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May 7 2011, 9PM

Dear friends, just to let you know that Joel and I have decided to move Euangelion to a new host site We think this will represent a bigger and more manageable platform for us to do what we do: blog on biblical studies, theology, and church ... [blog]


Here's some stuff around the blogosophere:Jim Hamilton muses on how often we should take communion - warning, he couldn't be turning Anglican on us! Tim Henderson discusses 1 Corinthians 11 and 1 Timothy 2 about women and authority. Andrew Perriman writes...

May 5, 8PM

N.T. Wright comments on the killing of Osama bin Laden over at Ruth Gledhill's blog.I hear Wright's objections and I am no fan of American exceptionalism. The point I would like to make is that this is not really exceptional but typical of how governments... [War]


Thanks to some Crossway students I've come across several websites for post-rapture pet care. That's right, if you are raptured, left behind unbelievers promise to take care of your pets for you as they unfortunately will not be joining you to meet King J... [humour]

May 4, 11PM

Over at Academia Church my Introducing Paul is book of the month with some kind comments about how folks have found the book helpful (HT David Byrd). [book review]


The latest issue of Themelios is up and includes:Editorial: On Abusing Matthew 18Minority Report: Know Your Limits: The Key Secret of Theological ControversyCarl TruemanTrinitarian Agency and the Eternal Subordination of the Son: An Augustinian Perspectiv... [Journals]


Just came across this book from SPCK by Stephen Kuhrt called Tom Wright For Everyone: Putting the Theology of N.T. Wright into Practice in the Local Church. Here's the blurb:Addresses the difficulty many evangelicals have found in really engaging with wha... [n.t. wright]

May 3, 11PM

John 10 centers on the singular suitability of Jesus to be the leader of God’s people on account of his self-giving actions. The climax of the discourse is obviously the ‘I am’ statements that ‘I am the Good Shepherd’ (10:11, 14). The shepherd m... [Shepherd] [Gospel of John]
My good buddy Chris Tilling delivered some lovely Good Friday meditations at Holy Trinity Brompton which are worth checking out. He's not just an English git, he actually can preach!Good Friday from Holy Trinity Brompton on Vimeo.HT: Michael Gorman. [Easter]


Clifton Black of Princeton Theological Seminary has an excellent little piece of beatitudes and woe oracles about Preaching from the Gospels and Acts. Well worth reading.HT: Steve Walton. [Preaching]


“We have been studying cheerfully and seriously. As far as I was concerned it could have continued in that way, and I had already resigned myself to having my grave here by the Rhine! …And now the end has come. So listen to my piece of advice: exegesi... [Karl Barth]

12 AM

A couple of weeks ago Craig Keener (soon to be at Asbury Theological Seminary) was at Crosssway College in Brisbane, Australia and while he was here he delivered a lecture to students on the "Historical Reliability of the Gospels". You can find the audio ... [craig keener] [Apologetics]

May 2, 11PM

The Gospel of John is a big link in the chain that moved christology towards Nicea. In the debates about subordination in the early church (Arius vs. Athanasius) and even in the modern church (Kevin Giles vs. Bruce Ware) the Gospel of John looms large for... [Gospel of John] [Christology]

April 30, 10PM

A common theme in recent theological work is to stress God’s justice as restorative rather than retributive. The underlying assumption appears to be that retribution is mean, nasty, and unnice and therefore unworthy of a God of love, grace, and mercy. F... [Soteriology] [judgment]


There is a cool Greek resource from Crossway called ESV Greek Tools. Go and watch the video here. It sounded really cool right up until the guy said "Macarthur study Bible" (though ESV study Bible does make up for it). I suppose Greek tools are Greek tool... [bible software]

April 28, 10PM

Check this out, it is flipping awesome! I'm currently learning a bit of Arabic and it really is a beautiful language when sung like this.HT: Trevin Wax. [music] [Easter]