can get the book on Amazon as an eBook or Paperback, or at Apple iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. Here is the cover: What is Prayer? seeks to answer some of the main questions that Christians hav... [Redeeming Books] [Redeeming Life] [Books I'm Writing] [how to pray] [Prayer] [What is prayer]

December 7, 9AM

This study looks at Jonah 4:10-11, the final two verses in the book of Jonah. But this is not the end of our discussion of Jonah. There will be one final episode next week, Episode #100, in which we discuss what the story of Jonah is all about. As we will... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [evil] [Jonah] [Jonah 4:10-11] [love of God] [One Verse Podcast] [sin]

December 5, 4PM

I attempted my first Facebook live video today. Here it is: I am definitely not an expert videographer by any means … Oh well. As mentioned in the video, the information is drawn from my Gospel Dictionary online course, specifically from the less... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Adoption] [election] [Romans 9-11] [Romans 9:4]

November 30, 9AM

Have you ever been disgusted with God? So disgusted with how God lets evil go unchecked, and how God doesn’t seem to protect you or your family or your plans, or how God seems to bless the wicked people while not helping the righteous? Have you ever bee... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [anger] [Bible Study Podcast] [hell] [Jonah 4:9] [Justice] [One Verse Podcast]

November 28, 12 PM

The following study of Galatians 1:8-9 is drawn from my Gospel Dictionary Online Course, which defines 52 key words of the Gospel, and considers hundreds of texts from the Bible related to these key terms. See details at the bottom of this article for how... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [accursed] [anathema] [circumcision] [curse] [Galatians 1:8-9] [gospel] [Paul]

November 23, 9AM

At a conference I attended a while back, I mentioned in passing to someone that I do not believe that God punished people for their sin. The person I was talking to looked at me like I had lost my mind. “If God doesn’t punish people for their sin,” ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [divine enablement] [forgiveness] [grace] [Jonah 4:8] [mercy] [One Verse Podcast] [violence]

November 21, 9AM

This is part of an ongoing series where I briefly interview a theologian, pastor, author, or Bible scholar that I highly respect, and ask them to tell us a bit about themselves, their most current teaching project, and the one most important truth (the ha... [Redeeming Books] [Redeeming Scripture] [bible reading]

November 16, 2PM

Have you ever heard someone say, “God is a God of love, but He is also a God of justice?” Usually this is said in the context of a discussion on hell. You might object to the idea of torturing people forever in hell as being not very loving, and the o... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [forgiveness] [grace] [Jonah 4:7] [Justice] [love] [mercy] [One Verse Podcast] [Restorative Justice]

November 14, 9AM

This is part of an ongoing series where I briefly interview a theologian, pastor, author, or Bible scholar that I highly respect, and ask them to tell us a bit about themselves, their most current teaching project, and the one most important truth (the ha... [Redeeming Theology] [Theology Hack] [z] [Books I'm Reading] [election] [predestination] [Theology of Salvation]

November 12, 9AM

Kregel Publishing sent me a review copy of the book, The Handy Guide to Difficult and Irregular Greek Verbs. As any student of Greek knows, there are numerous Greek verbs that make absolutely no sense when it comes to their principal parts. This handy lit... [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible study] [Books I'm Reading] [Greek]

November 9, 9AM

What is evil? Do you know evil when you see it? We all think we know what evil is, that we can recognize it, and that we are able to accurately judge between good and evil. But we see today from Jonah 4:6 that judging between good and evil should be left ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [evil] [Jonah] [Jonah 4:6] [Justice] [One Verse Podcast]

November 7, 9AM

In one of his recent email newsletters, pastor and world-renowned theologian Greg Boyd included a review of my book, Nothing but the Blood of Jesus. Below is his review, interspersed with my comments and responses. Before we get started however, let me st... [Redeeming Books] [z] [blood of Jesus] [Book Reviews] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books I'm Writing] [Cross] [crucifixion of Jesus] [crucivision] [Greg Boyd] [mimesis] [mimetic rivalry] [mimetic theory] [Nothing But the Blood of Jesus] [Rene Girard] [scapegoat]

November 2, 8AM

There are lots of calls for justice in the world today. And God is a God of justice, but most Christians are not really aware of how God carries out justice. We are going to learn more about justice today as we study Jonah 4:5. Jonah wants Nineveh brought... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Jonah 4:5] [judgment] [Justice] [Nineveh] [One Verse Podcast] [Shamash]

October 31, 8AM

In my Gospel Dictionary course, one of the words we look at is the word anathema, which is often translated as “cursed” or “accursed” in the Bible. One of the places this word is found is 1 Corinthians 16:22, where, at the end of... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [1 Corinthians 16:22] [accursed] [anathema] [curse] [gospel dictionary]

October 26, 8AM

Have you ever been angry at how God runs the world? I was listening to a podcast recently which had an atheist on the show, and he said this to the Christian who was interviewing him, “If your God exists, then your God sucks. I could do a better job run... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [anger] [atheism] [atheist] [Jonah 4:4] [One Verse Podcast] [world]

October 24, 8AM

Some people teach that 1 Corinthians 12:3 provides the test of a true Christian. I have also heard some people say that 1 Corinthians 12:3 can be used to help you know if someone is demon possessed. The verse says this: Therefore I make known to you that ... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [1 Corinthians 12:3] [Corinth] [demon possession] [Gnosticism] [gospel dictionary] [Holy Spirit] [Paul] [Spiritual] [tongues] [true Christian]

October 19, 1PM

At the very beginning of our study of Jonah, we encountered two questions about Jonah’s strange behavior in the book. When asked by God to go preach judgment against the evil city of Nineveh, Jonah instead got on a boat and headed to Tarshish. The first... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [anger] [death] [Jonah 4:3] [One Verse Podcast] [Suicide]

October 17, 8AM

In Romans 9:3, Paul writes, “For I could wish that I myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my countrymen according to the flesh.” Is Paul saying that he wished he could go to hell if it would mean that his Jewish brethren would bel... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [gospel dictionary] [hell] [Kingdom of God] [Messiah] [Paul] [Romans 9:3]

October 12, 8AM

Have you ever been angry at God? Of course you have. Life has a way of crushing us all, and when that happens, we often get angry at God about it. When you’re angry at God, what do you do? Do you try to handle it yourself? Or do you lash out at God in y... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [anger] [Jonah 4:2] [One Verse Podcast] [Prayer]

October 10, 8AM

The book of 1 John is a battleground book regarding the issue of good works and sin. I remember in Bible college listening to a student debate with a professor about what 1 John teaches about whether or not a Christian can commit sin. Here is how the deba... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [1 John 2:17] [1 John 2:6] [1 John 3:14-15] [1 John 3:9] [abide] [gospel dictionary] [remain]

October 5, 8AM

After Nineveh experiences a city-wide revival in response to his preaching, Jonah becomes angry at God in Jonah 4:1. What do you think about that? Have you ever thought that he should have rejoiced instead? Well, today, we are going to look a bit more at ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Cain and Abel] [evil] [Jonah 4:1] [One Verse Podcast] [violence]

October 3, 8AM

Just as relationship with people were central to the original creation in the Garden of Eden and are central to all of God’s work in the world, so also, we must never forget that there could be no relationship in this world if there was no world to begi... [Redeeming Life] [z] [biblical living] [Creation] [following Jesus] [Good News] [gospel]

September 28, 8AM

What is repentance? What is evil? If you think you know, here are some harder questions:  Does God ever need to repent? Does God commit evil? Well, Jonah 3:10 seems to indicate that God does commit evil and does repent of it. Yikes! What does that mean? ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [evil] [Jonah 3:10] [One Verse Podcast] [sin] [violence of God] [violence of Scripture]

September 26, 8AM

The gospel has the ability to change and alter culture. Since the gospel is about the redemption of all things, a gospel that touches the culture will end up redeeming that culture. It does not do away with the culture by condemning it, but it redeems wh... [Redeeming Life] [z] [biblical living] [Culture] [following Jesus] [Good News] [gospel]

September 21, 10AM

I am at the ReKnew conference in St. Paul, MN this weekend. I don’t attend many conferences, but since I have been writing and teaching a lot about how to understand the violence in Scripture, I thought this would be a good conference to attend. The con... [Redeeming Theology]


What is repentance? How do we repent? Does God ever need to repent? It is these sorts of questions we are considering today as we look at Jonah 3:9, where the king of Nineveh expresses his hope that God will repent. The Text of Jonah 3:9 9Who knows? Perha... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [evil] [God] [Jonah 3:9] [One Verse Podcast] [repentance]

September 19, 8AM

Art is a giant potential outlet for the beauty of the gospel. And by art, I mean not just paintings and drawing, but also music, poetry, movies, dance and anything that is in the “artistic” realm. Most people do not realize it, but art usually is at... [Redeeming Life] [z] [art] [biblical living] [following Jesus] [Good News] [gospel] [music]

September 14, 8AM

I don’t know what your political views are, and frankly, I don’t care too much. But however you categorize yourself, I imagine that you have strong opinions about the violent actions of the people on the other side of the political aisle. Their violen... [One Verse] [Bible study] [evil] [Jonah 3:6-8] [One Verse Podcast] [sin] [violence]

September 13, 8AM

My new book, Nothing but the Blood of Jesus, is out, and people are loving it! It’s #1 in three categories on Amazon, and many say that it has helped the Bible make a lot of more sense to them … especially the passages about a violent God. If ... [Redeeming Books] [z] [Books I'm Writing] [Nothing But the Blood of Jesus] [violence of God] [violence of Scripture]

September 12, 8AM

The political arena is a mess. It might be one of the darkest areas on earth. It seems impossible to be a politician without also being a liar, a thief, and a backstabbing jerk. Which means that due to the corruption in politics, the realm of politics is... [Redeeming Life] [z] [biblical living] [following Jesus] [Good News] [gospel] [government] [Kingdom of God] [politics]

September 7, 8AM

Did you know that you can evangelize and be a witness for the Gospel as you go about your day and interact with others without having to share the Four Spiritual Laws with them, or walk them through the Romans’ Road? It’s true! You do not have to stan... [One Verse] [Bible study] [evangelism] [Jonah 3:5] [One Verse Podcast] [revival]

September 5, 8AM

Work and employment is a wonderful opportunity for the gospel to take center stage. Though many people consider work to be part of the curse that came upon humankind as a result of the fall in Genesis 3, the truth is that work was given to Adam and Eve p... [Redeeming Life] [z] [biblical living] [following Jesus] [Good News] [gospel] [jobs] [Work]

August 29, 8AM

The family is the centerpiece of God’s work in the world. We often look to churches and corporations and non-profit organizations as the chief method by which God carries out His work in this world, but that is a human way of looking at things. The pla... [Redeeming Life] [z] [biblical living] [family] [following Jesus] [Good News] [gospel]

August 28, 8AM

This is part of an ongoing series where I briefly interview a theologian, pastor, author, or Bible scholar that I highly respect, and ask them to tell us a bit about themselves, their most current teaching project, and the one most important truth (the ha... [Redeeming Theology] [Theology Hack] [Bible study] [Bruxy Cavey] [church] [gospel] [hermeneutics] [Kingdom of God]

August 24, 8AM

How do you evangelize? Do you use tracts? Invite people to church, or to an evangelism crusade? Do you use the Roman’s Road? Do you shout into a bullhorn that people are going to hell unless they repent? In Jonah 3:4, we see how Jonah shared the message... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [discipleship] [evangelism] [following Jesus] [Jonah 3:4] [One Verse Podcast] [witnessing]

August 22, 8AM

As you seek to live out the gospel, you think of it as a series of concentric circles with yourself at the center. I am not encouraging a self-centered gospel, but rather a gospel that first transforms the self. As many have said, a gospel message that d... [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Life] [z] [biblical living] [Christian Living] [following Jesus] [Good News] [gospel] [love of God]

August 15, 11AM

Greg Boyd is out with a new book,  Cross Vision. I interviewed him yesterday about this book and his theology, and here is my review of his book. Having read both Cross Vision and the longer 2-volume work, The Crucifixion of the Warrior God, I think that... [Redeeming Books] [Redeeming Theology] [Books I'm Reading] [crucifixion of Jesus] [cruciform] [crucivision] [Greg Boyd]


Since the gospel is about way more than just receiving eternal life but is also about how God’s people are to live their lives in this world, then the goal of living out the gospel is not primarily to rescue people from hell so they can go to heaven whe... [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Life] [z] [biblical living] [following Jesus] [Good News] [gospel] [heaven] [Kingdom of God] [kingdom of heaven]

August 14, 8AM

This is part of an ongoing series where I briefly interview a theologian, pastor, author, or Bible scholar that I highly respect, and ask them to tell us a bit about themselves, their most current teaching project, and the one most important truth (the ha... [Redeeming Theology] [Theology Hack] [Bible study] [Brian Zahnd] [cruciform] [hermeneutics] [jesus]
This is part of an ongoing series where I briefly interview a theologian, pastor, author, or Bible scholar that I highly respect, and ask them to tell us a bit about themselves, their most current teaching project, and the one most important truth (the ha... [Redeeming Theology] [Theology Hack] [z] [Bible study] [cruciform] [crucivision] [Greg Boyd] [hermeneutics]

August 10, 8AM

What does God think of evil people? What does God think of people who disobey Him, and are opposed to Him and His ways? Well, according to Jonah 3:3, God thinks they’re great. We’re going to see that the wicked and violent people of Nineveh are great ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [discipleship] [evangelism] [following Jesus] [Jonah 3:3] [loving others] [One Verse Podcast]

August 8, 8AM

If Scripture reveals anything to us about people who live in light of the gospel, it is that the gospel does not make us into clones. The gospel is not about making Christian clones. Humanity consists of a wide diversity of people, which means that when ... [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [biblical living] [Christian Living] [following Jesus] [Good News] [gospel]

August 7, 8AM

This is part of an ongoing series where I briefly interview a theologian, pastor, author, or Bible scholar that I highly respect, and ask them to tell us a bit about themselves, their most current teaching project, and the one most important truth (the ha... [Redeeming Theology] [Theology Hack] [Frank Viola] [jesus] [Pagan]

August 1, 8AM

Once we begin to understand how the gospel creates peace, mocks our vain claims to self-importance, and teaches us to live as agents of joy and delight in the world, how will these truths begin to create unity among the bickering factions of Christianity?... [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [biblical living] [church unity] [following Jesus] [Good News] [gospel] [Unity]

