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January 19 2018, 3PM

The U.S. bishops had an unusually busy year issuing positive and negative statements about the new president, but some hoped for more decisive action against his policies.
In a previous post, I re-visited Raymond Brown’s article on Jewish Christianity and found myself in agreement with the idea that the Christian church is rooted in Judaism.  While it is popular enough to emphasize the “Jewishness” of Jesus or Paul, ... [Jewish Christian Literature] [Jacob Neusner] [Jewish Christianity] [Pharisees]
In his two massive theological commentaries, Common Grace and Pro Rege, Abraham Kuyper develops a robust public theology, fully addressing the intersection of faith and culture. Too often, theology simply resides in the lofty chambers of academia, without... [Products]


I copied this debate we had on Facebook. I can't get the pages sized the same, oh well. I typed much of it on the fly using my phone, so I could have done a bit better if I had a computer. I think I did very well. There's new stuff here. It would ...
Transgender patients “need to know they are welcome and they will not be looked down upon” if they come to Catholic institutions seeking treatment, says Sister Carol Keehan.
Sequels are rarely as good as the originals, but that is not true in this case. This particular family friendly film has everything one could want in such a film. The characters are all vivid and the central ones are likable. The villain, Phoenix Buchanan... [Uncategorized]


It started when I dropped in on Thursday eve to a falafel restaurant down the road.  By classtime that eve I wasn’t feeling super and with half an hour of the 2 hour session to go I had to excuse myself. Thursday night was spent, to put it delicate... [Modern Culture]
Since I grew up as a Seventh-day Adventist, I almost have to be interested in Daniel 8, particularly 8:14, which is critical to the development of the Adventist movement. For those not acquainted with that history, this is the verse from which the predict... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Daniel 8] [Daniel 8:14] [Investigative judgment] [SDA] [Seventh-day-Adventist]
Thus far in a future book.Chapter 1: What is Biblical Theology?1.1 Introduction1.2 Basic Approaches1.3 History of Biblical Theology1.4 This Book's ApproachChapter 2: Theology of God2.1a The Rule of Faith of God, part 12.1b The Rule of Faith of God, p... [Biblical Theology] [progressive revelation]
Donald Hagner’s article on Jewish Christianity in the Dictionary of the Later New Testament provides a summary of the theology of Jewish Christianity.  This is a different way of getting at the “types of Jewish Christianity” than Raymond Brown’s ... [Jewish Christian Literature] [Donald Hagner] [Jewish Christianity]
2018.01.02 | Jörg Frey and John R. Levison, eds. The Holy Spirit, Inspiration, and the Cultures of Antiquity: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. Ekstasis 5. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2017. Reviewed by Jesse D. Stone, University of St. Andrews. This volume gathers... [De Gruyter] [DSS] [early christianity] [Jörg FREY] [Jesse D. Stone] [John R. Levison] [New Testament] [Pneumatology] [Qumran] [Review]
Some people doubt evangelicalism exists—it’s too fractured to be called an -ism. And in the last year the value of the label has been fought over more vociferously than ever. What is “evangelicalism”? Is it even a useful concept anymore? I believe... [Misc.]

12 PM

Francis is the first pope to come to the Amazon region, and he insisted that his first event and major speech of his visit to Peru should be to this place.


President Trump’s video appearance at the march culminates a year of pro-life appointments and administrative actions to limit abortions.
You have heard it said, “Who run the world? Girls” (Bey 4:12). But we ask: Who runs the church?
The primary problem is not with Mr. Trump’s past sins, it is that the policies he currently supports are inconsistent with his claim in his address today that “every life is sacred.”


Amazon has a great deal on the four published volumes in the Discovering Biblical Texts from Eerdmans. Each volume of the series provides an excellent introduction to the exegetical problems a particular books as well as an example of a commentary from t... [Book Reviews] [book review] [kindle] [Kindle Books] [New Testament]
Society cannot look the other way and allow a culture that demeans the dignity of women to persist, Pope Francis said.


