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October 31 2016, 9PM

Unapologetic offers the Philosophy of Religion the swift, ugly end it has long deserved. This single book will cause the death of a discipline.-- Dr. Peter Boghossian, philosophy professor at Portland State University, and author of A Manual for Creating ...

July 26, 8PM

Here's a guest post on the death of Tim LaHaye, who was a false prophet, written by Robert Connor:   Baptist preacher, weapons grade homophobe, conspiracy theorist—of course the Illuminati wrote your local school’s curriculum! Don’t be silly!...


Genesis 1 is a marvelous passage – highly stylized literature if not technically poetry. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God w... [Uncategorized]
Do you like commentaries? Do you like saving money? If you do, then the monthly sale is always a good place to look. You can save on both individual volumes and popular commentary collections. And if you’re looking for some bargains, check out these six... [Products]
THIS WEEK'S DAF YOMI COLUMN BY ADAM KIRSCH IN TABLET: Burden of Proof. In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ the rabbis spin out all the hypotheticals—and then some—from a few simple verses from Exodus about open pits and a goring ox to see who might be a...


I thought I would turn something I said in a recent post into an image, in case it helps it circulate more widely. I really do think this is an important point! [Bible] [Inerrancy] [Biblical] [biblical literalism] [fundamentalists] [literal] [literalists] [meme] [plain meaning] [quote]
You’ll want to be aware of this: Accordance is having a sale – Göttingen LXX: Update & Price Reduction! People talk about books being indispensable all the time.  Every book NT Wright pushes out is called indispensable by his marketing s... [Modern Culture] [Septuagint]
Over the past few days, I’ve been slowly digesting a recent large article surveying Greek inscriptions referring to “angels” in Roman Asia Minor:  G. H. R. Horsley and Jean M. Luxford, “Pagan Angels in Roman Asia Minor:  Revisit... [Uncategorized] [Archaeology] [Historical Context] [Important publications] [Roman-era religious environment]


READING ACTS: Book Review: John J. Collins, The Apocalyptic Imagination. Third Edition.Collins, John J. The Apocalyptic Imagination. Third Edition. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 2016. 456 pp. Pb; $38.I'm planning on using this book as a textbook for my S...
I’ve just finished reading Robert Jenson, A Theology in Outline: Can These Bones Live? (Oxford: OUP, 2016). I really liked his comments about why he believes in the Devil or Satan: The existence of a tempter (i.e., Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, the Ol... [Uncategorized]
CARDO PROJECT: Byzantine-era mosaic to be restored in Jewish Quarter’s Cardo section. Old City beautification project initiated to celebrate 50-year anniversary of reunification of Jerusalem (Daniel K. Eisenbud, Jerusalem Post).To celebrate the 50th an...
by Matt SheedyOn July 3rd I attended the Pride parade in Toronto, which drew increased media attention this year in light of such things as its proximity to the Orlando massacre, a terror threat on a “German-language ISIS fanboy channel,” and ... [Matt Sheedy] [Politics and Religion] [Religion and Popular Culture] [Religion and Society] [Religion and Theory] [Religion in the News] [Sexuality and Gender] [Theory and Method] [Theory in the Real World] [Uncategorized] [black lives matter] [Hayden White] [Justin Trudeau] [LGBTory] [Pride Toronto] [Rona Ambrose]


Carl Theodor Dreyer is rightly revered as a filmmaker of some repute, whose bold and uncompromising films, such as Ordet (1954) and La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc (1928) offer and austere, yet beautiful, exploration of human passions kept in check.S... [intolerance] [Silent Bible Films]
I spend a lot of time thinking about monsters. Could there be any more statement of the obvious? The deeper issue, however, is why. Why am I, among countless others, drawn to the monster? This may not be politically correct—I apologize in advance—... [Current Events] [Monsters] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [Donald Trump] [education] [Frankenstein's monster] [political correctness] [politics] [populism]

July 25, 11PM

Revue théologique de Louvain 47:2 (2016)Camille Focant, "Paul face à un dilemme éthique complexe: Le cas d'Onésime et Philémon," 161-177Maurice, Gilbert, "La fourmi et l'abeille selon le livre des Proverbes," 178-198Françoise Vinel, "«Inspiration e... [RThL] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [Φιλήμονα] [ερμηνεία]
Ένα σύντομο αλλά εμπεριστατωμένο άρθρο για τον τρόπο απεικόνισης της Αρτέμιδος της Εφεσίας έχει αναρτήσει η Margaret Mowczko στο ιστολόγιό της ... [Μ. Ασία] [Πράξεις] [αρχαιολογία] [ελληνορωμαϊκός κόσμος] [λατρεία]


Judges 1 by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#77390)
I suspect this first chapter is intended as formative for the reader by the author. The tribes are reported as compromising with total conquest. Instead of utter destruction, it appears that the Israelites had a policy of enforced service or slavery for t... [Judges]
I was at Tyndale House in the early 80s when a well-known evangelical theologian came by to speak about the importance of inerrancy. It was a good and encouraging address, but after the paper a veteran NT scholar leaned over to me and said something like ... [Uncategorized]
There are a few more items to note from the new Urfa museum and then a few to note from the separate new mosaics museum in Urfa. Firstly, here is a nice depiction of a Roman funeral procession heading to the necropolis…. And here is the sort of Roma... [Uncategorized]


In this indispensable volume, Christianity in the Light of Science, John Loftus and his colleagues demonstrate all the different ways in which science undermines and threatens religious belief. The only way you can rescue God from this book is if you forc...


