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March 17 2018, 2AM

My esteemed colleague, Tim Foster (Vice-Principal, Ridley College) has an interesting article in the latest issue of BBR on John 3:5 where Foster alleges that it contains exodus imagery. Foster concludes: The occasion of the meeting and the language of th... [Uncategorized]

March 14, 2AM

I don’t always give advice on how to be Trinitarian, but when I do, I tell folks to read and heed the Athanasian creed, and don’t interfere with all things Nicea. Legislate theological rights for divine persons who identify as homoousios. Put a copy o... [Uncategorized]

March 11, 2AM

If I had to summarize what are the salient features of Trinitarian belief, they could be summarized using the acronym TRIUNE: There is only one God, in three persons. God is one being, one indivisible unity, eternal and immaterial, yet this God subsists a... [Uncategorized]

March 8, 2AM

As a man, I do find it hard to discuss abortion for the reason that I am, well, a man. I will never be in the position of having an unwanted pregnancy. So, in the very least, there is an asymmetry about men talking about women’s bodies and deciding... [Uncategorized]

March 5, 2AM

In the evangelical churches that esteem the gospel, the Word of God dominates their teaching and preaching. Scripture is the guarantee of the apostolicity of their message and the authorizer of their ministerial orders. The reading and teaching of Scriptu... [Uncategorized]

March 3, 2AM

We need a positive view of tradition for the simple reason that the New Testament is both the product of a tradition and Bible generated a tradition. First, the New Testament is part of the generated tradition of the early church, an account of its story-... [Uncategorized]

February 28, 2AM

From the University of Aberdeen (HT Phil Ziegler), the first batch of N.T. Wright’s 2018 Gifford Lectures are now available on-line. Lecture 1 – The Fallen Shrine: Lisbon 1755 and the Triumph of Epicureanism Lecture 2 – The Questioned ... [Uncategorized]

February 27, 2AM

One area that evangelicals have generally been weak on, or even hostile to, is in their attitude towards tradition. Many evangelicals have tended to fear tradition as something that is cold, stale, and purely of human origin. The hostility towards traditi... [Uncategorized]

February 24, 2AM

Whereas certain pockets of medieval theology treated Scripture as simply the genetic origins of a living and authoritative tradition, the Reformers were adamant that Scripture was the highest and most important authority, over and against tradition and in... [Uncategorized]

February 21, 2AM

In systematic theology there has always been the issue of how one explains the development of doctrine. If we think of theology as cognitive assent to timeless propositions excavated from Scripture, how do we explain the fact that the church’s theology ... [Uncategorized]

February 18, 2AM

Brandon Smith and Everett Berry have written a charming and useful little book on Jesus and the Old Testament. Gosh, I get depressed when I ask student precisely how the gospel is “according to the Scripture,” it is the sound of crickets, deer... [Uncategorized]

February 17, 2AM

I got news that Beeson Divinity School is hosting a conference on Anglicanism in September this year. Here’s the info: The Institute of Anglican Studies at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School will host its first Anglican Theology Conferenc... [Uncategorized]

February 16, 3AM

I have finally completed my slow reading of Francis  Watson, Gospel Writing: A Canonical Perspective (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013), which came out too late for me to use in my Gospel of the Lord, and explains why I’m only now giving it a cl... [Uncategorized]

February 13, 3AM

Brisbane School of Theology invites expressions of interest for the position of a full-time lecturer in the Chinese Department (founded 1997), teaching Biblical Studies, to begin Semester 2, 2018. BST is a gospel-centred, evangelical and interdenomination... [Uncategorized]

February 11, 2AM

Prof. Jorg Frey of Zurich (see his has delivered the Yale Divinty School Schaffer Lectures for 2018 on John’s Gospel. He covers the topics of: Christology as Theology: The Johannine Approach as a Challenge Then and Now The Quest for t... [Uncategorized]

February 8, 2AM

Over at RBL is my review of  James J. O’Donnell, Pagans: The End of Traditional Religion and the Rise of Christianity (New York: HarperCollins, 2015). In this book classicist James J. O’Donnell looks at precisely how Christianity superseded pagani... [Uncategorized]

February 5, 3AM

Less than a month until the release of Peter Leithart’s two-volume commentary on Revelation as the inaugural volume of the International Theological Commentary series edited by Scott Swain and Michael Allen. Here’s the blurb: he Book of Revela... [Uncategorized]

February 2, 2AM

Over at RBL, there is a solid review of Brian Rosner, Andrew Malone, and Trevor Burke (eds), Paul as Pastor, by Scot McKnight. I co-wrote the chapter on Pau’s pastoral strategy in Galatians with John Anthony Dunne. McKnight takes issue with a few t... [Uncategorized]

January 30, 2AM

If you are involved in ministry or know anyone in your church with autism, drop what you are doing, and take the time to watch this terrific video by Prof Grant Macaskill (Aberdeen Uni) on “The Bible and Autism.” You’ll learn about how a... [Uncategorized]

January 29, 2AM

Have you ever heard of Ilse Fredrichsdorff? In Robert Yarbrough’s excellent book, The Salvation-Historical Fallacy (p. 342, n. 9) he gives this quote from the preface of M. Albertz, Die Botschaft des Neuen Testament (1947-57) which left me gob-s... [Uncategorized]

January 28, 3AM

I don’t want to turn this blog into a John Piper bash-fest, but there was a genuinely good FB post from Wheaton professor Sandra Richter to Piper’s claim that women professors don’t belong in seminary: I keep finding my name posted all o... [Uncategorized]

January 25, 12 AM

I have been long convinced by Scripture and by experience that God has poured out his Spirit on all flesh, upon men and women, young and old, and every ethnic group there is, to gift the church with the ministries and offices that it needs for its mission... [Uncategorized]

January 23, 3AM

While I was sleeping I woke up to discover that N.T. Wright has offered a brief yet penetrating critique of David Bentley Hart’s NT Translation and Hart has, in turn, responded with a riposte of wit and indignation. In all honesty, I think Wright... [Uncategorized]

January 20, 3AM

I’ve been in the USA for the last eight weeks and during that time I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tony Merida from the Acts29 network for a podcast on the subject of “Gospelizing,” “Gracism,” and Church Planting. ... [Uncategorized]

January 16, 3AM

Dom Crossan and his wife Sarah Crossan have a book coming out of images of Easter in the eastern orthodox churches. It is called Resurrecting Easter: How the West Lost and the East Kept the Original Easter Vision In Resurrecting Easter, bestselling autho... [Uncategorized]

January 13, 3AM

Orthodox Theologian David Bentley Hart has an article at Aeon on Everything You Know About the Gospel of Paul is Likely Wrong. After reading the article I was tempted to go all millennial by uttering the words, “I can’t even …” Har... [Uncategorized]

January 10, 4PM

Prof. N.T. Wright is set to deliver the 2018 Gifford Lectures in Aberdeen on 12 Feb and 7 March. The Gifford lectures are traditionally about “natural theology” and Wright is only the second New Testament scholar ever invited to deliver this ... [Uncategorized]

December 30 2017, 4AM

I just heard the news that the Logos Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology at St. Andrews University has launched the Logia initiative which “seeks to support current female students and staff and encourage women to pursue divinity discipl... [Uncategorized]

December 28, 3AM

Just saw that Wheaton College is having a conference called “Balm in Gilead” featuring Marilynne Robinson and Rowan Williams, 4-5 April 2018. [Uncategorized]

December 23, 3AM

I sit on the editorial board of the Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus, ably edited by James Crossley and Anthony Le Donne. The editorial board is quite diverse (though could use a few more women) with Americans, Europeans, and even Australians... [Uncategorized]

December 20, 4AM

Another forthcoming book from Bart Ehrman, The Triumph of Christianity: How a Forbidden Religion Swept the World (New York: Simon & Schuster, Feb 2018). Currently #1 at in Christian Church Growth (LOL) From the New York Times bestselling... [Uncategorized]

December 18, 1PM

Just saw the promo clip for the forthcoming movie Paul, Apostle of Christ, directed by Andrew Hyatt, starring James Faulker (Paul), Jim Caviezel (Luke), Joanna Whally (Priscilla), and John Lynch (Aquila). Might be a bit cringe-worthy, but hopefully still ... [Uncategorized]

December 11, 3AM

Ryan P. O’Dowd Proverbs (Story of God Bible Commentary) Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2017. By Lindsay Wilson Ryan O’Dowd may be known to readers as the co-author with Craig Bartholomew of a useful survey of OT wisdom literature (2011). Here in this commen... [Uncategorized]

December 9, 3AM

Last month I gave a talk at the Australian Christian Lobby’s “Embolden” conference on “The Thessalonian Strategy,” discussing how to do faith in a potentially hostile political environment. [Uncategorized]

December 8, 3AM

On Facebook, you can watch a video of my SEBTS library talk about “The NPP and the Local Church.” With a due plug of Scot McKnight’s and Jo Modica’s volume The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life. I try to break down what the NPP i... [Uncategorized]

December 7, 4AM

All power to Larry Hurtado, he kicked the beehive of crazy, amateur, angry conspiracy theorists who deny that the historical Jesus existed. Read his blog posts here and here, and the comments show just how inane, vapid, and vacuous Jesus mythicism is. T... [Uncategorized]

December 6, 12 PM

For the systematicians among you, the Tyndale Fellowship’s Christian Doctrine group has a call for papers for its conference in Cambridge on 27-29 June 2018. Celebrating the completion of Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen’s 5-vol theology, A Constructive C... [Uncategorized]

December 5, 7AM

December 2, 3AM

I had the pleasure of speaking at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture and Kingdom Diversity) along with Provost Bruce Ashford about the Benedict Option promoted by Rod Dreher. In my talk, I spoke about va... [Uncategorized]

December 1, 3PM

John W. Stewart Envisioning the Congregation, Practicing the Gospel: A Guide for Pastors and Lay Leaders Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at By Graham Stanton (Ridley College) Stewart is particularly addressing a commonly noted malai... [Uncategorized]

November 21, 1PM

Ridley College aspires to be a leader in Christian thought and for a medium sized college – by Aussie standards – it produces a huge output of publications. Consider these:   Lindsay Wilson, Job (THOTC; Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2017).... [Uncategorized]

November 20, 1PM

Coming out in Feb 2018, N.T. Wright’s biography on Paul, a readable narrative of Paul’s life and thought. In this definitive biography, renowned Bible scholar, Anglican bishop, and bestselling author N. T. Wright offers a radical look at the a... [Uncategorized]

November 13, 2AM

Josh Jipp (TEDS) gives a great TEDS-style talk on “Jesus the Economics Teacher” [Uncategorized]

November 11, 2AM

Three great new commentaries out in the New Covenant Commentary Series: Kim Huat Tan – Mark Believing that the needs of beleaguered Christian communities in turbulent times would be best met by resourcing the life of Jesus, Mark wrote a Gospel that ... [Uncategorized]

November 9, 2AM

Dyson Heydon is a former Justice of the Australian High Court (= Aussie version SCOTUS) and he recently delivered the Inaugural PM Glynn Lecture on Religion, Law and Public Life at the Australian Catholic University. His lecture is available online and... [Uncategorized]

November 7, 2AM

For all you Jonathan Edwards fanboys and fangirls, you might want to read this volume on the global reception of Jonathan Edwards: Edited by Rhys Bezzant (Dean of Global Mission at Ridley College) The Global Edwards: Papers from the Jonathan Edward Congr... [Uncategorized]

November 5, 2AM

As part of a promotion for Brian Wright’s book, Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus, you can take a quiz about ancient literacy and book culture. How much do you know? FYI, it is dang hard!! See here. [Uncategorized]

12 AM

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like Christmas had come early for me. My email contained two very positive reviews of my most recent two books. First, over at RBL, Mark Harding (former CEO and Principal of the Australian College of Theology) reviewed ... [Uncategorized]

November 3, 2AM

Eerdmans does a great job interviewing Scot McKnight about his new Colossians and Philemon commentaries. Some very interesting comments on Paul and slavery: Paul did not realize how immoral slavery was! [Uncategorized]

November 1, 2AM

I had great fun with Matthew Bates from the OnScript podcast discussing my book Jesus the Eternal Son: Answering Adoptionist Christology, where we get into everything from christology, Ebionites, apotheosis, Cannabis flavoured Tofu, Ted Nugent crossed... [Uncategorized]

October 31, 3PM

Below is a great video by Ridley College’s Rhys Bezzant about Luther’s 95 Theses. [Uncategorized]


To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, can I recommend the following book by Volker Leppin and translated into English by Ridley College’s Rhys Bezzant and Karen Roe: This brief, insightful biography of Martin Luther strips away the ... [Uncategorized]

October 28, 2AM

A great video from a couple of years ago where Richard Bauckham and Ben Witherington, two fine scholars, discuss the Book of Revelation. [Uncategorized]

October 26, 2AM

Great quote from David deSilva about the significance of John’s critique of Roman power in the Book of Revelation: John raises his voice alongside those of other protestors like the authors of 4 Ezra and 2 Baruch. John was not a solitary, raving lun... [Uncategorized]

October 24, 2AM

Thompson, Curt. The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories We Believe About Ourselves.  Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2015. Review by Graham Stanton In June 2010, Brené Brown delivered a now famous talk at a TEDx gathering in Houston called, “The Power of... [Uncategorized]

October 22, 2AM

Here is the TOC of JSHJ 15.1 (2017): Andrew Nicolotti The Scourge of Jesus and the Roman Scourge: Historical and Archaeological Evidence Jordan J. Ryan The Historian’s Craft and the Future of Historical Jesus Research: Engaging Brant Pitre’s ... [Uncategorized]

October 20, 2AM

I really enjoy the History of Byzantium podcast by Robin Pierson. Just came across a couple of episodes about the life of John Chrysostom (part 1 and parts 2, 3, 4), documents John’s career, including some great info on Antioch and Constantinople. [Uncategorized]

October 18, 2AM

I’m reading (for the umpteenth time) Richard Bauckham’s The Theology of the Book of Revelation (Cambridge: CUP, 1993) and continue to be amazed at how excellent this book is! Love this quote from the book: Revelation offers not an esoteric a... [Uncategorized]

October 16, 6PM

TRINITY THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE, PERTH LECTURER/SENIOR LECTURER IN THEOLOGY Trinity Theological College, Perth, invites applications and expressions of interest for the position of full-time Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Theology and related areas (to begin Jul... [Uncategorized]


Over at the Word Matters podcast (episode 41), there is a great interview with Tom Schreiner on how he changed his view on Rom 2.14-15: CEB: Gentiles don’t have the Law. But when they instinctively do what the Law requires they are a Law in themselves,... [Uncategorized]

October 14, 2AM

Christopher J. H. Wright To the Cross: Proclaiming the Gospel from the Upper Room to Calvary Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2017. Available at Reviewed by Felicity Clift The Cross of Christ stands at the heart of the gospel. It is no surpri... [Uncategorized]

October 12, 2AM

The Greek New Testament produced at Tyndale House is a new edition of the Greek New Testament text created under the oversight of editors Dr. Dirk Jongkind (St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge) and Dr. Peter Williams (Tyndale House, Cambridge... [Uncategorized]

October 10, 2AM

Watch the above video starting at the 1:00 mark to see what happens to docetists in hell! Docetism comes from the Greek word dokeō for ‘seems to be’ or ‘supposedly’ as docetists claimed that Jesus’s body only seemed to be real and was, at some ... [Uncategorized]

October 8, 2AM

“Now, however, that you have come to know God, or rather to be known by God, how can you turn back again to the weak and beggarly elemental spirits?1 How can you want to be enslaved to them again?” (Gal 4:9 NRSV) I’m sure many of you hav... [Uncategorized]

October 6, 2AM

Today Scot McKnight’s Commentary on Philemon is now available! I’ve read the manuscript, it is good, it rivals Joseph Fitzmyer’s epic commentary. And it is only $17.00! It is definitely one to have on your bookshelf and to use for a pre... [Uncategorized]

October 4, 2AM

N.T. Wright’s Paper delivered at the 2017 Theological Educator’s Consultation was on “Learning from Paul Together: How New Insights into Paul’s Teaching can Help Move us Forward in Mission,” available to read here. One would no... [Uncategorized]

October 1, 2AM

Prof. Markus Bockmuehl (Oxford Uni) has posted a great review of Paul books by Rowan Williams and N.T. Wright. The Paul Debate answers the critics of Wright’s Paul in considerable part by paraphrasing Wright on Paul. As a handy guide to Paul and the Fai... [Uncategorized]

September 29, 2AM

From the CSCO blog is a great little video by Prof. Helen Bond on the Gospel of Mark as biography. [Uncategorized]

September 27, 3AM

The OUP Academic blog has an interview with Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler on biblical studies, editing processes, and Jewish-Christian relations. The occasion for the interview is the second edition of the Jewish Annotated New Testament. Here̵... [Uncategorized]

September 25, 2AM

It has been a while since I’ve been quizzed on my thoughts about the New Perspective on Paul. But at the Overthinking Christian, Paul Moldovan interviews me for my thoughts on the New Perspective on Paul and if the NPP is quite the satanic spawn of ... [Uncategorized]

September 24, 2AM

Todd Wilson (Editor), Gerald L. Hiestand (Editor) Becoming a Pastor Theologian: New Possibilities for Church Leadership Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2016. Available at By Chris Porter This volume is a follow up to Wilson and Hiestand’s previous... [Uncategorized]

September 22, 4PM

At the Brisbane School of Theology – where I formerly taught, great college, wonderful faculty, and students – there is a position for a lecturer in Christian Thought and History. Here’s the details: Brisbane School of Theology invites e... [Uncategorized]

September 21, 2AM

Ben Witherington A Week in the Fall of Jerusalem  Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2017. Available at By Chris Porter In this brief work Witherington seeks to intertwine historical fiction with scholarly investigation as he provides twenty short vignet... [Uncategorized]

September 20, 3AM

Edinburgh Uni’s Center for the Study of Christian Origins is doing a giveaway of Paul Foster’s excellent Colossian commentary (BNTC series). Go to their facebook page, share, enter, and have the chance to win. See an interview here with Paul F... [Uncategorized]

September 19, 3AM

When did the Roman empire end? Well, at one level, the western empire ended in 476 AD when the Germanic general Odacer deposed Romulus Augustulus and had himself made king of Italy. But on another level, the eastern Roman empire continued right up until... [Uncategorized]

September 18, 1AM

The latest issue of the Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters has a great set of essays, built mostly around studies of the Incident at Antioch. Stanley E. Porter Editor’s Foreword: The Antioch Incident Samuel Auler More Than a Gift: Revisi... [Uncategorized]

September 15, 2AM

Dennis Edwards 1 Peter (SGBC) Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2016. Available at Reviewed by Mark Simon Dennis Edwards’ 1 Peter commentary is an encouraging and pastorally astute treatment of the letter. In common with the other Story of God Bib... [Uncategorized]

September 12, 11PM

I’m glad to add my signature to a confessional statement put together by Kevin Vanhoozer (TEDS) and Jerry Walls (HBU) called Reforming Catholic Confession. I love the rationale for the confession: October 31, 2017, marks the 500th anniversary of Mar... [Uncategorized]

September 11, 2AM

Over at RBL is my review of Kimberly Ambrose, Jew among Jews: Rehabilitating Paul (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2015). The final verdict is: This volume is a helpful entrée into some of the discussions in Pauline studies, and Ambrose does her best to ... [Uncategorized]

September 9, 2AM

Two great guys in Louisville, Dustin Bruce and Brian Renshaw, do a really nice review of my book What Christians Ought To Believe on The Margin Podcast. Fun to listen to! [Uncategorized]

September 8, 2AM

In ExpTim 128.11 (2018) is a good exchange between Beverly Gaventa and John Barclay about Barclay’s book Paul and the Gift. Gaventa’s critique includes: – God’s gift includes the continuing beneficence of the giver to cause belie... [Uncategorized]

September 6, 2AM

Just saw that this is out from Mark Nanos via Wipf & Stock. I don’t always agree with Mark, but I find him somewhere been stimulating and frustrating, worth reading. The commentary tradition regarding 1 Corinthians unanimously identifies the &#... [Uncategorized]

September 5, 5AM

Preston Sprinkle is a great NT scholar (see his BBR articles on homosexuality in the ancient world), but he also has a real pastoral heart. In addition, he heads up The Centre for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender, and I frequently recommend to students his bo... [Uncategorized]

September 4, 2AM

David deSilva gave a great lecture at a Wheaton College conference about Honour and Shame. Here is his plenary address: Reciprocity and Patronage in the NT: What does it Mean for the Gospel Today?     [Uncategorized]

September 1, 5PM

I have finally had a chance to read and reflect on the Nashville Statement and can now offer some thoughts on it. First,  I know and genuinely respect some of the people who signed it, and I can understand why they did. We are living in a pansexual age ... [Uncategorized]


In the Letter of Jude, there are some harsh words used to describe certain false teachers – usually called libertines or errorists – who have entered the Christian assemblies. These intruders who Jude vilifies in the harshest rhetoric he can ... [Uncategorized]

August 28, 2AM

Jas 2.14-26, with the contention that ‘faith without deeds is dead’ and using the stories of Abraham and Rahab to show that ‘a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone,’ has often been regarded as James’s denunciatio... [Uncategorized]

August 25, 12 AM

Andrew Prince The Contextualization of the Gospel: An Evangelical in Light of Scripture and the Church Fathers ACTh Monographs Eugnene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2017 Available on My friend and former colleague, Dr. Andrew Prince (Brisbane School o... [Uncategorized]

August 21, 3AM

Richard Bauckham’s James (NTR; London: Routledge, 1999), p. 1, opens with some choice quotes from Soren Kierkegaard on Christian, specifically, biblical scholarship. Christian scholarship is the human race’s prodigious invention to defend it... [Uncategorized]

August 18, 4PM

Over at the Deep Waters podcast, I was interviewed by Nick Peters about my book Jesus the Eternal Son: Answering Adoptionist Christology. Listen here. [Uncategorized]

August 15, 2AM

I’m reading through Robert W. Wall, “Introduction to Epistolary Literature,” NIB, ed. Leander E. Keck (Nashville, TN: Abingdon, 2002), 10:369-91. Came across this quotable section: When reading a biblical writing as Scripture, the inter... [Uncategorized]

August 10, 2AM

Ridley College is looking to hire an associate lecturer in Old Testament! This is a junior position with the possibility of advancement. Preferably someone with teaching experience, both class-room and on-line, and potential to contribute to our research ... [Uncategorized]

August 8, 4AM

I’m spending some time in the Catholic Epistles these days, reading a mixture of Karen Jobes, David Nienhuis, Robert Wall, and Peter Davids along the way. In the course of my research I’ve developed 12 Theses about the major themes of the Cath... [Uncategorized]

August 4, 2PM

I want to launch a series whereby bibliobloggers nominate “a book that you’d be surprised that I like.” Now most readers of this blog will know by now the kind of authors that I like, love me some Wright, Hays, Hurtado, McKnight, Dunn, ... [Uncategorized]

July 25, 5PM

My video lectures on The History of Heresy (from the judaizers to Joel Osteen) is available for pre-order with Faithlife. Check out the promo here with a sample talk. In History of Heresies Dr. Michael Bird examines the missteps of theologians from the be... [Uncategorized]

July 21, 2AM

Thanks to the good people at Eerdmans is an interview I did with Rachel Bomberger about my new book Jesus the Eternal Son: Answering Adoptionist Christology. [Uncategorized]

July 19, 9PM

In light of Julia Baird’s disturbing investigation about the prevalence of domestic violence in conservative churches, I thought I would republish something I wrote for Bible Study Magazine a couple of years ago. The Household Codes and Domestic Vio... [Uncategorized]


Thanks to Sean Winter, I just caught word of this, Orthodox Theologian and cultural commentator David Bentley Hart has produced his own translation of the New Testament. Here’s the blurb: David Bentley Hart undertook this new translation of the New ... [Uncategorized]

July 18, 3AM

Courtesy of Pastor Matthew Jones, who has been reading my Romans commentary: And there is also this: Note, I never said that it was good freestyle rap. But maybe I could turn my life story into a biopic musical drama: Birdman Rises Like the Phoenix. I cou... [Uncategorized]

July 17, 3AM

We know how John is different, the question is why? What did John think he was doing? [Uncategorized]

July 15, 4AM

I find myself doing lots of videos these days for Ridley, Logos, and Zondervan. So I wonder what it would be like if the Simpsons character Troy McClure introduced some Bible and theology videos. Hi, I’m actor Troy McClure, you might remember me fr... [Uncategorized]

July 13, 3PM

To coincide with the publication of my new book, Jesus the Eternal Son, Eerdmans has put together a quiz about christology in the NT, patristic responses to heresy, and Greco-Roman ideas on deification. It is very, very hard. I know, because I wrote it! ... [Uncategorized]

July 11, 7PM

I just came across this elegant quotation from N.T. Wright about John’s Gospel: John stands out from the rest of the New Testament. With Paul we are in the seminar room: we are arguing the thing out, looking up references, taking notes, and then bei... [Uncategorized]

July 6, 2AM

Over at Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight reviews my book An Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans. It’s quite positive, and I think Scot nails me and the book with these words: If you read this carefully — and Bird often requires carefu... [Uncategorized]

June 30, 4PM

In light of Mark Zuckerberg’s comments that Facebook can act like kind of a church, over at Christian Today, I have an article on Why Mark Zuckerberg will never be my pastor: I love my Facebook account. It is a great way to catch up with friends an... [Uncategorized]


Susannah Herschel has a great book called The Aryan Jesus: Christian Theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany (Princeton Uni Press, 2010). There is a great podcast interview with Heschel over at OnScript which I thoroughly recommend. The blurb alone is ... [Uncategorized]

June 28, 2AM

Dr. Brian Wright, one of my former PhD students, has his thesis soon to be published by Fortress on Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus: A Window into Early Christian Reading Practices, already available for pre-order. It is a great study of ancient bo... [Uncategorized]

June 25, 5PM

For my British friends, over at Expository Times, I have a piece on And Finally … Brexit Viewed from Down Under, where the whole article is available for reading.   [Uncategorized]


Great lecture by Steve Walton on “Doing Theology Lukewise” his inaugural professorial lecture at St Mary’s. [Uncategorized]

June 23, 3AM

I’ve been reading Acts 28, Paul’s arrival in Rome, how the narrative peters out, and it has got me thinking. The final scenes of Luke-Acts might seem like an anti-climax, no miracles in Rome, no trial before Nero, no dramatic account of Paul... [Uncategorized]

June 21, 2AM

Now that Bernie Sanders has made socialism cool again, were the early church socialists? We have to ask because of those famous passages in Acts 2.44-45 and 4.32-35 about the believers selling their property and depositing the proceeds in a general fund,... [Uncategorized]

June 19, 2AM

A week ago, Rick Brannan of Logos’s LAB blog, did an analysis of all the scriptural texts used in systematic theologies, and he noticed there an absolute dearth of references to the Old Testament. Over at CT, Caleb Lindgren, has enlisted several sch... [Uncategorized]

June 14, 2PM

Over at CT I have an article called “Turning the World Upside Down, Down Under,” which is basically about how the Benedict Option is not really an option in Australia, and instead we need another approach, what I call the Thessalonian Strategy... [Uncategorized]


Christopher M. Hays et al When the Son of Man Didn’t Come: A Constructive Proposal on the Delay of the Parousia Minneapolis: Fortress, 2016. Available at [Uncategorized]
I just read an interesting article by Lorne Zelyck, “Matthew 18,1-14 and the Exposure and Sexual Abuse of Children in the Roman World,”Biblica 98.1  (2017): 37-54. Normally the “little ones” are taken to refer to new disciples, w... [Uncategorized]

June 13, 2AM

Forthcoming from Paula Fredriksen, Paul: The Pagans’ Apostle (Yale Uni Press) – available in late August. Often seen as the author of timeless Christian theology, Paul himself heatedly maintained that he lived and worked in history’s closin... [Uncategorized]

June 12, 2AM

There’s a great review of John Gager, Who Made Early Christianity? The Jewish Lives of the Apostles Paul (New York: Columbia University Press, 2015) by Joshua W. Jipp, “Is the Apostle Paul the Father of Christian Anti-Judaism? Engaging John ... [Uncategorized]

June 10, 2AM

There is a second edition of Richard Bauckham’s Jesus and the Eyewitnesses: The Gospels as Eyewitness Testimony (2nd ed.; Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2017). There’s a nice forward by Simon Gathercole noting the significance of Bauckham’... [Uncategorized]

June 7, 2PM

Logos Mobile has released a second video I made with them about last year’s Trinity debate. The next video includes: – My account on how the debate got started. – My take on how this was actually good for the complementarian movement. &#... [Uncategorized]


I just heard the news that Lexham Press (Logos/Faithlife) will be releasing  Plain Theology for Plain People by Charles Octavius Boothe, who was ex-slave and founding pastor of a number of churches. According to Lexham Press: Boothe was born into slavery... [Uncategorized]

June 6, 3AM

Over at Faith and Theology, Ben Myers tweets the Trinity, it’s a must read! Here’s a few highlights #1. Start by abolishing Trinity Sunday, that fateful day on which preachers think they have to explain the Trinity. #10. How does Augustine dif... [Uncategorized]

June 5, 2AM

I have just read the SBL statement on Academic Freedom, Critical Inquiry, and Participation in the Society of Biblical Literature. All in all, I think it is a healthy and sensible statement. I particularly liked the core paragraph: Members participating i... [Uncategorized]

June 3, 2AM

E. Randolph Richards & Joseph R. Dodson A Little Book for New Bible Scholars: Why and How to Study the Bible Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2017. Available at This really is a charming and helpful little book about how to be a biblical scholar. It... [Uncategorized]

June 1, 3PM

Over at the LAB, you can find a short promo video featuring myself about the Trinity War that took place among evangelicals about this time last year! This is part of Logos Mobile’s mini-documentary/short course on the Trinity that explains what th... [Uncategorized]


Over at Ethics and Culture is a great review of What Christians Ought To Believe, here’s my favourite part: Everything Bird writes is entertaining. His punchy prose springs from the page, even when he’s writing deep theology. He intentionally use... [Uncategorized]

May 30, 2AM

James W. Thompson and Bruce W. Longenecker Philippians and Philemon (Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament) Grand Rapids, MI: Baker. Available on Out of all the commentaries I’ve read and reviewed recently, I definitely like Thompson ... [Uncategorized]

May 29, 12 PM

For those interested, I’ve started a blog in collaboration with some friends called The Thermidorian, with a view to offering centrist commentary on political, social, economic, and religious issues. Trying to embody confident pluralism as a socio-... [Uncategorized]


Just out is a book by my friend and former colleague John R. Coulson on The Righteous Judgment of God: Aspects of Judgment in Paul’s Letters (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2016), for which I was honored to have written the foreword. Coulson does a... [Uncategorized]

May 28, 2AM

Jesus the Eternal Son: Answering Adoptionist Christology Paperback – July 13, 2017 by Michael F. Bird (Author) #1 New Release in Paul’s Letters Adoptionism—the idea that Jesus is portrayed in the Bible as a human figure who was adopted as God&#... [Uncategorized]

May 27, 3AM

I’ve been watching The Young Pope, an intriguing TV series on HBO about, well, a young Pope. He’s a suave and dashing figure, entirely unlikeable, serious parental issues, hovering somewhere between closet atheist and bonafide saint. When I fi... [Uncategorized]

May 26, 3AM

Over at CT is my review of Gordon Smith’s book Evangelical, Sacramental, & Pentecostal: Why the Church Should Be All Three. It’s a good book, an exercise in global ecumenism, thick ecclesiology, and practical suggestions in a world where ... [Uncategorized]

May 25, 1AM

Over at the CSCO blog from the University of Edinburgh is my short article on When Did Jesus Get Adopted as God’s Son? Now maybe there was an adoptionist christology somewhere in the diverse effusion of Christian groups in the first and second centu... [Uncategorized]

May 24, 2AM

A central tenet in New Testament proclamation is that Jesus Christ has won a victory for his people, the famous Christus Victor theme of the atonement, where sin, death, and the devil have been defeated. You find this view beautifully enunciated by Paul ... [Uncategorized]

May 22, 6PM

I was interviewed by Eric Metaxas on his radio show/podcast about my books What Christian Ought To Believe and The Divinity School. Great chat about the Apostles’s Creed, dirty Koalas, writing fiction, and religious liberty. [Uncategorized]


Over at Commonweal – a progressive Catholic magazine – Prof. Paul Griffiths explains why he resigned from Duke Divinity School. Harsh and direct disagreement places thought under pressure. That’s its point. Pressure can be intellectually pro... [Uncategorized]

May 21, 2AM

Here are my top ten volumes on Luke-Acts to put on your bookshelf or to assign to a class for a reading list. Adams, Sean A., and Michael Pahl (eds.). Issues in Luke-Acts: Selected Essays. Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias. An excellent collection of essays on what... [Uncategorized]

May 18, 2AM

Luke-Acts is a highly significant double work within the New Testament. First, it is the largest sub-corpus of the New Testament. Luke-Acts makes up a whopping 28% of the New Testament, whereas Paul’s letters comprise only 24%, and the Johannine corpus ... [Uncategorized]

May 13, 3AM

Craig C. Hill Servant of All: Status, Ambition, and the Way of Jesus Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at To be brutally honest, I have to confess that I have an ego the size of the Grand Canyon. I always have to dominate the social ... [Uncategorized]

May 11, 1AM

Paul and Empire is an amazing topic of study. Was Paul anti-empire or pro-Roman empire? Among scholars, I can’t help but notice that when a Republican is in power that there is a spike in anti-imperial readings of Paul and then folks get all Constan... [Uncategorized]

May 9, 2AM

Abigail Carroll A Gathering of Larks: Letters to St Francis from a Modern-day Pilgrim Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2017 Available at Reviewed by Felicity Clift Dear Friend of the Wild, Dear Lord of the Revels, Dear Wounded Saint, Dear Fra... [Uncategorized]

May 8, 2AM

David G Firth and Lindsay Wilson (eds)  Interpreting Old Testament Wisdom Literature.  Downer’s Grove, IVP, 2017. Available at By Jill Firth Wisdom literature has been the poor relation of Old Testament studies for much of scholarship’s r... [Uncategorized]

May 7, 2AM

Ethicists Peter Singer (Princeton and Melbourne Uni) and Jeff McMahan (Oxford Uni) have co-written an article in the New York Times raising questions about the culpability of a woman recently convicted of sexually assaulting an intellectually disabled man... [Uncategorized]

May 6, 2AM

As some of you know, a couple of months ago I published a novel called The Divinity School – thanks to those who have read it so far – which follows the drama and comedy of an interfaith studies center and its faculty at the fictitious Hamilt... [Uncategorized]

May 3, 2AM

Thomas Kaufmann  A Short Life of Martin Luther Translated by Peter D. S. Krey and James D. Bratt. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at By Jill Firth This English translation of Kaufmann’s Short Life of Martin Luther has been hailed as ... [Uncategorized]

May 2, 2AM

The latest issue of JSHJ 14.3 (2016) is out and it has some great articles including: Tom Holmen Crucifixion Hermeneutics in Judaism at the Time of Jesus This essay strongly suggests that prior to Jesus’ death and its interpretation Judaism knew no in... [Uncategorized]

May 1, 2AM

E.P. Sanders Paul: The Apostle’s Life, Letters, and Thought Minneapolis: Fortress, 2015. Available at E.P. Sanders, surely one of the most significant NT interpreters since the late 70s, has published his life and thought of Paul. It is n... [Uncategorized]

April 29, 2AM

I urge that “the righteousness of God” is both the justifying verdict rendered over Jesus that resulted in his resurrection and a gift that we receive in Christ when we come to share in it. [Uncategorized] [evangelical newsletter]

April 26, 2AM

Matthew W. Bates, Salvation by Allegiance Alone: Rethinking Faith, Works, and the Gospel of Jesus the King (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2017) MIKE BIRD: I noticed that you translate Rom 1:17 as “The righteous one, Jesus the Christ, will live by pistis... [Uncategorized]

April 25, 3PM

Over at Christian Century, Ben Myers, Australia’s premiere theologian, has a great annotated list of recent theological books to read. Well worth consulting if you want to know what’s new and worth reading. [Uncategorized]

April 23, 2AM

Matthew W. Bates, Salvation by Allegiance Alone: Rethinking Faith, Works, and the Gospel of Jesus the King (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2017) MIKE BIRD: In this book you argue that pistis should often – but not always! – be understood with connotati... [Uncategorized]

April 22, 2AM

Over at RBL is my review of  Terrance Callan, Acknowledging the Divine Benefactor: The Second Letter of Peter. I’m planning to spend a lot of time in the future on 2 Peter and Jude, so this was great to read. In sum: I find Callan’s commentary t... [Uncategorized]

April 20, 2AM

Make sure you come to Ridley College’s annual preachers conference, this year focusing on Paul’s letter to the Romans! Tuesday 22nd August -Thursday 24th August, 2017 Speakers will be Ray Galea (Multi-cultural Bible Ministry in Sydney) and Mik... [Uncategorized]

April 18, 2AM

April 17, 2AM

Over at The Guardian (of all places!) Simon Gathercole has a great piece on What is the Historical Evidence that Jesus Christ Lived and Died? He concludes: These abundant historical references leave us with little reasonable doubt that Jesus lived and di... [Uncategorized]

April 15, 2AM

April 13, 2AM

Over at ABC Religion & Ethics, Richard Hays has a great Easter reflection: What is Handed Over: Maundy Thursday, Memory and the Gospel. When we remember the Lord’s death, we suddenly see that Jesus’s act of footwashing, like his self-empty... [Uncategorized]

April 12, 2AM

Ridley College is Hosting a Conference on Evangelical Women in Academia  Saturday 22nd July, 2017  9 am – 4 pm Speakers: Lynn Cohick and Delle Matthews Women’s writing and women’s voices are underrepresented in evangelical academia in Australi... [Uncategorized]

April 11, 2AM

April 10, 2AM

Look what is hot off the presses! Mark Roberts on Ephesians and Con Campbell on 1-3 John in the Story of God Bible Commentary Series. [Uncategorized]

April 7, 2AM

One of the things that N.T. Wright has argued is that for most Jews living in the second temple period, their worldview, when one sums it up, is that they lived in a protracted state of punitive exile despite the return of the Jews to Judea in the sixth c... [Uncategorized]

April 3, 2AM

Jon Coutts A Shared Mercy: Karl Barth on Forgiveness and the Church Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2016. Available at Reviewed by Felicity Clift   ‘This is a book about forgiveness, and as such it is a book about the church.’ I... [Uncategorized]

April 1, 3AM

In recent times, the account of the Gerasene demoniac has proved to be fertile soil for liberation and post-colonial interpretations.[1] Generally speaking, in post-colonial interpretation, a text is studied with a view to challenging hegemonic western pe... [Uncategorized]

March 28, 2AM

The Gospel of Matthew was the church’s favourite book. It was the most quoted, most copied, most read, and the most preached Christian book of the early centuries. The immense popularity of Matthew can easily be accounted for. First, Matthew was a great... [Uncategorized]

March 25, 2AM

John Barclay Paul and the Gift Grand Rapids: Eerdmans 2015 Available at Reviewed by Tim Foster, Ridley College John Barclay’s Paul and the Gift is the most significant contribution in Pauline theology since E. P. Sanders’s Paul and Palestin... [Uncategorized]

March 22, 2AM

Hey, I have five Faithlife Study Bibles to give away, which are great by the way, gorgeously pictorial and are very helpful. If you want to win one, post your answer to this question in the comments section: Describe a time when you were surprised to see ... [Uncategorized]

March 19, 3AM

Great lecture below by Larry Hurtado, based on his book Destroyer of the Gods, about early Christian distinctiveness in the Roman world. [Uncategorized]

March 16, 3AM

The recent call to boycott Coopers Beer because of its association with the Australian Bible Society marks a shift in the marriage equality debate towards ensuring that no debate is even allowed. 2017 is the 200th anniversary of the Australian Bible Socie... [Uncategorized]

