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July 25 2014, 8PM

Yesterday I called for ending the Philosophy of Religion discipline in secular universities. On my Facebook page Dr. Gericke presented some objections to this. I'm glad he did for it gives me a chance to respond. Gericke has the unique credentials of ... [Peter Boghossian]


Archbishop Charles Chaput has that: Pope Francis has accepted an invitation to visit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to attend the Catholic church’s World Meeting of Families in 2015, confirmed Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Caput on Thursday. The Wor... [church] [Archbishop Charles Chaput] [Catholic] [Christianity] [news] [Pope Francis] [USA]

12 PM

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Perhaps [weasel-word!] something has occurred in the history of the concept of structure that could be called an “event,” if this loaded word [loaded according to whom?] did not entail a meaning which it is precisely the function [is this real... [Academia] [derrida]
From the T&T Clark people.  Take a look.Filed under: Conferences, SOTS [Conferences] [SOTS]
We’ve come to know a great deal about the world of the Bible. We collectively know so much, in fact, that it’s a challenge to survey all the available knowledge, even on a single city or era. So, how do you grasp the full context of what you’re read... [Products]


T. Desmond Alexander, From Paradise to the Promised Land: An Introduction to the PentateuchReviewed by Keith BodnerRonald J. Allen, Reading the New Testament for the First TimeReviewed by Peter J. JudgeDaniel I. Block, By the River Chebar: ... [RBL] [Εφεσίους] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [αποκαλυπτική] [κατά Λουκάν] [μετάφραση]
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CNN: The destructive force of  the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the militant Sunni movement, is epitomized in a video released Thursday of ISIS members smashing a tomb in Mosul, Iraq. The tomb is traditionally thought to be the burial … Contin... [church] [Archaeology] [Christianity] [destruction] [faith] [Falleness] [Iraq] [Islam] [Jonah] [Jonah's Tomb] [news] [Nineveh] [persecution] [Terror]
I was incredibly delighted to get a copy of James Colbert's new translation of Jean Daniélou's classic introduction to Philo, Philo of Alexandria. I don't remember if there has ever been an English translation before (it was originally French), but there... [Philo]


É evidente que o governo brasileiro não busca a relevância que a chancelaria israelense tem ganhado nos últimos anos. Menos ainda a relevância militar que está sendo exibida vis-à-vis populações indefesas. A irresolução da crise palestina alime... [oriente]
from l. to r. – NTW, Chris Tilling, bowing- Joel Watts, Jeremy Thompson, Mike Bird, Jennifer Guo, Rick Brannan Filed under: Eisegete This! [Eisegete This!]


When I was a teenager, I would mostly read one side of an issue.  On the rare occasions that I did venture forth to read another side, my mind would be in defensive mode: I would try to refute what I was reading. Why was I like this?  One rea... [Asperger's] [Bible] [Daily Quiet Time] [Ezekiel] [Life] [religion]
Read Dr. Jim West, here: I believe that one can make a fair case that Bush’s war in Iraq brought the dreadful law of unintended consequences with a vengeance if we think in terms of Christians and the History of Christianity. There is a tough questi... [Religion and Politics] [Iraq]
She’s precious… A California professor who was caught on camera stealing a sign from a pro-life group on campus, and then later destroyed the sign with scissors, has plead “no contest” to criminal charges stemming from the incident. As pr... [Modern Culture]
Troost, troost Mijn volk, zal uw God zeggen, Jesaja 40:1 (HSV) In sommige Hebreeuwse Bijbels is de eerste letter van dit vers, de “nun”, groter geschreven dan de overige letters. Dit is vreemd want het Hebreeuws kent geen hoofdletters. Naast d... [Christenvervolging] [Hebreeuws]
Louis McBride just raised the issue about using rabbinic literature in NT studies, noting that he’s skeptical of the approach. He quotes Amy Jill-Levine who notes a number of problems: Rabbinic literature is later than the NT It’s often presc... [Biblical Studies] [Enjoyable Posts] [New Testament]
I signed.  I hope you will. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Joel Baden and Candida Moss write The destructive force of  the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the militant Sunni movement, is epitomized in a video released Thursday of ISIS members smashing a tomb in Mosul, Iraq.  The tomb is traditionally thought ... [Islam]
I'm currently reading for my comprehensive exams that will take place in the Fall, and that means wading through a ton of books having to do with topics ranging from historical Jesus research, to Pauline theology, to the Synoptic Problem, critical introdu... [Books] [Emory] [scholarship]
Read here If the article linked is true there will be many interesting and rather unexpected results. The immediate one is that some black churches will be hurt the most as they are the ones who invite candidates that not necessarily share their faith,  ... [Charities] [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion]
Adelle is a popular free theme — our 47th most popular, to be exact. You’ve probably seen its familiar pink dots, bold menu bar, and pops of magenta as you catch up with your favorite blogs. Don’t be fooled by Adelle‘s distinct... [Customization] [Themes] [blog design] [Customizing]
Adelle is a popular free theme — our 47th most popular, to be exact. You’ve probably seen its familiar pink dots, bold menu bar, and pops of magenta as you catch up with your favorite blogs. Don’t be fooled by Adelle‘s distinct... [Customization] [Themes] [blog design] [Customizing]


