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May 26 2015, 7AM

A number of years ago, I was in a presbytery meeting in which a young man was being examined for ordination. He was asked if he had any stated differences with the Westminster Standards. He said that he did, and referred to Larger Catechism 109 (dealing w...
Over the weekend I built a new bed so that I could put up a hoop house. In Indiana, I would put two beds inside a hoop house, but here I've been experimenting with putting three. I'm planning on putting the cover on it this week and planting tomatoes and ... [Garden] [Hoop house] [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun]
Burge, Gary M. A Week in the Life of a Roman Centurion. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity, 2015. 189 pp. Pb; $16.  Link to IVP, includes a short book trailer featuring Burge. Burge says the modern reader is like “a foreigner in their world and culture,... [Book Reviews] [book review] [church] [Ministry] [Preaching]
Matthew R. Malcolm:See Larry Hurtado’s comments on his chapter here… Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog: In today’s post came a contributor’s copy of a new multi-author volume:  All that the Prophets Have Declared:  The Appro... [Uncategorized]
The HuffPost has an article entitled, "6 Of The Most Ridiculous Stunts Pastors Have Pulled To Get People To Church" here. I am not a fan of this approach to ministry and think that generally it is not ultimately helpful. But I must admit that some of the ... [church] [Preaching] [Prophets]
I believe legalism is so popular because it’s much easier than carefully evaluating what’s earthly and what’s worldly. Not better or more fun, but easier. By simply following a list someone gives you, you can feel safe and secure. Likewise, worldlin... [gospel] [Holiness] [Radically Normal]


In today’s post came a contributor’s copy of a new multi-author volume:  All that the Prophets Have Declared:  The Appropriation of Scripture in the Emergence of Christianity, ed. Matthew R. Malcolm (Milton Keynes:  Paternoster Press, 2015)... [NT religious ideas]
We recently had a clergy conference for our diocese and it was hosted in our local parish. The lectures were given in the sanctuary and our topic was alcoholism and addiction. As the speaker described St. Augustine’s own moment of release from his ... [Christianity] [death] [grief] [Mack] [Episcopal Church]
Next year I’ll be co-teaching a module on ‘The Making of Modern Christianity: Medieval and Reformation Europe.’ I’ll be taking the medieval section of the module (I can’t tell you how glad I am not to have to teach Luther). I... [blog posts] [teaching]


From Le Monde de la Bible– Depuis le 21 mai 2015, les dijhadistes de l’Etat islamique, se sont emparés de la ville antique de Palmyre, dans le désert syrien, classée par l’Unesco au patrimoine mondial de l’humanité. Dans ce contexte, nous ... [Archaeology]


Last weekend I attended a lecture by Richard B. Hays at the Lanier Theological Library. I read Hays’ new book, “Reading Backwards,” last year and it’s excellent. This lecture was an overview of that book. The library usually posts their lectures f... [gospel] [Interpretive Challenges in the OT] [old testament] [theology]
New in the R5AS from V&R– On 19th October 1512, Martin Luther received his doctorate of theology under the chairmanship of Andreas Bodenstein of Karlstadt. Throughout his life, Luther remained tied to the Universityof Wittemberg. The Reformation... [book review] [Books]
 This year, 2015, marks the 50th anniversary of the commissioning of the New International Version (NIV) in 1965. The actual translation was published in 1978.Pressrelease from Zondervan (Grand Rapids, MI) -- April 1, 2015:In 1965, the Committee on B... [50th anniversary] [CBT] [Committee on Bible Translation] [New International Version] [NIV]
It struck me that the phrase that one often hears on radio stations – “the greatest hits of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond” – could apply equally well to the Bible. It is a compilation of works which were considered to be partic... [Bible] [greatest hits]
Chapter 5 of Mark Harris’s book The Nature of Creation: Examining the Bible and Science looks at the biblical framework of creation. The concern is not so much the act of creation, but the way in which the bible’s authors talk about the nature... [Uncategorized]
Lexicons are commonly used for studying biblical languages. It may shock you, then, that I discourage beginning Hebrew and Greek students from using them. I’m not kidding. I’d be happy if beginning students never used them. I don’t diminish lexicon... [Misc.] [Training] [Beginning Greek and Hebrew] [Bible study] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Lexicons] [Michael Heiser] [mobile ed] [word studies]