March 13, 5PM

To all my American friends, my new novel, The Divinity School, is now available in the USA! The Divinity School follows the lives of four of faculty members at an interfaith studies centre at the fictitious Hamilton University. A widower now Catholic pr... [Uncategorized]

March 10, 3AM

When it comes to the Church’s place in the surrounding culture, many have advocated an approach called “The Benedict Option.” This view is largely associated with conservative journalist Rod Dreher, who, taking his cue from moral philosopher Ala... [Uncategorized]

March 6, 2AM

Michael W. Goheen (ed.) Reading the Bible Missionally  Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at By Mark Simon The book is structured in five section, the first concerned with definitional issues presented from a diverse range of perspectives... [Uncategorized]

February 27, 3AM

Faithlife (i.e. Logos) has done a great job in bringing together Wayne Grudem, Bruce Ware, Millard Erickson, Kevin Giles, Fred Sanders plus a cameo by myself and Scott Harrower, to discuss the Father-Son relationship within the triune Godhead. In this co... [Uncategorized]

February 26, 2AM

Over at the new Houston Graduate School of Theology blog, I have a guest post on Justification by Faith: A Resource for Confronting Racism. To practice any form of ethnic or racial exclusion means that one either does not understand or does not believe in... [Uncategorized]

February 24, 2AM

Robert Gundry’s 1993 Mark commentary remains one of my favourites. In particular, I think he nails the purpose of Mark’s Gospel: An apologetic purpose with regard to the Cross provides a comprehensive explanation of all elements and, more esp... [Uncategorized]

February 22, 3AM

See below a video by myself and Craig Keener about the New Covenant Commentary Series published by Cascade (Wipf & Stock). [Uncategorized]

February 20, 2AM

Nice words from the old Marburger against Jesus mythicism: Of course the doubt as to whether Jesus really existed in unfounded and not worth refutation. No sane person can doubt that Jesus stands as founder behind the historical movement whose first disti... [Uncategorized]

February 19, 2AM

I’m again reading through Gisela Kreglinger’s book The Spirituality of Wine, and it is a terrific read. The chapter begins with the words, “Wine is a great mystery and a profound gift.” And while one might think that the Bible wou... [Uncategorized]

February 17, 2AM

Here is a Hamiton spin-off I shot with Eerdmans’s Rachel Bomberger about my book An Anomalous Jew. See here. Good fun! [Uncategorized]

February 14, 4PM

Okay, my novel, The Divinity School, is now ready for ordering for Australian and New Zealander readers! Not yet on, but available at the Morning Star’s Home Page. Here’s the blurb: The Divinity School follows the lives of four of f... [Uncategorized]


I’m reading a lot of Rudolf Bultmann these days, as part of a particular research project, and as much as I try to like Bultmann – even with David Congdon’s help – I just can’t. In the end, I agree with Martin Hengel’s ... [Uncategorized]

February 12, 2AM

John G. Stackhouse Partners in Christ: A Conservative Case for Egalitarianism Wheaton, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 2015. Available at Reviewed by Felicity Clift In the conservative evangelical world (and perhaps beyond) it seems that conscien... [Uncategorized]

February 11, 2AM

If you don’t have Nijay Gupta’s Thessalonians commentary, why not, you should, it’s great. I reckon it is one of the best around, up there with Mahlherbe and Fee (though John Byron is good too in the SGBC, esp. for preachers). Here’... [Uncategorized]

February 8, 8PM

This is not a drill, over at theLab, Craig Evans writes on a new cave discovered at Qumran, including some new parchments! This is known as Cave 12 with a possible Cave 13 still to be found. [Randall] Price and his team made a truly significant discovery.... [Uncategorized]

February 7, 4PM

Glad to see another positive review of What Christians Ought to Believe, this time by Donnie Haflich over at Solid-State Apologetics Anyone who thinks that the practice of orthodox doctrine in one’s life is a pursuit of stale, boring, and dusty thinkin... [Uncategorized]

February 6, 2AM

Leslie Williams Emblems of Faith Untouched: A Short Life of Thomas Cranmer Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at Thomas Cranmer was the Archbishop of Canterbury during the tumultuous reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Mary I. In this... [Uncategorized]

February 4, 1AM

Christoph Heilig is my favourite German Neutestamentlich Aussenseiter and you can win a copy of his new book Paul’s Triumph: Reassessing 2 Corinthians 2:14 in Its Literary and Historical Context published by Peeters. In his second (canonical) letter ... [Uncategorized]

February 3, 2AM

N.T. Wright gets interviewed by Krish Kandiah on Three Book that Changed N.T. Wright’s Life (his picks will surprise you!) and Eric Metaxas also interviews Wright on his show about The Day the Revolution Began. [Uncategorized]

February 1, 2AM

As some of you may know, before I was a theologian I was a soldier and before I was a soldier I was a budding lyricist for musicals. Below is my attempt to write a hip-hop style rap between the Arians and Homoousians at the Council of Nicea. Note, not qui... [Uncategorized]

January 29, 10PM

I’m reading Rudolf Bultmann’s 1952 essay “On the Problem of Demythologizing,” where I noticed this backhand jibe by him at the criticisms of E. Stauffer: I think I could amicably part with Stauffer if only we could each make a conf... [Uncategorized]

January 27, 2AM

From The Gospel Project, is a great little video, only three minutes, which provides a short but able summary of the Old Testament. I like resources like this for two reasons: First, for most lay Christians, the stuff before Jesus is a bit of a blur of n... [Uncategorized]

January 25, 2AM

Here is my interview with Rachel Blomberger from Eerdmans about my book An Anomalous Jew. I’m a bit slow out of the blocks, but I hit full stride eventually. Gives you a good overview of what the book is about! [Uncategorized]

January 23, 3AM

Kenneth E. Bailey The Good Shepherd: A Thousand Year Journey from Psalm 23 to the New Testament  Downer’s Grove: IVP Academic, 2014. Available from By Jill Firth The late Kenneth Bailey needs no introduction to most readers because of his e... [Uncategorized]

January 20, 3PM

I wrote an article for ABC News about what American College students think, fear, and hope for in relation to Donald Trump’s presidency. What the students had to say might surprise you! How American College Students Feel About a Trump Presidency Are... [Uncategorized]

January 19, 2AM

Over at Books at a Glance is a very, very positive review of God and the Faithfulness of Paul which is a series of responses to N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God. The review is by Mark Baker who’s conclusion is probably the best... [Uncategorized]

January 18, 2AM

Michelle Lee-Barnewall Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian: A Kingdom Corrective to the Evangelical Debate Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2016. Available on Reviewed by Felicity Clift When people enter the complementarian/egalitarian deb... [Uncategorized]

January 16, 3AM

Scot McKnight has a great post on Why Be Anglican? referring primarily to the beauty and wonder of the liturgical year. It’s a great post and Scot talks about his own journey into Anglicanism as well. In addition, for my own amusement, and perhaps ... [Uncategorized]

January 14, 2AM

Steven C. Hallam  Basics of Classical Syriac: Complete Grammar, Workbook, and Lexicon Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2016. Available at By Jill Firth Steven C. Hallam has taught Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic and Syriac at a graduate level. He has written ... [Uncategorized]

January 12, 2AM

Sidney Greidanus  Preaching Christ from Psalms: Foundations for Expository Sermons in the Christian Year  Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2016. Available from Preaching Christ from Psalms builds on Greidanus’ foundational book, Preaching Christ fr... [Uncategorized]

January 11, 2AM

Over at the journal Scottish Journal of Theology, Douglas A. Campbell has published a further critique of N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God. Campbell offered his initial review of Wright’s book at Marginalia on N.T. Wright and t... [Uncategorized]

January 9, 2PM

Check out my latest foray on The Drum into Aussie politics arguing that Australia needs a commissioner for political pluralism in order to make sure that extreme views from the margins like civic totalism (from the left) and ethno-nationalism (from the r... [Uncategorized]


There is a great piece by Kate Harrison Brennan on No Place for Exile: How Christians Should (Not) Make Sense of their Place in the World. She argues that: Christians, however, cannot return to God’s true vocation by re-claiming the position of exi... [Uncategorized]

January 8, 2AM

I just heard the official news that the newly appointed editors for the NIGTC are Todd Still and Mark Goodacre. In my mind, that is a great choice for Eerdmans and two excellent guys to lead an excellent series. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. has signed t... [Uncategorized]

January 7, 2AM

For those interested, my book Jesus the Eternal Son: Answering Adoptionist Christology is now available for pre-order from either Eerdmans or Available in July 2017! Only $18.00 USD!! Adoptionism—the idea that Jesus is portrayed in the Bib... [Uncategorized]

January 6, 2AM

There are many commentary series that claim to be “international,” but the one series that is the most international and the most ethnically diverse is the New Covenant Commentary Series edited by Craig Keener (American) and myself (red-headed... [Uncategorized]

January 5, 2AM

Here is one very good reason why we should never stop teaching biblical languages in our schools, colleges, and seminaries. [Uncategorized]

January 4, 2AM

If 2016 was not already been bad enough (save wins by the Cubs in baseball, Cronulla in rugby league, and the Bulldogs in AFL), last week we had the passing of Catholic biblical scholar Joseph Fitzmyer S.J. Fitzmyer was the vanguard of American Catholic b... [Uncategorized]

January 3, 2AM

For those who purchased my debut novel Iskandar – all four of you – I have another novel coming out fairly soon called The Divinity School. A Widower Catholic priest tries to reconcile with his gay daughter. A Rabbi confronts his abusive son-... [Uncategorized]

January 2, 2AM

An old acquaintance of mine, Dr. Michael Whitenon (Baylor Uni) has had his PhD thesis published which is a fascinating take on Mark’s christology. The book is: Hearing Kyriotic Sonship: A Cognitive and Rhetorical Approach to the Characterization of... [Uncategorized]

January 1, 2AM

Stanley Hauerwas The Work of Theology Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at By Elizabeth Culhane* The latest offering from retired Duke professor Stanley Hauerwas, The Work of Theology, perhaps unintentionally verifies his conviction t... [Uncategorized]

December 27 2016, 10PM

Less than a week after police thwarted a plot by jihadists to attack St. Paul’s Cathedral and Federation square, we read Fairfax propaganda that the barbarians are again at the gate, preparing to destroy our civilization and our way of life. The ironic ... [Uncategorized]

December 24, 2AM

An old but classic article by Peter Leithart from First Things, on How N.T. Wright Stole Christmas. Wright made me see the fairly radical difference in tone and content between Advent and Christmas hymns. Advent hymns, as you’d expect, are full of long... [Uncategorized]

December 22, 12 PM

First, a whole bunch of Eerdmans authors talk about their favourite Christmas Carol, with me trying to sing one! Second, here’s an old reflection from N.T. Wright on Christmas: Christmas is not about the living God coming to tell us everything’... [Uncategorized]

December 20, 3PM

Only two days left to enter the competition sponsored by Eerdmans to win a free copy of my book An Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans. You gotta be in it to win it and entry is free! See here.The post Win a Free Copy of An Anomalous Jew a... [Uncategorized]

December 18, 3PM

Probably coming out in Spring 2017 from Eerdmans is: Adoptionism—the idea that Jesus is portrayed in the Bible as a human figure who was adopted as God’s son at his baptism or resurrection—has been commonly accepted in much recent scholarship as ... [Uncategorized]

December 16, 2AM

Derek Cooper Introduction to World Christian History Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 2016. Available at Reviewed by Felicity Clift It is difficult to think of Christianity aside from that which is set immediately before us historic... [Uncategorized]

December 15, 2AM

Ridley College is committed to growing leaders in Christian thought by mentoring emerging scholars in doctoral research and in teaching theology. Ridley College is pleased to announce three PhD scholarships with an annual $10,000 grant, which can be taken... [Uncategorized]

December 14, 2AM

I am currently reading up on the Pastorals and Pseudepigraphy, I find Armin Baum’s works very helpful here, in particular, Baum notes one interesting story that involves a transparent and non-deceptive fiction when it comes to authorship: In the fif... [Uncategorized]

December 13, 2AM

Hermann Bavinck translated by Bert Hielema The Riddle of Life Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at By Felicity Clift One hundred and two pages hardly seem adequate to explain all of life’s mysteries, and yet this is exactly what J. ... [Uncategorized]

December 12, 2AM

The post My Newest Book In Production appeared first on Euangelion. [Uncategorized]

December 11, 2AM

In the Australian state of Victoria (or the Socialist Republic of Victoria as its more fondly known in the current climate), the incumbent Labour Government has been defeated in the state legislative council with proposed laws which would inhibit houses o... [Uncategorized]

December 10, 2AM

At the ETS meeting in San Antonio, I was interviewed by Timothy George for the Beeson Podcast. It was a great time, Dr. Timothy George is my favourite Southern Baptist, I was very honored to be able to sit down and chat with Timothy about things I’v... [Uncategorized]

December 8, 10PM

I just heard the news that American Methodist Theologian Thomas C. Oden has passed away. Oden was a former liberal who turned “orthodox” after discovering the church fathers. He was deep in liberalism, writing his dissertation on Freud and Bul... [Uncategorized]


Over at CT, is an encouraging article by Marybeth Davis Baggett on Why Being a Woman in Seminary is Worth the Work, basically outlining why women should go to seminary, what they can get out of it, and how they can be enriched by it. Loved her conclusion:... [Uncategorized]

December 7, 2AM

James D. G. Dunn The Acts of the Apostles Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014 [1996]. Available at While there are several exhaustive multi-volume commentaries on the Acts of the Apostles, there is a certain strength to the brevity of any commenta... [Uncategorized]
Over at the Witherspoon Institute is a scintillating article by Steven Smith on Who’s on Which Side of the Lunch Counter? Civil Rights, Religious Accommodation, and the Challenges of Diversity. Here is the guts of his argument: In itself, the modern ca... [Uncategorized]

December 6, 2AM

Over at Biblical and Early Christian Studies, Christoph Heilig has a review of Bruce Winter’s The First Christians’ Responses to Emperor Worship, which is a fine read and a good entree into NT and empire studies. Winter’s basic approach to ... [Uncategorized]

December 5, 2AM

I’m very pleased that Fortress Press will publish a cheaper paperback version of God and the Faithfulness of Paul in March 2017 which is an amazing series of essays by an international cast of scholars evaluating N.T. Wright’s Paul and the... [Uncategorized]
Iain Provan Discovering Genesis: Content, Interpretation, Reception Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at By Lynsey Stepan Iain Provan’s Genesis commentary, Discovering Genesis: Content, Interpretation, Reception, addresses the diffi... [Uncategorized]

December 3, 2AM

I’m currently reading through Helmut Koester’s  History and Literature of Early Christianity, where I came across a new proposal on the provenance of 2 Timothy which I had never heard before. According to Koester, Paul’s second letter t... [Uncategorized]

December 2, 2AM

My close friend Joel Willitts (North Park University) has launched a new blog called Openhearted: Following the Man of Sorrows on the Ancient Path of Lament. This is the place where Joel: writes stories that express the concreteness of a deep wound. The w... [Uncategorized]

December 1, 2AM

Former Archbishop of Canterbury writes in NewStatesman on Mass Democracy Has Failed – It’s Time to Seek a Human Alternative. Williams laments that “Trump’s campaign succeeded in spite of the cast-iron demonstrations of his total indi... [Uncategorized]

November 30, 2AM

At the Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting in San Antonio, I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Scott Rae (Talbot School of Theology, California) speak at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary dinner about how to negotiate the future of t... [Uncategorized]

November 29, 2AM

The latest issue of JSPL 6.1 (2016) includes some great articles: John K. Goodrich Until the Fullness of the Gentiles Comes In: A Critical Review of Recent Scholarship on the Salvation of “All Israel” (Romans 11:26). Charles Lee Irons The Ob... [Uncategorized]

November 28, 2AM

Many highlights from ETS/IBR/SBL this year. I had a great time on a review panel engaging Tom McCall’s book An Invitation to Analytic Christian Theology. I was pleased to hear that Wayne Grudem and Bruce Ware have decided to embrace the eternal gen... [Uncategorized]

November 26, 2AM

Australian MP Tim Wilson offers a great lecture on the topic of religious freedom at the Center for Independent Studies. [Uncategorized]

November 24, 2AM

Just after the US election, I wrote a piece for a prominent Australian News Outlet called The Drum on Who are the Evangelicals Who Supported Trump? Basically trying to explain the different “types” of American evangelicals. For what it̵... [Uncategorized]

November 13, 2AM

Over at Eerdword, I have a post introducing and explaining the rationale for my new book An Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016). In sum, Paul was a socio-religious anomaly. He appeared on the scene of the... [Uncategorized]

November 12, 2AM

Over at CPX is a great podcast on Christianity and the Untold Story of Slavery featuring interviews with Rowan Williams, David Bentley Hart, Iain Provan, and Baroness Caroline Cox. Truly amazing stuff, make sure you listen to it! It is from CPX’s fo... [Uncategorized]

November 10, 4PM

As this year’s convention season approaches I have my annual list of tips of things to do, see, and look out for! ETS Bring  your Donald Trump hat, sweater, and badges and get a 20% discount at the B&H book exhibit. If you see some folks burnin... [Uncategorized]


Stephen Wright Jesus the Storyteller London: SPCK, 2014. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox, 2015. Available at By Chris Porter The area of parables research has been an ongoing area of interest for many scholars seeking to see the thought ... [Uncategorized]

November 9, 2AM

Dear America, it is over, like it or not Donald Trump is your new president, but at least the malicious campaign season is over. Now at the moment I know you all probably feel like you’ve just woken up from a bad dream with a hang-over that could k... [Uncategorized]

November 7, 2PM

My good friend Jason Hood (Gordon-Conwell) has a great article at CT on God is King, No Matter What. A nice read ahead of the coming US election day. Seen from the throne room, Election Day and Inauguration Day are opportunities to remember the unelected ... [Uncategorized]


Sale Right now, every NIV Application Commentary eBook is just $4.99. See the deals here. About NIV Application Commentaries The value of the NIVAC series is two-fold: you will understand the Bible’s ancient message, and see how it speaks powerfully tod... [Uncategorized]

November 6, 2AM

Garwood P. Anderson Paul’s New Perspective: Charting a Soteriological Journey Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2016. Available at Back in 2007 I wrote a book called The Saving Righteousness of God: Studies in Paul, Justification, and the New Pers... [Uncategorized]

November 5, 2AM

Anyone remember the Bibliotheca Bible project that raised over a million bucks on kickstarter? Well, it is finished and soon ready for purchase.  Read about it on CT. But don’t forget my own niche Bible, the Biblica Hipsteria, which you can learn a... [Uncategorized]

November 4, 3AM

I have to say that Russell Moore is now officially #2 in my list of favourite Southern Baptists (Timothy George is still locked in at #1). Below is his Erasmus Lecture delivered in New York at First Things on the topic “Can the Religious Rigth be S... [Uncategorized]

November 3, 3PM

In the photo is N.T. Wright (NT scholar, St. Andrews) and Oliver Crisp (Theologian, Fuller Seminary), this so calls out for a caption! Here’s my captions: “Analytic Theology sounds like a baby made by Charles Hodge and A.J. Ayer. Olly, serious... [Uncategorized]

November 2, 3PM

Following constructive discussions between IVP and SBL, I’m very glad to report that these two organizations have issued a joint statement which demonstrates that IVP has satisfied concerns that were raised by SBL about IVP’s commitment to aca... [Uncategorized]

November 1, 3AM

I’m reading some political philosophy these days and I’m coming across books that really do say that the state should be allowed to force people to change their religious beliefs. How on earth did it come to this? In my mind, the political lef... [Uncategorized]

October 31, 3AM

The Deal On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther sent the Ninety-five Theses to the Archbishop of Mainz. In remembrance of this important day, Zondervan Academic is running a special Reformation Week eBook sale October 31 – November 6. Readers can save up to... [Uncategorized]

October 27, 3AM

The latest issue of ExpT includes some good articles on 1 Corinthians, including one by my former PhD student David Wenkel on “Kingship and Thrones for All Christians: Paul’s Inaugurated Eschatology in 1 Corinthians 4–6.”  Here’s th... [Uncategorized]

October 26, 3AM

See the plenary by N.T. Wright at a conference on Christians and Media, it was on Church, Media, and Public Life in a Post-Rational World. Here’s my favourite quote from the talk. As long as the countries of the Enlightenment could keep the rest of ... [Uncategorized]

October 25, 3AM

Just read a great article by Oliver Crisp (Fuller Seminary) for a version of the “incarnation anyway” argument, i.e. even if Adam and Eve had not sinned, the incarnation would have happened. Crisp concludes: The aim of this paper has been to c... [Uncategorized]

October 23, 3AM

Okay, I have a free copy of An Anomalous Jew to give away to one of the persons who gets ALL the right answers to the following questions: 1. Paul was born in: a. Jerusalem b. Antioch c. Tarsus d. Rome 2. Paul dictated Romans to … a. Tertius b. Timoth... [Uncategorized]

October 21, 2AM

My new book, An Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans (Eerdmans) is now out and available for purchase! Only $16.66! Let me explain why I think this book will interest folks into Pauline studies: The introduction gives a fresh overview of ... [Uncategorized]

October 18, 4PM

I’ve just heard word that Dr. John Kutsko, Executive Director of SBL, has written to InterVarsity Press, informing them that they will be temporarily suspended from hosting a book stall at the annual convention in Boston in 2017 (so not this year in... [Uncategorized]


Right now my eBook on Romans (#SGBC) is 64% off going for $8.99:  This deal disappears end of day Oct. 21. [Uncategorized]

October 17, 3AM

I just saw that Markus Bockmuehl’s volume Ancient Apocryphal Gospels is soon to be out. I’ve read some parts of it and it really is good. In particular, I like Bockmuehl’s notion of some apocryphal Gospels and fragments as “para-t... [Uncategorized]

October 15, 3AM

Over Christianity Today, I interview N.T. Wright about his book The Day the Revolution Began. I ask him some juicy questions, like “If you had to preach one biblical text on the cross, what would it be, and roughly what would you say?” [Uncategorized]

October 14, 3AM

Over at Relevant is a great article on Multi-Faith Leaders Ask Pres. Obama to Reject a Report That Calls Religious Freedom Discriminatory. It opens by saying: “Last month, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights released a report on the topic of religi... [Uncategorized]

October 13, 4AM

Over at TGC, Michael Horton reviews N.T. Wright’s The Day the Revolution Began. Quite a positive review in many ways, Horton comments at one point: My impression is Wright has somewhat moderated his own view of justification. Deuteronomy makes cle... [Uncategorized]

October 11, 6PM

If you haven’t listened to Unbelievable please do, because this week Justin Brierly interviews novelist/history Tom Holland about how he changed his view on Christianity as expressed in an article in New Statesman and Larry Hurtado on his book De... [Uncategorized]

October 9, 8PM

Scot McKnight chimes on in the “apocalyptic Paul” view at his Kingdom Roots podcast, which is a great introduction to what all the fuss is about. Scot suggests that Richard Hays might belong somewhat to the apocalyptic Paul view. In some ways,... [Uncategorized]

October 5, 3AM

I’ve been reading Larry Siedentop’s Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism (UK: Random House, 2014), where Siedentop notes the role of Paul in the process: He says that Paul saw Jesus’ crucifixion “as a moral... [Uncategorized]

October 2, 2PM

I’ve just heard reports of the passing of William J. Dumbrell, an Australian biblical scholar known for his work in the area of biblical theology. Bill Dumbrell (Th.D., Harvard University) taught at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia, Re... [Uncategorized]

October 1, 8PM

Folks, this is not a drill, Craig Keener’s Romans commentary in the NCCS is the FREE BOOK of the MONTH thanks to Logos. This is vintage Keener, his array of background sources is correct, and it not insanely long, but very readable. A must have! If ... [Uncategorized]

September 30, 2AM

I just learned that N.T. Wright has yet another book just out – in addition to his The Day the Revolution Began – about God and politics. N.T. Wright God in Public: How the Bible Speaks Truth to Power Today London: SPCK, 2016 [released in Oct... [Uncategorized]

September 29, 3AM

I’m reading through Charles Taylor’s Secular Age with the help of James K. A. Smith’s How (Not) To Be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor and I was intrigued by their predictions for the future. According to Taylor, our secular age stress... [Uncategorized]

September 28, 2AM

Over at TGC, Kevin DeYoung Chimes in on the Trinity Debate with a blog post on Distinguishing Among the Three Persons of the Trinity within the Reformed Tradition. After surveying several leading Reformed thinkers in the European and American traditions,... [Uncategorized]

September 23, 3AM

Over at RBL is my review of Timo Eskola, Beyond Biblical Theology: Sacralized Culturalism in Heikki Räisänen’s Hermeneutics (Leiden: Brill, 2013). [Uncategorized]

September 22, 2AM

The Sage Publishing Group is hosting a great conversation about Academic Freedom in Crisis with an opening article by Daniel Nehring and Dylan Kerrigan. They post six questions and trends for discussion: 1) exploring the censorship of ideas and the erosi... [Uncategorized]

September 21, 3AM

Matthew Lynch and Matthew Bates of OnScript have a great interview with Richard Hays  on their iTunes podcast about his new book Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels. Hays talks about several things: his recent battle with cancer, the production of the ... [Uncategorized]

September 20, 3AM

Great article over at CT on the late introduction nineteenth century invention of using grape juice in communion. That, in the end, is the beauty of wine: It’s new life, a living beverage. The grape dies, but it’s reborn through the yeast, just as Chr... [Uncategorized]

September 19, 3AM

Last year at ETS, four resolution were passed by the society pertaining to issues about gender and sexuality: (1) We affirm that all persons are created in the image and likeness of God and thus possess inherent dignity and worth. (2) We affirm that marri... [Uncategorized]

September 18, 3AM

As I read and wrote about Ephesians 5.3-20 for a NT Intro, these were the thoughts that formed in my head: Paul’s ethical vision here is not that of some geriatric prude fearful that somewhere somehow young people are enjoying tawdry pleasures, rather, ... [Uncategorized]

September 16, 3AM

Over at Newstatesman, British author Tom Holland writes an article on Why I Was Wrong About Christianity, where he acknowledges that his ethics are not Greek or Roman, but Christian! By the time I came to read Edward Gibbon and the other great writers of... [Uncategorized]

September 15, 3AM

I’ve interviewed Tom Wright about his forthcoming volume The Day the Revolution Began: Reconsidering the Meaning of Jesus’ Death, which will hopefully be published with CT sometime soon, but here’s one quotation from Tom that I have to ... [Uncategorized]

September 14, 2AM

The Daniel Andrews State Government of Victoria has recently proposed legislation to remove the rights of faith-based organizations to insist on religious criteria for employment in any of their houses of worship, schools, or charities. While the legislat... [Uncategorized]

September 13, 2AM

Jamie P. Davies Paul Among the Apocalypses? An Evaluation of the ‘Apocalyptic Paul’ in the Context of Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic Literature LNTS  562; London: T&T Clark/Bloomsbury, 2016. Available at I am naturally intere... [Uncategorized]

September 12, 2AM

I’m slowly but surely working on an NT Intro, now into the Pauline letters, currently working on Colossians, Philemon, and Ephesians. Anyway, here are some things I’m scribbling for those inclined to read. —— I urge you to imagine ... [Uncategorized]

September 11, 3AM

Over at TGC, Thomas Schreiner offers a nice review of Neil Bach’s biography of Leon Morris. Leon Lamb Morris (1914–2006) stood out in his generation as one of the great evangelical scholars. He wrote 50 books and traveled extensively, speaking all... [Uncategorized]

September 10, 3AM

I’m happy to be able to interview my good friend Paul Foster (Edinburgh Uni) about his recently released Colossians commentary in the BNTC series. On authorship, you note there are different ways in which Paul could have had an influence on the lett... [Uncategorized]

September 9, 3AM

I’m grateful for a very positive review of What Christians Ought To Believe over at called Using Creeds to Teach Theology: Why You Should and How to Do It. What Christians Ought to Believe is useful, creative, and teaches sy... [Uncategorized]

September 8, 3AM

Over at Housewife Theologian, Aimee Byrd laments why only egalitarians seem to write about Phoebe in Rom 16.1-2. She provides a good list of sources and citations about Phoebe including my own comments in Bourgeois Babes, Bossy Wives, and Bobby Haircuts.... [Uncategorized]

September 7, 3AM

My thanks to Trevin Wax for creating this meme from What Christians Ought To Believe. [Uncategorized]

September 6, 3AM

Came across this interesting and elegant thought in Schnelle (Apostle Paul [2005], 202-3): The Corinthians integrated the revealed divine wisdom into the creaturely abilities of human beings in order to make them more powerful. As they understood the mat... [Uncategorized]

September 5, 2AM

Thanks to First Things, there is a great interview between Mark Bauerlein (senior editor at First Things magazine) with Mark Movsesian, who is a legal expert specializing in religious freedom. In the interview, Movsesian addresses what will be the likely... [Uncategorized]

September 4, 3AM

Over at On Script with Matthew Bates and Matthew Lynch there is a great interview with Chris Tilling on divine Christology. Do listen to it! [Uncategorized]

September 3, 3AM

There is a great essay by Lewis Ayres on “Irenaeus, the Rule of Faith, and the Task of the Christian Intellecutal” from his page. Well worth reading! Ireaneus does not envisage a Christian intellectual working other than at the se... [Uncategorized]

September 2, 2AM

I just discovered a brilliant one stop website for all things about Syriac and Syrian Christianity with which provides references on places, persons, saints, authors, and hagiography in ancient Syrian Christianity. If you want to get started,... [Uncategorized]

August 31, 3AM

If you don’t know who Jacob Neusner is, then you probably haven’t read a book on Judaism or Christianity in the last 50 years. The dude is epic and he has written over a 1000 books, essays, articles, and entries. Aaron W. Hughes has written a ... [Uncategorized]

August 30, 3AM

Will be out at SBL just in time for Christmas. Tom Wright Advent for Everyone: A Journey through Matthew London: SPCK, 2016. Tom Wright takes you into the heart of the Gospel of Matthew, exploring the key themes of watching, repenting, healing and loving.... [Uncategorized]

August 29, 2AM

Good news from Jason Maston. On March 2-4, 2017 the Department of Theology at HBU, in conjunction with Lanier Theological Library, is hosting the conference How the Bible Came into Being. The conference will consider the formation of the biblical canon, t... [Uncategorized]

August 28, 3AM

Stanley E. Porter Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New Testament: Studies in Tools, Methods, and Practice Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2015. Available from This is a volume of collected essays and presentations by biblical Greek guru Stanley Porter... [Uncategorized]

August 27, 3AM

Over at the Zondervan Academic Blog, Jeremy Bouma interacts with the section in WCOB where I talk about the virgin birth. He uses the provocative title: “Should Christians Defend the Virgin Birth?” You only have to watch the famous episode of... [Uncategorized]

August 26, 3AM

I’ve just finished reading through Richard Longenecker’s epic NIGTC Romans commentary and I loved what he had to say about Phoebe in Rom 16:1-2. Phoebe had been Paul’s patron during his ministry at Corinth, had most likely heard from his... [Uncategorized]

August 25, 3AM

Bargain bonanza, my Romans commentary in the SGBC series is now only $6.09 on kindle! It is normally $36.99, so get it while you can.   [Uncategorized]

August 24, 3AM

Okay, this might be a tad late for friends in Ireland, UK, NZ, and the USA, but in Australia we are yet to legalize same sex marriage. So the good folks at the Australian Christian Lobby have published a short article of mine where I try to set out a rea... [Uncategorized]

August 23, 2AM

Over at The Deep Waters podcast is an excellent interview by Nick Peters of Larry Hurtado about his forthcoming new book Destroyer of the Gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World (Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2016). Click “p... [Uncategorized]

August 22, 4PM

RTS Houston is hosting a conference on 12 November called Confessing the Triune God: Retrieving Nicene Faith for Today’s Church, with a great panel of speakers lined up: Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin | Biblical Exegesis in Fourth-Century Trinitari... [Uncategorized]

August 21, 2AM

I’m currently writing a chapter on 1 & 2 Corinthians for an NT Introduction. While I’ve always felt like I had a good grip on 1 Corinthians (its argument and scholarly conversation), but generally I haven’t been as familiar with 2 C... [Uncategorized]

August 20, 2AM

The latest issue of Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus, includes these articles: Anthony Le Donne Editorial: The Third Quest in Retrospect James Crossley Editorial: Some Future for Historical Jesus Studies Dale C. Allison Memory, Methodology, ... [Uncategorized]

August 19, 2AM

L. Daniel Hawk Ruth  Apollos Old Testament Commentary. Downers Grove, IVP, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth L. Daniel Hawk (PhD, Emory University) is professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio and an... [Uncategorized]

August 18, 2AM

Stephen B. Chapman  1 Samuel as Christian Scripture: A Theological Commentary Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at By Jill Firth Stephen B. Chapman (PhD Yale) is associate professor of Old Testament at Duke Divinity School, director of g... [Uncategorized]

August 16, 2AM

Joy A. Shroeder (trans, ed) The Book of Genesis  The Bible in Medieval Tradition Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth Joy Shroeder (PhD Notre Dame) is holder of the Bergener Chair in Theology and Religion at Trinity Luthera... [Uncategorized]

August 15, 2AM

A couple of great articles about the Septuagint (LXX) that you need to know about are: W. Edward Glenny, “The Septuagint and Biblical Theology,” Themelios  41 (2016). This article is an excellent survey of scholarly views on how the LXX rel... [Uncategorized]

August 14, 3AM

Soong-Chan Rah  Prophetic Lament: A Call for Justice in Troubled Times Downer’s Grove, IVP, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth Soong-Chen Rah (DMin, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is Milton B. Engebretson Associate Professor of Church Gr... [Uncategorized]

August 13, 2AM

My thanks to Kyle Greenwood for a great review of What Christians Ought To Believe. It was for guys like him and for churches like his that I wrote it! So, how did I underestimate the value of this book? It’s not just for my teenagers who are lacki... [Uncategorized]

August 12, 2AM

I think I might start posting short videos of political, social, and theological commentary under the title “Bird on a Wire.” Here is my comical attempt to identify the depth of the GOP’s blunder in nominating Donald Trump as its candida... [Uncategorized]

August 11, 2AM

Okay, I’m gonna throw down at Jarvis Williams and challenge him to a St. Paul Hip Hop Contest. Jarvis is working on the Galatians volume for the NCCS (Wipf & Stock) and is threatening to insert some hip hop lyrics into his . However, I already d... [Uncategorized]

August 10, 2AM

Bo H. Lim and Daniel Castelo  Hosea  Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth This interdisciplinary work is the fruit of collaboration between Bo H. Lim and Daniel Castelo, who are associ... [Uncategorized]

August 9, 2PM

Hi folks, in celebration of Zondervan’s epic Gospel commentary eBook sale with 80% off, I’m giving away a free hard copy of Mark L. Strauss’s  commentary on the Gospel of Mark (ZECNT) to the person who: (A) Purchases one of the Gospel c... [Uncategorized]

August 8, 4AM

Okay, here is the most recent episode of Ridley College’s The Now and the Net Yet vodcast featuring Mike Bird and Scott Harrower. Before you watch it, first watch the Dos Equis beer commercial about The Most Interesting Man in the World (at leas... [Uncategorized]


The good folks at Zondervan are having an epic sale on ebooks with an astounding 80% off Gospel commentaries. This commentary sale features 17 eBooks on Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Do you know what that means? It means books by people like McKnight, Bo... [Uncategorized]

August 7, 2AM

Ernest C. Lucas  Proverbs  Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 2015. Available on By Jill Firth Ernest C. Lucas is author of Exploring the Old Testament: A Guide to the Psalms & Wisdom Literature, and has written... [Uncategorized]

August 6, 2AM

Herman J. Selderhuis (ed) Psalms 1-72. Old Testament Volume 7, Reformation Commentary on Scripture. Downers Grove, IVP Academic, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth Herman Selderhuis is a leading Reformation historian who is President of the Inter... [Uncategorized]

August 5, 2AM

Wesley Hill is Assistant Professor of NT at Trinity School for Ministry in Pittsburgh. In addition to being a brilliant young NT scholar, he also writes on issues related to same-sex attraction, singleness, and spirituality. Ridley College has been fortu... [Uncategorized]

August 4, 2AM

J. Todd Billings  Rejoicing in Lament: Wrestling with Incurable Cancer & Life in Christ  Grand Rapids: Brazos, 2015 Available at By Jill Firth Reformation scholar Todd Billings was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable blood cancer in 2... [Uncategorized]

August 2, 2AM

One thing that concerns me about social progressives in both Australia and the USA is that they are not really interested in constitutional rights or even the rule of law. They appear, at least to me, so assured of their own ideological self-righteousness... [Uncategorized]

August 1, 2AM

I’ve just finished reading Francis Watson’s new book The Fourfold Gospel: A Theological Reading of the New Testament Portraits of Jesus (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2016), and the book closes with these wonderful words: The Jesus of the gospel ... [Uncategorized]

July 31, 2AM

Over at N.T. Wright Online, you will soon be able to take a course on the atonement based on Wright’s forthcoming book. Moreover, if you preorder your copy of The Day the Revolution Began before October 11th then you’ll receive a 50% discoun... [Uncategorized]

July 30, 3AM

I’m sitting at home, watching football, eating some bread, drinking some wine, and reading another chapter of Gisela Kreglinger’s wonderful book The Spirituality of Wine. I love this  quote from her book about why we use wine at the LordR... [Uncategorized]

July 29, 3AM

I’m really stoked with how What Christians Ought To Believe has done in a short time. It’s done fairly well in sales already and there’s been some great reviews. Here’s a few examples: Over at TGC, J.T. English reviews it: I’m ... [Uncategorized]

July 28, 5AM

N.T. Wright’s forthcoming book is about the atonement and it is called The Day the Revolution Began: Reconsidering the Meaning of Jesus’ Crucifixion (New York: HarperOne, October 2016). I’ve read some parts of this and it is a terrific... [Uncategorized]

July 27, 2AM

John Christopher Thomas & Frank Macchia Revelation THNTC; Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at This is a lengthy (670 pages) but thoroughly enjoyable commentary on the Book of Revelation in the Two Horizons series by two Pentecost... [Uncategorized]

July 26, 2AM

I’ve just finished reading Robert Jenson, A Theology in Outline: Can These Bones Live? (Oxford: OUP, 2016). I really liked his comments about why he believes in the Devil or Satan: The existence of a tempter (i.e., Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, the Ol... [Uncategorized]

July 25, 2AM

Wesley Hill is Anglican, a New Testament scholar, gay, and celibate. At the invitation of Ridley College, he is visiting Melbourne in July/August to speak at a series of seminars on pastoral responses to people with same-sex attraction. See details here. ... [Uncategorized]

July 23, 3AM

An interesting quote from the venerable James Dunn about how John’s Logos christology relates to his Son christology: That is, various aspects of the Son Christology should not be read independently of the Logos Christology, but rather as intended t... [Uncategorized]

July 22, 3AM

Fleming Rutledge, in her book The Crucifixion, makes one of the most robust and concerted defenses/explanations of substitutionary atonement in recent years (even “penal” substitution in a sense, though heavily qualified). All the more inte... [Uncategorized]

July 21, 2AM

I’m reading through Mary Eberstadt’s It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies which makes for a concerning read. On the one hand, I am a bit sceptical that Christians are a persecuted minority in the USA. Let’... [Uncategorized]

July 20, 2AM

My soon-to-be former PhD student Brian Wright has a great article on: “Ancient Rome’s Daily News Publication With Some Likely Implications For Early Christian Studies,” TynBul 67.1 (2016): 145-160. He’s the blurb: A detailed study... [Uncategorized]

July 19, 2AM

There are a stream of books and articles coming out that address the question as to whether the Greek word pistis denotes/connotes faith, faithfulness, or loyalty Teresa Morgan, Roman Faith and Christian Faith: Pistis and Fides in the Early Roman Empire... [Uncategorized]

July 18, 2AM

I’ve just finished teaching a week long course on the Gospel of Mark for Malyon College in Brisbane. I’m pretty up on my Marcan literature, but I found David Garland’s A Theology of Mark’s Gospel (BTNT) and M. Eugene Boring’... [Uncategorized]