A little on Roman cities in the pre-underwear age, as I am immersed in finishing The Time of Troubles. Although public baths had toilets, albeit shared in common, and although the most lavish peristyle house might have had a latrine next to the kitchen, ... [hairy creatures of God] [cities] [Rome] [shit]
There's an interesting discussion occurring off-blog about Lonnie Hendrix's recent "God and Jane Fonda" posting. Here's a couple of excerpts from that post.I have been saying for several years now that Christianity is NOT an intellectual experience. True ...
I drive past the local Anglican parish church several times a week. An oppressive stone building, it sits on a main intersection in town. I've only been inside once, around age ten, when my parents drove up from Hamilton for a cousin's wedding. It seemed ...
City Impact's MortlockThe New Zealand Herald has unmasked the worst demon-spawned sects that create havoc across the country's Christian landscape.Of course, that's not the kind of language the august Herald chooses to use, nor that of the expert commenta...
If you thought you already had a handle on the famous talking donkey tale, you might want to check out Paul Davidson's blog. Things are not as simple as they seem. Paul provides a mixture of archaeological data along with some impressive textual detective...
Lectio difficilior 1 (2016)Nancy Rahn, "Frauenstimmen gegen den Tod: Zur besonderen Sichtbarkeit weiblicher Klage in der klassischen syrischen Literatur" Yvonne Sophie Thöne, "Zwischen Unterordnung und Unnahbarkeit: Humanimale Bildsprache im Ho... [lectio difficilior] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [γυναίκα]


"Church" has become an organization that devours time and resources rather than a way of living that structures and empowers everything. — Henry Neufeld (@hneufeld) July 25, 2016 [Christian Ministry] [Christianity] [religion]


“The church is not a store, where everyone can obtain supply for all his needs at will.” –Abraham KuyperFiled under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Oh Kentucky… Are you striving to be the Texas of the midlands? Panic struck a Paducah, Kentucky movie theater on Saturday after a man in the audience pulled a gun during a fight caused by a child kicking the back of his seat.  According to the loca... [Modern Culture]


This promises to be excellent: I’m very, very interested in reading this one when it’s out.Filed under: Luther [Luther]


Amy Clipston.  The Cherished Quilt.  Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2016.  See here to buy the book. The Cherished Quilt is the third book of Amy Clipson’s “Amish Heirloom” series.  Book 1, The Forgotten Recipe, focused on Veronica and... [religion]
Here. It’s titled Gen. 50:20 – Did God “plan” or did he “reckon”?   I reckon he planned…  I reckon.  ;-) Read it.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Hemant Mehta shared a link to a MAD Magazine special issue, which included a two-page feature comparing things that Donald Trump has said with things found in the Bible. One could do this with any candidate, pretty much. But in the case of Trump it seems ... [Bible] [politics] [Christians] [comparison] [Donald Trump] [Hemant Mehta] [Infographic] [MAD Magazine] [Quotes] [Values]

12 PM

CHAPMAN, H. H. ; RODGERS, Z. A Companion to Josephus. Chichester, West Sussex, UK: Wiley Blackwell, 2016, XVI + 466 p. - ISBN 9781444335330 A Companion to Josephus presents a collection of readings from international scholars that explore the works o... [historia]
Jean-Baptiste Humbert OP (Hg.), Khirbet Qumrân et Aïn Feshkha: Fouilles du P. Roland de Vaux.  The front matter and TOC (and a very cool photo of de Vaux) are all available here.Filed under: Archaeology, dss, Modern Culture [Archaeology] [DSS] [Modern Culture]
Yes, I have great news for everyone who has inquired when the last volumes of the Philo Torah commentary series will be released, the answer is hopefully within the next couple of weeks. In fact, I will also be releasing Philo’s Commentary on Deuter... [Bible] [Philo of Alexandria] [The Future of Judaism] [The Torah from Alexandria Series] [Theology and Philosophy]
In a comment on a recent LogosTalk blog post, a reader asked a question about saving verses from a Guide to a Passage List. The question reminded me about numerous shortcuts for getting verses into a Passage List document. If you frequently use Passage L... [articles] [Training]


