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October 31 2016, 9PM

Unapologetic offers the Philosophy of Religion the swift, ugly end it has long deserved. This single book will cause the death of a discipline.-- Dr. Peter Boghossian, philosophy professor at Portland State University, and author of A Manual for Creating ...

October 1, 10AM

Dit is de 134e aflevering van de Livius Nieuwsbrief met nieuws over de Oudheid. De nieuwsbrief is gratis; voor adreswijzigingen en afmeldingen volstaan uitsluitend mailtjes naar Jona Lendering (redactie) ======================== H... [Livius Nieuwsbrief] [LiviusNieuwsbrief]
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I suspect that many of us–well, those of us of a certain age–have an image of Billy Graham etched in our minds: the patriarch of TV evangelism standing in the pulpit and holding the Bible aloft as the very Word of God. However, few of those in Billy...


Chris Gehrz, on Sallman’s head of Christ: I’m quite sure that being exposed so often to Sallman’s Head of Christ not only fixed my idea about the physical appearance of Jesus, but unconsciously shaped my self-identity as a white American. L... [Uncategorized]
This last week I have been ensconced in comparative Anglican Eucharistic prayers, those prayers said in relation to the sharing of bread and wine that is common to all Christians. Colin Buchanan argues that Thomas Cranmer, the ‘teflon bishop’ ... [WIT Posts]
A BS Carnival is a selection of posts related to Biblical Studies in the inter-blogger-webo-twit-face-sphere for the month of October 2017. (Social Media moniker is from the Crusty Old Dean.) The old sole-sources are defunct - the biblioblog list is alwa... [carnival]


Staying Home on Election Day. What Would James Madison Say? Garrett Ward Sheldon is the John Morton Beaty Professor of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Virginia (at Wise). His book, The Political Philosophy of James Madison framed this i... [Uncategorized]


Seleção de postagens dos biblioblogs em setembro de 2016.Biblical Studies Carnival September 2016Trabalho feito por Randy McCracken, em seu blog Bible Study With Randy.E há também The Run Up to #SBL2016 Carnival: Postings From (Almost) Every Continent... [Biblioblogs]
The free Logos Book of the Month for October is Romans by Craig Keener in the New Covenant Commentary series. You can also purchase Revelation by Gordon Fee in the same series for $1.99 or enter to win the entire six-volume series. For all these offers ... [Books] [commentaries] [Fee] [Keener Craig] [logos] [New Testament] [Revelation] [Romans]
York Bloggers Gathering to Carnival Randy McCracken (@randalmccracken) hosts the September Biblical Studies Carnival at Bible Study with Randy. Randy is a first time host, so be gentle. Randy hails from the ancient city of York, England, a city Randy po... [Biblioblogs] [Biblical Studies Carnival] [Biblioblogs] [carnival] [Huzzah!]


A couple of Israeli scholars are suggesting that the Hasmonean Hall (aka “Hall of the Freemasons”) in the Western Wall Tunnels may have served as a triclinium for Jerusalem’s city council. Scientists working in Galilee have discovered caves used by... [Antiquities Trade] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan] [Mesopotamia] [Negev] [Sad News] [Syria] [Turkey]
ARCHAEOLOGY: The best of Israel archaeology in 5776. Finds include lost cities rediscovered, fabulous jewels and ancient technologies that were a lot more advanced than expected (Ruth Schuster, Haaretz). Relevant PaleoJudaica posts include the following:...
BIBLE ODYSSEY: Aramaic Literature in the Dead Sea Scrolls (Andrew B. Perrin). HT AJR.
H-JUDAIC: JOB: Hebrew University of Jerusalem Mandel Postdoctoral Fellowships in Humanities and Jewish Studies.
KARAITE WATCH: The Jews You’ve Never Heard Of. In the Bay Area, Karaite Jews struggle to build a future in America (Shira Telushkin, Tablet Magazine).On Oct. 3, as most synagogues around the world celebrate Rosh Hashanah, about 130 people will gather a...
Fern and Audrey return with an update on their work with ritual abuse survivors, and introduce a colleague (“Beth”) who does the same work. Beth tells listeners her own story of growing up in “traditional” deliverance ministry, and how her approac... [Naked Bible episodes] [NakedBible] [podcast] [podcasts] [deliverance] [did] [Ministry] [SRA]