The nice folks at Kregel recently sent me a copy of Sue Edwards' recent study guide on the book of Daniel. I am not a big user of guides like this, but a quick scan of the contents suggests that there is some good stuff here. The questions are straightfor... [Bible Study Resources] [Daniel]
I tried to paint a flower – a purple-white lily (real thing) on a black background. I didn’t get very far. So, I painted something else. The first painting is the black-painted canvas. The second is me attempting to draw a stem. It looked like... [Other Posts] [art]
English: Ignatius of Antioch (Photo credit: Wikipedia) First, John M. has a post up. I have left a comment I am reproducing here: A few things… Wesley didn’t argue for holiness before doctrine. Why? I would suggest that unless we know our doctrine, w... [United Methodist Church] [John Meunier] [Tom Lambrecht]
Claudio Moreschini: »A Christian in Toga. Boethius: Interpreter of Antiquity and Christian Theologian« The author presents Boethius in the culture of the sixth century in Italy, outlines his great cultural project and discusses the problem of his Christ... [book review] [Books] [Church History]
Ryan M. McGraw: »A Heavenly Directory. Trinitarian Piety, Public Worship and a Reassessment of John Owen’s Theology« There is a growing body of historical literature on the importance of John Owen. Ryan M. McGraw seeks to reassess Owen’s theology in... [book review] [Books] [Church History]
You can find it here: A Common Written Greek Source for Mark AND Thomas. By John Horman. Studies in Christianity and Judaism 20. Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2011. Pp. viii + 256. Cloth, $85.00. – Watts – 2014 – Religi... [Publications and Papers]
But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious,        slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.  (Psa 86:15) The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is p... [mercy] [patience] [repentance] [severian]


“All our notions of God,” he [Gregory of Nyssa] continues, “are nothing but idols forbidden by the Ten Commandments.” From this comes the rule: “If one who has seen God has understood what he has seen, this means that he has not seen God.” Or:... [Books] [theosis]
A flag, with the Shahadah, frequently used by Hamas supporters Proportions: 9:16Citation needed (Photo credit: Wikipedia) As one who has no problem going controversial, I find that this topic is something I stress about with finding the correct words. I s... [Religion and Politics] [Anti-Semitism] [Hamas] [israel]
Reconciliation is not something wrung out of God against His will by some application of magic. The sacrificial system only has effect because Yahweh wills to offer reconciliation out of His own heart. That means that if we are to receive that reconciliat... [Books] [Kinlaw] [theology]
Paul’s command to “work out our salvation” might come as a surprise (v. 12). Paul is so adamant elsewhere that we are not saved by works, but rather grace through faith. In fact, this verse has been the source of a great deal of post-Reformation the... [Evening Service Notes] [Philippians] [Bible study] [Paul]
As the 500th anniversary of the Reformation approaches. A fierce row between Catholics and Protestants in Germany is the result of a misunderstanding, a German theologian has claimed. Lutheran leaders had invited the Catholic Church to join them in commem... [church] [Catholic] [Christianity] [Division] [Falleness] [Germany] [Martin Luther] [news] [protestant] [Reformation]
You don’t have to believe the entire gospel to receive eternal life. And even if you believed in the gospel, you might not be saved.  Do such statements shock you? They should—especially if you hold to one of the traditional (yet not so biblical)... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [eternal life] [gospel]
Title: The Language of the New Testament: Context, History, and Development (Early Christianity in its Hellenistic Context, Vol. 3) Series: Linguistic Biblical Studies, 6 Editors: Stanley E. Porter and Andrew W. Pitts Bibliographic info: 467 + 56 (indices... [book review]


Haaretz: Israel’s 10th president, Reuven Rivlin, took the oath of office in a small ceremony at the Knesset on Thursday evening, while fighting continued between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Due to the ongoing Operation Protective Edge in …... [Culture] [israel] [news] [politics] [Reuven Rivlin]
UCA News: Apart from praying and lamenting, is there anything else that concerned outsiders, such as the Western churches, should be doing to help Christians and other religious minorities in northern Iraq? That is a real question, not least because ̷... [church] [Christianity] [Exile] [faith] [Falleness] [Iraq] [Islam] [news] [persecution] [Terror]
Yesterday I was sitting on my gay friend's porch, drinking talking and laughing. Along comes a guy who asked if he could join us. We said okay and invited him to have a beer. He said he didn't drink. His shirt was a billboard for Christianity, you know th...


