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January 28 2015, 2PM

One of the legendary scenes in Life of Brian features Judean rebels, led by Reg (John Cleese), asking, "What have the Romans done for us?"  I have been re-watching Jesus of Nazareth (dir. Franco Zeffirelli, 1977) this week and I have been s... [Jesus of Nazareth (1977)] [Life of Brian]
Mark 1:21-28 tells us that Jesus taught, but it doesn’t tell us what he taught in the same way that the other gospels do. By Donald English’s count in The Message of Mark, the evangelist uses the verb “to teach” of Jesus 16 times, and identifies J... [Reflections] [Mark]


[Links to my books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble are at the right. True Jew is the more recent one and shorter.]   You’re the chief detective on a case and you’re on the hunt for clues. You’ve got to find the culprit who committed the crime. One...
There are a wide variety of attempts to explain the very unusual story of Ananias and Sapphira. In his article on this chapter F. Scott Spencer lists a few of the many suggestions scholars have offered for “unlocking the mystery of this shocking episode... [Luke / Acts] [Observations on Acts] [Acts] [Ananias and Sapphira] [history] [Intertextuality]
Pulpit Commentary Neh_7:1 The porters and the singers and the Levites. The porters and the singers were themselves Levites, but are often distinguished from their brethren, who had no such special office (see Ezr_2:40-42, Ezr_2:70; Ezr_7:24; Ezr_10:23, Ez... [Bible] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [commentaries] [esword] [Quotes] [SBC] [sunday school notes] [bible lesson] [explore the bible] [lifeway] [nehemiah 7:1-8] [sunday school lesson]
First, this one by my buddy Torrey Seland-  Reading Philo: A Handbook to Philo of Alexandria A contemporary of both Jesus and the apostle Paul, Philo was a prolific Jewish theologian, philosopher, and politician — a fascinating, somewhat enigmatic fig... [Bible] [Biblical Studies Resources] [book review] [Books]
This is a guest post from Karen Bray. She is a PhD student in Theological and Philosophical Studies at Drew University. The other day at that most holy of New York City rituals, Sunday brunch, a friend from a wealthy Episcopalian Church was discussing her... [Catherine Keller] [Cloud of the Impossible Book Event]
I received the HCSB large print personal size reference Bible in brown genuine leather as a review copy from Broadman and Holman publishers. This edition features the same high quality characteristics that we have come to expect from Holman Bibles. There ... [Blogroll]
It was a weighty saying of some wise man, that “Hell is truth known too late” – J.C. RyleFiled under: Theology [theology]

12 PM

You don’t know this (it’s a closely held secret) but Joel and James and Mark and John were members of a band called Gert Jonnys (that’s British for Weirdo Bad Clothes Dudes)  many years back.  Here’s their photo from a promo they... [Friends]


Poor Arminians… they just lack the clear thinking gene.  Bless ‘em.Filed under: John Owen, Theology [john owen] [theology]


I watched the 1997 movie, The Devil’s Advocate, on Saturday night.  In this movie, Keanu Reeves plays a hot-shot lawyer, Kevin Lomax, who moves from Florida with his wife to work at a New York City law firm.  The head of the firm is John Mi... [Bible] [movies] [religion]
I’ve been promoting the creation book set from my company, Energion Publications. The authors of this set of books all support the theory of evolution. In fact, the contribution made by these books, I think, is that they are talking about how we sho... [Christianity] [Creation and Evolution] [religion] [science] [Creation] [creationism] [evolution] [publishing]
15) Toen riep de Engel van de HEER tot Abraham voor de tweede keer vanuit de hemel; 16) En zei: Ik zweer bij Mijzelf, zo spreekt de HEER; daarom omdat jij dit gedaan hebt en je zoon, jouw enige, niet hebt onthouden; Genesis 22:13-14 (ABvertaling) Dit is h... [Bijbelstudie] [Abraham] [Genesis] [Izaäk]
Darrin Patrick: There are really two ditches that churches fall into when it comes to entering into and challenging the political climate—and culture, generally: Unrighteous Activism Some churches are tempted to think, “Jesus is gone, it’s all on us... [Uncategorized]