I recently read that efforts are underway, by some parties, to teach Arabic to Israelis. My limited experience of Israel led me to believe that most people were already bilingual, judging by the roadsigns. Like our progressive neighbor to the north, I s... [Current Events] [Memoirs] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [Arab-Israeli conflict] [Arabic] [Bilingual] [Canada] [israel] [languages] [native american]
GNOSTICISM WATCH: Princeton University's Elaine Pagels to be honored at the White House (Ilene Dube, Newsworks). The article posts a video of the ceremony, which took place on 22 September. The section with President Obama's presentation of the medal to P...


But it seems a lot of his followers must think that he did- Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
My poems are a dime a dozen. I write so many they must blur together even in your memory. I used to think I should keep silent, try to take up less room -- but I'm pretty sure you don't want me to shut off the spigot, keep my words from flowing... [Elul] [poetry]


This meme was inspired by a comment left on Facebook, after I shared Robert Holmstedt’s post about how to render the Hebrew word hevel in Ecclesiastes 1:2 and elsewhere. I think “dust in the wind” (a la Kansas) is a better fit than the ... [Ecclesiastes] [dust] [Hebrew] [Kansas] [meaningless] [translation] [vanity] [wind]
The final (5th) part of my video interview on my new book, Destroyer of the gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World, has now appeared on the blog site of our Centre for the Study of Christian Origins here.  Earlier parts of that intervie... [Uncategorized]


Hervomde teologiese studies 72:1 (2016)McGlory Speckman, "Bible subversion: An ideology critique of the manner and motif behind the use of scriptures by politicians"Hervomde teologiese studies 72:3 (2016)James Panaggio, Ernest Van Eck, "Was Paul among the... [HTS] [Ματθαίος] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [πρόσληψη]

September 30, 10PM

Now E.D. Hirsch, Jr., is penetratingly right; the issue is the “educrats” who impose educational strategies on the basis of unproven theories: Why has the topic of teacher quality suddenly reached such a crescendo? Education reform has been on... [Uncategorized]


Michael Kok discusses The Epistle to the Hebrews and Subsequent Christian Supersessionism. [blood] [supersessionism]
Welcome to the run up to SBL 2016 Carnival! Posts are organized this month by continent. Yup, our theme is biblical studies by continental divide! Let’s see what scholars around the world are thinking about as we approach the annual meeting in San A... [Biblical Studies Carnival] [Biblioblogs]


In my youth, after reading the flowery rhetoric of Quintilian and Tully, I entered on the vigorous study of Hebrew, the expenditure of much time and energy barely enabled me to utter the puffing and hissing words; I seemed to be walking in a sort of under... [jerome]


Because here’s where we are now… ANN ARBOR, MI (WCMH) – A University of Michigan student is having some fun with His Majesty’s school’s policy of allowing students to choose their preferred gender pronouns on class rosters.  Grant S... [Modern Culture]
Your nominee, GOP… The Phoenix Police Department has sent a letter to the Trump campaign, demanding they pull an ad that features members of the department shaking hands with the Republican presidential nominee, making it seem as though Trump has t... [Modern Culture]


Discussing the then current state of the world, Jerome writes Are there still some remaining for the demons to carry away by their delusions? Why yes, Jerome, there are. A lot.  And they’re keeping the demons so busy that they would like a vacation... [jerome]
At church last week, the pastor was talking about the second coming of Christ.  He focused on Matthew 24:36-39, which states (in the KJV): “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. But as the days... [Bible] [church] [Hinduism] [religion]


But that isn’t stopping the ignoramuses like the people at Relevant Magazine from blowing it all out of proportion and making a suit out of a button. The little bauble proves nothing that is being claimed it proves.  Nothing.  But if you give the ... [Modern Culture] [pseudo-archaeology] [Pseudo-scholarship]