Last week I finished blogging through Thirty Years That Shook Physics, a great book by George Gamow on the first thirty some years of the 1900s, when the groundwork of modern physics was laid.If I were to pick, I would pick Einstein as the dominant figure... [John Archibald Wheeler] [quantum mechanics] [Richard Feynman] [Science Friday]
I recently preached at another local church, and a member of the congregation there is running a project to encourage prayer. He has recorded a range of leaders talking about prayer, and incorporated this into a website which includes a course on prayer m... [Life & Ministry] [augustine] [lord's prayer] [Prayer] [Richard Foster]
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The Bible’s words hold so much meaning, but it’s hard to discover hidden nuance without knowledge of Greek or Hebrew. But, with Logos 5’s Exegetical Guide, you have all the power of extensive word studies readily available for any Bible verse or pas... [Products] [Logos 5] [upgrade sale]
One of the great challenges for anyone wanting to speak some 'contemporary' Ancient Greek is that often there are simply not good vocabulary resources available. That is beginning to change, but slowly.The past week I've been working on a little something... [Greek]


Israel Finkelstein and Thomas Römer, Comments on the Historical Background of the Abraham Narrative: Between “Realia” and “Exegetica”, was just published in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel 3 (2014), pp. 3-23. Filed under: Archaeology, Bible, Bibl... [Archaeology] [Bible] [Biblical Studies Resources]
A real summer topic (with an apparatus error in NA28 thrown in for good measure). When transcribing a New Testament Greek manuscript for exercise, I encourage my students to include accentuation and breathing marks. Of course this slows things down consid... [033] [044] [accents] [Breathings] [P104] [transcriptions]


NEW BOOKS FROM BRILL:Women in the Bible, Qumran and Early Rabbinic LiteratureTheir Status and RolesPaul HegerWomen in the Bible, Qumran and Early Rabbinic Literature: Their Status and Roles portrays the tension between the unity of husband and wife and th...
Having married into a family descended from the surviving relatives of women executed as witches at Salem, I have long been saddened and fascinated by the story. Not just the story, but also by the cultural milieu. We all know about the witch trials and... [Books] [feminism] [Monsters] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [Robotics] [science] [America Bewitched] [Arthur C. Clarke] [McCarthyism] [Owen Davies] [Salem] [Salem Witch Trials] [witches]
The Australian government is currently conducting a Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse. A major focus of this investigation has been the church; how the individual denominations have responded to allegations of sexual abus... [WIT Posts]
LARRY HURTADO: Review of Wright Published. An early review of my St Andrews colleague N. T. Wright's magnum opus, Paul and the Faithfulness of God (SPCK, 2013).
by Tenzan EaghllIn a hundred years from now when historians and scholars of religion look back on the perceptions of Muslims between the later half of the 20th and the first half of the 21st Century I wonder what conclusions they will come to? Will they l... [Politics and Religion] [Religion and Society] [Religion and Theory] [Religion in the News] [Tenzan Eaghll] [Theory and Method] [Theory in the Real World] [Al Jazeera] [al Qaeda] [AntiSemitism] [Dr. Ivan Kalmar] [Dr. Sarah Farris] [Islamophobia] [Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada] [University of Toronto] [world religions paradigm]


Het jaar 2014 is tot nu toe het ergste rampjaar voor de vervolgde christenen. Nog nooit eerder zijn er zoveel vervolgd en vermoord. In Nigeria werden niet alleen honderden christelijke meisjes ontvoerd, maar ook vele christenen vermoord en tientallen ker... [Christenvervolging]

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Κυκλοφόρησε στη σειρά A Guide for the Perplexed του εκδοτικού οίκου Bloomsburry T & T Clark ένα χρήσιμο εγχειρίδιο για την προφορική παράδοση και το ρόλο τη... [ευαγγέλια] [ιστορικός Ιησούς] [προφορικότητα]

July 24, 9PM

Why should anyone care when the heretic 'Marcion' lived?  I seem to care a lot about this problem.  Why am I so interested in Marcion?  I suppose the answer has something to with a fascination with ontology 'the study of the nature of being.'  Ever si...


No one wants to appear to be stupid - or at least, no one but me it seems.  One of the things I hate about academics is that - the fear of looking foolish tends to make them avoid certain opinions.  I don't know if the Marcionite understanding of Marci...
Dr. Graham Oppy just published a book titled, Reinventing Philosophy of Religion. Below is an interview he did about it, where he both defended it as a discipline and expressed a way to reinvent it. Oppy rightly mentions that philosophy gave birth to the ...


Take a look at a demo text of R. Rodriguez’s forthcoming book of the above title.  Sounds good, doesn’t it? Filed under: Biblical Studies Resources, Books [Biblical Studies Resources] [Books]


Remember how countries in the West cheered when Egyptians rose up against Mubarak and when the Libyan dictator was overthrown and when Syria rebelled against the butcher Assad? How is the uprising in #Gaza different from the uprisings of ‘the Arab ... [Modern Culture]
In a recent interview with the Times magazine, Richard Dawkins attempted to defend what he called “mild pedophilia,” which, he says, he personally experienced as a young child and does not believe causes “lasting harm.”  Dawkins went on to say th... [Total Depravity]