Sheik Ahmad el-Tayeb, the grand imam, hosted a meeting Jan. 17-18 with Christian and Muslim clerics and political leaders from 86 countries in reaction to President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
In my capacity as "private secretary" to a PhD student in the faculty of history at the University of Cambridge, I put together a couple Zotero styles that may be of wider interest. The Historical Journal style updates an earlier version put together by J... [Academic Software] [Productivity Software] [zotero]
The Gospel we heard today is a tactical trainwreck. It tells us to offer no resistance to enemies and love them instead.


ANCIENT CERAMIC ART: ISRAEL: ANCIENT VASE SHOWING GREEK GODS DISCOVERED IN BIBLICAL SITE WHERE JESUS MAY HAVE PERFORMED MIRACLES (Kastalia Medrano, Newsweek).Archaeologists in northern Israel discovered an ancient Italian vase featuring an image originall...
ARAMAIC WATCH: A Proposed Reading of a New Aramaic Fragment. As an update to my earlier post Mysterious Hebrew fragment from Oxyrhynchus, I note that Jim West has posted a communication from Richard Steiner which proposes to read the mystery fragment as A...
The strange Jesus in Mark’s storyThe Christian church has managed to pull off one of the biggest con jobs in history. It got away with it, I suppose, because lay people did not have access to reading the gospels for the first 1,500 years of Christian hi...
NEW BOOK FROM MOHR-SIEBECK: NICOLE RUPSCHUS, Frauen in Qumran. [Women in Qumran.] 2017. XII, 335 pages. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe 457. 84,00 €. sewn paper. ISBN 978-3-16-155647-0.Published in German. Nicole Rupschus ...
EGYPTOLOGY PHILOLOGY:The Quest to Decipher the Rosetta Stone (Evan Andrews, An oft-told story, but always worth hearing again. Visit PaleoJudaica daily for the latest news on ancient Judaism and the biblical world.


The church's key contribution to peace must be education, both in classrooms and as examples of diverse people living in harmony.
By D’Arcy Maine: Nearly 100 victims are expected to speak during the four-day sentencing hearing against former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar. Ingham County (Michigan) Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina is presiding over the ... [Uncategorized]
“Our country is so important to us. We carry the Dominican Republic in our hearts.”
Depende de cada quien cómo se viva el paso del tiempo: si con angustia o con esperanza.
It is possible to group the various types of early Christians around the evangelist responsible for the establishment of their group.  1 Cor 1-4 demonstrates that there were schisms along the lines of teachers.  While Paul says that these loyalties to l... [Jewish Christian Literature]
What is sacrifice for? Many ancient cultures thought that animal offers fed the gods. The situation is more ambiguous for ancient Greeks. As Charles Stocking points out in his Politics of Sacrifice in Early Greek Myth and Poetry, the only explicit evidenc... [ancient greece] [sacrifice]
Study of the sacramental in early modern English poetry has become a cottage industry in literary scholarship. Kimberley Johnson isn’t satisfied with the direction this scholarship has taken, and in her Made Flesh, she offers a corrective. Much of t... [Poetics] [Reformation]
The next time you have a space 15 minutes, treat yourself to the Wingfeather Saga short film on Youtube. It’s a quarter hour of sheer delight. One of the most arresting things about the segment is the way it provides rich, mysterious backgrounds fo... [body] [film] [Narrative]


And as He walked by the Sea of Galilee, He saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. Then Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and foll... [Eusebius]


In a long and stimulating piece in the New Atlantis, Samuel Matlack explores the role of metaphor in contemporary physics, especially with regard to the challenges of translating the mathematical formulae of theory into popular writing. Have we, he asks, ... [science]
In an essay in the Economic Journal (117 [2007] 146-73), Robert Sugden and Luigino Bruni describe how “psychology was removed from economics, and how it might be brought back.” The development of behavior economics provides a starting point f... [Economics] [Psychology]
In a TLS review of several recent books on China, Gavin Jacobson highlights the role of geography and history in the formation of contemporary Chinese politics. Geography first: “China is enclosed within 14,000 miles of land borders and a 9,000-mile... [china]
The single life is perhaps the most neglected area in theological and pastoral reflection in the church.
A righteous king went away and left his land in the hands of certain managers and administrators. A first manager gave away lots of money and engaged in a costly war, and there was a great crisis of money in the land at the end of his time. A second manag... [politics]
I keep working on Daniel in the background trying to become more familiar with the Aramaic turn of phrase. Meanwhile in 2 Chronicles, the same stems used elsewhere are applied to the capacity of the molded brass sea on the 12 oxen. This is a large capacit... [2 Chronicles]