July 27, 8AM

Do you ever feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel in the life of discipleship to Jesus? That you hear the same things over and over? You go through the same steps over and over? That you just keep going round and round and never seem to make any prog... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [discipleship] [following Jesus] [Jonah 3:2] [One Verse Podcast]

July 25, 8AM

Do you ever find yourself enjoying spending time with friends, family, and neighbors? If so, you are experiencing part of the gospel. The delight we experience as we live out the gospel among our friends, family, and neighbors is actually part of the gosp... [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [biblical living] [following Jesus] [Good News] [gospel]

July 20, 8AM

Jonah 3 begins in almost exactly the same way as Jonah 1. Jonah 3:1 is nearly identical to Jonah 1:1. Jonah 3:1 reveals that God is a God of second chances. After Jonah’s blatant rebellion and shameful disobedience of chapter 1, and after Jonah’s self... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [forgiveness] [Jonah 3:1] [One Verse Podcast] [second chances] [sin]

July 18, 8AM

Many people do not realize that the four Gospel accounts about Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) follow an ancient literary genre in the first century Roman Empire. These are called the Caesar Gospels. Every time a new Roman Caesar came into power, he... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Caesar Gospels] [four gospels] [gospel] [gospel according to Scripture] [Romans 1:16-17] [Romans 1:3-4] [satire]

July 11, 8AM

Amazon Prime Day is today. This is a one-day sale that ends at midnight tonight. As part of Prime Day, most of my paperback books are over 50% off. Better still, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you get free shipping as well. (Read below on how to ge... [Redeeming Books] [Book Sale] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books I'm Writing]

June 29, 8AM

As we have studied through Jonah’s prayer in Jonah 2, I have been fairly critical of Jonah and what he says. I have said that his prayer, while full of Scripture and pious language, is actually a big sham. He praises himself, condemns the sailors, and r... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [how to pray] [Jonah 2:10] [One Verse Podcast] [Prayer] [pride] [self-righteousness] [selfishness]

June 27, 9AM

The gospel is not just about how to receive eternal life, but also about how to live this life. As we grow in our knowledge and experience of the gospel, life also grows in vibrancy and vitality. Where grace and faith multiply, love and unity flourish. To... [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Good News] [gospel] [gospel according to Scripture] [Luke 12:51] [Luke 2:10] [Matthew 10:34] [peace] [sword] [violence]

June 22, 8AM

If I say “salvation is from the Lord,” what do you think of? If you are like most Christians, you think of how God forgives your sins so you can receive eternal life and go to heaven when you die. Well, the phrase “salvation is from the Lord” is f... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [gospel] [Jonah 2:9] [One Verse Podcast] [salvation]

June 20, 10AM

What is evangelism? What needs to be said in evangelism? Who do you say it to? How long does evangelism take? What Scriptures should you use? How do you know when someone has been “evangelized”? Ask these questions to 10 people, and you will g... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [discipleship] [evangelism] [Good News] [gospel] [gospelism]

June 13, 11AM

Last week I wrote that good works are not the necessary result of justification. Many Christians say that if you are truly a Christian, you will have the good works to prove it. I argued in last week’s post that this is not true. Let me provide thre... [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [eternal life] [good works] [gospel] [gospel according to Scripture] [Ministry] [obedience] [sanctification] [sin]

June 8, 9AM

I am convinced that you must read the Bible with a half smile on your lips and a glint of humor in your eyes if you are going to properly understand some texts. I have written about this previously, especially in regard to understanding the parables of Je... [Redeeming Books] [Bible study] [Books I'm Reading] [hermeneutics]


Do you think that theology can be an idol? That is, do you think that we sometimes allow our study of God, or even what we think we know about God, to get in the way of actually worshiping and obeying God? In other words, do you think we Christians ever m... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Honor] [honor and shame] [idol worship] [idolatry] [Jonah 2:7-8] [One Verse Podcast] [theology]

June 6, 8AM

Lots of people wonder about the role of good works in the life of the believer. While I agree that good works are important, I do not believe that good works are the necessary result of faith, nor do I believe that good works are necessary to gain entranc... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [discipleship] [eternal life] [faith alone] [faith and works] [free grace] [glorification] [good works] [gospel] [justification]

May 30, 8AM

Paul was an outspoken proponent of God’s grace, and confronted legalism and works-based righteousness everywhere he went and with every letter he wrote. Paul’s magnum opus on the gospel, his letter to the Romans, has numerous clear statements about et... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [eternal security] [everlasting life] [glorification] [gospel] [justification] [Romans 8:29-39]

May 25, 8AM

What is your prayer life like? Do you ever wonder if you are praying properly? As we continue to look at Jonah’s prayer in Jonah 2:5-6, we learn some more lessons today about how to pray, and how not to pray. The Text of Jonah 2:5-6 The waters surround... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [how to pray] [Jonah] [Jonah 2:5-6] [One Verse Podcast] [Prayer]

May 16, 8AM

I ran a poll on Facebook a few weeks back about how many books people read per year. It seemed that the average was around 20-40, but there were some who read 200 or more! So if you are looking for some books to read over the summer, here are 21 free book... [Redeeming Books] [Books I'm Reading]
My online discipleship group is for people who know they don’t have all the answers, who want to seek truth, wherever it is found, and who like to be challenged in their Christian beliefs and practices. If that describes you, join us today! On the other... [Redeeming Theology] [be the church] [Bible study] [discipleship] [follow Jesus] [following Jesus] [theology questions]

May 11, 8AM

In Jonah 2:4, Jonah states that he prayed to worship God in His holy temple. In this way, Jonah seems to take credit for his deliverance from drowning. And though he has no interest in obeying God by going to Nineveh, Jonah is happy about the prospect of ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Jonah 2:4] [obedience] [One Verse Podcast] [sacrifice] [Worship]

May 9, 8AM

Greg Boyd has a new book out. Actually, it’s two books. The two-volume work is titled The Crucifixion of the Warrior God.. I have been waiting for these books for about four years now … His book attempts to provide an explanation for the viole... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [cruciform] [crucivision] [Greg Boyd] [violence of God] [violence of Scripture]

May 4, 8AM

I’ve encountered several people recently who fear death. I don’t know if you fear death or not. Personally, I don’t. But as we study the book of Jonah, we see that Jonah sort of wanted to die, but he didn’t want to die by drowning. We see why in t... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [death] [forgiveness] [Jonah 2:3] [love of God] [One Verse Podcast] [Suicide]

May 2, 8AM

Well this is fun… The book I published last year, The Atonement of God, won a gold medal from the eLit awards in the “Religion” category. If you haven’t read it yet, you really should. The first 70 pages are slightly more “te... [Redeeming Books] [z] [Atonement] [atonement of God] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books I'm Writing] [Christus Victor] [non-violent atonement] [violence of God] [violence of Scripture]

April 27, 8AM

When you think of hell, what is it you think of? A place of burning? Fire? Demons gleefully torturing people as they scream in terror? If you are like most people, that is likely what the word “hell” brings to mind. But did you know that such a depict... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [fire] [gehenna] [hell] [Jonah 2:2] [One Verse Podcast] [sheol] [violence of God]

April 25, 8AM

My two recent books have referenced René Girard’s Mimetic theory. If you want to learn more about this theory, and why it is so important for understanding life, Scripture, and ourselves, below is a video I recorded about all of this last year. The... [One Verse] [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [mimesis] [mimetic theory] [Rene Girard]

April 20, 8AM

In my own prayer life, I find it helpful to pray the prayers of Scripture. I sometimes pray the prayer of Daniel in in Daniel 9. Or the prayer of Jesus in Matthew 6. Or any of the numerous prayers of Paul found throughout his letters, such as the one at t... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Daniel 9] [how to pray] [Jonah 2:1] [One Verse Podcast] [Prayer]

April 18, 8AM

My new book is out, and I want as many people to read it as possible, which means I want to make it as easy as possible for you to read. So here is what I am going to do … First, I am going to include the first chapter of the book below. And then I ... [Redeeming Books] [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Atonement] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books I'm Writing] [crucifixion of Jesus] [Death of Jesus] [kindle] [Nothing But the Blood of Jesus]

April 14, 8AM

I have a new online discipleship course that goes along with my new book. The new book is titled Nothing but the Blood of Jesus, and the course is The Gospel Dictionary. The Gospel Dictionary Course The book is based on the course, but the course is about... [Redeeming Books] [z] [Bible study] [blood] [gospel dictionary] [Law] [Nothing But the Blood of Jesus] [sin]

April 13, 9AM

I am even beating Greg Boyd’s new book, The Crucifixion of the Warrior God. (But this is because his eBook is SO expensive. It’s only $2 less than the paperback, and he is killing me in paperback sales) … And he claims to be non-violent&... [Redeeming Books] [z] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books I'm Writing] [Nothing But the Blood of Jesus]


It’s Easter week, and it just so happens that we are looking at Jonah 1:17 today, in which we read that Jonah spent three days in the belly of a fish. In Matthew 12:40, Jesus uses this event to talk about how He will spend three days in the grave. The T... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Jonah 1:17] [Matthew 12:40] [resurrection of Jesus] [sacrifice]

April 12, 8AM

Yesterday I announced that my new book has been published and is now available for purchase or download from Amazon. Here are the links if you want to get it on the Kindle or in Paperback. In yesterday’s post, I gave the book description and the Tab... [Redeeming Books] [z] [blood of Jesus] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books I'm Writing] [crucifixion of Jesus] [law of Moses] [Nothing But the Blood of Jesus] [sacrifice] [scapegoating] [violence of Scripture]

April 11, 8AM

My book is out! Yay! Read on to learn more about what the book is about. If you are too anxious, you can just go here to get the book on Amazon: It is available on the Kindle or in Paperback. Right now, it is not available on other websites. Nothing but t... [Redeeming Books] [z] [blood of Jesus] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books I'm Writing] [crucifixion of Jesus] [Death of Jesus] [Nothing But the Blood of Jesus] [violence of God]

April 6, 8AM

After Jonah teaches some terrible theology the sailors, we see in Jonah 1:13-16 how the sailors respond. In the process, the author of Jonah clearly contrasts the behavior of the sailors with the behavior of Jonah. As we consider this contrast, we will al... [One Verse] [human sacrifice] [Jonah 1:13-16] [law of God] [One Verse Podcast]

April 4, 8AM

My new book is one week away from being available on Amazon. But I am having trouble deciding which description to put on the back. Can you help me decide? Here’s the front cover: Below are the two book descriptions I am considering. I know you ... [Redeeming Books] [z]

March 30, 8AM

Have you ever taught anyone some bad theology? I have. Sometimes I go back to look through the sermons I preached when I was a pastor fifteen years ago, and I cringe at some of the things I said back then. Sometimes I wonder if fifteen years from now I wi... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Death of Jesus] [Easter] [human sacrifice] [Jonah 1:10-12] [sin] [theology]

March 28, 8AM

In my “Gospel According to Scripture” online discipleship course, one of the lessons presents 10 reasons you can know that you have eternal life in Jesus Christ. Following this, the course also looks as numerous texts from the Gospel of John ... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [eternal life] [eternal security] [gospel according to Scripture] [John 1:12] [john 3:16] [John 5:24] [John 6:47] [Once Saved Always Saved]

March 26, 3PM

For some reason, my Facebook feed is absolutely cluttered with post after post after post where people have some dumb image with a message that says something like this: Share this post if you love Jesus! or Want to be blessed? Leave a comment that says &... [Redeeming Life] [Facebook] [humor] [laugh a little]

March 24, 9AM

I just received the cover for my new book. I’m very excited. Here it is: Design credits go to Taylor Myers. Please share this post with others! [Redeeming Books] [book cover] [Books I'm Writing] [Nothing But the Blood of Jesus]

March 23, 8AM

Do you fear God? Are you afraid of Him? Should you be afraid of God? Does God want you to be afraid of Him? If you answered “No” to any of those questions, how do you understand verses like Proverbs 1:7 which tell us that the fear of the Lord is the b... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Fear of the Lord] [Jonah 1:9] [Luke 12:5] [Matthew 10:28] [Proverbs 1:7]

March 21, 10AM

People often ask me if I believe in “Once Saved, Always Saved.” They want to know if “Once Saved, Always Saved”is biblical. I say “No, but I do believe in eternal security.” Once Saved, always Saved is not biblical, bu... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [1 Peter 3:21] [1 Timothy 4:16] [eternal life] [eternal security] [good works] [James 1:21] [Once Saved Always Saved] [OSAS] [salvation] [Soteriology]

March 16, 8AM

I always find it interesting when non-Christians challenge and question Christians on our behavior. It’s pretty bad when the unbelieving world has a better sense of justice and a better understanding of right and wrong than Christians. But then, we’re... [One Verse] [evangelism] [Jonah 1:6-8] [One Verse Podcast] [theology questions] [witnessing]

March 14, 8AM

In two previous posts (Grace 1 and Grace 2) I have tried to emphasize that grace is absolutely free. The objection that is always raised when I write about grace this way is this: Won’t people take advantage of this kind of grace? The answer to that... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Calvinism] [grace] [Romans 6:1] [sin] [Theology of Salvation]

March 9, 9AM

I hope you’re ready to get challenged. Do you remember in the previous episode, how I told you that by studying the book of Jonah we go on a journey with Jonah? And by doing this, we join Jonah in learning some surprising things about God, but also, som... [One Verse] [evangelism] [Jonah 1:5] [One Verse Podcast] [punishment] [sin]

March 7, 9AM

I hold to radical, outrageous, shocking, scandalous, limitless grace. I believe there is no other kind of grace. But whenever I teach or write about this sort of grace, it is almost guaranteed that someone will object by saying, “So are you saying t... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [grace] [Romans 6:1; Titus 2:12] [sin] [Theology of Salvation] [Theology of Sin]

March 2, 9AM

In Jonah 1:4, God sends a storm upon Jonah and the ship that carries him to Tarshish. Is this how God normally behaves? It’s a practical question that all of us face in life from time to time. My wife and I are experiencing some difficulties in lif... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Jonah 1:4] [One Verse Podcast] [punishment] [sin] [storms] [violence of God]

February 28, 9AM

Grace is the key to everything. And I am not referring to the week-kneed, limp, powerless, feeble grace that you find in most Christian theology today, but the shocking, outrageous, scandalous, indiscriminate, senseless, irrational, unfair, irreligious, r... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Calvinism] [Crucifixion] [grace] [Theology of Salvation]