July 16, 3AM

I’m reading through parts of Christian Dogmatics, in particular, Scott Swain’s essay on the “Divine Trinity,” where he notes: The Father is the fontal source of the Son and the Spirit, and these relations manifest his distinct per... [Uncategorized]

July 15, 2AM

I highly recommend the latest episode of the Kingdom Roots podcast  where Scot McKnight interviews Pastor Derwin Grey on reconciliation and multi-cultural churches, especially in light of the recent spate of racially motivated shootings in the USA. Liste... [Uncategorized]

July 12, 10PM

Last night I spoke at a forum on Religion and Freedom of Speech at Mentone Baptist Church in Melbourne. The two speakers were myself and Tim Wilson. In my talk, I basically described the current conflict about religious freedoms vis-a-vis sexual minoritie... [Uncategorized]


Michael Allen and Scott R. Swain (eds.) Christian Dogmatics: Reformed Theology for the Church Catholic Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2016. Available at This is a terrific book covering the major theological loci by a venerable cast of contributors. ... [Uncategorized]

July 11, 2AM

Larry Hurtado just posted on this over at his blog and it is a good 10 minute video that provides a summary of much of his work. [Uncategorized]

July 10, 5AM

If you haven’t seen them yet, here are two free excerpts from my just-released volume What Christians Ought To Believe. Who Needs a Creed When I Have a Bible. Living the Story of the Cross. [Uncategorized]

July 8, 2AM

Robert Joustra and Alissa Wilkinson How to Survive the Apocalypse: Zombies, Cylons, Faith, and Politics at the End of the World Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at There are a lot of dark stories being told in popular culture right n... [Uncategorized]

July 7, 2AM

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Trevin Wax and Brandon Smith on the Word Matters podcast about Romans 7:7-25. You can listen to it here. It is a doozy of text and we had lots of fun discussing it, though I don’t know if I succeeded in bringing T... [Uncategorized]

July 6, 3AM

Nicholas Wolterstorff  Justice in Love Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 2015. Available on Reviewed by Felicity Clift   Justice in Love by Nicholas Wolterstorff (Eerdmans, 2015) is no light read, yet it is a valuable one. Nicholas Woltertorf... [Uncategorized]

July 4, 4PM

Over at Secundum Scripturas, Bruce Ware has a post on Knowing the Self-Revealed God Who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I think this is a good and helpful post, it might assuage some objections, and it shows that Ware is definitely attempting to demonst... [Uncategorized]


Michael Todd Wilson Unburdened: The Christian leader’s path to sexual integrity Wheaton, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 2015. Available in Reviewed by Felicity Clift As a woman writing, it is unsurprising perhaps that this book gets a mixed re... [Uncategorized]

July 2, 2AM

John G. Flett Apostolicity: The Ecumenical Question in World Christian Perspective Missiological Engagements Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2016. Available at This is an interesting book on a juicy topic of apostolicity. It touches on the Catholic/Pro... [Uncategorized]

July 1, 2AM

Here is a guest post from Prof. Lewis Ayres, Durham University, on meaning of Nicene Orthodoxy in light of evangelical debates about eternal functional subordination. ___ After conversations on facebook and email about the on-going controversy over “ete... [Uncategorized]

June 30, 2AM

I’m currently reading Flemming Rutledge, The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Christ (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015) and it’s a fine read written by a pastor/scholar known for her preaching. I particularly liked her summary of the s... [Uncategorized]

June 29, 2AM

It is good to see more women getting into the Complementarian-Trinity “civil war,” well no actually, its not good, all civil war is bad, disunity is harmful, but you know what I mean. Over at Practical Theology for Women, Wendy Alsup gives her... [Uncategorized]

June 28, 2AM

Over at The Jesus Blog, Rafael Rodriguez has finished up  his 8 part review of Bart Ehrman’s Jesus Before the Gospels: How the Earliest Christians Remembered, Changed, and Invented Their Stories of the Savior. Probably Rodriguez’s main criti... [Uncategorized]

June 27, 2AM

In my book, The Saving Righteousness of God, I tried to articulate a middle view between old and new perspectives on Paul. Is the unity of Jews and Gentiles in the body of Christ illustrative of the effects of justification or is it constitutive in that ... [Uncategorized]

June 25, 2AM

Matthew Crawford is a graduate of SBTS, he did a doctorate and post-doctoral fellowship at Durham University, and is currently research fellow at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. He is the author of Cyril of Alexandria’s Trinitaria... [Uncategorized]

June 24, 2AM

June 23, 3AM

I’ve just finished a very slow read through James Dunn’s mammoth Neither Jew nor Greek, and he asks a fascinating question early on: I want to ask the unrealistic, but nevertheless fascinating question: would Peter, James and Paul have been a... [Uncategorized]

June 22, 2AM

I just read two great articles that I thoroughly recommend to you: In Comment Magazine, James K. A. Smith writes on “Rethinking the Secular, Redeeming Christendom.” Christendom, then, is a missional endeavor that refuses to let political soci... [Uncategorized]

June 21, 1AM

Just when you thought the melee was over, some interesting posts on the Complementarian Trinity Debate have gone up! Over at TGC-A, Andrew Moody has part 2 of “The Ordered Godhead.” He confesses that he is driven by an “aesthetic agenda... [Uncategorized]

June 20, 2AM

Anthony Thiselton Systematic Theology Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at Reviewed by Adam Ch’ng Most systematic theologies are structured around a key organising principle, whether explicitly adopted or implicitly assumed.  For J... [Uncategorized]

June 19, 9AM

Still time to pre-order and get your free ebook, book mark, and poster!   [Uncategorized]


I am the subject of an article in Challenge, a Christian newspaper, where Darryl Budge describes some snippets from my life story of how I came to faith. Doubt gave way to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord of the Universe, which Michael says “opened a ... [Uncategorized]

June 18, 2AM

In this episode of The Now and the Not Yet, we look at the church with a special focus on two books: Michael Bird and Brian Rosner (eds.), Mending a Fractured Church (Lexham Press) Jonathan Leeman, Political Church: The Local Assembly as Embassy of Chr... [Uncategorized]

June 17, 2AM

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Intra-Complementarian “Civil War” about the Trinity, Subordinationism, and Gender. While this might seem like a storm in a teacup or else sound like the esoteric ravings of academics, let... [Uncategorized]

June 16, 4PM

Over at CT, Caleb Lindgren writes on Gender and the Trinity: From Proxy War to Civil War. Basically, the debate boils down to three interrelated issues: a particular understanding of the relationship between God the Father and God the Son in the Trinity; ... [Uncategorized]


For those interested in the Calvinism Complementarian Civil War on the Trinity, you might be interested to know that at this year’s ETS meeting that the Evangelicals and Gender study group will be discussing the Trinity. Here’s the program (HT... [Uncategorized]


If you like Greek exegesis, 1-2 Timothy, and helping families adopt, then go to this page and buy Rick Brannan’s commentaries on 1 and 2 Timothy! All money raised will help Rick and his wife adopt a child. Rick Brannan has produced a robust and rigo... [Uncategorized]

June 15, 10PM

Whoa, stop what you are doing, cause you have to read the lengthy article in The Atlantic by Ariel Sabar on “The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’ Wife.” Sabar tracks down the author of The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife and it is a cracker o... [Uncategorized]

12 PM

Over at New City Times, Mark Jones responds to Owen Strachan with Biblicism, Socinianism, and “Arid” Scholasticism. Jones takes particular issue with Strachan for likening opponents of trinitarian subordination to scholasticism. All I can say... [Uncategorized]


As the Complementarian Trinity melee winds down, I refer you all to Fred Sanders’s excellent piece: 18 Theses on the Father and the Son. I think points # 9 to # 16 are the real guts of the debate. I still have to reflect on analogates of the immane... [Uncategorized]


Over at The Paulcast (an excellent podcast on Pauline studies, if you aren’t subscribed, why not!) Kurt Willems interviews Jewish scholar Mark Nanos about the “Paul within Judaism” approach to the Apostle Paul. Nanos’ interview is ... [Uncategorized]

June 14, 10PM

If you are an Evangelical, keen on the Old Testament, and would like to be my colleague here at Ridley College, then feel free to apply for this position:   [Uncategorized]


Over at ABC Religion and Ethics I have an article on The Socially Progressive Paradox: LGBTI Rights and Anti-Islamophobia. Note, I wrote this article about two weeks ago, and only just updated in light of the tragedy in Orlando, Florida. My point is that ... [Uncategorized]


Whoa, if you don’t already know, right now my eBook How God Became Jesus: The Real Origins of Belief in Jesus’ Divine Nature, A Response to Bart Ehrman is 69% off at!!! Epic bargain … wish I bought it that cheap. The essays a... [Uncategorized]

June 13, 4AM

Okay folks this is not a drill and not a joke. Celebrated patristics scholars Prof. Lewis Ayres (Durham Uni), who is probably the guru-swami-ninja-jedi-master of patristic trinitarian theology, offers his two cents on Bruce Ware and the “subordinat... [Uncategorized]

June 12, 11PM

Celebrated Patristics scholar Michel R. Barnes, who specializes in fourth century trinitarian theology, puts in his two cents on the exchange between Bruce Ware and Carl Trueman, making some astute and level observations on the debate. On a facebook excha... [Uncategorized]


Over at Credo Magazine, Michael Ovey (Principal of Oak Hill in London) asks, Should I Resign: On the Eternal Subordination of the Son, to which he answers, “no.” He also has a forthcoming book called, Your Will Be Done: Exploring Eternal Subo... [Uncategorized]

June 11, 2AM

Over at the Zondervan facebook page, they are giving away 5 copies of What Christians Ought to Believe: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine through the Apostles’ Creed, register to enter, but it closes on 15 June 16. Sadly, it is only open to the... [Uncategorized]

June 10, 2AM

Over at Theological Theology, Mark Thompson, Principal of Moore Theological College in Sydney, enters the fray on the Complementarian-Trinity Debate. Thompson concludes in favour of Ware/Grudem: My purpose in this post has simply been to begin to explain ... [Uncategorized]

June 9, 5AM

After yesterday’s post about the Complementarian Civil War on the Trinity, all I can say is, “Well that escalated quickly.” I received numerous messages on social media and several emails, so I thought I’d post a follow up: First,... [Uncategorized]

June 8, 2AM

I predict that there is about to be a miniature civil war among conservative Calvinist Complementarians about Trinity and gender. One wing of that movement has been arguing for a while that the Son is eternally subordinate to the Father and importantly t... [Uncategorized]

June 7, 2AM

I’m going to habitually post quotes from some of my previous books and essays in biblical and theological studies. Today, going back to my PhD thesis on Jesus and the Origins of the Gentile Mission: I will argue in this thesis that Jesus was attemp... [Uncategorized]

June 6, 2AM

The latest issue of the Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus is a bumper one, almost monograph size, with a collection of essays dedicated to Jesus scholarship of E.P. Sanders and N.T. Wright. And who says historical Jesus research is dead? We... [Uncategorized]

June 5, 2AM

The other night I was walking down Lygon Street in Melbourne, a street filled with ritzy restaurants, and I saw a political poster by The Sex Party (yes, such a thing exists, even pimps and sex traffickers have their own political party) and the poster... [Uncategorized]

June 3, 2AM

As a follow up from John Pavlovitz’s 5 Things I Wish Christians Would Admit about the Bible, I’ve included my own list of 7 Things I wish Christians knew. 1. The Bible did not fall out of the sky, bound in leather, written in English. The Bibl... [Uncategorized]

June 2, 3AM

In the latest episode of The Now and the Not Yet we: – Discussion on “Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?” – whoa, big controversy here! – Review of Richard Longenecker’s Romans in the NIGTC series. ̵... [Uncategorized]

June 1, 7AM

Presbyterian theologian Peter Leithart (Theopolis Institute) gives a nice plug to my imminently released book What Christians Ought to Believe over at First Things. Of late, many within the evangelical Protestant world have been calling for some form o... [Uncategorized]


On Tuesday 12 July 2016, I will be speaking at Mentone Baptist Church in Melbourne along with Tim Wilson (former Australian Human Rights commissioner and Liberal candidate for Goldstein) on a symposium about “Freedom of Speech in Australia.” ... [Uncategorized]

May 31, 2AM

Given the election season in the USA and Australia, it is fitting that Zondervan’s Jeremy Bouma posted a summary of my take on Romans 13:1-7 from my commentary on Romans in the SGBC series. Caveat: When to Resist Governing Authorities Is Paul’s te... [Uncategorized]

May 30, 9AM

Scott Harrower continues his Christian Imaginations series on Dante. [Uncategorized]


The other week I had the pleasure of having coffee (i.e. coke) with Keith Stanglin from Austin Graduate School of Theology where he kindly gave me a copy of their journal Christian Studies which had several nice pieces, including one by Jeffrey Peterson ... [Uncategorized]

May 29, 2AM

From the Wisconsin Center for Christian Study, there is an on-line Udemy course with N.T. Wright on Romans you can do with the first two episodes available for free as a preview. Pitched at a lay level, ideal for small groups, and individual Bible study. [Uncategorized]

May 28, 2AM

In regards to Pope Francis’ willingness to call a commission to investigate whether women can serve as deacons in the Roman Catholic Church, a few writers have had something to say. First, Candida Moss wrote for The Daily Beast with a piece on ... [Uncategorized]

May 27, 3PM

I’m sure many of you have heard the news this week that British theologian John Webster unexpectedly passed away. Webster was a professor at St. Andrews University in Scotland and a celebrated Christian scholar. Stephen Holmes wrote a tribute to Web... [Uncategorized]


Christian Askeland taught an Honours course at Indiana Wesleyan University where he got students to make a short documentary about the Gospel of Judas … and it is really good. The young sheila Rachel Price (about 15:00 mins) is hilarious, I just wan... [Uncategorized]

May 26, 2AM

I thought I’d share my top eight favourite podcasts programs: 8. Eric Metaxas Show.  I enjoy the Eric Metaxas show, it keeps me informed of politics and culture wars in America, Metaxas is super smart and quirky, but I’m silently grieving h... [Uncategorized]

May 25, 2AM

Over at Faith and Theology, Jeff Aernie has a great review of Richard Hays’ new book Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels. Hays has provided another masterful foray into the hermeneutical question of how the New Testament authors read Scripture:Echoe... [Uncategorized]

May 24, 2AM

Over at Theology in the Raw,  Josh Cramer  reviews my soon-to-be-released volume What Christians Ought To Believe: An introduction to Christian Doctrine through the Apostles’  Creed. Bird writes well and accessibly, at home quoting Irenaus/Pann... [Uncategorized]

May 23, 2AM

Over at Christianity Today is my article “God Ahead, Evangelicals, Use the P-Word,” about my journey into the Anglican priesthood and the meaning of priesthood for all types of Christian service whether ordained or not. This past November, at ... [Uncategorized]

May 21, 2AM

Over at Exegetical Tools is great review of God and the Faithfulness of Paul (see description here), which includes a nice sales pitch at the end: I highly recommend it to any students of Pauline theology and even to pastors who want to engage in rigor... [Uncategorized]

May 18, 9PM

In this episode of the NNY, Scott Harrower and I: – Discuss the New Monasticism – Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday – Review Bruce Longenecker’s The Cross Before Constantine. If you like the show, then please: –... [Uncategorized]


The latest issue of Interpretation (2016) is a special feature on the Gospel of Mark with some great articles on kingdom of God, disability and healing, cross over boundaries, and the Roman empire, all in relation to Mark. It includes an interesting ar... [Uncategorized]

May 16, 3PM

Good news, everyone who pre-orders a copy of What Christians Ought To Believe: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine Through the Apostles’ Creed can get a free bonus e-book on “What Christianity Would Miss Without the Apostles’ Creed.&... [Uncategorized]


My colleague Scott Harrower continues his series of reflections on Dante’s Inferno. [Uncategorized]

May 14, 2AM

The Gender Conversation is now available. This book is based on a multi-disciplinary conference held at Morling College in Sydney, and features a wide ranges of contributors, views, and topics, on all things related to gender, identity, and Christianity. ... [Uncategorized]

May 13, 2AM

Over at the Marginalia Review of Books is a review by Susan Eastman titled Grace and Transformation about John Barclay’s volume Paul and the Gift. Eastman raises some good questions about Barclay’s articulation of divine and human agency.... [Uncategorized]

May 12, 2AM

There is an excellent piece in The American Conservative by Bonnie Kristian (a Bethel Seminary grad) on The Idolatry of Donald Trump where she resources Michael Gorman’s book Reading Revelation Responsibly and his critique of dictators masquerading... [Uncategorized]

May 11, 3AM

In addition to Justin Bass’ awesome monograph on the descent of Jesus to the underworld in light of Rev 1:8, in latest issue of WTJ is a great article by Jeffery L. Hamm on “Descendit: Delete or Declare? A Defense Against the Neo-Deletionists,... [Uncategorized]

May 9, 9PM

I had a great time being interviewed by Kurt Willems on The Paulcast on an episode called “Michael Bird on Paul, the Mafia, and Integrating Old & New Perspectives.” In the interview I talk a bit about my background, my Romans commentary (... [Uncategorized]


A very interesting lecture by Rowan Williams on John Calvin as Greek Father as part of the Huslean Lectures in Oxford on Christ and the Logic of Creation. [Uncategorized]

May 8, 1AM

John J. Collins Apocalypse, Prophecy, and Pseudepigraphy: On Jewish Apocalyptic Literature Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available on This book is a collection of essays by John J. Collins, long time scholar of the Hebrew Bible and Second T... [Uncategorized]

May 4, 10PM

Here is the latest episode of the Ridley College Vodcast The Now and the Not Yet hosted by Scott Harrower and Mike Bird. In this episode we: – Review James Dunn’s Neither Jew nor Greek. – Talk about the Oxyrhynchus Papyri translation p... [Uncategorized]

May 3, 6PM


Richard Bauckham The Bible in the Contemporary World: Hermeneutical Ventures Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available on This is a great collection of essays by Richard Bauckham on matters related to postmodernism, biblical criticism, biblic... [Uncategorized]

May 1, 3AM

In this clip from the Now and the Not Yet show, we give 5 tips of mentoring and 5 reasons why John the Baptist would be a bad mentor. [Uncategorized]

April 30, 2AM

American author and speaker Eric Metaxas has been in Australia talking on the topic of “courage,” and his speaking events have been protested by pro- LGBT activists. I know, I was at one event last night, which didn’t get out of hand tha... [Uncategorized]

April 29, 1AM

If you don’t know who Michael Gorman is, then you clearly haven’t kept abreast of NT studies. Gorman is a Pauline scholar, who makes the odd forays in Johannine literature, and he is always worth reading. His Apostle of the Crucified Lord is ... [Uncategorized]

April 28, 1AM

I confess that I blushed when I read Jim Gordon’s generous review of my Romans commentary forthe SGBC series in the Regent’s Park College Review (a Baptist College in Oxford). Here’s my favourite paragraphs (forgive the shameless self-pr... [Uncategorized]

April 27, 1AM

Talk about heresy. This picture not only exhibits binitarian Arianism but is combined with the deification of moral reprobate of a man, who some hope will create a theocracy on earth, by fixing every problem with bombs or walls. Picture from Rhyne Putm... [Uncategorized]

April 26, 4AM

Glad to announce that my volume, The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus is now available via Logos. [Uncategorized]

April 25, 1AM

John Walton & Tremper Longman How to Read Job Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2015. Available at By Lauren Weatherake John H. Walton and Tremper Longman III’s book, ‘How to Read Job’ provides refreshing new insights for its readers as these p... [Uncategorized]

April 24, 2AM

The latest issue of Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters 5.2 (2015) is out and is a bumper issue including presentations from the HBU conference on Paul and Judaism: Ben C. Blackwell Paul and Judaism Nathan Eubank Justice Endures Forever: Paul&... [Uncategorized]

April 23, 7AM

In the latest issue of First Things there is a great review by Kavin Rowe of John Barclay’s new book Paul and the Gift. Kavin Concludes: What this book does above all is show that the mainstream of Christian tradition is in fact a reasonable expo... [Uncategorized]


Brandon Smith and J.A. Medders have a nice book on Rooted: Theology for Growing Christians. Medders and Smith try to make theology practical for Christians who want to grow in their faith.Rooted covers areas like the Trinity, Scripture, redemption in C... [Uncategorized]

April 20, 10PM

In this episode of The Now and the Not Yet, Scott Harrower and I discuss mentoring, 5 reasons why John the Baptist was a bad mentor, and we review Daniel Treier and Kevin Vanhoozer on Theology and the Mirror of Scripture. [Uncategorized]

April 19, 12 AM

The Saint Hilarious Herald: Southern Seminary Students Build Shrine to Tom Schreiner Students at the Southern Seminary Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky have begun building shrines and icons to one of their most beloved teachers, Profe... [Uncategorized]

April 18, 2AM

Justin Brierly again does a great job hosting the show Unbelievable, this time with Bart Ehrman and Richard Bauckham about Jesus, Memory, and Eyewitnesses, especially looking at Bart Ehrman’s new book Jesus before the Gospels. This is part one! [Uncategorized]

12 AM

There is a hip new podcast on Pauline studies by Kurt Willems called The Paulcast which showcases issues and books in studies of the Apostle Paul. First one is on “Surprised by Paul,” where Kurt introduces himself and the podcast. Looks good,... [Uncategorized]

April 16, 2AM

Saint Hilarious Herald: Baptist Pastor Freaks Out on Discovering Real Presence of Jesus at Lord’s Supper The Rev. Brandon Tyson got more than he bargained for when he led his church in a traditional celebration of the Lord’s Supper only to fin... [Uncategorized]

April 15, 2AM

I’m elated to announce that Thomas R. Schreiner will be delivering the 2016 Leon Morris Lecture at Ridley College on “Warnings on Hebrews 6: A Response to Questions.” Wednesday 1st June, 2016 5:15 for a 5:45pm start It’s Free! RSVP... [Uncategorized]

April 14, 10PM

Scott Harrower launches the “Christian Imagination Series” by the first part of his video on Dante’s Divine Comedy. Only  3 minutes long, but very thought provoking. [Uncategorized]

April 13, 1AM

Kyle Greenwood Scripture and Cosmology: Reading the Bible Between the Ancient World and Modern Science Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2015. Available at Kyle Greenwood has produced a short, informative, and elegant book on the biblical creation storie... [Uncategorized]

April 12, 2AM

Looks like a great forthcoming book from Larry Hurtado, Destroyer of the gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World, coming out from Baylor Uni Press in September 2016. “Silly,” “stupid,” “irrational,” “simple.” “Wicked,... [Uncategorized]

April 11, 2AM

I enjoy keeping in contact with the Christian scene in Scotland by reading Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology, a great journal, had one of my first articles published there. In the latest issue, I enjoyed reading my friend and former colleague Jam... [Uncategorized]

April 10, 1AM

If you don’t know who Leon Morris is, then you know nothing about twentieth century evangelical biblical scholarship. Morris was a great commentator and biblical scholar who wrote several notable volumes on the atonement and New Testament, which ar... [Uncategorized]

April 9, 1AM

Back in February I had the pleasure to delivering a theology lecture to students and faculty at NOBTS on “What is Evangelical about Evangelical Theology?” which is now on-line. [Uncategorized]

April 8, 1AM

Mark J Boda The Book of Zechariah NICOT; Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at By Len Firth There has been a recent deluge of Zechariah commentaries. I am aware of three which in Zechariah studies constitutes a veritable flood. This i... [Uncategorized]

April 7, 1AM

The Saint Hilarius Herald Adam Driver Set to Star in Joel Osteen: The Musical Broadway is abuzz with news that the theatrical extravaganza Joel Osteen: The Musical is about to open with Star Wars’ Adam Driver in the lead role as Joel Osteen. ... [Uncategorized]

April 6, 6PM

See here to watch myself and Scott Harrower on the new Vodcast show, “The Now and the Not Yet,” where we discuss Romans, Justin Welby, Analytic Theology, and how much I hate coffee. Only 10 minutes! [Uncategorized]


Starting tomorrow! A new vod-cast series from Ridley College with Scott Harrower and Michael Bird on all things theology and biblical studies. Check our website or Youtube page for releases.   [Uncategorized]


Below is my TED-style talk on “What is the Gospel?” Goes for 7.59 mins, delivering at the Melbourne Stir Conference, sponsored by SparkLit. [Uncategorized]

April 5, 4PM

A very positive review of my The Gospel of the Lord by Taylor Brown over at Seedbed. Michael Bird’s The Gospel of the Lord is a must read for anyone involved in Gospel studies, New Testament studies in general, or anyone (from seminary students to lay ... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

I just heard from Wipf & Stock that my Colossians and Philemon commentary (NCCS) is now available from Amazon on kindle for only $9! Still my favourite Pauline book!   [Uncategorized]

April 4, 1AM

David Firth The Message of Joshua (BST) Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth Richard Dawkins describes the Book of Joshua as ‘a text remarkable for the bloody massacres it records and the xenophobic relish with which it do... [Uncategorized]

April 2, 10PM

A hilarious list from Jessica Misener at Buzzfeed on 29 Things You’ll Only Understand if You’ve Gone To Divinity School. My favourites are: # 1, 4, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 25.     [Uncategorized]

April 1, 11PM

Meda A. A. Stamper Embodying Mark: Fresh Ways to Read, Pray and Live the Gospel London: SPCK, 2014. Available at The Gospel of Mark is my favourite Gospel, so naturally I was thrilled to come across Meda Stamper’s slender volume on the Go... [Uncategorized]


A blast from the past, the comical Biblica Hipsteria video, because it is April Fool’s Day. [Uncategorized]

March 31, 10PM

A nice article by author Addie Zierman on A Toast to My Journey with Wine, which is about the joys of discovering wine after a youth of abstinence, and learning to enjoy it responsibly. I really do enjoy my wine, especially on weekends, with Italian and ... [Uncategorized]


In what will no doubt be a game changer in biblical studies, recent excavations have uncovered a document that appears to resemble the shared tradition of Matthew and Luke, i.e., the Q source! Initial reports are trickling in but it looks authentic. Pete... [Uncategorized]

March 30, 10PM

In her forthcoming book Gisela Kreglinger offers a fresh, holistic vision of the Christian life that sees God at work in all created things, including vineyards, the work of vintners, and the beauty of well-crafted wine shared with others around a table... [Uncategorized]

March 29, 10PM

Coming in October 2016! Though Paul is often lauded as the first great Christian theologian and a champion for Gentile inclusion in the church, in his own time he was regarded as a strange and controversial figure. In this book Pauline scholar Michael Bir... [Uncategorized]

March 28, 10PM

I had the great privilege of being invited to give a lecture at the Lanier Theology Library in Houston, Texas, USA back in February of this year. I gave a lecture on the Apocalyptic Paul, specifically, “A Story of Paul’s Theology Between Mess... [Uncategorized]

March 27, 11PM

TGC provides a great video of Rosaria Butterfield, a former Lesbian and LGBT professor, speaking candidly on some of the things Christians just don’t understand about those in the LGBT community. [Uncategorized]

March 26, 10PM

I post this every year, love it, an Easter Flash mob in Lebanon in 2011 sang an ancient Christian song about the risen Messiah. [Uncategorized]

March 25, 9PM

++ Glenn Davies gives his 2016 Easter message. [Uncategorized]

March 24, 10PM

This week at Ridley College, I had the pleasure of preaching three sermons on the Psalms for Holy Week. Everyone who has taken a class with me has drummed into them the three OT texts that are most cited in the NT. And they are Ps 110, 2, and 118. When ... [Uncategorized]

March 23, 10PM

Joseph Blenkinsopp Abraham: The Story of a Life Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015 Available at By Jill Firth Joseph Blenkinsopp is the John A. O’Brien Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Notre Dame. He is well known to theological studen... [Uncategorized]

March 22, 1PM

Over at the Zondervan Blog, Jeremy Bouma gives a summary of my take on Rom 3:21-31 from my Romans commentary under the heading “Gracism.” He closes with this: Bird introduces a theological neologism here, insisting Paul is ruling out ethnocent... [Uncategorized]

March 21, 11PM

Below is an interview between Eerdmans and D.A. Carson on the new book The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scripture, and its quite an interesting Q&A about several topics related to Scripture and Inerrancy. Carson is great to listen to here. An... [Uncategorized]

March 20, 10PM

I’m habitually reading back over N.T. Wright’s beast PFG and you keep getting hit with these dazzling quotes, like these: What Paul has done (or what someone else has done, which Paul is here quoting) is [in Cor 8:6] to separate out theos an... [Uncategorized]

March 18, 11PM

Eric Metaxas, bestselling author of biographies on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce will be touring Australia in April on his Fearless tour. See dates and details here. Does faith still have a role to play in public life? In these uncertain t... [Uncategorized]

March 17, 11PM

Here is a great video by my good friend Dr. Brant Pitre on the Jewish context of Jesus’ Last Supper: [Uncategorized]

March 16, 8PM

Over at Crux Sola, Nijay is announcing the chance to win a copy of E.P. Sanders’ new book on Paul which will be reviewed at IBR on 18 Nov (which you all know is my birthday). Here’s the deal: If you are planning on going to the session at I... [Uncategorized]

March 15, 11PM

I just got my copy of The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life: Ethical and Missional Implications of the New Perspective edited by Scot McKnight and Joseph Modica. While the NPP debate is now a bit passe, esp. when the “apocalyptic Paul” and... [Uncategorized]

March 14, 10PM

Found this great quote from Tim Keller about the access of the grace we through Christ: However, in light of my own parenting experience, I’d like to tweak it a bit: “The only person who can barge in on a king while he’s on the toilet ... [Uncategorized]

March 13, 11PM

The Australian Bible Society has a newspaper called Eternity and they’ve done a story where I give my testimony about how I came to faith. As a young teenager, Michael Bird was so anti-religion he would write poetry mocking belief in God. He saw Ch... [Uncategorized]


Paul the Jew: Rereading the Apostle as a Figure of Second Temple Judaism by Gabriele Boccaccini (Editor) Carlos A. Segovia (Editor) published by Fortress. Available 1st May 2016. See the preface here. The decades-long effort to understand the apostle Pau... [Uncategorized]

March 11, 9PM

John Goldingay Exodus and Leviticus for Everyone London: SPCK, 2010 Available at By Laura Paul The very first line of the introduction to John Goldingay’s Exodus and Leviticus for Everyone begins by noting that, “as far as Jesus and the New... [Uncategorized]

March 10, 10PM

For those of you who dare to read, study, teach, and preach from the General Epistles, the latest installment in the NCCS is Andrew M. Mbuvi, Jude and 2 Peter (NCCS; Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2015). This is a great volume, written by an African scholar (now ... [Uncategorized]

March 9, 10PM

Russell Moore is quickly becoming my second favourite Southern Baptist (behind, Timothy George – peace be upon him!), because he’s doing some good stuff like this excellent lecture on The Gospel vs. Sunday Morning Social Darwinianism. If I had... [Uncategorized]

March 8, 11PM

I just saw this today, Morna D. Hooker, “Another Look at πίστις Χριστοῦ,” SJT 69 (2016): 46-62. The debate regarding the meaning of πίστις Χριστοῦ in the Pauline epistles continues and is important because of its ... [Uncategorized]


David H. Wenkel Shining Like the Sun: A Biblical Theology of Meeting God Face to Face Wooster, OH: Weaver, 2016. Available at David Wenkel (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen) is an adjunct professor of Bible at Moody Bible Institute and one of my ... [Uncategorized]


I’m slowly reading over Rowan Williams’ book Meeting God in Paul and really loved this quote: I believe that we need to read Paul with a sense of his own intense conviction that he was exploring a new country – as fertile, beautiful and... [Uncategorized]

March 4, 10PM

Over at Remnant of Giants, Deane Galbraith has a good post on Luke knew Matthew, But Still Q. In The Gospel of the Lord I’ve advocated this and called this view the Holtzmann-Gundry Hypothesis (HGH) to the Synoptic problem (I hope it catches on)... [Uncategorized]


Nijay Gupta has some nice words about my Romans commentary over at this blog Crux Sola. This is a commentary I wrote, not for scholars, but more for pastors! I owe him a coke! [Uncategorized]

March 3, 9PM

Over behind the RBL pay wall is my review of Divine Visitations and Hospitality to Strangers in Luke-Acts: An Interpretation of the Malta Episode in Acts 28:1-10 by Joshua W. Jipp of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. In brief, Jipp’s thesis is tha... [Uncategorized]

March 2, 9PM

Steve and Sharol Hayner Joy in the Journey: Finding Abundance in the Shadow of Death Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2015. Available at By Felicity Clift I remember a lecturer asking my class of students to raise our hands if we knew som... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Mark L. Strauss Jesus Behaving Badly: The Puzzling Paradoxes of the Man from Galilee Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2015. Available at Reviewed by Adam Ch’ng All of us, to one extent or another, read our Bibles selectively.  Feel-goo... [Uncategorized]

March 1, 12 AM

Bart, Bird, and Blogs Over on his blog, Bart Ehrman responds to my arguments that the earliest Christology was not adoptionist (sorry, it is behind a pay wall, but Bart is trying to raise money for charity). During the Greer-Heard debate a couple of weeks... [Uncategorized]

February 27, 1AM

One of my PhD students, Brian Wright, has a good piece in TrinJ arguing that ancient literacy rates were probably quite higher than the 10-15% normally estimated for them. See his piece: Brian J. Wright, “Ancient Literacy in New Testament Research:... [Uncategorized]

February 26, 12 AM

I have been very gradually working my way through The West Wing, currently up to Season 2 and I just saw this epic scene where President Jed Bartlett lays into some conservative Christian radio show host for her views about homosexuality. I’ve heard... [Uncategorized]

February 24, 9PM

Charles Lee Irons, Danny Andre Dixon, and Dustin R. Smith The Son of God: Three Views of the Identity of Jesus Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2015. Available at Biblioblogger James McGrath gives a nice introduction to the volume setting out some... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

I forgot that 23 Feb is the traditional day for celebrating the anniversary of the Martyrdom of Polycarp. Then, the proconsul urged him, and saying, “Swear, and I will set you free, curseChrist;” Polycarp responded, “Eighty and six yea... [Uncategorized]

February 23, 6PM

Over at the Alliance of Evangelicals, Rick Phillips has a post on Social is Evil, concluding: Capitalism does not offer salvation: only Jesus can deliver us from our sins.  Socialism, on the other hand, is a manifestly evil system from which we should pr... [Uncategorized]

February 22, 2AM

Bruce W. Longenecker The Cross Before Constantine: The Early Life of a Christian Symbol Minneapolis: Fortress, 2015. Available at Easily the best book so far for 2016 is Bruce Longenecker’s small paper back on the cross before Constantine... [Uncategorized]

February 21, 8PM

Over at The Jesus Blog, James Crossley has a rather spirited response to my piece on Marcan Christology. Crossley thinks my post was a rhetorical over play on parallelomania. Here is my offending statement: “Parallels are good for mapping how rea... [Uncategorized]

February 20, 12 AM

After my initial post about Mark’s Divine Christology there have been a flurry of responses from varied folks, both critical and affirmative, commenting on aspects of Marcan Christology. Chris Keith has a great post on Maybe Mark Knew What He Was D... [Uncategorized]

February 19, 2AM

Over at Eerdmans, John Barclay responds to criticism from J.V. Fesko that his book Paul and the Gift is semi-pelagian. Fesko wrote: For all of his claims to move past the Old Perspective on Paul and the Augustine-Pelagius debate, this looks very much li... [Uncategorized]

February 16, 11PM

Over at Zondervan Academic, Jeremy Bouma blogs on Why Did Paul Write Romans? Michael Bird Offers Five Possible Reasons. Romans, then was “designed to win over the audience to Paul’s gospel, to support his mission in Spain, to draw Jewish and Gentile C... [Uncategorized]

February 15, 12 PM

God and the Faithfulness of Paul is a volume of international contributors which engages with N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God. A great study in Pauline theology by an international cast of biblical scholars and theologians. Edited ... [Uncategorized]

February 14, 6PM

Below is a video of the Greer-Heard forum on “How did Jesus become God?” with discussions between Bart Ehrman and Michael Bird, featuring also Larry Hurtado, Simon Gathercole, Dale Martin, and Jennifer Knust. It was an awesome time. Ehrman sk... [Uncategorized]

February 9, 3PM

In some promo pieces for the Greer-Heard Forum in New Orleans, Steve Morgan has an excellent interview with Simon Gathercole, Larry Hurtado, and Jennifer Knust about what to expect. Hope you are all coming, it starts this Friday! [Uncategorized]

February 8, 9AM

Over at Sola Crux, my buddy Nijay Gupta interviews me about “How I Do Research.” This is first in a series that Nijay is doing and I’m sure it will be great. Step One: Dress like a lumber jack and drink over-priced coffee. Step Two: Play... [Uncategorized]

February 6, 6AM

Zondervan has posted an excerpt from my Romans commentary, the “Live the Story” section on Romans 12.1-2. Yes, it includes a reference to Oliva Newton-John. [Uncategorized]
Glad to see that Kevin Emmert at CT lists my Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans as one of the must read theology books of 2016! An Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, And Romans, by Michael Bird (Eerdmans, October). Paul was a comple... [Uncategorized]

February 5, 9AM

John Goldingay Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Songs for Everyone London: SPCK, 2014. Available a By Felicity Clift If I was to attempt to summarise my first thoughts on Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs prior to reading John Gol... [Uncategorized]

February 4, 2PM

Is the Marcan Jesus identified with Yahweh? Brant Pitre draws on recent research to give an emphatic “Yes.” Is Jesus Merely a “Human Messiah” in Mark? Are Meier, Marcus, Yarbro-Collins, Boring, and Hays off base to see Jesus’ eg... [Uncategorized]

February 3, 12 PM

From Jimmy Kimmel, Jesus reads quotes from Republican Candidates. Hillarious! [Uncategorized]

February 2, 6PM

Preamble: Read Peter Lampe, Christians at Rome from Paul to Valentinus, 120-122. Bishop Callistus of Rome (217-22) had a problem. Many women from the Roman upper classes (senatorial and equestrian) had become Christians. However, there was a shortage of m... [Uncategorized]

January 30, 9PM

Over at RBL is my review of Lionel Windor’s volume on Paul and the Vocation of Israel: How Paul’s Jewish Identity Informs his Apostolic Ministry with Special Reference to Romans. Sadly, SBL membership required in order to read it (grrhhh). [Uncategorized]

January 27, 1AM

John Goldingay Numbers and Deuteronomy for Everyone London: SPCK, 2015. Available at By Felicity Clyft It is a bold claim to say that a book can be ‘for everyone’. From a literary point of view we might wonder if this is even possible. What... [Uncategorized]

January 26, 3PM

I have belatedly just become aware of the Illuminations commentary series edited by C.S. Seow with Loren Stuckenbruck, Scott Jones, and Judith Newman, published by Eerdmans. So far only C.S. Seow on Job 1-21 is out, but some capable scholars are lined up... [Uncategorized]

January 25, 4PM

Joe Valenti offers a nice review of Mending a Fractured Church (edited by M. Bird and B. Rosner, published by Lexham Press). The authors of these short essays do an excellent job of presenting their topics with clarity and brevity – showing from Scriptu... [Uncategorized]

January 24, 1AM

In my forthcoming book Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans (Eerdmans), I have a chapter on Paul and apocalyptic interpretation. Wish I had access to these books when I was writing it: Just saw this coming out from T&T Clark/Bloomsbury,... [Uncategorized]

January 23, 1AM

Great article by James Mumford on “A Truly Liberal Society Would Tolerate the Anglican Church’s Views on Sexuality,” in The Spectator: Back in 2013 advocates for same-sex marriage argued that the church’s beliefs about sexuality shoul... [Uncategorized]

January 22, 1AM

University of Western Sydney has a great advertisement featuring the story of Deng Thiak, a Sudanese child soldier, now refugee lawyer. [Uncategorized]

January 21, 1PM

Robert H. Gundry Peter — False Disciple and Apostate according to Saint Matthew Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at By Chris Porter In this short work Robert Gundry advances an intriguing hypothesis that the Matthean Gospel pr... [Uncategorized]

