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December 9 2016, 9AM

Simply put, because he loved God more. Zwingli’s House, Zurich The most radical change which Zwingli made in the Church service at Zurich was to do away with both instrumental and vocal music. This action was the more strange since Zwingli himself ... [Zwingli]


Prophets and prophetesses of the ancient Near East enjoyed confidential communion with the gods and transmitted their messages. These messages were handed down orally or were written down either individually (in letters, inscriptions, or on other material... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Major Prophets] [Minor Prophets] [Prophecy] [scripture]
Listen to this NPR story.  No. Words.  Just listen, and hear the terrifying power of guilt and its very long reach.Filed under: Theology [theology]


It is, in all sincerity, the very best English translation of the Bible that has yet been produced.  And, yes, I’ve looked at every English translation of the Bible and it really is the best.  It is the most faithful to the underlying originals wh... [Bible]
2016.12.20 | Paul M. Robertson. Paul’s Letters and Contemporary Greco-Roman Literature: Theorizing a New Taxonomy. Supplements to Novum Testamentum 167. Leiden: Brill, 2016. ISBN: 9789004320277. Review by Eric Covington, University of St Andrews. Many ... [Brill] [Comparative Projects] [Eric Covington] [Graeco-Roman Backgrounds] [Paul ROBERTSON] [Rhetorical Strategies]


    Immerse, my body bare as birth. Emerge with my skin tingling. Ascend the fifteen stairs to you singing love songs on every step. At the door to the holy of holies I vibrate like a struck bell. My fears rise up. What makes me think I'm good enou... [poetry]
"The work of translating the Bible, really translating it, is being taken in hand in our day for the first time since Coverdale.  Moffatt and Goodspeed began it, with their fearless challenge of the Authorized Version; their work has been followed up... [Knox on Translation]
If you haven’t checked out December’s monthly sale yet, you’re missing some great deals. Choose from a wide range of products, including low prices on individual volumes and big savings on top collections. Not sure where to start? Check out these fi... [Misc.]


Here.  Read it. Calvinism is a bleak, oppressive form of Christianity.” The sentiment is a common one. Finding quotations like this one from John Calvin’s letter to the Catholic Cardinal Sadoleto may seem to confirm it. “Whenever I descended into ... [Books] [Church History]
THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE: University Lecturer.University Lecturer in Classical Rabbinic Literature, Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge The Faculty of Divinity, West Road, Cambridge, invites applications for a University Lectureship in Classical Rabbinic Li...
After the productive period of the Zwinglian Reformation, which embraced fifteen years, from 1516 to 1531, followed the period of preservation and consolidation under difficult circumstances. It required a man of firm faith, courage, moderation, patience,... [Bullinger]
As a recent New York Times article highlighted, female composers have historically been neglected. I have no intention of allowing that to be the case in my course on the Bible and music. And so this post is not only intended to share some examples o... [Bible] [music] [composers] [Gender] [women]
Thanks to Christophe Chalamet for mentioning a journal on twitter which, upon visiting, I discovered is accessible online at  The site has a fantastic search feature and you can actually see pages of print journals that have long been una... [theology]
FACES AND VOICES BLOG: Overdue: Dating Early Christian Papyri at the SBL Annual Meeting. A Report (Roberta Mazza).ou know academics are always late, right? So I am super-late in reporting a much fun session I organised and chaired on November 21 in San An...
AT APOCRYPHYCITY, TONY BURKE reports on the 2016 annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in San Antonio, Texas: 2016 SBL DIARY: DAYS ONE AND TWO 2016 SBL DIARY: DAYS THREE AND FOUR
THIS IS WAR: Historic Iraq Sites Reclaimed in Mosul Offensive (Owen Jarus, Live Science).A military offensive to take back the city of Mosul, Iraq, from the terrorist group ISIL (also called ISIS) has also resulted in the retaking of several historic site...
Manger, by John W. Frye   Mary, quick, resourceful in the moment, Spies a manger* and makes a bed For her newborn son. Strange, these startling times Jammed with angels; Babies named John and Jesus arrive On heaven’s cue While wide-eyed mothers lau... [Uncategorized]


TALMUD WATCH: Torah For Today: Cryonics. Rabbi Ariel Abel offers the Torah’s take on the latest scientific frontier (Jewish News).Cryonics opens a new frontier in science. The preservation of materials at a very low temperature will one day lead to bodi...
Mike Bird has it.  Oden was very good in his earlier days but admittedly went a bit off the rails in his latter.  Nonetheless, he was a good scholar and we all benefit from his work.  May he rest in peace. Oden was a former liberal who turned “orthod... [obituary]


Those of you who aren’t professional religionists might not understand the cultural impact of the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting. Every November a largish city (New York and Los Angeles are too expensive,... [Bibliolatry] [Books] [Current Events] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [Sects] [Social Consciousness] [AAR/SBL] [election 2016] [Emma Koonse] [intervarsity press] [Lynn Garrett] [Publisher's Weekly]
A new issue of ZAW (128, no. 4) is out including some articles of text-critical interest.The Analysis of the Pentateuch Kratz, Reinhard G.Comparing Critical Editions: BHQ Proverbs and HBCE Proverbs Hendel, RonaldHT Agade [articles] [Journals]
Este vídeo sirve de introducción a los temas 7, 8 y 9 del repaso de la Introducción general a la sagrada escritura:   [Repasos] [vidioteca]

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I am sorry to spoil your preparations for Christmas before the Christmas lights have even gone up—though perhaps it is better to do this now than the week before Christmas, when everything has been carefully prepared. But Jesus wasn’t born in a st... [Biblical Studies] [Christmas] [Dick France] [hermeneutics] [history] [Interpretation] [jesus] [Kenneth Bailey] [Luke's gospel] [Nativity] [Tradition]