February 23, 9AM

I published a post this week on the blog about how a true understanding of grace allows you to just go sin all you want. If that is really what you want. I am going to write more about that in the coming weeks, but I received several emails from readers ... [One Verse] [forgiveness] [grace] [Honor] [Jonah 1:3] [One Verse Podcast] [shame] [sin]

February 21, 9AM

God’s offer of eternal life is simple … but it is not easy to believe. The simple offer of eternal life in the Gospel is that God gives eternal life to anyone who simply believes in Jesus Christ for it. Simple, right? But not easy to believe. ... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [eternal life] [free grace] [gospel] [grace] [sin] [Soteriology] [Theology of Salvation]

February 19, 11AM

Have you ever tried to study or teach the books of Daniel and Revelation? If so, you know how challenging they can be. This is partly because these books are two of the “Apocalyptic” books in the Bible. The apocalyptic books of the Bible are ... [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible study] [Books I'm Reading] [Daniel] [Preaching] [Revelation]

February 18, 5PM

How much does a person need to know to receive eternal life? The answer is that it depends on the person! Yes, there is a minimum, but no one will ever believe in Jesus for eternal life if all they know is the minimum. So how much should you share? How mu... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Apologetics] [believe in Jesus] [gospel according to Scripture] [Holy Spirit] [judgment] [love of God] [purify] [repentance] [sanctification]

February 16, 9AM

Do you have an enemy? Maybe it was President Obama. Maybe now it is President Trump. Or maybe it’s the Islamic terrorists in Iran. Or the religious nut jobs here in the United States. Maybe it is someone you don’t necessarily think of as an enemy, but... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [enemies] [Honor] [Jonah] [Jonah 1:2] [judgment] [One Verse Podcast] [shame]

February 9, 9AM

Do you think God would ever allow the country of Iran or Iraq to invade the United States and win? There are many people in the United States who claim that such a thing could never happen. But what if it did? What would you think about God and how He is ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Jonah] [Jonah 1:1] [One Verse Podcast]

February 7, 9AM

I was given access to preview the documentary, Is Genesis History? It is a movie which provides positive, evidence-based arguments for the reliability of the Bible as history. It is showing on February 23 in select theaters, and you can learn more here. ... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Apologetics] [flood] [Genesis]

February 2, 9AM

This podcast episode begins a study of the Book of Jonah. If you think you know the story of Jonah, stick around anyway. I predict you will learn some things from Jonah that you have never seen in this story before. In this discussion of Jonah we look at:... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Jonah] [One Verse Podcast]

January 17, 9AM

This is a review of Logos Bible Software, Version 7. I include the positives and the negatives of Logos Bible Software, and explain why I think that despite its minor flaws, it is still the best Bible Study software package available today. My History w... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [bible software] [Bible study] [Books I'm Reading] [ebooks] [Logos Bible Software]

January 10, 9AM

Due to many requests, one of my more popular books, Skeleton Church, is now available as a paperback! Go here to get it on Amazon. This book has helped thousands of people understand what the church is, and more importantly, how we can ALL live and functi... [Redeeming Books] [z] [be the church] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books I'm Writing] [Close Your Church for Good] [defining church] [definition of church] [go to church] [Skeleton Church]

January 3, 2PM

I am one of those readers who reads with a pen in hand. I almost cannot read a book unless I am underlining statements and scribbling in the margins. This slows down my reading speed significantly, but I think it helps sharpen my mind and interact with th... [Redeeming Books] [z] [4000 books] [best books] [Books I'm Reading] [Christian books] [theology books]

December 30 2016, 9AM

In this podcast episode, I give you 7 keys to understanding the Book of Revelation. If you want to understand the Book of Revelation, this podcast will send you off in the right direction. In this discussion of the Book of Revelation we look at: The 7 K... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [blood] [One Verse Podcast] [Revelation] [violence]

December 22, 9AM

I have said numerous times before that Genesis forms the foundation for the entire Bible. Today we are going to jump forward into the New Testament and take a brief glimpse at how the Gospel of John pulls themes and ideas from Genesis 1–3, and also how ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [1 John] [Cain and Abel] [Crucifixion] [Genesis 1-4] [Gospel of John] [jesus] [resurrection]

December 20, 3PM

Did you know I recently started a membership area on my website? Well, I did. But it definitely wasn’t so that I could charge you for my teachings. Frankly, if I could give away for free everything I write and teach, I would. No, the actual reason I... [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Life] [z] [gospel] [missionaries] [Missions]

December 15, 9AM

This episode of the One Verse Podcast provides a short summary of Genesis 4. This helps you get up to speed in this Podcast if you have missed most of the studies of Genesis 4. There are similar summary episodes for Genesis 1, 2, and 3 as well. Of course... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Cain and Abel] [forgiveness] [Genesis 4] [One Verse Podcast] [sacrifice] [scapegoating] [sin] [violence]

December 12, 9AM

A local school recently banned Christmas decorations and Christmas parties because the parents of one child were offended and threatened to sue. If I had my children in that school, I would consider threatening to sue because I was now offended that that ... [Redeeming Life] [z] [Christmas] [discipleship] [humor]

December 8, 9AM

What event is at the foundation of all human society and civilization? We see what the answer is as we look at Genesis 4:16-26. It is important to understand what forms the foundation of society and civilization because doing so helps us understand our o... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Cain] [Genesis 4:16-26] [mimetic rivalry] [One Verse Podcast] [scapegoating] [violence]

December 6, 11AM

This time of year I see article after article from Christians about why it is sinful to decorate Christmas trees, wrap presents, and sing “Deck the Halls.” Whenever I see these blog posts and Facebook articles, I always want to ask the people who writ... [Redeeming Life] [z] [Christmas] [Christmas Redemption] [Easter] [Pagan] [redemption]

November 17, 9AM

There is lots of turmoil in the United States right now because of the election results. The increasing turmoil makes me nervous because history, theology, and psychology show that there are typically only three ways out of such turmoil, and I am not yet ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [blame] [Cain] [Genesis 4:13-15] [One Verse Podcast] [scapegoat] [violence]

November 15, 9AM

There are a myriad of gospel truths in the Bible. Yet only one gospel truth is presented as the truth that people must believe in order to receive eternal life. This is the truth that God gives eternal life to anyone who believes in Jesus for it (John 3:1... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [believe in Jesus] [evangelism] [gospel] [gospel according to Scripture] [truth] [witnessing]

November 10, 9AM

In Genesis 4:10 we read that the blood of Abel cried out to God from the ground. Have you ever wondered what it said? Well, the book of Hebrews gives us a hint, and we look at these questions in this podcast episode. We will also be discussing how Cain i... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Abel] [blood] [Cain] [forgiveness] [Genesis 4:9-12] [jesus]

November 8, 9AM

In some previous posts, I have written that while the gospel is huge and complex, the gospel invitation is clear and simple. I have received many comments, Tweets, and Facebook messages about this, so let me try to clarify even further. There are thousand... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [believe in Jesus] [eternal life] [evangelism] [gospel] [witnessing]

November 2, 8AM

Genesis 4:8 contains the account of Cain murdering his brother Abel. This is the first death in Scripture and reveals something significant about death and violence. If you have been listening to my podcast for the past year, you may recall that as we w... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Abel] [Cain] [death] [Genesis 4:8] [Murder] [One Verse Podcast] [sin] [violence]

November 1, 10AM

Did you know that the Gospel contains pretty much every truth taught in the Bible? It’s true. Since the Gospel is about Jesus, and since Jesus is the focus of the Bible and all Scripture points to Him, then this means that the entire Bible is “... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [believe in Jesus] [eternal life] [everlasting life] [gospel] [gospel according to Scripture] [john 3:16] [John 5:24] [John 6:47]

October 27, 8AM

If I were to ask you when the first sin in the Bible occurs, you might point to Genesis 2 when Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yet did you know that their actions in Genesis 2 are not referred to as “sin”? Sin is not ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Abel] [Cain] [Genesis 4:6-7] [Murder] [One Verse Podcast] [sin]

October 25, 8AM

The basic gospel message heard in many churches and found in many books in the United States can be summarized this way: God is good. You’re not. Try harder. Those who teach this sort of gospel message often use different words and different ideas, but ... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [good works] [gospel] [gospel according to Scripture]

October 20, 9AM

Have you ever wondered why God did not accept Cain’s offering in Genesis 4? You have probably heard some sermons on this or have read about it in books. In this study of Genesis 4:4-5, we look at some of the theories of why God rejected Cain’s offerin... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Abel] [blood] [Cain] [Genesis 4:4-5] [offering] [sacrifice]

October 18, 8AM

Have you ever thought about the definition of the gospel? I find it surprising that while all of us Christians like to talk about the gospel, few of us actually agree on how to define the gospel. This is one reason I made my course, The Gospel According t... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [eternal life] [Good News] [gospel] [gospel according to Scripture]

October 13, 9AM

Have you ever wondered why Cain brought an offering of fruit to God in Genesis 4? Have you wondered what was wrong with Cain’s offering so that God did not accept it? In Episode 53 of the One Verse Podcast, we look at Genesis 4:1-3 for answers to these ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Abel] [Cain] [Genesis 4:1-3] [offering] [One Verse Podcast] [sacrifice]

October 11, 9AM

I remember as a child asking God to forgive me and accept me into His family, but afterward, every time I sinned, I would worry that maybe God had kicked me out of His family or that He didn’t love me anymore. I made it an almost daily habit to ask God ... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [forgiveness] [gospel] [gospel according to Scripture] [grace] [guilt] [love] [shame] [sin]

October 6, 8AM

Today we begin to look at Genesis 4. And rather than dive right into the text, I thought I would first tell you a story. Hearing this story will help you better understand what is going on in this critical chapter of the Bible. In this discussion of Gene... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Abel] [Cain] [Genesis 4] [One Verse Podcast] [sin]

October 4, 8AM

The primary problem with most of what is proclaimed in churches today as the gospel is that it really isn’t much of a gospel. The word “gospel” means good news, but most presentations of the gospel do not contain a whole lot of good news. At least, ... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Good News] [good works] [gospel] [gospel according to Scripture] [sin]

September 29, 8AM

This episode of the One Verse Podcast provides a summary of what we have seen from Genesis 3. There is still some new stuff in this episode, so if you have listened to all the previous episodes on Genesis 3, you will still want to listen to this one. But ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Genesis 3] [One Verse Podcast] [redemption] [sin]

September 27, 8AM

Sorry for the song reference to Haddaway in the post title there … Although it was a really good song. A reader recently sent me an email which I was unable to answer. (GASP! Yes … there are numerous such questions!) So, with his permission, ... [Redeeming Life] [z] [1 Corinthians 13] [love]

September 22, 8AM

Death. I know; it’s not a popular topic. But it is what we are talking about today on the podcast. What do you think about death? Maybe, if you are like most people, you try not to think about it. But if and when you are faced with the issue of death, w... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Adam and Eve] [death] [Garden of Eden] [Genesis 3:22-24] [One Verse Podcast]

September 20, 10AM

I got this question about anointing with oil for healing from a blog reader: It was an honor to connect with you. Thank you so much for the free eBook, Skeleton Church. [Note: Get yours by joining my email newsletter]. It was awesome to glean from it con... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [anoint] [Bible and Theology Questions] [healing] [James 5:14] [sick]
The following is a “Guest Post” from Dr. Grant Osborne. He is publishing a series of commentaries on the New Testament, and has written about his life and why he is writing these commentaries. The commentaries are available through Logos Bible... [Redeeming Scripture] [commentary] [logos]

September 15, 8AM

When did the first sacrifice in Scripture take place? Lots of people think it happened in Genesis 3:20-21 when God gave “tunics of skin” to Adam and Eve before He kicked them out of the Garden of Eden. The idea often taught from this is that from the... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Adam and Eve] [clothes] [death] [Genesis 3:20-21] [One Verse Podcast] [sacrifice] [sin]

September 13, 8AM

Are you an author, blogger, or podcaster? Can I provide a tiny bit of advice? Let me do so by telling you about two authors… Author #1 An author recently emailed me about reviewing his book. This is a summary of how our email exchange went: Author: ... [Redeeming Books] [z] [authors] [blogging] [podcasting] [publishing]

September 8, 8AM

Did God curse Adam after he ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Nope. Remember, God does not curse humans and God does not punish. Of course, in Genesis 3:17-19, God does pronounce a curse, so we’ll see what that is about in today’s e... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Adam] [curse] [Genesis 3:17-19] [punishment] [sin]

September 6, 8AM

This is a guest post by Jim Baton. Jim is an author and peacemaker between Christians and Muslims. Learn more at Note from Jeremy Myers: If you would like to write a Guest Post for RedeemingGod, begin by reading the Guest Blogger Guidelin... [Redeeming Church] [z] [church] [discipleship] [evangelism] [following Jesus] [Guest Post] [Islam] [Muslim]

September 1, 8AM

Is it God’s will for men to rule over women? Lots of men sure think so, and one verse that has been used to defend this idea is Genesis 3:16 where God tells Eve that her desire shall be for her husband, but he shall rule over her. So is this verse descr... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Eve] [Genesis 3:16] [Marriage] [One Verse Podcast]

August 30, 8AM

This is the last post in my short series of posts on Biblical illiteracy. Here are the other posts: 2013 Post about Biblical Illiteracy Is Biblical Illiteracy a Problem in the Church? 15 Reasons Biblical Illiteracy is NOT a Problem in the Church As we h... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Bible study] [Biblical Illiteracy] [Biblical literacy] [biblical living] [discipleship] [following Jesus]

August 29, 4PM

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon? Have you ever wondered how it was formed? As you may know, there are two competing and contradictory explanations for how the Grand Canyon was formed. Most Young Earth Creationists (Creationists who believe the e... [Redeeming Books] [z] [Books I'm Reading] [flood] [Genesis 6-8]

August 23, 8AM

I was recently interviewed by Thom Schultz, the CEO of Group Publishing, for his “Holy Soup” podcast. We talked about whether or not biblical illiteracy is a problem in the church. Lots of people think it is, and bemoan the fact that most Chri... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Bible study] [Bible teaching] [Biblical Illiteracy] [Biblical literacy] [Bibliology] [church] [Preaching]

August 22, 8AM

Do you want to study Scripture with more clarity, accuracy, and ease? Do you wish you could speed up the process of studying Scripture, and quickly find the best Bible study tools, commentaries, and word study guides? You can. It’s called Logos Bib... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [bible software] [Bible study] [logos]