Luke gives an ideal example: Joseph the Levite, also known as Barnabas (4:36) Barnabas is a significant figure in the book of Acts, introduced here as a member of the community at Jerusalem. Barnabas sold some property and turns the proceeds over to the a... [Luke / Acts] [Observations on Acts] [Acts] [Ananias and Sapphira] [church] [giving] [history]
When Prof. Schimd’s book was published in German I reviewed it here and he was kind enough to ‘sit down’ for an interview.  At the conclusion, I asked whether the book would appear in English and his affirmative answer is noted.  That ... [Biblical Studies Resources] [Books]
This perceived incongruity must be tempered by the realization that curses and blessings can be reciprocal. This means that when a person utters a curse against another, he or she simultaneously seeks an implied blessing for himself or herself at someone ... [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
In contrast to the emperor, the ultimate Lordship of Jesus Christ in Acts just is the Lordship of God. Indeed, the God of Israel and Jesus Christ do not stand in competition for the designation κύριος [Lord] but rather share this identity. In case t... [Books] [The Book of Acts] [theology]
There’s a big difference between regret and repentance—the actual turning away from our wrongs. Too often we have an awakening and regret the way things have turned out—but we won’t turn away from our part in it. We hate that someone found out. We... [AHA] [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
[T]he lack of emphasis on the promises that come to the one fasting—Jesus only promises “reward”—means we need to avoid motivating people to fast by what they might gain. The obsession some have with marketing fasting because of its many b... [Books] [fasting] [Idle Musings] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
Son de especial interés estas óstracas porque en algunas de las Cartas de Lakís legibles contienen expresiones como: “¡Quiera Yahweh [יהוה] que mi señor oiga hoy buenas noticias!”. (Óstracon IV de Lakiš). Este hecho muestra que en aquel en... [Arqueología Bíblica] [I. Arqueologia Bíblica] [Las óstracas de Lakís y el nombre de Yahweh [יהוה]]
Paul writes a difficult statement in Romans 9:13: Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated. Scholars debate whether or not God actually hated Esau. There are two main opinions on this question. Option 1: Hate = “Love Less” Some argue that the... [Bible study] [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [Esau] [Jacob] [Malachi 1] [Re-Justification of God] [reprobation] [Romans 9] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]
I have discovered that God specializes in hopeless cases. If it were up to me, I never would have chosen Jacob. My choice would have been Esau. I find him to be a much better person than Jacob ever was. There was not really that much bad about Esau; it wa... [Books] [theology] [tozer]


Bobby from Hendrickson Publishers just sent me a link to a marvelous poem about snow by Emerson: Announced by all the trumpets of the sky,Arrives the snow, and, driving o'er the fields,Seems nowhere to alight: the whited airHides hills and woods, the ri... [Idle Musings] [Just for Fun] [Snow]
This series is being crossposted from Women in Theology “Money promises value. It does not specify the form that such value will take. Used for consumption, money promises pleasure. Used for investment, money promises more money. The value of money, or ... [blog posts]


The episode begins with Charlie searching through Sawyer’s stash of stuff. Desmond asks Charlie and Hurley to come with him. Locke and Sayid break the news about Eko having died. Locke says, “The island killed him.” Suddenly Desmond sets... [LOST] [Charlie Pace] [Desmond Hume] [Eloise Hawking] [future] [past] [providence] [universe]


Κυκλοφόρησε από τον εκδοτικό οίκο Peeters ο συλλογικός τόμος με τις εισηγήσεις που διαβάστηκαν στην συνάντηση του Colloquium Oecumenicum Paulinum στη Ρώμη τ... [2 Θεσσαλονικείς] [Colloquium Oecumenicum Paulinum] [εσχατολογία]
Listen to it here. In this interview we discuss the life and work of Constantine Tischendorf — the man who discovered Codex Sinaiticus — with Professor Stanley E. Porter (McMaster Divinity College). The interview includes insights into Porter&... [Bible] [Biblical Studies Resources] [book review] [Books]
I just finished Yawning at Tigers: You Can't Tame God, So Stop Trying by Drew Dyck.  Let me begin by saying that one should never review a book based on the Kindle version.  Though a more inexpensive alternative (and handy for reading at the gym... [Review]