Continuing my series on whether American Christianity is in decline:Did Constantine and Theodosius make Rome Christian?When did Europe become Christian?Theories of Western declineA more dialectical view1. I'm sure that there is a body of research arguing ... [philosophy of history]
Here’s the deal: you have to be attending SBL in Atlanta this November to be able to enter, as that’s when you’ll get the prize: any coffee or hot beverage you desire, at my cost! I know, awesome, huh? So how do you enter? Some time betw... [food] [SBL]


NEWS YOU CAN USE: Why Peter Williams Does Not Believe in the Septuagint (Peter J. Gurry, ETC).
THE TWO CITIES: Natalie Portman, Idolatry, and Ancient Judaism.
Science requires translation. Even very intelligent people in other fields of study have trouble understanding what scientists have been saying. That’s why science writers are so important. They can distill the heady knowledge that empirical method p... [Books] [Consciousness] [feminism] [Mysticism] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [science] [And Other Strange Tales from Science] [Isaac Newton] [Jay Ingram. The Barmaid’s Brain] [Joan of Arc] [neuroscience] [schizophrenia] [science and religion]
PHILONICA AND NEOTESTAMENTICA: CRINT Online!Scholars working in the field of Philo and ancient Judaism, will certainly know the Compendia Rerum ad Ioudaicarum series. Now these great books are also available online ...Just to be clear, "online" here does...
OLD TESTAMENT APOCRYPHA WATCH: Judith on a Pasta Label: Must be sauce to lose your head over (Deane Galbraith, Remnant of Giants).

12 AM

Today’s is a guest post from Beth Rowland, a student at the University of Nottingham who attends St Nic’s. The concept of Live Below the Line, spending just one pound a day on food, was something I’d heard of before May 2015, but not somet... [Life & Ministry] [Beth Rowland] [consumption] [discipleship] [discipline] [fasting] [food] [Operation Mobilisation] [Poverty] [temptation]

May 25, 11PM

I’m just looking at Romans 8:31-39 at the moment, and noticing that the rhythm of the rhetorical questions in this section kinda collects up the issues that Paul has been working through prior to this passage… [Romans]
Below, Prof. Amy-Jill Levine gives a lecture on Jesus from a Jewish and pluralistic perspective. It makes for an interesting listen as Levine is an eloquent speaker and she makes some points that will prove thought-provoking for all. [Uncategorized]
Studies of ereading Studies about how reading paper books compares to reading electronic devices like a Kobo have gotten some attention in the media. Which makes sense because it’s often a chance to have a great moral panic about how technology is n... [Language] [Mind, Psychology and Consciousness] [Science and Skepticism]


Ben: Let’s talk ecclesiology for a moment. Irenaeus was by no means just a writer, he was a bishop in ‘Gaul’. What was his vision of the church and church structure, including his vision of church leadership. Is he an example of ‘e... [Uncategorized]
A solid number of theologians and scholars over the past century have questioned whether the church has understood hell correctly. The most widely held view has interpreted “hell” as “eternal conscious torment,” but this view is not as easily just... [hell]


Why do we read Isa 6 every year on Trinity Sunday? I give my A and B answers here, what’s your take? Download the LectioCast podcast, and use it for sermon prep... [Bible Thoughts] [LectioCast] [#LectioCast] [commentary] [Revised Common Lectionary]
I spent this afternoon in Arlington National Cemetery, walking among the graves, attending a changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns and watching a number of wreath laying ceremonies. Best place to be on Memorial Day. [god and country] [Military Service]
Jeremiah (not Tim Bulkeley) Tim Bulkeley wrote a post today asking when the passages in Jeremiah 11:18–12.6, 15:10–21, 17:14–18, 18:18–23, and 20:7–18 were first referred to as “confessions”. When were these passages, and not a wide... [Ancient Jewish texts] [Jeremiah]
I’m giving the chapter-by-chapter summaries from the conclusion to the book All That the Prophets Have Declared, and I’m up to chapter 2, which was co-authored by myself and my father. The chapter is titled ‘”He interpreted to them... [Books] [hermeneutics] [Linguistics]


my wife debbie and I were talking this morning about a situation with a church in the area that we are familiar with. this church recently took on a new pastor. she had attended a special service there because some friends we have were a focal point for a... [Uncategorized]


Tim writes  – Help Me Please– For work I am doing on the “confessions of Jeremiah” I need two sorts of help. I need help because here in the hills between Rotorua and Tauranga I library resources are limited to a journal database and Goog... [Modern Culture]
I am hosting the May 2015 Biblical Studies Carnival. Several months ago when I volunteered to host the Carnival, I was not planning to limit my blogging activities. However, for several reasons, I had to limit posting to my blog. … Continue reading ... [Biblical Carnival]


Help me please by tim via Sansblogue (#55916)
For work I am doing on the “confessions of Jeremiah” I need two sorts of help. I need help because here in the hills between Rotorua and Tauranga I library resources are limited to a journal database and Google books (plus Peopl... [Complaint] [Jeremiah]
With the end of the Spring semester just a few weeks ago I have finished three years of teaching at my current institution. During our third year here we have to finish a third-year pre-tenure review, which I found to be as unenjoyable an experience as y... [teaching]
There is this curiously persistent story which makes it all the way to Wikipedia that says that Benedict, the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem at the time Morton Smith discovered the Letter to Theodore, was a 'mason' who belonged to an order called 'Ade...