August 18, 8AM

Have you ever heard a woman use Genesis 3:16 to say that the reason women experience pain in childbearing is because God cursed Eve? In other words, have you ever heard someone blame God for the pain that women experience in giving birth? These are the so... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Eve] [Genesis 3:16] [One Verse Podcast] [pain] [violence of God]

August 16, 8AM

This past week I was interviewed by Thom Schultz, the CEO of Group Publishing, for his “Holy Soup” podcast. Thom interviewed me about whether or not biblical illiteracy is that big of a deal in the church today. My answer was “No. Biblic... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [bible reading] [Bible study] [Biblical Illiteracy]

August 11, 8AM

Here’s a question for you: Is God a wife beater? The God that is often portrayed by many pastors and many Christian books is a God who wants to inflict pain on you for your sin. His wrath is terrible. His vengeance fierce. His anger is poured out up... [One Verse] [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Genesis 3:16] [violence] [violence of God] [women]

August 9, 8AM

This is a guest post by Mike Edwards. Mike asks questions in hopes one may reconsider any beliefs about God that may discourage one from pursuing God and spirituality. Mike blogs at: What God May Really Be Like – Misbeliefs About God. Visit his website... [Redeeming Life] [z] [guest blogging] [Guest Post] [hearing God] [Prayer] [voice of God]

August 7, 11AM

I take the Bible seriously, but a literal reading of the Bible undermines pretty much everything we do in church… Please share this post with others! [Redeeming Church] [z] [bible reading] [church] [humor] [laugh a little]

August 2, 8AM

This is a guest post by Grahame Smith. Grahame was most influenced in life by Christians who lived out their faith by rolling up their sleeves and taking risks by helping others. He is a Chaplain and Crisis Counselor and with his wife Rhonda has raised 3 ... [Redeeming Life] [z] [counseling] [guest blogging] [Guest Post] [Marriage] [pain]

July 28, 8AM

Does God curse animals and people? Genesis 3:14 indicates that God cursed the serpent. But what did the serpent do to deserve being cursed? And what is the whole thing about the serpent crawling on the ground and eating dirt? And then there is Genesis 3:1... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Genesis 3:14-15] [One Verse Podcast] [prophesy] [seed] [serpent]

July 22, 4PM

Last week Amazon had the paperback version of my book The Atonement of God on sale. This week, my eBook, The Re-Justification of God, is on sale. This book is an eBook only, and it usually sells for $3.99, but I saw yesterday that they slashed the price t... [Redeeming Books] [z] [Books I'm Writing] [Re-Justification of God] [Romans 9]


I first got to know Richard Jacobson through his interaction with me on Twitter, Facebook, and his comments on this blog. I liked what I saw and started reading his blog, where he creates insightful and humorous cartoons and videos about the church and fo... [Redeeming Books] [z] [be the church] [Books I'm Reading] [family of God] [go to church] [unchurching]

July 19, 8AM

This is a guest post by Brandon Davis. Here is what Brandon writes about himself: I live in Ft. Worth, TX. I am married to my beautiful wife, Lacy. WE have one little girl with us (Selah Rose) and one with Jesus (Haven Grace). We planted a church in 2008.... [Redeeming Life] [z] [guest blogging] [Guest Post] [Happiness]

July 14, 8AM

There are six revolutionary and foundational truths in Genesis 2–3. Today we see the fifth. These truths help you understand God, Scripture, society, culture, and yourself like never before. The one we see today is absolutely critical for understanding ... [One Verse] [z] [Adam and Eve] [crucifixion of Jesus] [Genesis 3:11-13] [Rene Girard] [scapegoat]

July 10, 10AM

My newest book, The Atonement of God, has gone on a HUGE sale for Amazon Prime Day (July 12). The normal price of this book is $14.99, but the Amazon Prime price is only $6.99! That’s 53% off! This price is less than I can buy them myself from the print... [One Verse] [Redeeming Books] [Amazon] [Book Sale] [The Atonement of God]

July 5, 8AM

This is a guest post by Paule Patterson. Paule is the High School Student Coach at Real Life on the Palouse in Moscow, ID. He has three children and has been married to his best friend for over 10 years. He attempts to ask questions that are often glossed... [Redeeming Life] [z] [1 Kings 19] [Elijah] [guest blogging] [Guest Post]

June 30, 8AM

If you have ever been afraid of God, or have thought that God is out to get you, to punish you for some sin, if you think that the bad things which happen to you in life are because God hates you or is making you pay for something you did, this podcast ep... [One Verse] [z] [Adam] [Eve] [fear of God] [forgiveness] [Garden of Eden] [Genesis 3:8-10] [jesus] [love] [sin]

June 28, 8AM

I am really excited about the podcast I am publishing this Thursday. We will be looking at Genesis 3:8-10 which is where Adam and Eve hide from God after eating fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If you haven’t been listening to... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [2 Corinthians 5:19; Luke 15; Prodigal Son] [anger] [Death of Jesus] [Genesis 3:8-10] [love of God] [One Verse Podcast] [sin] [wrath]

June 23, 8AM

Genesis 3:6-7 are the central two verses of Genesis chapters 2–3. In a previous episode, we looked at Genesis 3:6, and learned a foundational truth about humanity. This episode reveals another foundational truth from Genesis 3:7. The Text of Genesis 3:7... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Adam] [Bible study audio] [Bible Study Podcast] [Eve] [Genesis 3:7] [rivalry] [sin] [The Fall]

June 21, 8AM

Do you want to get your Christian book published? I know the secret to doing so, and it only takes 10 simple steps. Here they are, in order: 10 Simple Steps to Getting Your Christian Book Published 1. Have some HUGE sins in your past. The worse the bett... [Redeeming Books] [z] [book publishing instructions] [get published] [humor] [laugh a little]

June 16, 8AM

This episode of the One Verse Podcasts look at the third foundational and revolutionary truth from Genesis 2-3. We see it in Genesis 3:6. This study also considers an important concept from René Girard’s mimetic theory to see how a key concept is fou... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible study audio] [Creation] [Eve] [Genesis] [One Verse Podcast] [scapegoat] [sin]

June 14, 8AM

A long time ago, I included this illustration in a sermon about heaven: There is an old legend of a swan and a crane. A beautiful swan alighted by the banks of the water in which a crane was wading about seeking snails. For a few moments the crane viewed ... [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [earth] [Eternity] [heaven] [illustration]

June 9, 8AM

Was it wrong for Eve to engage in dialogue with the serpent in Genesis 3? If not, what was her mistake? What can we learn from this conversation between Eve and the serpent that will help us face temptation in our own life? This is what we look at in this... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Adam and Eve] [Bible study audio] [Genesis 3:1-5] [Law] [One Verse Podcast] [serpent] [sin] [temptation]

June 7, 8AM

This is a guest post by Doreen Frick. Doreen is the daughter of prophecy writer Salem Kirban, and was most influenced by the people in her life who showed her Christ in the practical ways. She and her husband, Wes, have four “kids” and 11 gran... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Guest Post] [John 11]

June 6, 8AM

It is extremely difficult to write a good commentary on the Psalms, partly because there are 150 of them, and if all you do is say the barest minimum about each Psalm you will easily end up with a commentary over 300 pages long. The main reason that is di... [Redeeming Books] [Bible Commentary] [Books I'm Reading] [Psalms]

June 2, 8AM

Why was the serpent in the Garden? If the serpent was Satan, as some New Testament passages teach, why did God allow the serpent to be there in the Garden, knowing that it would tempt Adam and Eve? What’s going on here? It is these sorts of questions we... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible study audio] [Genesis 3:1-7] [One Verse Podcast] [Satan] [serpent]

May 31, 8AM

This is a guest post by Jim Gordon. Jim is the contributor for Done with Religion, a blog site about living for God in a non-religious way. Jim grew up being part of the Methodist church for several years, then was part of several non-denominational churc... [Redeeming Church] [z] [attending church] [church] [guest blogging] [Guest Post]

May 26, 8AM

This study of Genesis 3:1 introduces the most important truth in all of Scripture. I believe that the truth you will learn today is discussed or explained or revealed in some way on almost every page of the Bible, and yet, amazingly, most of us have never... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Adam] [Eve] [Genesis 3:1] [One Verse Podcast] [scapegoat] [temptation]

May 24, 8AM

How do you talk to God? How should we talk to God? I often hear Christians who have picked up a really bad habit of saying “Father God” at least once every 5 words. I am not making this up. You have probably heard something like it yourself.... [Redeeming Church] [z] [Prayer] [talk to God] [The Lords Prayer]

May 17, 8AM

My newest book has been out for a couple months now. If you have been thinking of buying a copy to read, this post will help you learn more about my book, The Atonement of God. There are quite a few places on the internet that have posted excerpts and rev... [Redeeming Books] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books I'm Writing] [buy books] [Christus Victor] [The Atonement of God] [violence of Scripture]

May 12, 8AM

This podcast episode provides the normal explanation of Genesis 3. There is nothing really wrong with this traditional explanation of Genesis 3. When I was a pastor I preached through Genesis, and I went back and looked at my sermon notes on Genesis 3, an... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible Study Podcast] [Genesis 3] [One Verse Podcast]

May 10, 8AM

I have written about this before — “10 Christian Clichés to Avoid Like the Plague” and “Stop saying God Bless You” — but I keep running into more Christian Clichés that I wish Christians would remove from their vocabu... [Redeeming Church] [z] [christian cliche] [discipleship] [evangelism] [Sermons]

May 8, 10AM

Happy Mother’s Day! It is extremely difficult to be a mother these days, and so please take some time to thank every mother you meet today. And especially make sure you thank your own mother for all she has done for you. Below are some humorous Moth... [Redeeming Life] [z] [family] [humor] [laugh a little] [Mothers Day]

May 5, 8AM

This is the summary episode of Genesis 2. If you have listened to all the other episodes on Genesis 2, this episode will serve as a good reminder of what we have seen. If you have not listened to most of the episodes, or don’t have time to listen to the... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible Study Podcast] [Genesis 2] [One Verse Podcast]

May 3, 8AM

This is a guest post by Doreen Frick. Doreen is the daughter of prophecy writer Salem Kirban, and was most influenced by the people in her life who showed her Christ in the practical ways. She and her husband, Wes, have four “kids” and 11 gran... [Redeeming Life] [z] [Guest Post] [love like Jesus] [love others]

April 28, 8AM

Today’s One Verse Podcast is rated PG-13. Well, maybe PG. But either way, when you hear what I am talking about in this episode, you might be encouraged to gather your children around anyway and have them listen to this episode as well. If you have bee... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [fear] [Genesis 2:25] [One Verse Podcast] [relationships] [Sex] [shame]

April 26, 8AM

One of the greatest tragedies in the church today is that so many people think theology is boring. I have even encountered people who think that “theology” is a Christian curse word. They seem to think that one can either have Christian love or Chris... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Books I'm Reading] [love] [theology]

April 21, 8AM

What does Genesis 2:24 mean when it says that a man will leave his parents and cleave to his wife? Does this mean we should abandon our parents for the sake of our wife? Well, maybe, but if so, how then can we honor our father and mother all the days of o... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [family] [Genesis 2:24] [Marriage]

April 20, 8AM

A reader recently sent in this question about Mark 7:10. I was able to pre-order your book [The Atonement of God] and I can’t stop reading it! I am now on my third time around. It truly has continued to redeem my thought about our loving God, just l... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Bible and Theology Questions] [Capital punishment] [Mark 7:10] [violence of God] [violence of Scripture]

April 14, 8AM

People say that a dog is a man’s best friend, but when God sets out to create a partner for Adam, he rejects all the animals in the world, even the dogs. It’s a good thing too, because then God creates the woman. The creation of the woman is what we a... [One Verse] [Eve] [Genesis 2:20-23] [One Verse Podcast] [women]

April 12, 8AM

If you are offended by the title of this post, just stop reading here. It only gets worse… And no, I’m not trying to be sensational or create a “click bait” blog post. I honestly have a question for you to help me on regarding R... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Bible] [Genesis 2:21-23] [Sex] [violence]

April 10, 10AM

Have you ever tried to see God, but given up because you just cannot find Him? Maybe it is because you are looking too far away… If you cannot see God … look a little closer. Please share this post with others! [Redeeming Life] [z] [humor] [laugh a little] [see God]

April 7, 8AM

We are seeing several foundational truths from Genesis 2 about how to understand life, theology, Scripture, society, religion, and culture. Last week, we saw the first truth, that we are built for relationships. This week we see the second foundational tr... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 2:19] [imitation] [mimesis] [mimetic rivalry] [One Verse Podcast]

March 31, 8AM

So far in Genesis 2, we have seen that God has set up his temple. The temple was finished in Genesis 2:17, which means that beginning with Genesis 2:18, the biblical story really begins. In Genesis 2:18, we see something foundational for how God wants us... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [alone] [Creation] [Genesis 2:18] [Life] [loneliness] [love] [One Verse Podcast] [relationships]

March 29, 8AM

My new book, The Atonement of God, has the subtitle “Building Your Theology on a Crucivision of God.” A few people have emailed me or messaged me on Facebook to ask if this is a typo. It is not. I coined the word to describe what I am trying... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Christology] [crucifixion of Jesus] [cruciform] [crucivision]

March 24, 8AM

As we look at Genesis 2:16-17, we will be talking about Jesus Christ and Him crucified and how His death on the cross reveals something about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil reveals something criti... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [1 Corinthians 2:2] [Creation] [Genesis 2:16-17] [judging] [One Verse Podcast] [tree of knowledge]

March 23, 5AM

test Please share this post with others! [Redeeming Theology]

March 22, 8AM

My new book on the Non-Violent Atonement was released yesterday. It is called The Atonement of God, and you can buy it on Amazon. The book begins with a summary of three views on the atonement, and then I define and defend a fourth view, which is a Non... [Redeeming Books] [Redeeming Theology] [atonement of God] [Books I'm Writing] [Crucifixion] [cruciform] [Death of Jesus] [forgiveness] [non-violent atonement] [sacrifice] [sin] [violence of God]

March 17, 8AM

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is a mysterious and troubling element in the Genesis account. Why would God put this tree there in the first place if He didn’t want Adam and Eve to eat from it? We are going to spend two weeks looking at the T... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [commandments] [Genesis 2] [One Verse Podcast] [punishment] [sin] [tree of life] [warnings]

