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February 20 2018, 5PM

The second ebooklet has been published by ‘Culture Matters‘, under the auspices of the Communist Party of Britain. This one is called ‘Religion and Capitalism’, with a focus on Marx. You can read it as a webpage or as an ebooklet. &nb... [Marxism] [capitalism] [culture matters] [religion]


Let’s hear your thoughts. What’s the right and just punishment for Louisville? The judgment today was to take away their 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. What say you? [Uncategorized]
2018.02.04 | Daniel L. Smith-Christopher, Micah: A Commentary, OTL (Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2015). Reviewed by Mark Glanville Daniel L. Smith-Christopher has produced a new commentary on Micah in the Old Testament Library series. This commenta... [Daniel L. Smith-Christopher] [HB/OT] [Hebrew Bible] [Mark Glanville] [Micah] [Westminster John Knox]
My first visit to the traditional site of the baptism of Jesus and the work of John the Baptist was in 1967 (see photo of the group here). After the Six Days War in June, 1967, it was not possible to visit the site until about 2011. My next visit to the s... [Bible Places] [Bible study] [Culture] [israel] [Jordan] [New Testament] [Photography] [Travel]




So I just simply tweeted that I was going to write tomorrow and lo and behold some bot jumps in and offers to write for me… good grief. [Modern Culture]

12 PM

Via twitter- @LarrySabato — NEW Q POLL: Support for GUN CONTROL at all-time high, 66-31%. Support for UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS: 97-2% (as unanimous as you ever see in a poll). BAN ON SALE OF ASSAULT WEAPONS: 67-29%. The public wants it. It’... [Modern Culture]
»The Controversy over the Lord’s Supper in Danzig 1561-1567«: The variety in the controversies of the Lord’s Supper is being shown under a new single spotlight. Bjørn Ole Hovda analyzes the inner-Lutheran controversy on the Eucharist during the la... [Books] [Church History] [Refo500]
As we learn in the Heidelberg Catechism- Q. What does God’s law require of us? A. Christ teaches us this in summary in Matthew 22:37-40: “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’... [theology]


The present volume contains the proceedings of an international colloquium that dealt with heavily fragmented texts and hypothetical sources, and the “shadowy” characters and movements they feature. These two aspects are combined and studied to ascert... [Biblical Studies Resources] [book review] [Books]


Christianity Today has posted an article here on the changing nature of pastoral training in the United States. [pastors] [seminary]
Volume 63 Issue 1Spring 2018 Articles A Bird's-Eye View of Personal Pronouns and Accusative Markers in Ancient Semitic Languages Ohad Cohen Amorite: A Northwest Semitic Language? ...


Sorry Raphael, the US Supreme Court isn’t interested in your case. Supreme Court won’t take up the case of a blogger convicted of criminally impersonating his father’s academic rivals on the subject of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Read the rest... [Dead Sea Scrolls]


This new volume looks incredibly interesting: Demands for forgiveness, even in the face of horrific crimes, were common to the late twentieth century and remain critical aspirations for persons and communities in the early twenty-first century. Research o... [Books] [theology]
Dear every elected official, Nowhere in my contract does it state that if the need arises, I have to shield students from gunfire with my own body. If it did, I wouldn’t have signed it. I love my job. I love my students. I am also a mother with 2 amazin... [Modern Culture]
In the midst of the unimaginable, Father Ekiert is telling his parishioners to show and live love daily—not just in a time of grief and horror.
The book of James is quote clear: those who are wealthy now face judgment in the eschatological judgment. They may be living a good life now, but the rich can only expect suffering and judgment in the future. James’s condemnation of the rich certainly r... [james] [Jewish Christian Literature] [Jewish Christianity]
The number of Jewish settlers in the West Bank grew at nearly twice the rate of Israel's overall population last year.


February 20, 1546: Elector John Frederick wrote to Katie Luther to send his condolences for the death of Martin: “Dear Special One, “We have learned with deep sorrow that our dear devout Doctor Martin Luther has departed this life last Thursday. We ... [Church History] [Katie Luther]
Because though the people who watch Fox News might put up with this, the rest of us won’t.  And to show you how much we won’t, prepare to lose more money than you can imagine. In response to a Fox News tweet about students in Parkland, Florid... [Modern Culture]
Bishop Okpaleke's appointment had been met by protests and petitions calling for the appointment of a bishop from among the local clergy.