Some of you may know that I’m on the editorial board of SJOT.  As such I have the task of enlisting reviewers for volumes published here in North America.  One such volume arrived today from Eerdmans: If you are a resident of the United States an... [Modern Culture] [SOTS]
VITÓRIO, J. Análise narrativa da Bíblia: primeiros passos de um método. São Paulo: Paulinas, 2016, 144 p. - ISBN 9788535640922.Análise narrativa da Bíblia: primeiros passos de um método faz parte do estudo da Bíblia como literatura e, como o pró... [metodos]
Great review by Richard *I Wish I Was That* Goode. Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception John H. Walton, The Lost World of Adam and Eve: Genesis 2-3 and the Human Origins Debate. Illinois: IVP Academic, 2015, pp. 256. £12.99. Pbk. ISBN: ... [Modern Culture]
The program for the 2016 annual meeting of the NAASR has been posted on the organization’s blog. This meeting takes place in San Antonio from Friday, November 18, to Saturday, November 20. I will be responding to Naomi Goldernberg in the “Des... [Uncategorized] [Description] [Method Today] [NAASR] [North American Association for the Study of Religion] [Prescriptivism] [religious studies] [Study of Religion]
What is not known is how Shayna Hinton, 35, knows the sweet little girl in the photo she shared on Facebook Monday. What is known is that the young girl in the picture has a “rare” and “deadly” disease that God will heal as long as Hinton’s Face... [Modern Culture]


Este é para os estudiosos do Evangelho de João. BEUTLER, J. Evangelho segundo João: Comentário. São Paulo: Loyola, 2016, 552 p. - ISBN 9788515043262. A presente obra é a tradução do mais recente e abrangente comentário científico ao Evangel... [bibliografia]
Eg har nyleg kome heim frå ei herleg veke til fjells. Inger og eg har vore hyttevertar på Taumevatn. Me har hatt nokre gode dagar i Sirdalsheiane. Les om Taumevatn på Det er alltid kjekt når det kjem folk til hytta. Ekstra kjekt var det at eitt... [Friluftsliv] [hyttevert] [Sirdalsheiane] [Stavanger Turistforening] [Taumevatn]
There have been at least a dozen times that Pope Francis has urged Catholics to carry a NT with them, and Scepter Press has just helped fulfill that call by producing a high-quality RSVCE translation of the NT in a handy pocket-sized format.  Before this...


In 2011, I was asked to lead a women’s retreat in which attendants would come from divergent, and at times antithetical, walks of life. I knew there would be conservative, moderate and progressive women of various ages participating in this day of refle... [WIT Posts]
Introducing ‘Christian terrorist,’ Norway mass murderer. The headline of the Al Arabiya story pretty much says it all. It commences Should Anders Behring Breivik, the killer of nearly 100 people in Norway, be described as a Christian terrorist? It is ... [Modern Culture]


Albert Vanhoye, The Letter to the Hebrews: A New Commentary, trans. Leo Arnold (New York: Paulist, 2015).   Serious academic students of the book of Hebrews are familiar with the work of Vanhoye and especially his seminal studies on the structure o... [Book Reviews] [commentary] [Hebrews] [New Testament]
• Animal protein production requires eight times as much fossil fuel as plant protein. • The livestock population of the Unites States consumes five times as much grain (which is not even their natural diet) as the country’s entire human population.... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology] [Whole Foods]
From Christine Gross-Loh: As a doctoral candidate interviewing at a liberal-arts college some years ago, I rambled, waded through pages of notes, and completely lost my train of thought at one point during my job presentation. Even though I was eventually... [education]
I’m in the process of finalizing the reading list for my course on Religion and Science Fiction. I found I could not choose from among the many novel options that I considered for the course. In the past I’ve had one novel and the rest of the... [religion] [science fiction] [Books] [course] [novels] [Short Stories] [sins] [university]


Earlier this morning, Hebrew University sent out this press release with photos: In a historic find, a large fragment of an Egyptian statue measuring 45 X 40 centimeters, made of lime-stone, was discovered. In the course of the current season of excav... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee]
Hebrew University announces this morning the discovery of a statue of an Egyptian official at Tel Hazor. — “ — Jerusalem, July 25, 2016 — In a historic find, a large fragment of an Egyptian statue measuring 45 X 40 centimeters [about 18 x 16 inche... [Archaeology] [Bible Places] [Bible study] [Egypt] [israel] [old testament] [Photography] [Travel]


Now that I’ve described the rationale for my in-progress book, Participating in the Righteousness of God: Justification in Pauline Theology, I’m lay out below the goals and scope of my study: Part 1: Historical Framework To set the stage for... [History of Interpretation] [Holy Spirit] [Participating in the Righteousness of God] [Patristics] [Paul and His Interpreters] [resurrection] [theosis] [Trinity] [Justification as Theosis] [Participation in God] [Paul] [Theosis and Justification] [Theosis as Justification]