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September 21 2014, 8PM

For those of us who have bought and read John's excellent text, then you need no introduction.  For those who haven't, this short video is for you!
German archaeologists, under the direction of Robert Koldeway, excavated at ancient Babylon in Iraq, between 1899 and 1917. The Procession Street ran from the Ishtar Gate to the bridge over the Euphrates River. A 250 meter [820 feet] section of the str... [Archaeology] [Bible Lands] [Bible Places] [Bible study] [old testament] [Photography] [Travel] [Babylon] [Museums] [Nebuchadnezzar] [Pergamum Museum]


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Στη σελίδα Biblical Performance Criticism  η Shayne Sheinfeld δημοσιεύει την εισήγηση που διάβασε στη συνάντηση της SBL στο Chicago το 2012 κι έχει θέμα την προφορική ... [προφορικότητα] [ψευδεπίγραφα]


Το περιοδικό Newsweek συζητά τη νέα εκδοχή για το θάνατο του Ιησού που πρότεινε σε πρόσφατο άρθρο του o Dale Martin. Σύμφωνα με τον καθηγητή του Dale το ... [ιστορικός Ιησούς]
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 57:3 (2014)Vern S. Poythress, "Dispensing with Merely Human Meaning: Gains and Losses from Focussing on the Human Author, Illustrated by Zephaniah 1:2–3"Hendrik J. Koorevaar, "The Exile and Return Model: A ... [Jets] [Εβραίους] [ανάσταση] [κριτική κειμένου] [προφήτες]
Taking Scripture seriously is not the same thing as taking Scripture literally. Taking Scripture literally is not the same thing as taking Scripture seriously.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]



Like this- Hey – attend worship tonight- we’ll give you a pony and a car and fill your car up with gas and show you a movie and do anything but mention sin. #StuffJesusNeverSaidOrDidFiled under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
In the words of Tertullian (the only Church Father besides Jerome worth reading), As to your saying of us that we are a most shameful set, and utterly steeped in luxury, avarice, and depravity, we will not deny that this is true of some. It is, however, a... [tertullian]
When you have a present in front of you ready to be opened, the first thing you do with it is remove the wrapping paper. Then you take the present out of the box and remove the inner packaging. If you are an organized person, you use the box to hold the w... [personal theology] [Psalms]

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Presso la libreria Terra Santa di Milano, dal 4 ottobre 2014 prende il via un nuovo appuntamento periodico dedicato a tutti gli appassionati di pellegrinaggi e percorsi a piedi. Un’occasione per approfondire la conoscenza di cammini più o meno noti... [blog] [Cammini di Fede] [Primo piano]
At church this morning, we sang the hymn, “O Perfect Love” (see here).  At first, I just went through the motions of singing it, without thinking about the words that much.  Then, I decided that the hymn might have some meat to it, so I d... [Bible] [music] [religion]


“When God wants people to suffer, he sends them too much understanding.” ~ Yiddish ProverbFiled under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
In the early months of 1540, a general assembly of citizens resolved to restore the former status.*  The recall of Calvin was decided upon in the Council, September 21, 1540. Meanwhile, private efforts had been made to obtain his consent to return to Gen... [Calvin]
This is an amazing set of possibilities for health and medical care — at great savings! [Uncategorized]
Keeping the Sabbath was of critical importance to first century Jewish practice. The day is set aside for rest and those that willfully broke the Sabbath were to be stoned to death.  This Sabbath was considered by non-Jews to be a most peculiar practice ... [gospels] [historical Jesus] [jesus] [Sabbath] [Synoptic Gospels]


Ever notice how when votes are taken in the mid east no matter who wins, lots die? Not so in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the West.  #TheresSomethingNotRight  There is – indisputably – a culture of violence which cannot be explaine... [Modern Culture]


Protests don’t work. Whatever their efficacy was in past eras, it is spent. We all witnessed the largest coordinated protests in world history in the lead-up to the Iraq War, and the Iraq War not only happened but is still happening, under the wat... [politics of the absurd]