March 15, 8AM is One Year old today! Yay! And over the past year, do you know what I have realized? This: You are the BEST readers in the theology blogging world! Seriously. I love you! Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for sub... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [blogging]

March 13, 10AM

My new book on the atonement is almost out! One week to go… I have about 30 people reading through portions of my book on the atonement right now. So far, the feedback has been encouraging. Nobody has the whole book (except my wife) and everybody wh... [Redeeming Books] [Redeeming Theology] [Atonement] [blood] [Books I'm Writing] [Death of Jesus] [violence of God]

March 10, 9AM

Do you ever think you’ll be bored in heaven, just sitting around on clouds playing harps? Well, Genesis 2 indicates that this will not happen. Work existed before the fall of humanity into sin, and it will also exist in the future state. But don’t wor... [One Verse] [z] [Bible Study Podcast] [church buildings] [Creation] [Garden of Eden] [Genesis 2:8-15] [One Verse Podcast] [temple]

March 6, 3PM

I have sent my next book to the printers… The book is called The Atonement of God, and is now available for pre-order at Amazon. And I am SO excited, because I believe this is my best book yet. If you have been following my blog for a while, you kno... [Redeeming Books] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Atonement] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Crucifixion] [Death of Jesus] [The Atonement of God]

March 3, 9AM

Last week I promised you that Genesis 2–4 contained some revolutionary ideas about everything related to life, humanity, society, religion, war, politics, violence, and pretty much everything else in life. But other than the fact that God is relational,... [One Verse] [Redeeming Life] [Adam] [Creation] [Genesis 2:7] [Image of God] [One Verse Podcast]

March 1, 9AM

Below is a list of the 100 Top Christian Blogs. If you made it onto this list of top Christian blogs, here is a badge you may display on your website: 300 x 300 badge 125 x 125 badge use this code: <a href=’ [Redeeming Theology] [z] [blogging] [synchroblog] [top Christian blogs]

February 28, 10AM

I love this quote from Gandalf: Never feel like you have to do great and mighty things for God. You don’t. The Kingdom of God is found in hugging your children, picking up your socks from the floor, smiling at the gas attendant, and basically ju... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Kingdom of God]

February 25, 9AM

Why is there a second creation account in Genesis 2? And have you ever noticed that when you compare the creation account in Genesis 2 with the creation account in Genesis 1, there are several key differences? What is going on? Do these differences prove ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 2:4-6] [Yahweh]

February 23, 9AM

I recently had a conversation with several guys about church and ministry, and we were talking about how there are so many people who seem to entering into a way of being the church outside of the four walls of institutional Christianity. By many estimate... [Redeeming Church] [z] [blogging] [Church Growth] [Holy Spirit] [internet]

February 16, 9AM

I have been writing a lot in the past three years about violence and non-violence, and how to understand the violence of God in Scripture in light of the non-violent revelation of God in Jesus Christ. I hope to publish a book or two on this topic within t... [Redeeming Life] [z] [1 Corinthians 2:16] [Holy Spirit] [Mind of Christ] [violence of God]

February 9, 9AM

I want you to invent God. Seriously. This blog post is an invitation to you to invent God, and then tell me about this God in the comments below. If you are uncomfortable sharing what you write, feel free to leave an anonymous comment. This is a practice ... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [God] [Theology of God]

February 7, 11AM

Let the significance of this image sink in as you think on Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:41: “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.” Please share this post with others! [Redeeming Life] [z] [Matthew 5:41]

February 4, 9AM

In the first One Verse Podcast Episode, I had a stated goal of podcast episodes lasting about 5-10 minutes. So far, most have been around 30 minutes. This trend will probably continue. But here is my first 3-minute episode! Of course, this is because thi... [One Verse] [One Verse Podcast]

February 2, 9AM

Do you know what it means to “cherry-pick” verses from the Bible? When someone is accused of “cherry-picking” verses from the Bible, it means that they have a particular doctrine or idea they want to teach to others, and rather than considering ... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [crucifixion of Jesus] [cruciform] [crucivision] [Luke 4:18-19; Romans 15:9-12] [violence of God] [violence of Scripture]

January 31, 11AM

January 28, 9AM

This is a summary episode for everything we have looked at in Genesis 1–2 so far. The reasons for this summary are numerous: To remind you of what we have seen so far. To provide the big picture overview of what we have seen. Sometimes it is easy to mi... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 1] [One Verse Podcast] [redemption] [religion]

January 26, 9AM

I am writing a book on the gospel, and want your input. Specifically, I would love your definition of “the gospel.” In the comment section for this post, answer the following question: What is the gospel? Ready? Go! (After you leave your defi... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Books I'm Writing] [gospel]

January 21, 9AM

As we worked our way through Genesis 1 and the first creation account in Genesis, numerous people sent in questions about what they were learning. Before we move on in our study of Scripture, I wanted to take an episode to answer some of these questions. ... [One Verse] [Bible questions] [creationism] [evolution] [Genesis 1] [One Verse Podcast]

January 14, 9AM

This is Part 2 of our study of Genesis 2:1-3, which is the seventh day of the creation week and the day on which God rested from His work. In Part 1, we looked at the text itself and considered various key terms and issues in this text, and also began to ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible study] [Genesis] [Genesis 2:1-3] [One Verse Podcast] [Rest] [Sabbath]

January 12, 9AM

I recently read the following in J. Denny Weaver’s book, The Nonviolent God (p. 220): When the hour arrived for the end of Word War I, Winston Churchhill and his wife went to Downing Street to congratulate Lloyd George, the prime minister. Churchill... [Redeeming Life] [z] [forgiveness] [redemptive violence] [terrorism] [violence] [War]

January 11, 9AM

When was the last time you seriously studied through 1-2 Chronicles? Yeah. I thought so. Me too. (Answer: Never) But if all Scripture is “God Breathed,” then these books also deserve our attention and study. So I was thrilled to recently receive a rev... [Redeeming Books] [1-2 Chronicles] [Books I'm Reading]

January 10, 4PM

Part of the problem with the Bible is that since it is written in an ancient format, people have trouble reading and understanding it. So I always love reading books that make the Bible come to life. One such book is God’s Story by Mark Roncace. This bo... [Redeeming Books] [Bible study] [Books I'm Reading]

January 7, 9AM

Do you observe the Sabbath? Why or why not? Lots of people struggle with whether or not we should observe the Sabbath. On the one hand, Sabbath observance seems like a very religious and legalistic thing to do, but on the other hand, God set up the Sabbat... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 2:1-3] [One Verse Podcast] [Sabbath]

January 5, 9AM

I am one of those readers who reads with a pen in hand. I almost cannot read a book unless I am underlining statements and scribbling in the margins. This slows down my reading speed significantly, but I think it helps sharpen my mind and interact with th... [Redeeming Books] [z] [Books I'm Reading] [best books] [Christian books] [4000 books] [theology books]

December 29, 9AM

Thank you for joining with me in this past year on It has been quite a year, and you helped make it happen. I am sharing the following post, not to boast about what I have accomplished this past year, but to boast about you and how thank... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [Redeeming Books] [z] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Bible Study Podcast] [theology]

December 28, 9AM

What is the purpose of life? What is the chief end of mankind? Is the chief end and purpose of man, as many dry and dusty old theologians like to say, “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever”? If that’s the case, it’s no wonder that many people want... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Life] [One Verse] [Bible Study Podcast] [Life] [purpose in life] [Image of God] [Genesis 1:28-31] [Sex]

December 22, 9AM

I love Pentatonix, and I love Christmas, so what better way to get into the Christmas spirit by listening to some Christmas songs from Pentatonix? Enjoy … and have a Merry Christmas! I know the following is not really Christmas, but it&... [Redeeming Life] [z] [Christmas] [music]
I love Pentatonix, and I love Christmas, so what better way to get into the Christmas spirit by listening to some Christmas songs from Pentatonix? Enjoy … and have a Merry Christmas! I know the following is not really Christmas, but it&... [Redeeming Life] [z] [Christmas] [music]

December 21, 9AM

What does it mean to be made in the image of God? We began to see an answer to this in last week’s episode, and will finish answering this question in this study of Genesis 1:26. In the previous study of Genesis 1:26, we began to look at what it mean... [Redeeming Scripture] [One Verse] [Theology of Jesus] [Theology of Man] [Genesis] [Creation] [Genesis 1:26] [Image of God]
What does it mean to be made in the image of God? We began to see an answer to this in last week’s episode, and will finish answering this question in this study of Genesis 1:26. In the previous study of Genesis 1:26, we began to look at what it mean... [Redeeming Scripture] [One Verse] [Theology of Jesus] [Theology of Man] [Genesis] [Creation] [Genesis 1:26] [Image of God]

December 20, 11AM

And if you don’t hate country music, check out this song: The song comes from Brad Paisley’s Christmas album. Please share this post with others! [Redeeming Life] [z] [humor] [Christmas] [laugh a little]
And if you don’t hate country music, check out this song: The song comes from Brad Paisley’s Christmas album. Please share this post with others! [Redeeming Life] [z] [humor] [Christmas] [laugh a little]

December 15, 9AM

If you attend church, sing Christmas carols, send and receive Christmas cards, set foot into any store that is somewhat decorated for Christmas, or watch “Charlie Brown’s Christmas,” you will likely see or hear some reference to the birt... [Redeeming Life] [z] [Theology of the Church] [religion] [Luke 2] [Christmas] [Birth of Jesus] [politics] [Matthew 2]
If you attend church, sing Christmas carols, send and receive Christmas cards, set foot into any store that is somewhat decorated for Christmas, or watch “Charlie Brown’s Christmas,” you will likely see or hear some reference to the birt... [Redeeming Life] [z] [Theology of the Church] [religion] [Luke 2] [Christmas] [Birth of Jesus] [politics] [Matthew 2]

December 14, 9AM

What does Genesis 1:26 mean when it refers to humans being made in the image of God? Does it mean that we have intellect, emotions, and will? Or maybe, just as God is a Trinity, is it referring to our three parts: body, soul, and spirit. Or does it ref... [Redeeming Scripture] [One Verse] [Bible study] [Theology of God] [Theology of Man] [Creation] [Anthropology] [One Verse Podcast] [Genesis 1:26]
What does Genesis 1:26 mean when it refers to humans being made in the image of God? Does it mean that we have intellect, emotions, and will? Or maybe, just as God is a Trinity, is it referring to our three parts: body, soul, and spirit. Or does it ref... [Redeeming Scripture] [One Verse] [Bible study] [Theology of God] [Theology of Man] [Creation] [Anthropology] [One Verse Podcast] [Genesis 1:26]

December 8, 9AM

There are two famous men in the Bible named Joshua. One, of course, is the Joshua with a book named after him. This is Joshua, the son of Nun, the successor to Moses. This is the Joshua who led the people of Israel to embark upon the military campaign of ... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [grace] [jesus] [Joshua] [Theology of Jesus] [violence of God]
There are two famous men in the Bible named Joshua. One, of course, is the Joshua with a book named after him. This is Joshua, the son of Nun, the successor to Moses. This is the Joshua who led the people of Israel to embark upon the military campaign of ... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Theology of Jesus] [grace] [jesus] [violence of God] [Joshua]

December 7, 9AM

Are you an environmentalist? Maybe you think environmentalist are those tree-hugging, liberal lunatics who fight for the rights of rainforest birds and Pacific salmon while ignoring the humans and unborn babies. I have criticisms of the environmental move... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible Study Podcast] [Creation] [Genesis 1:26-28] [One Verse Podcast] [Theology of Man]
Are you an environmentalist? Maybe you think environmentalist are those tree-hugging, liberal lunatics who fight for the rights of rainforest birds and Pacific salmon while ignoring the humans and unborn babies. I have criticisms of the environmental move... [Redeeming Scripture] [One Verse] [Bible Study Podcast] [Theology of Man] [Creation] [One Verse Podcast] [Genesis 1:26-28]

December 1, 9AM

Below is the fourth letter in the series, “Letters To Dad.” They are written by Sam Riviera, and are based on the true stories of people he actually knows in real life. Dad, You probably thought you’d never hear from me again. Well, it’s me. I’... [Redeeming Life] [z] [gay] [homosexual] [Letters to Dad] [lgbt] [Sam Riviera]
Below is the fourth letter in the series, “Letters To Dad.” They are written by Sam Riviera, and are based on the true stories of people he actually knows in real life. Dad, You probably thought you’d never hear from me again. Well, it’s me. I’... [Redeeming Life] [z] [gay] [homosexual] [lgbt] [Sam Riviera] [Letters to Dad]

November 30, 9AM

In Genesis 1:26, God refers to Himself in the plural. He says, “Let us make man in our image.” Why does He do that? Why does Moses write it that way? Is this the first verse in the Bible that proves the Trinity? No, I don’t think so. This podcast on... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 1:26-27] [One Verse Podcast] [Theology of God] [Trinity]
In Genesis 1:26, God refers to Himself in the plural. He says, “Let us make man in our image.” Why does He do that? Why does Moses write it that way? Is this the first verse in the Bible that proves the Trinity? No, I don’t think so. This podcast on... [Redeeming Scripture] [One Verse] [Theology of God] [Creation] [Trinity] [One Verse Podcast] [Genesis 1:26-27]

November 26, 9AM

No serious theology posts today! Just some funny thanksgiving pictures. Enjoy! Please share this post with others! [Redeeming Life] [z] [humor] [laugh a little] [Thanksgiving]
No serious theology posts today! Just some funny thanksgiving pictures. Enjoy! Please share this post with others! [Redeeming Life] [z] [humor] [Thanksgiving] [laugh a little]

November 24, 9AM

I was recently listening to a radio talk show host talk about the right of American’s to own guns and he made the statement that even Jesus wants people to own guns. He said that true Christianity is a Christianity that bears arms. He then went on to q... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Guns] [Luke 22:36] [non-violent resistance] [pacifism] [violence]

November 23, 9AM

While I do not believe that Genesis 1 speaks directly against the theory of evolution, I do believe that the theology behind the theory of evolution has been around a lot longer than the theory itself. In fact, the theology behind the theory of evolution ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [creationism] [evolution] [Genesis 1:24-25] [One Verse Podcast] [podcast] [theology]

November 19, 9AM

In the last decade, I have published over 2 million words on this blog, and I am glad that you have found some of these words to be helpful and encouraging in your own relationship with Jesus. It is a privilege to write about something I am passionate abo... [Redeeming Life] [z] [blogging] [donations] [Ministry] [Money] [Writing]