V& R have just released two new publications from the series Research in Contemporary Religion:  Jan Peter Grevel: »Mit Gott im Grünen.« (A Practical Theology of the experience of nature) and Stine Holte: »Meaning and Melancholy in the Thought o... [book review] [Books]
This is the sixth and final sermon to go with my devotional book on the Sermon on the Mount: The Wisdom of Jesus. The devotional goes along with the background book, Jesus: Portraits from the Gospels.The sermon notes for the previous five weeks ... [Matthew] [sermon on the mount] [sermon starters]
For those who don't live locally -- here's the Rabbi Reflections column I wrote for the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of the Berkshire Jewish Voice. (I didn't come up with the title, though I quite like it.) Every winter, as we turn the page on the secular calend... [the solar year] [TuBiShvat]
Stay on budget and start using Logos 6 today: with a budget-friendly, interest-free payment plan, you can take up to 24 months to pay for Logos 6 and break up your cost into small, manageable payments. Introductory savings end February 2: take advantage o... [Products] [free gifts] [introductory offers] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [payment plans]
“Money promises value. It does not specify the form that such value will take. Used for consumption, money promises pleasure. Used for investment, money promises more money. The value of money, or the value that is promised, has no exact or fixed measur... [WIT Posts]


I found this Dilbert cartoon amusing. It relates to questions of the relationship of God and mammon, but also serves as a comical parable of the supposed issues that people come up with in relation to biological evolution. It is often hard to recognize w... [humor] [cartoon] [Dilbert] [God] [Money]
On this day in 1533 Luther wrote a friend A son was just born to me, and I am a father again. Please help the poor fellow get where he belongs.  He was born the first hour during the night of January 28 in the year 1533, and he was named Paul. I’ve had... [Church History]
Give a listen to this report from NPR this morning when you can.  It’s about prestigious scientific journals and how they only publish stuff that agrees with the ‘consensus’ most of the time.  It opens an intriguing window on the shady... [Modern Culture]
I arrived back from my Hong Kong lectures, the 2014 Josephine So Lectures given in China Graduate School of Theology, last Friday. As these lectures form some of the material that I aim to develop into a book across 2015, I’m not publishing the full... [Uncategorized] [Christian Origins] [Historical Context]


Himmel!I first referenced Daniel Maguire's work on ethics back in 2009, then posted a YouTube clip in 2011. At the time I was trying to rinse the taste of Reformed ethics out of my mouth, a legacy of taking a couple of very inadequate courses in that subj...
SPECIFICALLY, HILLEL THE ELDER: Talmudic Rabbis Were Totally Badass in Blizzards (Sigal Samuel, The Forward). Unfortunately, but all too typically, the specific Talmudic reference is not given.
by Adam Miller* This post originally appeared on the author’s blog.The French marxist Louis Althusser theorized interpellation as “the process by which ideology addresses the individual.” Or, put differently, interpellation is the way a domina... [Religion and Society] [Religion and Theory] [South Asian Studies] [Theory & Religion Series] [Theory and Method] [Uncategorized] [Adam Miller] [dharma] [interpellation] [Louis Althusser] [Richard S. Cohen] [Sanskrit] [sūtra] [tathagata] [The Splendid Vision]


One of the coveted symbols of approval in my childhood was the star at the top of a paper. I watched in amazement (perhaps because they were so rare) when a teacher would inscribe a star without lifting her pencil from the paper. I thought I had never s... [Current Events] [Mesopotamia] [Posts] [Sects] [Christianity] [Jack T. Chick] [occult] [pentacle] [pentagram] [Satanism] [symbols] [tennessee] [Wicca]
O Tim Bulkeley έχει αρχίσει μία σειρά από ενδιαφέρουσες αναρτήσεις σχετικά με το χιούμορ στη Βίβλο:Humour in the Bible [Αγία Γραφή] [χιούμορ]
LARRY HURTADO: Early Manuscripts of Biblical Writings? What’s at Stake?Background here and links.
THIS WEEK'S DAF YOMI COLUMN BY ADAM KIRSCH IN TABLET: Juliet’s Dilemma: Seduced Unmarried Minors Engaging in ‘Licentious Sexual Intercourse.’ Talmudic rabbis ask what agency young women have in determining their fate in sex, marriage, and divorce....
New article: Vito Mocella, Emmanuel Brun, Claudio Ferrero & Daniel Delattre, 'Revealing letters in rolled Herculaneum papyri by X-ray phase-contrast imaging' Nature Communications 6, Article number: 5895 doi:10.1038/ncomms6895 (20.1.2015). Abstra... [Herculaneum papyri] [Technology] [xray]