This is part 3 of a series of posts about Straub and Huillet's film adaptation of Schönberg's opera "Moses und Aron". You can read them all here. Still from the 1965 Covent Garden performance in London.Given the particular manner in which Schönberg sele... [Moses und Aron]


The churches have enjoyed an unofficial tax-exempt status for centuries.
An Italian newspaper reported that the canonization is likely to happen in October.
Is posted here. Those currently enrolled in a doctoral program or with completed doctorates are invited to submit paper proposals for the parallel sessions of the conference. We invite papers which set Karl Barth’s life, theology, and politics into cons... [Karl Barth]
In Liberalism and Empire, Uday Singh Mehta calls attention to the neglected link between British liberalism and the British empire. He writes, “We rightly think of liberalism as committed to securing individual liberty and human dignity through a po... [empire] [liberalism]
Ezekiel 41 by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#103323)
This section of Ezekiel continues to be mystifying. It is clear that other translations are attempting to form a blueprint of sorts from it, but the idiom for description is less than revealing (to me at least) across the centuries. At the moment though I... [Ezekiel]


Cruz described the three-hour meeting as "emotionally draining" but said he felt heard.
When I played hockey, other players of color were few and far between.
Henry de Candole was one of the leaders of the early liturgical movement in the Church of England. In his 1935 The Sacraments and the Church, he explores “the corporate nature of Christianity” and places sacramental theology firmly within eccl... [Ecclesiology] [Sacramental theology]


I’m going to share links to several articles and blog posts here that I think will be of interest to readers of this blog. The first couple are ones that I actually was involved in directly, starting with a podcast interview for the series “Ca... [Technology] [ethics] [Skype] [Uber]
READING ACTS BLOG: Book Review: Early Jewish Literature: An Anthology (Phil Long).Wright, Archie T., Brad Embry and Ronald Herms. Early Jewish Literature: An Anthology. 2 Volumes. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 2018. 728, 256 pp. $125.00, Hb.The conclusio...
Jesus did not speak the ‘red letters’ in your Bible. He did not speak English … or even Greek. What we have is translation, interpretation, and paraphrase.The Gospels convey the true story of Jesus, but it does so through the medium of written c... [Uncategorized]
And here are some photos. [Zwingli]
NEW BOOK FROM BRILL:Labourers in the Vineyard of the Lord Scholarship and the Making of the King James Version of the Bible Mordechai Feingold, California Institute of Technology The centrality of the King James Bible to early modern culture has been wid...
HISTORY OF INTERPRETATION: Josephus in the hands of Sir Roger L’Estrange (Roger Pearse).Sir Roger L’Estrange is probably mainly remembered today for his activities as a journalist and violent pamphleteer for the court during the reign of Charles II.[1...
AT THE HOLY LAND PHOTOS' BLOG Carl Rasmussen has a couple of posts on architecture fragments from Herodium on display at the Israel Museum: Herodium Display in Israel Museum King Herod’s Tomb at the Israel Museum For many past posts on Herod the Grea...


Who doesn’t have a devil of a time keeping up with technology? My day is divided in almost Manichaean terms between having internet access and not. Once I climb on that New Jersey Transit bus—they don’t have restrooms, let alone wifi—I enter rad... [Just for Fun] [Memoirs] [Monsters] [Posts] [science] [commuting] [Devil] [middle ages] [Technology] [Wikipedia]
I'm reviewing Mark Mittelberg's book Confident Faith: Building a Firm Foundation for Your Belief (2013)—which won the Outreach Magazine's 2014 apologetics book of the year award. Yet, it appears his book has been flying under the atheist rad... [Mark Mittelberg]

February 19, 11PM

Dave Carder.  Anatomy of an Affair: How Affairs, Attractions and Addictions Develop, and How to Guard Your Marriage Against Them.  Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2008, 2017.  See here to buy the book. Dave Carder is a pastor and counselor. ...
Yes, it is true that Paul’s polemic in Galatians is aimed at the Judaizers, but he is also very critical of Peter and even Barnabas, two fellow Jewish Christ followers, for hypocrisy, for ‘living like a Gentile’ which can only mean not living fully ... [Uncategorized]
A friend of mine recommended that I read David Steinmetz’s well-known essay, “The Superiority of Pre-Critical Exegesis,” in his book Taking the Long View: Christian Theology in Historical Perspective.  Here’s at least one of the ... [Uncategorized]


Much happened at the recently concluded Munich Security conference, but I am particularly interested in the speech by the outgoing foreign minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel. Some interpreted the speech as an attack on China and its Belt and Road Initiat... [another world is possible] [china] [Marxism] [Fu Ying] [Germany] [Munich Security Conference]