It's near this forlorn corner of the Amazon that Pope Francis will visit Friday amid what has been called a modern-day gold rush of illegal miners threatening the world's largest rainforest.
A while back in my Sunday school class, I sought to challenge the idea that anyone takes the Bible literally, by focusing on some of the things that Jesus says about topics like poverty and possessions. We started with Jesus’ saying about a camel pa... [gospel of luke] [Gospel of Matthew] [beatitudes] [Luke] [Matthew] [poor] [rich] [woe]
Way back in 1997, Peter Berkowitz published a review of David Walsh’s The Growth of the Liberal Soul. It’s a notable title, since one of the charges of post-liberals is that liberalism has no soul. But Walsh’s thesis is worth revisiting ... [liberalism]
Edward Luce (Retreat of Western Liberalism) notes that in 1750, India and China account for “three-quarters of the world’s manufactures.” The East’s dominance collapsed over the following centuries: “On the eve of the First World... [Global economics] [Globalization]
In a discussion of a First Things article about Christian colleges by Carl Trueman, Rod Dreher writes: Sometimes I hear Christians saying things along the lines of, ‘Bring it on! The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church!’ etc. These ... [persecution]


By Mike Glenn A few years ago, the boys (yeah, I know my sons are 33 and married with children) and I were talking about what to give each other for Christmas. We went through the usual suggestions—ties, shirts, some Alabama gear. And then one of them a... [Uncategorized]
Some monsters can’t be destroyed. Today is Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday. Poe had his demons, for sure, but the twentieth century took personal fear and made it universal. Atomic bombs and mutually assured destruction were concepts any of us born sinc... [Current Events] [literature] [Monsters] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [Edgar Allan Poe] [fallout shelter] [Godzilla] [Horror Stories] [nuclear weapons] [radioactivity]


Leading Democrats and LGBT groups immediately denounced the move, saying "conscience protections" could become a license to discriminate, particularly against gay and transgender people.


Luciano de Samosata (nacido hacia el 115 d.C.) es un escritor satírico y conferencista viajero griego muy conocido en su tiempo. Teniendo en cuenta que la comprensión de Luciano de las tradiciones cristianas tiene lagunas y errores significativos, es im... [Jesus de Nazaret]

12 AM

《支持/反駁加爾文主義》704頁《支持加爾文主義 For Calvinism》邁克‧何頓(Michael Horton)韓黃梓恩譯所謂加爾文主義的神學體系也常常被稱為改革宗神學,在過去五百年發揮巨大的影響力,卻... [好料分享] [神学思辨]
作者:戈登˙費依(Gordon D. Fee)譯者:思語總校訂:潘秋松麥種聖經神學系列1216頁试读本本書對保羅文集中論及聖靈的所有經文進行了新穎獨到的分析。通過對詞彙、歷史和文法方面的綜合研... [圣经研究] [好料分享]

January 18, 11PM

Notice again the yellow attire, and how the light figures in the painting highlighting her clothing and face. These paintings are of women of a high class, who are literate, or can afford music lessons and a virginal, and the like. [Uncategorized]
This is one of the last paintings by Vermeer, the young woman at the virginal. A virginal was sort of a modified harpsichord, or spinnett. [Uncategorized]
Sometime I ago I posted this: There are plenty of attempts to find atonement theories that avoid the barbarisms of some penal substitution (PSA) proponents, but avoiding PSA altogether is unavoidable. Here’s what it claims: 1. Humans sin. 2. Sin ... [Uncategorized]


19/01/2018 悠悠日记2017年,悠悠要学习面对群众的突破,学习社交,学习团体生活2017年尾,悠悠对上课开始有恐惧。最后一个月是带着眼泪上课,因为她敏感于老师的声调,老师的严肃表情,老... [旭日悠思] [生活体验]


19/01/2018面对心中的巨人(5)2017年,悠悠要学习面对群众的突破,学习社交,学习团体生活2017年尾,悠悠对上课开始有恐惧。最后一个月是带着眼泪上课,因为她敏感于老师的声调,老师的严... [旭日悠思] [生活体验]