January 19, 11PM

The other day I was reading through an old article by M. Eugene Boring on Markan Christology, and came across this quote: The explicit use of God-language for Jesus by later NT authors and the classical creeds is in continuity with the Christology already... [Uncategorized]

January 16, 11PM

In just under a month, the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum will be happening  on the topic, How Did Jesus Become God? Speakers include Larry Hurtado, Simon Gathercole, and Michael Bird plus Bart Ehrman, Dale Martin, and Jennifer Knust. 12-13 Feb, at... [Uncategorized]

January 15, 2AM

Okay, how is this for a summary of Mark’s Christology: The Marcan Jesus participates in the kyricentricity of Israel’s God. He is identified as a pre-existent heavenly figure who has come to earth, who carries divine authority, who embodies royal ... [Uncategorized]

January 14, 1AM

Okay this is totes awesome funny: [Uncategorized]

January 10, 1AM

January 9, 1AM

Wilfried Härle Outline of Christian Doctrine: An Evangelical Dogmatics Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2015, ( trans. Ruth Yule and Nicholas Sagosvsky). Available at By Scott Harrower Wilfried Härle’s work is an overview of the central topics and c... [Uncategorized]

January 7, 1AM

Stanley E. Porter John, His Gospel, and Jesus: In Pursuit of the Johannine Voice Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at This volume is a collection of studies on the Gospel of John, based on a mixture of conference papers and previously... [Uncategorized]

January 6, 8PM

I’m sure many of you have heard the debate about the suspension and now intention of Wheaton College to fire Prof. Larycia Hawkins for her Facebook comments about whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God. CT has a good piece on the story ... [Uncategorized]

January 4, 10PM

Now in the Zondervan warehouse and coming to a store new you! My Romans commentary and Tremper Longman on Genesis. HT: Katya Covrett for the photo. [Uncategorized]

January 3, 2AM

I just heard the news of the passing of Helmut Koester (1926-2015). He was a towering figure in NT studies with volumes on the Jesus tradition, Gospels, trajectories in early Christianity, a very technical NT Intro, and the city of Ephesus. There is an o... [Uncategorized]

January 1, 5PM

Over at Syndicate Theology, there is a smack down taking place over John Millbank’s Beyond Secular Order with a critique by Eugene McCarraher and response by John Millbank. Wow, this is how academics do trash talk! I should add that Zondervan has... [Uncategorized]

December 30 2015, 6PM

David Seemuth of the Wisconsin Center for Christian Study has developed N.T. Wright Online where folks can, relatively inexpensively, do a number of on-line not-for-credit courses with N.T. Wright on topics like Galatians, Simply Good News, Worldviews and... [Uncategorized]

December 29, 11PM

John Goldingay Do We Need the New Testament? Letting the Old Speak for Itself. Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2015. Available at This book, mostly a collection of lectures by John Goldingay, allows Goldingay to play the part of provocateur by pushing ... [Uncategorized]


As a lecturer in a theological college, I’m constantly worried about my students, and always wondering how I can provide meaningful pastoral care for them during their studies. I frequently have students coming to my office feeling anxious, afraid, ... [Uncategorized]

December 13, 10PM

Con Campbell’s fine book, Advances in the Study of Greek: New Insights for Reading the New Testament, received quite a barrage of criticism from Nicholas Ellis and Michael Aubrey in a recent review in Themelios. My good friend Con asked me to post... [Uncategorized]


I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of I. Howard Marshall. Just yesterday I was reading his volume Origins of Christology and it reminded me of the stature of his work and even his boldness in going against (at the time) the scholarly grain. Ho... [Uncategorized]

December 12, 10PM

Richard Bauckham Gospel of Glory: Major Themes in Johannine Theology Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2015. Available at This is yet another good book on themes and issues from John’s Gospel by the indefatigable Richard Bauckham. It is based on s... [Uncategorized]

December 11, 10PM

Over at Ethos, my friend and colleague, Kara Martin, has a great piece on Being a Christian at Work – at Advent and Christmas. I’ll give you a hint, protesting about Starbucks cups is not how it is done! For those who are conscious of God’s ... [Uncategorized]

December 10, 10PM

Over at ABC Religion and Ethics, Australian/Greek philosopher N.N. Trakakis wrote an essay on Why I Am Not Orthodox which quickly becomes Why I am not Religious. He documents his journey from Greek Orthodoxy to Atheism. In response, Ben Myers has a great ... [Uncategorized]

December 9, 10PM

SBL has produced a great little video of the bestselling books at the recent SBL conference in Atlanta. Now, even more, I wish I had been there! [Uncategorized]

December 8, 10PM

The latest issue of Themelios is out and it includes Mark Strauss’ review of my book The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus. Strauss offers a very generous conclusion: This is an excellent book, a perfect complement... [Uncategorized]


David E. Garland A Theology of Mark’s Gospel BTNT; Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2015. Available at David E. Garland (George W. Truett Theological Seminary) has written a superb Theology of Mark’s Gospel (in addition to his very fine... [Uncategorized]

December 7, 2AM

I’ve been thinking what it would be like to set essay questions for students about alternative scenarios in church history. Students would answer questions on how would the history of Christianity and the Roman empire be different if … Wha... [Uncategorized]

December 4, 3PM

Over at Pilgrim in Narnia, Brenton Dickieson both opines and protests the lack of women in Zondervan Academic’s latest catalogue. Dickieson notes the absence of women from authored books, as contributors to books, and even as endorsers of books. In... [Uncategorized]

December 3, 9PM

Morling College (a Baptist College in Australia) last year hosted a great event called The Gender Conversation with a variety of speakers and presenters from all over Australia. I gave a talk on the NT household codes, other people talked about egalitaria... [Uncategorized]

December 2, 10PM

Amos Yong Renewing Christian Theology: Systematics for a Global Christianity Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2014. Available at This is an exciting volume by an Asian-American Pentecostal scholar about Christian theology (with much art and c... [Uncategorized]

November 30, 4AM

Following Romans (Feb 2016), my next book due out is What Christians ought to Believe: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine Through the Apostles’ Creed available in July 2016 from Zondervan. And it is now ready for pre-order at He... [Uncategorized]

November 28, 10PM

As many readers of Euangelion know, I couldn’t make it to ETS/IBR/SBL this year, but I’ve been coy with the actual reason why. Well, on Nov 28, I was ordained as an Anglican Priest with a cohort of 26 other deacons at St. Paul’s Cathed... [Uncategorized]

November 26, 1AM

NTS 62.1 (2016) is here: Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr Jakobus und Paulus über das Innere des Menschen und den Ursprung seiner ethischen Entscheidungen  David Luckensmeyer and Bronwen Neil Reading First Thessalonians as a Consolatory Letter in Light of Seneca ... [Uncategorized]

November 24, 12 AM

Don Little Effective Discipling in Muslim Communities Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2015. Available at Review by C. Hine Don Little is a seasoned practitioner in walking with those who choose to follow Jesus from a Muslim heritage. His recently publi... [Uncategorized]

November 23, 2AM

If you want to know what the problem is at places like Mizzou, then watch the short film by Neel Kolhatkar called “Modern Educayshun.” It is a send-up of social justice political correctness gone cray cray. My favourite line: “Stop viola... [Uncategorized]

November 21, 10PM

My PhD student Brian Wright has an article coming out in TrinJ about literacy in the ancient world. He questions the consensus (e.g., Harris and Hezser) and contends that literacy levels were probably far higher than often assumed. You can view it here. [Uncategorized]

November 20, 3PM

In my previous post on Things to do at ETS/IBR/SBL I said that people should ask the Eerdmans folks that on a scale between Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, what is it like to work with Mike Bird?  Over at the Eerdmans Blog, they’ve posted some pho... [Uncategorized]

November 19, 9PM

Guy Mason, Lead Pastor of the Melbourne Church, City on a Hill, gave a great talk at Ridley College’s annual dinner. It is about training leaders in a digital age. It is well worth listening to by anyone who is involved in theological education and... [Uncategorized]

November 18, 3PM

The Tasmanian anti-discrimination tribunal has asserted that Catholic Archbishop, Julian Porteous, does have a case to answer in regards to the complaint made by a LGBT activist for his Diocese distributing the booklet, Don’t Mess with Marriage. T... [Uncategorized]

November 17, 10PM

On the occasion of my 41st birthday, I’m proud to announce the release of an illustrated biography of my boyhood years, written especially for children. It is based on interviews with myself and my siblings and utilizes several drawings that I made ... [Uncategorized]

November 15, 3PM

Time for my annual “to do list” for ETS/IBR/SBL. For a start, weep, mourn, and wail for me as I won’t be there. Sadly, I won’t be able to hear all the good papers, see the latest books, catch up with editors, hang out with all of ... [Uncategorized]

November 13, 3AM

Jesus without Borders: Christology in the Majority World Gene L. Green , Stephen T. Pardue, K. K. Yeo Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at By Chris Porter Since the work of Lesslie Newbigin the observation that cross-cultural theologi... [Uncategorized]

November 11, 11PM

I’ve been reading Roger Olson and Christian Winn on Reclaiming Pietism which urges the case for reclaiming pietism as a way of shaping evangelicalism. It’s a great book and I thought the main tenets of conclusion were worth sharing. “... [Uncategorized]

November 9, 10PM

The latest issue of JSHJ includes: Eric Eve Orality is No Dead-End Sean F. Everton What Are the Odds? The Jesus Seminar’s Question for Objectivity Tobias Hagerland The Future of Criteria in Historical Jesus Research Jordan J. Ryan Jesus at the Cr... [Uncategorized]

November 8, 10PM

Christopher J.H. Wright The Message of Lamentations (BST) Downers Grove: IVP, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth Christopher Wright sets the Book of Lamentations in our contemporary life context by dedicating the work to Syria’s suffering child... [Uncategorized]

November 7, 10PM

Robin A. Parry The Biblical Cosmos: A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Weird and Wonderful World of the Bible. Cambridge: Lutterworth Press, 2015. Available at Reviewed by Jill Firth ‘This book is smokin’ hot! I wish I’d read this while I was al... [Uncategorized]

November 6, 2PM

Fortress press had a 20 page excerpt of Josh Jipp’s book Christ is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology.  Here’s the blurb: Until recently, many scholars have read Paul’s use of the word Christos as more of a proper name (“Jesus Christ”... [Uncategorized]

November 5, 3AM

Just found this great quote by James Scott about the opening of Mark’s Gospel and the theme of “end-of-exile.” ‘Taken as a whole, then, the introduction to Mark’s Gospel provides a mutually reinforcing, prophetic picture of the focus... [Uncategorized]

November 4, 7PM

Another one year position at Wheaton College, this time for someone with a NT/Archaeology background. WHEATON COLLEGE DEPARTMENT OF BIBLICAL AND THEOLOGICAL STUDIES Wheaton College seeks candidates who are specialists in New Testament Literature and Exege... [Uncategorized]

November 3, 11PM

Can anyone name me the NT scholar who said this about the citation of Jer 31.15 in Matt 2.18? ‘The tears of exile are now being “fulfilled” – i.e., the tears begun in Jeremiah’s day are climaxed and ended by the tears of the mothers of Bethlehem... [Uncategorized]

October 31, 10PM

Ridley College, with guest contributor Peter Leithart, have produced a volume on what to do when Christians disagree. It called: Mending a Fractured Church: How to Seek Unity with Integrity (Bellingham, WA: Lexham, 2015) edited by Michael Bird and Brian ... [Uncategorized]

October 30, 3PM

Kevin Emmert has a piece over at CT about Robert Gundry’s controversial new book which argues that Matthew’s Gospel portrays Peter as a false disciple of Jesus. The book in question is Peter-False Disciple and Apostate According to Saint Matt... [Uncategorized]

October 29, 10PM

Wheaton College seeks candidates who are specialists in New Testament Literature and Exegesis for a Visiting Assistant Professor of New Testament. The position is a non tenure-track appointment for one year with possible extension to three years to begin ... [Uncategorized]


After reading a few blog feeds I made the mistake of googling “N.T. Wright” and “Theocracy” and the hysteria from critics is something to behold. You can read about it on the UK’s Christian Today and see the reaction at the... [Uncategorized]

October 27, 10PM

If you know anything about twentieth century trinitarian theology, then you’ll find this funny:   Me and my colleague Scott Harrower with Sharm in the middle like Jesus between two thieves. [Uncategorized]

October 26, 11PM

Over at the Aussie Bible Society page, Michael Jensen has a great post on Evangelicalism: A Word Worth Keeping. I know American friends who have abandoned the term because in the USA what counts as “evangelical” is now so broad as to be meanin... [Uncategorized]

October 25, 11PM

I just saw on Amazon that Stanley Porter’s much anticipated Romans commentary is now out. No doubt will be worth checking out. So new or forthcoming Romans commentaries now include Bird (SGBC), Longenecker (NIGTC), Thielman (ZEC), and Gaventa (NTL)... [Uncategorized]

October 20, 10PM

Ed Sanders has a great essay on “Did Paul’s Theology Develop?” in the Richard Hays festschrift The Word Leaps the Gap where he offers a nice summary of Paul as “human and missionary.” He writes: First, a reminder about Paul ... [Uncategorized]

October 19, 10PM

I have been called a fundamentalist, a moderate, and a liberal. Even worse, I was once accused of being … I struggle to say it … “English.” On “fundamentalist” as a term of derision, David Lincicum posted a great quote ... [Uncategorized]

October 18, 11PM

Justin L. Gonzalez The Story Luke Tells: Luke’s Unique Witness to the Gospel Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at Justin Gonzalez, known for his works on church history, turns his hand to the first church historian, St. Luke. Th... [Uncategorized]

October 17, 11PM

Some great articles in the latest issue of JSPL: Siu Fung Wu Participating in God’s Purpose by Following the Cruciform Pattern of Christ: The Use of Psalm 69:9b in Romans 15:3 Matthew E. Gordley Galatians and the Progymnasmata on Refuting a Law: A ... [Uncategorized]


Stephen N. Williams The Election of Grace: A Riddle without a Resolution? The Kanzer Lectures in Revealed Theology. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available from Stephen Williams offers here a charming book on the knotty subject of election... [Uncategorized]

October 16, 10PM

Matt Chandler has a great sermon series on the Apostles’ Creed with some good resources including wallpapers and music suggestions. I also love how he describes the importance of the creeds to The Village Church in the first sermon: Here’s som... [Uncategorized]

October 15, 11PM

Interesting piece in HuffPo about the possibility of female deacons in the Catholic church. Jesus’ Apostles established the order of deacons mainly to carry out the charitable mission of the church. In the Catholic tradition, the role was eventually sub... [Uncategorized]

October 14, 10PM

Over at TGC-A, Hefin Jones has a nice review of my The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus. Who should read this book? Anyone who has a shred of interest in historical Jesus research. If you are anything like me and haven’... [Uncategorized]

October 13, 11PM

Being the good reformed theologian I am, I try to break down all theologies into five points and convert them into the acronym of TULIP. Francis Watson did a good job many years ago providing the TULIP of the New Perspective on Paul (see here). Below I p... [Uncategorized]

October 12, 11PM

Over at B&I, Judith Lieu gives a summary of recent research on Marcion and what it means for NT studies and Christian origins: Marcion and the Idea of Heresy. Well worth a read. Her new book is Marcion and the Making of a Heretic: God and Scripture ... [Uncategorized]

October 11, 11PM

So why did the Romans persecute Christians? Well, in my estimation, Roman attitudes towards Christ-believers highlight the incommensurability between Christ-devotion and Roman religion, especially in relation to the imperial cults. The Christ-believers wh... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Stephen Altrogge of The Blazing Center has a whimsical piece on Early Warning Signs of Adult Onset Calvin. Among the symptoms of AOC are: A strange and inexplicable ability to listen to 300 John Piper sermons in a single day. A burning passion to convert... [Uncategorized]

October 9, 11PM

I just learned about the launch of the North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature (NASSCAL). President Tony Burke writes on their site: The North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature is a scholarl... [Uncategorized]

October 8, 11PM

I have some student writing an essay for me on theosis, so they will naturally appreciate Carl Mosser’s short clip explaining the biblical basis and meaning of theosis. [Uncategorized]


Alex Ramos, a PhD student at Penn State, has a set of Byzantine-style icons of Star Wars characters. You have to check it out. See here.   [Uncategorized]

October 5, 9PM

As many of you Paulinistas are aware, John Barclay’s long awaited volume Paul & the Gift (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015) is now out. This is thought to be a landmark volume in the whole question of Jewish and Pauline soteriologies. A review... [Uncategorized]

October 4, 11PM

In February 2014, Valentine’s Day weekend, at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, is the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum debating aspects of Christology and Christian Origins. Speakers include Larry Hurtado, Simon Gathercole, Michael Bird... [Uncategorized]

October 2, 2AM

Great quote from Bruce Longenecker on salvation-history: In effecting salvation in Christ, God has not avoided, neglected, trivialized or rendered irrelevant Israel’s situation. Instead, the situation of Israel is the arena wherein God’s transforming ... [Uncategorized]

October 1, 4AM

I have always thought that my country of Australia was a tolerant place for people of all faiths and none. However, two recent events in the last 48 hours have convinced me that this might no longer be the case as the political left is flexing its muscl... [Uncategorized]

September 30, 10PM

Over at the Ridley Website, I have a short piece on what Protestants, Evangelical Anglicans in particular, should make of Pope Francis and his whirlwind tour of the USA. Here is my introduction: It’s hard not to like Pope Francis. On the one hand, he re... [Uncategorized]

September 29, 11PM

John Byron and Joel N. Lohr (eds.) I (Still) Believe: Leading Bible Scholars Share Their Stories of Faith and Scholarship Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2015. Available at This is a refreshing and inspiring read about Christian scholars who have ... [Uncategorized]

September 28, 10PM

If you are wanting to read stuff on the NT and the Imperial Cult, wrestle with the counter-imperial Paul, and the whole “Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not” thing, well here’s my recommended reading: 10. Denny Burk, “Is Paul’s Gospel Count... [Uncategorized]

September 27, 11PM

I’ve been reading through Luke Timothy Johnson’s The Creed and found this provocative statement: [T]he most remarkable evidence for Christianity’s confusion – at both extremes [progressive and conservative] – is the fact tha... [Uncategorized]

September 26, 11PM

Logan Williams has a nice piece over at The Two Cities on Why Did Jesus Use Alcohol for Communion? As a wine lover, I was already convinced, but loved his conclusion: “Oh Death, where is your sting?!” cries the prophet! The ascetic taste, the stin... [Uncategorized]

September 25, 10PM

Coming out either late 2015 or early 2016 is this beast of a book: Michael F. Bird, Christoph Heilig, J. Thomas Hewitt (eds.) God and the Faithfulness of Paul: A Critical Examination of the Pauline Theology of N.T. Wright WUNT 2; Tuebingen: Mohr/Siebeck, ... [Uncategorized]

September 24, 11PM

David A. deSilva, who is currently busy writing a commentary on Galatians for the NICNT series, has a punchy and controversial book out about justification by faith called Transformation: The Heart of Paul’s Gospel (Snapshots 1; ed. M.F. Bird; Bel... [Uncategorized]

September 23, 11PM

A short and very pointed book about Israel and the Church has just been released: P. Chase Sears, Heirs of the Promise: The Church as the New Israel in Romans (Snapshots; ed. M.F. Bird; Bellingham, WA: Lexham, 2015). Available in paper back and esp. thro... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

ABC Religion and Ethics has published my piece on: Whose Religion? Which Secularism? Australia Has a Serious Religious Literacy Problem Where I show the slipperiness of the term “secularism,” try to explain to secularists why people actually e... [Uncategorized]

September 13, 10PM

SENIOR LECTURER/LECTURER IN NEW TESTAMENT (2016) Trinity Theological College, Perth an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology, invites expressions of interest and nominations for the position of full-time Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in New ... [Uncategorized]

September 12, 10PM

I’m refurbishing an old essay on “Salvation in Paul’s Judaism” and Preston Sprinkle is a good dialogue partner to spring ideas off: Paul teaches that salvation comes from Judaism in a positive sense in terms of its point of origin... [Uncategorized]

September 11, 10PM

For those in Baltimore or nearby, you might wanna get to this: N.T. Wright Conference: The Royal Power of the Cross November 18-19, 2015 The Ecumenical Institute of Theology of St. Mary’s Seminary & University, Baltimore, MD Wednesday, Nov. 18,... [Uncategorized]

September 10, 10PM

John Goldingay  Isaiah for Everyone London: SPCK, 2015. Available at Many of us have favourite passages in Isaiah, such as the promises for the child to be born in Isaiah 9, or the suffering servant of chapter 53. Other passages are puzzling, ... [Uncategorized]

September 9, 9PM

John Goldingay  Jeremiah for Everyone London: SPCK, 2015. Available at Goldingay’s magnum opus is nearly complete with the publication of Jeremiah for Everyone, while Lamentations and Ezekiel for Everyone will be available in April 2016, fo... [Uncategorized]

September 3, 2AM

The guys at The Bible Project have produced probably the best intro video to Paul’s letter to the Romans that I’ve seen. I recommend this for churches, Bible study groups, and youth groups. Part 1 Part 2 [Uncategorized]

August 31, 10PM

From the good folks at Zondervan, this is just hilarious! I think this could be the future ecumenism!! [Uncategorized]

August 28, 5PM

I was glad to see a very positive review of Lynn Cohick’s NCCS volume on Ephesians posted at RBL. Cohick provides a very accessible, nontechnical commentary that is geared toward the nonspecialist. She rarely delves into the Greek text but occasiona... [Uncategorized]

August 26, 4PM

Anthony R. Petterson Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi (Apollos Old Testament Commentary; Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2015) Available at By Len Firth Anthony R Petterson’s Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi is a gem. It forms part of the Apollos ... [Uncategorized]

August 21, 3PM

Mark Yarhouse Understanding Gender Dysphoria: Navigating Transgender Issues in a Challenging Culture Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2015. Available at Reviewed by Chris Porter Gender dysphoria (GD) and transgender issues are currently a hot topic in t... [Uncategorized]

August 19, 11PM

Constantine R. Campbell Advances in the Study of Greek: New Insights for Reading the New Testament Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2015. Available at Time to get your Greek geek on cause there are two great books out about the study of NT Greek. T... [Uncategorized]


Brendan O’Neill, the editor of Spiked, by his own admission a “godless Brit,” argues that the liberal left is illiberal and intolerant on how it treats dissenters of same sex marriage. See his article at The Australian on The New Dark ... [Uncategorized]

August 17, 10PM

I just got my hands on a new NIV Zondervan Study Bible. There are some great one’s around, the ESV Study Bible and the HCSB too. The new NIV Zondervan Study Bible is edited by D.A. Carson, it has the usual maps and charts one would expect, plus a gr... [Uncategorized]

August 16, 10PM

A great piece by Russell Moore on Catacombs, Cathedrals, and the Kingdom. There’s a lot in church history that went wrong. The people who build the majestic cathedrals were sinners deserving of hell. So were the martyrs of the catacombs. So are we. Lots... [Uncategorized]

August 13, 9PM

My interview with Rachael and Jonathan Lopez, who leave this weekend to join a monastic community in Canterbury for a year! How does a Filipino boxer and a Post-Pentecostal Anglican end up going on a one year monastic retreat in Canterbury? Jonathan ̵... [Uncategorized]

August 12, 10PM

Matthew W. Bates The Birth of the Trinity: Jesus, God, and the Spirit in New Testament & Early Christian Interpretations of the Old Testament Oxford: OUP, 2015. Available at In a fresh approach to Christian trinitarian interpretation, Bates... [Uncategorized]


Wesley Hill Paul and the Trinity: Persons, Relations, and the Pauline Letters Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available from This is a bold and and breath-taking volume that attempts to show that Paul was a genuinely trinitarian theologian, n... [Uncategorized]

August 11, 10PM

Os Guinness Fool’s Talk: Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2015. Available at By Kara Martin. Os Guinness is one of the most persuasive Christians I have heard, and his work amongst non-believers (for exam... [Uncategorized]

August 10, 10PM

I spent most of July travelling around Israel, Greece, and Rome with N.T. Wright and four wonderful guys from Zondervan,  filming materials for a DVD about the New Testament and the early church. The DVD will go with a NT Intro that we’re working... [Uncategorized]

August 9, 10PM

Bruce A. Ware and John Starke (editors) One God in Three Persons: Unity of Essence, Distinction of Persons, Implications for Life Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2015. Available at This volume contains a number of essays that deal with the theme of Trin... [Uncategorized]

August 7, 10PM

Thomas A. Noble & Jason S. Sexton (editors) The Holy Trinity Revisited: Essays in Response to Stephen R. Holmes Milton Keynes, UK: Paternoster, 2014. Available at Stephen Holmes’ book The Holy Trinity (UK edition) or The Quest for th... [Uncategorized]

August 6, 10PM

Jason S. Sexton (Editor) Stephen Holmes, Paul Molnar, Thomas McCall, and Paul Fiddes (Contributors) Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014. Available at This book is a good summary of a debate about the ̶... [Uncategorized]

August 5, 10PM

I always begin my lectures on the Trinity by showing students the clip where Benny Hinn claims that there are nine persons in the Trinity. [Uncategorized]

August 4, 10PM

James M. Hamilton Song of Songs: A Biblical-Theological, Allegorical, Christological Interpretation Focus on the Bible Fearn, Ross Shire: Christian Focus, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth James M. Hamilton Jr. is professor of biblical theology ... [Uncategorized]

August 3, 11PM

James R. Edwards The Gospel according to Luke (PNTC) Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at By Ben Sutton In the newest release from Eerdmans’ Pillar New Testament Commentary Series, Professor James Edwards (Whitworth University) foll... [Uncategorized]

August 2, 11PM

I’m having a further read through Brent Nongbri’s book Before Religion: A History of a Modern Concept (New Haven, CN: Yale University Press, 2013), where he argues that there is no ancient word equivalent to “religion” because mod... [Uncategorized]


Over at Bible and Interpretation, Michael Kok- a young scholar, who has written a wonderful PhD thesis on the second century reception of Mark’s Gospel – has posed some questions for the Early High Christology Club: First, is there a concern ... [Uncategorized]

August 1, 10PM

On the whole “exile” debate, note John Goldingay’s approach: We are not in exile; we are simply people who have been outvoted, literally and/or metaphorically. Exile happens to people who are not citizens and not members of imperial powe... [Uncategorized]


David A. deSilva Day of Atonement: A Novel of the Maccabean Revolt Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel, 2015. Available at New Testament scholar David deSilva (Ashland Theological Seminary) has written an absolutely brilliant historical novel about the Ma... [Uncategorized]

July 31, 8PM

Over at Theologues is my lengthy and critical review of Tony Jones’ book Did God Kill Jesus? There is some okay stuff in this book, but on the whole, it is a failed attempt to displace traditional accounts of the atonement and it sets forth an im... [Uncategorized]

July 30, 10PM

I’ve been browsing through Bradley G. Green’s book Covenant and Commandment: Works, Obedience and Faithfulness in the Christian Life. I really liked his fair and sympathetic yet not uncritical reading of N.T. Wright on justification and his i... [Uncategorized]

July 29, 11PM

Michael J. Gorman Becoming the Gospel: Paul, Participation, and Mission Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at Michael Gorman is a genius at weaving together Pauline theology, cruciformed spirituality, and the Missio Dei. This volume is... [Uncategorized]

July 28, 10PM

Douglas A. Campbell Framing Paul: An Epistolary Biography Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at Doug Campbell’s book is an adventurous, bold, and thought-provoking attempt to re-think Pauline chronology with a pure reliance on th... [Uncategorized]

July 27, 10PM

Mark Sheridan Language for God in Patristic Tradition: Wrestling with Anthropomorphism Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2015. Available at In this volume, Mark Sheridan wrestles with biblical anthropomorphism, the depiction of God as a human fi... [Uncategorized]

July 26, 3PM

Faithlife (aka Logos) has a great interview with Dr. Stephen Chester about the Apostle Paul. Stephen has done some great work on the reception of Paul among the Reformers, esp. Martin Luther. In fact, before anyone engages in Lutheran bashing, they really... [Uncategorized]

July 25, 10PM

J.B. Lightfoot Eds. Ben Witherington & Todd Still The Acts of the Apostles: A Newly Discovered Commentary: The Lightfoot Legacy Set: Volume 1 Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2914, Available at J.B. Lightfoot (1828-89) was one of the preemi... [Uncategorized]

July 24, 11PM

Amos Yong The Future of Evangelical Theology: Soundings from the Asian American Diaspora Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2014. Available at Amos Yong, a theology professor at Fuller Seminary, in this volume offers some reflections on the futur... [Uncategorized]

July 23, 10PM

Ben C. Blackwell, John K. Goodrich, and Jason Maston (eds). Reading Romans in Context: Paul and Second Temple Judaism Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2015. Available at This is a very helpful volume about the Jewish background to Romans which show... [Uncategorized]

July 22, 10PM

Matthias Henze (ed.) A Companion to Biblical Interpretation in Early Judaism Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012. Available at This is a very useful volume about Jewish interpretation of the Hebrew and Greek Bibles. The introductory chapter by Jam... [Uncategorized]

July 21, 10PM

Sean Freyne The Jesus Movement and Its Expansion Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at The late Sean Freyne is best known for his work on Jesus and the Jesus movement in Galilee. This book, published posthumously, includes great summa... [Uncategorized]

July 20, 11PM

Peter H. Davids A Theology of James, Peter, and Jude BTNT; Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014. Available at Peter Davids is one of those brave and rare individuals who has decided to specialize in the study of the Catholic Epistles. His various ... [Uncategorized]

July 19, 11PM

Michael Graves The Inspiration and Interpretation of Scripture: What the Early Church Can Teach Us Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at Michael Graves’ book on patristic views of inspiration and interpretation is a particularly ... [Uncategorized]
Michael W. Goheen Introducing Christian Mission Today: Scripture, History and Issues Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2014. Available at This is a wonderful book and is a worthy replacement to David Bosch’s brilliant but dated work Trans... [Uncategorized]


Matthew R. Malcolm (ed). All That the Prophets Have Declared: The Appropriation of Scripture in the Emergence of Christianity Milton Keynes, UK: Paternoster, 2015. Available at This volume examines how Jesus and the New Testament writers use th... [Uncategorized]

July 17, 5PM

There’s a few good Romans commentaries coming out soon. Richard Longencker (NIGTC), Frank Thielman (ZECNT), and Beverly Gaventa (NTL). For those interested, February 2016 will see the release of my forthcoming volume on Romans in the SGBC series. &... [Uncategorized]

July 16, 11PM

Richard Horsley & Tom Thatcher John, Jesus & the Renewal of Israel Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at This is a bold book about how the Gospel of John contributes to the picture of the historical Jesus as a prophet of Israel... [Uncategorized]


Over at the OUP blog is a great piece by Karel and Iris Schrijver on What Makes Earth ‘Just Right’ for Life? There is nothing religious or theological about it, however, it looks like a great piece of evidence for intelligent design. The earth... [Uncategorized]

July 15, 11PM

Richard Horsley The Prophet Jesus and the Renewal of Israel: Moving Beyond a Diversionary Debate Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012. Available at An old nutty debate in historical Jesus studies was whether Jesus was a Cynic-like teacher of Jewish... [Uncategorized]


Vernon K. Robbins Who Do People Say I Am? Rewriting Gospel in Emerging Christianity Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at This is a helpful summary of the portraits of Jesus in Q, the canonical Gospels, and even in non-canonical writin... [Uncategorized]

July 14, 10PM

Here’s a nice video about the making of the NIV. Also, a new edition of the NIV Study Bible is out edited by D.A. Carson. [Uncategorized]


Simon Gathercole has a great piece in CT on 5 Reasons why the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife is a Fake. Stephen Carlson also has a great follow-up on Red Flags of a Forgery. And who says biblical studies is boring? Its like Myth-Busters meets Indian Jones! [Uncategorized]

July 13, 3AM

Aaron Chalmers  Interpreting the Prophets: Reading, Understanding and Preaching from the Worlds of the Prophets  Downer’s Grove: IVP Academic, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth Aaron Chalmers is head of the School of Ministry, Theology and C... [Uncategorized]

June 27, 4AM

I’m now off on my first trip to the Holy Land, Corinth, Athens,and Rome to join Tom Wright to film a DVD about the New Testament and the early church for Zondervan. If you need me, I’ll be cruising the eastern Mediterranean, eating souvlaki, a... [Uncategorized]

June 26, 4PM

I’m sure many feel like this right now: To my American friends, instead of lamenting that Zion has fallen, or thinking about how to rebuild it, time to wise-up and realize that you’re living in Babylon, and she ain’t in a repenting mood... [Uncategorized]

June 25, 11PM

Michael Horton Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. Available at Review by Kara Martin This morning my family went to church in a different suburb, a different state, to our usual church. We were... [Uncategorized]

June 24, 11PM

I did an interview with Eerdword as part of their On My Bookshelf series. I list five books that have influenced me or that I have really, really enjoyed.   [Uncategorized]

June 23, 10PM

N.T. Wright gives a “Talk at Google” on his book Simply Good News. [Uncategorized]

June 22, 10PM

Great stuff from Kevin Vanhoozer and Center for Pastor Theologians: “theology is about preserving the integrity of the gospel.” [Uncategorized]

June 20, 10PM

Exactly ten years ago today I began the blog Euangelion as a type of open note book to post my thoughts about biblical studies, theology, and the Christian faith. We’ve had well over a million hits, thousands of blog posts, and oodles of comments. T... [Uncategorized]

June 18, 10PM

Over at The Guardian, John Gray writes on What Scares the New Atheists, a great read: In 1929, the Thinker’s Library, a series established by the Rationalist Press Association to advance secular thinking and counter the influence of religion in Britain,... [Uncategorized]


Find here my RBL review of : Greek Patristic and Eastern Orthodox Interpretations of Romans Patte, Daniel and Vasile Mihoc, editors London: Bloomsbury, 2013 pp. vi + 228. $39.9 “In sum, a commendable volume on Greek patristic interpretations of Roma... [Uncategorized]

June 17, 10PM

Justin Marc Smith has a great little article over at Biblical Interpretation on Genre Matters: What Kind of Bioi are the Canonical Gospels? Why does any of this matter? If we understand the canonical gospels to be of a certain type of literature, then n... [Uncategorized]

June 16, 10PM

My friend Dr. Jason Sexton has a good piece on Children of the Abyss about juvenile incarceration which is worth reading. I’m confronted with it as my children get older. They often wonder about my childhood, where I grew up, where my tattoos came from... [Uncategorized]


E.P. Sanders, Paul: The Apostles’ Life, Letters, and Thought. Decades after setting the study of Paul on a profoundly new footing with Paul and Palestinian Judaism(Fortress Press, 1977), E. P. Sanders now offers an expansive introduction to the ap... [Uncategorized]

June 15, 11PM

In Aussie evangelical circles there is a debate going on about the church going into a cultural exile and what we should do about it. The first is by Steve McAlpine over at TGC-A on Stage Two Exile: Are You Ready For It? He argues that we need to face a c... [Uncategorized]

June 14, 11PM

In this video Richard Hays dialogues with Lynn Cohick, David Capes, and Carey Newman about his book Reading Backwards. A great line up with some great discussion. HT: Nijay Gupta. [Uncategorized]

June 13, 10PM

I wrote this short piece for the Harvard Christian fellowship journal Icthus on Kyrios Christos: The Lordship of Jesus Christ Today. To profess that Jesus is Lord is to make no empty claim. It is the singular most important confession that a person can ma... [Uncategorized]

June 12, 10PM

Over at the Missio Alliance, Pastor William Walker has an article on Payment or Forgiveness: Putting the Gospel Back into the Atonement. In the article, Walker claims that folks like Wright and McKnight have brought a great corrective to evangelical theo... [Uncategorized]

June 10, 10PM

At the moment the state of Pauline scholarship could be divided into four basic camps: (1) Traditional Protestant. Paul was preacher of grace that stands in contrasts to the legalism/nomism of second temple Judaism. In some versions, this is accompanied ... [Uncategorized]

June 9, 11PM

Spend a 10-week semester in Ridley’s Eastern Mediterranean Program based in the resort city of Antalya Turkey including a study tour of Israel and archaeological field trips throughout Turkey. In a very exciting development for Ridley College, we have e... [Uncategorized]


It’s not often that religion gets top tier billing in the Aussie news cycle , but it did this week with the uproar over Hillsong inviting Mark Driscoll to speak at their annual conference which is, incidentally, the biggest Christian conference in... [Uncategorized]

June 8, 11PM

One of my favourite stories from the Babylonian Talmud: It has been taught: On that day R. Eliezer brought forward every imaginable argument for his teaching about the cleanness of ovens made with sand, but the other rabbis did not accept his teaching. So... [Uncategorized]

June 7, 7PM

I know I’m a bit late on this, but American biblical scholar J. Louis Martyn passed away earlier this week. Martyn will be best remembered for his contribution to Johannine and Pauline studies. Including a celebrated Galatians commentary in Anchor ... [Uncategorized]

June 6, 10PM

A great review of Ridley On-line by TEDS student Jennifer Guo Have you had a desire for formal theological education, but do not have the means to pause your life for a few years and move to a different city/state? While many seminaries are starting to de... [Uncategorized]

June 5, 10PM

For those inclined, Christians for Biblical Equality are having a conference in L.A. in July on the them of “Becoming New: Man and Woman Together in Christ” Speakers include John Stackhouse, Ken Fong, Anne Zaki, and Adelita Garza. I’... [Uncategorized]

June 4, 11PM

There is a lengthy review by James H. Charlesworth over at RBL on a new book about Qumran and the Scrolls. But in the review, Charlesworth sums up what he thinks are the six basic conclusions most Qumranologists would concur about: The leading Qumranologi... [Uncategorized]

June 3, 10PM

These days, we are hearing about the evils of hetero-normativity, the prejudiced and intolerant view that heterosexual relationships are somehow normal. But coming to a theatre near  you will be mono-normativity, the prejudiced and intolerant view that ... [Uncategorized]

June 2, 11PM

I was interviewed over at Amateur Theologians about Romans in light of my forthcoming commentary. How has the theology of Romans shaped your scholarship and personal life?  In many ways! Just yesterday I finished teaching a course on Romans and it was a ... [Uncategorized]

May 31, 10PM

For one day only, 2 June, Zondervan is selling an ebook of Evangelical Theology for just $5.99. Don’t miss today’s flash sale on the Evangelical Theology eBook. You can get it for just $5.99 — that’s 84% off!This sale price ends Tuesd... [Uncategorized]

May 29, 11PM

John G. Gager, “Jacob Taubes, Michael Wyschogrod, and radical Jewish approaches to Paul and ‘early Christianity’ ” John Gager’s audio presentation at the Philadlephia Seminar on Christian Origins is available in audio here.   [Uncategorized]

May 28, 11PM

For my Aussie friends, you might be interested in Church planting advisor/cultural commentator Ed Setzer’s observations on Christianity in Australia. Here at Christianity Today What are some of the best ways to teach the Bible in a secularised socie... [Uncategorized]

May 27, 11PM

Over at MRB, is a great review by T.J. Lang on Benjamin White’s book Remembering Paul. An approach to Paul which is attuned to social memory would attend more seriously to the broad impressions of Paul that are reflected in ancient Pauline traditio... [Uncategorized]


Over at CT is a great article (mostly behind pay-well) about Kevin Vanhoozer, his career, and theological significance. As I tell my students, I like my theology KJV-Only, Kevin James Vanhoozer!   [Uncategorized]

May 25, 11PM

Below, Prof. Amy-Jill Levine gives a lecture on Jesus from a Jewish and pluralistic perspective. It makes for an interesting listen as Levine is an eloquent speaker and she makes some points that will prove thought-provoking for all. [Uncategorized]

May 24, 3PM

I was surprised to get twitter and facebook notices that Daniel Boyarin had used me as a negative foil in his lecture on “Two Pharisees: Flavius Josephus and Paul the Apostle” recently given in Rome. See it here: He quotes a review (at 16:08) ... [Uncategorized]