November 18, 9AM

Here are some of the books I consult for every single episode of the One Verse Podcast: There are several more that are not in this picture… nor does this factor in the journal articles I read or books I use on Logos Bible Software. And in case yo... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Books I'm Reading] [podcast]

November 16, 9AM

Is there something in your life you are ashamed of? If you are like most people, there are probably a multitude of such things. Maybe it is something evil that happened to you when you were younger. Maybe it is some addiction or temptation which you fall ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [creationism] [Genesis 1:21] [One Verse Podcast] [redemption]

November 15, 11AM

A couple months back, I wrote about Michael Heiser’s book, The Unseen Realm. That book was a somewhat scholarly approach to what the Bible says about the world that many modern, Western people ignore: the spiritual world. Now Michael Heiser has put ... [Redeeming Books] [Books I'm Reading] [Spiritual]

November 12, 9AM

Have you heard that Christians practice magic with salt water? It is the most remarkable thing to observe. The magic of salt water turns an ordinary, everyday Christian into some sort of super-apostle of the Gospel. If you have been feeling that something... [Redeeming Church] [z] [1 Peter 2:5] [discipleship] [evangelism] [missionary] [Missions] [Money]

November 10, 3PM

In exchanged for a review, Kregel sent me a review copy of What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About. I read and reviewed the companion volume on the Old Testament last year. Overall, this volume was much better. It provides a decent survey of the... [Redeeming Books] [Books I'm Reading] [Calvinism] [New Testament]

November 9, 9AM

This episode of the One Verse Podcast concerns the question about whether or not animals go to heaven. Do you believe that “All Dogs Go to Heaven”? To be honest, I don’t know if they do or they don’t. I am nearly certain that there will be animal... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [creationism] [evolution] [Genesis 1:20-23] [nephesh] [One Verse Podcast] [soul]

November 8, 11AM

In my One Verse Podcast, we are working our way through Genesis 1. I try to be fairly thorough in my research and explanations, but just discovered one view on Genesis 1:4 I hadn’t heard before. Here it is: On a side note, if you have not subscribe... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Genesis 1:4] [humor] [laugh a little] [One Verse Podcast]

November 5, 9AM

Walter Kaiser has written a new book on the tough questions about God and His Actions in the Old Testament. The questions Kaiser addresses in this book are all excellent questions. The answers he provides, however, are not. Below is a list of the question... [Redeeming Books] [z] [Bible and Theology Questions] [Bible questions] [Books I'm Reading] [Christian books] [violence of God]

November 3, 9AM

This is a guest post by Peter Rouzaud. Peter recently started reading this blog, and then later discovered that he and I live in the same town! So we met for coffee and he shared with me some of his articles he has written. Below is one of these articles.... [Redeeming Life] [z] [discipleship] [experiencing God] [following Jesus] [Guest Post] [relationships]

November 2, 9AM

Today we conclude our 3 Part discussion of Genesis 1:14-19. Previously, we learned that Moses did not intend to write a scientific explanation of how the sun, moon, and stars came into existence, but instead wanted the Hebrew people to understand how Yah... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible Study Podcast] [Creation] [evolution] [Genesis 1:14-19] [podcast]

November 1, 11AM

Ever wonder what happened to your comment? If it’s the first time you commented, it automatically went into pending. Otherwise, our spam checker probably tossed it into the spam folder. We get hundreds of spam comments most days. Do you want to buy at... [z] [blogging] [comments] [humor] [laugh a little] [spam]

October 29, 8AM

October 31 is not just Halloween. It is also “Reformation Day,” which commemorates the day on which Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Church door in Wittenburg and sparked off the Reformation in 1517. I have often thought that I would ... [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [artificial intelligence] [john calvin] [Martin Luther] [Reformation] [Theology of the Bible] [Theology of the Church]

October 27, 8AM

I recently launched the One Verse Podcast, and hundreds of people have subscribed so far. And while most of the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, I have also received a bit of negative feedback from people who subscribed and didn’t like wh... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Bible study] [podcast] [Theology - General]

October 26, 8AM

Many ancient religions were focused around the worship of the sun, moon, and stars. Annual religious holidays and festivals were often guided by the length of the days and the movements of the sun. The twelve months of the year are based upon the waxing a... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible Study Podcast] [Creation] [evolution] [Genesis 1:14-19] [podcast]

October 25, 10AM

In the last episode of, I mentioned that N.T. Wright is one of the scholars and authors who has influenced my thinking the most. I emailed N.T. Wright about two years ago to inquire about doing Ph.D. work with him, and he gave me some valuable... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [bible college] [Bible study] [NT Wright] [online bible college] [seminary]

October 22, 8AM

According to recent research, of the 210 million adults in the United States, 65 million of them used to attend church regularly but no longer do, and 2.7 million more leave every year. Church as we know it is dying. [Want to read some of the research for... [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [atheism] [attending church] [discipleship] [following Jesus] [leaving church]

October 20, 8AM

I have participated in the Synchroblog for quite a while. But just as all good things must come to an end, the Synchroblog is closing shop. For this last synchroblog, participants were asked to write a blog post as if it were their only blog post ever. In... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [blogging] [crucifixion of Jesus] [crucivision] [discipleship] [follow Jesus] [grace] [love like Jesus] [synchroblog] [violence of God]

October 19, 8AM

Genesis 1:14-19 contains a description of the fourth day of creation. It is also the longest description of a creation day so far, taking up six verses in Genesis 1. The only other day that receives more attention is the sixth day, in which God creates ma... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible Study Podcast] [Creation] [evolution] [Genesis 1:14-19] [podcast] [signs]

October 15, 8AM

I write some controversial stuff on this blog from time to time. It often seems that whenever I do, I get a comment on the blog or over on Facebook that I am wrong because I have chosen to reject what the Bible clearly teaches in favor of my own personal ... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Bible study] [bible translations] [exegesis] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Majority Text] [NIV] [Theology of the Bible]

October 13, 8AM

Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t make Himself more obvious? Have you wondered why He doesn’t write His name in the clouds so they say, “I Am God and I Exist! Believe in Me!” or call out to us with a booming voice from heaven,... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [forgiveness] [grace] [Prayer] [Theology of God] [Theology of Man]

October 12, 8AM

When crops fail, famine strikes, or drought occurs, what are your thoughts about God’s involvement in such things? If you lived back in biblical times, you might think that the gods were angry at you, and that to appease their wrath, you needed to offe... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Baal] [Bible Study Podcast] [Creation] [Genesis 1:11-13] [podcast]

October 8, 8AM

All of us have major problems with our theology. And the sooner we recognize that our theology is not perfect, the better off we’ll be. Of course, the trick is knowing where you theology is wrong. Though I am certain I have problems in my theolog... [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Bad Theology] [errors] [mistakes] [pastoral ministry]

October 6, 8AM

Thinking about the nature of truth helps us understand how the Bible is (and is not) true. And don’t get nervous … I believe all the Bible is true … but you need to read on to discover what I mean by this. Beginning with Truth There are... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Bible study] [Bibliology] [Inerrancy] [truth]

October 5, 8AM

This episode of the One Verse Podcast might be the strangest one yet. We’re going to talking about oceans of bunnies and mountains of spiders, and what both have to do with Genesis 1:11-12.If you want to hear something you’ve probably never heard befo... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Bible Study Podcast] [Creation] [death] [Genesis 1:11-12] [podcast]

October 1, 8AM

I hear a lot of religious talk about how following God will lead to suffering and pain. How we must sacrifice ourselves for Jesus. While I do not at all deny that the New Testament does speak with this sort of language (cf. Rom 12:1-2), and while I comple... [Redeeming Life] [z] [John 16:33] [life is hard] [pain] [Romans 12:1-2] [suffering]

September 29, 8AM

Since I have a lot of my sermon manuscripts online from when I was a pastor, and now that I have started a Verse-by-Verse Bible teaching podcast, I occasionally get an email from somebody asking what approach I use to studying the Bible, and what Bible co... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Bible study] [Sermons] [teaching]

September 28, 8AM

Are you scared to stand before God in judgment? Lots of people are, but we’re going to today from Genesis 1:10 that you have nothing to fear from the judgment of God.You will see this from how God names the earth and the seas, and you will also see that... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [dry land] [Genesis 1:10] [podcast] [seas]

September 24, 8AM

Most Christians believe that the death of Jesus on the cross was a good thing. That it was a good event. That it was where our sins were taken care of and salvation was accomplished for our sakes.But we Christians only say this because we have been blinde... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Cross] [crucifixion of Jesus] [crucivision] [Death of Jesus]

September 22, 8AM

Sometimes I get asked why I believe in God.In the past, I used to say that I found it harder to not believe in the existence of God than to believe in His existence.To put this another way, I found it easier to believe that everything came from God than t... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Apologetics] [CS Lewis] [Existence of God] [Theology of God] [Theology of the Church]

September 21, 8AM

Have you ever realized that in Genesis 1, God doesn’t actually create dry ground? Instead, He simply pushes back the waters so that the dry ground appears.Have you ever tried to push back water so that you create a little space of dry ground in the mids... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 19] [podcast] [the waters]

September 19, 6PM

Kregel Publications recently sent me a review copy of Philip Wesley Comfort’s new study resource, A Commentary on the Manuscripts and Text of the New Testament (Get it on Amazon or at CBD.If you are relatively familiar with how pastors and theologia... [Redeeming Books] [z] [Bible study] [Book Reviews] [Books I'm Reading] [Greek] [Matthew 12:47]

September 17, 8AM

There is a fourteenth-century poem by Guillaume de Machaut that tells about how the Black Death ravaged a northern French city (I could not find an English translation of this poem online, but I read about the poem in an excellent book I’m reading, ... [Redeeming Scripture] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Crucifixion] [cruciform] [crucivision] [Death of Jesus] [scapegoat] [violence of God] [violence of Scripture]

September 15, 8AM

I get dozens of emails every week from people all over the world who are scared of God.They had some bad thought enter their mind and are now afraid that God is going to kill their family and then strike them down with cancer before burning their house do... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [anger] [violence of God] [wrath of God]

September 14, 8AM

Are you ready to hear more about the mythical background to the Genesis creation story? Have you been telling your family and friends how Genesis 1 is connected to the Babylonian Enuma Elish, the Gilgamesh Epic, and various Egyptian creation epics, and th... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 1:6-8] [podcast] [resurrection] [science]

September 13, 10AM

I am officially launching my podcast! Click the image below to open iTunes and subscribe.If for some reason the link in that image doesn’t work, click here to subscribe at iTunesThe One Verse PodcastThe podcast is called the “One Verse Podcast... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [podcast]

September 12, 8AM

In the opening paragraph to Understanding Prophecy, Alan Bandy and Benjamin Merkle say that “Prophecy is something with which most people are either obsessed ad nauseum or about which they feel so inadequate they avoid it altogether” (p. 17).This has ... [Redeeming Scripture] [Books I'm Reading] [Prophecy] [prophesy]

September 10, 8AM

Some like to say that theology is the queen of the sciences. But I am beginning to think theology is not so much a science as it is a form of entertainment.I mean, don’t these guys look like a barrel of laughs?Seriously though, we theologians often ... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Entertainment] [laugh] [theology] [Theology Introduction]

September 8, 8AM

It is popular to talk about living balanced. Everywhere you turn, people are talking about the balanced life.We need to have balanced diets, balanced budgets, balanced work life, balanced emotions, and balanced families.I am not opposed to any of that, I ... [Redeeming Life] [z] [balanced life] [Bible study] [discipleship] [following Jesus] [service] [Spiritual gifts]

September 7, 10AM

Do you think the world was created over millions and billions of years? Or do you think that everything that exists was created in six 24-hour periods?In this episode of the One Verse podcast, we will look at Genesis 1:5, I will share my view.And just as ... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 1:5] [podcast]

September 4, 4PM

What does it mean that God presides over an assembly of divine beings (Psa 82:1)?How are we to understand when those beings participate in God’s decisions (1 Kings 22:19­23)?Why wasn’t Eve surprised when the serpent spoke to her (Gen 3:1-4)?W... [Redeeming Books] [z] [Books I'm Reading] [Spiritual]

September 3, 8AM

I love seeing the beauty of God’s creation. Here are five images I recently found which I thought were spectacular.Read on to hear an exciting announcement as well!5 Awesome Pictures of CreationMy Exciting AnnouncementHere is my exciting announcemen... [Redeeming Life] [z] [Creation] [podcast]

September 1, 8AM

In Matthew 16, Jesus asks His disciples who they thought He was. It was Peter who answered that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the living God (Matt 16:16). As a result, Jesus said this:I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build ... [Redeeming Church] [z] [discipleship] [gospels] [jesus] [Matthew 16:16] [Peter] [Theology of the Church]

August 31, 10AM

Do you live separate from the world? As a follower of Jesus, Scripture instructs you to have nothing to do with deeds of darkness and the ways of this world. But how are you to do that?Does it mean you should stay away from non-Christian people, and never... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 1:4] [light] [podcast]

August 27, 8AM

I was recently having a discussion with an atheist who had grown up in a Christian family and had gone to church for the first twenty years of her life. But she became an atheist in her 20s.When I asked her why she became an atheist, she said, “I st... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [1 Peter 2:18] [2 Kings 2:23-24] [atheism] [Deuteronomy 22:20-21] [Deuteronomy 23:1] [Deuteronomy 25:11-12] [Exodus 21:20-21] [Genesis 19:8] [Leviticus 20:9] [Leviticus 21:18-19] [Leviticus 25:44-45] [Psalm 137:9] [slavery] [violence of God]

August 25, 8AM

Was that blog post title too provocative?Here is something even more provocative: There is much in Christianity that is Satanic.In fact, many elements of Christianity might make it the most Satanic religion on earth.If you are already offended by this pos... [Redeeming Church] [z] [Luke 4] [Matthew 4] [Satan] [Theology of Angels] [violence] [Worship]

August 24, 10AM

Genesis 1:3 is packed full of truth and insight into something very important. This text provides a clear contrast for us.It contrasts how religion tells us to deal with evil in the world, and how God deals with evil in the world. God’s way leads to l... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 1:3] [light] [podcast]

August 23, 10AM

Please share this post with others!The post Preaching Against False Doctrines appeared first on Redeeming God. [Redeeming Life] [z] [doctrine] [humor] [laugh a little]

