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December 5 2017, 12 PM

Although nonviolent offenders get the most attention from reformers, they account for less than 20 percent of all prisoners.

September 23, 4PM

A group of lay theologians and clergy opposed “Amoris Laetitia” have released a letter “correcting” Pope Francis, part of an ongoing effort directed against the pope’s focus on pastoral outreach to divorced and civilly remarried Catholics.


I saw this come up in Twitter today — Larry Hurtado’s comments on a recent study by Philip Payne concerning whether 1 Cor 14:34-35 were originally part of 1 Corinthians. His thoughts are concise and clear, so folks not into textual criticism ... [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [New Testament] [women in ministry] [1 Cor 14:34-35] [church] [Ministry] [preach] [prophesy] [silent] [Textual Criticism] [women]

Digital copy of "The Greatest Mirror: Heavenly Counterparts in the Jewish Pseudepigrapha" is now available for purchase (release date Sept. 19, 2017): [#1]


This graph shows where I am in my reading project. The pace of reading has changed from the first two chapters (Psalms 1-2) which took several months in the summer of 2006, to roughly a chapter every day or two. (179 this year so far). It's a long and tor... [reading project status]



A couple of readers have asked for my comments on the news story on Philip Payne’s recently-published article in which he discusses scribal features of Codex Vaticanus as these pertain to the question of the originality of 1 Corinthians 14:34-25.  ... [Uncategorized] [Manuscripts] [NT Textual Criticism] [Paul]
Cardinal Patrick D’Rozario, the archbishop of Dhaka, has described the recent attack on the Rohingya community in Myanmar, as “a crime against humanity.”
What I was led to think about Birmingham- What it’s actually like- Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


编写感言:因着课程是按着『主祷文』来编写,因此,编写后的得着是我对主祷文的更深入的分析与思考,增加了自己对主祷文的认识和熟悉度。此课程主要按着主祷文中的三个祈求,发展出为... [圣经研究] [教会生活]


The biblical Feast of Trumpets, usually observed now as the Jewish New Year, was celebrated on Thursday. Ferrell Jenkins shares some photos of the ram’s horn. With the ending of year 5777, the Temple Mount Sifting Project identifies the “top 10 topic... [Excavations] [Holidays] [Italy] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Lectures] [New Exhibits] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]


Paul says that Peter’s actions are nothing less that hypocrisy. Peter has changed his attitude and behavior toward Gentile Christians after the visit from the “men from James.” The first verb (ὑποστέλλω) is a military term and has the sens... [Paul] [Pauline Literature] [Galatians] [hypocrisy]


Some say the infrastructure of this country is crumbling. It’s something I try not to think much about when I’m on the Helix or in the Lincoln Tunnel, but the concrete of those aging piers doesn’t look too healthy to me. So when I see a truck with... [American religion] [Current Events] [Memoirs] [Posts] [Sects] [Social Consciousness] [Bible] [lived religion] [Orthodoxy] [Sam Kholi] [Syria] [Syrian Christianity]
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It’s a super hotel. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Seeing Scripture through the eyes of its original readers takes effort. It’s not enough to read the text and consult a few cross-references. To enter the world of the original audience, we must peel back the layers of history and reveal the culture, bel... [Products]


PUNIC WATCH: Montblanc pays homage to Hannibal with diamond-topped artistry. The art of writing has never been so luxurious (Winnie Chung, South China Morning Post).Unveiled at an exclusive invitation-only event in Singapore for less than 200 worldwide VI...
THE RELIGION PROF. BLOG: #CFP : Syriac and its Users in the Early Modern World, c.1500-c.1750 (James McGrath). At Oxford University, 15-16 March 2018. Cross-file under Syriac Watch. Visit PaleoJudaica daily for the latest news on ancient Judaism and the b...
BRICE C. JONES HAS A NEW JOB: Gorgias Press: Acquisitions Editor for Early Christianity and Patristics. PaleoJudaica has linked from time to time to Dr. Jones's blog on matters pertaining mostly to papyrology. Visit PaleoJudaica daily for the latest news ...
Good morning, and welcome to yet another end of the world. As you have probably heard, the end of the world has been predicted as occurring today, as has been done so many times before. This time the one offering the prediction is a man named David Meade,... [eschatology] [Revelation] [1988] [David Meade] [end of the world] [end times] [Harold Camping] [Keith Ward] [nibiru] [prediction] [rapture]
THE ETC BLOG: “Daniel” in Select Codices (John Meade).Though the MSS probably did not help the ancients concretize the canon, they do visualize for us what an ancient scribe or church father meant or conceptualized by the title of a certain book. This...


We arrived in Cambridge three weeks ago today, and a blog update is now overdue. The day after we arrived I led the family on a walk to a nearby church, and promptly got lost. Three and a half hours later we returned home, groceries in hand, more than a l... [Cambridge] [Personal]
From Manchester to Birmingham by train. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]

12 AM

As I mentioned on Sunday, last week in Leicester was the British Silent Film Festival which this year had a specific focus on the transition from silents to sound. One of the films screened, as part of the Edgar Allan Poe evening, was The Fall of the Hous... [Lot/Sodom & Gomorrah]

September 22, 11PM

The last puzzle pieces for the books of truth, ת Psalms, מ Proverbs, and א Job, אמת. I stuffed a few bits in that did not seem to fit well. I was doubting if I could even finish. (Holidays for the next week - no computer.) There are undoubtedly sev... [Proverbs]


Now Ruth Maclean, on the Lagos mega-church: “Ha-lleluuuu-jah,” booms the distinctive voice of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, also known as the general overseer. The sound comes out through thousands of loudspeakers planted in every corner of Redemption Camp. ... [Uncategorized]