May 22, 3AM

Rhys Bezzant Standing on Their Shoulders: Heroes of the Faith for Today Melbourne: Acorn, 2015. Available at or Acorn Press. By Chris Porter We live in an age where many people in the church will know more about the heroes from Marvel or DC, th... [Uncategorized]

May 19, 3PM

I have to say that it personally irks me when a Christian speaker addresses a mixed congregation and addresses them as “brothers.” It makes the women there, even if they are a minority, appear invisible, irrelevant, and unwanted. If you don... [Uncategorized]

May 18, 7PM

“But now that you know God—or rather are known by God—how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable forces? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again?” (Gal 4:9) For those in Melbourne, or nearby, there will... [Uncategorized]

May 15, 4PM

Scot makes some great points about the gospel in this interview for the regeneration project: I still think King Jesus Gospel is Scot’s most important book today! [Uncategorized]

May 12, 11PM

I came across this exhortation by Cyprian that he wrote during an early stage of the Decian persecution, but it has obvious relevance for the churches of North Africa and the Middle East today! What we must do is beg the Lord with united and undivided he... [Uncategorized]

May 11, 10PM

A great N.T. Wright quote on the Eucharist: When we celebrate Jesus’ meal we aren’t just whistling in the dark. Bread and wine are taken up in the Eucharist into God’s future purposes, and become to us vehicles through which we can taste the fact th... [Uncategorized]

May 9, 10PM

In Australia, the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities, has banned Special Religious Education (SRE) classes from using three particular books. Those books are: You: An Introduction by Michael Jensen A Sneaking Suspicion by John Dickso... [Uncategorized]

May 8, 10PM

I thought I used to know, but now I’m not so sure. See these recent studies: Michael Wade Martin and  Bryan A. Nash, “Philippians 2:6-11 as Subversive Hymnos: A Study in Light of Ancient Rhetorical Theory,” JTS 66.1 (2015): 90-138. T... [Uncategorized]

May 7, 11PM

David Allen Summoned: Stepping Up to Live and Lead with Jesus Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2014. Available at Summoned is intended as a call for Christians to live vocationally; to consider the holistic way in which following Jesus should t... [Uncategorized]

May 6, 10PM

In an article in the Telegraph, UK Greens leader Natalie Bennett has declared the party open to affirming polyamorous marriages. Let me say that I think polyamoury is very, very wrong … because it combines a Greek prefix with a Latin suffice. It sho... [Uncategorized]

May 5, 10PM

Gambling Addiction as Suburban Slavery The word “slavery” is one of the most emotionally evocative words we know. It reminds us about the women and children who are trafficked into sexual slavery to service the perverted lusts of the men who use them ... [Uncategorized]

May 3, 10PM

Kara Martin of the Ridley Marketplace Institute has a great piece over at TGC-Australia on A Letter To Myself as a Young Worker which she talks about what she wish she thought about work when she was younger. I constantly find new examples of how God uses... [Uncategorized]

May 2, 4PM

Over at the Aussie Bible Society is an article about a number of Christian leaders who were asked, “Would you bake a cake for a gay wedding?” The responses are divided and include those who would and those who wouldn’t! Here is what I ... [Uncategorized]


The Problem I have to admit that a $135 000 fine for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding is a bit steep. That’s what happened to one couple in Oregon when they refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding (see here). So what can be done abou... [Uncategorized]

May 1, 5PM

Eerdmans publishers has some great commentary series like TNTC, TOTC, NICOT, NICNT, NIGTC, Pillar, Socio-Rhetorical Commentary series, and others. Indeed, it is often hard to keep up with all the commentaries that are coming out in all the various series ... [Uncategorized]

April 29, 12 AM

My colleague Scott Harrower and his co-author Greg Forbes have a great new book out about women in Luke-Acts called Raised from Obscurity: A Narrative and Theological Characterization of Women in Luke-Acts (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2015). Luke-Acts... [Uncategorized]

April 27, 10PM

J. Patout Burns & Robin M. Jensen Christianity in Roman Africa: The Development of Its Practices and Beliefs Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at This is a detailed and documented history of the Christian church in North Africa. I... [Uncategorized]

April 26, 6PM

I’ve always found author/blogger Rachel Held Evans to be an interesting person who could probably hold up a good conversation in a cafe. She has an interesting story of wrestling with what it means to be a Christian, combined with some contrar... [Uncategorized]

April 24, 5AM

Anthony C. Thiselton The Thiselton Companion to Christian Theology Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at This is a one man theological dictionary by Christian theologian Anthony C. Thiselton. It covers topics from “Abba” t... [Uncategorized]

April 22, 8PM

A great article from ABC Religion and Ethics by Khaled Abou El Fadl on “The End of the Arab Spring, the Rise of ISIS, and the Future of Political Islam.” Why was the Arab Spring aborted? Because a democratic Middle East would have been a poor ... [Uncategorized]

April 21, 2PM

Over at ABC Religion and Ethics is a great piece by Australian academic Peter Harrison, formerly of Oxford (who I used to play tennis with), on Virtues of the Mind: Mapping the Territories of Science and Religion. Part of the problem according to Harrison... [Uncategorized]

April 20, 11PM

The latest issue of Themelios 40.1 (2015) is out with some good articles on Abraham, covenant, and baptism; Romans 4 and justification; plus book reviews on books by Jason Sexton, Jason Hood, Craig Koester, and Timothy Michael Law. [Uncategorized]

April 19, 11PM

I’ve been reading Michael Allen and Scott Swain’s book Reformed Catholicity and thought this quote was spot on: We do well, nonetheless, to acknowledge the drift away from a lively setting of sola Scriptura in the redemptive economy of the ... [Uncategorized]

April 16, 10PM

Continuing the Michael Jensen festival, here we have Mike’s article from TGC-Australia on Is Reformed Theology Still Relevant? Here’s his answer: Is Reformed theology still relevant? Certainly, Reformed theologians may lose their relevance, an... [Uncategorized]


My friend Michael Jensen has a great post over at the Aussie Bible Society page on Perhaps Feminism is not the Enemy. He opines that he’s heard more sermons against feminism than against domestic violence! Jensen states: One woman in Christian minis... [Uncategorized]

April 14, 11PM

According to Mark 12:13-17 (CEB): They sent some of the Pharisees and supporters of Herod to trap him in his words. They came to him and said, “Teacher, we know that you’re genuine and you don’t worry about what people think. You don’t show favor... [Uncategorized]

April 13, 3PM

Fouad Masri  Connecting with Muslims: A Guide to Communicating Effectively  Downers Grove: IVP, 2014. Available at Reviewed by Charlie Fletcher, Dean of Global Mission at Ridley College, Melbourne. When I first dipped into Connecting with Mu... [Uncategorized]

April 10, 10PM

Yep, you read it right. Hugh Jackman (aka “Wolverine” from the X-Men movies) is slated to play the Apostle Paul in a forthcoming movie. You can read about it in Variety and The Guardian. Jackman is a student of transcendental meditation rathe... [Uncategorized]

April 9, 10PM

There are some great articles in the latest issue of Journal for the Study of the New Testament (2015). Richard Last, “The Social Relationships of Gospel Writers: New Insights from Inscriptions Commending Greek Historiographers,”JSNT 37.3 (2015): 23... [Uncategorized]

April 8, 11PM

My friend Michael Jensen has a great piece on the Aussie Bible Society website on A Meal to Remember Jesus and Why It’s so Contentious. But most of all, we need to recognise that the Lord’s Supper is an extraordinary gift from Christ to his people... [Uncategorized]

April 7, 11PM

This week saw the launch of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans – Australia in Melbourne with an Anglican Futures Conference featuring several great speakers Rev Ashley Null, Rev Richard Condie, ++ Philip Freier, ++Eliud Wabukala, and ++Glenn D... [Uncategorized]

April 6, 10PM

I’m currently re-reading through Tom Wright’s New Testament and the People of God especially the sections about critical realism and literature. Just to show that Wright was not out on a limb on this one, I found this great critique by Jos... [Uncategorized]


Daniel Lynwood Smith Into the World of the New Testament: Greco-Roman and Jewish Texts and Contexts  London: Bloomsbury, 2015. Available at By Ben Sutton, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia. Dan Smith has provided a companion to reading the ... [Uncategorized]

April 4, 2AM

Mark Sandlin put up his surrejoinder to my rejoinder where he affirms my point of contention. Sandlin states: Bird intends …. to discredit my argument by pointing to its lack of connection to Christian tradition. Ultimately, that seems to be the r... [Uncategorized]

April 1, 11PM

I just received Peter Oakes’ Galatians commentary (Paideia) which is a neat read. Its got some great stuff in it, esp. on historical backgrounds, and sociology. Here is a good Easter-esque quote for Good Friday from Oakes: Galatians 3:13 represents... [Uncategorized]

March 31, 11PM

How did the early preach about Jesus if they did not have a New Testament? The obvious answer is that they must have preached from the Old Testament! Of course, it wasn’t ‘old’ to them, it was the only Scripture they knew, the Law, the Prophets, and... [Uncategorized]


This article is part of our new Head to Head debate feature. This week, in concert with our Engaging Easter coverage, Joel and I are engaging the Progressive Channel’s Mark Sandlin on “Why Did Jesus Die on the Cross?” Sandlin has giv... [Uncategorized]

March 30, 4PM

Patheos is having a “Head-to-Head” discussion between the blogs Euangelion and The God Article on “What Did Jesus’ Death on the Cross Actually Do?” Here is my opening post! The question  “What Did Jesus’ Death o... [Uncategorized]
I’m proud to say that my Ph.D student, Brian J. Wright, has an article on TGC on A Prison Pastor’s Advice for Parents. It includes stories from a White Supremacist, a Native American Gangster, and a Black Drug Dealer. Plus some sobering advice... [Uncategorized]

March 27, 11PM

Over at Anvil, Chris Tilling reviews Paul and the Faithfulness of God, see here. He concludes: Only a few scholars have ever had Wright’s learning or brilliance, something most of us cannot pretend to imitate. At the very least he models an energy and... [Uncategorized]

March 26, 11PM

Recently David A deSilva’s Introduction to the New Testament (IVP) was translated into Arabic. To celebrate this project, David gave a lecture at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary on the Book of Revelation. It’s a great talk, listen to it bel... [Uncategorized]

March 25, 9PM

Ridley College has put together a great on-line unit for lay people about apologetics featuring speakers like John Lennox, Tom Wright, John Dickson, and Simon Smart. It is part of the Ridley Certificate which is a program designed for Christians and Study... [Uncategorized]

March 24, 10PM

My Ridley Colleague Andrew Malone has written a book called Knowing Jesus in the Old Testament? A Fresh Look at Christophanies (Nottingham, UK: IVP, 2015). Note how the book begins:   Irrespective, its a great little discussion about the meaning of... [Uncategorized]

March 23, 10PM

Here are the articles for the latest issue of the Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters 4.2 (2014). Now edited by Stanley E. Porter and Christopher D. Land. Editors’ Foreword Stanley E. Porter Christ as Creator: Implications for Ecotheologi... [Uncategorized]

March 22, 10PM

Just got my copy of Scot McKnight’s  A Fellowship of Differents: Showing the World God’s Design for Life Together. A great piece by Scot on the nature of the church and what it means to really “be” the church. Great mix of bibli... [Uncategorized]

March 21, 11PM

Here is my lecture for Lincoln Christian University’s Las Vegas extension campus professorial lecture delivered in Las Vegas in November 2014. My thanks to Paul Trainor for posting it on-line. [Uncategorized]

March 20, 10PM

Moises Silva (ed.) New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis 5 vols.; Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014. Available at When this behemoth landed on my doorstop I was little more excited than when I get most book package... [Uncategorized]

March 19, 10PM

Jonathan A. Moo & Robert S. White Let Creation Rejoice: Biblica Hope and Ecological Crisis Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2014. Available at I know that any talk about the environment can elicit a sway of responses ranging from a new ag... [Uncategorized]

March 18, 10PM

Ernst Würthwein The Text of the Old Testament: An Introduction to the Biblia Hebraica. 3rd Edition. Revised and expanded by Alexander Achilles Fischer. Translated by Erroll F. Rhodes. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2014. 363 pages. Available at By J... [Uncategorized]

March 17, 10PM

Richard J. Bautch and J. Todd Hibbard (eds) The Book of Isaiah: Enduring Questions Answered Anew. Essays Honouring Joseph Blenkinsopp and his Contribution to the Study of Isaiah. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. 234 pages. Available at Joseph ... [Uncategorized]

March 16, 11PM

I was poking around on where I found some interviews with Harold Attridge (Yale Divinity School) on Romans. There is a whole series of them, but particularly relevant for my students this week, is the discussion on Romans 5. Good discussion on st... [Uncategorized]


My buddy and home-boy, Preston Sprinkle (Eternity Bible College, Idaho) has a cracking good article on homosexuality in Romans 1 in the latest issue of BBR. Preston M. Sprinkle, “Romans 1 and Homosexuality: A Critical Review of James Brownson’... [Uncategorized]

March 14, 10PM

Somehow I missed this, it is N.T. Wright’s video for the Humanum 2014 Conference in Rome about marriage and family. Gets more interesting after 6:30 mins. [Uncategorized]

March 11, 5PM

Over at WSJ was an article about two brothers, both brought up Southern Baptist, but one brother ended becoming a Catholic priest, and the other brother became an Anglican bishop. Al Mohler seized on this story  as reason for making sure that children ... [Uncategorized]

March 8, 10PM

Stephen Young has a recent journal article entitled, “Paul’s Ethnic Discourse on ‘Faith’: Christ’s Faith and Gentile Access to the Judean god in Rom 3:21-5:1″ in a recent issue of HTR but readable at  I... [Uncategorized]

March 7, 10PM

George Kalantzis & Gregory W. Lee Christian Political Witness Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014. Available at Reviewed by Graham S. Scott Christian Political Witness is a fascinating collection of essays extending from the 23rd Wheaton Theology ... [Uncategorized]

March 6, 10PM

A very interesting interview over at America: The National Catholic Review where American comedian Stephen Colbert is interviewed about his faith. [Uncategorized]


Tom Wright provides some wonderful reflections in his obituary for Charles Cranfield. My own personal gratitude to Cranfield dates to one evening in the early 1970s when I had been reading other writers on ‘Paul and the Law’, and had found myself incr... [Uncategorized]

March 5, 10PM

I know I’m late on this, but while scanning through the latest issue of BAR I saw an add for Bart Ehrman’s lecture series How Jesus Became God available through The Great Courses. The opening promo certainly does whet the appetite a bit ̷... [Uncategorized]


There’s a truly sad story about domestic violence and the church in the SMH. Ten years ago I was in the middle of a situation that an anti-domestic expert called “intimate partner terrorism” on Q&A this week. My then husband was su... [Uncategorized]

March 4, 3PM

I just heard via the BNTC FB page the sad news that Charles E. B. Cranfield passed away. Cranfield will be best remembered for his two volume ICC commentary on Romans published in 1975-79. While some of you young whipper-snappers might not remember, once ... [Uncategorized]

March 2, 10PM

There’s a great article over at Bible History Daily by Lawrence Mykytiuk on Did Jesus Exist? Searching for Evidence Beyond the Bible. A depressing read if you’re a Jesus Mythicist. The only better thing to read is: Robert E. Van Voorst, Jesu... [Uncategorized]

March 1, 10PM

Over at The Daily Beast, journalist Ana Marie Cox has a piece on Coming Out as a Christian, where she wrestles with how to tell people she’s a Christian while worrying how the anti-Obama constituency will receive the news. She writes: My hesitancy t... [Uncategorized]

February 28, 10PM

In my theology courses, I often get students to watch several videos on what is the gospel? I’ll be adding this video to the list where D.A. Carson talks about the gospel, its entailments, and ministry.   [Uncategorized]

February 27, 3AM

Mark L. Strauss Mark ZECNT; Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014. Available at Mark Strauss’ commentary on Mark in the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary series is a delight to read. The Gospel of Mark is my favourite commentary and I’m t... [Uncategorized]

February 25, 10PM

In the latest issue of JBL is an article by Paula Fredriksen on “Paul’s Letter to the Romans, the Ten Commandments, and Pagan ‘Justification by faith,’” JBL 133.4 (2014): 801-7. Fredriksen attempts to understand “just... [Uncategorized]

February 24, 11PM

Over at Faith Forward, Paul Holloway responds to my earlier post about his denunciation of Sewanee University for awarding N.T. Wright an honorary doctorate. Thankfully Holloway’s response attempts some actual reasoning and tries to provide some... [Uncategorized]

February 23, 10PM

Steve Walton has a nice review of the book Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not, read it here. [Uncategorized]

February 22, 11PM

I just read a most intriguing article by Matthew W. Bates on “A Christology of Incarnation and Enthronement: Romans 1:3-4 as unified, Nonadoptionist, and Nonconciliatory,” CBQ 77.1 (2015): 107-27 (FYI, follow the link and read it on Academia... [Uncategorized]

February 20, 11PM

I’ve been reflecting on Rom 12:2, “Love must be sincere,” and I came across this quote from Kierkegaard: The best defense against hypocrisy is love; indeed, it is not only a defense but a chasmic abyss; in all eternity it has nothing to ... [Uncategorized]

February 19, 10PM

Recently I’ve come across two notable books about Christianity and other Religions. Bob Robinson Jesus and the Religions: Retrieving a Neglected Example for a Multi-Cultural World Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2012. Robinson looks at how Jesus in the Gospel... [Uncategorized]

February 18, 10PM

In The Atlantic is a great piece by Graham Ward on What ISIS Really Wants, which I think is compulsory reading for anyone interested in the conflict. We have misunderstood the nature of the Islamic State in at least two ways. First, we tend to see jihadis... [Uncategorized]

February 17, 11PM

Christmas has come early for NT geeks as Codex Vaticanus (B) is now available on-line including LXX and NT. The Vatican Library has digitised Codex Vaticanus. It is an majuscule manuscript that dates to the mid-fourth century and contains almost the en... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Zondervan is having a big ebook sale on books about the Apostle Paul. I thought I’d annotate these a bit with Paul’s own comments. Zondervan’s eBook Sale ends Sunday, March 1 at 11:59pm ET. (3/1/15) Four Views on the Apostle Paul Michael... [Uncategorized]

February 15, 11PM

Benjamin L. White Remembering Paul: Ancient and Modern Contests over the Image of the Apostle Oxford: OUP, 2014. Available at This book is a revised version of Benjamin White’s doctoral dissertation written at Chapel Hill under the super... [Uncategorized]

February 14, 11PM

I just read a great piece by Jeremy R. Treat, “Gospel and Doctrine in the Life of the Church,” SBET 32.2 (2014): 180-94. (Read the whole thing here). I liked it because it dovetails nicely with many of the things I was arguing for in my Eva... [Uncategorized]

February 13, 11PM

I’m looking forward to this book coming out!   [Uncategorized]

February 12, 11PM

Congrats to my former PhD student Dr. David Wenkel for the publication of his thesis with Paternoster entitled, Joy in Luke-Acts: The Intersection of Rhetoric Narrative and Emotion. According to the blurb: This monograph explores the joy theme in Luke- A... [Uncategorized]

February 11, 11PM

I was on a silent retreat recently and during my quiet time I read Richard B. Hays’ new book Reading Backwards: Figural Christology and the Fourfold Gospel Witness.  Its just over a hundred pages and makes a wonderful weekend read. In short, Hays ... [Uncategorized]

February 10, 4PM

Recently N.T. Wright was awarded an honorary doctorate by Sewanee University of the South. It is Wright’s 15th honorary doctorate as well. However, not everyone at Sewanee was terribly pleased about granting Wright this honour. Paul Holloway has wr... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Over at Commonweal Magazine, Luke Timothy Johnson (Emory Uni) reviews Bart Ehrman’s How Jesus Became God. Johnson is particular critical of Ehrman’s failure to engage the religious experiences of the earliest churches. According to Johnson: T... [Uncategorized]

February 8, 11PM

Michael J. Langford The Tradition of Liberal Theology Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at In this book, Michael Langford aims to give a presentation of liberal theology. What he means by “liberal theology” is a form of Ch... [Uncategorized]

February 6, 11PM

Here is my friend John Dickson giving a plug for his new book A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible. A great book to give to friends or people who are asking questions about Christianity. [Uncategorized]

February 5, 11PM

Scottish theologian, Donald Macleod, gives a forthright and even funny assessment of the “new Calvinists.” For instance, he says: The New Calvinists are all Calvinists, but only in the limited sense that they believe in the so-called Five Poin... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Here is a video by Con Campbell (TEDS) about his new book on Advances in the Study of Greek. [Uncategorized]

February 4, 1AM

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Shane Blackshear over at his blog Seminary Dropout about Bart Ehrman, Jesus, and christology. You can listen to the podcast here. I should add that I’ll be debating Bart Ehrman in New Orleans in February 2... [Uncategorized]

February 3, 12 AM

In the most recent issues of JETS is a review by Jeffrey A. Stivason of my Evangelical Theology. Its quite a fair review, with a bit of push back, and some nice points of affirmation as well.  Stivason claims that because I am reluctant – unlike... [Uncategorized]

February 2, 9AM

I had a couple of my books come up for review at RBL. Susan Wendel reviews my Jesus is the Christ, and while she thinks that my methodological approach was a bit inconsistent, she affirms the basic thesis of the volume that Jesus’ messiahship i... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

My favourite piece among the Apostolic Fathers is the Epistle to Diognetus. Over at the City of God blog, “the Brooks” gives two reasons why you should read it: its account of incarnation and penal substitution. [Uncategorized]

January 31, 11PM

Stanley E. Porter has a book coming out on Constantine Tischendorf and T&T Clark has a podcast talking to Porter about it. Listen to it here. [Uncategorized]

January 30, 3AM

On 29-30 May 2015 in Melbourne will be the first Ridley/Gordon-Conwell conference on the theme of “Known by God.” The conference explores the theme of knowing God and being known by God in the Bible and in Christian thought. Speakers include E... [Uncategorized]

January 29, 12 AM

Timothy George (Dean of Beeson Divinity School) is my favourite Southern Baptist, he’s a great historical theologian, and he shares his life story about his upbringing, how he came to faith, and his early ministry.  It is a great story! Listen to i... [Uncategorized]

January 26, 11PM

As part of the NIV 50th anniversary celebration (see here), Douglas Moo gave a great presentation at ETS called, “We Still Don’t Get it: Evangelicals and Bible Translation 50 Years After James Barr.” You can watch the talk here. A great ... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Thomas C. Oden A Change of Heart: A Personal and Theological Memoir Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014. Available at I have to say that Thomas Oden’s autobiography will probably be one of my favourite reads of 2015.  Oden recounts his beginnin... [Uncategorized]

January 25, 12 AM

The on-line conference Ecclesia and Ethics run out of St. Andrews University will be hosting its third annual conference, this year on Human Sexuality (nothing controversial here, I’m sure) on 21 March 2015. Speakers include: Tremper Longman (West... [Uncategorized]

January 24, 12 AM

N.T. Wright’s Simply Good News is discussed in a CT article by Andrew Wilson called The Greatest Hits of N.T. Wright. He gives a good review of the book which confirms my own impression that Simply Good News is a summary of several of Wright... [Uncategorized]

January 22, 11PM

The Theology Department of Houston Baptist University will be hosting a conference on “The Church and Early Christianity,” on 16-18 April 2015 at its campus in Houston. Main speakers are John Barclay, Ben Witherington, and Everett Ferguson ... [Uncategorized]

12 PM

I was saddened to hear the news of the passing of Marcus Borg, a former member of the Jesus Seminar, long time professor at Oregon State Uni, and the author of several popular books on religion like Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time and Speaking Ch... [Uncategorized]

January 20, 11PM

Over at Live Science, Craig Evans has provided some clarification and comment on the claim that a first century fragment from the Gospel of Mark has been found in a mask for an Egyptian mummy. Evans says that the text was dated through a combination of c... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Over at Grace for Sinners I was interviewed by Matthew B. Sims as part of his “Culture Creators” series about my life and work habits. Here’s the best part in my view: MBS: What’s the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had? MFB: I would ... [Uncategorized]

January 19, 12 AM

A website has been launched called N.T. Wright on-line which offers non-accredited courses through the Wisconsin Center for Christian Study largely using works from N.T. Wright. Courses include: Simply Good News – Available March 2015 Paul and His Lett... [Uncategorized]

January 17, 8PM

I had a great day at Second Presbyterian Church in Louisville with Jonathan Pennington (SBTS), Susan Garrett (Louisville Theological Seminary), and David deSilva (Ashland Theological Seminary) about how to interpret the NT. In the future the videos from t... [Uncategorized]

January 16, 11PM

In the opening chapter of Simply Good News, Wright gives an example of hearing “good news” by relating the story of the time he was in Atlanta and he heard the “good news” that England had beaten Australia in the 2003 Rugby Wo... [Uncategorized]

January 15, 11PM

Since my sabbatical has just ended, I’m now wondering where in the world is the best place to take the next one. From what I’ve gleamed in my travels and in talking to friends, I’m gonna suggest the following: Tyndale House (Cambridge) C... [Uncategorized]

January 14, 11PM

N.T. Wright Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good New York: HarperOne, 2015 Available at I’m currently in Houston staying with the delightful Dr. Peter Davids and his wife Judy Davids when I notice N.T. Wright&#... [Uncategorized]

January 13, 11PM

I recently got to visit the Lanier Theological Library in Houston, Texas, USA. It was an awesome experience. They have a beautiful byzantine style chapel and a gorgeous British styled library. It is filled with a great collections of books, including man... [Uncategorized]

January 12, 11PM

Over at World Magazine, Warren Cole Smith interviews Bart Ehrman on responses to his book How Jesus Became God with a few mentions in dispatches for Michael Bird. I think Justin Bass is debating Bart Ehrman sometime this year on topic, which would be goo... [Uncategorized]

January 11, 11PM

Thanks to my friend Luis, I came across this video of Bart Ehrman doing a Q&A at the Freedom From Religion Foundation where he takes down someone for suggesting that Jesus did not exist. Told! [Uncategorized]

January 10, 11PM

Over at the Marginalia Review of Books are two reviews of N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God by Douglas Campbell and Michael Thate. Campbell thinks that Wright’s view of Judaism remains skewed as “an account of Judaism that... [Uncategorized]

January 9, 11PM

Over at TGC, Michael Jensen has a great post on Nine Things You Really Should Know About Anglicanism, which I highly recommend. That said, Doug Chaplin attempts to chime in with a response over at his blog, Catholicity. Though I don’t detect any of ... [Uncategorized]

January 8, 11PM

My good friend Joe Mock brought to my attention an article by Edwin Christian van Driel on Gospeling: Paul, Protestant Theologians, and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. I liked van Driel’s book Incarnation Anyway as an argument for supralapsarian... [Uncategorized]

January 7, 11PM

There are some nice reviews of my The Gospel of the Lord by TEDS student Jennifer Guo and Philip Long of Readings Acts has a three-part review. Michael Barber and Patrick Schreiner include it among their top reads of the year. [Uncategorized]

January 6, 11PM

Just before Christmas a Sydney Ph.D student named Raphael Lataster wrote an article on Weighing Up the Evidence for the ‘Historical Jesus’ which basically argued for Richard Carrier’s version of the view that Jesus did not exist. The pr... [Uncategorized]

January 5, 11PM

G.K. Beale, Daniel J. Brendsel, and William A. Ross (eds.) An Interpretive Lexicon of New Testament Greek: An Analysis of Prepositions, Adverbs, Particles, Relative Pronouns, and Conjunctions Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014. Available at This... [Uncategorized]

January 4, 11PM

John Goldingay The Theology of the Book of Isaiah Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014. Available at It was good to take into some serious Isaiah studies for once and this book did not disappoint. Goldingay’s book works in two parts, first, looki... [Uncategorized]

January 3, 11PM

Walter Brueggemann  Reality, Grief, Hope: Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at Walter Brueggemann’s recent book, Reality, Grief, Hope, draws a parallel between the fall of Jerusalem in 587BC and the di... [Uncategorized]

January 2, 11PM

R.W.L. Moberly  Old Testament Theology: Reading the Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Academic, 2013. Available at Old Testament Theology: Reading the Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture provides an engaging an... [Uncategorized]

December 23, 11PM

Just got emailed this lovely poem from Sam Storms about the incarnation, a beautiful Christmas message: The Word became flesh! God became human! the invisible became visible! the untouchable became touchable! eternal life experienced temporal death! the... [Uncategorized]

December 21, 11PM

The virgin conception is not a Christianized version of pagan mythology, nor an odd tale of God’s one time enterprise of running a Galilean fertility clinic for teenage girls. The virgin conceptions tells us about Israel’s hopes coming true, God’s S... [Uncategorized]

December 19, 11PM

Some neat articles in the latest issue of JSHJ 12.1-2 (2014): Fernando Bermejo-Rubio Jesus and the Anti-Roman Resistance: Reassessment of the Arguments Michael R. Licona Historians and Miracle Claims Robert J. Miller The Domain and Function of Epistemol... [Uncategorized]

December 18, 10PM

Tremper Longman Psalms: An Introduction and Commentary (TOTC) Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014. Available by By Rev. Jill Firth, Adjunct Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament at Ridley College How is the new Tremper Longman TOTC Psalms commentary di... [Uncategorized]

December 17, 11PM

Bruce Waltke, James M. Houston, & Erika Moore The Psalms as Christian Lament: A Historical Commentary Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at Review by Rev. Jill Firth, Adjunct Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament at Ridley College T... [Uncategorized]

December 16, 9AM

I am elated to announce that my book The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus has won the Christianity Today’s 2015 Book of the Year for Biblical Studies. Second year in a row that an Aussie has taken out this gong. La... [Uncategorized]

December 15, 11PM

Robert H. Stein Jesus, the Temple, and the Coming Son of Man: A Commentary on Mark 13 Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014. Available at Robert Stein has written some great books on the Gospels, climaxing in his Mark commentary for the BECNT series. He... [Uncategorized]


Glad to see that my former boss, Dr. John Blaxland, is now a senior fellow at ANU’s Strategic and Defence Studies Center. He provides a great response as a defence analyst to the recent CIA report on interrogation and torture (see here as well). Li... [Uncategorized]

December 14, 11PM

I’m glad to report that I’ll be teaching a course on “Grace & Eschatology” at Houston Baptist University in the first two weeks of January. After that, I’ll be speaking at a one day conference at 2nd Presbyterian Church i... [Uncategorized]

December 13, 11PM

A somewhat intriguing and slightly disturbing discussion at Lancaster University about what the COE can offer the next generation. I have to say that the only real thing that the Church of England, or any Church for that matter, has to offer is Jesus. N... [Uncategorized]

December 11, 11PM

Over at The Jesus Blog, Helen Bond has a great and somewhat confronting piece about sexism in NT studies. The line that struck me was: Over the years, I’ve sometimes found unexpected allies. Older male colleagues with adult daughters develop great insig... [Uncategorized]


The big and messy debate in Pauline studies at the moment in “salvation-history” vs. “apocalyptic” interpretations of Paul. Scot McKnight has an excellent write up on this debate that you can view here. This debate goes back to K... [Uncategorized]

December 10, 4PM

The current Australian Govt. is proposing to deregulate the university sector, reduce funding for the major universities, and provide funds to private colleges including theological colleges. The prospect of the Australian Govt. funding theological educat... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Just came across this interesting quote from Stanley Hauerwas: To be among those who praise God as the ruler of this world, however, has often tempted Christians to think they are or must be in control if this is in fact God’s world. Caesar’s throne c... [Uncategorized]

December 6, 11PM

Ridley College’s celebration of the centenary of Leon Morris’ birth comes to a close with a final blog post by Rhys Bezzant which you can read here. It includes a link to a talk by Leon Morris delivered at the C.S. Lewis institute in Washin... [Uncategorized]

December 5, 11PM

The creators of “The Bible” have a new TV mini-series coming out with NBC premiering on Easter Sunday in 2015 called A.D. which is about the first ten chapters of Acts. [Uncategorized]

December 4, 11PM

In the latest issue of Themelios are a couple of good articles including: Andrew David Naselli, Three Reflections on Evangelical Academic Publishing. A review of John D’Elia’s biography of G.E. Ladd and S.E. Porter’s book Inking the De... [Uncategorized]

December 3, 11PM

Os Guinness Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014. Available at By Kara Martin Os Guinness has been a prophet for God’s people for more than 30 years. This book reminds me of The Global P... [Uncategorized]

December 2, 11PM

I just got through reading an interesting piece b y Markus Zehnder, “Why the Danielic ‘Son of Man’ Is a Divine Being,” BBR 24.3 (2014): 331-47. Zehnder argues that Daniel’s Son of Man belongs to the “upper level”... [Uncategorized]

December 1, 11PM

Glad to see that Peter Leithart is reading through Markus Barth’s excellent book Acquittal by Resurrection. More people should read Markus Barth. Wipf & Stock do some really good imprints of his shorter volumes. Barth does a great job of showin... [Uncategorized]

November 30, 11PM

My good friend Chris Tilling has a great interview with Eerdmans about his book, Paul’s Divine Christology. [Uncategorized]

November 27, 2PM

Logos has recently published the first two of five volumes of Gerhardus Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics available at in print and electronically at Logos. It is translated and edited by Richard Gaffin. First two volumes are on theology proper ... [Uncategorized]

November 24, 10PM

Excellent piece in CT about Why Do Pentecostals Keep Growing? by Ed Setzer. Of the 25 largest faith groups in the United States, the only two orthodox Christian groups on the list that are growing are the Assemblies of God and Church of God (Cleveland). ... [Uncategorized]

November 16, 10PM

Jonathan Edwards Had an Opinion about Mentoring Too By Rhys Bezzant (Ridley College) I heard a leading American evangelist preach a sermon recently in which Jonathan Edwards was never named but his signature theology was everywhere. Edwards’s views on ... [Uncategorized]

November 14, 10PM

See my RBL review of Joseph Fantin’s excellent study Lord of the Entire World: Lord Jesus, A Challenge to Lord Caesar? Here’s the blurb: How would the confession, ‘Jesus is Lord’, have been understood in the first-century Roman world? Was... [Uncategorized]

November 13, 11PM

If you’re going to SBL in San Diego then remember, remember the 22nd of November. Here’s why: Extent of Theological Diversity in Earliest Christianity 11/22/2014 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM Room: Room 8 (Upper level) – San Diego Convention Cent... [Uncategorized]

November 12, 9PM

Grateful for the invitation from Paul Trainor and John Anthony Dunne to speak at this event: [Uncategorized]

November 11, 11PM

Okay, time for my annual list of things to do at ETS/IBR/SBL! Most important of all, remember that this year I will celebrate my 40th birthday at ETS/SBL! I think the best way for everyone to show their affection for me on this significant occasion ... [Uncategorized]

November 9, 10PM

Anthony Le Donne has a post over at The Jesus Blog  where he notes my tacit endorsement of social memory as a hermeneutical framework for studying Jesus traditions. I have to confess that ever since I read the work of Anthony Le Donne and Chris Keith th... [Uncategorized]

November 8, 9PM

So wish I knew of this quote before I wrote my chapters for the HGBJ book! Christ did not become god from human advancement – perish the thought … We preach not a human made into a god, but confess a god made human. Cited from M. David Litwa,... [Uncategorized]

November 7, 10PM

Over at Books & Culture, Jason Hood has a hilarious review of Rob Bell’s new book The Zimzum of Love by compiling the script for an editorial board meeting of the publishers to discuss Rob Bell’s book. Here’s part of it: JP: “... [Uncategorized]


Congrats to Mike Holmes who has been appointed as the executive director of the Greens Scholar Initiative. Assuming the role of executive director of the Green Scholars Initiative, Holmes will lead a team of researchers and student-scholars at more than ... [Uncategorized]


I was interviewed over at Dunelm Road about my book The Gospel of the Lord. Thanks to  Jason Maston for the interesting questions! [Uncategorized]

November 5, 11PM

Bruce W. Longenecker & Todd D. Still Thinking Through Paul: A Survey of His Life, Letters, and Theology Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014. Available at There are a lot of good introductions to Paul out there (heck, I’ve even written o... [Uncategorized]

November 4, 9PM

Well, it turns out, that the Pope wants to know what they think about marriage? The three have been invited to a Vatican Colloquium on marriage and family. Read the article over at CT. Very interesting! In other Catholic news, some wonder if there is goin... [Uncategorized]


Okay peeps, as part of the Ridley Follies, I’ve re-written the lyrics to the Katy Perry song “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it” to “I Read Karl Barth and I liked it.” Idea comes from Jessica Parkes, but execution is strictly my... [Uncategorized]

November 2, 10PM

Just saw this in the SBL catalogue from Baker! Simon Gathercole, Defending Substitution: An Essay on Atonement in Paul, 144 pp., due out in Feb 2015. In recent decades, the church and academy have witnessed intense debates concerning the concept of penal... [Uncategorized]

November 1, 5PM

Check out the swell  review of GOTL by Mike Skinner. Wish I could use this line as a blurb!! In the end, perhaps the highest praise I can give this book is to say that it stands in my mind as a close cousin to N.T. Wright’s Jesus and the Victory of Go... [Uncategorized]

October 31, 5PM

I’ve just finished my Romans commentary for the SGBC series. Had lots of fun, learned a bunch, and it made me think a heap about application in places like Romans 14. FYI, should be out Jan 2016, so don’t wait up for it! So it is Halloween ri... [Uncategorized]
Jonathan Huggins Living Justification: A Historical-Theological Study of the Reformed Doctrine of Justification in the Writings of John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, and N.T. Wright Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2013. Available at Calvin, Edwards, ... [Uncategorized]

October 29, 2AM

Thanks to Thomas Nelson, I got a free copy of The Voice Bible (TVB). I’ve been periodically working through TVB in recent years and found it very readable, refreshing, and thoughtful. It is best described as a dynamic equivalence translation with... [Uncategorized]

October 27, 3PM

My friend Joe Mock has a historical theological piece out on “Bullinger and the Circumcisio Christi,” RTR 73.2 (2014): 101-16. The exegetical debate about Col 2:11 pertains to whether the “circumcision of Christ” is an objective... [Uncategorized]

October 26, 11PM

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dave Dunham about my Evangelical Theology. Dave raised some good questions about the role of Scripture in theology and how to balance creativity and orthodoxy in theology. You can read the interview here. [Uncategorized]

October 25, 10PM

A great read is Stanley E. Porter, “The Authority of the Bible as a Hermeneutical Issue,” Evangelical Quarterly 86 (2014): 303-24. Porter shows that a lot of debates supposedly about “biblical authority” are largely misdirected ... [Uncategorized]

October 24, 10PM

Mark Goodacre links to newly digitized audio lectures by Markus Barth on Colossians and Ephesians put up by Matt Montinini. In my mind, Markus Barth is one of the most underrated NT scholars of the twentieth century. I’ve enjoyed his many works and ... [Uncategorized]

October 23, 10PM

Ben Myers gives an overview of his course on christology and includes 12 Grammatical Rules on Christology. Well worth checking out. We should start a petition to convince Ben to turn this into a book. Unless some publisher wants to offer him a contract be... [Uncategorized]

October 22, 10PM

Thanks to FB (HT: Charles Y. Kim) I came across this quote from George Hunsinger about “enclave theology”: By ‘enclave’ theology, I mean a theology based narrowly in a single tradition that seeks not to learn from other traditions ... [Uncategorized]

October 21, 10PM

AKMA Adam, an ordained Episcopal priest living in the UK, offers a very pointed review of the situation concerning the eight faculty sacked by the Trustees of GTS. He writes: [T]he administrative style on display in this tragedy coheres with the way lea... [Uncategorized]


I just heard news that Richard Hays is presenting a lecture/discussion on “Did All the Gospel Writers Think Jesus was Divine?” which will be broadcast live through Google Events and on You.Tube. HT: Jim West   [Uncategorized]

October 20, 10PM

Logos is releasing the first volume in its High Definition Commentary on Romans by Steve Runge. According to the blurb, the volume is organized into preachable portions of Scripture and featuring over 100 custom graphics, Romansis perfect for sermons, Bi... [Uncategorized]
Ben Witherington offers a review and interaction with my essay on Romans in the McKnight/Modica book Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not. I would not put anti-imperial rhetoric on the front burner of Romans, however, I am convinced that much of Paul’s the... [Uncategorized]