Er was eens in een Oosters land een klein stadje, schitterend gelegen in een mooie vallei en op het eerste gezicht zou je er zo op verliefd worden. Bij de poorten stonden schitterende palmbomen, op de brink wat een liefelijke waterput, de kleine huizen ha... [Bijbelstudie] [2 Samuel] [Prediker]
I am constantly amazed at how the creativity which God has placed into the hearts of men shines through, even in places where the fall has brought devastating and paralyzing consequences. Cerebral Palsy, while not a sin, is still a consequence of living... [discipleship] [Creation] [death] [Life] [sin]


John Aloisi has a discussion about the purchase of seminary textbooks and ebooks here. The post provides a helpful list of fairly inexpensive theological books available in ebook format. But I would note that his list of books consists of older works and ... [seminary]
This semester, I fear I may be reaching a kind of saturation point for how much it is possible to do without being in a constant state of anxiety. In addition to my regular teaching and administrative duties at Shimer, I am teaching a graduate seminar at... [to-do lists]


It’s my studied opinion that those who ‘like’ Karl Barth have probably never really read Karl Barth (beyond a few pages of the Dogmatics or some shorter publication).  These are the same people who ‘dislike’ Rudolf Bultmann ... [Modern Culture]
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It’s my favorite news story of the week and it’s not from the Onion, it’s a true story… Two armed “polygamist women” dressed like “ninjas” were subdued by a sword-wielding man during a home invasion, according to police in ... [bizarre news]
On September 21, 1522, the New Testament appeared with a frontispiece and a number of woodcuts by Lucas Cranach; the title-page bore the words, “Das Newe Testament Deutzsch. Vittemberg.” Neither the year nor the printer’s name was given. Luther rece... [Luther]


This one: Finally, brothers, we earnestly ask and exhort you in the Lord Jesus that, as you received from us how you should conduct yourselves to please God– and as you are conducting yourselves– you do so even more. For you know what instruc... [theology]
Here's the brief d'var Torah I offered at yesterday morning's Shabbat service at my shul. (Cross-posted to my From the Rabbi blog.)   If you only take one thing away from this morning's Torah reading, let it be this: that teshuvah is a two-partner danc... [teshuvah] [Torah]
HOPE (ELUL 26)For the heat-cracked soil of our heartsto receive gentle rain. For the winds which fan our blazesto still themselves. For the stains on the cobblestonesto be only pomegranate juice.For every parent to wake joyfulbecause their child is safe.F... [Elul] [poetry]


This is the fourth post in the first section in my series, a theology in bullet points. (Here are three of the later sections that I've already done)._________________God has revealed himself in events apart from nature.1. Different Ch... [special revelation] [theology in bullet points]
Today the light and darkness are equal. The equinox is the great equalizer of the year, the day that reminds us summer’s ebullience is always, and ever will only be, temporary. From this day forth, for six months, night will dominate day. Religions t... [Books] [Holidays] [literature] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [Social Consciousness] [autumnal equinox] [Banned Book Week] [publishing] [solstice] [Winter solstice]


NEW BOOK FROM SPCK:The Jewish PseudepigraphaAn introduction to the literature of the Second Temple periodAuthorSusan DochertyISBN9780281064823PublisherSPCK PublishingAdditional information224 pages. Paperback. (234 x 156 mm)Our Price£16.99DescriptionThis...

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I am continuing a new weekly series which will be posted every Sunday morning called "Sunday's Message." Here, I will reproduce the readings for Mass from The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition.  I want to thank Greg Pierce at ACTA for giving ... [Sunday's Message]

September 20, 11PM

Wekelijks wordt in deze Bijbelquiz een nieuwe vraag over de Bijbel gesteld, wie het antwoord denkt te weten mag deze als commentaar toevoegen. Het antwoord komt dan de volgende week, zodat iedereen de gelegenheid... [Bijbelquiz] [Bijbelquiz2]