Το περιοδικό KERNOS: Revue internationale et pluridisciplinaire de religion grecque antique διαθέτει ελεύθερα στο διαδίκτυο τα τεύχη μέχρι πριν 2 χρόνια (1988-2012) : KERNOS: Revu... [αρχαιολογία] [ελληνορωμαϊκός κόσμος] [επιγραφές] [θρησκεία]
Unfortunately, it is still fashionable is some parts of the global Left to write off the USSR, especially the period under Stalin. So it is useful to remind ourselves of what was achieved. Here are some details from the report to the 16th congress in 1930... [another world is possible] [reading Stalin] [USSR]
I am one who likes to utilize a new devotional each year as I journey through Lent.  This year, I will be using Turning Around: Daily Lenten Reflections with The Message published by ACTA.  One of the things I like about a devotional l... [The Message]

12 AM

I’ve found myself listening to Plato in the car again. In Plato’s Apology of Socrates, at least three interesting hermeneutical issues are touched upon: A distinction between ‘truth’ and ‘sophistry,’ with the recognition that hearers/rea... [hermeneutics] [Plato]

January 27, 11PM

Can a scholarly book be (semi-)self-published, peer-reviewed, available near cost in print editions and free in pdf? Yes. Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies: An Introduction Edited by: Alessandro Bausi (General editor), Pier Giorgio Borbone, Fra... [Readings] [scholarship]
In a recent blog post, Greg Boyd, who endorsed my Kingdom Conspiracy, weighs in on why we dare not let kingdom of God be connected to politics. He provides 12 reasons and I endorse the thrust of his post — yet over and over we see folks using the e... [Kingdom of God]


Gita asked if the word for boots - מגפיים magafayim is related to the word for plague - מגפה magefa. Well, Gita, they aren't related. As you noted, magefa comes from the root נגף, meaning "to strike, smite." Magaf מגף (the singular of maga...


This should be my final post refuting Dr. David Marshall's “rebuttal” to my book The Outsider Test for Faith (OTF). Marshall's book, How Jesus Passes the Outsider Test: The Inside Story,is really bad. In fact, it's so bad I'm using the... [Marshall's Book]
Just found out about this at the Coop today. Grand Marais could be the "coolest small town." Want to know more? Check it out here and vote. One vote per day, so vote often : ) [Just for Fun]


El artículo de Live Science sobre el supuesto descubrimiento de un fragmento de papiro del Evangelio de San Marcos ha causado una enorme sensación en todo el mundo. Sobre todo en los medios de lengua española, estamos leyendo principalmente artículos ... [Arqueología Bíblica] [arqueologia cristiana] [Jesus de Nazaret] [Nuevo Testamento] [Craig Evans] [Efe Craig Evans] [Evangelio de San Marcos] [la década de los 80] [la máscara] [San Marcos]
And why do people flock to the stupidity peddled by journalists and film-makers and other uninformed dilettantes who pretend to be interpreters of Scripture, history, and archaeology? David Friedrich Strauss, who’s birthday is, coincidentally, today... [theology]


While on the topic of tractors, we can’t forget Pasha Angelina (Praskovia Nikitichna Angelina). The story goes that after the first collectivisation wave, in 1933 Pasha organised an all-female tractor brigade in the Donetsk region. It exceeded its q... [another world is possible] [Pasha Angelina] [reading Stalin] [Soviet feminism]


Never before have I cried at the end of a book. I’ve cried at the end of movies, but a book never. That is until I finished reading Fail: Finding Hope and Grace in the Midst of Ministry Failure. On the last page I was caught by surprise when Briggs shar... [book review] [Ministry Failure] [Pastoral Vocation]
Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


If the answer to the above question is"yes," then you might want to check out Brian Renshaw's helpful post here. [research] [Technology]
I have to say, if you have to pay $500 (or any $) to have your essay published, it must be real rubbish. What exactly are … [scientific] journals publishing and who is taking these journals to be credible sources of medical information? Shrime decid... [Pseudo-scholarship]
If so, you might enjoy this. [humor] [theology]


A Feminist Companion to Tobit and Judith extends the work of the hugely influential and respected Feminist Companion series, which continues to set the standard for feminist approaches to the Hebrew Bible and related texts. In the present volume Athalya B... [Books]
We’ve all encountered the hipster cool youth leader who has a bit of an addled brain: youth director: dont give in to peer pressure kids. 5 minutes later: youth director: I’m going to the Newsboy concert, you should too! Small wonder that kids... [Modern Culture]