October 19, 10PM

Simon Chan Grassroots Asian Theology: Thinking the Faith from the Ground Up Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014. Available at I have to say that this is easily one of the best books that I’ve read this year. I was initially just gonna have a bas... [Uncategorized]

October 18, 7PM

Brian Houston, Senior Pastor of Hillsong, made come comments in a NYC press conference that created a bit of a stir because he refused to take a definitive position on the issue of homosexuality. He used the language like “an ongoing conversation&... [Uncategorized]

October 17, 10PM

Douglas Campbell (Duke University) has a new book coming out on Pauline chronology and critical introductory matters called Framing Paul, looks like it will be a treat, see a promo for the book below:   [Uncategorized]

October 16, 10PM

A few months ago, Simon Gathercole gave a plenary paper at the BNTS on a comparison between the canonical and non-canonical Gospels.  In brief, Gathercole argues that the canonical gospels are distinguished from “other” Gospels by their kery... [Uncategorized]

October 15, 11PM

I’m sure many of you have heard that the City of Houston has demanded that several leading pastors turn over to authorities any sermons dealing with homosexuality and gender. See news reports here and here. I’ll be visiting Houston Baptist Uni... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

I’m glad to have Cliff Kvidahl as a guest blogger today so find links below with his interview with Wayne Coppins about the Baylor Press and Mohr/Siebeck Verlag joint venture on translating key German monographs into English. Part 1 Part 2 Some inte... [Uncategorized]

October 13, 9PM

In the latest issue of the Australian Church Record (a Sydney Anglican on-line magazine, normally an informative and encouraging read) is one of the oddest articles I’ve ever read. It is by Matt Olliffe on “Has Protestantism Gone Catholic?R... [Uncategorized]


Love this quote from D.W.B. Robinson: Paul cannot separate his own role from the operation of the gospel which he thus expounds to his Gentile readers in Rome. Romans is both an exposition of the gospel of hope and at the same time Paul’s apologia for h... [Uncategorized]

October 11, 10PM

I’ve just finished writing up some comments and application on Romans 14 for a forthcoming commentary in the SGBC series. If I had to some up the exhortation that Paul makes, I’d put it as follows: - Learn to differentiate between areas of con... [Uncategorized]

October 10, 4PM

There are three jobs going in NT studies at three very prestigious institutions. Wheaton College: Visiting Assistant Professor of Ancient Languages & New Testament Oxford University: Associate Professor of New Testament Studies Duke University: Sadly,... [Uncategorized]

October 9, 10PM

For those involved in seminary education or administration, you might want to read these two pieces. First, The Rise and Fall of the American Seminary by Tom Ehrich. A provocative piece, esp. in light of the GTS labour dispute in New York, but probably tr... [Uncategorized]

October 8, 11PM

In light of the Left Behind movie, people might like to check out Ben Witherington’s narration of the origins and errors of Dispensationalism. Any thoughts from Dispensationalists?   [Uncategorized]

October 7, 3AM

Not only is John Byron’s commentary on 1-2 Thessalonians now out, but you can read a sample from it here on 1 Thess 1:1-3! The SGBC has a great format for those doing sermon preparation with Listen to the Story, Explain the Story, and Live the Stor... [Uncategorized]

October 6, 3PM

Over at ABC’s The Drum, John Dickson (Senior Minister of St. Andrews Anglican Church and Co-Director of CPX) has written a letter to his church about Islam that is worth reading. In the end, I have a simple thing to say, and I feel a strong sense of... [Uncategorized]

October 4, 4AM

Scott Harrower Trinitarian Self and Salvation: An Evangelical Engagement with Rahner’s Rule Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2012. Available at This book by my Ridley colleague Scott Harrower engages Karl Rahner’s famous “rule that ̶... [Uncategorized]

October 2, 2PM

David deSilva (Ashland Theological Seminary) has a great little book out with Logos in the Snapshots series called, Transformation: The Heart of Paul’s Gospel, where he tries to construct an alternative theology of sanctification over and against... [Uncategorized]

September 28, 10PM

I was fortunate enough to receive a pre-pub copy of Scot McKnight’s new book Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church (Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos, 2014). In a nutshell, McKnight argues that there are two predominant ... [Uncategorized]


Over at Sola Crux, Nijay Gupta gives a brief review of my The Gospel of the Lord. Glad to see that I am a proud recipient of the “Gupta bump,” I think Nijay needs to produce a trophy to be given to recipients. [Uncategorized]

September 25, 10PM

Reza Aslan’s book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth tried to give the zealot hypothesis a shot in the arm. Even more recently, Dale Martin has written a piece entitled, “Jesus in Jerusalem: Armed and Not Dangerous,” JSNT 37.... [Uncategorized]

September 24, 10PM

Look, I like Karl Barth, his christocentric theology, his trinitarian revelationism, and lots of  other stuff. However, I’ve been reading over his Romans commentary and as much as I try to appreciate him as a theological interpreter and all, some o... [Uncategorized]

September 23, 10PM

The Leon Morris Centenary continues over at the Ridley Blog with a short post by I. Howard Marshall on In gratitude for Leon Morris. Great piece, do check it out! Quite simply he was one of the few really competent evangelical scholars who was able to... [Uncategorized]

September 22, 11PM

One thing that perplexes outsiders about American evangelicalism is why they seem so keen on impaling each other on secondary matters. I think I may have had an epiphany and I’m finally beginning to get a grip on this. I remember once watching a G... [Uncategorized]

September 21, 10PM

Interesting article in the Financial Review about a group of Aussies in NY city, spearheading the global poverty initiative. When actor Hugh Jackman, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and rapper Jay Z appear before 50,000 festival-goers in New York thi... [Uncategorized]

July 23, 11PM

Addison Hodges Hart Strangers and Pilgrims Once More: Being Disciples of Jesus in a Post-Christendom World Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at Pilgrims, but what do we leave behind? A review of Strangers and Pilgrims Once More, Addi... [Uncategorized]


Trinity Theological College in Perth is looking for an Academic Dean with administrative and lecturing responsibilities. See the college website here and job details here. [Uncategorized]

July 22, 11PM

The video below is a dramatic animation about the history of violence in Palestine by Nina Paley (see her description of the project). It is arguably a secular lament for the history of war in the region. The video is also an implicit critique of religion... [Uncategorized]


Candida Moss has a candid and critical review of the movie persecuted. Now I have to confess that I’m certainly one to whinge about secular elites regarding Christians with disdain (some Aussie secularists are pretty scary). However, Christians tend... [Uncategorized]

July 21, 11PM

Thought for the day on the nature of gospel hope: Hope is not optimism, rather, hope is the audacity of faith under adversity. Hope is the cheering in triumph for what others deem a lost cause. Hope expiates the misery of life. Hope is currency in the lan... [Uncategorized]

July 20, 11PM

Over at Zondervan’s Koinonia blog is a short video I did on advice to my students, specifically, advice to younger scholars. Michael Bird, contributor to Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy, has three things to say to young Bird and young up-and-comers... [Uncategorized]


Just announced, I’ll be teaching some courses for Houston Baptist University over the next few years. In an announcement, I’ve been appointed to an adjunct role as Distinguished Research Professor of Theology. Looking for Just to be clear, I a... [Uncategorized]

July 19, 11PM

Over at Books at a Glance, I did an interview about HGBJ … if anyone is still interested in that debate. [Uncategorized]


In interesting news, an Australian chapter of The Gospel Coalition has been launched, see the details here. Good to see so many folks with Ridley College and Moore College connections featuring prominently. The Aussie Bible Society also has a write up on ... [Uncategorized]

July 18, 4AM

The Paul as Pastor conference is scheduled for 1-2 August at Ridley College. It features speakers like Robert Yarbrough, Brian Rosner, Paul Barnett, Glenn Davies, Peter Orr, Sarah Harris, and others.  You can see the list of presents and topics with th... [Uncategorized]

July 17, 11PM

I was interviewed by Logos Academic about Evangelical Theology, read it here. Also includes a coupon for a discount code to buy the book through Logos. [Uncategorized]

July 16, 10PM

Zondervan has a great bargain sale for great ebooks on biblical studies going for only $3.99. See the link here. Books like: Kevin Vanhoozer, Is There A Meaning in This Text? Scot McKnight, Blue Parakeet. Al Mohler et al, Five Views on Inerrancy. Fee/Stu... [Uncategorized]


Over at the website Come and See, is a great post by Yohanna Katanacho on A Palestinian Baptist in the bombarded Gaza shares his thoughts and prayer requests. Do read it. Interestingly, Shadi is not harboring anger and revenge. He is part of a church tha... [Uncategorized]


Graham Veale New Atheism: A Survival Guide Fearn, Ross-shire: Christian Focus, 2013. Available at This is a good little book on the New Atheists written by an Irish Presbyterian high school teacher. Veale also has a website called saintsandscep... [Uncategorized]

July 15, 5PM

Con Campbell (TEDS) is a very naughty boy as he’s done a parody video about my Evangelical Theology. Evidently I’ll have to do my own parody video on Verbal Aspect and Jazz! [Uncategorized]


I’m just now half way through writing my Romans commentary for the SOGBC series. I plan to finish it by October/November. Let me say that it is jolly hard work. Romans is, after all, the magnum opus of the Pauline corpus, with disputed purposes, som... [Uncategorized]

July 14, 11PM

Over at is an excerpt of HGBJ. Also, there is a nice review of the book by Bowman Walton over at Fulcrum called Bauckham’s Line – A Review of “How God Became Jesus”. He writes: Bird and his co-authors ground thei... [Uncategorized]

July 13, 11PM

A good little booklet in the Groves series about Same Sex Unions has been put together by Ian Paul which is worth checking out. See here. The debate about same-sex unions continues to dominate the media. Within discussion, it is often assumed either that ... [Uncategorized]

July 12, 11PM

Down the road from where I am at Ridley, the Uniting Church has renamed its theological college as Pilgrim College, which is rather appropriate in light of this quote from Ernst Kasemann on Rom 8:17: “[T]he Spirit  who makes Christ present on earth i... [Uncategorized]

July 11, 11PM

Just read the last chapter by of Christology Ancient and Modern by Alan Torrance on “Reclaiming the Continuing Priesthood of Christ” and noticed these powerful words: In January 2008, my wife, Jane, died of cancer. She was the most wonderful... [Uncategorized]

July 10, 11PM

Over at Faith and Theology, Ben Myers has a great piece on The Joy of Teaching Primary Sources. He writes: To read books from the past is also to encounter minds with their own prejudices, parochialisms, and blind spots. But students soon discover that t... [Uncategorized]

July 9, 11PM

Reimagining disciples, or the gospel? A review of Robert Cotton, Reimagining Discipleship,  London: SPCK, by Kara Martin I started off wanting to like this book, since it references much of what I am passionate about: Christians being whole-life discip... [Uncategorized]


Mere from the guys at Mere Orthodoxy about N.T. Wright, this time their podcast includes discussing his Reformed critics. [Uncategorized]

July 8, 11PM

Hillsong discovers their “inner-trinitarian-orthodoxy” in this wonderful worship song “This I Believe.” Dear Hillsong, do this more, encore, encore, encore! Next I hope they do something from the Second Helvetic Confession! [Uncategorized]


Thomas Schreiner joins in the centenary celebration of the life and work of Leon Morris with a guest post on the Ridley Blog about Morris’ influence upon him. Leon Morris influenced me with his commentaries. His careful work in 1 Corinthians and the... [Uncategorized]

July 7, 10PM

John Goldingay Psalms for Everyone, Part I: Psalms 1-72  London: SPCK, 2013 Available at By Jill Firth (Adjunct Lecturer in Old Testament at Ridley Melbourne) The book of Psalms includes ‘about 135 things you can say to God’ according to G... [Uncategorized]

July 6, 11PM

Over at The Atlantic, Jonathan Rauch, has a piece on The Great Secession about the apparent exodus of religious conservatives from mainstream culture and even every day life. Its a good piece to read and gives good pause for thought in the culture wars ... [Uncategorized]

July 5, 10PM

Tom Wright  Finding God in the Psalms: Sing, Pray, Live London: SPCK, 2014. Available at  By Jill Firth (Adjunct Lecturer in Old Testament at Ridley College) Reading Tom Wright’s new book on the Psalms is like taking a helicopter flight wi... [Uncategorized]


Larry Hurtado has a good post on A Vision for International Biblical Scholarship where he calls for more support for biblical scholars in the developing world: What we need, and desperately, are financial resources to allow talented scholars such as this... [Uncategorized]

July 4, 11PM

Someone should start a Christian rock band called “Condemnation No More” as a deliberate pun on the 90s rock band “Faith No More.”  The phrase “condemnation no more” comes form Rom 8:1 and its a great summary of the Pa... [Uncategorized]


SBL’s Bible Odyssey website has been launched. Its a great on-line encyclopedia for all things biblical. See my article on Bethlehem. [Uncategorized]

July 3, 11PM

Jeremy Treat’s essay in Christology Ancient and Modern about “Exaltation in and Through Humiliation: Rethinking the States of Christ,” is great, and includes this gem quote: While Many Christians either champion the kingdom or cling to... [Uncategorized]

July 2, 11PM

Over at Mere Orthodoxy is a great podcast called Mere Fidelity: Surprised by N.T. Wright which features three bright chaps discussing N.T. Wright with a mix of huge accolades and critical reflections. Its quite a good discussion about why Wright is so po... [Uncategorized]

July 1, 11PM

My good friend Nijay Gupta has posted on-line his article “Beholding the Word of Christ: A Theological Reading of Colossians,” Canadian Theological Review 2.1 (2013): 21-43. Its a good piece dealing with intra-canonical interpretation and th... [Uncategorized]

June 30, 10PM

In the latest issue of ExpT there is an exchange over justification between Richard K. Moore and N.T. Wright. Richard K. Moore (Vose Seminary, Western Australia) N. T. Wright’s treatment of ‘Justification’ in The New Testament for Everyone Exposi... [Uncategorized]

June 29, 11PM

In light of recent sanctification wars, thought I’d post this quote I just read in Rob Jewett’s Romans commentary. “Honesty about the dilemmas of current Christian ethics should not be allowed to override the evidence in Paul’s own lette... [Uncategorized]

June 28, 11PM

Wish I was going to the Mere Anglicanism Conference in Charleston, South Carolina, 22 January 2015. The line up of speakers includes: Ross Douthat, Mary Eberstadt, Os Guiness, Alister McGrath, Bishop Michael  Nazir-Ali, and N.T. Wright. The theme is: Sal... [Uncategorized]


Sunday 29th of June is the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul according to the martyrological calendar. Think I’ll celebrate by re-reading Markus Bockmuehl’s chapter on Peter and Paul’s “tense but vital” relationship in his The... [Uncategorized]

June 27, 9PM

In a letter to Ebenezer Blackwall, dated 20 December 1751, John Wesley explains his evangelistic method with a view to balancing law and gospel: I mean by ‘preaching the gospel’ preaching the love of God to sinners preaching the life, death, resurrect... [Uncategorized]

June 26, 10PM

Through a friend I came across Paula Fredriksen’s review of N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God, which includes this rather damning indictment of his work: [Wright's] interpretive context is generated not by a critical sifting of ... [Uncategorized]

June 25, 11PM

Eddie Byun Justice Awakening: How Your Church Can Help End Human Trafficking Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014. Available at By Kara Martin Eddie Byun’s book, Justice Awakening, gives such a biblical response to this issue, as well as optimistical... [Uncategorized]


Gradually working my way through Oliver D. Crisp and Fred Sanders (eds) on Christology Ancient and Modern. Thought Crisp and Sanders gave a great opening quote: “There can be no Christianity without Christ. There can be no Christian doctrine witho... [Uncategorized]
Over at the SMH, religion journalist Barney Zwartz has an interesting piece on Secular and Religious Progressives Can Work Together.  In it he shows that religious conservatives are on the decline in the US, in terms of both numbers and influence, which ... [Uncategorized]

June 24, 11PM

June 23, 11PM

What does profession “Jesus is Lord” mean for us today? Well, some time ago H.A.A. Kennedy opined that “the term ‘Lord’ has become one of the most lifeless words in the Christian vocabulary.” When the title “Lord” lost its reverence it als... [Uncategorized]

June 19, 11PM

Rhyne Putman (NOBTS) has a volume coming out on the development of doctrine from a distinctly evangelical perspective. It is called In Defense of Doctrine: Postdoctrinal Doctrinal Developments and Hermeneutical Phenomenon (Minneapolis: Fortress, forthcomi... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

My friend Dr. George Athas (Moore Theological College) has a great presentation on “The Bible’s Attitude to Rape.” The subject of rape is monstrous and disturbing. A lot of what the Bible says about rape in Pentateuchal case law and in n... [Uncategorized]

June 17, 11PM

After nine years of theological education on two different continents and in three different colleges, I am finally on my first ever sabbatical. No doubt the angels in heaven are weeping with joy and my students are moved with joy to the pit of the bowels... [Uncategorized]

June 16, 11PM

Over at Trinity House, my favourite Southern Baptist, Timothy George presented the John Williamson Nevin Lectures. The topics are: 1. Recovering the Baptismal Theology the Early Church 2. Being Baptized More and More: Luther on Baptism and the Christian L... [Uncategorized]


David Lincicum announced that Markus Bockmuehl has just been appointed as Dean Ireland’s Professor of Holy Scripture at Keble College in Oxford replacing Christopher Rowland. Congrats to Markus. He’s a great scholar. I still treasure his book... [Uncategorized]

June 15, 4PM

American Mega-Pastor Andy Stanley has courted controversy with a tweet he put out: “Why we must teach the next generation the FOUNDATION of our faith is a an EVENT not a BOOK” Strictly speaking, Stanley is right. According to Scripture the fou... [Uncategorized]

June 14, 11PM

In a recent article, J. Todd Billings (“Catholic and Reformed: Rediscovering a Tradition,” Pro Ecclesia 23.2 [2014]: 132-46) argues that the church can escape its cultural captivity by pursuing a biblical, Christ-centered renewal along the l... [Uncategorized]

June 13, 11PM

Alister McGrath Lord and Saviour: Jesus of Nazareth London: SPCK, 2014. Available at Alister McGrath’s next book in his Christian Belief for Everyone series is about Jesus. McGrath exposits the person and work of Jesus through a wonderf... [Uncategorized]

June 12, 11PM

Over at the Ridley website, Graham Cole (Prof. of Theology at Beeson Divinity School and former Principal of Ridley) reflects on the life and work of Leon Morris. He writes: Leon knew how to preach the cross too. I recall meeting folk in Melbourne who had... [Uncategorized]

12 PM

Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) has announced the “retirement” of Douglas Green from the seminary. His “retirement” is occasioned by the findings of the board of trustees that his hermeneutical approach to the NT us... [Uncategorized]

June 11, 11PM

Ridley College is hosting a two-day conference on Paul as Pastor to be held in Melbourne on 1-2 August. The conference will feature keynote speakers, Robert Yarbrough (Covenant Theological Seminary), Trevor Burke (UK), Sarah Harris (Carey College) and B... [Uncategorized]

June 10, 11PM

Question: Why does God the Father always have to use his left hand? Answer: Jesus because is sitting on his right hand! That’s a corny joke I know, but a good opener to talk about Jesus’ ascension, the moment which marks Jesus’ departure from the ea... [Uncategorized]


Nijay has some good final reflections on the HJBG and HGBJ books. See here. On the positive side for Ehrman, he writes: Confession: I am using Bart’s book as a textbook for my NT Christology course, and I genuinely hope students will take his arguments... [Uncategorized]

June 9, 11PM

My friend John Dickson’s book Hearing Her Voice (HHV) caused a stir in Sydney Anglican circles with his book arguing for women preaching in church resulting in a response volume called Women, Sermons, and the Bible edited by Peter Bolt and Tony Pa... [Uncategorized]


Over at ThinkTheology, Luke Geraty describes how he changed his mind on women in ministry. He describes his journey and how it was shaped by reading scripture afresh, books that forced him to think things over, and experiencing the wonderful ministry of w... [Uncategorized]

June 8, 11PM

We all know that Jesus died on the cross to procure our forgiveness through his atoning death, but why did he rise from the dead? Apocalyptic party trick? Proof of life after death? Something to use to mess up anti-supernaturalistic theologians? Well, Bri... [Uncategorized]


Its Pentecost Sunday, the one day of the year where we are all Pentecostal … to some extent or other. Any way, here’s a great quote from N.T. Wright’s Pentecost sermon from 2009: The claim of Pentecost, from Acts 2 and Ephesians 4 and Ro... [Uncategorized]

June 7, 11PM

Over at RNS, Jonathan Merritt interviews N.T. Wright about the Bible and Inerrancy. He answers one question saying: I don’t think I’ve ever said “I am not an inerrantist.” But the controversies which gave rise to that label were strongly condition... [Uncategorized]

June 6, 11PM

More reviews of Bart Ehrman’s How Jesus Became God are doing the rounds: Larry Hurtado reviews Ehrman here and then gives an amendment here. Ken Schenck looks at Ehrman and Jesus’ self-understanding here. James McGrath has comments on both. [Uncategorized]

June 5, 11PM

Thesis 5: You’ll Never Understand Rom 7:7-25 Unless You’ve Seen Les Miserables There’s an amazing line in Les Miserables where Jean Valjean says, “I remember those nineteen years, a slave of the law.” Perhaps Rom 7:7-25 is m... [Uncategorized]

June 4, 11PM

I’m currently re-reading sections of Michael Horton’s helpful volume The Christian Faith and thought his remarks about the eschatological tension in sanctification – esp. in light of certain TGC controversies – was quite apt: If t... [Uncategorized]


Mark Driscoll gave a sermon on Acts 6 where he suggested that, as a child, it is possible that Jesus made mistakes. Mars Hill deleted some of the scenes in Driscoll’s sermon on that point, but you can see the video here, and a it has caused a little... [Uncategorized]

June 3, 11PM

Over at HuffPo Religion is a good piece by Jon M. Sweeney on “Hell Is a Myth – Actually, a Bunch of Myths.” Sweeney shows that much of what people believe about hell is attributable to Dante rather than to the Bible. So why do we continu... [Uncategorized]

June 2, 11PM

Thesis 4: Rom 7:7-25 is an “Open” Text I want to suggest here that a little dose of reader-response criticism might actually be helpful for understanding this passage. Since Paul does not explicitly nominate the identity of the speaker in the ... [Uncategorized]

June 1, 11PM

Over at the Aussie Bible Society website, my Ridley student Sophie Timothy has an interview with my former HTC colleagues Fraser and Dawn Jackson about their ministry in Jos in northern Nigeria. A great read if you want to know about what is happening i... [Uncategorized]


Over at Think, Andrew Wilson sums up 25 bloggers in one sentence. Even yours truly gets a mention: Mike Bird: “You should all be Anglicans, but you can still be both biblically faithful and good-humoured about it, sport.” Plus these: Scot McKnight: ... [Uncategorized]

May 31, 10PM

David A. deSilva The Jewish Teachers of Jesus, James, and Jude: What Earliest Christianity Learned from the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha Oxford: OUP, 2012. Available at David deSilva (Ashland Theological Seminary) has produced a book that achie... [Uncategorized]

May 30, 11PM

Over at his blog, Larry Hurtado reviews Bart Ehrman’s HJBG with some juicy points of affirmation and criticism. On these and a few other matters, in short, Ehrman’s discussion is misinformed, which is curious given that the jacket promotional blur... [Uncategorized]

May 29, 11PM

Thesis 3: The “I” is a composite character. There are echoes of Adam, Israel, and especially God-fearers who tried to live under the law but see in hindsight that they had always failed to keep it. To begin with, there are some striking parallels bet... [Uncategorized]

May 28, 11PM

Jesus Descended into Hell, Kind of By Justin W. Bass St. Augustine asked in the fifth century, “Who, therefore, but an infidel will deny that Christ was in hell?” (Ep. 164) And in just the last few decades Wayne Grudem wrote an article (reflecting the... [Uncategorized]

May 27, 11PM

In traditional Reformed theology there is often posited a strong contrast between Law and Gospel. Gospel tells you how to receive eternal life, Law tells you how to do God’s moral will. Don’t confuse the two, cause you might end up as a legali... [Uncategorized]

May 26, 11PM

There is a NT job opening at the prestigious Gordon-Conwell Seminary, looking specifically for but not limited to a Synoptics person. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary ( announces a tenure track faculty position in the area of New ... [Uncategorized]

May 25, 11PM

Thesis 2: The “I” is not a normal pre-Christian experience of wailing in guilt and then finding a deliverer. As far as we know, Saul of Tarsus did not have a guilt-ridden conscience and was not waiting for a divine messianic figure to die an atoning ... [Uncategorized]

May 24, 11PM

Over at TGC, Ken Stewart has a good review of Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy that is worth checking out. I thought Stewart gave a generous conclusion: What does this “proxy-struggle” for the future of evangelicalism tell us? That there’s a h... [Uncategorized]

May 23, 11PM

Over at First Things Owen Strachan and Andrew Walker have written a response to Matthew Vines’ book God and the Gay Christian. The final paragraph was a knock out: We do not judge a Christian teacher only by his age or experience, to be sure. But ... [Uncategorized]

May 22, 11PM

Thesis 1: The “I” in Rom 7:7-25 is not a Christian and cannot be a Christian. While many might take great comfort in a Christian reading of Rom 7:7-25, furnishing proof that even the Apostle Paul struggled with sin in his Christian life, providing hop... [Uncategorized]

May 21, 11PM

My colleague Rhys Bezzant has a great book on Jonathan Edwards and the Church (New York: OUP, 2013), which should be necessary reading for anyone interested in American church history, doctrine of the church, or part of the YRR crowd. Interest in the li... [Uncategorized]

May 20, 11PM

Over at Reformation21 (Question, is that a Presbyterian version of Forever 21?) Michael Kruger has a review of Bart Ehrman’s How Jesus Became God, concluding: In the end, it is difficult to know what to think of Ehrman’s new volume. While it... [Uncategorized]

May 19, 11PM

Over at First Things, Peter Leithart has an interesting post on Double Imputation where he makes a provocative claim: Perhaps double imputation arises from the assumption that the transaction that secures our standing with God takes place exclusively ... [Uncategorized]

May 18, 11PM

I’m glad to say that I’ll be editing a series of short studies on biblical and theological themes for Logos in their brand spanking new Cutting Edge series. This series engages significant issues in contemporary biblical scholarship, making... [Uncategorized]

May 17, 11PM

The Society of Beer Lovers and Associated Academic Research meeting will be happening again in San Diego on Saturday 22 November 2014. Here is the promotional video by the insane John Anthony Dunne and Chris Brewer with a cameo from N.T. Wright. [Uncategorized]

12 AM

John D. Woodbridge and Frank A. James Church History: Volume Two: From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2013. Available at I’ve read several Church History intro volumes. Chris Cairns is what I used as an un... [Uncategorized]

May 16, 8PM

I have to confess that I never cease to be amazed at the depth of hatred that American liberals have for Catholics. Read the article about the Satanic Temple holding a “Black Mass” at Harvard Uni, which was only cancelled after much outrage an... [Uncategorized]

May 15, 12 AM

Theology as Poetry  by Miriam Dale “Theology is poetry”, he tells me, and as a poet I quite like that. Theology is poetry, I think. It is the shading in a world of lines, the winch that straining, pulls words from the page and into the 3-dimensional.... [Uncategorized]

May 14, 12 AM

I’m browsing through Addison Hodges Hart on Strangers and Pilgrims Once More: Being Disciples of Jesus in a Post-Christendom World and came across this quote: Mainline (“liberal”) Protestantism, meantime, continues to evaporate like an ... [Uncategorized]

May 12, 11PM

In the Authentic Media Catalogue for 2014 are some cool titles including: Salim Munayer & Lisa Soden, Through My Enemies Eyes: Envisioning Reconciliation in Israel-Palestine. Stephen R. Holmes, The Holy Trinity Andrew T. B. McGowan, The Person and ... [Uncategorized]

May 11, 11PM

Justin Holcomb teaches Gordon-Conwell and Reformed Theological Seminary and he has written two books on Know the Heretics and Know the Creeds and Councils (Zondervan, 2014). Here is my interview with him about the books: Justin, you’re an episcopa... [Uncategorized]

May 9, 11PM

Given the release of the controversial volume by Ronald E. Osborne, Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering (Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014), I’ve been reading up on a bit of Genesis 1 stuff. Along the way I fou... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Later this month Dr. Mariam Kamell (Regent College) will deliver two lectures at Ridley Melbourne, including: Open Public Lecture on 22 May at 1400 on “A Biblical Theology of Social Justice.” The Leon Morris Lecture on 26 May at 1745 on “... [Uncategorized]

May 8, 12 AM

Last year Zondervan released three ebooks on women in ministry by Katherine Keller, Michael Bird, and John Dickson. John Dickson’s book, Hearing Her Voice, caused a bit of a storm in Sydney Anglican circles and it has prompted its own response ebook... [Uncategorized]

May 7, 12 AM

Dale Hanson Bourke The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Tough Questions, Direct Answers Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2013. Available at Okay, the Israeli-Palestinian is a sensitive issue, invoking great pathos and emotion, and a lot of theological bagg... [Uncategorized]

May 5, 6PM

Bart Ehrman has written a response to HGBJ over at his blog CIA (thankfully available for public viewing). It is quite a cordial piece, critical but not adversarial, it sets out his side of the story, and what he thinks is lacking in our response book. Eh... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Many reviews of HJGB and HGBJ are now available. Over at Grace for Sinners, Jennifer Guo reviews HJGB and HGBJ. Over at Crux Sola, Nijay Gupta reviews Ehrman’s book here and here and then HGBJ here and here. Andrew Sullivan reviews both books her... [Uncategorized]

May 2, 12 AM

Over at the St. Mellitus website, Chris Tilling has a short video about his part in How God Became Jesus and why Christians should read Bart Ehrman’s How Jesus Became God. [Uncategorized]

May 1, 12 AM

Stanley E. Porter How We Got the New Testament: Text, Transmission, Translation Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2013. Available at Stan Porter’s book on the origins of the NT is based on a series of lectures delivered at Acadia Divinity College ... [Uncategorized]

April 29, 12 AM

In the latest issue of BBR (24.1 [2014]: 57-73), Robert Gundry has a critical review of N.T. Wright’s How God Became King, here’s the blurb: During his public ministry, Jesus taught extensively in words and deeds about the kingdom of God. IN... [Uncategorized]

April 28, 12 AM

In my Knowledge of God course, I set two of my student the task of creating a short video on ”Is the Bible Inerrant, Infallible, or Whatever?” Well, they did a cracking good job, and here are the results: [Uncategorized]

April 27, 12 AM

Over at, Craig Evans writes on Fundamentalist Arguments Against Fundamentalism. No surprises here at to who he has in mind! Bart Ehrman is arguing like a fundamentalist. It is an all-or-nothing approach. If the Bible is truly inspired (and... [Uncategorized]

April 26, 12 AM

I have to say that Stephen Colbert is my favourite American comedian and is the best source for American news. In fact, the other night, I had a dream that I wrote a book called, “Killing Colbert.” Yes, I write books in my sleep! Any way, Rele... [Uncategorized]

April 25, 10PM

In scholarship you need a thick skin and you have to be willing to accept that criticism of your work can come at you fast and furious. Sometimes the criticism can be rather humbling especially when it has some degree of validity and publicly airs your mi... [Uncategorized]


Just read a delightful piece by Julie Canlis, “Beyond Tearing One Another to Pieces: Union with Christ in Reformed Scholarship,” JRT 8 (2014): 79-88, where Canlis gives a brief overview as to why Reformed folks get so worked up about union with Christ... [Uncategorized]

April 24, 8AM

Over at First Things, there is an article by Anna Nussbaum Keating on Why Can’t My Son Receive the Eucharist, which gives a catholic case for children participating in the Lords’ Supper/Eucharist/Communion. Gotta love this quote from Augustine... [Uncategorized]

April 23, 3PM

Joseph M. Holden, the president of something called Veritas Evangelical Seminary (a subsidiary of Norman Geisler industries), has written a post called ICBI Inerrancy is Not for the Birds, in which he draws attention to the cancerous and conniving heretic... [Uncategorized]


Thanks to Rob Bradshaw, I’m part of his survey of several theological colleges from around the world, and I give a promo of Ridley Melbourne. [Uncategorized]

April 21, 11PM

Princeton University Press puts on a lecture by Diarmaid MacCulloch entitled, “What if Arianism Had Won?” [Uncategorized]


Over at TGC, Andreas Kostenberger has reviews of both How Jesus Became God and How God Became Jesus. Good reviews. He gives a good summary: Jesus was not a mere man who only later became God; rather, God took on humanity in the person of Jesus of Nazare... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Okay, I know I’ve been flogging hard reviews and articles about HJGB/HGBJ, author promo work, but it will start petering off soon. Any way, here’s a few things about the melee that might interest folks: Over at ABC Religion & Ethics I wrot... [Uncategorized]

April 20, 12 AM

Thanks to Jeremy Bouma, over at Zondervan’s Koinonia blog is an excerpt from my Evangelical Theology about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. “The cross without the resurrection is just martyrdom…Conversely the resurrection without the cross ... [Uncategorized]

April 19, 12 AM

Michael Frost Incarnate: The Body of Christ in an Age of Discernment Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2014. Available at A review of Incarnate: The Body of Christ in an Age of Disengagement, Michael Frost, IVP, by Kara Martin I have read ... [Uncategorized]

April 18, 8PM

Here is a great quote from Athanasius (Incarnation 4.20): You must not be surprised if we repeat ourselves in dealing with this subject. We are speaking of the good pleasure of God and of the things which He in His loving wisdom thought fit to do, and it ... [Uncategorized]


Prof. Ian Harper is a leading Australian economist and a board member of Ridley Melbourne. Find here a wonderful piece he wrote for the Australian Financial Review about Easter. We are surrounded by death every day; not just literal death but the figurati... [Uncategorized]

April 16, 2PM

Over at Christianity Today, I have a piece on How God Became Jesus – And How I Came to Faith in Him. Here’s the money quote: Some have great confidence in skeptical scholarship, and I once did, perhaps more than anyone else. If anyone thinks t... [Uncategorized]


Great quote from Leon Morris: My … point is that what we need more than anything is a way of looking at the Bible which holds fully to its authority, but which does not bog down on the defence of minor points. The Bible writers, while consistently ... [Uncategorized]

April 15, 3PM

Over at FaithStreet are articles by Bart Ehrman and Michael Bird. Here’s the links: Bart Ehrman, Why I Am Obsessed with Jesus, he concludes: So now I understand my obsession better. One could argue that the historical Jesus himself is a footnote in ... [Uncategorized]

April 14, 10PM

I’m sure many of you have heard how Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was forced to resign after it was discovered that he made a donation in support of a gay marriage ban in California. See the report at The Guardian. Whether one agrees with Brendan Eich is... [Uncategorized]


Apologies for the forthcoming flurry of self-promotion, but a spate of interviews and articles on How God Became Jesus is about to come out. Top of the list is an interview I did with Emily Varner at BibleGateway on Did the Early Church Invent Jesus̵... [Uncategorized]


More stuff on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife from Candida Moss and Anthony Le Donne. Moss has a good sum up: In the absence of clear evidence, the debate is still where it was over a year ago. On the one hand, tests designed to prove that the text is a ... [Uncategorized]

April 13, 3PM

Over at the HuffPo is a series Palm Sunday photos from around the world. Absolutely wonderful!!! I particularly loved the one’s from Iraqi Christians! [Uncategorized]

April 12, 9PM

Myself and the co-authors How God Became Jesus had the pleasure talking to Nate Herbst and Justin Wynne on The God Solutions Show. Part I of the discussion features myself talking about HGBJ. Part II of the discussion features Chris Tilling. Part III o... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Over at ABC Religion and Ethics, N.T. Wright writes On Palm Sunday, Jesus Rides into the Perfect Storm. Here’s a taste: If we try to follow Jesus in faith and hope and love on his journey to the cross, we will find that the hurricane of love which w... [Uncategorized]

April 11, 7PM

Over at ETC, Christian Askeland has a great piece on Jesus’s Wife Resurrected. Christian points out that any ambiguity in the carbon dating of GJW does not automatically favor its authenticity and thereby vindicate Prof. Karen King’s claims. Y... [Uncategorized]


Over at Stand to Reason, Amy Hall has a good piece showing what Bart Ehrman and Evangelicals actually agree on concerning Jesus and divinity. With all the hoopla and debate – which to be frank I have deliberately cultivated in many ways – I t... [Uncategorized]

April 10, 10PM

The latest issue of Harvard Theological Review includes some more data on the question of the authenticity of the Gospel of Jesus’ wife fragment. There are some excellent early responses from Larry Hurtado and Francis Watson to the HTR issue and ... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Miroslav Volf was recently in Australia talking at conferences, on Aussie TV, spoke to seminary students, and gave a talk to our Radio National about Exclusion and Embrace. You can listen to his audio lecture here. Professor Miroslav Volf presents the ide... [Uncategorized]

April 9, 8AM

Over at CT is a big write up on Surprised by N.T. Wright, which talks about Wright’s writing ministry and how it is effecting the church. I loved the part about Wright being bigger than Bultmann: Now picture Wright as a student attending similar lec... [Uncategorized]

April 8, 10PM

My good friend, well-known blogger, and world renowned NT scholar Scot McKnight will be ordained as a Deacon in the Anglican Church later this month in April at the Church of  the Redeemer (PEAR USA). Scot gives an account of his journey here. All the be... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Just read a very interesting piece at ABP News about a Virginian Baptist church that looks deliberately Anglican. Sunday mornings at All Souls Charlottesville are fairly common for an Anglican congregation. The Book of Common Prayer and the Revised ... [Uncategorized]

April 7, 9AM

Dean Flemming Recovering the Full Mission of God: A Biblical Perspective on Being, Doing and Telling Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2013. Available at By Andrew Prince (Lecturer Ministry and Mission, Brisbane School of Theology). Historically there ha... [Uncategorized]

April 6, 3PM

Over at Unbelievable Justin Brierly talks to both Simon Gathercole and Bart Ehrman about Jesus’ divinity. Listen to part two here. In regards to Ehrman’s initial remark about the blurb to HGBJ, Ehrman thinks Jesus is “divine” or &#... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Several reviews and comments on the “christology war” books have appeared. Here’s a few: Parchment and Pen (Rob Bowman). A good summary of both books and an evaluation of each one, including recognition of the stuff that Ehrman gets righ... [Uncategorized]

April 4, 12 AM

Here is the audio for Ehrman’s interview on the radio show “Interfaith Voices” about his new book. [Uncategorized]

April 3, 9AM

Over at The Marginalia Review of Books is a great review by Helen Bond of Chris Keith and Anthony Le Donne’s edited volume on Jesus, Criteria, and the Demise of Authenticity. Bond is a very capable scholar, having written on Pontius Pilate, Caiaph... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Over at the Eerdmans blog is an interview with Doug Campbell about his forthcoming book Framing Paul: An Epistolary account. The blurb reads: All historical work on Paul presupposes a story concerning the composition of his letters — which ones he act... [Uncategorized]

April 2, 9AM

Over at the Huffington Post, Bart Ehrman gives a very good summary of his argument set forth in How Jesus Became God. To whet your appeitite, he writes: Many believers – at least very conservative evangelical Christians and others who have not had ... [Uncategorized]
I know its late, but In light of Reza Aslan’s Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, I thought I should post up an article I write some years ago called: “Jesus and the Revolutionaries: Did Jesus Call Israel to Repent of Nationalist... [Uncategorized]

April 1, 8PM

Here’s a video promo of How God Became Jesus largely thanks to Wayne Chan. [Uncategorized]


For me one of the highlights of SBL 2013 was the “Perfect Storm” session featuring Stan Porter, Con Campbell, and Buist Fanning.  It was a discussion about the nature of the biblical Greek’s perfect tense-form in relation to verbal aspe... [Uncategorized]