December 8, 11PM

The time is limited. It is later than you think. If the passing stream of time exerts this kind of pressure on the individual, it exerts it also on the Church. How long will our opportunities last? How long, for example, shall we enjoy the favored positio... [Uncategorized]
To study what the Bible “says” about the economy and about finances is to enter into a field fraught with two major challenges: first, the radical difference between those economies in the Bible times (we are dealing here with possible two mil... [Uncategorized]


I just heard the news that American Methodist Theologian Thomas C. Oden has passed away. Oden was a former liberal who turned “orthodox” after discovering the church fathers. He was deep in liberalism, writing his dissertation on Freud and Bul... [Uncategorized]
William Barrick discusses the royal priesthood here. [1 Peter] [New Testament] [old testament] [priests]
Karl Shuve's contribution to Apocalypses in Context traces the Christian use of Jewish apocalyptic, especially of the Book of the Watchers from 1 Enoch, which even makes it into the universal canon of the New Testament (Jude). Continue Reading »...
Andrew Pettegree ( Reformation and the Culture of Persuasion , 201-2) describes the post-Reformation efforts to cultivate a sense of brotherhood and solidarity among Protestant Christians who had rejected medieval rites and practices of kinship. He quotes...
Andrew Pettegree ( Reformation and the Culture of Persuasion ) observes a shift in rhetorical tone in Protestant-Catholic debates between the early and mid sixteenth century: Continue Reading »
Thomas Fabisiak wonders, What does the New Jerusalem have to do with modernity? ( Apocalypses in Context ). Ask most modern philosophers, and the answer will be, Not much. Fabisiak speaks of the “'rhetorical construction' of modernity” that ta...
In the middle stanzas of “Erotikos Logos,” watching someone else reading, Scott Cairns ( Slow Pilgrim , 278) writes, Continue Reading »
In a 2011 New Yorker profile of Norwegian chess champion Magnus Carlsen, D.T. Max digresses to explain the logic behind the Soviet interest in chess: Continue Reading »
Geography has historically imagined a flat world: “territory, sovereignty and human experience have long been flattened by a paradoxical reliance on flat maps - and, more recently, aerial and satellite images - projected or imaged from the disembodi...
Near the beginning of his Religion and its Monsters , Timothy Beal points to the etymological hint that monsters might have some inherent connection to religion: “the monster's religious import is rooted in the word itself: ‘monster' derives ...
According to Cyril O'Regan, von Balthasar saw Hegel and Heidegger as the great exemplars of post-Enlightenment mis-remembering ( Anatomy of Misremembering ). Misremembering is not the same as forgetting. To misremember involves a will to overcome forgetfu...


I have just heard the very sad news that one of the giants among Methodist scholars has gone to be with the Lord today. It was already a sad day due to the loss of John Glenn, a hero of a different sort. But Tom, whom I knew personally, was a hero of the ... [Uncategorized]
I was going to post my Current Events Write-Up tomorrow, but the links are piling up, so I’ll share them today!The Trump Cabinet, or Potential Cabinet, or Trump Advisors, or Trump AlliesABC This Week Transcript for December 4, 2016I tape ABC This Week w... [Current Events] [history] [politics]


Tom Oden has passed. His loss will be felt by the grater Wesleyan world as well as those in love with good theology.  The post A “boring” theologian as passed  appeared first on Unsettled Christianity. My books are now available on Amazo... [Other Posts] [Thomas C. Oden]
This past Tuesday night, Mark Allison, my co-worker at OakTree Software/Accordance joined Kevin Purcell, Wes Allen and me to show off the new features of Accordance 12. Mark was the perfect choice to show off the new features since he has been teaching ou... [accordance] [Faith & Reason] [Technology] [Theotek]


Large Print MEV Almost two years ago I purchased an Modern English Version (MEV) Bible. Then I provided serveral posts about the translation itself. See: MEV Part 1, MEV Part 2, MEV Readability. One of my criticisms was the size … Continue reading &... [Biblical technical terms] [Greek] [languages] [MEV] [New Testament] [translations] [MEV Large Print] [MEV only begotten] [MEV only one]


Universalism is the heresy that God can’t be trusted to decide and that humanity needn’t be trusted to decide.Filed under: Theology [theology]
Assurance is a fruit that grows out of the root of faith; the fruits in winter do not appear upon the tree. Because I do not see a flourishing top, shall I deny the existence and sappiness of the root? Mary, when she wept at Christ’s feet, had no assura... [Modern Culture]
I just heard the news that astronaut John Glenn has passed away. I will always consider it a great honor that something I wrote appeared alongside an interview with Glenn in a volume exploring the intersection of religion and spaceflight, Touching the Fac... [astronomy] [astronaut] [earth] [exoplanets] [John Glenn] [planets] [religion] [spaceflight] [Spirituality]


We are proud to announce that the Faithlife Study Bible—which has been downloaded over a million times and is used by thousands of Bible readers every day—will now reach a new audience in a beautifully produced print Bible! The Lexham Press team has p... [Misc.]

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The Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra has two performance of Handel’s Messiah this coming Sunday and Monday. The first is a performance of the entire oratorio; the second is a sing-along. You can find more information about the performances on the IC... [music] [Bible] [chamber] [Handel] [Indianapolis] [Messiah] [orchestra] [performance] [sing-along] [text] [theology]
Instead of RKB answering each question individually, he’s put together a series of prepared responses.  Expect to see them at appropriate moments… Filed under: Bultmann [Bultmann]