Byzantium: Fictive Kinship and Human Relationships Byzantium is the name given to both the state and the culture of the Eastern Roman Empire in the Middle Ages. Until the seventh century, it preserved the basic structures of Late Roman Mediterranean civi...
The third part of this five part series examines volume two of the work: II – From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. The series ‘home page’ (as it were) is available here. Volumes reviewed and to be reviewed are listed there and links ar... [book review] [Books]
Raymond Harold Cargill, United States Army Air Corps and United States Army Air Forces, 1941-1945. And while my grandfather didn’t die during his military service, I cannot help but remember him today. Has it really been 32 years? To all those who g... [thank yous] [Len Cargill] [memorial day] [Raymond Cargill]


Our home boy and U.K. fan, George Clooney, has made a lot of different and different kinds of films to say the least. Disney, however, he has not done…. until now. He teams up with Hugh Laurie in this film to provide us with something of homily abou... [Uncategorized]
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Antonio ‘The Leper‘ Lombatti writes Ne parla in modo giustamente spietato Marco Bella sul Fatto Quotidiano. Pseudoscienza e pseudostoria: che triste realtà. Leggete anche voi. Trovate anche un resoconto del convegno scritto da Sylvie Coyaud. ... [pseudo-archaeology] [pseudo-christianity] [Pseudo-scholarship] [pseudo-theology]
The Church of England is considering adding a ceremony its services for “transgender” persons who seek to be re-baptized in their new gender identity and under their new name.  According to reports, Chris Newlands, the vicar of Lancaster Priory, r... [Heresy and Heretics] [pseudo-christianity] [pseudo-theology]

12 PM

Violence is to be found at the core of the Christian religion. Not only did the figure at the very heart of the Christian faith meet his end through the violence of crucifixion, but the history of the religion he inspired is filled with violence, from Cat... [Book of Revelation]
Alister McGrath.  Eccentric Genius.  Reluctant Prophet.  C.S. Lewis: A Life.  Carol Steam, Illinois: Tyndale House Publishers, 2013.  See here to buy the book. C.S. Lewis was a teacher at Oxford and Cambridge, a scholar of Englis... [Apologetics] [religion]
I wish this sign were posted literally on every corner in every part of the United States. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Today we remember America’s heroes, reflect on our faith, and relate to the freedom we experience, all because of those who died while serving in the armed forces. If you haven’t been keeping up with our three-part miniseries with Jeff Struecker, the ... [Misc.] [Products] [base packages] [Bible study] [black hawk down] [chaplain ministry] [chaplain's library] [Chaplaincy] [commentaries] [counseling] [jeff struecker] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [memorial day] [patriotic] [sale] [us army]


There’s a lovely little book which examines the main features in Zwingli’s theology which readers can pick up for free in pdf.  Here. You’ll like it.  You’ve got my word on it. Filed under: Zwingli [Zwingli]


You’ll find this interesting: On May 25, 1521, after many of the princes had left the Diet of Worms, leaving only four electors present, the emperor called them to his apartments. To their amazement he issued an edict, composed by a papal nuncio, wh... [Church History]
And in return, they were no fan of his.  Emser wrote a poem that some of his Swiss students got hold of. The part of the poem that was particularly offensive to the Swiss was as follows: Switzer, thou art a tyrant, an enemy of our faith and God, Good-for... [Zwingli]
In the town of Fountain Hills, Arizona, 8 local churches have come together to preach a series of sermons about the differences between progressive “Christianity” and traditional Christianity. The above is from a newspaper ad taken out by the ... [Controversial] [United Methodist Church] [Fountain Hills]
The previews look great. In the Book of Genesis, the first words God speaks to humanity are “Be fruitful and multiply.” From ancient times to today, these words have been understood as a divine command to procreate. Fertility is viewed as a sign of ... [Books] [Candida Moss] [Joel S. Baden] [Princeton University Press]