March 31, 9AM

Nick Peters from Deep Waters interviews Charles Hill, Chris Tilling, and Michael Bird – all on three different continents – about the book How God Became Jesus. The blogcast goes for a massive two hours! I think I came in at about the 65 mi... [Uncategorized]


Over at Unbelievable Justin Brierly talks to both Simon Gathercole and Bart Ehrman about Jesus’ divinity. Listen to part one here. [Uncategorized]

March 30, 10AM

Neil Bach’s lecture about the life, scholarship, and ministry of Leon Morris is now available in audio here. A very good lecture to listen to! [Uncategorized]

12 AM

I’m hoping to soon start working on a short NT Theology for IVP. I’ve toyed with many ideas on how to go about it. The normal way to go is book by book or corpus by corpus (Thielman; Marshall), or a historical origins approach (Morris), wherea... [Uncategorized]

March 29, 9AM

Glad that Wright’s lectures at the HBU conference on Paul and Israel is available on! Paul in his Jewish World Israel in Pauline Theology HT: Brian LePort [Uncategorized]

12 AM

David R. Nienhuis & Robert W. Wall Reading the Epistles of James, Peter, John & Jude as Scripture: The Shaping & Shape of A Canonical Collection Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at People write about the theology of the ... [Uncategorized]

March 28, 2PM

Craig Evans does a superb job on the Canadian Talkshow 100 Huntley Street speaking to Jerry Johnston. I’m a bit envious, I’d love to be the NY version of 100 Huntley Street with Eric Metaxas, maybe one day! [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Glad to see that my ebook on women in ministry is now available in paperback! Available for pre-order form Zondervan. Only $7.99   [Uncategorized]

March 27, 9AM

Over at BibleGateway is a interview I did with Emily Varner about Bart Ehrman, Jesus’ divinity, and the New Testament. Here’s a teaser: EV: How would you respond if someone said, “Doesn’t this discussion just boil down to faith (‘just t... [Uncategorized]

March 26, 11PM

Over at ABC Religion and Ethics is a great piece on The Role of Churches in the Ukrainian Revolution, with insights about both the Ukrainian and Russian churches. Apparently the Russians really don’t like the Greek Catholic Russians: This mixed iden... [Uncategorized]


Over at Koinonia, Jeremy Bouma has a good post on why we should engage Bart Ehrman on christology as well as a good summary of our book in response to Ehrman. [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Over at The Guardian, is an article by Adam Brereton on My Local ‘Atheist Church’ is Part of the Long, Inglorious March of Gentrification, which is a great read. I loved this line: What religion remains in inner-city areas tends to be docile, ... [Uncategorized]

March 25, 3PM

The “christology wars” are already hitting the media circuit with articles on Ehrman’s book and ours featured at RNS on “Was Jesus Divine?” and the Huffington Post on how Ehrman’s book has been “instantly rebutt... [Uncategorized]


Here is a great video where Dr. Craig Evans talks about our response to Bart Ehrman on Jesus’ divinity and Jesus’ resurrection. [Uncategorized]

March 24, 6AM

I was very pleased to hear that How God Became Jesus received endorsements from Richard Bauckham and Larry Hurtado, which is kinda cool to the max. Too late to go on the dust cover, but definitely going into the publicity materials. “This is a hel... [Uncategorized]


Craig Blomberg’s new book Can We Still Believe the Bible? An Evangelical Engagement with Contemporary Questions (Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos, 2014) is about to be released. As part of the Brazos blog tour, I’m been assigned to comment on chap... [Uncategorized]

March 22, 12 AM

I came across this on twitter the other day and I think its hilarious Let the record show that I did not create it or commission it, I’m just laughing at it. And I’ve never said that all of Ehrman’s arguments are based on bad history ... [Uncategorized]

March 21, 12 AM

Wesley Granberg-Michaelson From Times Square to Timbuktu: the Post-Christian West Meets the Non-Western Church Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at Reviewed by Charlie Fletcher, Dean of Global Mission at Ridley Melbourne Mission & Min... [Uncategorized]

March 20, 8PM

Much more is happening on the biblioblogosphere for the Leon Morris centenary. Eerdword will be featuring several blog posts in the future about Leon Morris and they recently announced a give away of Leon Morris’ book The Apostolic Preaching of the... [Uncategorized]


In a recent issue of JETS 56.4 (2013), Jackson Wu has a good little article on, “Paul Writes to the Greek First and Also to the Jew: The Missiological Significance of Understanding Paul’s Purpose in Romans,” (pp. 765-79). For me this a... [Uncategorized]

March 19, 1AM

I just saw on Alban Books (UK) that the United Bible Societies 5th edition of the Greek New Testament will be out 30 June 2014. [Uncategorized]

March 18, 12 AM

Heads up folks, largely inspired by Larry Hurtado, and my own forays into second century texts, esp. Epistle of Diognetus, I’ve teamed up with Chris Hays and Jeremiah Bailey to set up a consultation at SBL on Texts and Traditions in the Second Cen... [Uncategorized]

March 17, 12 AM

I just came across a website called Alabastar Jar: Stories of Female Leaders from Church History, about the important role played by women in the history of the Christian church. Alabaster Jar is a website set up to remember and celebrate other women who ... [Uncategorized]

March 16, 12 AM

Eric Metaxas and April Hernandez are hosting a new talk show called 100 Huntley Street, based on the long running Canadian version, read about it here. Here is the clip. Looks cool! [Uncategorized]

March 14, 9PM

Recently World Magazine had a piece on Unreal Sales for Mark Driscoll’s Real Marriage to the effect that the Mars Hill Church bought Driscoll’s book a place on the NYT best seller list through a marketing company with a deliberate intent to by... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Andrew Streett The Vine and the Son of Man: Eschatological Interpretation of Psalm 80 in Early Judaism Minneapolis: Fortress, 2013. Available at This is a good book on the use of Psalm 80 in early Judaism and in the NT, esp. the Gospel of John.... [Uncategorized]

March 13, 1AM

Here’s a couple of good interviews by Bruce Longenecker and Todd Still about their forthcoming volume Thinking Through Paul: A Survey of His Life, Letters, and Theology (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014). Looks like a good overview of Paul by two... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

In the latest IVP Academic Alert, David Congdon talks to  Ronald Osborn about his book Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering, which includes this audacious claim by Osborn: In both its fundamentalist and atheisti... [Uncategorized]

March 12, 12 AM

Over at the Wheaton Blog, For Christ and His Kingdom, Susan Rieske reviews my Jesus is the Christ: The Messianic Testimony of the Gospels. Very nice review, quite positive, have to confess that I liked Susan’s conclusion: Bird is to be commended, a... [Uncategorized]

March 11, 12 AM

Here is a video I did with Eerdmans about my forthcoming book The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus. Interesting fact, the guy asking me the questions and politely laughing at my jokes is Jacob Thielman, nephew to the grea... [Uncategorized]

March 10, 6PM

2014 is the centenary anniversary celebration of Leon Morris’ birth. For those who don’t know – and you all should- Leon Morris is arguablyAustralia’s greatest biblical scholar. Morris is best known for his masterful works on the b... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

A short, interesting, and generous account of Adam and Eve by Alister McGrath: [Uncategorized]

March 9, 12 AM

In the British Church Times, Linda Woodhead, a sociologist of religion, has been thinking what might happen to the Church of England if church attendance keeps declining. She ponders that even if all Sunday services closed down, leaving only clergy remai... [Uncategorized]

March 8, 12 AM

R. Michael Allen Justification and the Gospel: Understanding the Contexts and Controversies Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2013. Available at In this book, R. Michael Allen (Knox Theological Seminary) engages a number of controversial theological iss... [Uncategorized]

March 7, 12 AM

I have to confess that one of the sermons series that I really enjoy listening to and reading over every now and then, is D.A. Carson’s series “The God Who is There” and the book that the sermons are based on The God Who Is There: Findi... [Uncategorized]

March 6, 1AM

Michael Allen (Knox Theological Seminary) is interviewed by Logos about Karl Barth. Its a good interview and worth checking out, esp. if you’re curious as to what the “deal” is with evangelicals and Karl Barth. Allen has a new book comin... [Uncategorized]

March 4, 10PM

I would like to invite all of my co-bloggers, friends, students, colleagues, and well-wishers to join me in a spiritual quest to make the time of Lent – which begins today – more solemn, more holy, and more meaningful, by giving up coffee. I s... [Uncategorized]


In this photo are my friends Con Campbell (TEDS) and Timothy Gombis (GRTS) in the Baker Bookstore reading How God Became Jesus. This calls for a caption contest. Might even arrange a free copy for the best suggestion! [Uncategorized]

March 3, 6PM

Last week I was featured in an on-line Radio Show, Real Talk with MVP, based in Atlanta where I had  a ten minute chat with Marcus about, “Was Jesus White?” Good fun, a few laughs, and talking about ideas on Jesus, race, ethnicity, and arti... [Uncategorized]

March 2, 11PM

Bart Ehrman, on his blog, Christianity in Antiquity, mentions our response book to his book about the origins of belief in Jesus’ deity. He also mentions a forthcoming debate between him and Simon Gathercole that will be recorded on the UK’s ... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

One of my students, young Miriam Dale, is a bit of a poet, and has written a lovely collection of poems called The Common Condition: Poems & Praise, with several moving pieces therein about God, suffering, injustice, and life in general. I particular... [Uncategorized]

March 1, 3AM

Just a reminder that the St. Andrews Ecclesia and Ethics II conference begins tomorrow. My paper, “Blogging in the Name of the Lord: What is the Virtue and Value of Christian Blogging and other Social Media?” will be on approximately Saturday,... [Uncategorized]

February 28, 10PM

There’s been a lot going on the internet about whether the account of domesticated camels in the patriarchal narratives is anachronistic. You can read a good intro piece over at Christianity Today on the subject and Peter Enns also chimes in as well... [Uncategorized]

February 27, 10PM

N.T. Wright gives the James Gregory Public Lecture on “Can a Scientist Trust the New Testament?” Watch the video here. [Uncategorized]

February 26, 11PM

Over in Publishers Weekly, there is a piece on Man or God? Scholars Again Debate the Divinity of Jesus, featuring Bart Ehrman’s book How Jesus Became God and Michael Bird et al on How God Became Jesus. To clarify one thing, despite all of our crit... [Uncategorized]


David Capes announces on his blog a session to be held at the “The Extent of Theological Diversity in Earliest Christianity” section of SBL which will be reviewing Bart Ehrman’s book, How Jesus Became God, with the authors of the book,... [Uncategorized]


Over at his blog, Larry Hurtado has a great response to a claim made by the Bible Hunters program that the Gnostics were basically Christian “intellectuals.” The money quote has to be: There are modern equivalents to the ancient “gnostics,... [Uncategorized]

February 25, 11AM

Kirsten Powers and Justin Meritt wrote a piece in The Daily Beast about How Conservative Christians Selectively Apply Biblical Teachings in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate. The presenting issue is recent laws in Arizona which allow individuals and businesses... [Uncategorized]


I’ve always admitted that I’ve been more on the ball in the Jewish world than in the Greco-Roman world. I’ve got a fair grip on my OT, Apocrypha, OT Pseudepigrapha, Josephus, Philo, Dead Sea Scrolls, even read up on inscriptions. But rea... [Uncategorized]

February 24, 10PM

Good video by Mark Gignilliat from Beeson Divinity School about Seminary. It actually involves hard work! Amazing, who would have thought? [Uncategorized]


Huzzah, today another academic year commences, another cohort of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed B.Th and M.Div students begins their academic journey here at Ridley Melbourne. I want to wish my new and continuing students a warm greetings from the blog and ... [Uncategorized]

February 22, 1AM

In light of two certain books about Jesus as God which are on the verge of being published, this little quote is quite interesting: If Jesus thought of himself as the decisive messenger of God’s kingdom and as mediator between God and Israel and if he u... [Uncategorized]

February 21, 1AM

Over at the blog, Evangelical Calvinism, Myk Habets posts one of his “theses” about Evangelical Calvinism, namely, a supralapsarian christology! Don’t get lost on the word, it means that God’s decree of Christ as Saviour is logical... [Uncategorized]

February 20, 1AM

For those interested, the St. Andrews Eccelesia and Ethics II conference, focusing on the internet, will be held on the Saturdays of March 1st and 8th. Only costs a small donation to a charity of some kind to gain entrance. What is more, registrants will... [Uncategorized]

February 18, 2PM

I’m thinking of using one of these as my new business card: Thanks to Alistair Sterne: Thanks to Anthony Le Donne: [Uncategorized]


Man, talk about sucker punch! This anti-trafficking video was shot in the red light district of Amsterdam. It is not what it first appears to be. The large gaggle of male on-lookers think that they are getting a free dance show by sexy ladies … then... [Uncategorized]

February 17, 4PM

Over at The Jesus Blog, Anthony Le Donne has done up a series of hilarious business cards for biblical scholars. Here’s a few of my favourites:   I should probably design one for Joel Willitts and he can design one for me! [Uncategorized]

February 16, 1AM

When it comes to studying the Gospels, how should you do it? Should one begin with a study of the critical issues like the Jesus tradition, synoptic problem, and genre and then move onto the narrative and theological texture of the Gospels? OR Should on... [Uncategorized]

February 15, 1AM

The Acts 29 network is a church planting movement that establishes Bible-believing churches in various places throughout the world, including in Australia. I recently came across a peculiar item in their doctrinal statement about love, Christ, leadership,... [Uncategorized]

February 14, 1AM

Brill’s 15 most downloaded journal articles in religious and biblical studies are available for access for free until 15th of April. See the website here. Here’s some of the biblical studies articles: The Oldest Interpretation of the Suffering... [Uncategorized]

February 13, 1AM

Aquila H. I. Lee From Messiah to Preexistent Son Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2005. Available at Aquila Lee’s book on the origins of pre-existence Christology is a quite a good book, though lesser known than Simon Gathercole’s volu... [Uncategorized]

February 12, 1AM

Now available on-line is Mark A. Garcia, “Debating Justification Productively: A Review Essay” SBET 31:2 (2013): 211-26, which is basically a review essay of Justification: Five Views, thorough and quite enjoyable read. I should add, by the way, tha... [Uncategorized]

February 10, 2PM

Here is the book cover for How God Became Jesus: The Real Origins of Belief in Jesus’ Divine Nature: A Response to Bart D. Ehrman. Will be available in both paper back and on kindle. The official release date is 25 March! Oh, here’s the blu... [Uncategorized]


The other day I was reading and reflecting on the theme of schism in the New Testament. I read over the famous passage 1 John 2:19: “They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remaine... [Uncategorized]

February 9, 1AM

David Wilkie Coffee with Jesus Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2013. Available at As you all known I’m not adverse to a joke or a bit of a laugh. And David Wilkie’s Coffee with Jesus is hilarity laced with genuine reflections on Christian... [Uncategorized]

February 8, 1AM

The Anglican Communion of North America has produced To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism, written by several folks including J.I. Packer, Mark Galli, and Justyn Terry and others. It includes an exposition of basic tenets of faith, the Apostles’... [Uncategorized]

February 7, 2AM

All of my books have a special place in my life and memory, but my volume Are You the One Who is to Come? The Historical Jesus and the Messianic Question is among my favourites. It feels kind of like my Habiltation and I think I made a solid scholarly c... [Uncategorized]

February 6, 1AM

For Paul, “sin” is not just behavior, but more akin to force and dark power that holds sway over people. While the doctrine of “original sin” gets a hard time (I prefer talking about original “guilt” and original “death”), G.K. Chesteron f... [Uncategorized]

February 5, 2AM

R.T. France Luke  Teach the Text Commentary Series Eds. Mark Strauss and John Walton Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2013. Available at The late R.T. France was one of the great British evangelical scholars of the twentieth and twenty-first century. ... [Uncategorized]

February 4, 2AM

Justin Taylor and Andreas Koestenberger have teamed up to create a wonderful book for Lent called The Final Days of Jesus about Holy Week. You can find out more about the book here and watch the video about it. Here’s my blurb for the book: “An... [Uncategorized]

February 3, 1AM

Just saw this thanks to James McGrath I’ll give a free copy of How God Became Jesus to anyone who can come up with the funniest meme of Bart Ehrman and Jesus’ divinity.   [Uncategorized]

February 2, 1AM

Over at the Logos blog, Jonathan Watson pulls out a blast from the past by posting a quote from my Colossians commentary on Col 1:15-20. I stand by my remarks on the origins of the hymn and especially its relationship to Wisdom traditions and a Jewish th... [Uncategorized]

February 1, 2AM

Okay, I’m in the process of renewing my memberships with some learned scholarly societies about biblical and theological studies so I thought I would make some humorous observations about each one, namely, ETS, IBR, and SBL. Now Australians tend to ... [Uncategorized]

January 31, 2AM

Craig S. Keener Acts: An Exegetical Commentary – Volume 2 Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2013 Available at The latest installment in Craig Keener’s epic four volume Acts commentary – the mother of all Acts commentaries – is no... [Uncategorized]

January 30, 7AM

Over at CBWM Griffin Gulledge offers a very gracious but not uncritical review of my ebook about women in ministry called Bourgeois Babes, Bossy Wives, and Bobby Haircuts: A Case for Gender Equality in Ministry. Griffin takes issue with a few of my exeget... [Uncategorized]


David J. Downs & Matthew L. Skinner (eds.) The Unrelenting God: God’s Action in Scripture: Essays in Honor of Beverly Roberts Gaventa Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at Beverly Gaventa is a brilliant scholar, having made c... [Uncategorized]

January 29, 12 PM

The latest issue of Credo Magazine is out with a specific focus on “Justification: The Doctrine of Which the Church Stands or Fall.” In it, Tom Schreiner has a piece on N.T. Wright Under Review: Revisiting the Apostle Paul and His Doctrine of ... [Uncategorized]


Denny Burk What is the Meaning of Sex?  Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2013. Available at By Kara Martin Denny Burk is correct when he says that we live in a world confused about sex. The link between the biblical understanding of sex and relationship... [Uncategorized]

January 28, 2PM

Over at TGC, Tullian Tchividjian offers an interesting spin on the Parable of the Good Samaritan. He writes: If Jesus had been asked, “How should we treat our neighbors?” and had responded with this story, perhaps “Be like the Good Samaritan” woul... [Uncategorized]

January 27, 7PM

Bart Ehrman has a new book due out in March titled, How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee (New York: HarperOne, 2014). I blogged about it earlier here. The blurb for the book on reads: New York Times bestselli... [Uncategorized]


The renowned American New Testament scholar Richard Hays was  in Australia last year attending a conference in Perth. While on a train, he got talking to someone who asked him what he was doing in Australia. He replied that he was attending the Society o... [Uncategorized]

January 26, 12 AM

Thanks to Chris Keith, Dale Allison, and Anthony Le Donne, no one seems to believe that the various criteria of authenticity can really prove or disprove any element of the Jesus tradition. So, I’ve come up with a new, very Australian, criterion of ... [Uncategorized]

January 25, 2AM

Over at TGC is a great piece by Michael Morgan on What I Learned About Sabbaticals by Finally Taking One. Despite teaching biblical studies and theology for nearly ten years I’ve never had a sabbatical. Since I’ve changed institutions twice (b... [Uncategorized]

January 24, 1AM

I’m currently reading Theodore De Bruyn’s translation of Pelagius’ commentary on Romans and it is fascinating stuff. I strongly urge everyone to read the prologue (which you can view on preview !!!!). It sounds so much like Ja... [Uncategorized]

January 23, 9AM

Over at the Aussie Bible Society’s Newspaper, Eternity, Michael Jensen offers a nice review of Evangelical Theology. [Uncategorized]

January 22, 11PM

Okay folks, on a summary of Paul’s letter to the Romans, tell me who this quote comes from (no Google searches, has to be off the cuff): Thrusting himself between those who were disputing in this way, the apostle interrupts the questions of the two ... [Uncategorized]


Below is an on-line talk by Richard Hays on Canon and Creed given at Trinity School for Ministry’s Ancient Evangelical Futures Conference. It has some good stuff about Hays’ disagreements with Wright, his take on Luke’s christology, and ... [Uncategorized]


According to CT,’s list of top Bible searches for 2013, from over 242 countries, was: 1. John 3:16 2. Jeremiah 29:11 3. Philippians 4:13 4. Romans 8:28 5. Psalm 23 6. Proverbs 3:5-6 7. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 8. Romans 12:2 9. Philippi... [Uncategorized]


In what could be the greatest partnership since Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Chris Skinner of Peje Iesou will be joining Nijay Gupta over at CruxSola to blog on biblical studies. I think I will name the biblioblogosphere’s new power couple ei... [Uncategorized]


Over at TGC is a great interview by Justin Taylor with Doug Moo. They talk about how Doug came to Christ, his Galatians commentary, his future writing projects, but also how Moo changed his mind on justification. Moo now argues that for Paul, justificatio... [Uncategorized]

January 21, 4PM

I just came across this debate on between Michael Licona and Dale Martin on “Did Jesus Believe He Was Divine?” Very engaging and thought provoking. [Uncategorized]


My good friend Ben Myers, has been progressively tweeting #canon fodder, tweet length summaries of every book of the Bible. He has posted the complete series on his blog. Do check it out, it is rather awesome. Here’s a few of my favourites: 1 Kings:... [Uncategorized]


There are red heads in the Bible. According to legend, Judas Iscariot was a red head. And I interpret the Book of Revelation to mean that one day the world will be ruled by a triumvirate of red heads including myself, Nicole Kidman, and Horatio from Miami... [Uncategorized]

January 20, 10PM

Greg Monette has an interesting post on Why Bart Ehrman is Good for the Church. If you don’t know who Ehrman is, read his wikipedia entry here. He concludes: Bart Ehrman is showing evangelicals where their weaknesses actually are. We should thank hi... [Uncategorized]

January 19, 2PM

Just saw this advertized through Joel Watts: John C. Poirier and Jeffrey Peterson (eds), Marcan Priority without Q: Explorations in the Farrer Hypothesis.  The blurb reads: This book discusses the composition of the synoptic gospels from the perspective... [Uncategorized]


Now N.T. Wright is not one to court controversy (with straight face), but his latest book is called Surprised by Scripture: Engaging Contemporary Issues (New York: HarperOne, 2014). Or is it called The Bible Says, its a bit confusing on the HarperOne we... [Uncategorized]


Therefore, even as evil invaded the world through Adam, bringing death with it, so that death became a universal experience, because all are given over to sinning - In terms of evil and law, obviously evil was well and truly present in the world even befo... [Uncategorized]

January 18, 10PM

As a follow up to the last blog post, just heard about this new book which is just out! Austin Fischer  Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed: Black Holes, Love, and a Journey In and Out of Calvinism Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2014 Here’s the blurb: Does i... [Uncategorized]

12 PM

Over at SBC Tomorrow, there is a scintillating piece by Paul Owen (Montreat College, NC) about What is Wrong with the Young Restless and Reformed Movement? An Interpretive Essay. Owen himself is a Calvinistic Anglican (huzzah!) but he notes something abou... [Uncategorized]


Over at New Leaven, T.C. Robinson ponders about the merits of my proposal in EvTh about a dual baptism view whereby churches could accept or even practice both modes of baptism. Robinson concludes: It’s a valiant proposal.  But some Baptists will not f... [Uncategorized]


Scott R. Swain The God of the Gospel: Robert Jenson’s Trinitarian Theology Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2013. Available at The legacy of Karl Barth’s is how to correlate God’s immanent being within-himself with God’s action a... [Uncategorized]

January 17, 3PM

What will the top books for 2014 be? Here’s a few suggestions, guesses, and self-promotions. Michael F. Bird (ed.). Secret project that I can’t talk about until Monday, but will be more awesome than a kung fu panda. You will want this!!! Micha... [Uncategorized]


Why has the God-fearing state of Colorado simultaneously passed laws legalizing both gay marriage and the use of cannabis? I think the answer is too much biblical literalism. Consider the following verse: Lev 20:13 says: “If a man lies with another ... [Uncategorized]


Okay, in keeping with fashion, I thought I’d post my top five books for 2013. 1. N.T. Wright, Paul and the Faithfulness of God. No surprises here. This book is to theology what Star Wars is to sci-fi. We’ve been waiting for this since 1991 an... [Uncategorized]

January 16, 6PM

The Australian Greens could easily be the preferred party of Christian voters, so why aren’t they? Christian voters – I think here of Evangelicals, Pentecostals, and Catholics – represent about 2-5% of the population depending how you de... [Uncategorized]


I’ve been reading some Dale Allison lately, re-reading in fact, always good to re-read his stuff. One thing I find frustrating and yet utterly arresting bout Allison’s style is how he’ll write about something and lay out a rigorous case ... [Uncategorized]

January 15, 7PM

The latest issue of Presbyterion 39 (2013), published by Covenant Theological Seminary, includes my article: Michael F. Bird, “Not By Paul Alone: The Importance of the Gospels for Reformed Theology and Discipleship.” One day I hope to post a ... [Uncategorized]


Marc Cortez (Wheaton College) continues his review of Evangelical Theology with a good mix of affirmations and criticisms. Cortez concludes: Bird’s Evangelical Theology is one of the more unique, readable, and engaging systematic theology textbooks th... [Uncategorized]


On FB I just learned about a documentary movie about the reliability of the Gospels. It is called “The Jesus of Testimony.” I think it should have the subtitle: Richard Bauckham on the Big Screen. See the website here and the promo clip is bel... [Uncategorized]

January 14, 7PM

This month only, my ebook Bourgeois Babes, Bossy Wives, & Bobby Haircuts: A Case for Gender Equality in Ministry is only 99 cents from Zondervan! Crazy bargain price. I do not guarantee that you’ll like the book or that you’ll agree with ... [Uncategorized]


“We even take pride in our problems, because we know that trouble produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope” (CEB). Hope Paul says that character produces hope. Hope is not some ephemeral thing like that whi... [Uncategorized]

January 13, 2PM

Over at TGC is a review of Evangelical Theology by Matthew Barrett (California Baptist Uni). Barrett commends a few aspects of the book like it’s gospel focus, its use of historical theology, trying to bridge biblical and systematic theology, and at... [Uncategorized]


“We even take pride in our problems, because we know that trouble produces endurance,  endurance produces character, and character produces hope” (CEB). Character Paul says that endurance produces “character” and the word for “character... [Uncategorized]

January 12, 9PM

Today I learned a very interesting fact. The TGC website was visited by more people from Sydney than from any other capital city in the world. According to the TGC FB page, the top 10 most-read cities are:    1. Sydney 2. Chicago 3. New York 4. Lon... [Uncategorized]


Endurance “We even take pride in our problems, because we know that trouble produces endurance,  endurance produces character, and character produces hope” (CEB). Endurance was celebrated by moral philosophers of antiquity as one of the manli... [Uncategorized]

January 11, 3AM

Along with Craig Keener, I am proud to be an editor of the New Covenant Commentary Series. The latest volume to come out is by Aida Besancon Spencer on 1 Timothy (I should add that 2 Timothy and Titus are not far from release either!). Spencer provid... [Uncategorized]

January 9, 9PM

Gavin Ortlund (I’m guessing brother of Dane Ortlund and son of Ray Ortlund) gives the most thorough and fair review I’ve seen to date of Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy. See it on his blog Soliloquium. To be honest, I like any review of the ... [Uncategorized]


The latest issue of Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus 11 (2013) is out and has a focus on ideological criticism of Historical Jesus scholarship with James Crossley leading the charge: A ‘Very Jewish’ Jesus: Perpetuating the Myth of Super... [Uncategorized]


The Pew Research Center has a great pop quizz about the world’s global Christian population. Test your knowledge, only ten questions, take the test here! [Uncategorized]

January 8, 2PM

Here is what I’m currently reading over to get my christological juices flowing. These are four very different books, I’d love to know the best hash tag someone could give to each one! Here’s my go: Putting Jesus in his Place – #Je... [Uncategorized]


James D. Bratt Abraham Kuyper: Modern Calvinist, Christian Democrat Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available from Abraham Kuyper  (1837-1920) was an amazing chap. He was a pastor, theologian, educator, journalist, and statesman in the Nethe... [Uncategorized]

January 7, 1PM

William Lane Craig is the guru, swami, jedi master, ninja, seal team six, commando of apologetics. His work on philosophy and cosmology, God and time, the historicity of the resurrection, God’s middle knowledge, and worldviews are fantastic. His boo... [Uncategorized]


The audio from my 2013 ETS talk on “Why Inerrancy is Not Necessary Outside of America” is now on-line and available for purchase for only $1.00. See here.   [Uncategorized]

January 6, 7AM

My good buddy Preston Sprinkle of Eternity Bible College is teaching a course about “Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church” January through to May in California. He’s got a good video promoting what he’s gonna be covering: At th... [Uncategorized]

January 5, 4PM

In my response to Al Mohler in Biblical Inerrancy: Five Views, I claimed that: To give an analogy, if Mohler was to state something like “Churches cannot maintain a credible evangelical witness without an ESV study Bible,” and if you just happened to... [Uncategorized]

12 PM

In the New York Times is an interesting piece by Mark Oppenheimer about Evangelicals Find Themselves in a Calvinist Revival and he gives a basic overview of the Young Restless & Reformed movement. Evangelicalism is in the midst of a Calvinist revival... [Uncategorized]


Those of us who learned Greek were told that the perfect tense form denotes a past event with an on-going effect. However, these days, leading grammarians and linguists have successfully shown that in the Greek language verbs were not so much concerned wi... [Uncategorized]

January 4, 3PM

My good friend Nijay Gupta has his list of top books for 2013. Includes books by some good friends of mine like Brian Rosner, Paul and the Law and Alan Stanley (ed.), Four Views on the Role of Works at the Final Judgment, and Scot McKnight’s comme... [Uncategorized]


When it came to the nature of justification, the Reformers were far from agreed on everything nor monolithic. Luther, Melanchthon, Calvin, Zwingli, Bullinger, and Bucer each had their own particular take of understanding justification in relation to God&#... [Uncategorized]

January 3, 3PM

Here is a short video by N.T. Wright about the biggest problem of the western church as “the scandal of disunity.” [Uncategorized]


Over at Evangelical Textual Criticism, Tommy Wasserman has a tribute to Swedish scholar Birger Gerhardsson. In my view, Gerhardsson is the grandfather of a lot of what goes on in studies in oral traditional and orality of the Gospels. The impact of his 1... [Uncategorized]
Over at his blog, Larry Hurtado provides some clarification about key positions on how christology developed in the early church. A great read which summarizes some big debates about the origins of christology. He concludes: To be sure, there was further ... [Uncategorized]

January 2, 3PM

British New Testament scholar, Steve Walton, is now blogging at Acts and More. Steve is a Luke-Acts specialist, working on two volume work on Acts for the WBC series, which we look earnestly forward to. He teaches at St. Mary’s University College an... [Uncategorized]


Trevin Wax gives some good reasons why teaching and preaching should be gospel-centered. A conclusion close to my heart! 1. Because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. 2. Because the gospel is the power of God for sanctification. 3. Because the... [Uncategorized]

January 1, 4AM

My colleague, Rhys Bezzant, has a cracking good book on Jonathan Edwards and the Church. Although Edwards is not known for his ecclesiology, he actually had a rich and vibrant view about church, and was not reticent about getting into debates about the na... [Uncategorized]

December 27 2013, 3AM

Over at Eerdword is a post by Tony Burke about his new book Secret Scriptures Revealed: A New Introduction to the Christian Apocrypha, and it includes these colorful comments: I have seen in my students that their individual reactions to these texts are ... [Uncategorized]

December 25, 12 AM

Glenn Davies, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, gives his first Christmas message. [Uncategorized]

December 24, 4AM

The story of Jesus’ birth emphasizes that God’s deliverance comes upon the world in a very specific way, it means that God’s salvation comes to and through Israel … and it is God himself who comes. Or, as I say in EvTh: The virgin ... [Uncategorized]

December 22, 4AM

A cool segment from my interview with N.T. Wright about the place of justification by faith in PFG. [Uncategorized]

December 21, 7PM

Earlier I blogged and promoted the book by Sherif Girgis, Ryan Anderson, and Robert George, What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense. Any ways, Sherif Girgis was interviewed by the CPX crew on the topic, and is a great interview. [Uncategorized]


Danny Zacharias has produced a great video series on Mastering Logos Bible Software. It normally retails for $20, but there is a special 80% discount for Euangelion readers who can get it for $5. This Logos Bible Software tutorial course is designed to co... [Uncategorized]

December 19, 9PM

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Santa Clause, the obese cola-chugging cookie-chomping fat man, who commits B&E offences across the world, organized from his crime syndicate HQ in the tax-exempt north pole, where he keeps midgets with poi... [Uncategorized]

December 18, 5PM

Over at the BibleGateway Blog is a good summary of my approach to the inerrancy question from the book Biblical Inerrancy: Five Views. Just to qualify, I’m not opposed to inerrancy per se, I believe in Scripture as trustworthy and true, infallible ... [Uncategorized]

December 17, 9PM

Over at Bart Ehrman’s blog are a couple of previews (see here) of his forthcoming book How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee (HarperOne, due out in March 2014). Any way, I’ve been in hospital recently, and wh... [Uncategorized]

December 16, 9PM

Over at the Center for Public Christianity is a good interview with Michael Goheen about the importance of the over-arching biblical story and how it shapes us. [Uncategorized]


It seems Christmas may have come early because my Evangelical Theology is now only $7.99 on Kindle! See the deal here. Also, EvTh is now # 1 in best sellers in Christian Systematic Theology at the kindle store. Huzzah! [Uncategorized]


Over at The Good Book Blog, Clinton Arnold (Talbot) reflects on the ETS discussion on inerrancy. In the post, he majors on two apparent themes from Bob Yarbough’s presentation: In the paper, he effectively dismantled two of the oft-heard objections ... [Uncategorized]

December 15, 2PM

Fox News host Megyn Kelly prompted an out roar by claiming that Jesus, just like Santa Clause, was white. You can watch the video of her here and Jon Stewart’s hilarious send up here. Kelly now admits that Jesus might not be white. Which is a tru... [Uncategorized]

December 14, 9PM

In the book Biblical Inerrancy: Five Views, I tried to give a global perspective on the subject by pointing out that outside the USA that the main words used in various statements of faith about the Bible are “authoritative” and “infall... [Uncategorized]

December 13, 9PM

In the book Biblical Inerrancy: Five Views, one of the contributors is Kevin Vanhoozer, who presents the kind of hermeneutically sophisticated and theologically nuanced position on inerrancy that American evangelicals desperately need to listen to. I fou... [Uncategorized]


As a rejoinder to my friend Jim Westfor my affection for Martin Hengel over Rudolf Bultmann, I’ll simply leave you all with a quote from Hengel himself. “After I became Stiftsrepetent [i.e., a student instructor] in 1954, my colleagues at the ... [Uncategorized]


Congratulations are in order to my good buddy Constantine Campbell of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for winning a Christianity Today Book of the Year Award in Biblical Studies for his superb volume Paul and Union with Christ. Well done Con! Goes to... [Uncategorized]

December 12, 9PM

This time of year we celebrate the birth of Jesus, a birth which, according to the biblical witness, is based on a virgin conception. Over at Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight posts on Why a virgin birth? and gives a summary of my chapter on the topic in Evangel... [Uncategorized]


Over at Politico Magazine, Candida Moss has a good piece on Time’s decision to make Pope Francis, “Man of the Year.” Wednesday’s announcement of Pope Francis as Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” came as small surprise to a... [Uncategorized]

December 10, 9PM

Over at Koinonia, there is a round up of the Evangelical Theology blog tour with a host of reviews listed. Some good interactions and comments given, very interesting for me to learn about the stuff people like and don’t like about the book.   [Uncategorized]

December 9, 9PM

It is that time of year where New Testament scholars have to fight an uphill battle to keep the nomina sacra in Xmas! Happy papyrological abbreviations to you all this advent season. HT: John Byron [Uncategorized]

December 8, 9PM

Many scholars (e.g., Scot McKnight) are  now pushing back on the whole historical Jesus project because it entails a rejection of the Gospel story of Jesus in favor of the Scholar’s Jesus as a kind of fifth and definitive Gospel. In terms of what t... [Uncategorized]

December 7, 9PM

In this video, Matthew R. Malcom introduces some interesting developments about a new center for biblical theology in Perth, Western Australia. [Uncategorized]

December 6, 9PM

I’m continuing my paraphrase of Romans, here is the latest part on Rom 5.1-11: Therefore, since we’ve are declared to be righteous by faith, let us have peace with God through the peace-making work of the Lord Jesus the Messiah. Through him we hav... [Uncategorized]

December 5, 9PM

The Theological Engagement with Californian Culture Project is having its next symposium on 24-25 April 2014 at UC Berkley. There is a call for papers until 15 December. Sounds like a cool place to go cowabunga for Jesus! [Uncategorized]
Part Scholarships for PhD Studies Highland Theological College UHI The Highland Theological College UHI ( is pleased to offer two part-scholarships for applicants from outwith the EU applying for full-time, residential PhD studies at the... [Uncategorized]

December 3, 9PM

Candida Moss (University of Notre Dame) created a bit of furor with her book Myth of Martyrdom - see my earlier blog post here – where she claimed that many persecution stories, both ancient and modern, were entirely fictive. Moss’ concern i... [Uncategorized]

December 1, 8PM

David A. deSilva Unholy Allegiances: Heeding Revelation’s Warnings Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2013. Available at According to the blurb: Amid the fervor of popular apocalyptic “end-time” speculation, David deSilva invites reade... [Uncategorized]

November 29, 4PM

I had a wonderful time at ETS/IBR/SBL in Baltimore. Many highlights for me, but I thought I’d reflect on the conference theme of ETS. The panel discussion on the book Five Views of Biblical Inerrancy was an absolute hoot! Sadly, Kevin Vanhoozer cou... [Uncategorized]

November 15, 9PM

I missed last years ETS, IBR, and SBL due to the fact that my doctors told me to take a year off international travel. I came close to a nervous breakdown after ETS/SBL 2011 in San Francisco due to a nasty sleeping disorder (FYI, don’t try to get ov... [Uncategorized]

November 14, 8PM

As we approach ETS next week, with its focus this year on the doctrine of biblical inerrancy, I thought I’d post a blast from the past with a quotation from Bob Gundry on inerrancy: The Bible is inspired; that is, the Spirit of God so supervised its... [Uncategorized]


The book Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy is just about ready for release and will be available at ETS which is having its conference theme on the topic. The book features Al Mohler, Peter Enns, Kevin Vanhoozer, John Franke, and Michael Bird. It is edit... [Uncategorized]

November 13, 8AM

Thanks to John Anthony Dunne and Chris Brewer there will be a beer reception at SBL/AAR. Sadly I won’t be able to make it. And FWIW, I actually like Heineken, cause when I drink it, I feel like a cross between Abraham Kuyper and James Bond! [Uncategorized]

November 12, 6PM

I became a Christian in 1994 thanks to the witness and prayer of a group of Christians at Wattle Grove Baptist Church in western Sydney. Soon after I came to faith, the church appointed its first pastor, a young mid-twenty something guy named Craig Corkil... [Uncategorized]

November 11, 2AM

Over at First Things, Peter Leithart has an interesting piece on The End of Protestantism where he argues that we should think of ourselves not as anti-Catholic Protestants, but instead as Reformational Catholics. Protestantism has had a good run. It rema... [Uncategorized]

November 10, 2AM

I”m Getting ready for ETS (Paper on Global Evangelical View on Inerrancy) and SBL (Paper on Synoptic Problem). Here’s what I look like while I’m doing it: [Uncategorized]

November 8, 9PM

A high view of Christ, should lead to a high view of the Church, that’s what I’m saying. [Uncategorized]


Simon Smart from the Center for Public Christianity interviews N.T. Wright about “Beauty, Justice, and the Faith that Enhances Life.” Here is the first video: Two other videos are located at the CPX website! [Uncategorized]

November 7, 8PM

Recently the “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” was held in Sydney featuring, among others, Peter Hitchens (brother of the late atheist journal Christopher Hitchens). Here is what Peter Hitchens is his dangerous idea: The most dangerous idea and ph... [Uncategorized]