August 20, 8AM

It is commonly thought that the purpose of the Holy Spirit is to make us more spiritual. That through indwelling and empowering us, He connects us to our “spiritual” side so that we become more Godly and spiritually-minded.Nothing could be fur... [Redeeming Life] [z] [discipleship] [Godliness] [Theology of Man] [Theology of the Holy Spirit]

August 18, 8AM

The impression we get from much of what passes for Christian teaching is that the closer we get to God, the more like Him we will become, and the less like ourselves.In this way, God is sort of pictured as a being who sucks the human life out of us and in... [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Anthropology] [atheism] [discipleship] [freedom] [Godliness] [humanity] [John 10:10] [Life] [Theology of Man]

August 17, 10AM

This episode of the One Verse podcast looks at Genesis 1:2, where we see that although the text contains numerous dark and ominous elements, it ultimately points us to hope that our God is different than the gods of other religions.Main points from Gene... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 1:2] [podcast]

August 16, 10AM

Please share this post with others!The post It’s hard to be religious… appeared first on Redeeming God. [Redeeming Life] [z] [humor] [laugh a litte] [religion]

August 13, 9AM

It’s my Birthday (in a couple days, anyway), and I want to thank you for the great Birthday present.Did you know you gave me a present? You did.What was it?You read this blog. Thank you very, very much. You have no idea how much it means to me. (Kee... [Redeeming Life] [z] [blog reading] [blogging] [free books] [giveaway]

August 11, 8AM

Yes, you read that title correctly.I know, I know. Popular preaching advice tells you that “People learn through stories,” and that “You need illustrations to make your point.”I do not disagree that stories and illustrations are helpful in preachi... [Redeeming Church] [z] [Illustrations] [jesus] [Luke 8] [parables] [Preaching] [Stories] [teaching]

August 6, 8AM

Jesus says that whatever you ask for in his name will be given to you (John 14:13-14)In an attempt to follow Jesus’ instructions, many parents and churches teach (usually be example) that every prayer should conclude with the words “…in ... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Jesus name] [John 14:13-14] [Prayer]

August 4, 8AM

In case you missed it, Tim Tebow is back on the football field, vying for a 3rd-string quarterback position with the Philadelphia Eagles behind Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez. If you haven’t heard because you don’t care about football, don̵... [Redeeming Life] [z] [discipleship] [evangelism] [Prayer] [witnessing]

August 2, 10AM

This guy is a genius…Please share this post with others!The post Which Religion Cares Most about the Homeless? appeared first on Redeeming God. [Redeeming Life] [z] [homeless] [humor] [laugh a little] [religion]

July 30, 8AM

Congratulations, genuine readers. You have now successfully read more of this blog post than many others will.Yes, it’s true. Many people only read the title of a blog post or article, and then leave a comment on it without reading anything else.So ... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [laugh a little] [theology]

July 28, 8AM

Note: This post is part of the July 2015 Synchroblog.In the past, I have taught that Jesus never mentioned homosexuality.But a few weeks ago, after the Supreme Court of the United Stated ruled that gay couples could get legally married, a guy came up to m... [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Bible study] [gay marriage] [homosexual] [homosexuality] [jesus] [lgbt] [Luke 17:34-35]

July 26, 9AM

Some Christians might not think this is funny, but I do…Please share this post with others!The post Some Christians will not find this funny. But I did. appeared first on Redeeming God. [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [Bible] [Bible study] [humor] [jesus] [sin] [Theology of the Bible]

July 23, 8AM

Do you have a paper theology or a people theology?I used to have a paper theology.In many ways, I suppose I still do.A paper theology is when we have the “right” answers to tough theological questions and issues, but we don’t really know... [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Life] [love others] [people] [relationships] [theology]

July 21, 8AM

The Prophet Isaiah was allegedly sawed in half.In Acts 7, Stephen presents his defense for why he is a follower of Jesus. At one point in his speech, he says this:Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? (Acts 7:52)In other words, “Name... [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Acts 7] [crucifixion of Jesus] [discipleship] [Luke 4:24] [Matthew 23:30] [mimesis] [Prophecy] [Stephen] [violence]

July 19, 10AM

Here’s a secret: I am almost done writing a book on the atonement. This is the first time I have let anyone know.If you want a free PDF of this book when it comes out, make sure you sign up for my free email newsletter.On a related note, I saw the f... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [Atonement] [ebook] [humor] [laugh a little] [Substitutionary Atonement]

July 16, 8AM

I recently had an email exchange with a reader of this blog about pacifism and nonviolence. Usually such exchanges are better suited for the comment section of blog posts, since this allows more people to weigh in on the conversation. So, for the sake of ... [Redeeming Life] [z] [forgiveness] [Gandhi] [jesus] [love] [Martin Luther King] [Nelson Mandela] [Nonviolent resistance] [pacifism] [peace] [violence] [War]

July 14, 8AM

In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells us to love our enemies (Matt 5:44).Since love for enemies is one of the most unnatural things for a human to do, I believe that enemy-love is one of the clearest and most defining characteristics of a true follower ... [Redeeming Life] [z] [1 Kings 22] [love your enemies] [loving others] [Luke 6:27] [Matthew 5:44] [Prophecy] [Proverbs 27:6]

July 9, 8AM

I think all of us “Christians” should stop referring to ourselves as “Christians.”Nor should we ask other people if they are a “Christian.”I have two lines of reasoning for why we should stop saying we’re Christia... [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Life] [z] [1 John 4:7-8] [Acts 11:26] [Christian] [discipleship] [evangelism] [hate] [John 13:35] [looks like Jesus] [love] [love like Jesus] [Missions]

July 7, 8AM

It is common in Christian circles to hear admonitions to “Love the Sinner; hate the sin.”More and more I hear this said in the context of LGBT people and gay marriage.“Oh, I don’t hate gay people, I just hate the gay lifestyle. ... [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [forgiveness] [homosexuality] [looks like Jesus] [love] [love like Jesus] [Theology of Sin]

July 5, 8AM

In light of the ruling from the Supreme Court about Gay Marriage, I knew it wouldn’t be long before:The name-calling and back-stabbing among Christians got worse (not better),Lawsuits began to fly between the right of gay people to get married and t... [Redeeming Life] [z] [gay marriage] [homosexuality] [lgbt] [Marriage]

July 2, 8AM

Blessed are the poor in spirit, For they can get a job at minimum wage. Blessed are those who mourn, For they made their bad decisions and must suffer the consequences. Blessed are the meek, For we can take advantage of them. Blessed are those who hunge... [Redeeming Life] [z] [jesus] [politics] [sermon on the mount]

June 26, 8AM

A while back, a man sent me a question about how he should respond to his atheist son who has nothing but criticism for Christianity. He told me that he had read several books of apologetics, had used numerous arguments for the existence of God, and had t... [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Theology] [z] [atheists] [Christianity] [following Jesus] [love like Jesus] [love others]

June 23, 8AM

James (not his real name) and his brother had been convicted of murder. Both were given life sentences and had begun doing their time. But then (for reasons I won’t go into here) the courts decided to give James a retrial. And while he was awaiting retr... [Redeeming Life] [discipleship] [fellowship] [Hospitality] [synchroblog]

June 21, 8AM

I had never heard of Malcolm Guite before I saw this video, but when I heard what he says about art and people and the Gospel and everyone living in the light of Jesus, I discovered that I love him. Malcolm says what I tried to say in my post, Everyone is... [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Theology] [gospel] [jesus] [Kingdom of God] [love]

June 16, 8AM

I am so tired of hearing Christians say “Christians aren’t perfect” as an excuse for bad Christian behavior. ⇦ Tweet that!The statement can also come out like this:“Well, the church is a hospital for sick people.”orR... [Redeeming Theology] [apology] [forgiveness] [Theology of Sin] [Theology of the Church]

June 11, 8AM

I’ve been called a heretic before. I imagine that most people who teach or write about Scripture and theology have been condemned as a heretic at least once or twice. ⇦ Tweet that!People get condemned as a heretic for not believing in the Trin... [Redeeming Life] [Redeeming Theology] [1 Corinthians 13] [Ephesians 4:15] [heresy] [Imperative Theology] [love] [love like Jesus] [Theology Introduction]

June 9, 8AM

There are two ideas I have been mulling over the last couple years which are central to understanding the heart of God, and which most Christians do not seem to understand. These two keys are based on God’s omniscience, that fact the He is all-knowi... [Redeeming Theology] [forgiveness] [Greg Boyd] [love] [omniscience] [sin] [Theology of God]

June 4, 8AM

I have a new eBook coming out soon. The following post hits on one of the themes I write about in this book. To get this new book when it comes out, make sure you have subscribed to receive my blog posts and eBooks by email.There is a reason why the very ... [Redeeming Books] [Redeeming Theology] [Cain and Abel] [cruciform] [crucivision] [Genesis 4] [mimetic rivalry] [Murder] [scapegoat] [Theology of Jesus] [Theology of Man] [Theology of Salvation] [Theology of Sin]

June 2, 8AM

Over at the “All About Eve” blog, Eve asked me about getting fed as a Christian. I gave her a summary of the posts below, which were written by Vince Antonucci in 2008. These posts are classic Vince. (I hope he doesn’t mind me reposting ... [Redeeming Church] [Church Growth] [discipleship] [Preaching] [teaching]

May 31, 10AM

Please share this post with others!The post How to Test Your Religion appeared first on Redeeming God. [Redeeming Church] [Redeeming Life] [humor] [laugh a little] [religion]

May 28, 8AM

We Christians owe the world an apology.I, at least, owe the world an apology. So here it is:Dear World, I am sorry.About what?About so many things …… But the one thing I am sorry about the most is presenting to you a picture of God which you f... [Redeeming Church] [Crucifixion] [cruciform] [crucivision] [evangelism] [looks like Jesus] [Theology of God] [Theology of Jesus] [Theology of Sin]

May 26, 8AM

I hold to radical, outrageous, shocking, scandalous, limitless grace. I believe there is no other kind of grace.But whenever I teach or write about this sort of grace, it is almost guaranteed that someone will object by saying, “So are you saying th... [Redeeming Theology] [grace] [Romans 6:1; Titus 2:12] [sin] [Theology of Salvation] [Theology of Sin]

May 24, 10AM

We Christians have our own language. Some call it Christianese. Others call it just plain creepy.Please share this post with others!The post Christianese – Learn the Christian Lingo appeared first on Redeeming God. [Redeeming Church] [Christian lingo] [Christianese] [humor] [laugh a little]

May 21, 8AM

A man I work with recently asked if I had received an email from another coworker. I told him no, I had not. He said this, “I’m not calling you a liar, but …”I cut him off and said, “Yes, you are! You cannot say you are not c... [Redeeming Theology] [forgviness] [grace] [love] [mercy] [Theology of Salvation]

May 19, 8AM

My neighbor’s name is Carissa. She is twenty-one years old. And she is beautiful.But she has a very … strange relationship with her boyfriend. His name is Kirk. It is not that Kirk is abusive … not really. I suppose you could say he is c... [Redeeming Church] [anger] [bitter] [church] [critical spirit] [love] [synchroblog] [Theology of the Church]

May 17, 10AM

Earlier this week I wrote a LONG post about the place of the Mosaic Law in the life of the Christian. It was over 6000 words. Yikes! Here is something a little more light-hearted, but still on the same topic.Please share this post with others!The post Let... [Redeeming Life] [humor] [laugh a little] [Mosaic law]

May 14, 8AM

Jose A. Torres Flores posted the following on my Facebook page recently in response to a post that got a lot of … Pharisaical … religious … passionate comments.I liked it so much, I asked if I could post it on my blog. It turns out, the ... [Redeeming Theology] [humor] [love like Jesus] [religion] [sin]

March 3, 9AM

Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth have written a fascinating and insightful book about five women from the Gospels. The books is titled The Day I Met Jesus. If you enjoy seeing Jesus from a new perspective, gaining insights into Scripture, or have an interest i... [Books I'm Reading] [Frank Viola] [Mary DeMuth]

February 24, 9AM

One of the themes of my life is that death precedes resurrection. I firmly believe that many people hold on to personal goals and pet projects long after they should have let them die a natural death. If we would let these things die, this would enable G... [discipleship] [death] [dying] [new life] [resurrection] [synchroblog]

February 20, 9AM

If you had lived back during the days of slavery, would you have helped slaves gain freedom? If you answered “Yes!” then keep reading… First, I want to thank those of you who donated to help me rescue girls from sex slavery. I said I wou... [discipleship] [Human Trafficking] [prostitution] [sex trafficking] [slavery]

February 19, 9AM

When parents seek to follow Jesus by being the church in their communities (rather than by simply attending church), one of the questions that often comes up is “What about our children? How will they learn about the Bible? How will they discover Je... [discipleship] [All About Eve] [being the church] [institutional church] [parenting]

February 16, 9AM

Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut. I am also using my haircut to raise money (and awareness) for human trafficking victims. The more I raise, the more hair I cut. Rather than write a bunch of words about the dire problem of human trafficking and forced p... [discipleship] [haircut] [Human Trafficking] [sex trafficking] [slavery]

February 13, 9AM

I know that many of you have already purchased my newest eBook from Amazon, but if you don’t have Kindle (or the Kindle app for a different device), I am happy to announce that The Re-Justification of God is now available on the following platforms:... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Calvinism] [election] [justification] [predestination] [Re-Justification of God] [Romans 9] [Tulip]

February 12, 1PM

I wrote the second post for the “All About Eve” blog, and as I was writing it, I was pretty sure that most of what I was writing was … well … not quite what I wanted to say. But I published the post late last night anway, and went ... [discipleship] [All About Eve] [children] [control] [faith] [fear] [Life] [Marriage] [parenting]

February 10, 9AM

Do you want to start a blog, but don’t know where to begin? Do you have a blog already, but are having trouble gaining readers or keeping it going? Do you have a message or idea God has laid on your heart that you want to share with others? Do you h... [blogging] [blogging]

February 9, 9AM

A while back, someone yelled at me, “Get a haircut, you hippie!” (True story.) I have decided to go ahead and do it. I’ve been growing my hair out for several years now … and it is time to get it cut. AND YOU can help me determin... [discipleship] [haircut] [sex trafficking] [slavery]

February 6, 9AM

A reader recently used my “Contact Me” form on the about page to submit a Bible and Theology Question. Here is what he wrote: Hi Jeremy. Thank you for being available. It can be hard to find someone to go to for some spiritual questions via th... [Bible and Theology Questions] [discipleship] [friend of sinners] [jesus] [John 15:14] [Luke 7:34]