Kevin De Young has a piece over at TGC on Is John Piper Really Reformed? I think De Young’s argument is basically correct and he gives helpful nuance to the diversity of Calvinistic and Reformed churches in North America But there are two issues her... [Uncategorized]

November 6, 9PM

Rev. Dr. Michael Jensen, former lecture in theology at Moore Theological College, and current Rector at St. Mark’s Darling Point, was kind enough to write a blurb for EvTh: This is the one-volume theology text we’ve been waiting for. Bird̵... [Uncategorized]


I’m quite pleased that a few early reviews, mentions, and interactions of Evangelical Theology (EvTh) – or known to me as my baby girl “Evangeline” – have appeared. Here are a few. Over at TGC, Trevin Wax highlights a few of ... [Uncategorized]

November 5, 11PM

Over at TGC, Douglas Moo (Wheaton College) provides a lengthy and interesting review of N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God: Critically: I won’t list other instances, but Paul and the Faithfulness of Godcontains too many of these kind... [Uncategorized]


John Macarthur’s Strange Fire conference with its militant critique of the charismatic movement has raised no little bit of controversy. Some audio and video is available here, see Mark Driscoll’s open letter to Macarthur, and note Trevin Wax... [Uncategorized]


Michael Kruger, New Testament scholar and President of RTS-Charlotte (see his forthcoming book on The Question of Canon), takes exception to N.T. Wright’s critique of evangelical opposition to the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare.” This... [Uncategorized]

November 4, 9PM

For those in Melbourne, on 12 November there will be a book launch for two books by Ridley faculty: Michael Bird’s Evangelical Theology with response by Dr. John MacClean of the Presbyterian Theological Centre Sydney. Rhys Bezzant’s Jonathan ... [Uncategorized]

November 3, 9PM

As many of you know, November is generally the time when we set aside time to remember, pray for, and publicize the plight of the persecuted church. Do watch this video introduced by Baroness Berridge! On the subject of religious persecution, religion jou... [Uncategorized]

November 2, 1AM

Here is a cool song about Martin Luther based on the Bangles hit song “Manic Monday.” HT: Josh Dinale [Uncategorized]

November 1, 3AM

In my last post I celebrated recent church planting efforts in the big cities, but raised a few concerns about over-crowding and some ecclesiological questions about these ventures. I also raised the prospect of investing less in church planting and more ... [Uncategorized]

October 31, 3AM

In the course of evangelical trends, it seems that church planters are the new front line, ninja, guru, jedi master, seal team six, hip, cool, people to be. There is a lot of resources being put into planting new churches in large cities in the USA, UK, a... [Uncategorized]

October 28, 9PM

Today is the day that Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction is officially released. I’ve written several books and been proud of each one as each has its own story and its own place in the world. However, EvTh is my attempt to... [Uncategorized]


A while ago I blogged on Hal Taussig’s New New Testament, noting its addition of several Gnostic documents (mainly Nag Hammadi stuff) to a New Testament collection. Any ways, Craig Evans lets rip in a review in the latest issue of BBR (23.3 [2013]:... [Uncategorized]

October 27, 7PM

Yesterday I had the pleasure of celebrating Reformation Day at a wonderful inner-city Anglican church in Melbourne, St. Matt’s Prahan, speaking on Rom 3:21-26. Its a great day to get your Luther on, unleash your inner Calvin, channel some Bucer, rec... [Uncategorized]

October 26, 9PM

Here is a video I made with Zondervan with advice to my theological students about their study: [Uncategorized]

October 24, 9PM

I’ve always said that if I ever lead a church plant, I’d probably call it “Third Race Community Church.” The reference to Christians as a “third race” comes from Aristides though it has clear antecedents in Paul, esp. 1... [Uncategorized]


From Zondervan: One area that evangelicals have generally been weak on is that of tradition. Strangely enough this is probably one area where liberals and evangelicals actually have something in common. Some more ardently liberal theologians look back on ... [Uncategorized]

October 22, 2PM

From Zondervan: There are at least two key differences that distinguish theology from other intellectual disciplines like philosophy and religion. The first difference is that theology is not the study of ideas about God; it is the study of the living God... [Uncategorized]

October 20, 9PM

Elias Chacour Blood Brothers: The Dramatic Story of a Palestinian Christian Working for Peace in Israel rev. ed.; Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at The book Blood Brothers written by Elias Chacour, Archbishop of the Melkite Church... [Uncategorized]

October 19, 9PM

One of the things that I most appreciate about N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God is the way that Wright steers a sober and sensible path between so many stark divisions in Pauline studies. Divisions like Greek versus Jewish background... [Uncategorized]


From Zondervan: Why does Michael Bird place the “evangel” at the center of his new book of systematic theology, Evangelical Theology? Find answers in this excerpt presented by Zondervan Academic. Evangelical Theology hits stores October 29,... [Uncategorized]


Over at CT is an excellent interview with Dr. Lynn Cohick (Wheaton College) about the pros and cons of being a female biblical scholar. I’ve had the pleasure of  knowing Lynn through the New Covenant Commentary Series for which she wrote the Ephesi... [Uncategorized]

October 17, 9PM

The section on election in Paul and the Faithfulness of God is absolutely massive! It is over 115, 000 words. To begin with, Wright sets up the topic this way: Now at last we see where his sharp-edged, and often controversial, ‘doctrine of election’ i... [Uncategorized]


Peter Oakes Reading Romans in Pompeii: Paul’s Letter at Ground Level London: SPCK, 2009. Available at As I began writing my Romans commentary (SOGBC), I decided that I would read two books while I was doing it. First, Peter Lampe’s... [Uncategorized]

October 15, 9PM

Another highlight of PFG is the way that Wright tackles the subject of Paul and Rome or the Lion and the Eagle! Wright gets into the scholarly arena with Barclay on the matter and it makes for a good read (though I’d like to read Barclay’s com... [Uncategorized]


Over at Themelios, Matthew Harmon has a review of Four Views of the Apostle Paul. He concludes: For the reader looking for some of the key interpretive approaches to the Apostle Paul, this book will be a valuable, albeit slightly incomplete, resource. Th... [Uncategorized]
Alister McGrath Faith and the Creeds Christian Belief for Everyone London: SPCK, 2013 Available at Alister McGrath’s series on “Christian Belief for Everyone” has a good starter in Faith and the Creeds which is a prolegomena ... [Uncategorized]


The Ridley Certificate is an inexpensive multi-media course in theological studies for lay people. Great for getting a taste of theological education in on-line mode without having to leave home. There are modules on Bible Overview with Michael Raiter,... [Uncategorized]

October 13, 9PM

Here’s a quote from PFG about what N.T. Wright says about justification in relation to eschatology and transformation: [E]ven though Romans 3.21–31 is part of the same flow of argument as Romans 5—8, and Galatians 2.15–21 is part of the same f... [Uncategorized]

October 12, 9PM

Here is a cool intro the Story of God Bible Commentary Series: Scot McKnight’s commentary on the Sermon on the Mount includes this fine statement: The Sermon presents Jesus’ moral vision and summons us to follow him, and the Sermons is designed t... [Uncategorized]


Anthony Le Donne The Wife of Jesus: Ancient Texts and Modern Scandals New York: Oneworld, 2013. Available at By Benjamin Sutton, Ph.D candidate at Ridley Melbourne Anthony Le Donne has provided interested readers with a double blessing. In The ... [Uncategorized]

October 11, 9PM

Thanks to Zondervan, here is another video about why I, a humble biblical scholar, wrote Evangelical Theology. [Uncategorized]


In the British Daily Mail, my good friend Dr. James Crossley gives the mythicist theories of Joseph Atwill a hiding to nothing when interviewed about Atwill’s claim that the Jesus-story was invented by Roman aristocrats. James is not exactly a hero ... [Uncategorized]


My Californian bro Preston Sprinkle has his book Fight: A Christian Case for Non-violence featured over at CT in an article called The Manly Christian Pacifist. David Gushee comments: Sprinkle takes the Sermon on the Mount seriously. The reader comes away... [Uncategorized]

October 10, 9PM

C.L. Seow Job 1-21 Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at In the inaugural volume of Eerdmans’ Illuminations series, C. L. Seow offers an impressive introduction to Job and a commentary on its first half (chapters 1–21). Reading thr... [Uncategorized]

October 9, 9PM

Abraham: The Father of Everyone Who Has Faith! So what should we conclude from all this? Did we find that Abraham is our forefather on the basis of genealogical descent or on the basis of faith? Because if Abraham was declared righteous on the basis of hi... [Uncategorized]

October 8, 1PM

John Dickson’s e-book, Hearing her Voice, is now available in a revised and expanded edition in paperback. It has caused quite a stir in Sydney Anglican circles and has received a lot of push back. It is available for order from Australian Christia... [Uncategorized]

October 7, 9PM

Cool video where Candida Moss takes it up to Political Conservative Commentator Bill O’Reily on his book Killing Jesus. I’ve only seen excerpts of the book, so I can’t comment too much just yet, but it looks to me like this book is not ... [Uncategorized]

October 6, 9PM

T. Michael Law When God Spoke Greek: The Septuagint and the Making of the Christian Bible Oxford: OUP, 2013. Available at Okay, I’m probably a bit behind the game on this one, but I’ve only recently finished reading T. Michael Law&#... [Uncategorized]

October 4, 7PM

Over at RBL, N. Clayton Croy has a candid review of Candida Moss’ book The Myth of Persecution which is quite critical with some justification (see also Ephraim Radner’s review at First Things). Moss is right in many regards. Yes, there was ... [Uncategorized]

October 3, 9PM

N.T. Wright visited Melbourne earlier this year for two conferences and those conferences are now available for viewing with purchase on vimeo. The conferences were: Jesus, Paul, and the Mission of God’s People with N.T. Wright and responses by Bria... [Uncategorized]


I am very fortunate to be part of the NT editorial team for the Story of God Bible Commentary series. In fact, in recent months I’ve been busy working away on my Romans commentary for the series, which has been an epic challenge to work through such... [Uncategorized]

October 1, 9PM

Over at the John Ankerberg Show is part one of a review by Gary Habermas (Liberty University) and Darrell Bock (DTS) of Bill O’Reily’s book Killing Jesus. [Uncategorized]

September 30, 9PM

In all of PFG, this is my favourite quote from Wright: Put all this together, and what do we have, as the central, shaping marker of the new worldview, taking the place and bearing the weight that the Jewish symbols had borne within the worldview of Saul ... [Uncategorized]


For those interested, I’ve joined where several of my previously published articles and essays are now available for viewing. This includes pieces on Jesus, the Gospels, Paul, and New Testament Theology. [Uncategorized]


I was happy to be interviewed by John Richard Walker at Freedom in Orthodoxy. Glad to hear that someone has actually read the book that I co-wrote with James Crossley on How Did Christianity Begin? [Uncategorized]

September 28, 9PM

Over at the Koinonia blog is a video I did about What is the Point of Studying Theology? In a nutshell my answer is: 1. Because of the stupid things that students say. 2. The necessity of a having a consistent and coherent theological worldview. [Uncategorized]


In a follow up to my last post on Ambrosiaster and works of the law, here is what I’m thinking about such works: The phrase “works of the law” (ex ergōn nomou) has prompted a sway of debate as to its meaning (see Rom 2: 15; 3:27-38; Gal 2:16; 3... [Uncategorized]

September 27, 9PM

I’ve been reading Gerald Bray’s excellent translation of Ambrosiaster’s commentary on Romans and 1-2 Corinthians. In my reading, Ambrosiaster’s description of works of the law really jumps out at you: In Rom 3:21, Ambrosiaster defi... [Uncategorized]

September 26, 11PM

My colleague, Dr. Tim Foster, has a good little article about The Rise and Fall of Hipster Churches. Its a description and critique of the phenomenon of hipster church plants. Foster concludes: There seems to be a strong drive among hipster church planter... [Uncategorized]

September 25, 11PM

IVP is having a big sale on Paul books with several at 50% discount. Ends tomorrow! See info here. Books include: Paul and the Law by Brian Rosner Paul and Judaism Revisited by Preston Sprinkle A Week in the Life of Corinth by Ben Witherington III Intr... [Uncategorized]
Found this interesting quote in N.T. Wright’s Romans commentary: Paul’s whole thought is characterized by the free grace of God, and any suggestion that humans, whether Jewish or Gentile, might somehow put God in their debt, might perhaps earn the... [Uncategorized]

September 22, 9PM

Over at CT, Philip Jenkins has an article about James Ault’s new doco on African churches (esp. Zimbabwe and Ghana) called African Churches Rising. There are plenty of books describing the rapid growth of African churches. Those who can’t trav... [Uncategorized]
It was been a bad week of persecution for Christians in the global church. The massacre of Aramaic-speaking Christians in Syria, the bombing outside a Catholic church in Pakistani, and the terrorist attack in Nairobi which specifically targeted Christians... [Uncategorized]


Fortress Press has released an excerpt of N.T. Wright’s imminently released Paul and the Faithfulness of God with  Table of Contents, the Preface, and chapter one, “Return of the Runaway?” A good teaser if there ever was. HT: Matt Mon... [Uncategorized]

September 20, 5PM

The words “faith” and “believe” appear a lot in our culture. From Kenny Rogers’ moving country music ballad “She believes in me” to the raunchy pop lyrics of George Michael’s “I Gotta Have Faith,” the words “faith” and “believe... [Uncategorized]

September 18, 6PM

Preston Sprinkle, Fight: A Christian Case for Nonviolence (Colorado Springs: David Cook, 2013). Preston, what led you to write this book? I mean, you come from a conservative Christian context, typical “guns and religion” culture, “pra... [Uncategorized]

September 17, 2PM

Duke Theologian Stanley Hauerwas has some new stuff on the net and is currently in Australia. Over at ABC Religion and Ethics, is his piece Going on: Why a Theologian Can Never Retire. Over at First Things, Hauerwas gives advice to Christian students goin... [Uncategorized]

September 16, 9PM

Brian Rosner, Principal of Ridley College Melbourne, recently won an award for Best Theological Article by the Australasian Religious Press Association Award for his piece on Greed as False Religion. Read it here. Greed is idolatry in that, like the liter... [Uncategorized]

September 15, 9PM

One of the best essays I’ve ever read on Romans is Andrew Lincoln, “From Wrath to Justification: Tradition, Gospel, and Audience in the Theology of Romans 1:18–4:25,” in Pauline Theology: Volume III Romans, eds. D.M. Hay and E.E. Johnson (Mi... [Uncategorized]

September 13, 9PM

Over at CT is an interview with N.T. Wright by Andrew Byres about Wright’s new book on the Psalms. The Psalter is the prayer book Jesus made his own. We can see in the Gospels and in the early church that Jesus and his first followers were soaked in... [Uncategorized]


What continues to amaze me about publishing in the digital age is how I can see reviews of my books before I’ve even received my own copy! Conrade Yap of Vancouver offers a review over at Panorama of a Book Saint which is very positive. He concludes... [Uncategorized]


Zondervan’s new academic catalogue is out and it has some choice books on it. Read it on-line here. [Uncategorized]

September 10, 9PM

Below is a 25 minute interview I did with N.T. Wright about his forthcoming book Paul and the Faithfulness of God.   NB: Apologies to my New Zealand friends (I’m still bitter about the Bledisloe Cup). More info about the book can be found on t... [Uncategorized]


A typical tale on some accounts of Christian origins goes like this: In the beginning the church was gloriously diverse, there was no normative Christianity, various trajectories road the ever evolving waves of the Jesus tradition wherever it took them, a... [Uncategorized]

September 8, 9PM

Zondervan’s koinonia blog posts a video where I explain the rationale for my new book Evangelical Theology. Here’s the video: [Uncategorized]

September 7, 9PM

Okay, Rom 3:21-26 is the epicenter of Paul’s gospel. Here’s my attempt at a paraphrase: But that is not the end of the matter, death and condemnation are not the last words, God has now revealed his saving justice, revealed it apart from the p... [Uncategorized]

September 6, 9PM

Over at the Zondervan blog Koinonia, Con Campbell examines the question: Does Union with Christ Make the Imputation of His Righteousness Redundant? Listen to Con’s explanation: [Uncategorized]

September 5, 9PM

Robert W. Wall with Richard B. Steele 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. Two Horizons New Testament Commentary. Eds. Joel B. Green and Max Turner. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012. Available at In this commentary, Robert Wall offers a canonical appr... [Uncategorized]


Over at Online Opinion: Australia’s E-Journal of Social and Political Debate, I have a piece on Why the Australian Sex Party Gets Religion Wrong (ironically the article is interspersed with ads from The Secular Party!). The Australian Sex Party (AS... [Uncategorized]

September 4, 9PM

My good friend John Dickson has a great piece over at CPX on Mixing Religion and Politics. It is quite pertinent as Australia is one week away from a federal election and the incumbent Australian Labour Party faces political defeat and being replaced with... [Uncategorized]
Glad to say that Richard Burridge (Dean of King’s College London) will be speaking at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne on “Biographies of Jesus: From Gospels to Joseph Ratzinger’s/Pope Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazaret... [Uncategorized]

September 3, 9PM

I have no idea about the copyright issues here (someone let me know if they are illegal), but the Ridley librarian has kindly pointed me towards two films about the Book of Revelation that are available on Apocalypse (2002) staring Richard Harri... [Uncategorized]

September 2, 9PM

Let me say that I believe in eco-responsibility and ec0-ethics, but this video is so full of whacky earth-worshipping tree hugging weirdness that it is positively hilarious. HT: My student Karen Reid. [Uncategorized]


I’ve been reading Stanley Hauerwas, ”Which Church? What Unity? Or, an Attempt to Say What I May Think about the Future of Christian Unity,” Pro Ecclesia 22.3 (2013): 263-80. In the article, Hauerwas basically explains why for a guy who... [Uncategorized]

September 1, 9PM

Lutheran pastor, blogger, and seminary student Jordan Cooper has written a book called The Righteous One: An Evaluation of Patristic Soteriology in Light of the New Perspective on Paul. I think patristic perspectives can show just how much of the NPP is ... [Uncategorized]

August 31, 9PM

I know you can get some really weird book reviews on, but the following “review”  of Thomas E. Phillips’ Reading Issues of Wealth and Poverty in Luke-Acts is a really doozey review that looks like someone just trying to be ... [Uncategorized]

August 28, 6PM

In celebration of the 50 years since Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” I thought I’d post my favourite quote of his: “The church was not merely a thermometer that recorded the ideas and principles of popu... [Uncategorized]

August 23, 12 AM

Over at ABC Religion and Ethics, Cardinal George Pell has a good article The Meaning of Religious Freedom and the Future of Human Rights. I liked these points: Freedom of religion is not just freedom to go to church on Sundays or pray at home. It also me... [Uncategorized]

August 21, 2AM

Over TGC, Matthew Barrett opines the recent trend of pastors bringing tablets rather than Bibles to church in his interesting piece Dear Pastor, Bring Your Bible to Church. He argues that something is lost aesthetically and even theologically by his chang... [Uncategorized]

August 18, 9PM

I’m glad to say that in March 2014, Eerdmans will be releasing my book, The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus. Available for pre-order on 425pp. The title is inspired by John Cassian: “Hear the Gosp... [Uncategorized]

August 16, 9PM

Given all of those failings, is there benefit in being Jewish, or any point in circumcision? Well, indeed there is! For a start, the Jews have been entrusted with delivering the promises of God to the nations. But (for sake of argument) what if some Jews ... [Uncategorized]

August 15, 9PM

Over at NT Exegesis, Brian Renshaw has a good review of Jesus is the Christ: The Messianic Testimony of the Gospels. Brian concludes: The insights into the themes and theology of the Gospels are worthy to be read for anyone being introduced to the Gospel... [Uncategorized]
In the latest issue of Themelios, Prof. D.A. Carson has a good article giving an overview and response to recent approaches to the Kingdom of God. It’s a very helpful piece as a precis of what is going down on the issue of kingdom eschatology and et... [Uncategorized]

August 14, 9PM

Michael Barber has a great post with a series of diagrams about the ways in which the Synoptic Problem is allegedly “solved.” There is a definite evolution from simplicity to complexity in the range of solutions presented. It is a reminder of ... [Uncategorized]

August 13, 9PM

Paul’s remarks lambasting his imaginary Jewish opponent for hypocrisy and an acute sense of self-superiority are not abstract. It does not apply exclusively to the Jews or just to moralizing pagan philosophers. Paul’s arguments are applicable to Chris... [Uncategorized]


The latest issue of Themelios is out with a great cohort of editorials, articles, and reviews. See esp. D.A. Carson on recent approaches to Kingdom and Mike Ovey on how Christians have gone from a moral majority to an immoral minority. Including a review ... [Uncategorized]

August 12, 9PM

Trans. David R. Maxell Ed. Joel C. Elowsky. Commentary on John: Cyril of Alexandria (Volume 1) Ancient Christian Texts. Series Eds. Thomas C. Oden and Gerald L. Bray. Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2013. Available at IVP’s series of patristic c... [Uncategorized]

August 11, 9PM

Can’t believe that I did not know that Sherif Girgis visited Australia back in July. Girgis is the lead author in what I think is the best book giving a legal and philosophical response to arguments for same-sex marriage (without resorting to argume... [Uncategorized]

August 10, 9PM

My good friend John Dickson – historian, apologist, pastor extraordinaire – has a great piece over at ABC Religion and Ethics giving a devastating critique of Reza Aslan’s book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth.  If Reza A... [Uncategorized]

August 9, 9PM

I have only just realized that Zondervan has put up an excerpt from Evangelical Theology on-line featuring the introduction and the first two chapters about prolegomena. A good summary of what I say is: If prolegomena is concerned with orientating oursel... [Uncategorized]

August 8, 8PM

I just got news that Logos is offering a pretty juicy discount for pre-publication orders of my Evangelical Theology on their website. Normally the book will retail at print price for about $40. However, Logos is offering a pre-pub ebook price of $27! Th... [Uncategorized]


In the latest issue of JETS are two very good pieces about evangelicalism: D. Keith Campbell, “The American Evangelical Academy and the World: A challenge to Practice More Globally.” In this article, Campbell argues that rather than bemoan th... [Uncategorized]


There is a nice promo of The Apostle Paul: Four Views over at Zondervan’s Koinonia blog including an excerpt from the introduction. [Uncategorized]

August 7, 3PM

Larry Hurtado reports the sad passing of Prof. Sean Freyne. Freyne was an expert on Galilee and its relevance to NT studies. My favourite quote from his work was: ‘Either we accept that the early followers of Jesus had some interest in and memory of the... [Uncategorized]

August 6, 9PM

Edith M. Humphrey Scripture and Tradition: What the Bible Really Says. Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology. Eds. C.A. Evans and L.M. MacDonald Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2013. Available at This book by my lovely friend Edith Humphrey of Pittsb... [Uncategorized]


The new Anglican Archbishop of Sydney is Glenn Davies. You can read about more at Sydney Anglicans. Glenn is a former lecturer at Moore College, he studied at both Moore and Westminster Theological Seminary, he’s been the bishop of North Sydney sinc... [Uncategorized]

August 2, 9PM

I just got my copy of Todd Wilson, Galatians: Gospel-Rooted Living (PTW; Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2013). It is a great volume, a wonderful exposition, neither overly technical, nor a light weight in its handling of the text. I wrote a blurb for the volume:... [Uncategorized]

July 31, 9PM

Over at TGC, Andy Naselli gives a cautious “yes,” to the question as to whether or not knowledge of historical background is ever necessary to understanding the Bible. It’s a good article and weighs the options wisely. His article is all... [Uncategorized]

July 29, 9PM

In the latest issue of Early Christianity, James Dunn has an article on “A New Perspective on the New Perspective on Paul,” largely interacting with German scholarship as he expounds what the benefits of the NPP have been. A few interesting q... [Uncategorized]


Josh Mann (Ph.D cand. at Edinburgh Uni) interviews me about academic blogging here. [Uncategorized]

July 28, 9PM

Jonathan Penning (SBTS) has a great little piece over at SBTS Resources on Gospels as Archway into the Canon. There was a time in the not so distant past when many conservative Christians were suspicious of any preacher or professor who emphasized the Gos... [Uncategorized]

July 27, 9PM

It is heartwarming to hear about how the lifetime work of Christian missionaries is celebrated by those among whom they ministered. This week saw the passing of an Australian missionary to Uganda Irene Gleeson. Her memorial in Uganda was attended by 10, 0... [Uncategorized]


The Brisbane School of Theology (formerly Crossway College) is seeking a new principal to begin January 2014. Here’s the advert: Brisbane School of Theology is a gospel-centred, evangelical and interdenominational Bible college which has trained men... [Uncategorized]

July 22, 9PM

In the latest issue of Currents in Biblical Research 11.3 (2013) including the following: Jason Hood and Matthew Y. Emerson “Summaries of Israel’s Story: Reviewing a Compositional Category” Coleman A. Baker “Peter and Paul in Acts... [Uncategorized]

July 21, 10PM

Excuse the silly title, but I am intrigued by an recent article doing the rounds about the influx of young evangelicals into liturgical churches. The article is Young Evangelicals Are Getting High at The Christian Pundit. Young Christians are going over t... [Uncategorized]


Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, a professing Christian, apparently owns all three volumes of N.T. Wright’s COQG series. Rudd was interviewed for a book about the faith of Australian PMs by author Roy Williams: Rudd told Williams that he had al... [Uncategorized]

July 20, 9PM

Sophie Timothy from The Bible Society (Australia) gives a good summary of N.T. Wright’s various lectures that were given in Melbourne this week. She opens with: Theologian  N.T. Wright, who manages to be both respected and controversial at the same... [Uncategorized]


Finally getting back into some serious primary source reading! Now working through Virgil’s The Aeneid. This was the propaganda narrative for Roman power. Consider this quote: Here then for thrice a hundred years unbroken shall the kingdom endure u... [Uncategorized]

July 19, 5AM

In the latest issue of Modern Reformation, Lee Gatiss has a nice article on “The Book of Common Prayer” (see here for an on-line view if you have a subscription). Gatiss writes: The BCP is a prayer book, a service book, a book to aid us in our... [Uncategorized]

July 17, 9PM

Paul, an envoy, sent not by any party faction, but by Jesus the Messiah and by God the Father, who brought Jesus back to life from the dead – and from all the brothers and sisters here with me. To the churches in the Galactic regions, may grace and peac... [Uncategorized]


I’ve been reading Libanius’ autobiography recently and stumbled across an interesting remark he makes about his education. Note: Libanius was a pagan teacher of rhetoric living in the newly Christianized Roman Empire. In his autobiography, he ... [Uncategorized]

July 11, 9PM

I’m glad to announce the launch of a new pro-life initiative called Protecting Infants which is dedicated to opposing the introduction of infanticide into clinical practices. Protecting Infants is run by a number of people and includes a mixture of ... [Uncategorized]

July 5, 10PM

Frank Matera, in his Galatians commentary (SP) writes that the alleged calm between Protestants and Catholics on Galatians has been broken by the New Perspective on Paul. He says: “[A] new storm has broken upon the Galatian sea, a storm so powerful ... [Uncategorized]

July 3, 10PM

The wonderful people at Textual Criticism House, whoops, I mean, Tyndale House, are developing their own edition of the Greek New Testament. It will be called Tyndale House Edition of the Greek New Testament (THEGNT) and will be based on Tregelles’ ... [Uncategorized]

June 29, 9PM

My former Ph.D student, Danny Zacharias (Acadia Divinity College), has a cute little ebook out called: Surviving and Thriving in Seminary: A Practical Guide for the Wide-eyed and Mystified. I have to confess that I wish seminary students would come to co... [Uncategorized]

June 28, 9PM

For those interested, my novel Iskandar, is now available as an ebook for Kindle. Anyone into fantasy novels heavily embedded with religious themes, might actually like it. [Uncategorized]
In a couple of weeks, I’m visiting my alma mater, Malyon College, to do an M.A. intensive on Critical Issues in Paul (link here). It is scheduled for 8-12 July, I think places are still available, and audit students are welcomed. Should be a great w... [Uncategorized]
Thanks to Nijay Gupta for collecting these endorsements on Wrights PFG: “N. T. Wright’s long-awaited full-length study of St. Paul will not in any way disappoint. From the very first sentence, it holds the attention, arguing a strong, persuasive, cohe... [Uncategorized]

June 27, 6PM

I’m spending a lot of time in Romans 2 recently as part of some commentary writing. It’s really a case of deja vu, as I’ve been here before (see Saving Righteousness of God, chap. 7), but there is always so much to mull over. Along the ... [Uncategorized]

June 26, 9PM

Brian Rosner delivered the first annual Leon Morris Lecture on NT studies this week. It was on “Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God.” I’m glad to say that it is now available in audio. Brian has good some great ideas on the... [Uncategorized]


The Harper Collins Christian Publishing wing (i.e., Zondervan and Thomas Nelson) has just launched a new initiative called Faith Gateway. FaithGateway is an online community for readers to discover great content and engage with their favorite Christian au... [Uncategorized]

June 25, 8PM

At this years coming SBL in Baltimore, the Biblical Greek Language and Linguistic Section is having a session on “The Perfect Storm,” looking at the debates about the perfect-tense form in Greek. I believe that Con Campbell, Stan Porter, and o... [Uncategorized]

June 23, 9PM

S.R. Llewelyn and J.R. Harrison (eds.) with E.J. Bridge. New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity: Volume 10 Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans. Available at The NDIEC series should be on the shelves of everyone who is seriously interested in th... [Uncategorized]


Congratulations to Richard Burridge for winning the 2013 Ratzinger Prize! Richard is a great scholar and a committed churchman so it is good to see his work getting international recognition. According to the official press release: The recipients of this... [Uncategorized]

June 21, 9PM

This past week I’ve been speaking to different groups about gay marriage. I confess that I don’t actually enjoy talking about this topic, but as a resident theologian, I’m inevitably asked to help groups of pastors and churches come to s... [Uncategorized]

June 20, 9PM

On Monday, Dr. Brian Rosner will deliver the inaugural Leon Morris Lecture in New Testament Studies on Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God. It will be based on Brian’s just-released-book, named, you guessed it, Paul and the Law: Keepi... [Uncategorized]


Interesting article in CT about an Episcopal Baptist denomination in Georgia. No, not Georgia the American State, but Georgia the European nation. According to William Yoder: “There is a solemn procession to the altar. The choir is chanting. A bisho... [Uncategorized]

June 18, 4PM

Over at Online Opinion, an Aussie e-journal of social and political debate, I have a piece entitled Maybe the ADF Needs to Recover a Sense of Chivalry, written in light recent reports of widespread sexism and abuse in the Australian Defence Force. I write... [Uncategorized]

June 17, 10PM

Got my copy of Imitating God in Christ by Jason Hood and really liked this quote: If we are engaged in God’s work, ruling as his image-bearers, we should imitate the character he displays as he works. Divine compassion, beauty, holiness and justice... [Uncategorized]

June 13, 10PM

There is a new website called 4Gospels: The Less Sensational Site featuring folks like Simon Gathercole, Peter Williams, and James Leonard. Looks like a good place for resources, videos, and reviews on Gospel stuff.  [Uncategorized]
Just heard the news that Dale C. Allison will be joining Princeton Theological Seminary. Read the news from Princeton here. HT: Mark Goodacre. [Uncategorized]

June 11, 8PM

Rachel Held Evans hosts an interview where N.T. Wright answers several questions from people on diverse topics. [Uncategorized]

June 8, 1AM

There is some good stuff around the blogosphere about scripture and creeds. Over at First Things, Peter Leithart gives a summary of Richard Hays’ paper on Gospel and Creeds delivered at Trinity School of Ministry. Hays opened the lecture by noting h... [Uncategorized]

June 7, 9PM

A.E. Harvey Is Scripture Still Holy? Coming of Age with the New Testament Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012. Available at In this book, A.E. Harvey, Emeritus Canon of Westminster Abbey, looks at how one might re-conceive biblical authority given... [Uncategorized]

June 6, 5PM

Denny Burke has a good response to Stanley, McKnight, and Bird on the Jesus vs. Bible thingy-bobby blogfest (see my earlier post). Obviously Denny and I whole heartedly affirm biblical authority and the unmatchable centrality of Jesus Christ, but it is th... [Uncategorized]

June 5, 5PM

Recently American Mega-Pastor Andy Stanley  (North Point Community Church) delivered a sermon where he said that he believed in Adam and Eve,  not because the Bible says so, but because Jesus believed in a real Adam and Eve. According to Stanley, “... [Uncategorized]


Timothy George is my favourite Southern Baptist and with good reason. First, check out his piece at First Things entitled, A Tale of Two Demons which is about Katherine Jefferts-Schori’s now infamous sermon. I blogged on her sermon earlier cause... [Uncategorized]

June 2, 9PM

On the ABC radio show The Spirit of Things, Rachel Kohn hosts Bishop Gene Robinson (former Anglican bishop of New Hampshire) and Rev. Dr. John Dickson (St. Andrews Anglican Church and CPX) on the topic of gay marriage. A great discussion from both sides o... [Uncategorized]


Now someone might like to think that this divine justice does not pertain to them. To such a person, whether a Roman moralist like Seneca who writes ethical treatises or even a rock star Rabbi like Shammai with an encyclopedia knowledge of all things kosh... [Uncategorized]

May 30, 5PM

Scot McKnight’s new ebook coming out is A Long Faithfulness: The Case for Christian Perseverance. Here’s the blurb: Can we choose and un-choose God? Or does he choose and un-choose us? In The Long Faithfulness: The Case for Christian Persever... [Uncategorized]

May 29, 9PM

Thanks to Mark Goodacre, Matthew Montini, and Jeff Gibson, dozens of lectures by the late George Caird on NT Theology are now on-line. I have to say that Caird’s posthumously published book on New Testament Theology is wonderful, I like his R... [Uncategorized]


Earlier this year I was privileged to present the annual David Jones Lectures Series at Covenant Theological Seminary. I had a great time with the faculty and students. I also got to meet their new President Dr. Mark Dalbey who is a lovely guy. Hanging ou... [Uncategorized]

May 28, 9PM

Gregory C. Jenks (Editor) The Once and Future Scriptures: Exploring the Role of the Bible in the Contemporary Church Salem, OR: Polerbridge, 2013. Available at See other reviews by Mark Thompson and Neil McKinlay. For a critique of progressive... [Uncategorized]

May 27, 9PM

I don’t know if Prof. Wright has been hanging out with his colleague Dr. Grant Macaskill for too long  in St. Andrews (Grant is a Free Church of Scotland Minister and the denomination is known for its Psalmody), but Wright is giving a plug for the ... [Uncategorized]


Okay, The Wrightgate saga about the mysterious origins of the book Breaking Beautiful book has been explained. N.T. Wright did some videos for a group called The House Studios. Then, as far as I can tell, the lectures were turned into a transcript and w... [Uncategorized]


In an earlier blog post, since updated, I referred to a forthcoming book by N.T. Wright: Breaking Beautiful: The Promise of Truth in a Fractured World co-written with Tim Suttle (Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press, 2013). According to the blurb: Celebrated... [Uncategorized]

May 26, 9PM

N.T. Wright’s next books published will not in fact be Paul and the Faithfulness of God; rather, it will be: The Case for the Psalms (San Francisco: HarperOne, 2013). Due for release in September. There’s an endorsement from Former ABC Rowan ... [Uncategorized]

May 25, 7PM

Douglas Campbell has a new article in Pro Ecclesia (12 [2013]: 129-52) on “Paul’s Apocalyptic Politics,” an illustrating piece which ends with the words: The Christian colony is well aware that while Christ lives Adam lives on as well,... [Uncategorized]

May 24, 3AM

SPCK has produced two wonderfully picturesque Bible resources for lay people and those beginning biblical studies.   First, The SPCK Bible Guide edited by Henry Wansbrough provides a summary of every chapter of the Bible, concurrently coordinated with ... [Uncategorized]

May 22, 10PM

Scot McKnight has an earnest plea to Bring Paul Back and he includes a nice little plug about the Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters. [Uncategorized]

May 21, 10PM

For my Ridley College students during this exam/essay season, heed the LOTR wisdom: [Uncategorized]


I’m glad to announce that Ridley Melbourne has launched The Ridley Certificate which is a fully integrated on-line multi-media  course designed for interested students, lay people, and church groups to grow in their knowledge of the Bible, Christ... [Uncategorized]

May 20, 11PM

The Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, preached a sermon in Venezuela about seeing the glory of others. In the course of her sermon, she says what I think is the strangest and stupidest thing I have ever  heard/... [Uncategorized]

May 19, 9PM

Coming out from Eerdmans around late November is All Things to All Cultures: Paul Among Jews, Greeks, and Romans edited by Mark Harding and Alanna Nobbs. It looks to me very much like a “Macquarie Uni and Friends” project with several contri... [Uncategorized]
Over at ABC Religion and Ethics, Simon Smart of CPX has a piece on Count Your Blessings: A Religious America, where he looks at Rodney Stark’s book Americas Blessings: How Religion Benefits Everyone, Including Atheists. According to Stark, religion ... [Uncategorized]


I just got a brochure on my desk for the Wycliffe Hall (Oxford) School of Preaching for 2013 is on: “How to Preach the Gospel from the Gospels.”  A subject near and dear to my heart. Speakers include Steve Walton, David Wenham, and Justin Har... [Uncategorized]


I have on my desk the book by Michael Allen, The Christ’s Faith: A Dogmatic Account, which I intend to review in the near future. In short, Allen offers a theological reading of the pistis christou passages, a good summary of the book can be foun... [Uncategorized]

May 16, 4PM

The latest issue of ExpT has a positive review by Paul Foster of my (now probably forgotten) 1 Esdras commentary for the Septuagint Commentary Series. This is an important addition to the Septuagint Commentary Series, and makes a valuable contribution to ... [Uncategorized]

May 15, 9PM

Beth Barnett offers what is one of the most polemical and oddest reviews of my ebook Bourgeois Babes, Bossy Wives, and Bobby Hair-Cuts: A Case for Gender Equality in Ministry over at her blog under the title Pricks, Jocks, and Princes. I thought my book... [Uncategorized]


My good friend Ben Myers has begun a video series on The Apostles Creed. I just watched the first one and it is great, wonderful dramatic introduction, very well done, worth watching. I love reminding students that we had a creed before a canon and it was... [Uncategorized]
Congratulations to two great biblical studies people. First, congrats to Dr. Mark Goodacre of Duke University for his promotion to full professorship at Duke University (HT Jim West). Second congrats to Dr. Josh Jipp, a Duke grad, for winning the 2013 Ach... [Uncategorized]

May 12, 9PM

The overarching premise behind Rom 1:18–3:20 is that God will not allow creation to indefinitely wallow in corruption or permit Israel to forever languish in the mire of its covenantal curses. The world must be cleansed from evil and the ungodly and dis... [Uncategorized]


Over at ABC News is an interesting piece about the euthanasia of Belgian Laureate Christian de Duve. Michael Cook writes: A man who had exhausted the best life had to offer decided in all lucidity and serenity that it was time to slip away, surrounded by ... [Uncategorized]


We know from Rom 16:1-2 that a deaconess named Phoebe carried Paul’s letter to the Roman churches. However, what was her role in undertaking such a task? Did she just hand on the letter like a FedEx delivery lady, did she read the letter to them, di... [Uncategorized]

May 11, 2AM

There is an excellent piece by R.R. Reno, editor of First Things, over at Hillsdale College on the present and future of religious liberty in America. It is quite a sobering and concerning piece about the threat to religious liberty by secularists. He end... [Uncategorized]

May 9, 6PM

N.T. Wright, Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at St. Andrews University and former Bishop of Durham, will be in Melbourne in July and will be speaking at three conference events: 1. Jesus, Paul, and the Mission of God’s People. Tuesd... [Uncategorized]


Good quote from Christopher Bryan (The Resurrection of the Messiah,  on how the resurrection was not simply a community forming myth: “[T]he apostles’ contemporaries – Jew and Gentile alike – will have been just as aware as we are that the dead ... [Uncategorized]