February 5, 9AM

I am participating with several other authors and bloggers in a preparation for a conference in Portland called “All About Eve.” The other contributors are: Wm. Paul Young, author of the The Shack Deidre Havrelock, author of The Starving Ch... [Theology of the Church] [All About Eve] [attending church] [be the church] [being the church] [church] [going to church]

February 4, 9AM

If you are tired of reading commentaries on Exodus that seem to do nothing but talk about the Documentary Hypothesis (aka the JEDP theory), and if you have sometimes found yourself yelling at the pages “I don’t care if was the J, E, D, or P so... [Bible study] [Books I'm Reading] [Bible Commentary] [commentary] [Exodus]

February 3, 9AM

I have a 25 minute commute to work. Sometimes I listen to Conservative Talk Radio, but when I am looking for something with a little less doom and gloom, I listen to Podcasts. Two Podcasts I almost never miss an episode of are the (1) The God Journey by ... [Bible study] [Bible Study Podcast] [Brandon Chase] [podcast] [theology] [Wayne Jacobsen]

February 2, 9AM

Western theology has committed a terrible disservice to this imagery of a potter and clay by making it seem as if God is a deterministic puppet master up in heaven pulling the strings of people and nations down here on earth. This is exactly the opposite ... [Bible study] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [potter and the clay] [Re-Justification of God] [Romans 9] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

January 30, 9AM

In Romans 9, Paul writes about the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart for the purposes of making God’s glory known. This seems rather harsh to some. What does Paul mean? Who Hardened Pharaoh’s Heart First? In this debate, Calvinists say that G... [Bible study] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [Pharaoh] [Romans 9] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

January 29, 9AM

Ken Wytsma recently sent me his new book, The Grand Paradox, for review. I really, really wanted to like this book, since it came so highly recommended by numerous authors and scholars that I deeply respect. Yet I must confess that as I read the book, I h... [Books I'm Reading] [Books] [church]

January 28, 9AM

Paul writes a difficult statement in Romans 9:13: Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated. Scholars debate whether or not God actually hated Esau. There are two main opinions on this question. Option 1: Hate = “Love Less” Some argue that the... [Bible study] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [Esau] [Jacob] [Malachi 1] [Re-Justification of God] [reprobation] [Romans 9] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

January 27, 9AM

Romans 9 has been a battleground text for centuries. Calvinists and Arminians have hotly debated this passage since the days of the Reformation. Since I am neither a Calvinist nor an Arminian, I want to offer my perspective on Romans 9 over the course of ... [Bible study] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [Romans 9] [salvation] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election] [wrath]

January 26, 9AM

Someone once told me there would be infinite downhill skiing in heaven, where you never get to the bottom of the hill. Sounds cool! Based on just the title of this post, I can hear lots of people cheering and lots of other people rethinking whether or not... [discipleship] [Theology - General] [Theology of the End Times] [heaven] [Matthew 5:48] [perfection] [sports]

January 25, 11AM

I was reading the book reviews of a certain Christian book on Amazon yesterday, and stumbled upon the most astounding argument for the truth of Christianity I have ever read. One reviewer of this book (which will go unnamed) left a fairly negative and cri... [discipleship] [Books] [church] [humor]

January 23, 9AM

I have just published a book called The Re-Justification of God. Here’s the cover: It is probably the ugliest book cover I have ever designed, but if you compare it with the cover from John Piper’s book on the right, you’ll see why I ... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [Esau] [Pharaoh] [potter and the clay] [Romans 9] [Romans 9:10-24] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

January 22, 9AM

Christians like to claim that we are guided by Scripture and controlled by the Holy Spirit. But I was recently talking to my insanely wise and beautiful wife, Wendy, and she pointed out that the two things which seem to guide and control Christians are ac... [discipleship] [church] [evangelism] [fear] [guilt] [Missions]

January 21, 9AM

Arthur Sido recently brought to my attention that in 2014, United States churches spent $3,600,000,000 on church buildings. $3,600,000,000 And this amount is down 80% since 2002! I wrote about this in one of my books (I cannot recall which one), and I ha... [discipleship] [Theology of the Church] [church] [church buildings] [Ministry] [Missions] [Money] [Tithing]

January 20, 9AM

As I write about Calvinism and what the Scripture teaches, I occasionally run across people who are swimming in the same stream. I am not fully sure where T. C. Moore is coming from, but I found his post on a Calvinism Debate to be both humorous and enlig... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinsim] [humor] [Tulip]

January 19, 11AM

A while back someone submitted a question to me about masturbation and whether it was sinful or not. There is also a thread in the forum about masturbation, through only one person has attempted an answer on it… It is a very … touchy … s... [Books I'm Reading] [discipleship] [Theology of Sin] [C. S. Lewis] [masturbation]

January 16, 9AM

Yesterday we considered the problem with the Calvinistic ordo salutis in Romans 8:28-30. I suggested that there is a different way of understanding this text in light of Paul’s overall argument. We consider this alternative today. The “Golden ... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [predestination] [Romans 8:28-30] [salvation] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

January 15, 9AM

For many, Romans 8:28-30 presents the strongest case in the entire Bible for the Calvinistic doctrine of Unconditional Election. This text contains what many refer to as “the golden chain of salvation,” linking God’s foreknowledge from eternity pas... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [ordo salutis] [predestination] [Romans 8:28-30] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

January 14, 8AM

Lots of people are really enjoying my most recent book. I gave away over 2000 PDF copies of the book to people on my email newsletter, and quite a few people also took advantage of the sale of the book over at Amazon. On Monday the book was only $0.99, bu... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books] [dying to religion and empire] [ebooks] [free books]

January 13, 9AM

A friend told us that her favorite place to camp in Oregon was Olallie Lake. So one Monday morning, my family and I hopped into our Toyota Sienna with all of our camping gear, I plugged Olallie Lake into my GPS, and we were off. The GPS said it would ta... [discipleship] [Theology of the Bible] [bible reading] [Bible study] [family] [synchroblog]

January 12, 10AM

If you subscribe to this blog by email, check your inbox. I sent you a free PDF copy of my newest book, Dying to Religion and Empire, earlier today. If for some reason you have not subscribed to my email newsletter, there are two things you can do. 1. Su... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books] [close your church] [dying to religion and empire] [ebooks]

January 9, 9AM

One critical text for the Calvinistic understanding of Unconditional Election is Acts 13:48. This text seems to indicate that God specially and sovereignly prepares the hearts and minds of some people to respond to the gospel. In the context, Paul has be... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Acts 13:48] [believe] [Calvinism] [election] [predestination] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

January 8, 11AM

I don’t want you to miss out! You can get a free digital copy of my newest book. Keep reading to learn how… Dying to Religion and Empire I submitted the final electronic files today for my next book which I am releasing on Monday. The book i... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of the Church] [dying to religion and empire] [ebooks] [free books] [free ebooks]

January 7, 9AM

In John 15:16, Jesus provides an extremely clear statement about what it means to be chosen and why certain people are chosen by God, and by Himself. Here is what He says: You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bea... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [John 15:16] [predestination] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

January 6, 9AM

John 10:26 is often cited by Calvinists as a clear statement about Unconditional Election and how people do not become God’s “sheep” because they believe in Jesus; instead, they believe in Jesus because they were already God’s sheep. On this text,... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [John 10:26] [predestination] [sheep] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

January 5, 9AM

This is a guest post by Michael Ehrhart. Michael is the lyricist for the Christian rock group Beautiful Mess. Beautiful Mess is the brainchild of brothers Mike and Chris Ehrhart, fueled by the musical vision and leadership of Mike’s son, Tim. Their aim ... [Guest Posts for the TIll He Comes blog] [Guest Post] [Matthew 25:34-40] [parable] [sheep and the goats]

January 1, 3PM

I am one of those readers who reads with a pen in hand. I almost cannot read a book unless I am underlining statements and scribbling in the margins. This slows down my reading speed significantly, but I think it helps sharpen my mind and interact with th... [Books I'm Reading] [4000 books] [best books] [reading]

December 28 2014, 4PM

I listened to a sermon today in which the preacher (I’m not going to call him a pastor) said these things: If you are going to follow Jesus, you need to stop hanging out with your non-Christian friends… Gays are disgusting people… God ha... [discipleship] [evangelism] [forgiveness] [gays] [gospel] [grace] [hate] [homosexuality] [love of God] [pastoral ministry] [Preaching]

December 19, 9AM

John 6 contains some of the most important texts on the topic of election. It is not uncommon for Calvinists to frequently reference some of the texts of John 6 in their defense of Unconditional Election. Here is what these verses say: All that the Father... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [John 6] [John 6:44] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

December 18, 9AM

One set of texts which are occasionally referenced in support of the Unconditional Election comes from the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24. The reason these texts are cited is because they make reference to “the elect.” And unless those days were short... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [Matthew 24] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

December 17, 9AM

My next book is available on Amazon… but don’t buy it yet!  Here’s what the cover looks like: Oh, and thanks to everyone who provided input on the title for this book. What are your thoughts about how it ended up? I suppose if you real... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Books] [dying to religion and empire] [ebooks] [free books]

December 16, 9AM

In a previous post we looked at the statement of Jesus in Matthew 20 that “many are called, but few are chosen.” This post looks at the identical statement in Matthew 22:14, which also follows a parable from Jesus. The Parable of the Wedding F... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [chosen] [election] [Matthew 22:14] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

December 15, 9AM

I have a confession to make … I want to be waterboarded. Is that sort of twisted? I have real trouble believing that it is as bad as people make it out to be. In fact, I did a quick search, and found a guy who got together with some friends so they cou... [discipleship] [Theology of Jesus] [following Jesus] [government] [Kingdom of God] [looks like Jesus] [reign of God]

December 12, 9AM

At various times in Jesus’ ministry, He made the following statement: For many are called, but few are chosen (Matthew 20:16; 22:14). This text is a tricky passage for Calvinists to explain because on the one hand, Calvinism often equates “calling” ... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [called] [Calvinism] [chosen] [election] [Matthew 20:16] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

December 11, 9AM

One group only sees the picture on the left and says, “It’s a square!” Another group only sees the picture on the right and says, “No, it’s a circle!” The truth, of course, is that it is both and neither. It is neither ... [Theology - General] [theology debates]

December 10, 9AM

In Matthew 11:27, Jesus is talking about the relationship He has with His Father, and Jesus states that no one can know the Father except those to whom Jesus reveals Him. Such a statement seems to imply that Jesus only reveals God to a select few individu... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Calvinism] [Matthew 11:27] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

December 9, 9AM

Remember Andrea Yates? She is the mother who, in 2001, drowned her five children in a bathtub. She said that the devil had influenced her children, and so they needed to die. A few years later, another mother, Deanna Laney, tried to kill her two children,... [Theology of God] [Theology of Jesus] [When God Pled Guilty] [flood] [Genesis 6-8] [jesus] [looks like Jesus] [Revelation] [violence of God]

December 8, 9AM

There are several texts throughout Scripture which seem to indicate that God has specifically chosen or elected certain individuals before they were ever born. One of these is Jeremiah 1:4-5, which says this: Then the word of the Lord came to me saying, ... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [Jeremiah 1:4-5] [sanctification] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]

December 7, 11AM

This is awesome. I think we should reinstate trial by combat, but the combat should be combat juggling. Maybe this is how governments could solve their problems too… Ha! And as long as we are talking about juggling skill… this is crazy amaz... [discipleship] [Creation] [humans] [humor] [laugh]

December 5, 9AM

I am not a huge fan of study Bibles. I have used several throughout my life, however. I began with the Thompson Chain Reference Bible, then moved to the Life Application Bible, and spent some time with the Ryrie Study Bible, before finally using the Nelso... [Bible study] [Books I'm Reading] [discipleship] [Bible study] [evangelism] [gospel] [repentance] [salvation] [witnessing]

January 18 2013, 11AM

Though verse and chapter divisions were not part of the original Hebrew manuscripts, their inclusion in our modern Bible has given rise to the question of where to place Jonah 1:17. Though many Bible translations and commentaries place 1:17 as an opening ... [Bible Commentary]

January 17, 11AM

Jonah 1:15. After praying to God and asking forgiveness for what they were about to do, the sailors picked up Jonah and hurled him into the sea. A Jewish commentary on Jonah describes the sailor’s actions in this way: They took him and placed him into ... [Bible Commentary]

January 16, 11AM

1:14. Before they cast Jonah into the sea, they cried out to Yahweh. Up until now, they have been crying out to their own gods (1:5), which has not worked, and they have even pled with Jonah to cry out to his God (1:6), which he has not done. So now, they... [Bible Commentary]

January 15, 11AM

Jonah 1:13. The sailors now understand that Jonah’s great sin has led them all into great danger, but they have no desire to commit human sacrifice, and so rowed hard to return to the shore. The term rowed hard is used elsewhere of digging holes in a wa... [Bible Commentary]

January 14, 11AM

Jonah 1:12. Jonah does have a suggestion for the sailors, but it is not the one the reader expects to hear. Since God sent the storm in response to Jonah fleeing eastward toward Tarshish rather than going west toward Nineveh, the simple solution to calmin... [Bible Commentary]

January 13, 5PM

Jonah 1:10. Upon hearing what Jonah said about his nationality and his God, the men became extremely fearful. When the storm was raging about them and they were about to drown, the men were afraid (1:5). The word used for fearful is the same word Jonah us... [Bible Commentary]

January 11, 3PM

Jonah 1:9. This is the central verse in chapter 1. The structure of this chapter forms a chiasm with 1:9 at the middle.[1] As such, the reader is intended to note with great care what Jonah says about himself and about God. Jonah begins by answering thei... [Bible Commentary]

December 10 2012, 1PM

Jonah 1:8. Since the lot singled out Jonah as the one responsible for this storm, they bombard him with “religiously loaded questions”[1] First, they seek to know the reason that this evil has come upon them. As in verse 7, they refer to the storm as... [Bible Commentary]

December 7, 1PM

1:7. The sailors have prayed to their gods without affect, and have cast all the cargo overboard, yet the storm still threatens to take their lives. So the men try to determine whose fault it is that this storm has come upon them. They cast lots to learn ... [Bible Commentary]

December 6, 1PM

Jonah 1:6. It is likely that as the sailors pulled up the cargo from the hold of the ship, they saw Jonah sleeping and reported this to the captain. So the captain went to him to find out how it was Jonah could fall down to sleep in such a storm. His ques... [Bible Commentary]